The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1938 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 31, 1938
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 31,1938. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA, PAGE NINE Three Drastic Trotting Rules Changes Voted By HENSY SUPER United Press Staff Corespondent NEW YORK, Jan. 31.--The Ham- bletonian, blue-ribbon event of the trailing horso circuit, will be held August 10 at the Good Time Track, Goshen, N. Y., it was decided at the anual meeting o£ the stewards of the Grand Circuit Association. The association has allotted dates lor the 1938 meeting and made three drastic rules changes governing starting of future trotting events. The Hambletonlan, revived in 1930 at Goshen, has drawn a total o£ 44 entries, it was announced, although that number will not start. The list at present is flvc horses larger than last year. The rules changes were: 1. A penalty will be exacted for "taking back" the polo horse unnecessarily. In the past, the pole horse, which set the pace lor the running start, was regarded as above reproach. Last year, however, in the Hambletonian, the pole horse was pulled and forced two o£ the outside horses to break over the line aheac and cause a told. Henceforth, i£ the pole horse is pulled in an effort to draw the others out it will constitute an infraction of the rules. 2. Instead ol the following horses being forced to stay behind the poll horse's saddle, they will have to remain behind the hips. 3. Judges hereafter will be au, thorired to replace a driver when he has been "taken down"--removed-- irom a race. In the past, the drive who was penalized could make hi own selection. Now the judges will handle that job. ASSISTANCE BOARD WILL SCAN COMPENSATION ROLLS TO END RELIEF CHISELING Hockey Tops Basketball. CLEVELAND, Jan. 31.--Colltgiat hockey ranks basketball 100 to one 1 the favor o£ John Carroll Universit students, U advance ticket sales in dicatc their preference. They pur chased 818 tickets prior to a hocke game with Western Reserve, whil only eight advance tickets were sol to Carroll students for a basketball game with Perm College. By United Press. HARRISBUHG, I all persons it Jan. 31.--Records Pennsylvania eli- gible for unemployment compensation should be made available' \o the public assistance department to avoid publication of cash assistance and relief "chiseling," Attorney General Charles J. Margiotti said today. Margiotti said it was "entirely proper" for the unemployment compensation and employment service division to furnish the information requested by Public Assistance Secretary Arthur W. Howe, Jr., who plans on early re-rcgistrntion of relief rolls to "purge" them of eligible*, Labor and Industry Secretary Ralph M. Boshore, under whose department the unemployment compensation unit functions, asked Margiotti to rule on Howe's request. "Good policy and common sense," Margiotti said in n formal opinion, "dictate that such information should be given. "It would be a violent presumption to suppose the Legislature in- tended that these receiving unemployment compensation payments could at the same time receive cash grants from public funds in the nature of direct relief. "This would be the inevitable result if the Labor nnd Industry Department were prohibited from disclosing to tha Public Assistance Department the information it has requested. "Rights of persons unable to care lor themselves . . . should not b« sacrificed but the Commonwealth' should administer relief adequately at the/lowest possible cost to the taxpayer; You Homes. will find desirable homes and home sites advertised in our classified columns. TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CONTROLLER OF FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (Continued from Preceding Pago) SUMMARY OF 1936 COUNTY TAX DUPLICATE JANUARY S, 1938 Dne from Collectors, January 4, 1937 * 390.S94.19 Penalties and additional taxes added 16.156.67 Total . Cash paid by Collectors Rebate, and penalty waive Collectors Commissions Seated Lands. Retained Exonerations _____ CREDITS -$ 40«.650.SG J 78.294.06 1,382,03 2,329.30 260,064.79 69,91283 Balance due from Collectors Jon. 3, 1938- I 402.484.37 _* 4.066.59 SUMMARY OF 1937 COUNTY TAX DUPLICATE January 3, 1938 Amount of duplicate* charged to Collectors Plus penalties , .. .- .11,123,770.65 18,37291 Tots! Cash paid by CoBoctors -Rebate allowed Commissions to Collector* . Penalty waived CREDITS --U.237.143.50 For tho Tear 1938 For tho Year 1937 Taxes Paid To Municipalities! Total amount duo for 1936 and 1937 . 7,864.16 REPORT OF FAYETTE COUNTY POOR DISTRICT AND FAYETTE COUNTY H O M E YEAR E N D I N G DECEMBER 31, 1837. Receipt! From tax liens - y From delinquent taxes .__ _ From current taxes (1937) - . . . _ . 12.464.79 9,338.77 80.333.77 ToUl taxes Cash Receipts, County Homo. From inmates for board -, _ Processing tax refunds . -I 102O27.33 -1795,479.69 _ 39.763 03 _ 14.440.23 93.00 Balance duo from Collectors Jan. 8, I93S 849.77S.91 387,367.65 STATEMENT OF TAXES LEVIED, COLLECTED AND UNCOLLECTED 19364 1937 Collected % Of Credits % Of Uncolleoted Year ToUl Levy During Year Levy Allowed Levy At End of Yr. % 1936 Jl.238.867.59 807.043.08 65.1 53.961.77 «.« 850,394.19 SOS 1937 *1 823.770 65 795,479.69 65.0 64.29S 33 4.4 887.367.6S SO.S TOTAL ASSESSED VALUATION OF PROPERTY WITHIN THE COUNTY OF FAYETTE AS RETURNED BY THE ASSESSORS FOR THE YEAR 1937 Federal pas tax refund - . Rent for dwelling. Springer farm Torranco State Hospital: Rotund of money deposited by Andrew Bryl, deceased, former County Home patient Toll charge for telephone call. W. P. A. Refund of oror-cnarge on fertiliser Reimbursement by Westmoreland County Poor Board for relief order furnished to Westmoreland County resident by Kayetto County Poor Board.. Salo of hides Sale of scrap . . . Sale of casket- . Sale of ralYo ________ Salo of hoes -.11,147.00 _ 206.01 _ 4.24 40.00 4025 635 31.20 Total Temporary loan. Second National Bank, Unlontnwn, Balance at bogtnnlnir of year Extraordinary expenditures Capital' Outlay 15.156.2S __ 3,413.73 $145.540 95 127,657.82 Total receipts Total dlsburaemenU Balance January 3, 1938 $ 18,183.13 SCHEDULE OF INMATES FOR YEAR 1937 Number of Inmates In Almshouae January 1, 1937 Admitted during year 1937 Number discharged by dentil or own volition during 3937 - Number remaining In Almshouso as of December 31.1037 149 415 147 268 Women 51 65 116 CO 66 Children 0 22 22 20 Total 317 230 N, 553 Green Beans Peas Corn Total . Expenditures Assessed Value of Real Estate Occupations 4 77J38.304 00 5,548,260.00 I 8S,68«,664.00 _ 16,639,770.00 [Valuation of Pw»onal Property (Money at Interest etc.) ToUl assessed T-laatlon for tho year 19S7 J 99.226,334.00 ALLOCATION OF TAXES LEVIED FOR THE YEAR 1937, TOTAL 14 MILLS General Fond. 6M mlfU _ , " - · - -- - · Poor Fund. 1H mills _ Sinklne Fund, mills _____--__________________ 637.4S2.84 124,0-9.85 496,119 38 'Panooal Piuueiti Tiac. 4 nsffl* (General Fund)_ 1457,61 J 07 66,158.58 Total Lory . DETAILED STATEMENT OF OUTSTANDING FAYCTTE COUNTY BONDS DECEMBER 31, 1937 Date of Bonds Dec. Dec. Dec. April Deo. Feb. June 15,1919 30.1921 SO, 1925 1,1927 1,1927 15,1923 1.1935 Kind Road Hoad Bridge Road Road Funding Funding 1 Am- Issued Retired Outstanding Maturity Owned By County Uiwold t 500 000.00 S50.000.00 250,000 00 Dec. 15. 1939 6.000.00 BOO.OOfl.OO' 600,000.00 Bee. SO, 1941 860,000.00 154X100.00 100.000.00 Dec. SO. 1940 100400.00 Dec. 30. 1945 500,000.00 500.000.00 Apr. 1, 1943 W.000.00 1,000,000.00 1.000,000.00 Doc. 1. 1963 20,000.00 600.000.00 MO.000.00 Fob, 16, 1949 700,000.00 565,000.00 June 1. 1944 555,000.00 145,000.00 Total. . -$4,150,000.00 400,000.00 8,605,000.00 600.000.00 145,000.00 NOTE: 11,500,000.00 of the above outstanding bonds Is part of the 12,500,000.00 Road Bond Issued authorised by the Hectors of Fayetto County at a Special Election held May 12. 1975. (First Issuo of J600.000.00, Series of 1926. was retired on March 15,193L) (Second Issuo of $600,000.00, 8erlo« of 1927, was retired on Fob. 17,1937.) NOTE: The issue of June L, 1936 In the sum of J700.000.00 is for the purpose of refinancing the Comity's Indebtedness for debts contracted prior to Jan. 6, 1936. The Sinking Fund Comminlon of Fayette Count/ ha* purchased 4555,000.00 of these bonds, lea-ing untold $145,000.00. Total exopndttnrw for year Payment of loan Balance January !. 193S FAYETTE COUNTY POOR DISTRICT AND FAYETTE COUNTY HOME DETAILED ACCOUNT OF EXPENDITURES FOR THE YEAR 1937. Poor Board Administration. Charlc* R. Slclntyre, Poor Director. Salary- John P. Qlpaaon, Poor Director. Salary T. a Dufflold. Poor Director, BMary R. W. Dawson, Solicitor, and legal expense Linn V. Phillips, Solicitor expense ~ Charles R. Mdntjrw, Tr-vellnir expenses John P. Gl«i«on, Traveling expenses T. R Duffleld. Traveling- expenses _ Extension of Rural Library Projects for . County Held Possible PITTSBURGH, Jan. Sl^-Exten- sioti of. rural library t projects in 15 ·Southwestern, Pennsylvania counties is being planned by the National Youth Administration, it was announced by J. W. McGowan, assistant State KYA director. Many communities throughout this section lack adequate library facilities. Alleviation of this condition with tho founding ol rural libraries in places where they arc desired and where there is a definite need, is the aim ol the NYA program. A special feature to be included in rural libraries is a picture loan service In which visual aids, such as maps, nature study mountings, and other pictorial representations ol natural phenomena will be available lor school children. Any Fayette county community interested in planning a rural library, in cooperation with tho NYA, should contact Luther A. Davis, Fayettc county NYA supervisor, 4$6 West Main street, Uniontown. Brownsville Coal Shipments Last Year Increased Over 1936 Despite the tremendous decrease in coal tonnage from the Brownsville district during the last quarter of 1937, coal shipments at Brownsville by the Monongahcla River and the Monongahela Railway during the past year almost equalled that of the preceding year as 24,391,831 tons were moved. The tonnage was only 552,G!)3 tons under that of 193C when it totalled 24,947,314 tons. Coal shipments down river exceeded those of 1936 by 125,175 tons with the 1937 tonnage amounting to 13,800,850 while that of the preceding year totalled 13,675,675. Macaws Laugh at Bars, PERTH, Australia, Jan. 31.--Efforts to keep American blue and white macaws in the local zoo so fir have proved unavailing. They have succeeded in biting their way through REPORT Of THE MASONTOWN BRIDGE, rAYBTTE-QREENE COUNTY JOINT BRIDGE COMMISSION. FOR THE YEAH 1937. 1957 Toll Receipt. January , f 2,708 85 February _. March April May Jurie _____ July August September . October -November . December . Total Poor Board Administration County Homo. Dick Sh-rrtck. Steward, Salary Teresa Burns, Book-keeper, Salary Office imopllrs Telephone service Dick Shorrick, Steward. Traveling expenses Dr. J. B. Van Gilder. Physician. Salary Dr. Jan Karolclk. Pyslcian, Salary Dr. Louts R. Rogel. Physician. Salary Dr. CM.-ildo Corrado, Medical servicos Dr. A. IL Kramer. D. D, 8» Dental Dr. Lloyd E. Weightman. D. D. S., Dental Rose McClor. Matron and Nurse. T. B. Sanitarium. Gertrude Kmnlsoa, Nurse. Salary Alice Orore, Nurse. Salary Marietta Jackson. Nurse. Salary Salaries of Cooits and Maid, T. B. Sanitarium Jennie Scott. Nurse, T. B. Sona^ Salary Mair Eurn Col'Ins, Nurno, Salary Ina Laapllne, Nurin, Salary Salart*-s of orderlies Catherine Sben-lck. Matron. Salary Natale Boff. Shoemaker. Salary Salaries of cooks, wattn-inen, maids and laundress. Frank P. Monti", AjuMtant Steward, Salary Myrtle Rhoades, Assistant Matron. Salary Snl»rlo« of carpenters _ Rocoivod from sale of scrap.. Total Receipts 37.601.45 13.95 _J 27,615.40 Disbursement* Ralph DeBolt, TolMaJter, Salary Edward Hathaway, Toll-faker, Salary , Mike MedwJtz, Toll-taker, Salary K H. Smltloy, Toll-taker, Salary West Pcnn power Company _--__--__--, General Supplies __________ Premium on Robbery Insurance Policy Materials and Supplied, W. P. A. Painting Projoc- Bridgo Repairs, Fayotte County Bridge DOD-- _,-- »«0.00 96000 9GO.OO 88000 GGG53 197.59 10.00 2,305.66 36.35 Not Balance, Jan. 3, 1938 Distribution of Net Balance 42% to Greene County Commissioners 58% to Fayette County Commissioners * 6,076.13 -.» 20,039.27 Repairs and replacements Motor vehicle operation and maintenance Eiprons, freight and hauling _ Insurance Miscellaneous expenses Total Connty Homo Boiler Plant William Shaimbflrgor, Engineer, Salary John CSuilm, Fireman, Salary Mansfield Coloman, Fireman. Salary Fuel, Hsht and water Mining coal Supplier for coal mine Greases and oils Repairs and replacements Insurance) Total ._ .-$ 8,668.43 _- 11,970 78 _.» 20,639.27 $ 20.639.27 MASONTOWN BRIDGE BONDS ISSUED AND OUTSTANDING 4$4% MASONTOWN BRIDGE BONDS Amount authorized and issued Dec. 30, 1925 , 1360.000.00 Amount retired Dec. 30, 1930 J 00,000.00 Doc. 30, 1936 87.000.00 Jan. 13, 1936 3.000.00 $150,000.00 Out-Standing Dec. 81, 1937 JSOO.000.00 Maturity of Outstanding Bonds $100,000.00 Doc. 30, 1940 JIOO.000.00 Dec. 30, 1946 Fixed Charges For the Year 1938 Principal for Uotiromcnt of Bonds ? 20,000.00 Intorent Requirement 8,500.00 State Taz Requirement 800.00 Total Requirement TREASURER'S REPORT TO CONTROLLER OF FEES AND C O M M I S S I O N S ON STATE LICENSES January 2, 1937 to January 3, 1938 Licenses Issued Retail Licenses Wholesale Licenses Restaurant Licenses Billiard, Bowling Alloys, Etc. Brokers Licenses Auctioneers Licenses Public Amusement Licenses Male Dog Licenses Spayed Dog Licenses Female Dog Licenses , Kennel Dog Licenses --_ Konnel Dog Licenses Duplicate Dog Tags Resident Fisherman Licenses M ^ M _ _ 3 Day Tourist Fisherman Lclonacs the'l8*gauge"wlre'of their cages and Non-Resident Fisherman Licenses returning to freedom. j «~ HuatjrJU =r .......... Non-Resident Hunters Licenses.. "Southpaws" form Lcasuc. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 31.--The "League of Lefthand- ers," restricted to persons of natural portside operation, has been organized here with a membership of 300 persons, both adults and minors. No. 1,750 12G 304 31 17 2 I I 13,868 202 3,315 11 4 151 4,422 10 9,512 4 50 Charge .25 .25 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 .25 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .25 Fees 437.50 31.50 76.00 31.00 17.00 2.00 3.50 1 380 SO 20.20 33150 1.10 .40 15.40 442.20 .10 1 00 951.20 40 12,50 29,300.00 Commissions 238.50 120.9S S2.92 . 38.26 8.50 1.00 16.60 Total Farm -- Number of moals nerved to Inmntes during year 1937-Number of unclaimed bodion of Inmntoa buried In the County Homo Cemetery during tho year 1937 ·_ Number of Unknown and Unclaimed bodies brought to tho County Homo for burial during year 1937 OUTSIDE RELIEF Number of 'Menls serred to ragmnts at County Home, year 1937 Number of families who received relief during year 1937 COUNTY HOME CANNED GOODS Amount of Tonrntoen -- 3?B S53.GS5 44 53 «43 1.540 Saner Kraut . Piccalilli Cucumber plc-ls _ Mixed rickle Tomato Juice Tomatoes, wrapped . Carrots, stored 1,142 gallons 2.1S5 gallons 62 gallons 578 gallons 206 gallons 113 gallons 40 gallons 30 gallons 93 gallons 28 bushels 165 bushels COUNTY HOME MEATS, BUTTER, EGGS, MILK, ET.C. Amount of Pork raised and slaughtered on Farm -- - 22,140 Ibs. Beef raised and slaughtered on Farm Chickens raised and kQled on the Farm. Batter mode on the farm __________ Milk produced on tho Farm Eggs produced on the Farm Lard produced on Farm 11,208 Ibs. 585 2.992K Ibs. 21,987 gallons S.282',4 doz. 3.3S7 Ibs. INVENTORY OF LIVE STOCK 11 Heifers 31 Pigs 18 Calves . 9 Beef Cattlo 45 Shoots 3 Boars -Bulls 22 Fattened Hogs 9 Brood Sows COUNTY H O M E FARM PRODUCE Amount of corn raised and husked on farm ,,. Corn Foddor ' . , . ,. OaU Straw Hay 1160 bbls. 7000 bdls. 1655 bu. 1233 bales _ 95 tons 278 bu. ' 160 tons COUNTY HOME GARDEN PRODUCE Amount of O-lons, green - 244 dot. Onions, Matured Swiss Chard Lettuce Pamnlps Green Beans Luna Beans _--._ L Peas Radishes ____ Carrots ________ Beats Cabbage Potatoes - Swoet Corn, Poppers Turnips . Cauliflower |_ -- 126 ba. -- 2,700 Ibs. -- 3,500 Ibs. -- 65 bu. _ 1,500 bu. _ 16 bu. -- 68 bu. -- SSS dot, -- SOO bu. .-- 100 bu. -- 35 tone _ 975 bn. --1,628 dot -- 25 bu. -- 25 bu. -- 150 head. REPORT OF FAYETTE COUNTY PRISON FOR THE YEAR 1937 Groceries, meats and prorlslons Dry goods, clothing and Tobacco Medical and surgical supplies, disinfectants Housekeeping and kitchen supplies Furniture, bedding and linens Entertainment Rollgloud and burial cocpctises Fuel, light and water Committed daring year 1937 Number in prison, Doc. 31, 1937. Number In prison, Jan. 1, 1938 COMMITTED TO: Allegheny County Work-House Western State Penitentiary _ Huntingdon Morganza White Males Females 1,503 125 85 4 S6 4 Colored Males Females 264 44 20 3 22 · 3 Total Boiler Plant Farm. Ralpb McKnlgbt. Farmer, Salary Frank Olcason, Farmer, Salary Joseph Flfflck, Farmer, Salary William Ford, Farm labor Perry Umbel, Herdsman, Salary _, James IlHitzfeld. Cov Tostor, Salary Poultry nnd live stock purchased FVirra Implements and machinery Fertilizers, eceds, feed, etc. Repairs and replacements of buildings and machinery-. Insurance Other expenses, including vctlnnry Torranco State Hospital County Alms House _Georgo Junior Republic ,, Boys School, Oakdalo Somerset County Hospital Farvlow State Hospital Muney Homo for Women COMMITTED BY: Mayor J. Q. Adams and others Magistrates of Coanty EDUCATION: Could rend and wrlto Could Not read and write SCHOOLS: Attended Public School Did Not attend public school CIVIL CONDITION: Married Single -Widowed HABITS: Total Abstainers Moderate Drinkers Intemperate NATIONALITY: American -Slovak Italian Polish Russian -- Tout 1,942 112 116 25 21 IS 17 30 5 6 21 6 2 2 42 345 1,942 1,943 Other Institutions Polk Stnto School Fayotte County Children/)* Homo Total other Institutions Home Relief Food and provisions .. Ront Rental paid for "Relief Headquarters"--GMIatin Gardens., Fuel and light Clothing and shoes Medical care and medicines Burial expenses W. P. A. Sewing project. W. P. A. Recreational Centor National Youth Administration Miscellaneous expenses Furniture and Bedding Total Homo Relief Extraordinary Expenditures Interest on temporary loon -Payment of loan -.? 33,195.80 Less error in Commissions ..___-- Ixmcll Thomas Honored. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 31.--Lowell Thomas, author and news commentator has been elected to the board of managers, of the University ot Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. Total Foes and Commissions Less Treasurer's Compensation Lens Clerks Salaries --, Ralance Paid Into County Treasury S W.S1 ·Nellie l/ou__ner, Clerk. Salary J1.500.00 | Trenore G, Darr, Clork, Salary 1,500.00 .3,000.00' Ou» Frem County Treaiurer For 1% Commlwlon DtducUd From Returned I Total Extraordinary Expenditures Capital Outlay. New canning house New Hog Pen New Garage New Cool Tipple New Boiler House Total Capital Outlay -_ RECAPITULATION Poor Board Administration expense County Homo expenses Boiler Plant expenses Farm expense* Other Institutions · . 15,156.25 3277 1,805.62 14791 1,311.40 110.00 -? 3,413.73 6,790.69 47,502,23 4.214.67 12,141 62 5,942.93 Total ordinary rxpenditurcs ) 75,892.04 33.195.SO Hungarian Assyrian Creations Gorman Irish Serbian Austrian Horwat -Jewish Greek Spanish Hindus Bngllflh Total AGE Committed, Under 16 yrars or ago 16 and 20 years of age 1.04S 1,388 ' 178 107. 84 34 · 29 27 25 15 13 13 5 4 3 3 1 1,9 « Between 20 and 25 yearn of age Between 25 and 30 yearn of ago Over 30 years of ago Total Number hod served in Army and Navy Average dally number of prisoners Average number of days served .Aggregate number of days served -, Number of prisoners paroled Sentenced by Court of Record ., STATISTICAL REPORT OF FAYETTE COUNTY INMATES IN STATK AND NON-STATE INSTITUTIONS AT THE END OF DECEMBER, 1937 CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS: , Dully i Number Average Total ordlnarr a ad Home Relief expoudltarw 1S09.M7 »4 Home ot the Good Shepherd St. Joseph's-Protectory Bays Industrial Home -George Junior Republic Association, Institute of Practical Arts Allegheny County Work-House Eastern Stato Penitentiary -Western State Penitentiary -· ' Trainlni School, "WorjmM*" 83 Continued on Page Twelvs, Rate .SCI .s .80 .79 .7$ LS; Weokty Averac* Rate » 5.00 4.CW

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