The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 193y THE DAILY COURIER. CONN ELLS VILLE. PA. PAGE/THREE. THRILLING PLAY MARKS CAGE TILTS Willow Inn Juniors Spill Oglevees, First Half Winners, JACKIE KLINE MAKES RECORD Thrilling play featured Saturday's games in the junior and young men's divisions of the City-WPA Reel cation Center Basketball League at State Armory The junior slate opened with St Rita Jumois remaining in the undefeated lanks with an exciting last- minute victory ove- Noith End Tigers, 19-18 Frankie Vernava's charity toss broke an 18-18 deadlock and gave the St Rita cagers a win The second morning contest found Willow Inn Juniors beaten for the first half championship by Oglevee Florists last week, come back strong to capture a 24-22 thriller from the florists Wolfe.and Marr sparked the Willow Inn attack The Comets, held for three quarters to eight points by the stubborn defense of the "Y" Streamliners, broKe loose in the final frace and tallied 11 markers to win, 19 to 8 The afternoon card opened with Hillcrest, newcomers in the league, being given a rude reception by Leisenring as they were laced 22-9 Joe Sepesi again stood out for the township boys Inability of Hillcrest to shoot fouls contributed to its downfall Paramount Theatres, featuring Jackie Kline, subdued Greenwood 50-12 K'me, local version of Hank Luisetti, captured himself a itcorc ·when he made 28 points The final game furnished the story book finish when Dawson took over Pleasant Level Dairy, 25-21, in ar extia period With but seconds let to play and the dairymen out in front, 20-20, Abbie Moschese dievv a charity toss that he counted Dawson lost little time in tucking th' game away when Bob Laughrey and the same Abbie rang up double- deckers to give them a well de served 25-21 win Play will resume again next Sat' urday m both divisions The sumnanes: St. Rita Juniors G F Pts Swallop, f _ 4 0 8 Cornish, 1 1 0 2 Sacchi, c . _ 0 1 1 Vcmava, g - -,, 2 1 5 Whipkoy, g . _ . . . . 1 1 3 Totals - 8 3 19 Non-scoring substitutes--DelJigatti For Nor The all-seeing microscope (leit) reveals the wonders of wildlife science to the naturalist With the aid of the pon erfu! instrument man} discoveries are made, enablms science to further its battle for wildlife restoration. Plans and discoveries for the past jcar were being rc- \ ealcd this week in Detroit *\Iich, TM here the North American Wildlife Conference was in progress. (Above) Frederic C Walcott, former United States senator from Connecticut, now president of the American Wildlife Institute, which sponsors and manages the annual conference, is shown with a wild turkey that he brought down Among- those on the conference program is Kenneth A Reid of Chicago, former!} of Connellsville, executive secretary of the Izaak Walton League of America and former member of the Pennsylvania State Fish Commission, whose theme is "Stream Pollution'* on uhich he ib a recounted authority in the United States Persons high in American wildlife conservation activities uere on the conventon program. By HENRY P DAVIS | most efficient methods ot preserving I ma'e speed of two miles an hour,] Sec'}, Ameiican Wildlife Institute ] and restoring one of America s great- ( picking up mouthfuls of feed as they WASHINGTON D C , Feb 14 ! cs ^ natural resources go, vvrh no perceptible break n their Baseball has the world series Science has the annual conclave of the Ameiican Associa ion for the Advancement of Science Aviation has the Cleveland Air Races And wildlife has the Annual North American Wildlife Conferences The fouith of these yearly get- togetheis of wildlife authorities North End 6 Tratecanty, 1 J. Bannon, f . · Snyder, c Reed, g _ Howe, g ,, .. G. 3 1 1 1 . 1 F. Pts 0 6 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 4 Clavvson, f _ TM ,, ,, 2 Totals - . 9 0 18 Non-scoring substitutes--Carmgola Seore by quarters S t Rita Juniors 5 4 4 6--19 North E n d Tigers 4 6 8 0--18 Referee--Paul Echard. Willow Inn Marr, f Shives, f Laugherty, c Wolfe, g . Cicentti, g Totals Oglcvces Bieshada, J! C Rovvc, f Cartwnght, c S Howe, g - _ McCarthj, g _ . Cuneo, c ,,. . Totals It' 2 22 Non-scoring substitutes--B Howe, Tacconi Score by quarters Willow Inn 4 3 12 5--24 Oglevees 4 6 5 7--22 Referee--Bill Hyatt Streamliners Frazier, f Dabeiko, i .. Mosley, c _ Ash, g Trump, S - - Totals Comets Connell, f Alt, f Hartman, c Brady, g Galiiirdi, g Dominac, f G 0 . 1 . 1 . 0 2 4 G. 2 1 1 2 1 . 1 F Pts 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 8 F. Pts 1 i 1 E 0 2 1 £ 0 o ; Not a Drv Matter The dc\ elopment of ill these highly essential da'a is not a dry 01 unin- 'ercsting procedure bj a n j metns In fact, each North Amc icon Wildlife Conference bungs out btaitlmg oddities For instance, in the course of a paper on the trumpeter swan A almost V Hull cxt net of the sportsmen and just plain love s of I U S Biological Suivey mil mention nature ib being held thib week at Detioit Just as the world series determines the best aggregation of diamond pei- formeis in the vvoild so do the an- naul Wildlife Conferences develop the best methods of meeting perplexing problems of preserv ing and rebtoung our outdoor resouices Science d scloses its most significant and mteiesting developments at the yeaily meeting of the Ameiican Association for the Advancement of Science, and the same thing is done for wildlife at the annual conferences sponsored and rranaged by American Wildlife Institute the this vear the fict the vo ccs of these pace snjs Joseph C Allen, also of the Biological Survey From \ll Over Wildlife authorises and scientists fiom every part of the "United States, C tnadi and Mexico make their dib- Uosuicb at the Wildlife Conferences Migrator} Fish. The problems of mterstite cooperation in migi itoij fish is one of gieat importance Deve'opmen's made dui- ing the panel discussions may be instrumental in sh ipmg the couise of man} ot the states in this mattci Pollution or the aespoiling of oui waters is one of the mo^t ptesing concerns of those interested in wild- moscJimo bleeding giounds Other Government seeking to preseive authonties, and i estore wildlife believe that much unnecessary drainage has been carried out They point out tha.. diamage alteis the charactei of marshlands and usually dcpuv cs ceitain foms of wi'dlite of their natuial habitat They do not advocate that dinmage be The domeimg ot scientific papers s life It is of primaiy roneen to the j stopped but i^ that it not be carried nations lawr-iakeis as well Last out needlessly ill done in w h a t are tcimed the Technical Se'-siuns v hich run con- cu-rertl} VMlh whit u e known as birds, which are being saved from G c t e r i l Session 1 complete exteimimtion, change v \ i t h | 'Vt the General Ses-i ons the tceh-! age just as do those of human be ngs j meal developments of. w i l d l i f e aic | ' T h e young swan c m alviajs be suboidmated to the discussion o f , told fiom oldei sv ins b then ' Co llroversial 01 fundamci tal piob-. highei pitched voices ' Hull w i l l tell lems Such questions are heated by j assembled wildlife scient sis in de- panels of the best qualified authoutics i livcring his technical paper ' W i t h on Ihc problems each addi lonal year thei- voice or t Scheduled for panel treatment at notes become deeper md l o v v e i i t h e Detroit Confetence arc discus- pitched At limes their deep sonorous trumpet colls can be heaid for a distance ot two miles'* sions of the Pittman-Robcrtson Act, the. Migialory Fish pioblcm pollu- iior edueition mosquito control aid That Nelson fountain Sheep feed i fai net-spoilsman relations on the l u n is another peculiar f a c t ' A complete report ot the iccom- that will be biought out in the course plishmcnls nadn possible by the The Clev eland Air Races bring out I of more important revelations to be passage ot the Pittman-Robertson the fastest and most efficient in planes each year, and the Wildlife Conferences bring out the fastest and made by w i l d l i f e scientists Aid lo Wi dl fc Ac', of 'These sheep have feed routes exceptional inleiesL to those decplj over which they travel at an appioxi- | concerned wilh wildlife restoration. vear a pollut on measure was passed bv the Congicss but the President, feeling the legislation vv is not as effective as desired vetoed the let *U the pics--nt time mo-c compLC- hensivc pollution legislation is being! d i a f t e d for presentation to the Con-I Kress The outcome of the panel discussion on this subject may well hive a decided influence on the framing of this Icgislalion Mosquito c o i t i o ' , 01 mther the diaimgc of r sh ire is used in cuibmg these v et pesb, is i high v eontroveis i! is* Stiangeb enough, vanous branches of. Ihc Go\c rment D i e often divided un this issue Reckless Drainage One branch ut the G o \ e i n m c i t piimanly concerned with the public health, advocate's almOot iccnle'-s diiin,ige of maishlands to ehmmnlc The two blanches of thought on this touchy subject will aigup the rnUer in panel discussion, in the hopes an amicable agieement may be reached The panel discussion on f a i m e i - spoitsrrans relat ons deals with ai - NEWS OF THE DAY AT PERRYOPOLIS Totals 8 3 19 Non-scoring substitute--Ryan Y M C A 0 2 6 0 -- 8 Comets 0 3 5 11--19 Refeiee--Bill Hvatt PHRRYOPOL1S, Teb 13 -- 1'he Mission Cuele of the Star Junction Baptist Chu-ch met in the chuich dmingioom Thursday for an all-day quilting session A. noon a covered dish dinner was served There were 12 present "Frances Willard" Night The W C T U met Wednesday night with Miss Mary McKce It was a "Frances Willard' night and began with a devotional seivice by Mrs Iia Blaii, followed by talks on vanous phases of Miss Willard s life by Mrs O A Luce, Mrs Albert Reynolds, Mrs James Hazen of Smock and a poem b Mrs FlT?d Fmk Tneie weie 10 membeis and the following guests Mis ilowa^d Adams, Mrs James Hazen, Miss Margaret Blair, Mis, A H Waugh and Mrs Walter Mtnphy, and Mrs A J. Bjeis Plans were maae to have the district institute in the Perry M E Church in Ma ch Attend Theatre. A numbe. of local people attended "Tobacco Road" in Umontovvn Friday Among tnem were Geo ge Hillcresl Mazza, f Haishman, f -Gent c Holden, g ... Logan, g Totals - . Leisenrinfi: McGaiTlty, f a Sepesi, f N Badovick, c Hess, g Solt.s, s Bui ns c Commskv, g Totals 9 4 22 Non-btormg substitutes--Zav achm Scoie bv quaiteis, Hillciest 2 2 3 2 -- 9 Leiscmmg 2 6 3 11--22 Refeiee--Aobic Furtnev Non-scoring substitutes--Mui phy Greenvv ood G r Hooper f . . 1 3 Beeman, f ,, ,, -- _ . . 1 0 Coi rado, c - . _ . . . 0 1 Feiens, g ... 2 0 Ftlenberger, g 0 0 I'Is 5 2 1 4 0 12 Totals _ - 4 Score by quaiters Paramounts 9 13 15 13--50 Greenwood 1 3 2 6--12 Refeiee--Bill tiya i Pleasant Level Hasson, f Smidtke f Tikcj, c Benko g DeBolt g G J 2 3 1 1 F Pts Totuls 10 1 21 Non-scoring substitutes--Sansone Paramount*, AVagner, f Conw ay f Brown, c Marcondi, g -- KUnc s G _ 1 0 7 1 13 Totals -22 F Pts 1 3 1 1 1 15 1 a 2 28 6 SO Dawson Noschese Du bin, f Llughici Bittncr g Craig, g G 3 0 11 F 1 0 0 Cl Pts Tot ils Scoic b qi aitei Pleasant Level 2 * 11 DavvbOn 8 * 4 Referee--Tom Logan 0--21 4--25 Willcy, Mrs Joseph Hennmg, Mis Frieda Fnskey, Mrs Livvrence Gardiner, Mis Lida Welling Mr and "Mis O P Pore and daughter, Marie, Andrew and Ililo" Cue, Mrs H D S'nck'cr Mr and Mrs William Stonci, Miss Alta Pore, Aliss Beatrice Bakci, Mi and Mis Ellsworth Dunn and Mi and Mis Roy Griffin Personals Mrs William Thomas is leported on the sick list Mis R P Komerer is iccoveiing fiom an attack of mflaen^a Mrs John Finlcy of nc u Sm thton, hei daugl ter, M s 'Ihomns Sherbondy, and granddaughter Jean of Menc'on spent Wednesday w i t h Mis Finley's sister, Mrs AlLcit Reynolds Air and Mrs II D Stnckler Mrs H D Blair, Mi and Mrs L L Lovvthei and Leslie Williams attended a Chinese checker paity Wednesday night at the nome o Mr and Mrs Martin Glodtelty in Umontovvn Woild Wide Guild Meets The World Wide Guild of the Flatwoods Baptist Chuich met Monday night at the horre of Mr« Roy Guf- fn wilh 15 piesent Plans wcie made lo hold the annual George Washmtton tea Febiuaiy 24 at the home of M s James Rittenhouse Chanman of the piogram committee s Mrs P O Luce and of the icfiesh- ments is Mrs Rittenhouse The next regiilat meetii g w i l l be jn Union- tovvn with Mis Vernon Crawford All-Day Session The Missionary Society of the Flatwoods BaptiSo Chinch hud its icgulai all-day mon h'y meeting Thuisday at the home of Mis Ellis Vance, w i l h 11 members and two vibltois, Mis Watson Luce and Mrs Eva Leu is piesent The day ,vas spent ^n piecing patches for quilt ng H noon a chickcr dinner was seived Tn the afternoon a business meeting vv is follov.ed by a program anangcd by Mis Henry Cook which included a talk on (he study book by Mrs Jessie iWirtin and questions and rn- svvcis in w l u c n everyone took part The socie v w , n me ct w i t h Mrs Gilbe t M 11 tin next month L a v f o n SocieU "Meets The L idics Aid of the L lyton M Chuicn v as entc taircd Thmsday . nisht bv V i s Dvvig'it Rilej The ( d e v o i o n i l leadc was M s Geo gc I Willei ird the iiiosiam leadei Mis L,aw rence Gard nei There \v as a talk on ' The Ongm of Valentine Day by Mrs Margaiet Staulfer and one on Inlrestms Bits -\bout Geoigc Washington' by Mis Lester AIcClcl- lan Mrs' McClellan was also named chairman of a committee to plan a program foi the purpose oi raising morcy for the society Then followed g'mes, including i foitune foi each one written on a he irl A lunch was scrv cd by the hostess Fricndlj Club Program The F icudly C ub hod a covered dish dinner Thuisclav evening at tl c ho n ·· of Mrs Thomas Campbell It was Mat nigru and each woman came vutn T funny hat vvh ch she had dccoiatfd 'or the occasion The pri/cs foi the most ridiculous wrie avva ded Mis E/ia Pike and Mrs James Snyder Two new membeis were also taken into the club at this t meeting They wcie Mrs Geo ge Pollock and M-s Will am Goehnng The next meting will be with Mrs Maiy Asoinwall Minstrel Rehearsed. The Goodwill Class of the Peiiy M E Church has begun pi act ce to- a minstte^ show which it plans to produce next monlh The arrangements are undei the direction ot Miss Maiy Dufl and assisting her a e Mis A. J Blai , Mis Walter "Vturphy and Mis B H Waugli The pio- giam w i l l be announced as soon as it is completely aiianged ' Sec Floor Game James Swait?, Miss Faith Svvartz and Miss Dons Scsslei weie guests of William Jcsko at the Duquesne gymnasium Wednesday n ght when the Pit sburgh Puate basketball team played he Shebovgan Red Skins of Wisconsin Hindus Play Music Near Moslem Mosque, 20 Die in Rioting CALCUTTA, Ind a, l c b 14 -- Tvv cntj pel sons v v c i c killed 200 in- juied and 600 arrested it C a v v n p o i e d u i m g the vvcck s t ic result of noting between Moslems and Hindus, dispatches said Mondaj The noting stained Salmdav when Moslems complained that Hindus played music oatside a mosque Fighting continued last night, il was said and police and soldieis had i difficult task icstoring ordei because of the crowds jammed into n a i i o w streets British tioops were put on patiol duty in the city othei tender spot More than half the lard aiea is in faims Sportsman like to hunt on some of this farm a ea Too often, farme-s do not like to have the sportsman on their prop- eity And thciem lies the basis for an age-old p oblem, which will be di agged out m the open and thrashed out by both sides The first Annual North American Wildlife Confeience was called in Washington D C , by tne Piesident m 1936 This conclave was so successful the Ame-ican Wildlife Institute continued the sponsorship and management of the affaii in 1937, w h e n the confeienee was held at Si Louis Last Near the scene of activity was moved to Baltimore. 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