The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 14, 1939
Page 7
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^ TUKSOAYi FBBRUAK1' 14, 1939. ·1'Hli DA1J-.V UUUKllfiK. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. SPORTORIALS +»r By JOHN H. WHOHIC, Sports Editor 'Sn^ LASSIES HERE BITS HERE AND THEIIE Philadelphia's zoning board gave the major baseball teams permission to erect 147-foot light towers at historic Shibe Park to make night games possible over the objection ol residents . . . Al Simmons, now with the Boston Bees, has come up with a fountain-of-youth tag for the National League. "The National League is going to be as new and as mysterious to me as the majors are to a rookie coming into the big leagues for the rirst time," says the veteran outfielaer . . . Sid Luakman, former Columbia grid star, turned down the' football coaching job at Long Island U, reports have it ... British Pro Golfers Association decreed that players will not be permitted .to take their wives to the U. S. this year for the Ryder Cup matches . . . . Something may be done about the lively ball in the Mid-Atlantic since 44 players clubbed at a .300 clip or better last year . . . You can't accuse anyone of paying off a political debt in the appointment of Havey Boyle back to the State Athletic Commission. As a politician, the Pittsburgh sports editor is a washout but as a WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIGH SCHOOL CIRCLES Washington clinched its third consecutive Section 2 basketball championship by walloping Carmichaels, 54 to 19. It was the 21st win of the year and the sixth in the circuit . . . German Township wrestlers were beaten, 30 (o 6, by Mapletnwn. The Greene countians will be restored to good standing in the W. P. I. A. L. in time for the mat tournament at Waynesburg next month. The school was one of six put on probation last year for breaking eligibility rules . . Before the Coker deluge ol water stars hit Duquesne, the latter school had been undefeated this year in dual swimming competition and fans were looking forward to the school regaining the W. P. I. A. L. crown -onnellsville took from it last year. 3ut the Barrites changed all notions boxing commissioner Havey tops. He knows the athletic rates business and does a fine job ot it. Havey has succeeded Dr. Bill McClelland ol Pittsburgh with whom he has been exchanging the office for a few years . . . Mike Milligan has left the Pitt coaching staff to go to Florida. The boys must be getting out before the explosion . . . Tommy Farr, Welsh heavyweight, has gone to England to defend himself in a libel suit for 50 G's brought by the British Board of Boxing Control after Tommy had criticized that body -in stories bearing his signature in a London n-jxvs- paper . . . Promoter Mike Jacobs said officials to build a 4,000 seats and may he had made a deal with New York World's Fair stadium with have fighters tram there during the summer . . . Billy Conn protested to the referee "he's sticking his thumb in my eye" and was told to keep on fighting so the Pittaburgher tore into Freddie Apostoli like nobody's business . . . Pittsburgh purchased Outfielder Maurice VanRobays from Montreal of the International League. He'll go on the Eucs spring training trip and will be optioned back to Montreal under a 24-hour recall notice . . . Duquesne University's student publication expressed regret over the recent athletic break with Pittsburgh which ended a seven-year relationship on the basketball court. An editorial, entitled "Pitt Parts Our Company--Bui "We Wonder frhy, wondered at the real reason £or the severance'.of athletic relations. And . it won't be long that the only Pittsburgh colleges that will . clash in sports will be Tech and Duquesne with the Panthers also passing up the Skibos ... Bobby Pacbo has been named as Henry Armstrong's opponent in a welterweight:championship bout in Tropical Stadium, Havana, Cuba, March 4 . . . . . . Jack Roper, who is going to be the next piece of cannon fodder for Joe Louis when the Brown Bomber again tries out his pair of dynamiters, was born 36 years in Ponchatoula La. One his age should be in the gallery watching the champion pitch rights and lefts and not inside the ropes, playing target. If Mike Jacobs keeps on he'll probably get Jess Willard, Jack Johnson and a couple of others from the home for the aged to feed to Louis . . . Now tha Billy Conn wiped up Madison Square Garden with Fred Apostoli in 15 rounds--they said he couldn't last over 10 because Freddie was a slow starter--wonder what alibi the so- called fistiana experts will dig up next in trying to short-end the likeable Conn. The only difference in the two fights was that Apostoli was on the receiving end for five more rounds in the second fracas . Boston Bees shipped Vince DiMaggio to Kansas City, farm of the New York Yankees. Who knows but what Vince may some day perform alongside brother Joe in the Yankee out- Wcstinghouse girls basketball team, tomboy champions .of Pennsylvania, will meet Connellsville Recreation Center Shamrocks at State Armory Friday evening. In presenting the Westinghotise Electric and Manufacturing Company's famous emissaries of good will, the Shamrocks are tackling their toughest assignment of the season. The East Pittsburghers have defeated every independent girls quintet ot championship rating in the State this season and have also taken over several of the best teams in Cleveland,. Ohio, "capital" of the girls' game. Last week they traveled cast to defeat the LeMoyno girls at Harrisburg and the Bucktown girls at Scranton. Both were won by decisive scores. Westinghouse girls were the winners of the Allegheny Mountain As- field if he perks up Joe Judge, former major league first sacker, will coach Georgetown University baseball team this spring, his third.- In two previous seasons the H6yas won 35 out of 38 games How quickly birds can clean up the waste grain in a harvested rice field has been forcibly demonstrated by a bit of research done at the Texas cooperative wildlife research, demonstration and management unit supported by the American Wildlife Institute. By casting a steel square, one foot in diameter and counting the grain left on different days after a field of rice has " sen harvested, it was found that ^thin one to three days there re- m^ined 74.6 pounds of grain per acre. After seven to 10 days, only 55.3 pounds remained on each acre and after two to three weeks, just 28.9 pounds were left . . . Pitt's annual indoor interscholastic track and field meet is listed for April 1, a week after the West Virginia relays at Morgantown . . . Blond Sonja Henie, figure-skating actress, says she's so busy making movies--and money-that she has no time for love. And the doll-like Norwegian is rolling in about a million dollars a year with her sensational skating Hard tracks and too much speed out of the starting gates arc two chief reasons why American race horses break down early, Herbert Bayard Swope, the New York Racing observes. He added chairman of Commission, that short distance races, rather than too much , racing of two-year-olds was another reason for the comparatively short careers of American horses . . . Joe F. Carr has been reelected president of the National Football League for 10 years. Carl Storck is the vice-president and al period started A record of some kind or other was mode when five players wre ejected from the Boswell-Concmaugh Township basketball game via the personal lour route. A total of 49 free shots were called as Boswell won, 35-2C. Boswell scored 11 out of 25 and 'Davis- vill, 12 out of 24 John Frena, a in 1937 and repeated in 1938. Both years their sponsors sent them to Wichita, Kan., to compete in the National A. A. U. tourney. T3ie champions have all of about tripping the Orange and Black | sociation, A. A. U., senior tournament :his season . . . A ball game Is never won until the last whistle is blown. This can very well apply to basketball. Scottdale set the pace against Johnstown until the last 10 seconds of play when the Flood City went to town and turned what had appeared certain defeat into victory. Johnstown never for a second held a lead until the final seconds of play. Scottdale led, 9-2, at the first quarter: 18-9 at the half and 23-18 as the fin- guard on Munhall High's quintet, has been ruled ineligible and the games in which he played ordered forfeited by W. P. I. A. L. President W. C. Evans. Frena is said to' have had too many semesters at Munhall and i was ineligible to compete in athletics ' in the second semester. He also was reported ineligible under the residence rule as his family lives at Homestead, GETTING OUT IJC TIME Al Ettore, West Philadelphia blond scrapper, took a friendly tip and got out of the fight game after he got himself a nice pile and while he's · physically able to fully appreciate it all. The huge Quaker City boy says he's through with the fight game for good and he's going to put Jr. his time as boxing coach of the RCA Association in Camden. Al owns a 510,000 home that doesn't. have a mortgage and a gas buggy, j Hp hn« n fttRnnn ann.,;K, * U ~ * I their old favorites plus several slnr- lets who are playing their first season under the blue and gold colors. The ve!s, who have pleased local fans in the past, include Edc Forsythc, famous star of the Old Vanities, one of the best passers in girls ranks, flashy Mary Bradley, one of 1he rca speedstc.-rs of the floor game iind ;il- \vays a sensational shot when opposing the Shamrocks, and "Jumping June" Shenefclt. center extraordinary and girls high j u m p champion, who is also always at her best when opposing the local Kiris. The powder puff ctorsic will be preceded by another interesting clash which will feature the Howitzers and the Pennsylvania Military Champions of Bradford, Pa, The first game is scheduled for 7:30 o'clock. MAJOR LEAGUER? By Sords K A/* Mess op-rte JAOi QXIWBS, DOKB SASg -' BAU-CoACrt iS'toonui6- AnA FORA fiJTURB Af/WDE etown to Parochial Dribblers Armory Wednesday OVERHOLT CONQUERS LAT ROBE Meet Uniontown Five at Scottdale Armory Tomorrow Night. MUCH INTEREST IN CAGE BATTLE Caseys Topple Duquesne Five In Great Game Paced by Freddy Mill. the A CENTURY OF BASEBALL 1839-1939 Ovcrholt All Stars had little trouble disposing of Latrobe bakers Saturday night at Scottdale Armory, taking the invaders into camp, 54-44. The victors used 12 players in the Iray. Foltz and Carlwright paved vhe v,-oy to the triumph scoring 17 and 16 points respectively. Berenbrok and Benol proved the mainstays in the visitors' attack. Wednesday night Overholt meets Kaufman five of Uniontown in a return engagement at the Scottdale door. Ovcrholt G. F. rts. Joe Tulley, f 4 ' 9 Cartwright, f 5 4 J6 7 3 17 0 1 1 0 0 0 4 3 11 Foltz, c .... Ttushton, c McCormick, g Hart, g Coach Trump's Boys in Training, Hoping for First Win. PLAY TO START AT 8:15 SHARP Immaculate Conception High will make another locol appearance in the Fayette-Greene Basketball League tomorrow night at State Armory. f The !Night Riders, who have been working hard under the tutelage of Coach Earl Trump, are booked to take on Mapletown of Greene county and the locals will be out venge as the Monongahela Township five took a win at that place in the final minute of play after a great scrap. There will be a preliminary game at 7:15 o'clock and an hour later the two high schools will swing into Action. f Baseball, typlcnH? priinc Irani Hsu "era' Kfldily with the *rov.'tti of .^rrji t BUnds supr-rme today -- Uic laMime ot mUUor.a, One liu^d Totals _.-.. -..21 12 54 I Non-scoring substitutes--Brooks, j FUngler, Spont, Collins, Bayha and American irport. · unfold a /*sclnatinc »tory of the national ( Jim Tulley. roots." pronrcMrf j ftmf ^ ^i, ^x^ ranrklni - n;; Ccn . i Lalrobe G. F. if UascbaJI, the Illghlichls since j DcllavCcllO, f 1 yeam - JB30 ha- c b«cn depleted.J THE BIRTH OF BASEBALL He has a 515,000 annuity that pays' 0 "" him $fO a month and besides that ~ : his young son will collect $5,000 when he is 17 to go to college, 55,000 when he is 25 and' another $5,000 when fie is 30. But Eitore says that his boy won't do any boxing. "Not if I can help it," said the .veteran of hundreds of ring batUes. "That's . why the money is there for his college education." Al claims that he still feels the punch Joe Louis used to measure him out on the floor, a fight that netted him $40,000. If Ettore keeps his word and stays away from active ring battling, he'll prove himself a smart boy. Too many boys in the racket don't know when to quit and by the time they're beaten into helplessness they're physical wrecks and broke. Paramolmts in Best Form To Win Scrap Playing their best game of the year, the Paramount basketeers defeated the auto tire quintet ot Washington by a 37 to 22 score. The summary: Faramounts Conway, i G. ;. 0 3 5 4 1 1 _ 1 0 McMullen, c ..... Kline, g Blasey, g Brown, f Testa, f .......... Marcondi, g Totals - 15 Washington Kindamo, f -- ,. Keirs, f ' J. Long, c F. Long, g --, Martin, f _ Goby, f Thomas, c G. 0 0 1 - 2 0" 1 3 2 9 Totals Non-scoring substitutes--Maloy. Score by quarters: Pts. 1 6 12 S 5 . 2 2 0 37 Pts. 0 1 2 4 0 2 6 5 22 Caseys to great heights Monday night ul Suite Armory to administer ;i 39-S3 lacing to Duquosne 1 Comets, its second defeat at the hands of the local combination and its third of the se;ison. Fayette county champion: got rm crirly lead, outscoring the visitors in both the first two periods to lead at h a l f t i i w , 17-10. Three other contests are slated for the Cascys this week', all away from home. Wednesday nisht they play When there weren't enough can- : Each Kam will have a certain didnte. 1 ; hnndy lo rnukc up Isvo oj- j bcr of hands (now mlled innings) posinc baseball niae.s, nearly every and tht.-re will hf a limit on the American boy or ruun o' the piemen'. ? number of billies for i\ tentn to win djy has played one o' caL One o'· the ;;:tn',r. Oh, yes, there's something cat came from early colonial tur.cs. i el.xc. "Ve must lay out a playing and grndunlly evolved into a game ; ilC'Id w i t h the bases an cqunl dis- callcd iown ball. · Utncc ^p^rt. There will be three Town b^ll was a confusing us as dangerous diversion in 1839; Pts. 5 3 3 15 12 8 44 Quarters: ...". 15 14 12 13--54 10 10 8 16--44 Referee--Gordon. ROCKWOOD WINS OVER OWL QUINT After staying out in front for nearly three quarters, the Immaculate Conception High was unable to check the persistent efforts of Hoek- wood High which moved into a one- point lead as the third period ended and then continued to peck away in the final canto to gain a 20-17 triumph Monday night at Rockwood gym. To Love, Rockwood forward, went the honors of tallying the winning points, as he sank three fouls alter the score had been tied at 17-17. The line-ups: I. C. H. S. Orbin, f David, I Porter, c Christopher, g Sidou-, g -- it :md a home base." Ihc boys gathered at Mount, Pleasant, Thursday and Sunday afternoon Greensburg. The line-ups: Caseys G. F. rt«. B. Miller, f ..... _ ___________ 3 0 Meranda, J ,,.. _____ .. ___ 3 0 F. Miller, c ______ ..... ...... ...5 3 Jones, g ...... ......... __ _ ____ 3 0 Blasey, g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 0 6 6 13 6 4 Totals ......................... IS 3 39 Non-scoring substi tutes -- Schrum, Quinn, Ruff. Duquesne G. F. Pts. Kallery, f _________ ..... _... Madar, f ___________________ Adomitis, c . ......... - ................. Radakovich, g . Obruba, g ------Phillips, £ Spanitz, g 33 Totals - 13 7 '·Non-scoring 1 substitute--Takch. Score by quarters: Caseys - 8 9 4 18--39 Duquesr.e G 4 1G 7--33 Referee--Logan. Center Swimming, Volieybail Teams Al W. J. Tomorrow Recreation Center's swimming and volleyball teams will ring down the curtain on their traveling schedule when they journey to Washington, Pa., Wednesday evening to meet Washington and Jefferson College I freshman. The swimming meet is to get under way at 7:30 o'clock followed by the volleyball raatches. Paramounts ;..ll Wishtngton 3 Referee--W. Blasey Umpire--Logan. 9 12--37 8 4--22 reported a 14 per increase over 1937 treasurer. Carr cent attendance which-made a total gain ol 88 per cent since 1934. Attendance was up 30 per cent in 1935 and 1937 and up 14 per cent both in 1936 and 1938 . . . Joe Medwick, Cardinals, left; Joe DiMaggio, Yanks, center; Mel Ott, Giants, right; Jimmy Foxx, Red Sox, first; Charley Gehringer, De-1 troit, second; Joe Cronin, Red Sox, short; Robert Rol£e, Yankees, third; Bill Dickey, Yankees, catcher, and Charley Ruffing and Vernon Gomez, Yankees, and Johnny Vander Meer, Cincinnati, pitchers, would make some all-star major league baseball team. But what a payroll you'd have to meet for this aggregation. Horseshoe Hatch M Center Tonight Recreation Center Horseshoe "lub will entertain Greensburg at the center courts this evening, with the initial match scheduled to begin at 7:30 o'clock sharp. The Westmoreland county team will bring 10 first class tossers to do battle with Captain Mike Ference's classy center team. The public is invited to witness the matches; Everson Merchants, Center Play Tonight The Evcrson Merchants basketball quintet, coached by Bernard Walczak, plays toe \VPA Recreation Center aggregation tonight at the Everson floor. Ten players will make the trip including Speedy Abe Flanagan and Flash "Happy" Ziemianski, well known to local fans through their prowess on the hardwood. base-.? As Ihc boys gathered around, lacked system, there was no limit to Doubleday traced on the ground a the number of players on a side, and diamond and designated a place in the method of puUing out, a runner i the center where tho thrower (now after |»e had struck the ball.was t o j p - t e h c r ) should Und. With the in- plus him wiih the bull. There were j ventor himself us catcher they played .sometimes as many as 30 in the crowding the field and slowing up the game as well. Still, the game was a popular one, In the little village ot Cooperstown, In upper New York State, the bigger boys and ir.on entered into the sport and look their chances o£ Retting "soared." An athletic young cadet named Abner Doubleday s;nv considerable room for improvement, and one summer day in 1833 he appeared before a group of players at one ot the fields and said: "1 think I've got something new, boys. A much better game thrt I've been working on. Instead ot soaking the runner we'll tng him with the ball. Let's limit the number of players to 11 on a side (he had an extra inficlder and outfielder.) for the first time, and baseball in Cooperstown and the surrounding country thus was introduced. Cade'- Abner Doubleday, born in Bt'iliston Spa, Stiratoija county, in JB19, was graduated from the U. S. Military Academy at West Point in 1342, served in the Army during the Mexican War in 18-iG. As an officer of the Union Army, became a hero " the Civil War and advanced to the rank of Major General. His baseball innovation passed unnoticed when he died in 1893, for he was buried as a military hero. It wasn't until 1907 that a national baseball commission investigating the origin oC baseball officially designated Abner Doubleday the inventor and Cooperstown the birth-site of the game. Vaniierbiff Girls Will Play Overholl OverhoK's lassies will travel to Vnndcrbilt (or a game with the Van- dcrbiit Hi-Y girls at Vanderfailt at 3 o'clock tonight. SONS OF ITALY, EAGLES TRIUMPH The Eagles took two out of three from the Knights of Columbus and Sons o£ Italy won the odd game from St. James Cafe in. the City Duckpin League at West Penn bowling alleys, G 1 2 2 2 1 F 0 0 0 0 1 Pts. 2 4 4 4 3 Totals -.._ Ro-clcwood Love, f Bolby, f Hocking, c Brant, g ._... Schrock, g _ 8 G .....3 1 17 F Pts. 10 2 4 0 ·4 Totals - 8 4 20 Non-scoring substitutes--Hay, Eberhart. Scoring by quarters: I. C. H. S .....2 4 8 3--17 Rockwood 0 5 10 5--20 Slayer's Trial Date Fixed. WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. 14. -Trial of Frank Falaiizo for the murder of Corporal George D; Naughton ot the State Motor Police, who was shot to death on January 30, v?ill begin on Februsry 20. YOUTHFUL MDLER By Jack Sords MiSR ScriooL' l*l AieW YORK, vM6«e fs. vJoM W. P. I. A- L. CAGE SUMMARIES SECTION FOUR Standing oE the Clubs. W. L. ...- 8 0 ,,.. 6 1 ... 4 4 ' 5 ._ -2 S Charieroi ..-:.. Monessen Brownsville Donora -Monongahela ..... California .-.- Pet. 1.000 .857 .5.00 ,375 .286 .000 - Games Tonig-ht. Cb.arle.rot at Monongahela. ·- California at Monessen. . SECTION NINE Standing ot the Clubs. W. L. Johnstown 9 1 Greensburg -- 8 1 Norwin _..___·_ 7 . 2 Scottdale .-.-.'. ___.....4 Jeannette ?· Latrobe £ Connellsville - -- 0 5 7 7 ·10 Pel. .900 .889 .778 .444 .300 .222 .000 Games Xoniglit. Jeannette at Norwin. Johnstown at Greensburg. Scottdale at Latrobe. SECTION 17 Standing of the Clubs. W. West Newton .... 10 Dunbar Townsllip ..... 9 Hoslraver 8 South . Huntingdon -- 7- Sewickley .4 Perryopol is .4 Fayette City 3 Belle Vernon 0 L. 1 2 3 4 . 7 7 8 11 ret. .900 .818 .727 .636 - .364 .364 .273 .000 .Games Tonight, Sewickley at Fayette City. West Newton at Belle Vernon. · S. Huntingdon at Perryopolis. Rostravei- at Dunbar To\vnship.- SECTION 13 Standing of the Clubs. Ligonier .'. Derry Borough . Mt. Pleasant Hurst Younjjrwood-iTM.; 'Derry Township East Huntingdon TV. t. " Pet. - 5 .. 4 _ 3 ,. 1 .900 .700 .556 .444 .400 .333 ' .111 Games Ligonier at Mount Pleasant. Derry Township at Hurst. East Huntingdon at Yoimgwood.

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