The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JtfAY 23, 1918 THE DAILY COURIER CONNIUJ-isVTJ-iLJ!, f A. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AI Ml. PLEASANT POPtlAH M VSHTGTO GIRL IfcVGt.D 10 Htl A 3LAHIAE. ^^ Ho pit i itw. LIFE'S PJtfKc'j' Burgcsb is V ntions I.ui! B» s baturdas tK 1 uS'st X a ^ l 7 bliull Muie ftmUlie K c i ' p i t ' " 0 » the 1'ij-i 0! (lie lUftiis, eojl 4 f t , ^DS-r ll 10 Th* C unrr MOLNT PL,FASiNT Mas 23 -- M Hen Hiubal of Plrlittovil who Irvcd alone lucre anil was foui ( -jout foul ncokb igo in an uncrn vioiis condi Uon i! "d ··(.!, ei(U at lie \1 moria hospi al from i irac 11 . 1 K»H t^ruha was liken to tc *io i tal n Dr J ^ shell * ho ^ a c^ re t loot a'tci tht, ca o a i d T iu r n jeatcil tl-ere se e-al ci.., \c v a operated on ana it svas fou d bo lad suF»red a f n r t u r e d s k i l l Pnibai ncvei seen ed u btcon consc oub enough o te'l ju c t how it happened that he \ as n hat v-ond lien Urubal w i l l be buried from th Bol e~ Mn lodge rooms on F-idar iftenoon at o clock in the Mount P eas^nt cem eney Sindon lor J)raiiec«, Saturda rooming at 6 o clock the borough round the Municipal band the patriotic and fratern 1 organza tions drum corps and all Italian Po lisl and Slavish ocgani auons ire asked to meet at iba urn ind escort the men w h o lea^e in th" draft call for Camp Greenleaf Port Oglethorpe Ga on Saturday morning Although this sceras to I e an earl hour for starting Surges^ Stevens i= desirous that these W men shall have as lirse an escort a* -inj com pany of men that bave e v « r left here This Is the largest numl er of men that has left h e t e at am one time innnul Memorial Sermon. The memor al services for i.he G A H will be held in the Grand opera 4 house on Sundae afternoon The germon w i l l be preached b\ Pe\ T C Ha-per pastor of ihe I nited Brethren church Ul Par Senile The ladies of the Re I lion Pres b/ier an unit of the 'ocil "Red Cross chapter held in all da\ se^ ing m the church here -^esterda-v A lunch was sci-refl at the noon hour Purchasing Strength Dollar Days. While fcLe Anniversary Sale at the Big Store has brought forth the most extraordinary bargains--and has saved hundreds of dollars for the patrons of the Bir Store, Still the values offered in this Anniversary Dollar Sale will outshine them all. T^e Sar^ain Cannon will boom in evezy department. Every item siands head and shoulders above competition. Plan to be here. Conie and brinj? this ad wiih you as a shopping guide. Smithfield. \ s flilne, I Ik ns Emu \oungest gr'-anddaughter of the late Senator Henri. Gissou i^ Davi^ v, I ose en gagci^ont to aiarrj Ceorge \ Perc I ^ 1 i C his beou amouncor» "Miss D^ i a aehutante of iho pist season !«; one of 1 e rrost populii of the real U beinnfu] women m Cashing on rone on Satu r'a* e v e n i n g at " o clock 1 flag pole w i l l be la: ed ind Old G l o i j floait.d o tbe bree/e Good speaking ib amused for tbe occa sion Refreshments w ill be ser\ ed on the b rounds W i l l i a m Fills \\ho has been a resi rieut of town "or m a n j v^.ars is ar ranging to movt hsb fdroll's 10 \\asu ington D C v h c r e he hts accepted a position witH the government. He w i l l d bpooe of his houachrl-d ^oodo a a sale here on Mav 2i There \M i b addresses made a Uie Nick e^en night this week ir the mturost of tlie Rt(' Cross drhe Mrs l a w r e n c e Parkhill and chil dren a^e \isitint, friends and rcla t \ v ^ at \ w Brigaton Mr« Mary L, Bell of PUtsburg m \i«ytmj, her son 0r H J TUI SJmi el Hill has r c t u r n t d to North I East a ttr a few dajs v si bam was I formerly a Pi tsburg . I-ake Cr o con ductor IL Dickerson K m but nov, K proprieto- of a large hotel m North East Joseph Ridillo has accepted a po^ tjon In ihe Charles J McGiIl grocer} store Halt Lnen hta\ Crush Towel ng o K? sold in 5 to 1C \iid len^hs \"liie 25c \ d o ·vards for ?1 00 ~ \ds. 25c Yard w i d e Bloachtd Muslin now so Urg at 9 oc a jard On sak Dollar Da at 5 ydh for $100 81.00 3 Ttnrds White Skirting Special $1.00 3 \db. 75c Damask Hca *y Ele icned Table Dam as beautiful floral £atter«s to seloct f ora 2 j a ds for SI 00 10 Ids. 'Ioutline B J ^ a r i e J Crash T o u t i n g veo ^pocia for DolUr Div at 10 \iros mr ?3 00 4 lards t p to oOc Itibbons 20 1.irds I0c Tort lion Late 3 ards 3.)C- LnhlcacJicd $1.00 6 pair Men's 25c Hose at - $1 Men's $1.50 Union Suits - $1 Men's $1.50 Dress Shirts - $1 3 Men's 75c Undergarments $1 Girls' $1.50 and $1.69 Gingham Dresses - - - - Tub p r oof Llnghams in smar now p^^lds stripe^ and checks *xlso combinations Spec al Dollar Dav at * H O , SVITHFICLD Alar 21--Russell Hyan son of Rev and 'Mrs V, M Rjan of SmitireK 1 i^ he e on fur lougb -visiting his parents He is in the L S na\v and satUon°d at \ i r gima Beach whare he w th loO of his comirand have charge if the rife range Rus» loots as fit s a fijiile Tbft sea breezes in conjun tion wi a old sol hav e painted him as brown as a nut. His brother Dr Charles Rf an of the medica 1 corps has kone over and the las word Jiej had from him in London he %as e^ ecung to croos the channel acv um A letter from Lester Phi lips who recentlj wen f-om tiis district to Camp Lee, Va. to Mrs H 0 Neil here expresses regrets th t he illd not get around to see her bfe'ore lea-\ me, and not even getting to see hH parents He says he is o k and get Ung along flae hut doe^n t expect to 368 any of them until th^ get Jie calser A good patriotic meeting was held n tha M. E. church Saturda evening it which Eev Paul iJliou presided. in interesting and instructive feature rf the meeting vras an. txhtbition Sven br the Ptrs Aid tea a o' the led Cross society of Bow wood. JJ-er he completion of the Red ( ros» ex rcises Corporal Goivans a Canadian oldler wounded on the Somme Eront n France, told of his experiences George Harr s of Pittib irg ad ressed a oolKical meeting ni the in erst of the Prohibition par \ ir the I t, (.hurch. Momtav night Flatwoods. Dawson. DV\SON Ma 22--Born to Mr nd Mrs Geoige Moore a baby grl Mr and Mrs R B Hovel are pending a £ev. da\s m Ne» \oA hej vrill visit Thomas Crav fo r d at fest Point before the retura home There w i l l be a pa riotic rally at the ochr^n school house m Lo e- T/ FUYTUOODS Mav 21--The far mcio in this conmunity are now -verv j bus\ getting their cori jr The j g'oimd is n excellent cond tion most ly on account of the severe freezing I of last w i n t e r 1 ColoiM.1 V L Hawkins lodge \o 33G I 0 0 I nveated ?300 in the Third Lltiertj Loan . George M Jojinbton is ti-iMag q u i t e ! a run in his greenhouse at present [ \ few dii s ago it was i!l"d with bloomirg flower and bj nc close o f this W C C A it vdll bo altnobt (.atirelv cleined out The loung Ladies Missionary soci ety of be Flatwoods church will hold 1 bazaar and pie social In Uie Plat woods hall on the evening ot Ma ^.0 A part of the p-oceedi, will be given to the Reu Cro s Thomas Dunn on last Friday lost a valuable draft horse this making [oui torsos Mr Dunn has lost mside of two rears George GeorgeoP of Macedonia -will deliver a lecture In the Flatwoods chu-rh on ncu Sundav evening ^ cordial invitation is extended Xo ail No demission charged Mrs George Hoover of Fairbinks president of th Red Cross work in , the sixth cistrict met w i t h quite a ! number of ladies at Fla^oods on last Sundav a r te noon and orgini/ed a ' Red C-oss unit at tiat place The ! following are the off! ers President I Mrs E Arnold (Secre a y Mrs Ro SisleT treasurer 'Ir-, George M ' Johnston Tbe members of Flat .woods Cornell of thf Jr O L 4 M have kind 1 } offi rea hem the use of their uall free of ch rg. j 2 Women's 75c Brassieres - $1 ! 3 pair Women's 48c Hose - $1 J ! 2 Women's 75c Union Suits $1 2 pair ¥/omen's 75c Hose - $1 Boys' 75c Wash Suits 2 for Only C!e\ r sMc in pK u colors a^d combm? tioriB frf h l i t t U F piJow 2 o S \ cai s old pecial Dollar Da^ at " for 51 00 Women's Popular $1.50 CORSETS Cl oico of Pinl or "\\hitc IT ou bu l lonj un mod 1= $1 10 $1.50 Middle Blouses - - $1 Women's $1.48 H'se Dresses $1 Women's $1.50 Kimonas - $1 Women's $1.50 Petticoats - $1 ($1 .39 up to $1.69 Crisp New Undermuslins . . - - - . reainiful G o w n s Them se Mu't=; inc Con om ition lace and o njroi i v t mmcd sMes Special n b u r s d a and F--Jd v at $1 0 CMldren's $1.50 Wash Hats $1 Children's $1.50 Dresses - $1 $1.50 and $1.69 Camisoles $1 Women's 50c Vests, 3 for $1 t Women's $1.50 and $1.69 Newest Waists at V T o n s nJ m s sm irt "U lists of A oiK I iw n a d Or,, tndies Her l ' i n r r i _ d also utrt 1 laida nclud J al ouh $100 Cum its Shoes and Slipptrs, un to t1.00 Viilacs Dollar Duj $1.00 "tfisse 1 ' and Thiidren's Mlnlc Shoes and Slippers Tp to %250 \nlues. Dollar Dry Special 'HiGHESTER SPILLS ^ n n t JIilp! Then u e our cla^sifed column suits %v«ll follow Of til This Prighlest of Comod es, intei netsed w th \ t n Singirg and Dancing \ssisted bs Three Biilham Comi.(l ans Compau Clidnges Its Corned ts Ihroe Times a \Veek There V 11 Uio B i Screen Picture Coiutdv I J C. Moore Driaerfflat. \Vatcr St ConueUsvlllo Pa. One SS A Picture to Make Your Blood 13oil A Remarkable and Wonderful Pic ure l comevo a pov orful message for evtr\ true American picture wrung round a te~ round o° applause from the critiLS You Must See This Picture I S 1C 1 -) I VCD SEATS Cm, S ^LL AT THBVTRE OITICP This Week Beginning Monday, May 20--Matinee 2.00 Night 7.30 and 9.15. Presents Tf^i. A T^i ^ t4 /"% ST T"V ·'Oi^V^iS' V-"" .? ^'fi-^^.TT^ PARAMOUR f THfcAf RE V7ILLI iM RUSSDLL I\ HHIUS Olt DIUIO\DS V n O R L D ATTRACTION PRESENTING TWO BIG bTARS CAHLYLE BL.VCKWTILL A^D E.VI LTN GREET EY 4.LSO A\ EDKLY E n j i m m Chapin in Down River an Interest ng Episode of A SON OP DEMOCRACY 1 --mm vs AST) LI SIE FEHGUSOiN IN ROSE 01 THE WORI D 10 PEOPLE-- SPECIAL VAUDEVILLE --10 PEOPLE Brown and Kennedy Musical Walkers pjices--Matinee lOc and 15c, Night 15c and 20c. On the Screen--"The Woman in the Web." £6XBi5STC;XE®.X-S©TX.X.«SD®^^ PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS I WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. I FOB. THE WORKINGMAN SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE LOTS ARE BARGAINS. ·

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