Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 106
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 106

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 106
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Page 106 article text (OCR)

te********************* jg '* "». 5 I HAVEN INN MOTEL ·ntfHSTAMMIT NOMou.vA.Msti * « « « * * * * £:i.l.KN SHAW. M S r. Jlnui, Hlu-lii-lill J ****»***L»**UrJl-*»Jr» -Irlr 'TiiriiuiT FREBBEALL AGENCY US. KT. mi. On Chfsaiwak,. H»v. Siff. ('Iran Kimily IVarh. ITCOTUMIMNTAU M1WMT TO M1MMT P.O. ·« 771 ·mu HACK. s. c. a«77 Mm* 103/449.5352 Buffer Zone for Hell Uunryfor T«w Ctwftrt Mttmrt ECONOLIJX INN RESTAURANT 7t5t Sk«t ftVivt NOVOU,VA.23S18 104 587-8711 · Color TV · Queen Site Beds · Water Beds · Steam Boths ·) Swimming Pool · Phones 0 Shopping One Block EcMMmy lilts: Frtm mits. .,'IOforOM 'UferTwo ' Her One '12ftrTwe BUCKROE BEACH VIRGINIA Family Cottages KITCHEN--TV LINENS--AiR COND 1 2 Bedrooms Block from Fishing Pier Write for Rotes GORDON'S COTTAGES 301 S. Second St. Buckroe Beach, Va. 23364 Phone 804-851-9131 ation WtofaL OPEN YEAR-'ROUND · SWIMMING POOL · RESTAURANT · AMPLE PARKING · Yf AR 'ROUND HEATING A AIR CONDITIONING · CHOICI OF COLOR OR BJ.W TV · TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM -57 BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED ROOMS- Go/f Cooriiry Clwfa Privileges-An Invitation to Southern Comfort. MASTER CHARGE DINERSCIUB AMERICAN EXPRESS FOR RESERVATIONS DIAL 804428-9186 30th and Auntie Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 By Bob Simpsoi LINVILLE GORGE WILDERNESS - The Gorge is a great natural gash through the massive Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina, hard to get to, even harder to get out of. We were grinding up a rough, slick Forest Service road in low gear. The sun was low, glistening off the rhododendron bushes by the time we reached the pulloff of the ridge that overlooked the tree-crowded depths of the Gorge. A sign proclaimed the wilderness boundary. We parked at the access to Pinch-In Trail, that plunged abruptly over the mountain's edge. It was too late to descend that night, and we set up a temporary camp to load our packs for the morning descent. For anyone who has never backpacked, it's a simple, but important procedure to cram everything you need to eat, sleep and travel into a bag maybe 18 inches wide by 24 inches long and about ten inches thick: bed, food, clothing, shelter for several days of travel. Yet there is a practical limit to how much one can carry, in both weight and bulk. There is the story of an Alaskan sourdough who toted a grand piano over a mountain pass in Alaska, while the French voyageurs Place of Hiirlcrof? Bench · ·tit Mijtr CrcMCiris AcuittJ ays, Six Nights (rolden Sands Mold-- lluckroc I Modern motel rpom with kitchen Ultra unitt. 1 to 4 Saturday person*. Sunday to $75.00 with modern 2-re'om apartment · kitchen. Accommodates 'lip m to 6 comfortably. Sunday to Satur- · day J M'KAN FMNT M*TKI. 3|- huckriw Reach. Vi. I Fishing ;* Swimming · Dancing S Amusements^ 4 Adults'M CHildrm's I'm!" : SANS SOUCI MOTEL · '·' - 312 KemrtBlvd. « Htirkrtw Beach. Va. 2::IW For Retarvttioni Gill . PHONE8M/M1-9300. ,. . u NIGHTLY RENTALS ALSO Units Hove TV. Air Condition, Room Phones, Woll-to-Wali Carpet Tile Boths LARGE UNDERWATER LIGHTED POOL ^k _ -- · ^~**rt*9mfP*f m ^"fjaM^«»"" · · · · · ·~-~mnmmm*mgj $135.00 : ··?·················· 1 B Frifnilxhin Inn friendship Inn FREE Write for Color Brochure Fiirltis)T\ali»ns l'VMI'TOXVim;iMA2.i:«,t rii«m-«(M/85l-«55l Pay for 6 Days in Advance; Stay 7th Day FREE OCEAN VIEW BEACH Avert// DA Waterfront on Route 60 IN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA G, JAMESTOWN, YORKTOWH, NAGS HEAD ANCHORAGE BEST WESTERN 1021 E. Oceii Yiei »«. Nirfoi h. 23503 (104) 5J3-5S14 This Modern, New Waterfront Motel on Chesapeake Bay with v . ° ffer V he vacations, Business Trips or Mil.tary Stay. Close to Golf Courses, cl!£Ll T-"; Amuu$emen ? ··«*' Aw'eo Gardens and Shopping Centers. Tastefully appointed Motel rooms and Efficiency Apts come fuHy equipped with Elec. Stoves, Refrigerators, Two Double 5uh«° H« nA ,* H · I*' 5°'°: W ' e W*' »«*«' «" tableware! dishes, Nnens furnished, phones and maid service. Credit Cards honor.dVfret totiHwres 4V tour info. For Color Brochure at Rates write: ANCHORAGE BEST WESTERN MOTEL APTS. P.O. Box 8247, Norfolk, Va. 23503 Name. "StaV...-.": A . Z MOTEL AND APTS. · OCIANVIIWMACH ·j Luxurious Room* and Kur- pj ni»hii Apli. Family uniln · with KilrhrnriKii. Gum Dial ·j Phonn, Air Cond., Color TV, ·J Pool Rrarhnirir Pilio. Pri- pj valr Brarh. · 2090 E.OCEMVKN AVE. · NORFOLK,M. 23503 ·Phone 804 583-2605 Directly on Waterfront THE TIDES All Varieties Fishing Near 1362 West Ocean View Avenue' NORFOLK, VA. 23503 Phone 804/588-0443 Motel Apts 4 Persons $110.00 Weekly,- Rooms 1 Double Bed, Double $14.00 Air Conditioned, Swimming Pool, Private Beach VA. and Tibetan mountain men. along with others equally hard pressed, have been known to pack up to 250 pounds on a single portage. But as for me, I'm a sissy, so I try to be scientific: in rough country, 40 pounds is plenty for a man, 25 sufficient for the average woman. Properly loaded on a fitted pack f r a m e , these weights are no problem for up to a week's trip, but you must leave home most all of what the catalogs lists as camping gear. For example, an air mattress weighs more than a foam pad, and for less bulk, a very dense %-inch Ensolite pad that extends from head to hips is plenty, if you select the ground carefully. Down sleeping bags weigh but little; an 11 x 14 nylon tarp' weighs only I'/fe pounds, as opposed to tents that start at" five pounds. A change of underwear and sox, with an insulated jacket, add very little. A poncho of lightweight nylon makes either a ground cloth or a raincoat. The rest is mostly freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, each meal worked out in advance. Hike in a pair of hefty boots and carry mocassins for camp. Add camera and fishing tackle, first-aid kit, a minimum toilet kit, candles, flashlight or carbide light, and you are all set. A coil of Pic and GI insect repellent I consider essential, for insects can ruin an expedition quicker than anything after a lack of sleep and food. Morning came. Packs were swung on. We took a couple of deep breaths and headed out. Hemlocks wet with dew dripped in silence. The early morning sun reflected and refracted the droplets like fiery gems quivering on the leaves. A crow called hoarsely in the distance. Summer warblers flitted in the trees and sang -- was it in warning? as we hit the trail, if you care to honor it as such. Perhaps Pinch-In Trail can best be described as a slightly more navigable of rocks, logs and debris than what lay on either side. The descent is about 45°. and each step was a hop, skip or jump down densely forested mountainside, the grass and leaves wet and slippery. We were committed to what no sensible persons would try. I think I'm in fair physical shape, but don't claim to be one of the athletic type, so I don't recommend Pinch-In. It's about two hours of a buffer zone for hell. I hadn't gone a quarter of the way when knees started trembling, legs shaking, sweat running. I tried to talk my wife into a break. Until then, I'd thought I knew the secret to hiking: send the smallest, oldest or weakest ahead. So, when my wife led the way. I thought I was being smart. How innocent I was! But enjoyment and appreciation of anything is in direct proportion to the energy expended in seeking it. Some oKs discount the Linville fte£ iw: i'.~-V r,~.~ · - : .--, · _ : . . · . Wilderness as a snake-infested hell-hole. And one cannot deny that copperheads and rattlesnakes are common. But there is a beauty to wildness thai cannot be explained. Maybe it's the steady roar of the river as water cascades in waterfalls and rapids, swirls into deep, still pools and reflects the craggy sternness of the rock columns that tower overhead. Or it may be the dark blue- greens of deep forest, of trees so dense the sun scarcely dapples the beds of fallen leaves. Or huge hickory and gum that disappear into the forest canopy, so tall that a common joke is that next year's squirrels had better be shot now, because it will take them all year to fall. Or perhaps it is the Wild trout that leap from deep clear pools in feeding .frenzies, rippling the blue and white reflections of pure sky and clouds. But best of all, it's being away from man and his eternal problems, where one can sit and contemplate, watching the butterflies explore fragrant flowers, see the real, unspoiled world and wonder why it's getting so scarce. ··iirmoitv tint 100 South Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29577 Phone 803/^48-3812 · lOOFt. from Ocean · Air Condi l Heat · Heated Pool · Cable] L Color TV · Wall to Woll Carpet 9\ iNeot Amusements, Pier. Restaurants, * Churchs. Shopping Centers and Golf J I Courses. IOW FAMILY RATES. MR. 8, MRS. N.A. LEWIS Owners and Managers · r F I 264N.OceMlivi I NYITUIUCH,S.C.29577 I · date 2 to 6 persons. Cable · TV. Air Cond. Elec. Heat. Pri- 5 vote Patio on beach. Near | Amusements. OcemFfMt Rooms and Apts. accommo I MRS. ERA DONKLE, Owner Phone (803) 448-6941 » » Rooms I Apartments * 403 Flogg St. · phom IO] ; 44MU7 * MYRTLE BEACH, S.C I ' j Block from Oceon ^ 3-Bloclt from Pavilion * { 100°a Air Conditioned oom » * Coble TV. ... Pool and Kiddie Pool. J * MYKTLE ItACH, S C . 59J77 * * » Oeran Fiom S.'tdnd Bow. 4 Blotl* liom f: lion. 6 Blocks liom Rolln Cooilci A'n C,w.., Run.", tllu I ? J J KII.IMI AIII Phone 103-441-3464 30? N. O»an llvd. MHTUKACH. S.C. 29577 On I he Or ran l-'runl ViOi:vii.i.\Mon:i. oon», Apts., EHics., Heated Pool. Air Cond.. TV ' to WoU Carpet, 2 block from Pavilion ANNA LttlOSSIGNOL MGHS. · S06N.OieonB.Ud. MYITUIEACH, S. 1.19577 PHONt 103 441-5706 OVOCKAVFKOM OvcrkokiH Ocean U SI A C 0\ 1 IO 111 305 N. Ocean Bhd. . MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Plww 803/448-32*2 New, modern Motel. Luxurious Room*. Woll-to-Wall Carpeting. Double Beds. Effk. Ikpt*. Private Balconies. Cable Color TV. Individ. Heat Air Cond. Ceramic Baths, Halfway between Amuse. Centers. Very Reasonable Rates lor Budget Minded People liuiuilii'iil In \ll \rli\iiir\ Rooms Effic. Private Ocean front Balconies. Coble TV. Air Cond. 8. Heat. Block from Amuse Center ond Pavilion. Heated Pool. . ERNIE t SUE HUNTER, MGRS., Spring Rates Until May 24 Phone 803/448-7239 HIIUNo.Oo'an RKd. \nRII.,.lirAIH..U.2!,:,7; ' Sea o Nymph Motel 601 N. ; Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 ci Efficiency Apartments Room TV-- Air Cond. Full Baths-- All Electric Kitche n s -- Heated S w i m m i n g Pool. 3 |hn 701rraggSt. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-8461 · Rooms * Cob'e Color TV · A Cond. · Pool 4 Kiddie Pool · M/6alhst) A//Etec. Kifcnens · Dired Dial Phones SOUTH SEAS MOTEL "KretHr M Ike Qta* Fruit" · Ultra IMtrii · R**Mi-tllki«Kitl · 4 ItotMM riniiwit ·CaMiCffcrtV ·RtntMMtRiiti ·CtHrrit..7Cmna k · Rettmtimi Miiiohlt Mr. i Mrs. 8obb ? Witts. Mgrs. PNoiie 803/448-5187 1007 South Ocein Blvd., DtDt 4 ljrt|»Be«h S.C 79577 ····················Ti On the South Carolina Ssnds Sl\l\1i;H\MM) 1OTOK INN 181 OS. Ocean Blvd. J MYRTLE BEHCH.S.C. 29577 I Phone 803/448-2614 ^)LM...W JMt.., no .,.| 37 u t . t .,., }. ,,, ^ccicVSV 9"'t,;:;i",.K'; ;;! ( ;r.. t ',ii',".r,Vi.' l %i:oct. M«KIO^ POO) tt*-(t l"xtf,utu«lMH-cll l V I Jl-llv.ll-U.-V 'l^'-'tl.-" CtN and Tennis priv. (ebanas. «FRIG[R»TOIIS «U ROOMS DirecthrOnOcMn S. Ocean Bl»i PliNt(II3}44l-43ii June 16, 1974 Sunday Gazette-Mail

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