The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVTLLE PA. THURSDAY, MAY 23, 191s. VANGUARD OF AMERICAM TELEPHONE G3RLS REACHES FRANCE 1 , These aro the fir,,, of t*c American tlephom g u l sv o a e going o operate the bv,ilchboanJb for oj soldiers in Ihe fifrjt its mc\ nho os,iap 1 "J o-- liui ariutl [or dun m France Nearisy Towais, - Meyers dale. F- el Shiplr^ left \cs'e"day for T-Tiells ule v,heic O he ViiU \ Mt ic ids a fo\v dd a i 1 S ov, ot "Uo gantown W \a. \o*-nia'\illo spent a daj hen, among iit_-js an- si Lin.; iriCidt w Mrs Har.ej \ouniun was visiting i fucndb i c' suoppmg in Connellbullc ! vc ( r d a ^ i Mr 5 - Nelson G rl ard ha returned o ^GI ho^ie n. Som- ^ei alier \ ng «a 22--Mi and , c -Mrs Ed-ward Cnse 3 a\o returned to j T.hei^ borne m Council-\iHc a f u r i ·visit he"e vnth the laiur s iareuu Mr and M"s Joan S eir Mrs Mar Ncfvloc o PitLSDU'-g ^pent lie past \i*,ok icrc Miitint, it,! aaves and iriends Mr; Char'eb £arro v -eiumed lues da^ fom a butt \ u \ / n i U i u v e » u Cumberland Mrs blua.bcth ^counl- in ^as, gout ^o Bos % ell \\lteie a ne will *i«U friends for a few *e i-s aad. Hiss LJiui Lee n A obcov. M 11*= 'were recent gu^ts it uu ho nt ot Mr and Mrs \ugust Lmtz Miss Mar Lou Dm of Mi *Ui spent i u e pd£t veot i^i iii 0 th^ toine of Mr and Mr \\ H Jvim 0 man, Mrs John Habel has retu-ni?d to her homo in Cumbc land attei \isii ing at, the hon^e ol nci liiibband s parents IIr and M-G \\ H Habei Mi and Mrs Cbailts Burston ; family of Lol"obe *ecenib motored j here and uslted Mr^ Burston s moth-i er. Mrs J It Leith Jolta Gresa has goae to BaHicaore Md f for a three weess busicLSs and pleasure visit Mrs John Da^rah -ciuruDd loda'- from Baltimore whc r e bhe hud V JCLU ·VLaitms ^elai.i\ea for ^e\fal da^a 1 cr hard Le-e 101 »ev Vanderbilt. CONELLSVILLE COKE NOW TIGHTLY BARRED FROM- NEW ENGLAND loumlnmui Mu^t 1-occ Rising Costs lliniuflli H a u n f r t o I!nj Coke flint u Such Ui 0 Uer in J'-icc. Vn mtcicsun,; situation has dcvel oped m ihc Nev, Lngland coke market' ab a lebiik ot the icceut order of the I uel \druii uuation » th regard to coke silpnl es says the Boston corres pondeu t o r the Clevc and Daily Iron I 1 ace X ^l r ong effort is being made to book orders but it cannot be said ! hat users arc fa'ling o\ci one an- I o iic\ to stocL u p Tho t having con i tr-c ^ tor Connells\ He coke arc in c in -d to hold back u) -ee v elbc- or -iOt thcv will ha\e to make new ar i i £emtn i as to prices or w^l be \ VND! RBILT Mil 22 --The Fl tro Nell L o ol tht M L church held a U-Uci! jaiuic.; at ihc home of Miss Lcllc CUI aid o" fucsdaj eieian. Mi-, V n % Hi Ima- Mia D J Hei \ ie.v M s \ \ l P a i Thompson Mrs 1 am L K el' Mis L, E koberts and i Vnna (j'- « r c "hoppers in gneii the «iunalent of thei- contract^ L o i u l i s u l l e i tcrdj.% | m local 1} p-oduct oven coke at the M- i.'1/j.bcui II ulut i= ^siting saji P L s it which they contraot- jei s o i Dr J II Ila/lett-ifter spend- C( ] i, 0 Connellsvi le. the u \l ^t Lead \(tt lorl a u d h. r i i !(s\ da^·l Hiudcrbon Mrs liti _ii cr Cu% Mis A\ lit 1 } t-- here and will J L on the '-ick Diiij Omr er eier} (lay MC\. Confluence. pncc of the local product is SlS-io a on f o b ovens, ulule tin pnr of most ot tlie Conndlsitlle under convract i from $10 i5 to $10 65 dclrtenx! The difference in the delii- rred p-ae ot the .no kin*, !·- a matter ut fiom 51 lo {5 a on and while it miy be aigued tiat onh one ton of coke ib used for sc\en or eight tons ot ciStings the tact -firamb tbal the a,sun llitli i litt'irj Oicr pnc ( 5 of the cast'nt.'i ire I aserl upon Trottir seiond fiare. (cheaper coke to be h i d after May 15 The V.^t H mops defeated and it makes considerable, difference l l e i r o t t e i Seconu imc "t Trotter »Hh -he "Mnidne. last m = ht 10-'J i l tU c ball sane of t i c Vf.. sou Tho Hi 1 tops took the lead n t'ue third mnms and retained it fro-n tnat ' me on Trottei came w itlnn o r e nn of t\rns the gimc. In the 1 =t 'e\ imus ui toe local* n 0 hlfned up and t h e defeisc lines held M_rnel pilrtnng lor the Hilltops sharer 1 honors vi h rikc\ of Trailer Thebe foindnes , ug base- aie ,libpo»ed 'o lolci off purchases for ders ei- I t t l e prcb=ai especial 5 a a the belie' ,,, i^^ n is fair v general th-it tho local produc i hi^l i than it should oe Som ConnplV^illo coke is -oportcd lo L j \ e eon-t th-oug all right oil iht rt are equ ilH as man^ cas-b A he e it has h t e n comniandeored a Ne\v ^aglana gateways each nan striking ou 12 bitters TiUe\ w a s uar mereJ hard howerer be i?: touched 'or 17 hits TIILT M o.uis Itm CO'iritiCT. CONTLiLENCE Maj 23 --The funeral of T B nanu was held cs er- daj at 1 30 P M ant u aj, largely attended Interment in the Bo.Di.i5t cemeieo TVeot Side JoLn Butlei of Johnson chapel is employed as Baltimore £, Ohio ware houseman m place r C B B r o \ n , who is ill Minor Fordce of Soraertield uai here yebterda en r oute to his home after being in Lnioatown and Co"- nellaville on business P S Geihaid was i bus ness i s to* to Somer^ei yes.erdaj [ ter into cent-act- The operator is Mrs Kate Shernck has returred to I nerobr prnen*eu trotn iiiiking con- her home n Somer'et after viaiung trac s \^Hh othc 1 - consumers a Jie brother John Dirts here a le-r 11 oment fie situation clears the - ui in., Mil' have the first call on Jic Pat*-ontz;o those who advertise Coal Trom Hnnd to 3I( uUi IN ndins Trice Settlement. The cootroversv between the Kail -oad /dciiniaLration and tie coal op c-ators a^ to the price for engine 'uel Thf r a i l r o i d arc buying coal on a rand to mouth ba^i« and ref ibe lo en FOR SALE GOGH covr. OHDCR YOUR NEXT WIN TbtlS COAL StriLY NOtl CO. MA10. PROMPT D - U V 1 I.I P1UCE RIGHT CALL LULL PHONi, 1016-R TRI- bTA."L OlS N\ \V F Shaffers ^ ons monument dealers of Somerset ire here erecting n-ouuments at graces of Jie late PiPd Koont2, E R Bende- and Mrs P S ouLpiu of the. mines I Those ^v Courier It ho to Patronise. ho advertise in The Daily! KaJ Female TrotAk Tea Years--Bliss \ r -: B oselman "^ l i e s to the f r haxc. bpei Buffer rouble f j r tn f manj different nu rneided lor tln-i n b-Hijrtt but thajnk « iKcnts canr 1 to m j ivc a hox of Eli-ii v e I ju*;t too! o t 1^11 ird f,ot cntl i ip arit O 10 f llu ^[mi) ·*"cop f e'l 1** To tT Herb Habtof rcpul 1 o h l\ f r cl i r I i t \ e the bowels acn and K.eei he CUTO Texas l l o w i n g r f^ct^ nf, ir in 'emale L" ·* J.IIL. tried dicn t« r-.curr iliu ^ thout »od one of inu 1 house aid bold t t i i o H "b Tab ic hj.1' 2. r\ of -cli. u*.ll of my Rt r e t h o l « to c- Bl ·«* Native irb Thcr itim ^e ulie kirtnej ·* «*otr the tto-n entire syst-om free from biliousness aick head L.Lht indigestion htartb irn -intl the npn'v k i n d r e d ailments which If allov ed to toi t l n u e become a^ i ~ f \ a t d ind cause serious Il!rK,"ta w i t h jtoRulble C:un.l resu is Bliss Nut! *, Herb Tablets- are the only reco^nl/ecJ Ttindaid erb medicine They arc u^i.'I in al parts f the U i l U I u o r d ind ire. HJirv teed r 100 icj r"Tu Jed A. dolldr hot c iTMjas 200 t a b k t N t n e pen I ulm \ % H ^ o u t the p i c t u r e f J Monxo O E»»b on t-verv ^, f boT Bverj tablet contain' 1 W^J our *^pd" ma-k ( A B ) Price V»X Cl Of p r box. Sold I; A .A CHrke ind local acrent j e\ r j where FOR SA3-E ; Automobile Tires i I JT a fnr days only Special Prices on all sfars . S. CnU and inTCBtlgate at Oil TY CRATtTORD WEST SIDE. F. T. EVANS ESTATE BOTH PIIOVEb "A great net of mercy drawn through an ocean of unspeakabU patn" of the American Army--they died in France! I Gresham! Enright! Hay! They died for us. And willingly! But not, pray God, in vain! For the sake of them, if for no other reason, will you not give to the Red Cross which will care for the men that follow them ? For the sake of what they died for, will you not give--and give till the heart says stop? None of us here can give as greatly as they gave and as others are yet to give. But can we not sacrifice ourselves a little? Will you take a little from the comforts of your life and give, not a mere "conscience gift" that salves your pride and lets you say to yourself: "I have given to the Red Cross"--but a gift that cuts down into the quick and hurts because it makes you deny yourself ? Remember--they gave till they died! Every cent of every dollar received for the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief The Amerlcar Rod Cross IB tho lararcst and moat enelant arganlcntlon for tho retWf of miflerlnir that -he WorM hae over o««n It la " up tUmoat anth-oly o^ volantoer Trorfeera, the higher ejeecnttves being without exception men 0.0 cjator"ed to iurifo altidrs who are In almost all cuseo ttrlnff their services without pay I* a supported entirety by ita membership ftoa and ky To1UDtoii contribution* It la to3ay brLnylnff relief to Buffering hnmarrfty both military nn^ oiv*i. In every Wtx torn aUIod country It plnni teuaarrcrw to tftip In the work of rantoru ticn thronrhotit tho world. It feoda and doLcas entire populjitlona in tfanea of It In there to hetp your wMler boy IB Ma dm* 01 need. With, tta thouEitnds of workers tt* trcncndoner BtoreT Hud B*nooth running iransportntJon fjtcllitios it la serving as America's ad ranee ffnard -- and Uiu» halo-In? to wir tte war Consrosfl authorlxui Jt, Prwrtdant Wtl«au headfl tt. The War DepBLrtmcmt audits Ita aoocrants. Yow \rn:y your Navy and ycmr A.HIoe enthum! aotlcaDy Midorao it, TVeirty tiro m 75 ton Americano huve joined It. P£TEY DINK--He lYa^n't ^p^r^ci^ir ^ BattV, hiif By C. A. 1 OIGHT -- M SlEU OHREE, \WAS TUST 1*1 e To aET ou A MOST eCHAD£T' -- I PUSH \ NOU "T)-)E CRotS TAU OF V/AAi.

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