The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1918
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I 31W Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,696 /OL. Ii., NO 165 CONNELLSVILLE, PA, THLRSD4Y EVEM\G, MAY 20 1918 BIGHT PAGES LEAPS OVER TOP IN SINGLE DAY 'ORK OR GET INTO THE ARMY FORTHWITH IS NEW ORDER FOR MEN IN NON-USEFUL VOCATIONS Assigned $3,000 in Ked Cross ·astic Ruling of Provost Marshal General, Effec-j Dme Coiiunuiutj tive July 1, Will Drive Gamblers, Race Track lu.scs S-,050 Attendants, Waiters, Bartenders, Clerks and|j,jiyj5 HfArpc ic Many Others Into Manual Labor. 01 Gllfn/l\ 10 L^n K 1UI FOSAL SO TO DO WILL PLACE THEM IN CLASS 1 By Associated Press WASHINGTON May 23 --Every man of draft age must work ght after July 1 under a drastic amendment to the selective nee regulations announced todav by Provost Marshal General wder Net only idlers tint all draft registrants engaged m wbat are I to be non-useful occupations are to be haled before local rds and gnen the choice of a new job or the army Gamblers race track and bucket shop attendants and for- » tellers head the list but those who v,ill be reached bv the regulation also include waiters bartenders theatre usheifa attendants passenger elevator operators and other attend, of clubs, hotels, stores, etc domestics and clerks ir stores Deferred classification granted on account dependents will isregarded entirely m applying the rule A man maj be at bottom of Class 1 or even in claso 4, but if be falls within the UaUon and refuses to take useful employment he will be n a new number in Class 1 that will send him into the mili- service forthwith Local boards are authorized to use dis- ion onlj where the find that enforced change of employment Id result in disproportionate hardship upon his dependents bad been kno^7n for some tnne^ some form of work or fight" had been submitted to President n but tbere had been no inti- n tb-ai it -was ^o far reaching in Both tbe military aaOxmties he Department of Labor officials o that it will ;o a long vray d sohnizff th« labor problem aimers, sinpbrn'ders and nmai- -worfcs 1 list of oon-esserilal occupations ITALIANS READY FOR OBSERVANCE OF ANNIVERSARY Response to Appeal ^nonUincous on Part ot Near!} J bousanil CoUo iintl Coal Vwrkers 01 "» i, 1 ingtvi "ttuu taller; A1U DoubK the \Hutment Star Junction has gone tar ovei the top in the Rul Cro-i^ dme in one tie | lerraiBcd missed auaUv launched jes , tcrdaj moioing Assigned the nsk i ot r-ubing £3000 tht comnumtv t i e iir=t day came acrosb \\iiii *j 050 I t ' ib the nist m the court/ to reach or go beoud the auioun allotted to lied Cross 'rt orkors, ^oi Discouraged, Want Larger KURTZ MAKE? SIATElFIFi ( o u n { j Clrannun Sounds f j l l fci On ikr Mil rip on Purl of III, Iliat Qiiolu ol ijHO,000 Slial, |( Hutched .ind PiAsod, Homilies Kp»ri. Newest Horror Perpetrated on Sunday Night When Four Squadrons of Enemy Flyers Drop Tons of Huge Bombs and Shrapnel Shells Among Sick and Woupded Ebck of Lines. NURSES ARE KILLED AT THEIR POSTS OF DUTY ai ti raise Intensive prepirauon \ as for the rii(ve it ^ould not 1 avc beea possible ^v thout the leade s a t e confident The blogau amonu, tlie JOO to J 000 men m the orop1o o r the hashing on Coal £. ""oke complin Viab a day's wages Lp to las evening not a = ackei had been found n ^a^ stated Now the faces of t) c canvassers hearted b\ Superintendent It C Bf»cr i bower are set toward doubling the » extended Cram time io turre as srty requires wball players as ·vrell as jockeys, ssioaal golfers uid other pro- ma! sportsmen. General Crowder will be affected bj Xbe regola- it strictly enforced. General ier satd be dad not desire to specific rulings at this time, i would make rulings oniy when ' ^ a £ cadt came to hjza from local boards Julj 1 :ameal performe'-s -were ex- i from tbe regulations at the din. ot Secretary of War Baker is saxl to feel thit the people t do without aJl anrnseraents m .meet, and thai other amusements be dispensed -witJi more read Three Tears Tomorrow Conntrj- Entered the Worid War. GREAT PARADE PLANNED Tbere "ftere few large contributions Near!) all of them w e i e compara tnelj srnall be days \\iges ar ran^rmont carrying the locilit^ it a great rate The response was ^pon taneous and it was sm ply a iratter of anting up the subscriptions On Mondav night the commanity held a ral'y to mark the closing or the E-ibcrty Loan campaign and t v f» | opening of the Red Cross Tlie Star Since Junction ·vuduornm overflowed o the number of 150 or more who re mamed onts^e during be exercises By virtue of havmg atta ned t total of £121 000 where it was allowed $oO 000 to raise for the third loan the contrmmny was iwarded a flag fnJi j a star The banner was prr-sentod by Rev A. Glennon pastor of bacrcd Heart Catholic church Dawson Rev M- R Hackrnan of Star Junction MORRIS J GROD/IN "Won s J Grodrin son oC Mr Mrs Jacob Grod/in who ei\e«* on Monf'T' for Cii ID ec is the «t°ond ^on oi the fa-mlj to enter tMc null tao e re in this wai his hi other Jul us h a v i n g enlisted in Uie British \rnrv si\ months igo and h now ^ti j tionod a C^it a' Africa | Moms is u r omier vcl known res dent of CYmneE «mlle having hnen t | p-mnpr with hU f tthci uh^ Crawfonl i u \ e n u e merchant tor a period of 10 1 \ear-; Two f"irs ngo he went to Ok ihor a where hr has been sue ce-'-c'fu Iv orgigeEJ n the oil and RI^ aline huslmy^N }To ini\rd m Con nelte\ lie a f iv t*i)s ago to bid I n ' fnuids f a r c u r l l before cntpnng upon ' an u n d e r i a k i n T 1% u h he "uvn will e j finished onh \ ^rn he has helped to -aise O d Clory over tue Imperial Palace in Berlin j .KnoiN mio ] i team captains -it t h e nooti dmnei at ho Ala -mi en j p i o ioda^ s b o - . t d i t Hi i c o n t i n u t c t u i ]ird Cio^s \\^r l n n c l n Connol s v i ] fiie rtm as sers wore it'rincsert b Au )rnt\ \ 1 l "en of L n j a i r A u ( Rt t i of ^^ish!n w ton D ( and I* 1 ufd 10 One ifv" repar/od hai t i p i - j c i o r \ oC ihe ^PPC T i n Sui o i n ^ n \ o-i t a p We^t Side u is 100 ptM ( m i a i d ,,Ko | Kopoi s ma^r ^ t i l r K i Cro% Heaaq mrteit, laii nigh ana odj^ i i tiicatp th a tnp quota of ? J O 0 ) j p - u d for ronnellsMllo ^ i e.jjg reat rd mticn lore sJowh than ivas inuri pT-t^d b\ tho e~ocntivo oo-pmi tee VUTH THE the EKES 1KATESG COTI5TE1 TRM. BE PEOSECWPEI). 3HINGTON A£sy 23--Sladte-s cave Che cotmtry to escape the will be prosecuted under tho ve service act on their reun-n bey General Gregoir announced ORBED BY GASOLINE TTMe Garage Han Is Fflling Anio Speciiw to Tbe Caur «r rNT PLEASANT Maj 23--W51- ielson, ni^it man ai the Ralph e garage m Shitpe street, -was fs fatally burned list night a gasoline funnel tipped wbjJe s filling an antomotilo tank it havmg es^uigiiisbefl the oil of tiw macbiue, and tbe stuff fire hands wero burned tc a crisi? ie upper portion of his: body d k erriblv He TTOS removed hospital Nelson is 35 years and Fi)l Be Followed by | accept'd it in behalf of the commnn .Addresses at the library Lownj.ifT Re^ C J Rocbiikv pastoi of .Hotoreyclc Baees Ironng Uternoou. Italy Day the tlurd annrrersary of the Slat sh church tpoko m the Slav ish tongue The nr ncjpal spsrtker of tho evening on the Red Cross \\as Rcrv Goodutght of Unkmto-wn I U , H IROUT IT. S V Y S CIEK, \ let or wa- recpivnd M induj bs Mrs J S Carr o f Star Jnrction from cr aou. Prank vsh- is "\vith the ^2ud \cro I^ng tiecrb Squadron in * rj.nce Tae [ptu r rpuris i" piri I am m iho Ijcst or h p i K h and en joying armv !i o \prii 20 just nnJics 01 e t a r in vh.o scrv ct and I sjrety a t v e =ieea lois o.f UK | \-orld m that time There a'-e lots o r ! Iting^ to moke a fallow cash ind thrr ' ho laagh-s aboiU. it ^terNvirdft j Sqniro vra on? of the firit hoys -o j enlist af cr war was d^claied and hag benn in Pruu-p ibout nine months Ho wca-s chc gokhaud on ius sleeve denoting six monJis of fomgn fatrv k:e JM 1) ( !RI\] I O P II $ Hoporta by le im carta u noon todcj slioucd t toul ' By Associated Press C^K \RMY 1\ FRANCE May 2^--Geri nm en mai aj neu at; HI na, bombed Heivih Cr tish Iiospitalb in the L ? 2 i ^ " j o 4 area be'un I ibi, 1 Htb md tins time ba\ e kulcd and v ounded some h niuretio anion^ ihe i»cr^onnel a.ud patieutb of i ia.n\ du- f^rctK oapiials in iht ,iouiJ-» HfLOT-^ed in t l i e ci^ualu hst aip the iia nes OL =;e\era sifters I i o \Mtli ot^cr voracn nures -^tooa bi«.\el\ b\ ihe i pofets th^oiigrhoui a u r r i l i do .i r ( of e\p!osi\f^ T h o j t ij J i ne n ^ iio r hood one Jirqc X r u n f a u bospital inu ai OL! ( t ni \ \ l u r h i h t i t ar 1 \u enc"ii ^oiher^ but ) cither of Lues j * ijjo^is o iru suflorot 7 La»i summer a number o£ Aricncan do tors and nurses ^ere Killed ind \\oinded \\ben thest c ime U o b p i ' u K ^ e c riided b\ ihe ^enmns fhi=, latL-t 1 on or \\at pc' potiaud ' = unua\ jn^lit ippaionUy 7 ?\ four s']iiidiou£ Oi. encnn plines w h i c n appe a to lip^e c(Tm- pnsea more tba»i ascoie 01 ji t chiiies v grcu n imbci of bombs \^eie dropped about 0 p r c"u f t them huge alfairs \\bi^u dug \asi crater^ in ilif* ho^p^al pounds IK! t ie 3 st hi^h explosive shrapnel w h i c h -*nt their death doahn^ bullets u a n n g in e\ery direction through the crovced hospnal tents a id ou'ldings One sister \Kas 1 ilied w h i l e adn niste JUE; to the boldiers' v^aut^ Vnothei was so oeriou^h ]iurt that sJe died shouly attenvard Still another was* d \ m g foda\ va, or^ T L c fpor follows As C _ Dowl]. I roudfk *^au pbet beclii, j OuO I" K ni e\ I-oj g _ 3 0 6 7 ) 1 OOi OJ WAS NOT (.:! H'.N f.OMlH HS J'! U Jl (!1T 01 F\J IS. P \ US Mav _ --/ruiaii iauis Ti idt. ai otlj r a tick on Pii ^ last id th s t me ci cc H. icrl n ihe nn B jnli ^ %seie i l j f j i P I I O T p cc an oFuial -^uie- i ent re t joi is Says a \eteran of f l i Camp.iiirn, rrieuil 01 th M unit nil 0 nicer. \ p r t s (.1 JUUNs Sf H!U () l l ' i \\ 1 U,t \ 101 1 MCTOJl, RK 4N -.KM1 IN d,n M ^ ..-A e-i fi i ,, repoi ctl i i d i ^ S O L H U B Kf- U1 TO the entry of Knig Victor Ehumannel e S±!L"^,, th ' r"J?,f.l St ._ G !^ 1 ' U ^. P TM vlded 'f? 1 " ^·. of .5f": 1 Vtr aad W M»''".£«T A^In^.S^'^d'm JmcTns^c tvranny, irill be flttlttgly observed to- nellsvitl traio' solorst -ind a mKed mornrw in Connellsville. Plans for quartet of Star JmctKm singers tfae day have been perfected and tiiey giTe promise of making this tn« greatest occasion in the Itaban history of tbe city The celebration -will be formally C-anTjSbns^j\uh only a Rc-eks time bare bco" w o r k i n g stead Ii s tin Mo-ida\ but Le louls aie «iow in thoTr s r owUi -ilejjorls com ng in fron tlie ^r\l distrjcti ind cau mat IJJG worKers 01 Hbl sundaj -r Aoug spkn I e ( \poct to j \ Qnarter Ul cd bj UIP Com- "BUYMISS" opened at 2 o clock by tbe firing ot bombs At 7 o clock in the evening u additional bombs will announce the beginning of the parade which is to be a big feature of tbe occasion. An event of the day will be tnotor- Prctt? Oirls Arn boUlns Them for Oic KP) Cross lnr Fmvd. Red Cross cauTassmg team No 11 headed bv F K Graham li selling kisses todaj Cor Jc benefit ot tno Red Cross that is the team has girls sell ing D\cry cent secured is cycle races for which it is stated there. into tke are already 50 entrants Tbe course The 0.13 nM.cliine of the Tri-State has not been decided, but it will pi abjj be np East Crawford avenue to the end ot tbe paved road at Poplar South ConncUcnlli, havr n c e \ e d So over the top \ritb double tilt qaota word from thfir ^on First Gumcr placed for their larmorj- Waiter Art/^Tan wbo has been in ( There is no question 1 in iba 110 trunlag at Camp Gordon Ga. thai he I peopio of rayv'tle ixmntj are mieuseh is in an Ermfoarfciaan camp ready 10 inter bicd m the worJ\ of Jic i i r r r t a n ,eoto NO PRISONERS ARE TAKEN '."X- -V l u . ,,, Tl =i n K n c PhL a r t l i t % T j · M The e v. is e i a n o r t h w e t f Toul ind i\ t ot- i m pitcr 1 ! ?ia f i do?r } r i n b u c n l \ hoi - torn in ht; tb p t h n j 3- d o w n a enon \ rln i« Oi c \r pr ("n "vn nr ~ S*^! t i pp (]jficip*n Po*l P Tnar 1 ihe the c?a br th( i np" H u n / n u n ' C r o sail for France Grove return Entrants are :ndy con pany has beca donated to Team 11 md it has been placed in front of the ConneDsviUe Dr^jj. com- tering at the Federal Garage VALUABLE DOG by Shock or Pradit Dnriucr th* "trieai Storm of Last AigiU. ag the electrical storm List eve- raluau poodle dog belonging P E Ch«hster of EaWwin suffered either shock or fright iii storm dyia^ from its tffetts o tbe storm be^an th dog s well tramed to p rform was he '·jo scampering playful!? Follofting a bUnding lightning it raa to aa aljoln- IQ apparentl} stunned d was found aead when a j Jic farailj" reached it. fell SENDSJ100 BHi *W Contributor to lied Cross iyoids .Publicity. \\ S Leoch cha:rman ol the 0 s drue d.f Smlthfield opened 1 ihu monung he founu a i ew 11 with, ai unsigned note * a \~ wa for i te Red Cross- No as attach?! i a tbe firs large anon-ynu us Uion reported n tbe coui ,y Grawford avenue Tbe entries close at 10 o clock tomorrow morning The races "will be staged during the afternoon beginning at. 3 o clock The parade which is to be the event of the daj wiU form at 7 o c ode n nrst Second and Third streets "West Side Major Duggan. the m embers of council the volunteer firemen and Boy bcouts Cadets and the Italian fraternal societies will participate The Italian organizations wiL include the Columbus Italian, Fraternal So- eiefcj Concordua Lod^* of the Sons of ItaJy Prancisco Florenuoao odge of Don bar aad the Lodpe Lamarmora of Layton There Till he a three bands the Connel!svi|]o Military Italian and I eisenr ns The 3taJjan band will play on th streets during the afternoon Two girls drapeu in A.mencin and Italian iiags wiU march side by side followed b 94 ooys and 94 girls rep refcentmg the allegiance of Ita y and Vjrenca. b p city-two T an p s wearing Red Cross uniforms w i l l t e resent the 72 ItaJian boys irLo ha. e left this cit for the war The cou-se of the parade is Craw ford i\enue from the West Sid^e dov,n Jsonh Pittsburg street "West Fave te street Jol nson avenue Gibsor avenue Coutinued on Page Two pan store one of the windows h East been rerao\td to that purpose Tlie prettiebi girs m th** city are the ^ and kisses are going fast Con HFMrV GTTES rr i \FR toit soi Bernard bUtlwagin and Moert Sm th homo from u air ing camp on furJougrhs were giitScS it a bpa-r;hcit.i dmjici held m their hoior it iht homo oE Patrofman Toiy Readme on Ihu We=t Side last n.fch The wo so) dicrs return soon to ihwr training stations. g in the in ore L of ihe -he higJ i-chc-nl a J tonu n ~ » f UbL uighi I itu onu/a He n/ u ian in n "° oricer of the Canadian a r : n loJd o u t e Pea t,ross that the look on with hls c ** trj «ices m tUe O H }3J ·coition ind approval o fl the re- treacijl -* durjDfc JILS f o j L^rs o fcabtt w o r k being accomplished b-v i s t - r % 1 L C ^ar of tl i t me w js iu u hosp la m I n l i ! anu he poKr h i ^ a h of lit i ^ o m i M t of nomo which are offcrdc i bolni r-s b L Kerf C oss % f i j q dccrcas i r a! acn t\ ^ ^ An t m n r more ilian bi up ti an md noi bo^n enon \ ina en tbe oil'ci HI BOPS 01* POT \ r x P{ OTT TXCU 150Y (,OrS 1.1 and hrougi jt both at ho IP and oxer .seas tha thc £eel i ju t Qthle 'pride ra bt ng a par of J3is vo der Tut orfiun-iiauon and hope for sn 1 it said J Fred K u r t ? counij ta^i j aign ch-i rnian todij Bai ji % gt i ing io take more than mere *r dD in j accomplishment to put o\ei he pres · em "War Fund drive ir U c amount t on HMVTN 1UUFTFFS Fdv»Trd James McCirthy ^ Con bo vv 11 If TAG \loidaj with Grcealeaf L y tle G a irxbutors can now buy a kiss for the tfao nrnftocs rorn I r w u £ O1 camp .Red Cross help nail the kaiser in his coffin heJp hang the IcaisPr a liuie bagber 01 pUy tbe slot machinea for Jie Red CTOIB The kising gairc is proung ihe most popular howercr CATTLE INVADE GARDENS Damage to Crops imported by tho Bo- Yrnen at Foplxur tr^rc. Complajnt is made by -war garden ers that cows m pasture at Poplar Grove are jnvtdiag and damaging Eiie gardens Up P he present the dam age has beFL TC ted principally ·jo tbe t-araphns of tbe srouuf 1 Havmg imcsed their imo and money in the plots the gardners a--e anxious and nststeot that he caaie be ^ cpt fenced or staked so as to pre vent their depredauons actuaJh "oquircci ts real 17eo There is a Di«irt-ed tendency on ihe pan of too manj o contribute out two o^r , ft/e do lars and slop iviJi tha think ing they bixe dono Uieir iu] C}UL to Clark Boail ^ iT\j,y. a to-me bn- j o n t o w a man and gol*- charipioi now in service n Iia-ty as an xinbularce dnvtr has bven docorattt 3 by the Italian government for bravcn a let ter having been received bj his mo h er Mrs I 01 is I: win Beall te ling oC his erpe-ieiees ·» a \U 23 --James Cobb he negro tafcen from the jail hero by a mob thortl alter rmdn gbt uas carried to the scent, v»bere he at tacked and killei Mrs Roj Smmons etven miies east of Co-rdele ana j banged AVIATRK CARRYING MAIL FROM CHICAGO TO NEWJORK CITY 3Uss Katharine Sttnson J aits »ust- uti Citj at 7^7 MOUNT PLEASANT GROCER IS TREATED TO COAT OF TAR FOR HIS ATTITUDE TOWARD WAR Special to 1^10 Com lor MOtNT PLEASANT, Ma} 23--lie 3GFFEY GIVES U? while another turned a bucket of tii o^e^ his he .id \o ei r ort was made to cause of hi-* refusal to coutr bute to ippiv feathers the men hems appir Uhe Red Cros K Koiogoweit a Gcr |cni) saUsHed \vitL ibe result o f the I man in bu-tne^s at Parfittov,n mit a application The scene «as ,. x ~ ~ , ' ^ a f a dat nj^hx tretted to a coat oC en icted v h le the hnndtrbtonr Aas atk Aomiminon (omdi-d to tar j^eged remarks of Korbgowe | a t its heicu Neigbbors at Irst i j ^ t n c (. Rmumfcll. preiwus to the Uttu ne wa,-. canvas^ j trougbt a Loldup gang vas at \%ork a r Cuflei caid date, foi * h e ( e d by Hed Cioss xjhcitors haa given) Karbq;owu_ runt so. 11 grocery it c noTisa 10" for go\erno hira a reputation for pro-Germanism store His famn is "=ajd to be oppob- ii^ de^ar *\ f j^ene C Bor jane the refu,al to contribute lo t f a e i e d to hss alt uidp in matters pertain ~ fund aggravated t »o sitaa^on u i mi? to t**t c^nthct o tbe u a i By \fafiocja c l ] re 1 *" CIUCAC-O Ma -3--Miss Ki ha-me Stiason aviatrix sUi ert a li^lit i.rora Gnu igo to New lor! ^ith mail at 727 oclrck tins moining TOLEDO Ohio M\.\ 2S --Kathanne S inson jn hoi deropl ne flight from Chicago to New \ork parsed ovei Bowling Green n in les south of uete at II iC V M headed southwest She did Lot ly CACI Toledo CLXVT7L\ND Olno May 23--Kath anne Stinson flM g f i o m Ph cago to \ T cw Yoil parsed o\ei Perh- Ohio 15 milos west of here at 12 ,5 P "tt eulisced | the T led Cross and to Leys Largar dontiiions naus be made if the PayetU, County chapLer alloiraent of f 140 000 is to be readied aid c\. reeded to the extcn« that is possible toi U Ai only 25 per cent of tht amount raised ib retained for in tbe county the ba ante all being used for general Red C oss work it least 550000 should be realized from this drive lo t^iveUo count j WOLK a.s the tern oo v lir»e tbe amount of work I.UTJCC. oat pnormous and the necessity for ja ui^ sufficient mone-\ to pureliase ra^Lerials iraperati/e I would urge c cr/ laytl ctt ^ei to give T o u c h i n g on the a Ij d a \ s of vhe u ir ^teatcntnu H*- n i an o to \s t i e unprepd-c-dnLss of I c g U i d sai^ the "iti'-h nrruv h ic3 t ^ h fou helib d da\ to a Q un aud ba iut pieces of hea \ ar iller\ to a di IMOU of tioopa Jhe»e ta(in s v,rc ca-i bj Jn.Gfci.unns f o u b ^ i ^ u ak i a i c r b\ ihe (. atadiai = md ir nov j ed t-b anti d i c i a u O uiis ir Ix)^tlon BL caxiso 01 he upenoi p i e p a j t d n c s of the. G«. iiiaa 4 - e\er shell SOUL nto their lilies b tbe Canadians Vi i a^i iHcred b; 3U oi 30 now a,a ^uu'i. Lieu nau }iti"?mo.r joined if, bap i n- of nre m Uu bai le 01 'ipre vihtn bi ahi j MIix r ium u tiTorrs tho hot i l j i iob iu d JJriusdi nrt w or 1.1 CaTidia i t"oopb p e en rd tbf Cii.r mans fro i b r e i k m ^ \ iroj a ) lo he channc poitb m ucir i r«s d i n e r or that o b j t c l u t Iu 3 if, thi c b*xt le uc Get ui in 1 -- made use of t ilonne g^=; i Lhc. rt,t cant h i M u g \tr,\ ousij c pc r jracnud t pon civilians in French) and B f l o i a n ovvns ^su ung in th i Giib o 3 ~00 old nua worax-n a id cb Itiron l m ba t a M u 1-3 t o n n s ) ·* -Jui i i M i\ _^ Dt n tf 1 it f n m i id i PC i p H H J O D I J H t u C d rii lup n t i ha c i r' \ e ti e i pn o-u^ j j t. Uji Ji jMKh 10 \ K ( ia\ noi i Ito i i n^ unin r i \ t a n ] j J r n \ M K » \i i n. OMJON j n }I* j ^ a! h i it nx in i \ I K I ^ il c t! 01 t i t n«- 3.3 J ni h I m't al TI * j « r d 11 u 4 -v IK tl ^ S d i c - L-t T! c ia ici u Uo\ ^ t c a r n i d 0! s u t t c f u i n d - , 11 c n 'ibi r jnd of \i, u ami 1 i\ \ MX 3 i n i i t o n a mmbor a m i w on th t n e i \ 11} can r i, a m a t h i ^ gui i r t*-c n t n im ii^l lo !Titi o u j fo e hosnH d i n lei\ in Uio \IK t. t i t c i Rot (.tq t of Nieppt \ - « l I j o*n o riu "Vina^ a e m J i ni th tas of U w i l l be nccessarv to gm ^s mueh LS ts noecLed but it w wo tb it lo their proper credit be it said tbe dvc!a.t.,e person of pinj.ll meais s giving m a i n m propoi 101 to tneir ^vealti than Uiofac posseted of lar^ei noaas [ x h c Tbobc vrho in i-ble shon d contr luito jfc e ir to this fund not oalj gcceroush bat j c j o q e , fieeh anc 1 e l idlj vn bout p issuit c ] 0 sed and a^gumen Our o w n conscience n iant must oe Uit hnai ^nage oi TAhethcv he ja mcaotircHi up to the ^tandird of (Continued on -Pa^e Tw o ) Tflhen ue firs L gas attack vas mad\ the C anatl us ^na the 1 urco v ho occupied the n^i-i *_cuon o f the f on V . L I U viholh u n p j o p i r d to wiihsi uiu it i h t 11 rot b a id ^c.i rr*-"C l i uf iicers u P I C Urinal K in^ihilaied Jj is aid d v. idt gap M-, i th j n it fell to Oi aniaian« to ih-ib gip \ hieh liaD 1 not t i \\ouid h v e P L i m i l t d t P Ocr niant io SL snuj IP t-3 of ibf 1 Bru '·Q linc-b a i o «.su UY! ui j i - c icai dv. 5(1 uc ion of U (Co ti u d on I 1^1. v, o ) i ouni t \ jun 11 V( H O N . 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