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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1930
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·Liast Hjdition i rice Connells/ille's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertisin ? Medium in the Yough Region, VOL. 28, NO. Sr. The \\rckly Co»iflrr, Founded Jutj t~, 1STP Tbc Daily Ciitirlrr, Kuiiodrd iNo\emlirr JO, i rjEci, 180Z. I J u l y JS, 102ft CONNELLSVILLE, PA., WEDNESDAY fJViISNLNG, I ' E B R U A R Y 19, 1930 PROVISION MAY DELAY VOTING MACHINES HERE otioc Mven fount y Commissioners FZphi W i l l Follow Other Arraitfremont. Todaj Sixth Anniversary Of \Vors( Sleet SJorm In History of Region BELLE VERNON \ COMES FIRST Today-s baltm weather - w i t h -\ ternperatuie of 6R to 6S degree-- forecast bv (he Wcathci Bureau in PiUa- h n r R for tho a f t e r n o o n - is harci'v the to Tho C o u r i e r . 1 k i n d to recall lo m i n d this, da e six U.MO.VimVN, Keli. 19 AIM a (. I yearn ago. t e m p t by t h e o n n t y ( o m m i 1 sioners to' I I w a j ' o n February If). 1'CM t h a t Kivo t'n lor t o w n and (oun^l ls% illc t h e j t l l p ftor i=t slec! storm in the li story preference in the installation of voting i of l*"aypttc coimt} hit (he re-,i n , al- n i . K h i i u s (u- t h e .M,i\ prlrrarcs w i l l moM completely h a l f i t i K t Mfflc and hf- ni"t n j Ir-^rtl a c t i o n iir orrilng i ( ) ' (hroiunp; the resion i n t o Ui a h t a l e m f H» bv A t t o r n e y r ' l a r k w. ' o v e r n i « h t whon the l i ^ h t i n s .' .M i r t u \v',i ',iy.b t h a t he v i l l bring U' the mail \ manne-r h i n c s are n i - i t a l l e d in d t h a t trcscuhod by law \ t - o r n e j M a r t i n sayw t h a i t h e law i c t ( i i r e s the maciiin-^.s to hi installed in a l p h a b t - t u - \ 1 orcier. th\is p;l\ing Uellc V'pruon a n d R r o w n s u l l e the preferoiu e H^ cited the li \\ as folio wh : ' I f v i t m r ma true.s are installed gradually, the .shall be Introduced iii the case of rcutUit'.s in alphabetical order by c i t i e s , boroiigbw and townships so t u e y H u l be use;' firbt I w eni out j A c c o r d i n g to the I there is no sign of sprmg-hke spell. W e a t h e r a break B ireau in llio MRS. ARABELLE HAGGEOT DIES AT NIAGARA FALLS; FORMER LOCAL RESIDENT AlA'liRTOX. Feb. ID.--Mrs. An bella in i Breesle Haggerty, 80 years old, well- citte?, boioiiKhs or townsitps tho name ot w l i i c h u- first in alphabet!* al order and so on In t i e cities, boroupb.s and townships the." shall be I n t r o d u c e d in n u m e r i c a l or alphabetical order bv w a r d and ele:tloi districts, if a i v . to that they ahail be used in t h i ' election district of tho first w a r d and -o on k n o w n and highly respecte-d remleut of Niagara B'alls, died on K'ebru iry 7 at the home of her son, Clyd AV Haggeity, of thnt place. Mrs. llag- Kerty lived in Connellsville tor nany years be-fore going to Niagara The f u n e r a l was held at the lome of her daughter, Mrs. Willis Q . ohn- bon, Tuesday February 11. ARRANGEMENTS FOR FARMER KIWANIS DINNER COMPLETED Tiokofs o lie Distributed Throne!) Loo,nl and Out «1" Town /\sfencies. i PROF. BORLAND i TO BE SPEAKER I The A g r i c u l t u r a l Committee or the C o n n e l l s v i l l p K i w a n i s f l u b , composer! of F AI Riohey c h a i r m a n ; John li Gans. A M H a i n e ' / dl-enn Cadwulla- dei, Far! C Moore, and :' R. Oaks, has completed Us arranjwnpTits for a meeting; to be h-cld on February 27, at 6:00 o'clock P M hi the K U a n l i f l u b Room. 1 -. This it. t r i o sixth i n n u a l Fartner- Kiwanf.s (rood \VIIJ get-toReUior d i n - ner and t h e committee fotls very much Hicourageri in beinp so fortunate as to o b t a i n Prof A. A. Borland of Statf follegc. as jriieit speake! f- I h i b occasion Tickets h a \ e bff-r placed on sulf at i t h e f o l l o w i n g p l a n s of business, C | I Roy Hcl?ol, drug-gist, A A^ Clarke, d r u g g i s t ; Fanners Cooperative Dairy i Association, J. P. Farbor, manager. I Tickets may also ic secured from R. M. Leiberger, V. K, Welmer, R. M. SwartzwHder anrl t a i l C". Moore Out of town distributors are: Roy Mart/., cashier, Indian Head National Bank, Indian Head; Sturgis Colborn, M i l l H u n ; Tilden I»ern, Normal ville; W. P Miller Cham I ion TWELVE PAGES. Not Worried Over Little John M. Coward, 3rd, is too en Tossed in his sand difypng t« be greatly concftfr»d ovat the prospec ; of the $800,000 legacy that will rain upon him when his mother, Mrs. Audrey Loder Coward, becomes th« bride of I*e WingaUs Cf Toll this Spring. Under th» terms of the late John M. Coward's will. th« re-marriage of the widow automatically divert! th» abov sum fco the son. The latfl lather was Qte well-known *ho« aaanulacturex. _ " A f t o r th^y h.ivo been irr l,iUed in I .Mrt?. Claggerty was born at Ruff -daie fill of the e,ei'tion districts i i i the first w a r d they shall bo i r i h t a l l f d In t h e same mann-r In the .second uui'd, then in tho t h i r d w a ' d , and so on In any e v e n t the n a c h i n e s b h a l l be installed as r a p u l l j is p r a c t i c a b l e a l t e r electors havt- v u d in Savor ot t h e m . ' Division Employes Of Baltimore Ohio Attend Rally Here About 1".". employe^ ol the ( onnolls- vlllc Division, Baltimore fr O lio Hall- road, attended a Kenertil orn n meeting at the BcUtlrnoro Ohio Kail road Y. M. C. A. A u d i t o r i u m (hit, morning to hear four o'ficials give tullw ,011 the w o r k of the r.ulro.ul In general. The emplryet* were urgent to dcavor 1o s - c u r c moro bU')iiet-H the railroad and (old v*n,h t m l m of iucreatnnj, tho re-venue- The speakers wero: TJ. V. Stepl on, gf noral r-up rin! enl tf trmi»r octal Ion. and had m a n y relatives and I'r ends in this section. Sho had livei at .Niagara Fall.s sine* its iricorpori lion, h a v i n g arrived theie tho day the city became a borough a n d had lived hero e v e r f a i n c e . Her h u s b a n d , the l a t e Th«odoic J. HdKKerty, died a numler of year;, ago. | She was one of tho oldost fnembe B of I St. Paul'b Methodist Kpiscopal Ch rch, i She Is h i r v r v e d bv f o u r daughters, ; Mrs A l l a n J. t'oppoi of Jackson ille, F l a , Mrs.. W i l l i a m Ober of A l v e ton, Mrs. .loecrph .). Korr of Long If l a n d City, N. Y., and Mrs. Willis O ,1 hn- son oE Niagara Falls, and, f o u r . ons, John P. Breeste of Rcottdal-e, 'iieu Haggerty ot Lynn, Mass., and C lyde W Haijgerty and James B. BreoR e of Niagara Kails There arc two sis erf, 1 Mrs. Jennie Miller and Mrs. H i r r j I Hughes, and two brothers, Samson and Emerson Foole, all of Nia .an* Kail s. MARCH WILL BE GO TO CHURCH PERIOD IN CITY The M i n i s t e r i a l Ai-xociation is u n i l - ing In anothtir movement to utrpngtli- o n t h e c h u r c h llfo f f t h o 'mmunity. The month «f M a r t l i w i l l bo observed .ib (Jo-To-C'bii'ch ."\'onlh by all tho local churches. The servif-c.s w i l l ( x t e n s i v o l y advertised. W i n d o w hangers w i l l be p l a e t l In the windows of all c h u r c h going people. Sunday, March i, A l l l be k n o w n (is " L o m m i t m e n t " S u f y d . i y ; the IGtti aa "twicers" t l a v ; (ho '.'3rd aH "family day", the 30th as "roll call day." A iccord of attendance of all con- will bo malic and publisliwi en- for John I I . Carroll, J r . f r c i p r t ( r . i f f l c j manager. J. P. TagRt rt, i t a S M t f i n l g e n e r a l pab- senger agont E. W. Scheer, u r n r r u l nitirnger, hastern line« NEW SUPERINTENDENT OF COUNTY SCHOOLS TO BE NAMED APR. 8 John S. C a r r o l l , b u p e n n t c m l c n t of layette cotliuy schools, y e s t r i lay af- 'crnoon defin tcly announced t itt the chool d i r e c t irs of the conn y w i l l meet in ITnioitown, at a plan to he r ccidcd l a t e r on Tuesday, A p r i l 8, f o r the purpo-se of J-eotUm U s sue- c easor. Mr. Carroll also set the-date lor his jieiihion ,\he tivst M rnday In J u l y or J u l y 7. f n t i l t h a t Uric the present '·tall in l i e supcrlnte idi-nt of hchools olhce v ill continue to f u n c t i o n . In addition to e l e c t i n g u successor tDr Mr. Carro I it w i l l be L h u duty of t i e School Directors As.sqfiation at l i e A p r i l iS m e e t i n g to fix tlio salary o( tho incom a: s u p o r i n t p n d e i i t and o. the assistant s u p e r i n t o n d e n t - , who w i l l probably bo a p p c i n t e d a t mo'a-tler llu meeting. GEORGE SM1TLEY OF MT. PLEASANT CALLED BY DEATH Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Fob 1 . -George Smitley, 10 years old, die at S.50 o'clock this morning at hift h^me at Meilmfrertown, after a llngeiln*; illness. He is survived by hlb v ife, Mrs Jennie Johnson SmiHey, an I a family of jrrown children by a fo 'm- er wife. Ho resided on a farm. The funeral service will bo hell at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at Mie homo vith Jlev G. K. Biihan offl nt- i.ig Intttrmont will bo made in Mo mt Pleasant Cemetery. * This is the t h i r d united Movement: u infer taken Miiee the flrftt ot tho 3-oar. Tho people ot Com ellaville are re- .spoudinK to this jjpecdiri u n i t y and cooperation among the churches, the announce-merit Acme Man Claims to Have Located "Vein" of Lead Made Use of by Indians According to a ttory sen! to The -with Courier by Steward Johnson, nierch- Co ant of Acme, Westmoreland county, "V John Thompson of that locality luis i man discovered a "lead mine" near tb*: o i d j h i m f u r n a c e nl Krecman Fall's, .^longi hlicl Jacob's creek j and The btory roads tlxU when Mr. j age Thompson was a boy ho wa? t h o w n if h I h p "vein" by Simpson Frrerann. For it. yearn -hince that timo he had tried IO lead, re locate iho s-pot bur had beot: unable theii to "until 11 came lo him in a dream" ning a few weeks aso. Then, according to anl · tho story by Mr. Johnston, "he tonnd it iut much difficult} " itinuing Mr. Johnston wrote: · Thompson saya thai. Mr. Free- a very old man at the tirno, took o the vein, which ie eeveral feet and stands out like a big rock, old him that on account of his c wanted to shew him something', would promise not to tell about hen br showrl him the rock of where he said tbo Indians got supply. Mr. Thoropeon ie plan- to take leases on t h e property pen it in the near future." FOUR ROTARY CLUBS WILL MEET JOINTLY AT COUNTRY CLUK BY iU) AND PARTY START HOMEWARD THIS AFTERNOON , CATHERINE RENNER OF SCOTTDALE DEJ J) S p e c i a l lo Tho Courier. SCOTTDAUJ, Feb. 19.- Mrs. Ua h- j erinc- Reuncr, 59 years old, wife of I Charle-i flcnncr of Market street, d cd l a t i r e m e n t fi' im oill'-e on a iention ( u t 5.50 ovioclv Tuesday evening ut ' - ' - - - - - - '- '··'·· "" '"'" 7 the Connellsville Stale Hospital. M)« was tdken 111 on Monday and 'e- nioved to the hospital. The f n n e r a l w i l l be held Fri( ,iy inoniiDjc at 9 o'clo-k at St. John ' ie Baptist Catholic Church. Iaierm trt will be msdo In the church remote v. MRS. MARIE CLASPER IS CALLED BY DEATH AFTER LONG ILLNESS Mario (Jaiiier ('lasper, ,'!9 jears yearn old, one of he best-known women of Conuellsville, died at 31:55 o'clock Tue-bdciy night at the home of her father, W A. Gar ler, at Bellview, Butlskin township. Hho had been ill for over two years. Mrs. Clasppr was tho wife of Harrold I), Ctasper, who ( led July 8, 1927. She is survived by her father, two children, William and Betty, one brother, Harry Gani-er o£ Counells- ville, and one sister, Mrf, J. L. Co\\an o£ Hellvlow. Mrs. Oiasner was born in CoiinellB- ville on January ai, 1891, and had resided in I h i s vicinit all of her life. She waa a graduate £ the Connflllij- ^ i ^ e High School. For Borne time she was a stenographer fo · the lato James M. Hogg. She WAS a member of the iMethodist Iflpicopal Church and tho FUlrlls ClahS. Thu tunerjil service will be held Friday atteiiioon, piobably nt iho (Janler home. The t i m e w i l l bo announced Rev. D. R Graham, pastor of the l''irbi Methodist Kptscopal Church, will ofllulatc. Interment will be made in H i l l Grove Cemetery. , TABLET AT HOSPITAL HONORS AUXILIARY Au uttr,i tiM* br.MUi labler, I S x S t irtlie.s, has t fen placed in t i re- i » p t l o u room of t h e Coiini'llj-viUe S a t e Hospital I n h o n o i of t h « - \\o- A u x i l U i i ro t!ir The t a b l e t * a s p u i '« ui'd of t r u s h t ^ of f b. arn tl'e ioilo .v nm u.- "In ( i r . i ' i Hi Kc t d \\ inim'-, A n x i i t l v t u \ i Ic Suite Ho.-p !il i v i .it mi in ' h i K' '·( S i t u i ' . n." l l u s p i t a ! f t ) r t M f d 1 \ l l l l e Hosptt.,1 ,imt i r i p i i n i i f i l ('.»! u c l l s - I ' l l i s f l s U i ' . l J. K. LACOCK ADDRESS HISTORY MEETING FEB. 28 'I he regular mld-\\ I n l c r meeting if the Weetmorcland-Kayette Couti y Branch of the Historical Society jf Western Pennsylvania w i l l bo held »n Krlday evening. February 2S, at 7- :0 o'clock at tho W h i t e S w a n Hotel, L' i- lOIltOWIl. John Kennedj I^atock ol Bcxst^iv. M.I!~J- . w i l l read u paper on Foi-h B load Mr l.acock linn coiuiucttnl a Unit three e x p l o i l u g parties o\er tli s tumour v O u t f of ( I t u e i a l t'oilrt-s' L'.I-II y aiwl lui" i n a i i «,tvreoitiio!i v i e w s \U-nibcu. ,uni trtt'iitli, .it*- i n v i t e d . I SAMUE E. JONES HURT ABOUT HEAD IN FALL FROM TRUCK Srottdalc, Mount, \U-sf Newton to Join IVitli Locals aUarch 21. ,, WESTINGHOUSE MAN SPEAK ER A Joint m e e t i n g of t h e Rotary ( lub.i ot ronnellnvill% ScoUdalo, M o u n l Pl-OAaant and " Nowton ^will be held on Thursday ovcnlng, March 21, at i h c Pleasant alley Country Club, Tho speaker for tin 1 octafcion w i l l bo H. S.' Rpixcnetem, a'lvortising ma.tagei of the Wehtinghouse Klectnc Inlorna- tional Company lie is located IP IMttsburg His thomo will be "International Trade Relations." The Scottdiilo club is in chaigo ol all arrangements us it w i l l !) the hoei for tho rally. Reli ·£ Rhlp Within SiirhJ of Ice Barrier Camp Last Night. ME N READY TO LEAVE AT ONCE N Xew ANOTHER OF EHILLIPS ? MEN ON HONOR ROLL Pete! 1 John Mul.vei, ho-u of (Voorge Mulyer of 227 Second Btreel, Bibwns- villc, has liecn placed on the honor roll of the Navy at the UreaL Lakes Training Hchooi, f'hlcago, for hui efficiency and attentivencs to duty and maUug best grades in his examinations, an averageiof 91 per cent, A letter lo. Chief S. ?. Phillips says he will arrive homo February 21 £or a 10-day leavo o£ absenee. Mulyer WHS enlisted th-rough. Chief Phillips on December G, 1929. liy Vailed Frcsr V YORK, N. Y., Feb. 10.--The 'orfe Times and newspapers af- l w i t h it In publiahlng reports J r o m Irar Admiral Richard E. Byrd's \ntar '(ic expedition have announced t h a t t ie expedition's ship, the City of Now "ork, was within sight of the Hay o Whules at m i d n i g h t last night, and i expected to tia up to the ice barrlc · near Uttle America, tho Eyrd camp today. The camp has already ijeen dis- manll d and Byrd and his men e.tpecl to st, rt flu their homeward voyage this a te^iioon. I . M. F. CHURCH Will CONDUCT DRIVE TO PAY CHURCH DEBT ining next Monday mombera of Payne A. M. 1C. Church of the West Side \ ill conduct a drive to ra'iso u fund I i pay off indebtedness .against the eh iron. Tho goal will be $4,000, «aid R 'v. W, S, Amo«, the pastor, who .0 have a Hangs Self. , Feb. 19.--Believed over the death last year, Mrs, Martha Rocks, Samuel K. .!one, Johnston avenue, was injured TUPB- i!ay afternoon w h e n lio was ihrowii ! Cambria count}, formerly of South years old, ot Oreensburg, committed suicide yes- from a t r u c k of the Rom's Cash and | s ii c was a guest terday by h a n g i n g herself at the home of Mr. and Mrs A n g u h t Quist w h r r c Heal H . u t . Oiurjff. IACKSO.\, .\l IJI.UIH l i v i 4iii(| l a t i o u o' Hate \ \ i t n u u t t h ? f s t ui Mr l(j t u « . i - , \»b. 1 M 7 MlahUoi · d i o by law It's u vi - l.ivs to U- bom 01 d i. d u t y recoi]p i Carry Wholesale Gioeeries, West Peach, street, w h e r e he is employed. i Aa tlio ilrivei rounded a corner, Mr. Jones who had been abjisting In loading tlow'L'i, loht lu.s balaiicr- and was t h r o w n lo the ground At lirbt It w.ih belie\ed he had suflere.l u f r a c t u r e of , tiie s k u l l l i e wa-, r«Muo«»?tl to the Conj i u « l K \ i l l e Stale I l - u s p i l a l w h e r e a n \ - r a y i i i c i u t e iiiscloset I h t i e was no l u : c t u i - I h also roicned'h uiul is suitci'iii:? I r o i u .slunk. Mt. Jones, ·sCOHj ·' 11 1 HIMS night b u t was it-port-d to be r stiuR easier today He i i » - sldeti w i t h his bi'othei and sl,(er-m- hi\\ Mi a n d \lr-i K. P .lone-.. Discount Rate RABAT, Morocco, Feb. " I B .---The Moroccan State Bank lowered lU discount fate from live and one-half per ceui to five pet t e n t today The Weather -=··51 b'li'r l o n i ^ l i l , s l i g h t l y w T l i u r - i l a y p a i l l y c l u i u l y w the tor \ V e s t i i n imou r u n n - IK in charge. Kev. Amos said he had been granted piifml^ ,lon by the Ministerial Association a id hful iho endorsement ol Mayor tl. D. Minerd. The following persoqts have liecn named to conduct the cenvass: Mrt. KJith ! trange, Mrs. Alice Washington, Mrs, II ,sle Harris, Mrs. Tloale Brown, Mrs. J nnle V. llobinbon, Mr«. Lavada Burd, .Ire. Mattie Wasliington, Mre. Martha Stanton, Mrs. M«.ry Robinson, Mrs. IV'try E. Joliiibon, MH.S Jlattie ClarK, Mlhes Mary Frances Ycllott, T / l l . irown, W. A. Uoon, AV. ,f. Thomp on, Bert Thompoon, W. AV. Bonds, rflmon Baker, Calvin Washington, Iii os Fo.v, Cornelius A Van lung ton, .1. W. \ (range, Joseph .Fletcher, J. N. Strain^ ters, Raymond Keith, \Vealey Mills, , H Carpenter. John AY.illaee and U* '. T. J. Moore. CO^ FLUENCE COAL ^ROPERTY SOLD Bell Henderson Are Candidates For Re-Election Slate Senator H a r r y ,1 H e l l of Haw (.on, who i.- c o n c l u d i n g a f o u r vai i c r m a.s roprebf-nt.itlvo of th-e " 2 n r Senatorial District, today announce his c a n d i d n r v for t!Uc nomination a. Re-publican c a n d i d a t e a t th p r i m a r j election to be held May 20 D u r i n g the last four years Senator npll has been as acthe and eonscien iiou.s in the discharge in' his publi riuties and interested In promoting UK best mloropts of the people of UH d i s t r i r t aa he has been in discharging all his obligations as the first citizen of his home community. Tho experience ho has acquired largely in creases his ability for .ftill moro efficient M-rviee to the people of Pay- e-tte county. Representative Joseph B H-erider BOH is today circulating petitionn for the candidacy of the Republican party In the Second I^ecnslativo District Mr Henderson already has served two terms and has been given recognition by his appointment on many 1-nportant committees in tho HouFe His experience has qualified him to accxpt- distrtcl In the represent his General Assembly. JAMES P. HAWKER DIES NEAR DUNBAR AT THE AGE OF 81 NINTH BITUMINOUS DISTRICT MINED 2,423,348 TONS Of ('oaf in f!2ft. 135,480 More T h a n in 1928; Increase in Pofnl Aroidont -Rale. COKE TONNAGE GAINED 30,367 A l t h o u g h I here wore but 38 mines out of a total of ;7 in operation in. (ho d i s l r i c t , the n-oducfion of coal in the Ninth liihpcvtion District during 1329 wafi 2,423,34s net Ions, an increase of 135,430 tons over 1!)2S, whon 21 minort wero In operation. Tho production of coke giii-ieri 30,367 ton?, from 184,320 tonh in 1S2S lo 214,587 loni in 1929. The extraordinary m i n u fatality r.'ito of 2.2S7.91S Ions prr fatality jn 102S, which was 1he rer.onf for tho bitujni- nous region for t h e year and the best to thai time., wa« preatly reduced during Ilie year. There wore six fatal accidentb liifldc f h o mines, and none outside, which m.iio the average production per fatality, 403,891 tons. AP usual the larger number o£ deaths were caused by falls. These and other investing facts aro Kleanwi from Hie annual report of Silas S. Hall, inspector. Tide shows that tho number of mines in the district was rexlucert from 59 in 1928 to 37 in 1929, eight having been abandoned and two opened during the year. In 192S one was opened and 17 . . ,- , abandoned. Tho active mines were IS James P. Hawker, 81 years old, died | aa dg1Jn6t 2L in 19 , 8 Tuesday afternoon at 12:5ii o'clock a t , Shipmonts of c o a l ' t ) t]]o m a r k ( j t ins home near Dunbar. Ho had been ^^ Ii992i604 tou a , n of ? ill tor seve^l months hte condtfon ' tong The[ . p w e f e becoming critical about the Hrst of the f|jcl a t tbo m l n p decreaeo of 3 , 52 year. Mr. Hawker had lived retired for some years past and with, the exception of 10 years, epent at Fayette City, he had resided near Dun bar all t h e additional 30^67 ton« ot coke made his life. He was well known In that community. Mr. Hawker wats married ]u ;{23 ;!62 |ong j n ol c)Uo a gain of p r o d u c t i o n d u r i n g tho year. The number of coho oveng was Increased 91, from 071 fo 762, of which number -i33 were in blat on April 3, 1S70, to Emma C. Hanan, and had he lived until April * ^£ as compared with 335 in the preceding uoupie would have celebrated 60th wedding anniversary. Beside-s his wife, he i« eurvived by the following children: John W , O. Curtis iind Robert R. of Fayette City, Elmer 0. of J'itteburg, Mrs. Minnie Foltz ot Dunba.1% Mrs. William L. Reynolds of I^cnox street, Uniontown, Mrs. William W. Wileon of Washington, Pa., and Mre. William T. Smith of Dormoal. Another daughter, KliTabeth, wife of James A Shearin, die4 March 31, 1005. There ar« 21 surviving grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Two alstere and a brother, Mrs. Fanny Turner o£ Mor- gaoitown, Mrs. Matilda Rude of Morgantown and George Hawker of St. Clairsville, Ohio, also aurvivc. The funeral service will btt- heli Ttiureday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist Protestant Church of Danbar, instead of the home as was previously arranged. Rev. William Uamll- Iho pastor, will officiate. Interment will bo in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Dunbar. Jn tho production of coal l,bS1.14. tons were pick mined, or 214,112 more than iii 19^?. The production by electrical machine's declined, however, Continued on Paso BISHOP POST MAKES PLANS FOR CAMPAIGN TO GET MORE MEMBERS Dans tor a membership campaign were made at the meeting of Miltou Bihon Po-st of the American Legion Tuesday evening at tlio Post rooms in tho Dimu-Pttino Building in North PKtbburg street. It was urged that every member last year bo enrolled irid that all the new ones possible be secured. Six past commanders of tho post were named on tho personnol of the momlicrship committee. They are,: Jharlea A. McCormicl(, J. M. Dilworth, lames R. Laughlin, Francte M. Brady, Frank R. Sweeney and^Dr, R. S. Mc- Kev. I, I,.. Horowitz, James tl. haughlni and James L. Wick wore named on tho chool awards committee. Representatives ot Olympia Paik at Versailles, near MU'Keesport, aiul Konnywood F n r k , near Rraddock, were present to discues plans for the a n - nual c o m m u n i t y o u t i n g but no action was taken. It WM announced thai May 30 would he the last day for filing claims for disabilities incurred in the lino of borvice and Ih^i veterans, wero required to tilo theira at once. The matter ol magazine telling on the btreeth wat, brought (o the attention of (ho Legionnaires and it w i l l bo taken up later -v\ilh the major and chief of police. H wan said tfial many persons are helling magazines on tin- stieetn unlcr the pretext that they arc- wounded \cU-rans of the World War ' Scout Exhibition Friday and Saturday At Christian ChurcL Au exhibition o£ Hcout work, -which, iuif, been under preparation for several months, wijl bo presented to the public at the (. v hrl«tian Church gym- ndfiium on Friday and. Saturday, from 7 to 9 P. iM. There will be no admission charge. Those interestco", irr Iho Boy Seoul Ti-ogram are expeJ^xl to 'be present ind those who would liko to know ·norc about it will find tills an unusual nterpretiition of Chis worlc. Patrol readers Phillippi, J)eMuth, Ftadley uid Soleeon -will each have a booth, lieplayirig the work of their respective nembers. Junior Assistant Mestrezat ind Senior Patrol Leader Brown will lave charge of a merit badge display, i bowing work completed by 15 merit adgo Scoute in the troop. P r i w s a n d -roplitee won -will be on, daeplay at this !ooth, as well aa other interesting . rticlcs. Archery w i l l bo in charge of Afiaiflt- . nt Scoutniuhtpr Seller. The first aid t ooth, w i t h (he linst iid team in action, i ignallluR, fire by Inchon, tent pitch- i n g and varioii") other p-rte of the ! rograni will be enjctwl during the i vening, Members o!' the troop committee will e e l as judges, a w a r d i n g a prlz for ie best booth and tl INDIAN HEAD SCHOOLS ON VACATION BECAUSE COLD BURST HEATER Tho oxUMided holida o£ 175 students at tho riulian school H spotted to co mo to a rtoso tomorrow U all q| tlio repairs lo a lii'aiing boiler ·which tftinit Sunday morning are comp olcd. The boHtM l i o x o and bu ·((. d u r i n g the sev?rt rolrl w.tvo which sw^pt Iht 1 1 i d i a u f ' r w k YalK'v a n d s-ent thrrmo- n c-icr, d o w n to 1,: d\fi-fvK bolow zero. .School -11 ilui four-mom liulldins h . linen d i s p m - e i l v , i l h j.(nn .Monday. 'Got My Goat and I Got His," Defense JJDGE GRAFF NAMED TO SUPERIOR BENCH I I l l l U 'I .'.IT t \ l , C .( !· of izsi M K \\ . i t ; an ' a '! h , i t ' 4 t:uf i i tij rv ie}oi e ui 1'liTHlcIan Die-. I!' !· Oas-,,n 'in H ' h i r i ) t s t n S''"it(p- ^1 iind d a i i j h i o r , j be 'u l i t a! t h e i r i Teinpcfiiliire M i n u i i u n i 4-Juwb J930 lil j(, la I ) · t y f i U I lo Tlie Com '.PI. ^Ul-JNCl;;, Keb 13--Tlio C i l e u j Rock (; U (.'oniiiauy til ( l i e u Hock tuisj' p u r e l u i - -d Hie j i l i i n t of I h o L a u r e l M l n - ' · U K ('u i p i i n y t n - u r JK r e , w i i l i l i I m d nO"il t'l ' t f l l h e \ c " l ( l l \ ( ' i i l ^ 'I'llH .1 l I U ' l H I f a C l lldto l l C ' ^ U l l t J M H - | 'JOUL i I ' X I O N T O W N . l-\-b Hi M l « ' 4 i . i i t i v ' U . \ K K l r f l M M U ; , \M. (!) The goat .uul I (jut hif, ' \\.K-. Un- -v.i M l m i J i i n i t i M m « ' i n l , i i i i d . - M n p t - r i o i HlacK ot \ V a l h - r j l u i i g toilay i'MihuiiH«! ' ' " l l "' 1l |11 "" '''" ' ' «'' ' - . « " n in Ihf luiliiirt »f -i K'« r iH'ioUKiun l o V l » l t I ' a N '.in.ii .il . i ! , i \ v i n o r bVlior Victor I M i u i l i u l , also l W.dteiriliun?. h (l "'" u " ll( l ' l ''" l .H)oiHlni(»nt. Bluclc «.i« arriT-lwl «u iul'oniMtiou rl: '' '" lV n " m!l " 1 ' "' "'»-' ^m h, who made liotoio u laci.l ,i!.l.-m,,,u u n d e r ''" ','' 1 " V" " / , ' r t M l o d b - v llu ' d c u i h UK* V i t of i s r d '" l l v ' " ( 1 t -'"'I'o r o r l i r ,u Pij,ts- , , , , ' . , , ,, . . . . . , ,,...,,., , , . . . ,, , , , , ·' !/ M M . i n l , i , . i u d ' · i. Fi uik U v a f i , i ue -,M is,i i ii IK ii i»i)-t ,inu n u ,, ,, K l [ a l u , ,, . i l x M i l fi'." « o i ( U of l l t ' t ' t - l l l « l tvl J i n l lij i J . u i ' i i n !' K l a . K . ,,1.,, ],,- ,hoo ; , m ,,i c l o t H U u . i i , , ',',, ^,,,1,1 b . ' a [ ,'iiviidato | O 1«, « "' Ulack Lhea «UoL Lha scat. j u . ftwCU at lho p n u u n u f i

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