Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 97
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 97

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 97
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Maw' tow budget mystery KEAHSE MATMHTMAY 'AMU!" 1:1J.4Jt-7J7 I By James F. Deal "THE MIDNIGHT MAN," Burl Lancaster, Susan Clark. State. **'/z "The Midnight Man" is a (airly good' : little low budget murder-mystery adapted from a more successfully realized novel, "The Midnight Lady-and The Mourning Man" by David Anthony. Burt Lancaster plays a former Chicago cop, paroled from prison after serving time forthe murder of his wife's lover. He takes a job as a security guard on a ... npus$f £ small Southern college' |j almost right off the batl|e;| involved in in- vestigafiffa case of theft. Three" student tapes have been stolen from the laboratory of the college psychologist and Lancaster's sleuthing leads him to a coed whose surface cool barely covers a badly mangled psyche. Then the coed turns up , murdered. The sheriff grabs a sex-mad, religious-fanatic janitor as the killer, but Lancaster thinks the case is more complicated than that. And it is. As a matter of fact it's so complicated that the audience may get a bit restive from time to time as Lancaster, works his way through" thig puzzle. Involved with Lancaster in sorting ev- erythjng'j'put are Susan Clark, ,a ? v ; ery talented actress who"doesn't get the good parts she should, as Lancaster's parole officer; Cameron Mitchell as the chief piths college security force,;;Ita|ris Yulin as the semi-redneck sheriff; Morgan W.pj)dfoaTd as a state senatoSrpfie father of the murderidj girl, who was more than a daddy should be; Joan Loring as Mitchell's wife;^ Richard Winterstein as a sadistic deputy sheriff and Ed Lauter, Mills, Watson, Bill Hicks and Eleanor Rose as a quartet of yokel crooks whose violent attempts to murder Lancaster are foiled when he very messily kills three of the four. At the end of the movie, everything is tied up neatly with all the unexplained oc- curences explained, although itigkes a rather lengthy voiee-over narration by Lancaster to do part of it and VIRGINIAN there are at least three separate climaxes. I said the movie was low budget and you can almost feel the pennies being pinched. The most unfortunate example of cost cutting comes .in the film editing where in at least two scenes, you can clearly see the overhead microphone dip into the picture and, in another scene, work lights are clearly visible in the background. There is one glaring technical flaw which can't be blamed on the movie makers, however. I thought at first my eyes were going bad but mutters from other members of the audience around me soon proved that they were seeing -- or not seeing -- the same.thing. The movie kept going dark and then getting light again. At times, the film grew so dark it was almost impossible to see what was going on on the screen. There is a definite flaw in the projector at the State and it should be corrected without delay since it adds nothing to the enjoyment of movie going. VALLEY DMVE-W ST.ALMNS NOW SHOWING Hl^^. 'THETEACHER' NEIIEST LESSONS NEIE TAUCHT AFTER CUSS CO- HIT IT'SAfAMILYAFFAIt -- THURS.-FRI.-SAT. - , "DACMARS HOT PANTS INC." "PICK UP ON 101" CINEMA / j lOOSQujrrierSt 346-0041 RATED ADULT ACTION FILMS 21 and over DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM Show Changes Each Wednesday JAJKthfullQOPM POORS OPEN 705 Lei Street/343-1125 liVO. 1,00PM 2FEATHRES!2 ACADEMY AWARDWiRMCSTARS TK Dirtclori Comptny pttnnb TATUMO'NEAL I JrraLEMMOfi M HIS ACADEMY AWARD WMNNGRQLE " SAVE THE TICER" co-starting JACK GILFORD Owens Midtown Don't pass Herup... She's Iwkiiigf of FEA: jn Color Hi S 2:00 5:00 8:05 3:30 6:35 9:40 WALNUT GROVE DRIVE IN OWENS DRIVE IN 'FEMALE ANIMAL" (X) "WHIRLPOOL" (X) "THE SEDUCERS" (X) Mormet Theolre "THE GODMOTHERS" "PRIVATE NAY OF SGT. O'FARRELL" Box Office Opens 2:00 'CINEMA 21 I»T.2:15 HFSA GOOD COR, ONA .BIG BIKE. It's fractured trees and flying skis. - ·, it's a SNOW BALL! WALT DISNEY PMOUCTKMS nwnuimf 'nmim... K1TK MUTEST! NOW SHOWING X-RATID-ADULTS ONLY | LIMA CfWOUCTKXtS MEKNTS i i T fti, NANCY HARRY KEENAN GEO -WlB TM-l* TECHNICOLOR* tKntd by lUtH* VISI« OISJMUTIOH CO.. IK. | CW.II Oii«i fiwlucliiwi "TIM JAN-MICHAEL JOHN ROSCOEI CONVWY · VINCENT · AMOS · BROWNE | - TECHNICOLOR* . «, Itlm.d t IUINA VISU DISTIIIimOH CO.. IK. Igjl OWalt Oitncjr ProdKlitni dl are, I IK IMMB) ' STATE UJli I IK ":· I Oil I IK IN EASTMANCOIM te« ·OWSHOWKK ·oxofnaofEMTMNi FEATURE Tim$ 7:10-*» The most fascinating murder mystery in years. W!Q!P ,^BURT LANCASTER; SUSAN CLARK CAMERON MITCHELL SS^^SSSSS, viAinen lex me Screen. Pioduceo and Keeled by r*T ^T^^s KHANDKIBREond9U(!lLANCAS!ES R ^K^ A Univenal Pclute · Technicokx * VILLAGE lln Color V^-'.'X lAdultsOnly '$\-^('^,\ (No One Under ?'£y! : 'v-,i?s 118 Admitted : \Eh^;.":4 CINEMA SOUTH 4THCRAWWBK loxomaorasMSM KATUKTIIIWS-7KW.«:30 Manyofhistdow officers considered him the most dangerous .. ·man alive-an honest cop. * PARAMOUNT RELEASE PINO DE LAtmENTHB presents ALPACINO 1 "SBRPICO" ItkNetk MAT. 2:1$ EVE. 7:15-9:15 Color by TECHNICOLOR' A Paramount Release p 4» 111 i2 Qr««W Sojidtfatk AlOum on P.r.cnoonl RtfCtyUb ana Tapes CAPITOL NOWSNOWIK FEATUH-MAJCHU" 130-7:30 T1«£S"(MJEBi"4:07.*07 ALBAN TM« r " f HTM5 E«E BILLY JACK Watch out for Judy Lee. She will rip your teyesout!! WARNING!!! OUt 10 THE CONSTANT ·CTIOKinOlCNCE OfPlCTED IN THIS PICTUHt THE MKXXICE* KQUEST5 THAT Pt»50N5 U«D£« 17 8E ACCOMPANIED tl *H ADULT ' RUNG Fli SUPERCOOL AQUARIUS FILMS COLOR.) SUPEfi DEADLY «r ... all it takes is a little Confidence. PAUL /ROBERT IEWMAN REDFORD ROBERT SHAW THE S7/NG " 2:30-4:50-7:15.9:30 fpi^a East ICOLOR by MOV1ELAB _A Capital FWrtions Refeas TRAIL DRIVE-IN GATIS I OPEN 1:3 ELRVIEWDRIVEIN Mo"H o' Woih Mel Brooks' IGPJ PARAMOUNT ||yi PARAMOUNT I Si**?2»SS,4:25,9:50 | SKAT 1:15,4:40,«:10 from MM peoplt wht gave you "The Jazz Oinger" 1:45-3:30-5:30-7:30'9:20 STAIR fttsra IROWN INTERNAtlONAL PICTURES I1K 1E5SON5 I WfRf TAUGHT IFTEftCUSSJ I COLOR R- I'THETWCHER' -...v INGELTOMPIIMS " HICKMAR PRODUCTIONS INC A CROWN INHRNA STARTS 11:1! She forced A her husband's s ,, to commit L the ultimate 1 sin!! SHOti TIME, June 16,974 _ift» family affair CHARLESTON, W:VA: '' 13s

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