The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY ^3, 1918. THK DALLY COURIER. CONNELLSVlJLLJfi, FA. PAGE THREE. NEWSY NOTES TELL | PIG IRON BEING MADE ' WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Jesse Farfitt, Who is Entering Army, Honor Guest at Dinner. W. C. T. U. HONORS MOTHERS rrogram is Fcatared by Tapers on Jtotlier and }j Quotations From Sayings of Croat .Men About Their blotters; Patriotic League Formed. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, .May 23.--Mrs. John. Parfitt ga-ve a supper for her son. Jesse Parfttt, who has enli.sted by special induction in the United States army as airbrake inspector and was sent to Camp Meade. He left at 11.45 over the Baltimore £ Ohio for camp. Among those persons who attended tie dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. William Parfitt and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Parfitt and family, John Heider, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, ; .Ur. and Mrs. Jesse Parfitt, Mr. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Yates o* Uniontown; · Alex, Harry. Roy, John and Ralph Parfltt, Mr. and Mrs. George Meredith, . Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and .Mrs. Parfltt, Pittsburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parfitt aad Miss Cora Co.-ert, of Ml. Pleasant. AY. C. T. C. Meets. Mrs. C. W. Stauffer enti rtained the hdies or the W. C. T. IT. at her ilar- tet street home on Tuesday evening, i prior to th g ca}cnl j ar year 1916. Tis was Mothers' Day. Letters were j AVlth the contlmlod increase m pro- and airs. W. W. Eicher. ers "were present who rad from Charles Colboin at Camp Xfcade. Walter Colborm n Wathing- ta, D. C., and John Bloom at Camp Erest, Ga. The progr.un was in clarge ot ilrs. J. E. Steelwnith. Mrs. Pill Swartzwelder gave a reading, ".'11 Wear a 'White Ribbon for You;" Irs. J. E. Steelsmith oEe on "Why \e Have Mothers' Day."' Each o£ the 4 wbtaen present gave a quotation a what some great man had said iout his mother. Mrs. "ft'. W. Eicher ;ave a reading, "Two Pam'lies. 1 ' Margaret Strawa recited "A Service Flag ' tor Mother," A reading by Lucille Collins was next. "Mothers' Daj* in France and in the Training Camp" was given by Mrs. L,ucy A. Poole. This being the 29th anniversary the roll of charter members was ciJIed. Only three answered. They were Mrs. M. A. Cunningham, Mrs. C. W. Stauffer Seven moth- bad sous in Eranc*. On next Wedni'sday afternoon the ladies of the W. C. T.'U. will meet at the home of Mrs. E. F. Dewitt to tie bouquets for the -veterans for Memorial Day. The memorial service will be held Sunday morning at the Msthodist Episcopal church, and Mrs. H. C. Fox and Mrs. Josiah Rey- nokls »ril! give out :fie flowers on Sunday morning. Home After Tear. Mrs. ilary Williams of Lony Beach, Cat., Is home after a year's visit there. Ball League Fornred. E3mer Carroll, who has taken charge ol the physical work at the Y. M. C. A,, has organised a junior baseball league, including Everson. Browntown. Loucks Avenue. Walnut Avenue, North Side and Pine Tree. Boys' Patriotic League. A Boys' Patriotic leagi.c of Scottdale and vicinity has been organized with the membership being based on owning Thrift Stamps. 1: is planned to have every boy a meml'er. Liberty Bonds or War Savings Stamps are counted in the membership. A special meeting wilt be held ever:' two weeks when help in gardens and Red Cross affairs and every thing pjriaming to gardens will be discussed. Lest You J-'orgi't, Decoration Day is just one week from today; the day when all America parade* in gala array m memory of those who died tliat we might live, and the day for that white dress, skirt, waist, hat, gloves 01 hose which surely every one will wear. We ask only your inspection as our line is most complete. You will surely find the best values for your money at the Broadway Ladies' Store; as you get off the car. Scottdaie. Pa.--Adv. For Sale. Brick house, paved st:eet, heater, bath. gas. electricity, hot and cold lots on paved ADVANCE MAN HERE Adri'rUser lor ChanUiuiiun Dlstrili- ntlng Tickets and Spoeijildi*. Souvenir chautauqua progranis ami otlier advertising specialties are beiug distributed by J. Frank Eaton, advance man for the Redpath chautau- qua, which is to be held here June 20-26 He has placed in tile hands ot Lho local committee 1,000 season tickets for the coming p-rojram. "For , Sale Here" cards have been placed in i the business houses where tickets arc ^ to be sold. While here Mr. Eaton will put up daters announcing the chau- tauqua, and distribute posters show{ ing the talent to appear here. Incidentally, this season's souvenir pro- , grams are works ot art. On the cover page is a three-color drawing of a | sailor lad and a soldier in khaki, with the chautauqua featured as a national institution. Another advance man will arrive here eight days before the chautau- qua. lie will remain until the opening day and will distribute pennant ropes, parade hats,' windw cards, programs, auto daters. chaulauqua news heralds ant other advertising matter. The chautauqna program, as outlined. reveals an and interesting great week is anticipated, June 20-26. array of brilliant attractions, and a CATARRHAL TROUBLES REALLY LOCAL of tlic ose nutl Throat. wr AT RATE OF 42,000,000 ! SHORT fONS PER YEAR Iron and Strel! Indsrtry Jfoir Opcr- ntiiit? ;it y.'i I"-pr Cr-nt of Capacity; Railroad Siiuaiiou ('fouring. SiMteliH iti Tho Weekly Courier NEW YORK, May 22--Tne American Metal Market, and Daily Iron Steel Report will review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows: We estimate production of pig iron ( at present at 42,000,000 tons a year and production of steel ingots at between 44,000,000 and 45,000,000 tons a | year. The April rates, qu te satisfac- [ tory at t3ie lime, were about 40,400,000 tons in pis iron and 42,650.000 tons m Ingots. Production early in the year dropped to below 30,000,000 tons in both, pig iron and ingots. The iron and stool industry 1S now operating at about 05 per cent of Us capacity, ·when two or three monihs ago Ihe best that was hoped for was a DO per cent operation. "Whilf the recovery of the railroads from, what was apparently a blockade seemed to proceed slowly, the transportation situation has become relatively satisfactory. The curtailment in freight movement m January and February was less than generally estimated, the difficulty being magnified on account of the extreme importance of the desired movement that did not occnr. The statistics of ton-mileage j f[ of freight moved in February, just reported, shows that despite DP blockade, despite the condition described as the railroads having "ceased functioning." freight was moved m February at a greater rate than, in any fiscal or calendar year "THE STORE AHEAD" nllcatlmg 'Stamps^Tn PITTSBURGH, PA. Exclusively at l*he Rosenbaum Store Special Before-Decoration-Day Sale duction, the Insistent requirements of tho government appear much less formidable. The representations of the government, while they set no limit on the amount of steel that will gladly be received asa-inst orders, bave really been based in considerable part on the relatively light shipments tear wore made during the first thres months of the year. Mills continue to j ^ divert every ton ot steel Lo government orders that can. be made to fit such orders. The remaining steel is going chiefly to the commercial industries that are considerd most helpiul, indirectly, towards winning the war. Tbe oil industry is now receiving verj mucJi more material than, formerly and increased oil production is expected. Very little commercial business is being accepted by furnaces and mills, but as the join^ committee representing the government arwi the producers' proceeds with its work offerings may increase somewhat. More Than 3000 --In an assortment of stylos to meet every requirement oC Summer ·%Vr and a prica range to suit everyone. Plain and novelty fabrics. Regular and extra sizes. Ki-pp 1'iqnc Stripe* ne* ClKM-ka Surf S a t f n M I.,akexiil«**--smart skirt o r Rifrlish cord. *3 QQ novel pijckcts. button tr mminy.*--nl... «J-J?O ·*SHmvn««" -- moat becom'ns skirt for women, plaited models, w i t h pockets, 33 to 36 inch lenffths. only ·*TnirMwi w --skirt o' fine Enffllih Il-.'-n lengths 35 to 40 Inchos--fit strictly ta lorr-tl efft-ct---it ui****"--Fltlrt nf washable p.ttl high lustre, ver dressy--M . mitred pockets button t r i m m i n g 1 -- a t . Other Wash Skirts at 1.08 to 12.50 --The Skirt .Store. Sixth Floor, ,^L»j^«u!iLaii.~m^r*(J4i«*i KHlrd. Indian Creek. **I havo saffwed interne ajron^ from Eczema on my ieir and otli^r pjirts of my body for 3 ears, and rcfpivcd only temporary rclier frnin otbcr prepcmtlons. Jt la only a riontu sinrf I started to use ' Dav.aiown, spent INDIAN CREEK. Ma 22.--Edward j Fullem was a business caller m Con! u c l l s v j l l e and Mouni-Braddock. j Mr. and Mrs. William Sannor from j day among Con- I Heal Pimples and BlackheadsThat Covered Face, Itched, Burned and Caused Scratching, Was Disfigured, Used Three Cakes Soap and One Box Ointment, "I suffered from skin troub'e such as pimples and blackheads. First a few pimples appeared on nay face, and then more until my face I was covered. They itched ' aid burned causing me to scratch making rny face red, , and I was disf-gured. 1 ' I read about Cuticura Soap and Ointment so I thought. I would try them. I used three Cakes of Cuticura. Soap 'with one small box cf Cjucura Ointment when I was healed." (Signed) Miss Mabel Harshman, Donors, Pa., Sept 1, 1917. Thousands of people, young and old, suffer torture of body and mind because of skin troubles which might easily be cleared away, or might have been prevented had Cutfcura Soap been used for every-day toilet purposes with a toach now and tben of Cuti- cura Ointment. Sample Each Free by Mail. Ac!c're*SpO«t card: "Cutioura, Depi. Et, Eo.ron," Sold everywhere Soap 25c Ointment 25 and 50c. ter . 1 JTJTrjHSON'S OIXl'MENT, nnd thrre la n p t l d v !ln Here is a new treatment that no mat- no slffll ol - Kcrr-ma or iu-hlrg. Ton can ' n e i l s v ' I l c how many thlnfrs ou may have ] refer to me."--Oo. C. TaJbot, 27 Penfleld ' Clark S. Millar f. Xtr. Indian Head, tried or h o w e v e r slubber i your cae, . St.. BufCfllt ' ^ater; albo several street. Box 471, Scottdaie.--Adv.-21- ; he,p you. I once. Conditions of lonjj standing 1 ar it does the work You don't h a v e t o ' wait days and wc-eks to s^ee ;C it w i l l You will feel the effects n.L .. I've sot . K. Y. liumlrnl -St. Girt for Bride. The Stiver Thimble club gaihered at the home of Mrs Elicer Weaver on Tuesday evening anI presented her with a cut glass dish. Mrs. Weaver is a recent bride, and before her marriage was Miss Maude- Ferguson. Personal. Mid-summer shoving of Leghorn, Milan and white hats. Special display o! sport and country club hats; Gage and Castle hats shwn. F. A. McFarland, 111 West Apple street. One-fourth oK on hats.--Adv.-21-5t. _ . - ,, . _ _ -_ tosfimonJnls, saya! PIGn s ^ v p t a ' ( l t l l f lr«.nsiicting busi- Petersmi, junt as shu'fro nnd honnt ns tills , nes s .n ConLellsvIlle and Pleus- onp. Yenr^ ojro. wbcii I tint fitnrttd to put ant out PirrtltSOX'S OISTMHNT, I madp up * . _ my mind to R!VO a bi^ bos for a small- *-· A. Evans, extra Baltiaiore . Ohio operator from r _ _ ^ _ _ , , _ . . - , uurd trick at the Jelly, anc! refirsre all substitutes. For-, b ^3use I know tl'it Its mighty Ji*-aliug' XC tower here kola tiuickly hfals and soothes the ' P° ner i3 marvelous-. I say to every o n e ' \ \ o l l e n fl-i ml m** TI tti ' w h o buys a box tl";it It 1*. r l p l d l y fruunin- Siraiily RO to your drupr^jst and ask ' phit in the couutrv kr iivi ' ° ' i i " * for a, small sired package- of Forkola I guarantee I'l.'Trii^OX'S OTNTMHNT , J' n l ( ling ilOVfn the Mrs. J A Dowlo from A New Home Cure That Anyone Can Use Wittout Discomfort or Lose of Time. We bavo a X^\v irethod that cures Asthma, and wo wHnt you lo try It, nt our expense. No m»t*x i r irhelJirr your cost* is ot long- stbiuUne or recent clovelopnuTt, \\ hether it is present as occ/isioiml or chronic Asthma, you should goncl fyr n frae trial of our , method. No ni!Hl«"r in. \vliut cllirmto vou .Rogers Hvo. no matter what yom HBO or occupa- no^o and air pa-*sacrps in .1 truly w o n de -ful~way. Thousands of sufferers claim that Forkola Jelly ended their catarrh forever. -- . Your drutr^JHt can supply you.--Adv. Perryopolis. , PERRYOPOLIS. May 21.--Albert all e irly season _ lnm ,,, Amg terdam, O.. has returned home. Miss Florence Lockard. in training , Jost . ph Logan and Jos , ph Blratmg it the Homeopathic hosp:^l m Pitts; of rjunbar, were town callers Mon- burs. spent yesterday a' her home Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ba/h and Mrs. William Gibson of McKeesport, is riEltirg t o w n f -, eads _ _ Albert Hemp are visiting Albert Hemp Word has been received here Q,^ u Newport Xev.s. / I Sergeant Mongo Weimer and Cor- Patronize those who advertise, j poral DaUd Stlcllcl navc arrlved safe - Custaf Anderson o£ A"e\i York City, , ]v in p rance s the guret of Eou Ander.-on of North | i :dwarrt westfal! returned home i f./ora the Uniontown hospital Monday. .Mrs. O. S. Blades and son Eari ver 5cottda!e If You Are Hunting Farcins ConnellsviUe callers Wednesday 1 the advertising coli.nas of The Try om . class i fled ads _ Daily Courier You will End them. .Mrs. J. R Martin will entertain the Foreign Missionary society of the M. E. church at her home Saturday at 2 P. M. WHEN CHILDREN GRY OUT And i re feverish and dua't «!eep well,are conitl- paiedsnj Imvedj rn[itonm of worm*, mothers will find quick relief in ^[oihorGra^a Sweet J'tm derm f irt bildren, :he st.indard rer.idly for 30 jcars. Ther arc ea«v tn pl\c and children fiko ihem. T^f-y :hc utotnach. act pen tly on t he tiow - eli»nf* brent upcoM* Ilpllevc heartaches and iwttiific (Ii-nrilers. \Vc hi\e Ift.OOO tc«[lsonial». Ask yunr dniKuwr and h« sure to pel Mother tiraj'a Sweet I'owders for Cbiltireu, -.6^ Ulcers, Skin rJl^'--.sos, Chuilngr, ScaJds nnd StiDburu, and If not Rn MIL. accomnaaied by her daughter, Woo, « you are tiouWeU with nhthmu. our ^, r^ T t « i · ^ .1 method aiiouid rollo\o you promptly. Mr: tory any drti£gi£t will return your inunoy. 30 cents. r^ T t « i · ^ .1 Dr. J. L. payawel. from Balti- we osoociaiiy Wtt r.t to send it to those .Md., are spending today among Bppnren'.ly hopol^s cuaus. u hero ml forms of ialitvlcis, dor.c Ohiopyle. OHIOPYLE, May 2S.-- Miss Olive Cunningham, school teacher at Adah, the past term, has arrived at her home here to spend the summer. Miss Elsie Beggs of Confluence, spent Wt-dnesday here with her music class. Arthur Bailey o£ Cniontowa, was a business visitor here Tuesday and "Wednesday. The Red Cross will hold a supper Saturday evening on the Ferncliffe pavilion. Everybody invitee, to come and help make this a big success for the good cause. __ _ ... , --jCbeH. o p i u m preparations, (nines, potent smokes." etc., have tolled. Mill Run is ^' e WODt to sbo«- c\*'ryono at own . !, ' expense, thnt tbia new mothocl la designed transacting husjness m Coancllsville to end ail difficult bicatiiimr. all whocKins. rnriav i and nil tlioso terrible paroxydmti at once L11U ^' and for all Umu. ··«« n on oi-ii in rv.n,^ O n n e l l S A U l c CricucLs. Bert Johnson from . This fruo oiler Is too Important to nnslect ' ^ 1 FREE ASTHMA COUPON FRONTIER. ASTHMA CO., Room 4WT Nlagfira nnd Hudson Sts., Bnffti]o, K.y. Send Ireo trial ol your method to: Mr ami! Mrs. J. TV. Barger f r o m In-; d;an Head, arc spending today among CouuellsYiilp irieiHU and shopping. Simply mail coupon bolcm. Do Jt Toduy! Harry Sparks from Rogers' Mills, is spending today among Connetlsville friends. Jaitc Dull purchased a new Buick Six touring cat- Head the advertisements. Cecil Moore, one of tho Indian Creek Valley tiaci laborers, had the . misfortune of spraining his ankle yos- ! tenluy while at work. M i . Moore is - moving around will- tho aid of a pail of crutches. , Mrs King and son, P.ced King, from Mrs. Lloyd Hay of Mill Run, spent l NormaUvilie, spent a day here among Wednesday shopping m town. ! friends. Miss Jessie Tissue and sister Mill Run, spent Wednesday calling on Ohiop.vle friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tissue spent Wednesday shopping and celling on friends hi Couaellsville and On.on- to \vn. 1 Mrs. D. M. Woodmancy of Philadelphia, 15 the guest of Mr. and Mrs. \Vooclmancy at Bear Run The- machinery to bu.Id tho Meadow A ^^^ B f«r1^^ib,rt »toFtoW « Run bridge IS Leing hauled hero, and faded hair, f or icmovuiftde^ruff and M ft hnwdr»- I it looks . ls though the work on it mil Scn,!'^?^ rLtoSk'^lN.'J. l soon begin. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. ©r The Aaron as usual HoHM'ftirnislK'rs Since iVJl. ! Bell Service In Uncle Sam's City Huge army nnd navy cities have sprung up as if by magic; as any of our cities of the same size, they arc completely equipped with telephone service. In normal times such camp telephone systems would have taken nine months for manufacture and installation; in Jess than two months the military needs of the Nation were met. Additional wire and cable faculties to nearby cities were constructed. Special switchbo ird equipment v/as required and furnished. And an operating force was trained for this national camp service. "VX'hether it be for canp or "back-home" service, Uncle Sam'i, soldier finds the Bell Telephone always at command. Buy Baby Bonds--War Savings Stamps I The Central District Telephone Company £. F. Patterson, Local Manager Uniontown, Pa. Robert Williaoo, Galesburg, Ko 0 December 27th, 1917. Daax Sir: You are right t-hen you say in 7onrs of Secern- be? £4th tnnt So-.reoo Is s renarkably good tooth paste nnd last it has a strong story to tell, but tne difficulty lies in futt:nvj tnat story in such langULige os will convince t,,c public. The- Seiroco story cf a rnodiaiiel ta^to thnt not only cloansca the toeth fcjt also ko«pa inou f h and gurs healthy, v:,ii?n put on rr.per coeo not sound very different from tLe story of just any ordinary dentifrice* For that reason -*T nake every effort to get the people to try SB.TOCO. .Aftar that Senreco tells its own si or;. 1 - and fully 90;? of ther; Senrooo users and boosters fro-3 t",on on. There is a Senrr-oo user in Pittn'b-sTKjh who has introduced our product into the fanilic-3 of thirty-four of his frjends. Fjithusiop-i' :io. not entirely. Simply s case cf Senreco nailing ^oad. It ic ^uat as stated above. If they will try Sonreoo - if they once becono acquainted with a rct.1 dentifrice - -?ith -n^s.% ~ dentifrice can and chould be - tl.ey ero Se; reco boosters frora thfit time on. your drucGist or toilft countnro can supply you with Senreco. It coses in Itirgc, two o-j^co tubes end retails at 25^ Why not get tube to-day? Try it. Xe otand behind ever; 5- n :3i)ge of Eenreco with money-back guarantee. Very truly yours. SENRECO, c me am ATI. The dclifUilB ot yojr vacation bcjjin ihc moment ou board a D C. Const Ltnc Steamer lor be am .in) Madiaac Ii!acd~for hnlf of ibc dclifiJi" ^rc n the Late voysfie. Railroad iickeiB are honored on all D. C. Lice Gtcaoers with' The D C Irtr,lCma inEure-s the best in appointmcnis. ci-Unr. and painnakinC -.c-vice Safcij aod health ptoviucn^ JIG all thai could be desired All steamers n-e eqjipped wrilh tatcfii ·wireiei* eervice. All ·water is neriliied by ultra violet ray process Two Bplcod'd vf-s-.elB--City of Mackinaw 13 end City of Alpena II--operate four lir es a ivetk to. MacUnac In and From Toledo Monday* nod Saturdam830 A. M , Tuewljs jnd Tjursdas 6-00 P M. From Detroit Mor-dajs ^nd Saiut* days 5-00 P. M.. Wednesdays uad Fndavfc S30 A. M Send 3-cent ciamp for lilustiaicd ptpipbl*. Grcai Lckc* map Addrcw. L. C. Lli G. I*. A., 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich. TO HACIUNAC ISLAND fLffelo 19.50 Round trip 1650 From Oevtlrad $7.00 Round trip 12.00 From Toledo t 6 25 Roundtripl! CO From Detroit 55.50 Round trip J1000 THE JOB JuiEPAETMEKT OF THE COUEIEE DOES ALL KINBS OP COMMERCIAL PRINTING.

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