The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK. THE DAILY COURIER,. CONNELLSVILLE, PA, THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1918. F. SMTDER, Founder and Editor, 1S73-1918.' . THE COL'IUEIl COJIfANY, K. M- SNTDEFi. ^ President. JAS. j. DKJSCOI.L. Sec'y and Treasurer, Busir.iss JOHN L. CANS. TVAI/TKK a City Editor. MISS LYX.NF. B. IWC Society Editor. .ME3IESR OF: Associated Pr-:53. Audit Elurcau of "Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dallies- onomics anil finance as toe;- are ua- "ffiAI W rstDod and practiced. Another or- tUAL " consist solely of Ital- Its purpose is to j ian% in America and { econ der Sanitation, is to ians iu Amcric present to Ital Americans of ! taliau extraction, the truth about Germany's efforts to in- j iiuence Uie Italian mind and to sho tliom that America Is in co.-nplei sympathy with Italy in the present j sinigyle for tlie freedom of peoples ' " CcJ1 l wcuit/' Uie period from June and governments. I 3 to 8, lias bucn. selected by United AN INTENSIVE DRIVE . FOR EARLY ORDERING 0)v j Agencies of All Kinds Called Upon to te i UuiiiKTBtp; I'rossure "f Orders Keep Up I'nxluc.tlmi, Ouo Cent » WortL No ntlvcrtlscments for Leaa Than 15 Cantn. Classified columnB close at nooa. Advertisements ot want*. ctal«a, etc., received after that hour will not appear until tho day foUcwintr. fvo cents per cop;.-. 5'c per m o n t h ; S per year by mail ii P.- " ' ""' "" TInterecl as secon-i class matter at po,itom:o. Conaellsville. I'a. To show our interest in tlieso cE- States Fuel Administrator Garfield for rts to brias; about a bitter under- an intensive and specific drive on the standing between Italy ;iud America c » rl i' ordering o£ coal. Tlic fuel or- anci to bring Italians to a larger a p - 1 sanitations of the various slates, ihe . preciatioa of the benefits of American Uounij- i:!iairtnen of Wei committees citizenship, the icast we can do to- j throughout the nation, coal dealers, morrow is to wear tUe r-'d. white aad i chambers of commerce, m i n e operators, a:id others are all called upon tl Yl'A.VTEIJ--HKCOA'U T R I C K COOK. M!CK!E SAYS O. llliSTAUHANT. iUmuy'jt W A N T E D -- t A D V SECOND at M A N H A T T A N CAPfci. ISl . COOK nayit to do tlirir mvuust to malie this week's green as a mark o[ respect to our in advance, j | ta [j au cKisons and as a reconsecra- te I lion o: our national faith in the spir- drive a big success. I ilual kinship oi Garabaldi and Wash- ' ington. THURSDAY EVE'C, 3UT 2S, .ISIS. .,TJtB*CautffcxL'«..Service.,I^ias.' · ·WIUJAM P SBSBMAN. Hospital V n l t 1* American Expeditionary Forces. France. RALPH F. SL1CKU, Company H. 313th Infantry. U. S. N. A.. Camp Lee. PeteraLjurp, Va. MICHAEL GRESAI»UO, HAROLD KICHEY, ' Battery B. F16W Ar:i!!ory. 2St!i Division. D. S. X. O. . ' " · 1XOYD B. 'OX. Company F, 37th Engineers, U. ·· ·· S . A.. Fort jry?.-. Va. -."- -JCUUSCROUSE, Company E. loth Engineers (Rail-way). American K.xpe- "aitionary Forces. France. JAJtES J. McPA^TLAND. V'r,irtia.ny--TJ, -5»cu .Engineers. Railway). Fort Harrison; TmV,!\napo- Fvom some states has come tiie obi jectiou that the trouble about the coal j supply 'ioes not come t'rum tile con- I SUIMITS, industrial or domestic, but from tlie dealers, who complain that iliry caa not get suufticieut coal to deliver. In spite of this, the Fuel Ad- eontemporaries of the fact "that the j "''nitration is very a^ious that the nomination of Eugene C. Boaniwell, ! oarl " ordering campaign be vigorously ,..iri,f;/)^?r* fnr fnvi'Tnnr. pushed. By accumulating a Inrse volume of orders in the liauus of the dealers it is expected that there will be deraon- Ktrateci to every agency concerned in the distribution of coal the universality and urgency of the demand aud this, in turn, will give rise to a steady and increasing pressun for rapid and ·WANTED--liI.VltVG ROOP.t U icicl dislnra."hcr LU HUTUU HAAS. W A N T E D -- r A l N T K H S AT CONBULiSVlbL.lJ: CON.STIi-UCTlON CO. I T m a y t f d O i D N f c EME.R. fV*E FELLED VMHO GOES "\\X aad an cxpcctaul public generally, await with uo Uuie hileresi the coufirniatiou by our Democratic j ] the "wet" candidate for governor, was "aa unmistakable endorsement of the war poiiciea oi; the Administra- \VANTED--CHAM.I-;KMA.ID. a l u r y ; corno at ODUU. i'u'JuiI J STOM f^GE CGACVi.SOCH " AUTOS A l N COrAE TO STAN THE.NS.E 1 F A Q wore early applied tiou"--that test, we iiured, having been candidates for nomination. Democratic and Republican .alike. "Wath equal interest we also await r.he assurance that, with their usual COOK AN") DISK \VASHiOlli: HUUBii. 21 may 31 \VANTKD--OlHI^ FOR GJi.NEUAJ. ^09 Uincoln iivenut;. "WANTED -- AN ' KXl'F,RII-:N':Kn kitchen RlrL A p p l y WEST I'KNN TEA HOOM. lSm«y3td ·\V A N T W O J I K C ' M A N l C A f j fidelity to DemocratJc usages and cus- i equitable distribution. THIS is partic- toins, our a/oresaid contemporaries' «H"-ly t r u e as to the railroads and will cheerfully accept tho rcsulls of oth «- transportation agencus. Every the primary and give staunch support uinnied order for coal will at once to all tne nominees--this test having beea demanded of Republican papers by our Democratic brethern of the i ciency. crait. become an active and pressing argtl- j mem for ir^ereased d i s t r i b u t i o n effi- By coal orders cofi- Member The rres«. The Assoclatei J»r*aa Is ax- clnaively entitle*.! to th* use for republlcatlon ot all news dispatches credited tf* It or not otherwise credited In thl3 paper and also the local a^ws publlshatl b^rctn. The Democratic ratili'ers did ^ [ the primaries--'Bonnlwell. so to : A PX"K COM'LDfKST. - It is not often that ,i judge adjourns court and travels 12 ;niles just to express his appreciation oE the magnificent, spirit oi cooperation a group of men are displaying in behalf of a worthy, cause. Thai is what Judge Reppert did yesterday whoa he came to Connellsville to I s prose-ot at ibe noon-day luncheon rf Uie Ked Cross campaign teams, "Colonel Stone am! I wanted to go*. some "pep* £or tbis campaign," ?aid Judge Reppert, *'ano we know vrhere to come for it 1 thi^k we'll take lots back with us." Upon the occaaicu of his attendance at the presentation of the Liberty Loar. Honor Ju«ffe Reppe-rt had an opportunity :Q see the boosU'rs of Connellsvilie in action, and he then expressed his unrestrained admiration for the unity or purpose that was manifested, declaring: "Tha- v buacti of t men could put ai.yVuing across." Pine as was thai compliment, the action. 61 Judge H- pptn iu adjourn- V.Tho would not help the Red Cross by "HalpIDS' to Hung the Kniscr" in rt'iiity as v/etl as In ntake-beli«V(;? Jutljjc Ucp;icrt has f u l l y quailed LO becomu a resident oi tl-.e First City o£ Fayottu. having become f n i l y imbued v.-ith tlis "pep" Ehar our l i v e wir« c i t i zen: llsq»l^.y In behalf of every worthy und i r t u k i n s - f e y forc i h i docs ^.Ij ondtrstand that Joy G\if~ o nunbered amoni; :ho s, or among the p l a i n . !SO rj.ny?" stantly accumulating. Die rosultin pressure, it is believed, will have thu effect of keopiDg production at the highest possible point d u r i n g the summer months. It is also felt that with the bulk of the year's supply o£ coal ordered well in advance, the various distributing agencies of the government wii! bo in a position equimMy aud properly to adjust the demands as between different communities. It wiil bo possible accurately to gauge t n o increasrti demand and properly to divide the available supply. WOMAN" COOK. ALSO CLTP'S U K S T A U R A N T . I b m a - y S t rKn--yi'i-ciAT. L.uinn. as pur lion:'. W. A. SI.VIS, SUso WANTED--C w r r k . MIIS. Make g-coci 'Sfce ^rornke--we want a Hundred MiUzon Dollars. A little starving child brought back to life because you went without: some luxury! All of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief. T l t t K R K F A J K WANTI-in--DON'T an-et. We reurc baby valt. FOIIGKT Till-:! ::U)» w h i l e y KKMOVICD---MftS. Su -CrlHl.S TO We IKK place \:. city. We pay fare. CO.N'NKl^LSY PANY. .Nutlce. P.-U:TY JVIIO FILAfi pni'.icrativ I carters in Cnnfrresy a-bfiui ;is m u - h t r c p i t i n t ion in a new war revenue b i l l li«- f a l l cU-L'iiu.-.s a,.s Hiniienbcrt; ut wtarti::p: I!K- next Qit,- ^ush. The st:iy-rtt-home v o t y did not H ^ u in Tunsthiy's return vxc-L-pt to holp I! otiif r f el Iowa to figure up a ' to Lai, cr to WANTED--TV.'O WOSfKN T A X V A S - -UTS f.jr ;h*: U n i t e d F ' r - o n u Sharinu: «"nr- p n r : i t i n n . A p p l y third H o u r of KOU A C K E K ' S STOUK. 23ir..tylt VTANTKIJ GOOD i . CAX M A N O A N K S K M A X U F A C T U U - : t ING C O M P A N Y . Jtin1i;ir, J ' c n u i u ', By Mark Swan. Ills Hoaic Town liispiaj-s Item ('fieuratiii f ^ 1/is "fruf!ini,-. n A service flag, six by ten feel, with one star twenty-four inches from point to poir.t, has been u n f u r l e d on the Schivab school building in Weatherly, Cambria county, in honor of Charles i ?ln- a s .T. Schwab, who has been d r a f t e d into , Mllst *' t h e -^'ar serviee as director general of i ibe Etnc rscuny Shipping Corporation. Weatherly is the birthplace of Mrs. i Sctrvrab. who w i t h her husband has given the town a 5100,000 school- j house and a park. nt I I O U K I : \VITH four chicken 1: M o u n t J ' : e : i r M t i t i: M A C H I N E cc'., «nt, W. Va. I;.- w i l l be ofTered at p n a y . J u n e 1. at 1 t tl'.i.STLiVA CAKFIKL1. 20nui. terms t m a l l H e l d ,.,( nal I L on rr.llmad. f\ ,r t »:ln. .iri'ii. "COAT,." care Co Aduiinlntrnirtx's -\ \ V A N T K P -- P O S I T I O N AS We're at war. We noed soldiers,! we need munitions, we need ship.-;, we need food, and everywhere about us are idle men. N'ot casual! . Hy w i r h o u L c t i i ! f J r » r i . ('.' t J i e of ml'urericxs K E R P M R , " naro O u y r i e r . . "HdL'SlC- 22may2t" chronically idle. astic s)o.?an J.s y idle -Men i;r;iusi- "I'm too proud to work." .Men who wr.uld brt-ak ail ing court merely to again be present i records for a hundred yard dash :E a with these enthusiastic workers, and '· J° b walked up ami tapped them on the shoulder. . -Some of them, lazily content w i t h Low Cunt ronsnmplion. A Pennsylvania railroad passen" train of ei^ht stce; cars, recently .a low coal record. r u n n i n g the 132 miles between i toofia and Ilarrisburg, only -,07-1 pounds of coal, or about 15 to the mile, were used. \VANTKI airing and ork MEN can*, i KST.VTE W.iEH.:r. hit v f l i v . t r o u n r j I n ^ c l H J t n s ,«cnt l ho HI '··! 11' TT Do you v^ant to buy dry goods, spring and summer styles for women and misses wear? You do, of course you do. Then see the great attractions we are offering. Sin 63 Larffe Department Stores, Located in ITayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, i miuTly a u i h e n t w i t c d t'-r A N N A M . W A G N I C H . A i l - A f » p l y M nn Hallw i 1 to gain inspiration from tbem, is c \ e n a more significant reccsniiion of tho value of the doing. o'.ir men are nin--I,AHOI:I':KS. ASH I I A N I J - U-UMTK. n u - c U ; i n U ^ . llrvmeu. v/nrfc. I^-tijorers. 3-Sj^, c^nts; \~ tM-r-.t." pt-r hour, o t h e r work jrojtr-rti''»ti. A P l ' l y tn pfrr.oii 1CMT PKN'N P O W K U PL.I.NT. of . G K I M . LATK c o u n t y tice is erusis and rags, some ot them m:ikc ' Another Ordnance Plant. Ar.other big gun and projectile plant, similar to the one ;o be bui!t IVe-may EM now fully appro- Solomoa in all hi? g'.ory. look like ciate the worth to our city o£ the ex-! P iker in a hand-me-down, but they're and operated by the United Stales cellent work the Liberty" Bond and : J us " common or garden. loafers, the : gt-iei Corporation on Neville island, Red Cross teams have been doing, j lo; ot t u e n l , econuinic slackers--and ; |,e!ow Pittsburt'. Is to be uniicr'akrn but we are certain in the near f u t u r e !lie ' ought to bo taken in hand. ; i,y the Mldva'p Steel Ordnance They're evei-ywliere: gangsters on ; company, near Philadelphia, the side EtreeJ-3, young loafers on t!:e ; __. _^_ . WANT]-:P--Y to realize/as Judg_ i Reppen has realized, the benefits to be derived from an unselfish aud s:Ieudid spirit of cooperation in given end,- the achievement o:" a corners, tango li::ards in the" cab \vho are so used to arets, bar flies, who are so used to ;1 ^illjjSjf standing with one foot on the brass jj rail they can't keep both feet on the !| _J ground; croo'.is. touts, riff raff, in the I ~ " = ~~ NG -MAN' W I T f ! .-if )o:i jr.ft?rr. ; rl, in ii w i t h a local grow- «-ns( l M, mortorat'.- »\\\' c'-llent i » p p ( r i - u n i i y n d w r i t i n g wit 1 .; f u l l KSTATK OF JOHN of tin; l'y\v«,ship of ^p of K j t y e t m p.nd str.:.: tl. -ceased. L.-HLTS Lcii ahovi- tiAfncl e w r a f e h c'i tc the uiulr-rttifcne given to u i l p c r n o n s I n d n b t o r t tc. gsa (.v'tsitti, to inalto imiruMUiLti. 1 ii:iyrin-i .iri(J t o t})./Sf h a v j j j y c i n i u i H agrrtinftt t p.vnu 1 . to i.rcn-n: itu-ni p r o p e r l y a i'K-:uiCJU«-a for F(,-J t J r m t ' » t . J A M G i i l M , r;\v'Mitor, ronn t -'n*n-iMe. J-Vii :! a F. IX IL G. M A T , A t i o r m - y . i ' n i u y C i - t h u r s ). the gathering around i tlilntrs H u i n p aloni in-Cy Perkins' grocery : ^ n ^^ r ,f r "^ : on the checker champ- ! naval flivver*, or ITAtT jUIEBICA DAY. 1 cities; and in the country. Uie ivhit- Thc people of Ooniiellsrtlle should j t l e r s ia f r o n t ° E llic Man3iQ ''- House-- aot allow therasel'.-es to become so en-i hansers on at t h l ' " dce ira" waiting to i grossed'by" the Sec.-ond Red Cross Wa- see the "' aln ccn?( ' ir '~ (anci if k nc ' rer i J Fund campaign as to overlook, payin" ·' oaiue !t wolllcl mra " aothlng in their i ! fitting recognitio:i to Itary America I r ' Jms f i y M ) " " Day, which, is to be observed tomor- i i l l c stove ' row by a nation-wide celebration. of jstore--intent on the checker chau-.p- the third anniver;ary of Italy's .? n -' ion " ! "! ) of tno cross roads. They're ail', k i trance into Ebe war. " " " 1 uoors, outdoors-- a drag and a men- I j-" The Italian re;iden!s of Connells-j acc ' ville and the cn;:e reginn, proofs of I T!lc id!or is ' individually, a social whose loyalty ai.d devotion to tiieir ; ^crt-sccncc.aad collectively an eco- adopted country nave been abundant ! uom ' c waste. He is the leering nega- will take part in the exercises of the i licm ° r a " dfcont ll «man impulses day with all Die earnestness with :iui1 icieals - -^'- ' h:s tiuie , wh TM I h c which they participate in patriotic ' ! i a n d arKi n l i n d of cve ' T l l l i n i a n !lnit i. c despwately needed, the deliberate refusal to pitch in and do something. is a defiance to th.e race and an insult to the Almighty. In time? of pence, we are compelled men are FOH fiENT--l-'l K.ST cKJin, a.l'i n ; . - ' . rr, u . SNA ft lift. port room. yr«jn "r:iwfor'i i n f l a t . - I D ! S i i U l h t - l t o .u.jMiy, I'a... (lt::t»:isrd. having 1 u r a i i t f d LH Lht- unuiT.sij;in.'d, notu- (iL-reby y i v o u ',o ;il! pers-jns indclj-.r- ;y;t! ciu.-n*. 1 10 mnJii. 1 ini:;)c:)l:i.U' p.tyi -·mil to t h f s v h a v j n t ; c l a i m s i^-aui.-n ·i;iinc ti' p r f S f i n inei:i. p n - p c r l y a u t UC;H^!, f-f f i t - K J o r j M - u t . J03.,LA G. CAllTNI-;v, K x L ' c u t r i x . 210 F a i r avfitni... f o i i i m l l s v U l u . J'iu I S a p r BEAUTIFUL In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Blacfe. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and host styJes, wlio desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save vou money. to tiic Ti:uti.u shiv demonstrations of whutf-ver kini!. It is due them that appreciation he shown; not a!one for the help they bare given in o-.her ptihlic iun-:ions in our city, but also for !!ic important part they have- i-layed in this war. la the larger .^ense this celebration will mark the beginning of a new era. of cordial undeistanding and rr.ntua.'. approciatioa between Italy and Amer- to put np with the chronic loafer, bo- e U-lic:i:s b l i n d . And Sch v :-kip;iin-;- i-.loiM; A l l . H M :r. j ]'ier?r, id huinli: uji Hie : * h i j i j i n t , tlun's j \si~^7 l.aO'.y in arr«ar.-. Ai»I Kyun h:in bm-n j hoin , ; * i'V(M-vcinc-'.i onriiviur-il \v'\;t hnov.-j* t h i s i _L_"_1. man of br;iin:=. And J-.tliscn, the W!K- :irl. hifcs flomt-tlilntr «!' h f n xl:-»v' tu f i i i J - tlii; T c u t u i - LCizurd. jiml nniUft the ri.ipn, he t n l i u s ;x uM^rr smnti; the nn- (ion'js I j r a i n H art? J i i ^ n , to ordt-r and ^imnmnd. The jclauis h« is c a i l l n s r , '.hey COITK- - w i t h I n y a l cheers; the l l t - rlc men .ire fr.I'infC linfik to t h e i r tuf- .tplierr-H, 'ir. tinM's of peace the" In \vycrs m;iy do otl^cial chores, h u t N n r t h KStflnh FI-AT. | -d a n d ' K u y f c L l * oilli-o Ir. ]115'T--SIX S^. r( i i u r nioi ROOM l tli. A. ii|JLi O TWO : KMI.'TX. at ? i.'injuiy C u n i r u M i y, }' iniKylvaiii.'i, al o u r t )Uiust: 1 Unipv.i A. fm the foe's" cause our guaranteed pursuit of life, liberty aad happiness, moans to some meii the privilege to gra.fl--to others tho rlgtu to losC, but in time of war, j ir. looking eninrr our Kiiorc/.^, u't- ln;; friant. conirttioni-' captain, ^nlf rr'iant. ncieil thrcat- towor- ca. The necessity for an orgnnized.' w h e n every maM is needed, -,vhen all effort to promote this good fceliug is. j otir "t'-its s:ul privilo^os arc thrcai- strikingly provf-a by Geruany's tire- cocd il)asc n:cn bavc n ° righl to lea endeavor tc arouso i!I fooling be- sllirk the "Wde» l ^e rest of us carry nveeu :he two countries through in- cheerfully, aud they ought to be used siaious props.?, tnda. It ^-as ttiis to thc best - advantage, for tho corn- agency.-rather :han force "of arms,! 111011 sood--witi-out l ^f slightobt con- ihdt nearly, .put Jialy out" of-Uie* war 1 sitioralicn of tbcir personal prefer- folJowin^ ibb'gic-at-'drive of laai "year. ences. Kcalizing the a4vantage»- tlius gained J · ll ~ a matt is without a job--it may the Central PoVers have- not "ceased | L%e ^ !s £y - ui! --- aild i[ ma y bc l " !e ^ a u l t for one moment their crafty efforts to | °f our social organisation--wiiich, be- isolatti Italy.from her allies. .By her ' ins human, Js not perfect; but no prompt declaration of ueutralitv at f matter wbosc f a u l t it Is. the condition the outbreak of -.he war, Italy released i ought to he remedied. Pronch troops from her borders in i Several states have passed Loafer time to make possible :he defeat of · Laws--Maryland was the first. Vv'hy the Germans at ice .Murne. She siands j not a National loafer law? The hobo today as tht- ha Tier between Germany . : w n ° ^ s tbryatcned with r. job in New and ;he open ."Mi-UJUTr^ncan and n York has only to seek the "doIce far hit; nii?n. every w l i e r c : i. boot'.ins don't deal in SAJ-I5--GTiJt W i l ) B'jll Oil i L Botli ulioneti. !-'OK SAL.--SIX ROOM COTTAGE, hot wa,tt:r sysjtum. B"LS and electric. Inquire .1. M. HKNUETtSON. W i l l s - P.oad. Botii phoiK-H. ISntaytf FOU 3AuE--OKK FORD TlUTtTlt! onf Cail!l;;ic four courins" car. mv. M u i z l o u r i n f f car. CuNMCLLBVILH-: OA RAOli COMPANY. ISmuySt-i-ud n. U o u b J e 25 foot .span rt' cri-ie riuor fysujin \ v i t l i bridnt: of J:icubs Cr(f.;li W h i t e l i r i J K U , a u U Un the ji ecoy.-Ja ry aipr;;H-J ,(stlo ami A V c s i m o r f l a n one [uicl oni'-biUl* uiik-s j i o r t l j o a - i B r t d i T f f i u r c ati t h e M f t : H i J , T t i i r",iC, ;ta;i- Connellsvll'.i. to - M o u n t Pica:;- oonsirueiion of . .-, b e t w e e n F a y - 1 nlK-s abu;:i ; ^ , j , . ant. , propo«ut.« antl above brid^**- r.ijj t- of ilio C o u n t specific;! t J n u s . be ,ccnrti] at : Ko:u] n n c l TUK GOLD STAR. Tho star u [ j u n their service changeil to gl(.-inning uol tt sjivaity no m u r e of lioj. oi:uo it did. nf u l U . B u i .s-pjondidly Jt y l f s i f n a n . e v e r y i-yc to s^u And KoiUy v/hispcrs: "flore 1 \viiu died for l i b e r t y . e /lay has ohl; nd l i f e , ua KO;lt SAL. 13--NKW f i A N O . ' W I L L at-H ruiiso.n.ible. Also sniitll yn.- r:iuec. CiLll Trl-Stato 531-W, or TU Aforrell (tvcntie. 2.'(ioar2t FOR SALE--ONK 1S12 COLK AUTO- mot.ile. just o v e r h a u l e d , in Al condi- t i o n ; w i l l spll cheap on accaiint ot* d r a t t . Call 193 Trl-Statu Or 1L7 West Fayttte street, city. 21may6t* he walked and played and here oft h i s - smile was -jicrc, on iaut,'ii and :he open .Mfrdiu-rruiean and "a. York has only to seek the "doles far I Wlthi ; n0 t h "- se wa ,, s I0(1 . ly arc kcpt Ulo possible Germaa victory, it is vitally ; niente" of Cos Cob. and once across. toys he used to own. important lo oi r own country that the · the line he is spared tho degradation j Now [ :un he- who nrarchcd away and fullest measur · ot moral support be i of a lite of toil. So the state law lias , ' al ?' ho '· vl10 f o l l : given to ..he Lallan govsrnmenT and | not settled the question. *nd put the its people a;^, at Uie -earliest con- j 1 pa Cor lo won: -- it bas onlj" trans- veaient day, ; ie substantial backing ( ferrc-d the problem Croat \ew York '.o ot an array to bcip them drive the · ConucccicuL PK)P- SAL.E--0 ROOV- HOUSE. NICE locp.iion: p u v e d street and el do walk Pantry, bfitli and two pc.-chea. Hot air h«aL Addreua "D. 3." euro Courier. U n i a y - t f t ! town, J'eunFyJvani.T, or .it t l i c oii'icL' at'. rhe ,-("f'un:y J i o n d K n u l i i - ^ o r , O o u r i ! Ilu 1 sum of five ( h . I I n r s (J; 1 ).'!!!! por ,ic-t. = p l i c a t e (rno copy tr» each o i l i n o ) w l ; h ! IL cortifiL'O chticVi d r a w n on n N'rii tomvt ', B a n k or Trust (,Vmian.v Jn ;-o^d cn-iih ,' i:: I'csnnsylvania f - q u n l to li"i pur O ' - n l i (10-7,) of t h e a n n u m L cf i h c, ,' yropo.^als, tJ',(- s:tnio :i\::l( p.iyablv U- ; ih** Treasurer (it i h e c ' l u n t y . [ Th« r i ^ h l lo r«fjet- ( . any or ; E! pro i K i S l N C E H , Couni'y C o n t r o l l e r . 2niay4t-tut-s- FO11 SALi3--FURNITUIIE MUST Bf sold nt ui.ce. Four pioco bed room S^ eoniplotc and two cuairs, three parlo chairs,'.. Used rni month. Caiil only. 11^ East Va-tteraon uvunue. 2lmay5t , Ot BP ° °' "° W thls Hun from iheir borders. In. order to More closely cemeac the "No richer hovne in all th«ru than tills I srace, For fieri' was o r a d l n t t m a n h o o d thiu h u m b l e phice land fi between the iwo countries, j draft these meti? He'll do it, if which js to concrete t^itrcssioc i ononsh of us toll !Um to. Dr?.Et them in tho celebn Uou of tomorrow, na- 1 for the farms and the bhipyards, just tional oi-gaEizi-tiona have been recent- as the boys were drafted for the array. ly formed. The object of one is to j Pick out the men who choose to b« bring together periodically representa- \ parasites, the loafers, the slackers, Why caa'c I'ncle Sam pass a N a - 1 lior.'al Loafer J A W ? "V\"liy can't ho i A soldier for the t r u t h was b o r n , and here, bosldi the door, \ moth-cr sits vtnrf grieves for him who shall rc-Lurn no more. ' ( tive groups or intiueatial tu ·two countries for an u Q£ the i the sneaks, the idlers, the criminals exchange of all the dead a'cod, draft them and put ·tliought upon questions of industry, ! them to work. I "SrUute me. Hi.ranecr, as you passl I mark a soldier who Gave ui tlie joys- of l i v i n g here, to dare and die for you! This is the Ji 3me t f s a t once h^ kne\v- ·wlio fouffht for you ami fell; This Is n. shrine ot sacrifice whero fftfth and conrag-e d«-e]i-" FOR SALE--'.'JIG SAXON SIX TOUJi- ing c;ir in llrst clns? cor.ditioii. Price r.-a.-iu:iu.ble to rjuick ?Jtiyer. For d r m o t i a t n t t i o n c a l l EULSWORTM EVANS. tU 2 South T 4 iLt-sbur£j street, city, or 24 Bell. Dnwjson. ZZmnyRt AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPBRATOIt AT TJrIB DAILY COURIER OFFICE YOUGK TRUST COMPANY FOH SALE--i;r-TO-DATI3 B A R B K R shop. Best iocaiiun in VandcrbJlt. Dargaifi to r.uick buyer. Ri;;i:;on for j sulUnf, i n t e n d to enlist. Call bt-th i rhonex. HOKl^RT LINT, V a n d e r b t l t : Itotel. ' 23n7tiyCJ." KEYSTONE CLK.VNING PARLOR. Jirinp ytmr Panama und straw hats to CHABLKS COCOS. 170 '"West Crawford ;i.rc[iue, O o n n c l J s v i J l e , Pa. Srnny33t* HAVE YOU TKI3D OUB. CLASSIFIED ABLETS 1 who tMs paper ml give you feest valaes for i year mmej* -- C GOO "5 OO?:^ § J. B. KURTZ, }j AND REAL ESTATE, iS CsnnallovUla Pfc J ^

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