The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
Page 7
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THTTRSDAY. MAY 23, 191S THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL.LSVILLE, PA. SEVEN. In a Far Country ssexK-xaaasissx.*.^^ The Gold Seeivers Who Journeyed Into the Silence and Peace of th.e Arctic and Who Never .Came Bach. By JACK LONDON (Copyright, by Jack London) "Well, my friend and good comrade, the Kilkenny cats fonght till neither hide nor hair nor yowl was left Yon understand--tlJl nothing TVQS left Very good. Now, these two men don't llfee "worfc. They won't work. "We know thaL They'll be aU alone in that cabin all -winter--a mighty long, dark winter. Kilkenny cats--well?" The Frenchman in Baptiste shrugged his shoulders, bat tbe Indian in him was silent. NOTGI thele^s it was an eloquent shrug, prrgnant with prophecy. * * * * * * * Things prospered In the little cabin first The rough badinage of tboir Xext their muscles and joints began to swell, the flesh turning black, while their months, gums and lips took on the color of rich cream. Instead of being drawn together by their misery, each gloated over the other's symptoms as the scurry took its course. They lost all regard for personal appearance and. for that matter, common decency. The cabin became a pigpen, and never once were the beds made or fresh pine boughs laid underneath. Yet they could not keep to their blankets, as they would hare wished, for the frost was Inexorable, and the flre box consumed much fuel. The hair of their heads aud faces grew long,and shaggy, while their garments would comrades had made Weatherbee and ! ( h a T e disicustcd a ra ppi cke r. But they dlfi not'care. They were sick, and there was no one to see. Besides, It was very painful to move about To all this was added a new trouble --the fear of tbe north. This fear was the joint child of the great cold and the great silence and was born in the si»nsibillty which had devolved upon them. Besides, theie was not so much Tvork, after all, for two healthy men. And the removal of the cruel whip hand. or. in other words, the bulldozing half breed, had brought with it a Joyous reaction. At first each strove to outdo the other, and they performed petty tasks with an unction which would have opened the eyes of their comrades who were now wearing out bodies and souls on the long trail. All care wts banished. The forest, which shouldered in upon them from three sides, was an inexhaustible wood yard. A few yards from their door slept the porcupine, and a bole through itii winter robe formed a bubbling darkness of December, when the sun dipped below the southern horizon for good. It affected them according to their natures. "VTeatlierbee fell prey to the grosser superstitions and (lid his best to resurrect the spirits which slept ia the -forgotten graves, it was d. fascinating thing, and in his dreams they came to him from oat of the cold tuid snuggled into hia blankets and told Mm of their toils and troubles ere spring of water, crystal clear and pain-, the - T died - Hc shraol f avf "? £rom the fully cold, But the? soon grew to find fault with even that. The hole would persist in freezing up anO thus gave them many a miserable hour of ice chopping. The unknown builders of the cabin had extended the side logs so as to support a cache at the rear. In this WES stored the bulk of the party's provisions. Food there was, without stint, for three times the men who were fated to live upon it. But the most of It was of tho kind which built clammy contact as they drew closer nnd twined their frozen limbs about him, nnd when they whispered in his oar of thiuga to come the cabin rang with his frightened shrieks. Cuthfen did not understand, for they no longer spoke, and when thus awakened he invariably grabbed for his revolver. Then he wonld sit up in bed, shivering nervously, with the weapon trained on the unconscious dreamer. Cuthfert deemed the man going mad and so came to fear for his life. Vfhat with the fear of the north, the mental strain and the ravages of the up brain and sinew, but did not tickle the palate. Tree. tLere ^as sugar in plenty for two ordinary men, but these two -were little else than children. | dJseose, the pair lost all semblance of They early discovered the virtues of nnmanity, taking on tbe appearoncn of wild boasts hnnted and desperate. Their checks and noses, as an after- xnath of the freezing-, had tamed black. Their frozen toes had bejrun to drop hot "water judiciously saturated with sugar, and they prodigally swam their flapjacks and soaked their crusts ia the rich, white sirup. Then coffee and tea. and especially the dried fm5ts, made disastrous inroads upon it The first words they haJ were over the sngar question. And it Is a really serious thing when two men wholly de- away at the first and second joints. Every movement brought pain, but the flre box was insatiable, wringing a ransom of torture from their miserable bodies. Day in, day out, it demanded its food, a veritable pound of iiesh. anjl they dragged themselves into the forest: to chop wood on their knees. Once, crawl in a: thus in search of dry sticks, unknown to each other they entered a thicket from opposite pendent upon each other for company begin to quarrel. · "Weatberbee loved to discourse blatantly on politics, while Cuthfert, who had been prone to clip bis coupons anil let tbe commonwealth jo? on as best it might, either ignored tbe subject or I Suddenly, without warnm? two peer- dettvered himself of startling epigrams, i in S Dili's beads confronted each oth- But the clerk was toe. obtuse to appre- * r - Suffering bad so traiiRiormed them date the clever shaping of thought tbat recognition was impossible. They and this waste of ammunition Irritated i b P ran « to Ujoir feet shncfcloi; with Cntafert He bad been used to blind- ' tem ' r - and dnsbea » w a? on their man- tog people by his brilliancy, and it , led stumps, and, falling at the vabin -worked him quite a hardship, ttta doop loss of an audience. He felt personally aggrieved and unconsciously held his muttonhead companion responsible for it clawed and scratched like demons till they discovered _their mistake. Occasionally they lapsed normal, and during one of these sane Intervals the nve existence, thcr had nothing in ! cblof bone of contention, tbe sugar. Had common-came in touch on no single i bcen dlvjdod ef l uall ' between th?ro point Weatherbee vas a clerk who | They guarded their separate sacKs, had tnown naught but clerking all his i btore " U P life; Cnthfert was a master of aits, a dabbler In oils aud had written not a little. Tbe one Tvns a lower class man who conside*?d himself a gentleman, and ttse other '""as a peutlec:an who knew himself to be Mich, Fioin this it may be remarked that a raan can eyfs, for tbore "were tmt a few cujiftila left, and they were totally devoid of faith iu each other. But one luy Cuth- fert maile a mistake. Elardly able to move, sick with pain, with his head swim mini: and eyes blinded, he r-rept ^ into the ciicbe. supar canister in hand, be I pemrem^ M witnouT^osaessuTp tte , and mjs«»ok Weatherhee's sack for bis first instinct of true comradeship. The °T n ' a .nuary nm Jan been born but very presence of eitlvr became a personal affront to the other, and they d;i - V!? ^ bc » this occurred. The sun li«a lapsed into sullen si ouces wbicb in- s ° me t:me slnce P asstid ^ ^wcst creased in length aud strength as the ' southern declination and at meridian days went by. Occasionally the flash n o w threw Daunting streaks of yellow of an eye or thc curl of a lip got tbe · l i p h t u P° n tlle northern sky. On the bett«r of tbem, though they strove to , du r following hia mlsiafco with tho ignore whollv each otber during these' ? n?afr bag ^"f* f °'f d h f m M l f fen! " mute-periods/ And a great wonder ^^^r^J^lTM ^ a .° d . ! ?u? p ?!l sprang up in the breast of each as to how God bad ever come to create the other. As the sugar pile urn! other little lux- cries dwindled they began to be afraid they were not getting their proper shares, antl in order that they might not be robbed they fell to gorging themselves. The luxuries suffered in noontime drew near and tbe day dragged himself outside to feast on. the evanescent glow, which was to him an earnest of tbe sun's future intentions. "Weatherbee woe also feeling somowhat better and crawled out beside him. They propped themselves in the snow beneath the move- less wind vane and waited. Tbe stillness of death was about In other climes when nature sub- this gluttouons contest, cs did also the men. In the absence of fresh vegeta-, thcm - I bles and escrcise their blood became, fal!s Iat JmpoTerished, and a loathsome, pur- duecl ftir ' expectancy, a waiting for plish rash ci-ppt over their bodies. Yet s 0 TM 6 8ma11 volc e to take up tUe broken they refused to heecl tbe warning. , ******- ^*°t so in the north. The two mcu Iiud lived seeming aeons In this ghostly pence. They could remember no song of the pnst; they could conjuro no Bong of the future. This unearthly calm bad always been---the tranquil! silence of eternity. Their eyes were fixed xipon the j north. Unseen, behind their backs, behind the towering rnoun Labis to tho south, tbe sun swept toward the zenith of another sky tlmn theirs. Sole spectators of tbo mighty canvas, they watched the false dawn slowly grow. A faint fianie began to glow and smoulder. It fleepeised In intensity, ringing tbe cbaugcs of reddish yellow, purple and saffron. So bright did it become that Cutnfert thought the" snn must surely be behrad it--a miracle, the sun rising in thc north I Suddenly, without warning and without fading, the canvas was swept clean. Tbere was no color In tbe sky- The light i htuj gone out of tbe day. They caught \ their breaths in half sobs. But, lo, | the air was a-elint with particles o f . scbitillatlnE: frost, and there, to tUe north, tbe wind vane lay la vaguo outline on the suow! A shadow! A shadow! It was exactly midday. They Jerked their beads hurriedly to the sonth. A golden rim peeped over the mountain's suowy shoulder, smiled upon tbem an instant, theo dipped from sJght again. There were tears In their eyes ay they sought each other, A strange softening came over tbem. They felt irresistibly drawn toward each other. The sun was coming bacfc again. It wouJd be witb them tomorrow and tho next day and tbe next. And It would s stay longer every visit, and a time j would corcc when it would ride their i beuven day and night, never once dropping below the sky line. There would be no rJ#ht The fee locked winter woold be broken; the winds would blow and the forests answer; the land would bathe in tho blessed sunshine and life rtuww. fiantl in hand they would quit this horrid dream and jonr- ney back to tbe eoiittilnnd. They lurrhed blindly forward and their hands mot--their poor maimed bands, swollen and distorted bcnenth their mittens. Bnt the promise wag desrinexl to re-i main unfulfilled. Tile nnrthlaud is tbe northliLnd, nnd mfji work out their sonls by strange ni'.ea, which otl)cr men who have not j mnicyed into far countries cannot come to understand. * * * * * « * [ An hour later CniUfert put n pan of bread Into the oven and f^l! to speculating on what the surgeons could do with big feet when ho got buck. Home t!fd not ivccm. so very fur mvuy now. \Ventherbee was rummaging in the, cache. Of a sudden be raised a w h i r l - ' wind of blasphemy, wblcb In turn censed with startling abruptness. Thft othor man hud robbej his sugar sack. Still, things miphc hare happened differently had not tbo two dead men come out from under tbo stones and hushed the hot words in his throat. They led him quite gently from tbe cache, which be forgot to clo-^e. That rotLsummatiou was readied; thacsomothfnc: they bad whispered to him in Ills dreams was about to happen. They ' guided him gently, very gently, to the . wo?»dpHc, where they put the a^. in Jils hands. Then thoy helped him ghoi e open tbe cabin door, and ho felt sure they shut it after h i m -- a t least ' ho heard It slain and tho latch fall sharply into place. Arid lie knmv they ·were waiting jnst without, waiting for him to do uls task. ' "Carter! I sny, Carter!" j Percy Cuthfert was frightened at the look on thc flora's fact*, ami he maOc haato to put the table between · tbem. ( Carter Weatherboc followed without baste aud without enthusiasm. There was neither pity nor passion in his ' fare, but rather thc patient, srolirl look i of otic who lias certain 'work to Uo and . goes about It methodically. "I say, what's the matter?" The clerk dodged back, rut tins off Ills retreat to the door, Itut never open! ing his month. "I sny, Cnrter, I say, let's talk. There's a good chap," The master of arts was thinking mp- Idly now, shaping a skillful flank movement on the bod where his Smith j Wesson 3uy. Keouing his eves on j the irmdmnn, he roiled backward ou , the bunk, at tbe same time clntcbicg tho i IstoL "Carter r* The powder flashed full in Woatliciv bee's face. but. he swung his weapon antl leaped forward. The tiz bit dee\- iy at the ba.SL- of the spine, nnd Percy, C'-nhfert Tell all mnsciousnebS of his lower limbs leave him. Then Lhe clerk fell heavily upuii him, clutching him by the throat with feeble fingers. The sharp bite of the ax had cuusod Cuth- fert to drop the pistol, und as hia lungs panted for release he fumbled aimlessly for it among the blankpts. Then he remembered. He slid u hand up thc clerk's belt to the sheath knife, and they drew very close to eacU other in that last clinch. Percy Cnthfcrt felt his strength leave j Mm. The lower portion of his body I was useless. The inert weight of ' "\Vcatherbe_e crushed him--crushed him i The little German compartment train--taking him at flying speed into the heart of the German prison camp. Next to him sat a German guard with gun loaded, ready to shoot. The compartment was so small--the train going so fast--the whole thing seemed so impossible. Yet to this daring young American nothing seemed impossible--and as the train Sew, he swung himself up, and--before anybody knew what was going to happen--out of the win- jlow! , I He was terriblyi wounded---he had to cover his wounds with his coat so that his blood would not lead the enemy on his trail. And that was just the beginning of 72 days of fearful adventure--of hiding by day and slipping by night--· of boldly walking past sentries--of starvation--of swimming of rivers--of terror and despair--and of iron nerve. Read this true story--such a story as has never before come out of the war--the story of Lieutenant Pat O'Brien--that daring, dark and agile Irish-American who flew in the Royal Flying Corps, in this paper. What would have been death to any other man was to him a great and glorious adventure. Pie was born in Chicago--he joined the Royal Flying Corps--he was a prisoner of the Germans--but they couldn't hold him. Today his story is listened to breathlessly all over the United States. The Dutch gave him an ovation--the English went wild over him. The King of England received him with joy. And now you can have the whole story by reading A glorious tale of 72 days' escaping from Germany. S(ntcn 1 KTZVOKT OF "CONDITION* OK THI: !l"n.m N a t i o n a l I3ank :iL Coniiellsvil]- 1 . t in Llit; .state of P c n n s y l v f u u u , ^t t h « | c!oa« of business on Ma 10, 1H1S RESOURCES. Loans and disc o u n t s (except ihoso show.-, in b and c ) . · S232.701.2S Overdrafts, uni"e- cured Ci-1 53 L". -S. bonds dc-- c u r o circulation ClKir v a l u e ) ., 50.000 uO U. K. bonds a-id tr.debledncss owned and t n - plcd^ed Ijibcny J-- o STI Bonds, 3 % r er cent and A i» cent, u n p l e d g ed 2V, 400.00 Pnj-mcnts a c t u a l - ly r*~ade or; J.,i'- t-rtv -fi'. P ' t ccn! bouo^ ... i4.0Bi'.00 Securities o t h *r th.inU. 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The cold was forcing In. U iiinst bt* helow aero already, and the ice rreepiiig up the in- Fide of the dour. lie could not see It, but h-i^ past experience enabled him to gauge its [irogrcs-s by the cabin's 1 LemiHjrature. The lower bln^e imi-t be v.-uirc ere tiow. Would Uie tale '£ this evtn* lencli tdo world'r iln\v wnuld his friends tukc ItV They would read ,t o \ e r their eoffee, most likely, a nil tnlk It over tit the club'-*. lie cmild seo them very '"leariy, "Poor old rutii- fortl" they innrmiircd. "Not sued a bud sort of .-hap, after nil." He smiled at their euli ijie.s aud passed on Iu bearch of a Turkish bath It WJIK tin* btiQie old crowd upon the stnMjts. fstransc they did not notice his moose- hitle moc-casius and tattered Germ»n S'"'ks! Iln ivciild tnke a cab. Ami after tlie bath n shavo n-oulil not be bad. No; he would eat first- Steak nnd potatoes und greoa things--how fresh it all was! _Vntl what was that? iijuarf*s of Lonr-y. streaming Hquiil a in. hyr 1 . i'ut why il«3 bring sn much"! Ha, ha: ,1,,- roiild never eat It all. Hliine? Why, certr.inly. He put hit- font on ilic box. TIio boot Mar L looked curiously up at him. and ue remern- borctl his mouse hide moccasins anil wont fiw:iT haptily. Hark! Tlic wind vsne must bo snre- ly bpinnjiig. ,'c; a nofre sin^lnjr in his e.irs; tluit wns aV--u inoro sinking. T!io ico Eiiun have IKIPSW! the Ijitcli by uuw. More !!U.e ! y Uu i upper hiu?(i vrus covered. Cetw.'eu the moss chin lied roof polor little points of Croat began to upi^eaT. How slowly tliey grew! No, not so ilovrly, Tl.pre wan a new on G. an il there a r i o Lhor--t wo--three-- four-- they were corning too fant to count. There were two growinc: together, and (hero--a third hod joined tUcm. Why, there were no more ppots! Tbey had run together and formed a slioct. Well, he would have, company. If Gabriel ever broke the silence of tbe nurth thny wnuTrl stand together, hand in hand, before UHJ great white tbrone. And Gccl would Judgo them, God would judge them: Then Percy CuLlifert closed his eyes and dropped off ro .sleep. BELIEVE BRAIN IN STOMACH.^?, 1 ';-;' IJA31L1T1I--S. ck paid in . . . . S , Chinese Ignorant of the Anatomy of Human Body--Subject of Mi- 1 crobes Difficult to Teach. ! Ignorance Is responsible for the | tf'if'sswork of the Chinese atxmt the i nrmtomy of tiie hmrmn* body, Jean Price writes in World Outloolr. "Noth- j ing is known of th/.- nenous system or of tho circnlution of the blood, and every organ, except the hrnln Is st\lU to have a pntee. Tho heart is consld- priHl to bt 1 the fenter oC being, and therefore It must also be in The con| tf r of tho b «Jy." The Chinese also ; believe that tin; brnm Is in the stnni- i flfh. Perhaps thnt Is thc reason that | more thna half the thought and con' v-rsntion of the ronnnon people re- i Uitys to food'. It 1^ Ifrnornncc which makes a mother chew her ctilM's fooI. before put- · tin? i t in tho l i t t l e one's month. It is Ignorance which allows u mother to v,-;is!i the ciotiif"- in a Kreen, stttgnnt poo] ivhllo thy clillil ;it her fide pagor- ly drinitfi iJhe saiac i-veter. It ia ignorance vrjiich our mission doctors have to fijhi v.h!'n they su^ge^r that women PlionM not use poisonous face paint, RhouM bathe thc btiby ut 1 once before )t Is jjrown, should ^vuEh . Oil- (Ji-lie 4 ! onre a ruoata in clmn water. Thl? Icniorance uuked the snb- i Jcct of microbes rooro illfflcclt to teach · than tlio English In which It Is taught, j And, tho'Tch it's hurd to say, it is ipnomnce which causes a lover to tnl:o water In which hjs body is | washed and secretly rab: It In the drink of his loved one. Kut, then, that la* and w\» musu't nienUon senus in the Fame breath. S.CC2.08 Z 527.4" G", 000.00 ^1.440.01 100 00 7P 739 T3 f u n d r n d i v j d c r i 1" K I n d i v i d u a l d e p o s i t s :rub- j f - r - t i n Cll"Ck Cert 1 ft r a t e s of deposit d u e in ] f- s b t h a n 30 days ( " I h e r t h a n Cor money Imrrr.wiKi Deposits requiring: notice hut jffK t h a n 30 d a j a . . . . Total of demand d'-posns f o t h e r t h a n ba:'k depos- i t ^ ) subject, to 35, 36. 37, JS, ST. 43. and 41 3GQ.S60 S3 _ (Vrtificnte*! of deposit i ( o t h e r t h a n for money b o r r o w e d ) Other t i m e deposits / of t i m e dc- p n - I f s sub.cct to r^er 1 - *-. i t e m s -J2, ·U. 4 4 . and 4 5 . . 39.SCR 00 Total 55-5 C.CCS 30 Slaty of I?cnn H ylvar.ia, Countv of Faj r - i-t'.o. ;«. 1. .IAS. C. I^ONG, cashier of iho :tbo\o j i n r n ' - t l b a n k , C!D ^o!^nm]y .'n^ciir I h i i t t h o a! ove it^'.eraent ic t n i p to the bei-L of my Kr iwlcrlpo ^m 1 b--ti^f. JAS r. LONG, C-a.«hi»r. Subprr-bed n n d sworn lo before mo tJiii. 18th day of May. ]91S. 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