The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1930
Page 6
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1'ACJE SIX. i'HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS"ILLE. PA. 'TTEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, SUITS ECLIPSE T0BESDTBY PLANE CAMERA ON THE FRONT LINES OF LEGION ACTIVITY oniia Scientists H n p o · Best Picturos of P h e n o m e n o n . "Mlrui c ' C H I C A G O , 111., --T':K- . ' i m c r i c n n 7,c: f;iori de-parliiiciil of I l l i i ,!.·! !i;nl luitl so t ( ' ( a i a n y iTtiursi-.s u t i l l s n e a k i n g e t i 1 gagemenla t h r o u g h o u t i tie s t a t e that, n I movement has boon sUfle.! by Legion officials to e n l l H t " m i n i i o m-n" among legionnaire,-; -to; 1 tnich ;;-f'. l l y OTIS T. C ' A R T W K I O H T , 1 ' u i i o t i Prci's K t a f C Corh'Spoiulen-t. SAX r R A X C l S C O , Kc-b. ID.--As a certain p o r t i o n - o f C a l i f o r n i a is dart- p u n d , d a r k e r t h i i n m i d n i g h t , t o r one IjrioC m o m e n t u A p r i l 2S two men J ·v-ill be. w o r k i n g mart HU»U feel above Uic e a r t h o take p i c t u r e s of t tv rcutt. Those .men, scir-nista from the Mck Observatory near Son ,fo?e, !al., plan t o p h o t o g r a p h the l o t a ! nrlipae of the f . u n on t h a t day f o r t h e ·bi-nefK cf .···.(: I on ro. It. is a Coat n e v e r bc-Eoro attempted 'by man, and if successful, Is expected -'O provide Uclc Observatory w i t h ·ioino ol: tho best records ever made of an eclipse of tho sun. Tho effort w i l l be maclo in a high- powered cabin airplane, capable of attaining un a K i t u d e of 15,000 feet or more. The. interior w ill bo equipped with the latest of telescopic photographic devices p r r t c f l f i i i tor tho I n k i n g ot p i c t u r e s of b o d i e s til the heavens. Dr. (1. M. .letlV.-t! w i l l b« the photos- rap-hcr. a n d his piano w i l t le piloted by an export f'ier. Although Or. Jrfft'rs is a Q u a l i f i e d pilot he will bo too busy s h o o t i n g pictures of the eclipse to give any t h o u g h t s to controls of the flyl.ig ship. The a t t e m p t .vill be made in tho rarlfiecl atmopplvTo two miles or moro abovo tho Napa Valley, according; to Dr. K. O. A H k o n i , one f .the directors of tho observatc ry. The tola! o c l i p s e of the sun -which w i l l not l:i:;t nuro than 60 to SO second*, s c i e n t i s t - ) blievo, will only be visible from contain points 5n north- ce'ntval C a l i f o r n i a . Startlnf; at a ooint on t h e C a l i f o r n i a :x'.st n o r t h of Camouflage, the eclipse w i l l be seen i by observant people as It slt'.hers across valleys and towns, hlxhv/ays r.iul byway.?, u huge shadow on t l t o fitco of the e a r t h . f r o m Camouflage the eclipse will lie v i s i b l e on n line northeasterly atTC'.'.i t'i'.o h ' i i t t to Honey Luke, where 1'. r.oe-: i : i t u N e v a d a , according' to Ur. A l ' k c u x . At t w o o t l i r r points other observers of the Lick Observatory w i l l bo stationed to watch the phenomenon. They w : ( b(« djc-:ors J. 11. Moore aad D. H. Mcnael. In c o m m e n t in«r on the proposed flight Dr. told the United Press, "U -may not bo s u c c e s s f u l , but it Is very inue-i w o r t h tUu eltyrt. We hope to obtain, v.-lth tho aid o.f the p l a n e , the bc;'.t :iut| clearest photo- pnipi'.s over nunic of an eclipse of the 1'rovMo Ilsi MI|s. KmOHT-STOVVN', I iI.-- T!i\ first d i s t r i c t A m e r i c a n lx? ioniiHirr.'i organized u h u n t and j m n l r i n d ufiO pounds o r nibbif; f u r t h o o r p h a n s i n the K n t g h t s t o w n olUi rs mid Sailors C h i l d r e n ' s ; Homo. Promises ,' IvAST ORAlXG-lC, N. . lea is on the- ove of--a clu?lria.l development ; United StateH for irioa; said fxgionnaire F. A dressing Iho local ho; 17,000 mile journey. n w i h , .--South A m o r - Iromendons in- nd looks to Hie and equipment, riein»*r, In ad- ion |X)»t alter a lltire Motn rinl. , III.--An orican -H h-er« are very irotut ot a new dough.!oy momorial costing $6,000 which was provided as part of the post's community «er -ice program. · Fire. V.--The club oevelt Post, No. eg-ion boro wore · n t t y . two hours i i n u e r was to bo !·:;. Fire Company bo held ia its t)ln« OYSTJ3R BAY, N. room.s o f . Q u e n t l n Rr \ of tlie American 1 damaged ly tiro rec befor-o a bit; Italian served for the nvoinlx No. 1 «xUnguistved t l lowed tho dinner t engine house. Speedy Selief For Sore Throat This J)[)f((ir',s l'ci'.strij)Uon Uc(|iilrts Ni Uurgling. N'o longer is it iKictiBsary to gatgle and choke w i t h nasty tasting medicines to relioM? .sovo throat. Now you can get a l m o s t iiiitaui relief w i t h one swallow of .i doctoi's'iption. TlsU prcacrU) .!on wtis roUllecl so often au;l bei-ame ro p o p u l a r that lli« drug- gliU «'ho o r i g i n a l l y HUod it decided to put it up u u d j r t h e n a m e Thoxlue and j u a k i : it avail.tblc to everyone. Tho r e m a r k a b l e th'.ng aboht Thox- i n c is that U relieves almost Instantly, yet co-atuln.s nothing harmE'il. It la jtlca;-.ant tasting, and safe for the- w h o l e fami!:', and. is guarantued to. Tf-.llovf- sore throats or cougliv in 15 m i n u t e s or Dioriny buck. Just ask fur Thoxine, r5c. 60c, and 51.00. Sold by all flriijigis'ti;,--Advertisement. PENN STATE TO OBSERVE 75TH BIRTHDAY SATURDAY SsTATiK OALO-JSiOK, Fob. 10.---In, tho ol! Htartinj; a traditional of tho anniverHary ot tho grunting of i.ho tnHt.itntional cbartor · ot the 1'ermsylvunta State College, KtutVents txli.o. to stage a pageajit next Saluvdiiy marking tho 75th. year sttioo tho cUartwr ^vaa provided through an uct of tlio Jtato JjOgiiUaUtre. Ou Pobrt;Ary 22, 1S»5, CJov-»ruor Jainoa roll(x;l£ algnod the aot granting a cliartoi 1 to tito. "Fari»rs ! High School of I-'-iuiJsylvanla" with, Ux rank and prlvl]tiC8 of a (;olloge. Inceptlou act Ci«n« from metabora of tho Pennsylvania Agricultural Sockrty ·who had iM-en active for several years on such, a rroject. Although the school did not open until February 10, 18P9, when (i!» students roportod, tJii:i ICMt!- tution lcars the-distinction ol boiug the first in the- i/nttHl yutoa to offer contlnaous aaU aucceasful iastructioti in .sclept1f51 agriculture. In tfooir pageant i;t.iul«mts «x]cct to Mliow tk'vi-rnov Pollock ^igutng ' tho chartei* act surrounded' by uvembora cf the Agr:cnltnnil Society. Patrooiz) tlioso who advertlsa. Why Folks Stay Fat Not alw ays tiecause of over-eating, but because f, gland is veak. That gland largely controls nutrition. When it ia weak one may neatly starve, yet stay (at. Moderi! physicians the world over now coin jut this great cause of obesity. And vxci K.S fat, in late yuurs, has b(,-en ilisapjicut ing f.'ast. M.uuicia |)r«rn.'iipUijn tubloU cualaiu tho duel' fuct.jis which they use, Pt-npla iiavo use 1 (fn.-iii for 2.2 yoars--million* i;l boxes »f then. And countless slender figures o 1 erywhere now L'.IOW the umu^- inn effect«. . Go try thia method to reduce, 5top ?t«fk'ing. Read the. book in the box with the formula tincl reasons. Ask your druggist :odiy f o r « Si box of cad wu b '.he change. Measure to Pr WASIUN-GTGN, D '.Judiciary Committoe jwrted the Waimvrlp tire, which is in ace olntlonri of AmerUui tious, provides u mil and a maximum 1m nionthu, For dcseera- other United States of any House has favorably re- it Mil. The inea»- rnanco with rca- i Ixjgiou conTcn- i m u m ftneof |100 riHonment of fftx ion of the flag, or insignia, with'ad- k l n d I'lntr for K n ry School. JJI'TiJi'-H. da.-- Unorietin lgion po.-1 121 hero, th "baby" post o£ l!C!!)-of Coorgin. ha; started to furnish a ilugpolo and na: to every school I n the c o u n t y , us a m a j o r objective of tht; Americanism I rograni. \ litunpion it S'l'. I'ALU,, M i n n Legion tnermberaSiJi cont^y, Harrison Ji tlona! open solt his membership an eel In formulating d l s t r i u t golf tour i to i:nlm1nato In a tournament this si ·.eprlonnairo. --.In an American eamimign hero rc- nnay Johnston, na- hamplon, renewed i In much Intoreet- plans tor Ieff1 amenta which are titato wide I/egion mmer. NINTH BITUMINOUS DISTRICT MINED 2,42 3,348 TONS 'i *m T»SQ On«. from B06,'1S6 to 612,20.'!, a dcrease ot 64,383 tons. Jlmployefi In th mines wwa 1,88? a decrease of 179. Thore wore 434, ae against 43ft in If'-S, engaged outside !(,S of whom ivor ^ colte workers, A total of 65 e m p l i y e d inside wero between the ages if 16 and 21 years ·ami 18 bot ween t ic age* of 14 and 2 employed outside. The six fatal = ccklnets resulted in four wives boin-g made widows and 1 children made or nami. The one fata accident in 193S nacie one -widow an- threo orphans. T.horo was n. nota'bl decrease In the number ot non-fata. accidents inelle, 50 "days' dlsabaltty o more, the numbe-i- having be on but 1 a« compared wi h 107 In 1J52S. Th number of ewulo/es per fatal aecidcn Infiid© was 31-t, tgainet 2,066 in 1928 In the transpor ati.on o£ coal under ground 183 elect i-ic motors were use "a« compared ^vlt i 172 in 192S. iMor the first lime the mines i Westmoreland i aunty wJilcli arc in chKled hi. the District l«.d a larger pro'duction U:an tnoee in Payotte, the proportion ot th · former having been 1,302,305 tons i. 1,10-2,438 tone in the latter. Production of :oal by companiefj was as foVkTsva: II' C. Prick Cok · Co 1,7LT,S80 Indian Crock Co. i t.'oke Co.. . :!70,r,()2 IDlcrort Coa.1 C T54.205 Sagamore Coal .'o aa5,.TI03 BroWTifield Coal C'oko Co.... 81,7-18 Ctorrado G n l i n - a i . I n c . . . . . . . . 50,432 Kim GrovB Coal Coko Co 1S1.221 Vandertt\t Coal Coke Co 2T.3M. Hltnor Coal Co -'1.087 Fair Oak Coal Co 18,008 Connellsv-Ule-W' ststde Coal Co. 5,862 Total .2,423,3-iS ."Producti'.TI U-\ r Couiitic.s: l.R02,n03 '.'.','.'.',', ...... ' isioo'u Total .-. a,4S;.:,348 yottc Somerset Dick irson Run BIOKKHSON R1 7 N, Feb. 19 -- The boys' ft'.vinn t:!u « Hict. Monday oveuing at the Y, M. O. \, iiii! was; put through ».xircin8i? a n d ^ irious games by-Physical Director K · n n e l l i Slater. A r t h u r Gray has moved hte f a m i l y ! f r o m IMckorflo i Hun Hill to Allteon, ! w h e r e lie !;· c nployctl. I MlHu Oorotlv Shallcnbf;rR!r of Vani d o v b i l t Ui spei tlUiR tliits week' with |hero brotht'i'-ii -law and sister, Mr. «.nd ) M r s . (.Si'dTK 1 - 1 ti''tMMur at Isoochview, I l ' ' ' l - . l l l ! H i i i i ! i n ) ; u i ; i " ( H i of A l l i s i O U ! i p t i i i t ulr-t i:'V'.-' if ' !i'!.-.; hiix {lacents, ' Mr. ; i M - l ' . i t !,jkoilt i :' J J. I I . C a i n t ; . )i) o" L ' n i o t i t o s v - i i , was » i l ) U f I n o n t i c t i l l i ;· ho:-i M o n d a y , aft.or- j tuson. i M'.'h. .lohn Va';)!i has r e t u r n e d to her home at A'ah ter u f i e i 1 i liio tvenins 1- :re YleUiug frici ANNOUN.C/N'G A B R A N D - N E W A N T I - K N O C K GAS-4OO' END POINT NO EXTRA COST THAT GOO OLINE CT Jim :HAT GOOD GOLF GASOLINE is now Ami-Knock Ei|d Point at rw ;ira cost. Superior to many premium gasolines and equalled by none of the non-premium fiiels.'*--*? It vaporizes- to the last drop--elii tiinates chojdng--makes starting easy--ho crank case dilution. StO| sKnoeks^-A pure^ Straight-run petroleum product containing no An! i-Kiiock fluid, or chemicals of any kind. i There is NO ES TRA COST to this new GOOD GULF GASOLINE, Buy from your dealer or any Gulf Service Station at the price you have been accustomed to pay. v T her® is bitt one better Gasoline GULF NO-NOX MOTOR FUEL A viation Grade ... 374° End Point G E T G U J L F ATN 0 G E T A H E A D GULP MING COMPANY Seattle Invalid Doctor v Cheers Others Bed Ri iden By STANI^BY BAiIUfiY, . United Press Staff Correaipontlent SBATTL/B, Feb. 19.--A . practical Idealist, whose creed Is "aervice" and ·wiio gives a philosophy oC cheerfulness to those who are down. Strch a man is Dr. Frank R. Loope of Seattle. Tor 18 years' he has been ibedrldflen. The Urdted Pras-a cc/rrosponttont walked into his "office, 1 a big 'sun.' jvorch as one ; of two 'telephones at his bi.n! rung and !.he doctor proceeded to aid a World "War "veteran in getting out. of jal!. Dr, Ijoope lay flat on his· back, 'the I-.VG telephones w i t h i n easy reach, letter iilt's nt the fUile of hl.s bed, a (.·heeknook on the covers,. inagay.1ne;, papers eigurotx and a r a t l l o ' a l hand. And there he dlr««ts' alnioHt in- Munorabla- eiaerpriF^s---aUiliifr in- i ividuals to overcotiK- physical h o n i i i - I'H-pS. The physician pickeil up a specially inivror and tocusued it un,, his . lie is unuAilts to t u r n his head. Ivut can move his eyes atifl amis. Thus :itt is ablo to follow tho movements mil oxpreaaioua oE anyoae la liis rooin, · - · . · Under the general title j,f "sunshine lndustriea,"-0r,' LKie Ls lie .directing genius -behiad a wheel C i air store, a repair atow-, i« building: i p a fund for an industrial home for s iiib|dW' trad" arranges huHdrefls- ot I -pgrajiiB for invalids. :. _ ·'. .;' ;;· :'·. · /J/ho industrial. Ijome/- where those aiding, l,hero,s«Ive;i would be able, to live close ^o tlclK .ycor) r-rl»; lila .big d'ream. ' :"' v,, ,.. . ';· -, ' ·:; ..-' . I n ' a d d i t i o n t.o ( h a t wo Ic, Dr. l»ope llnds ixsitlous for thoi e who have been ' handlcappoilc H- :·, distriibutes radios, fiives advice, a i t s fits father confessor 1.0 hmiilrixls o itersonu, aci- \iaes as a phyaician and arranges, for medical attention. His t-eleijhtines ruug-ci ustantJy (3ur- IttK tlw* intervi-e-v^. . f The soldier was parol U to his ens- tody, then a hysterical woman tela- phoue-d. (Jalm tones ve lietl to ahril) voics, u n d then, iroivica ly, ,an organ- i/.atlon that h a d obtai ied his telo- Dhonci number called t ask him to buy two tickets to a t inci. . . Th» doctor is not .a weaithy man, in fact ho frequently encounters difficulty iu obtaining" funda for his.many enterprises, in addltipri to those needed for himself. For tour, years after lie Viis Stricken, the doctor related. "I felt I was terribly abused." Then he adopted the philosophy ot "Sunsliirie and Smiles," tfte:titleof a column he conducts for shut*ins in 'the Seu-ttle Star. "I don't lyeach. I serve," he aaid. '/'Help the shut-in to help himself-to keep, himself .away from Ills troubles,.""-.- u ' " "The whole thing is a state of nxlnd. .A man. caii make hiiaself mteerablo jby feeling tiad fcJr himself. A rea,dj«fit- m-entot his 'nvental. attitude 1s the Jttnit reciuirement. "Welfare organization^ aee.k 'fl'rut to take work out of the, harids ot Invalids and in so' dotagjtake-'the hea - t out of the scheir.* of life. "I find but,ill rat his physical (liian- t'liil ami iiKiniul' s t a t u s iuxl his on- v iron men I: ; and then learn what ho w«uU to do and give hiju a way to do it--and 'they ill get a big kick out of .it." j Although bdrUlilen IS yearn, Dr, Loope la ! no invalid. Ho in moro healthy mentally by far than m i l l i o n s who have complete USR oC their bodies. _ ; ; Use our elaesafifed advertlseui«iit». CLAIMS FOR DOG DAMAGES. TOTAL $72,612 IN YEAR Canines Kill 8,8! 8 Sheep, 5,438 Chickens, aad Attack Cattle. , HARH.ISBURG, OVb. 19--Preliminary figures covering the enforcement ot tho State Dog l a w tlurins 19^9 sbow that 3,338 ' .sheep anil 5,438 elilckeiia were killed by unoontrollod dogs, ttccordlnir to a reiort from tho bureau of animal mhwtry, Pennsylvania Dojpftrtment « f AKrlculture. Tract.loiilly every class of Hvastoc-lc and p o u l t r y ' . eufC«r d dam«R'?« from !OKS tor which thu Stulc pai-J a totul of $7!!,lti2 d u r i n g 11 o year. A iKHirkeJ redaction Ju tlie wujuber of stray «!ogB h^e resulted from the vlgoroiuj cnforceni'int; of the law by dog idw ftiiforcem nt agents o£ the buroo.u, who ciotipc -ato with local-police, sml whtlo thora !« a largi amouuf, «C damage eaiwcd f tho uncontrolled 1 dog, aucli dainage-s decreasing aa- naully, officiate said. However, they point, out that unceasing, vigilant enforcement must bo maintained or t.h« loes ot private property dilfe to the ravages of dogs'will increase. The following table shows the number oE animals ^ln different clause* killed or, Injured by cumxsntrolled dog! during 1029: In- Killed jure. Shcsp _»^^_* ~ tr «^^« - __ J . - _ 3 *?3X 1 43 Hogs '144 ' 2 i Cattle ~4 , ._- 25 11 Goats . ':.'. I 13 ; Horses ,,_ 3 Chickens , _ ,, 5,'i;i8 67 Duc-lw ,, ,,.,.,,,.,, 583 2t! Turkeys L._. 460 i 3 Gee«e ....'...., ,, . igo J:J Guineas , _...J ,,, .. sti Bomesticateil Rabbits 702 1 Seeks On{jrrt.vs Seal. FAIRMONT, \V. Va., .l..-eb. 19--Je i- niuga l^aiulolph, athletit: director f Davis-Elkins College, ami professor if public speakinif . and journalism, b is announced his candidly for conicre^s In the «econd Wetst ,yi r slniu- 3ifiLri ;i. Run!«lph IB one of the youngest TO m to seek the office; ho svill bo ' month.

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