The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWKIA'E. . THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELISVTLLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, a ! GENERAL MARCH'S THREE DAUGHTERS WILL ALL BE THE WIVES OF OFFICERS j NATIONAL LEAiiCE. Yesterday's Res i!ts. Now York 2; St. Louis 0. Cincinnati 7; Boston -J. Brookl.m 1; Chicago J. ia. rain. Steading of lie (Hubs. W. L. New York . 22 7 ·Chicago , . -17 11 ' Cincinnati ,-- Philadelphia Brooklyn 11 16 Boston ___10 19 St. Loois __ 9 10 Today's Schedule. Philadelphia at Porbas I'iclfl. EOSIOE at CiECinza i. Brooklyn at C'.icajo. Ne-v.- York zl SL Louis. AHF.KICA3 LKACCII. Yesterday's ltt";nHs. Cleveland 6; Boston 'i. St. Louis -1: 'Washing 0:1 3. Other games poslpon'-d--rain. Standing of tlie Cl'ibs. Boston -Chicago New York Cleveland __. St. Louis Washington --, Philadelphia Detroit _ » HE REB CROSS serves YOC'K Army, TOi'R Navy, YOUK Allies and li'OU the solicitor with a smile and an open parse. 7 1C Today's Schedule. Chicago at New York. SL Louis at Wash: isrtou. Cleveland at Boston. Detroit at Philadelphia. ..WO . .MS Whoa Miss Josi-phi-ii! March is married before the end of May. tbu ,-W4 ' three dau^ of M a j o r General Peyton C. Marcii. chief nf staff, w i l l have .304 ; become war brides within s:x month*. VLIS* Jo.-:cphir.e, who IE to wed Mai j o r Joseph M. Swing, it shown beiov.- at the i-igi'.t. At the icCt !s Mildred, '. who married Captain John Milliken, and above is the poiwral's second i ilaugliter. whoso is Captain Pan!!l Frank. 1! THE PJLKAJ£l'i:.Vi'. "PAY" ME"--A five-pan Blue-bird : fea.nir.£ in winch Dorot.iy Phillips, Use jKpular screen sUir, is ^.t^u in a. spiui- . did role, and a select *l i:ouivJy are being shown today. T^e -oi'iner iic- . ture is one oi*nse inters.;, and i» ably acted by Miss P^il'iips and her supporting cast 01 unu uai oi.celleaco. · Tomorrow. Carivie Ein,-!r.vt:ll and Ev- . elya Grecley will appear in "Leap 10 Fame," a five-part W »rld atiraciioa. ' "Leap k Fame" U a;.- amu;:ins picture. It Is jammed fi.ll oi surprusf-s of mastery and of t. trills. V. grips yoar attention at the very Mart and holds it wiuumi a idOfmc-n'-'s letup until the end OL Uu; s; ·!·}". A number of scents ia liiis pica TV wore filmed on board a private yuc'.i- Kvry lov-er of the water will be do-ishied by these scenes as ttcy I'uraasali glimpses of tHo . son: of JusuriOEis lilt? tiiai Uie wealthy people live in their Mr. Block- : ·well and Miss Gretle;- E-ro supixr:ed . by Ales Francis, Mir£l Ostriciie and others. The Weekly lie view will also · be shown. Saturday. EdltJi Storey : will be seen in "Thj Claim," a pic- I Uirizauon of the Broa.iAv.iy play of tuc j same name. j ARCADE TH!-:iTRi:. j · "THE AWAKETXIXC OP VENTS"-- J Brown's Tropical Maids company ' will present -Jifc:r very interesting; musical comedy success entitled "Tnv \TraVAnino; ot VCJUIS. " This IS considered a more enujn,-ii!iics play thac : tlie bill the first two ca-s o:" :be week. The songs are brigii- and robe 'lew and stylish. Thc-iv are iriin(- . comical situations in this brought out by the ciale deoabers of the company taking 'Jie part of two detectives in search c- the most beau- til^il girl in tho word. The Musical "Waiters entertain or various instruments, besides u:^ng .-ery clever joker. and savings. Browr and Kenjit.^iy ropes, rarado hat.s, w nriov/ cards, pro- dances that are up.te the rainutt. The chorus speais for iu Dll. It is a real live bunch of sJngia,- and dancing nymphs. This eooipLny t;arrieD beau- j Ulul EUtse settings for each show. | Wednesday and Thursday will be la-j i starting ot -The Voman and the j Web." on of the best ..srials ever wnt- , tea ou tLe present 'AMT situation. j TilKATBE. -TI1S HALF-BRETD" is an interesting photo-drama i ,-aluriiis Douglas Fairbanks. Toxo-rrcv;, Vv'illiaiiL jius- sall in. "Hearts or I'lamoods." It i» a ihrilling drama dealing with a gac..s of diamond thieves A vivid reminder or our own soldier loys in France is given in "Rose of the World," the Art- craft "picture ai the Orphoum theatre Friday and Saturda;, in which Hsie Ferguson plays ihe i art of Rosamoud, the wife of Captain Harry Kaslish. The captain lost-s hi^ life in a heroic manner on the Seld of battle. His widow marrio.s Sir .Arthur Gcrardinu, an elderly a^d con cited snob. Hc-r life with Sir Arthur yruvejs unhaz)py. .and her love for t c r iirst hudbar.d grows stronger dxily. Mantra a: - e brought to a crisis xhen. 0.1 an eJaI- orate dinner tlie contrast of t h e sin-jp- tuous mean with the suffer ing of Can- tain Harry from I: mgor and ihirst while batUiag for Lis life io affects her thai she d ^ l i b o "iioiy leaves t h e table. Sir Arthur f..llows her to lior rocra. and the o v e r w r o u g h t woman brealid dnv.T. in a .si-eno Qf wild hysteria. TLie pho:op!'a;- is adapted from the story by Asjnt^ and iidgertoa Castle, and is an i.bsorbing uiio o' Ip.dia. - Mar.rice Tou:r.eur, wvll kuown a^ a nroduoei 1 , direc 1 .sd the picture for Artcraft. 6 BELL-AMS Hot wafer Sure Relief FO R J N* D ! G £STJ O N ^^?^-f£3iS^--* ^^^-'s^SS^--^_ r,^-.«^-^ ^^'fei^J^ *!|"i EDISOK (yi ii.-;l 1 ^' f' :, Vt£ New Supplement Just Received These ne-.v relccticn:s .ire boic?: flayed today for the iirrit time in our Edison, depart ir.i c:.- -second floor annex. Come to ou/ free concert tomorrow IUK! hear iho.-x; -ew nuiiibers. ISo. 50-V6S -- I'riw SI -00. Darin own Strutters' U;i!j I'retni'-r Quaxtet -- Male Voices They Go Wild, Sirnply Wild. O\TP Mi- TJilly Vurriiy anil Chorus of Giris 'o. 50-JC.O-- P r i c f - $1.00. Dark i own Srnuors- 1 Ball-- Pox Trn- i ^ t Li'! l.iza Jane--One S Jivhnson ".Ta^z" Uiues -- KG:; Trni L'ruhrellas to Mend -- One rfup -- D.".ac.Ing-- · Jauthts Society Orchestra ric*v 51,00. ' ' f-'ripm Ja-/^. Frisco .lazz Band J:\si as Your Mothrt-/ V.'a.s H.-innooy Four -- .Vizwl Vofots When You Hear That Rasgy Rofrain Billy Murray and Main Chorus FOR SALE IN CONSEILSYILLE .OHLY BY ·^ VEN tires made side ^ in mileage enormously. ** may run between 5,000 may fail under 1,000. Not so with Miller. By ridding tired o£ "human variables" 99 in 100 -wear practically uniform under like conditions. Today less than one per cent ever call for adjustment. Tens .onneiisvil lidc iti the same factory differ If you get a "lucky tire" it and 10,000 miles. The next of thousands of records furnish conclusive proof. Get a set today. Try them on opposite wheels. After that test of uniformity you'll never again trust to luck. Featuring One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Tailored SUITS--Priced Regularly up to $39.75 Save as much as $11.25 on your choice of the smart styles comprising this special lot. Included arc military, semi-tailored and dressier effects in fashionable and serviceable materials, and in proper new colors. Models £cr both women and misses in a complete range of sizes. It is wil to remember that there is not a "sample" suit in the lot.--every garment being taken from our own regular stocks. One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Tailored SUITS--Priced Regularly up to $55 Pay $38.50 now for Suits tluu sold regularly for as much as $55.00--a clear saving of $10.50 on every purchase. Late styled, distinctive models w i t h the better Wrisht - JJetzler quality and workmanship plainly evident. NVw m;uerials. new trimmings, new colors--everything fhe particular woman demands. Yours the saving if you make a prompt selection. Every Suit in the Store Reduced All .Sui!.: r.nJ. included in :h ladies, misses and .-lout wonieis- ei copied. Featuring One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Spring DRESSES-Friced Regularly up to $22.50 Just the additional Jittie Dress yon need to complete your Summer wardrobe--and it comes a.t a savins thar will be only too welcome these days of high costs-. Charming new styles in silk of various popular kinds, serge, and smart combinations of'the two. Colors and trimmings you will like. .-Ml sizes to choose from. One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Spring DRESSES-Priced Regtdary up to $32.50 f j i Ml y %/^ Becoming new models appropriately designed for sports, street and afternoon wear. I n c l u d i n g tnany of the finest, most distinctive Dresses of our entire stock. Taffeta. Charmeuse, Serge--these and many other stylish material? user! in new and altogether fascinating ways. There is a satisfactory dress in this lot for the woman who demands quality and values--a saving of as much as $14.00 on her purchases. ft iJt Red Cross Aprons at $1.98 Bod Cross workers trill be interested in Lhcsp now, plain White Aprons, e irilh long sli'evr-s, belt;' iind favo .pockets. O^cu in back. The May Sale of White enters its second -week with renewed interest to women as they realize more fully how economically this stand ard merchandise is priced when compared with today's actual value and the further increases sure to come in the near future. Our sincere advice to you is buy now, both for present and future needs Follows here a few suggestions: II" EAST API'LJ; STREET, KELL mOMJ 57-1. 'J'RJ-STATIE :1G5-1V. EVERYONE MUST HELP. Wars cannot be fought without money, aitd upon the Treasury centers every financial demand upon the Nation. The rich o' thts country cannot albie meet the needs cf the Nation; the men of th£ country cannot do it aions; the women of the country cannot do it alone; but all of us, the people of the United States, d'wre- carding pmrtfrarsship, forgtrfting t^rish interests, thinCirg only of the =uprenMcy of rlo.'.-.t and dctermlninr. to vindicate tfic majesty of American icieslr. and secure the safety of Am=rr!« iind civilization, can do the great =nd spl're'.vi work wfiir.h God hn= caited upon us to do. W. G. McADOO, Secretary of the Treasury. --500 WASH CLOTHS, good size, white and colored, 15c aad ISc mines lOc eath. --200 BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, 81x90 size, seconds of J2.0Q grade. Sfleraid at SUM. 5 for .-57-5I). --250 BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, size 51x90. .-.-iie- ciiil at $1^!S coclu --100 FULL BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed. r ,i-/. e 72x90, gond quality and extra wei;:faT, spociaJ a^ $13S. --?.S PAIRS "WOOL MIXED BLA.Nia-,TS. size 76x81, while with ptak and blue borders, weight 5 pound:;,-- ri-Rular 510.00 ralu«-s iijK-ciiil al $7.75. Low Prices in the May Sale of Wash Goods --SOD YARDS FANCY PRINTED VOILES, 36 incic-s wide, floral and stripe desifrns in various colors, 3;"e bi oOc I'alues. 22c ynvd. --150 YARDS WOVKN COTTON PI^AIDS, 36 inches v/ide, bUtdc and wliito. Jlc^nlarl) S-c yard; sale price -lOc yard. UNDERMUSLINS Corset Covers, Drawers. Gowns, PeiUcoats and Chemise made fronj good q u a l i t y fabrics in sheerest white, wilh dahuies of ribbons, lace and embroidery trimming. Reduced In Lhi? While Sale'as loliows.-- Me values -- Site R5 C values ._.. 7TH- S2.5H values $2.19 Me values _. :;i)c $1.00 values ... S'.le $:!.;() values fi.ic values _. ,"!c $1.25 values $1.111 SS.IH1 valiii'.s 7,-,c values __ B9c $1.50 values SI-IS) S5..MI values JUlS FINE LINENS --1000 YATtDS 17-INCH UXION LINEN CTL^SH. heavy q u a l i t y , pan l i n o n -- p a r t c:Uon. Special at 20f yard. Blc:i('lirti 17-inch Union Linon Crash, spocial at 20c vard. --50M Y A R D S LINEX CRASH, 15U incht-K wide." full h l p a - ' h y t l and closely woven. Cannot bo matched ei.-c- wl;i ro ai our price. Special at ir yard. --Gl-0 Y A R D S M K R C i C R i Z E D COTTON D A M A ? K , asso : -i_ rt] fiornl and stripe designs. G-! in 70 infh-' wide, ul T^c to :M."iO yard. Thcso prices from '^-, m :;o ( "i uud»:r today's value.

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