The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY IS, I0,",0. * Basketball Dunbar Township Is Given Big Scare at Fayette City; Wins Game in Final Quarter Basketball By JAMES M. BRTSCOI L. When the "Wildcat" Met Defeat V a r s l t j CulliMf Into Play to Pull Fraj Out of Apparent Defeat. /?= MARGIN ONLY TWO POINTS Spcrts Comment By JOHN u vmonic The c r a c k pa.s ers of ' l o w n e h i p High School received a big .scar** l«6t n i g h t ut the "pill box" gym- nt Fayette City when the iiulntet of t h a t place was detailed by a. scant two point margin. The final tally M a s 19 to 17. Leis'-nring wat unable to penetrate the Kayetto City lot-e-nse and the home c l u b maintained the edge throughout t h e struggle- u n t i 1 the last two minutee of play when the Red and Clack forged i ito the. l«ui. Coach Bruce- \l. Shearer expected to re«t up his Virsity Tmt he had to mjoct tho regulais into action to bring the same out of ' h o lire Tho rceervos smarted the hattle and w h e n the first q u a r t e r closed, D. T. had been held sc-)rel«;n w h i t e Fayetto City ctme throtif h with seven points. This prompted the mentor to call out nit! "aeeh" but th"v failed to flash the brilliance- for u l r c h they have "become noted although I ho to\\nsbippere recorded eight points in h o l d i n g the home team to thi ee. The half ended, 10 to S, in f a v o r of Foyettc City. When the- third fitanza started, tho reserves again got into- action hut they ' f o u n d d i f f i c u l t y in ge-tting the mill i through the hoop and Fayette City was on the hiR end of a 13-10 count at he expiration W i t h four m i n u t e s to play in the f i n a l period and tho count reading 17-1 i, Faji'tle C i t y , the skipper again ailed out the regulars They gave a a i n l glimpse of t h e i r real ability and Hilled t h r o u g h tc victory. Friday n i g h t D u n b a r meets Belle Vornon i( I/eiHenrlng No. 1 gymnasium n a W P. 1. A. League b t t t o The line-up' Dwight Fuller, h. lulling arrangements for theWcfctrtv rcland county Independent floor torn lament at Seott- I dale next month, \ s a n t a to know w h a t ! ,°._?"",." I "Sht Greensburg luu in c o n d u c t i n g u play w h i c h t h e y say w i l l be to determine tho champioi ship Fuller, who plays si l i t t l e bafcketball, ( i f you know what 1 moan) contends that tho title its at Sc Udale and before another king in crow led tho team has to invade that^Lroug lold and take the laurels out of that co umuinty. F u l l e r adds: "Tin enter tho G i e e n a b - i r nothing can be Unicke won't play tec ause by it. The title in at the Mill Town md that'e where it will be settled." He goes on further; "fireenaburg i making such a fues about the tourua uont What for? Ho they have- an ind -pendent baaket- bUl team? Not by a Jung tdiot. J u s t a big town llllcd with 1 t t l e i.portfi. They want to commercial!!' .it tho expense of some ono else. Ju t n natural trait with the countyseat' In answer to a den al t h a t a trophy hud been offered to tli 1929 champion, the ardent s u p p o r t e r efem fandom to articles w h i c h appeal ed in a Greens- ' burg paper w i i t t e u I-om i n f o r m a t i o n piovlded by the prom tere Scottdale fctill has that atvaid omin? A good fistic; progi im will bo Maxie Rosenbloom, the veteran Harlem slapper, · »nd Acs "Wildcat" Hudkins are shown during their ten-round bout in Madison Square Garden, New York City when Maxie slapped and cuffed hi* w»y to » derision over ths "Wildcat." By de- festing; Hi dkins Rosenbloom earned the right to meet Jimn y Slattery, the newly crowned world'* ligrlit-heavj weight chamoion. Young Cardinals Official Nickname of Scottdale Club In Middle Atlantic League t o n i g h t .it A i mory. There ia a battlers ready to mi is anticipated tho Scottdulp ninth of willing 1 A MK lotvd Uniforms (o Correspond With That of National Diamond Cir?iiit K u l r j . Dimbar \re F F .('ifj'-- 1". Minor Monivek i V o r t h i n g t o u Skouozny ]tohenbci'K Some "big hearted fan* w a n t to deprive t-ome of the Fnyntte c o u n t y boys their trip to Pitt Stadium to participate in tho W. P I A League eliminations. Tt'e one of he- greatest ambitions of (scholastic i U j e i H who give { their best to w i n th sectional g o n - j faions. It B the o n l y vay of honoring i the bojs who earn t h e pennants in the division and yet bomi w o u l d w a n t to rob them of that. Ari advocate of cie- p r h l n g the boys of ti I ' i t l s b u r g f l i p RED BIRDS TO BE ON SUITS YESTERDAY r, (; K r u p e r f} _ . Rice --'i ulley for Burkey, T i u r k e y lor T u l l c v , M i l l e r lor Burkey, surely c a n n o t be a go d t,port 'I'ullev for Nere, Behrens for AVorth- i-igton, KeshenlKMV for Behiens, Dailey !or SkotK^ny, Re l l y for Reshenberg, J ' o i k e r for Minor, Brcnvu for Rice Field goals--Tu ley 4, Miller, Skon/ . n y , Re-lily, M i n o r ' 2, Moravek 2, ,lohnton 2 K i u p w . Team f f i i K -- D u n b a r , 5 out of 13; I'ayette C i t y , 3 out of 9. Individual fouls -Tulley, 2 out of ?·: Milter, 0 out of 2 Worthmgton, 0 out of 2; Skoneznj., 1 out of 1; Re.-ihei her?, 2 out of ;:; Reilly. 0 out of 'i\ M i n o r , 0 out of .'!, M o i a v e k , 1 out of ,'!; Joh.ifcon, 1 out of I ; Hice, 1 out of 2. Scoring by q u a r orb: T'unbar 0 S 1-ayette City 7 3 Heferee--Trletxil Is. Buicks Oppose Latrobe Quintet Thursday Night Keagy Play Passers Tomorrow; Meet Ocean Park SCOTTDAUC, Fe-1. 1 -- T h e Latroho M u r d o c h s , strong Wes more-land county iumlet, w i l l play nt the State Armory on Thursday v e n i n g , oppos- 0-- in lug the- formidable Bi icks. 2 -- 17 | A mon;; the biars 01 t h o IvMrobo c l u b arc Clem Ciowe, Notro Damo athletic star and coach nt St. Vincent's College, Skuba, Yates, Carroll, Prablo and Holzaplo Tho visitors havo b^en going good and a great struggle ia anticipated. The Keagy Con er basketeers will K v i n g Into a c t i o n again on Wednes- cl ly evening at St i t e Armory, taking on tho h i g h l y toiiecl Ocean Park t|ilntei of Westmo-eland county. Considerable interest is manifest m tl i.s e n c o u n t e r and tho loc'al protcgx'S a t e expected to bo cheered by a large fc f l o w i n g . UNIONTOWN LOSES FIRST LEAGUE GAME TOJEANNETTETEAM A be. ore-less f o u r t h quarter an 1 Uni o n t o w n Buffered is first defeat in the W. P. I, A. League last night. Jeannette came t trough w i t h an 1R- 12 triumph in the t o u g h and t'imblo contest at its norm floor. Three I ' n i o n t o w n hoys were ejected f r o m the game. t w on personal tcmls w i i i l c J. John was chased for rough- n *·· .Ifiuuiellr 18. I'nlontottii-it! Cnbbs . ,, . F._. . _. Everhart K M / I K k . _C __ . J. John l-tjeiu.s (i Kankin W ir^ell ... (i . . __. Harris Siibs'ltutiont. Bengal for K i j z a c - k ; ( i , t a l i d o for Lojc-i is; Ileinbaugh for K\ p r h u r t ; T J o h n for J. John; I'uglia toi H a i i k i i , b'tke I r I'ughu. FAYETTE CITY JUNIORS TRIM D. T. FRESHMEN °ield gi al ' ( u 1 -! ii. c-ii ·-, L'; K v p i l u i i t , i, Ciibbs, Lej- l, -', Harrit, ·'»! go I') l o n t c i w n . i n o n - bv J u i i H i f l t e I r i d i i t o w n J i e f e i o e .Ic in H-tto, (! out of can o 1 11 . . _ i . . . 1 - U u t t i - u l ) ish Fayotto City Junior High came through with a 18 to » decision OYCI- the Dunbar Township i 'resbme-n Monday night in tho preli nlnary to the Dunbar-Fayetto City c ntest The R«d and Black mado a single point in tuo first qua ter and then was unabl-o to break into tho scoring column d u r i n g the second frame. Fayette City, blanked in the opening stanza, came back wit i t i n e a in 1ho eecond period. The home club came through handily d u r i n g tho last h a l f . Tho line-up: Dunbar-- 9. Fi yette City- 18. SOOT'iD A !.!·;, Kfb IS A n n o u n c e - ment w i i mad" t o r l a v Hi it t h e oflu a l n i c k n a n u - o f t h e Scottdale e u t t y I n f l i c Middle- A t l a n t i c league- for l');!0 will b^ "Youi g Cardinal,* ' Last M lU^on the learn w.i. n i / t given a n v SIMM iflc name ulthoir^h it w.iti called "I t i t l e {'arcliiKil 1 - " A c c o r d i n g t o i n f u n i u i t i d i i u n e i v p c l the play«»r- In tl: M \ i i i c n i t w i l l w e a r u n i f o r m s t h a t w i l l h- i d c u t u a 1 to that of the athlete 1 -- on the Si J/ouLs ro tor in the N a i ' o n i l Ijeaglie Tho u i i i u l two redliird'i on t i M » front oi the u i i i f o i i n w i l l be wi n ai'd other trlmming^ will corrwpond in a i l rc- aixjcts a r d the t f M m v i » So bo headed by Edwin II U-er, 192!) pilot, w h o al»o is expoctHl to take a r e g u l a r t u r n in thho lineup. JCddU* w i l l Ije in charge of tin- spring training i-amp d u r i n g th« l a t t e r part of April and fore part of Mm when tho atlileles of Scoltdalo a n d \Vavnes- boro, lh« latfor entered in the Blue Ridgo I^eigu-e, conduct J h e i r preliminary worto'uta at AtbletK Park. BY was a great feat when J ibe R u t h cracked out t h r e w h .me runs in a world ;.erit«s giimc in 1926, the first time this had I en done in an autumnal clas-uc. The sport writers made a tTeat to do about it and rightly so However, threo fcmr-ply hits ! i a Bttrnu for one player la (in old, old siory "o us old-titneia. In our Iny this stunt was quite fr«oucnt Kor Instance, It happened THI EH tlme« b.nck In t h i icaaia ot 1 .84, w h k h inrlilcntn-lly, tlio flrst i ea- aon U i*ver happened _)n May 30, of that year. Ed. \ '11- 'lamson of Ohicyro, turned tb* tt ck, t h o nrat man ttj do to. On the ol- lov,iii(r AURUST 6 the honor fell to f'ap An.ion, al^o of tho Cbica os, who m.ide his hoinora on CONSK U- TIVK JUTS To .-lo-") this brtlh int season J o h n n y Manning nf the P ill- ndflphtiiH smacked out throu on O-tober 3 Other old-time itars 1o plucl n trio of homerit in ona attarn on werf. If memory docan'l play no Bethnnj College lost B I'l-ts c o u n t to Genevvt College last night at Ne\\ Brighton. A field «nal in fie last ininuto ol play turned the lido ol battle. Manage · Jewel Ens w i l l head a party of 14 of the Pittsburg Pirates vhich leaves tonight for Paso Holl«H where tho bpriiig t r a i n i n g -will be conducted * Denny Broutheni of D«^trolt st n» timo in 1S6, Hoge Connor ot h» old New York National3 In If SS, Bill .Shut-art of fit. Louis )n 1894 i nd In tho a»me yeai. Wifliaia Joyce of WushinKton. 1 almost forgrot to add tlte iu n* of that glorious old-timer, Guy He k- cr. lie "racked through with th ee in tho secoiv-1 ^ame of a dou Io header playec! during th« 1386 8 a- son. Mocker w!i3 with Louisvl le, then a member o£ tho oJ2 Amorlt ui Association. tho Classified Advertlseme ut8. Good Response Is Expected for Cage Toisrney in March SOOTTDAI: Fob, 18 -A good en- rollmcMit ! o duHcip.ttod in tho Westmoreland c o u n t y independent basket ball t o u r n a m e n t w h i c h will lw oon- durted «t tho Stnto Armory nexi month by tin* Huioks, 192!) champions Ten in ·» w h l e i liiMo been recipients of Invitation..-) .iro tif f o l l o w s ' .learinptte- Komlois J e a n n e t t e Folders, I.atrobn Scholastics, Latrobo Mur- dockfa, New K»u-inj;tot Knights ol Columbus, V a n d e f g r l f t Independents (rieonTburs Pt i nn-XoU, YoiinRwoocl I n - cl{w»n dents, Smithtoii Scholastics Ocean Park, Moncsson Knijjhts of t'ythifis, Olympics, Moncs- spn Clovor Farm, Scottdato Waverlcys, Irwiri S5holastlc.«!, HcotAcJalo Amoco and ticottdate Buicks. High School Will Meet Mt. Pleasant Here This Evening Tho Cokeia i v i l l meet the strong M o u n t Pleasant q u i n t e t tonight at t h e Hiifh School K v m n n s i u n i in u AY. P. I. A. League- setto. The Westmoreland county contingent will be hard 10 defeat and the Orange and Bl.i Ic is confronted with a d i f f i c u l t assitfuinent. A large crowd is expected to be on hand for the battle Or. II. Clifford Carlson, PHI basketball coach, is confident that there should be no officials for the floor con- testa, c o n t e n d i n g that the coaches could call them. He has aaked Dutch Hermann of Penn State to try out hiH plan at thoii next meeting, particularly d u r i n g the lirst half. Diiquesne Preps Will Play Parochial Basketeers Here On Wednesday Night, Feb. 26 ~® W. P. I. A. HAGUE PLAY NEARS END; ACTION TONIGHT Scottdnle Journeys t) Lntrobe For Interesting Came in Section 10. GOOD PROGRAM FRIDAY EVENING Catholic Quintet Journeys to Fairmont for Hard Game This Evening. The 1930 calendar of tbo Western Pennsylvania Intoracholaa ic Athletic League is nearing its elofe and next wwk will llnd the clubs oattltng in their Una! contests and ir somo in- btances it is believed I hat i h e pennant winners will not bo deter nined until (ho last battle is played o.f There; IB much action in the ircnK this week. This week's schedule is TUESDAY. .Section I. New Kensington at Fro sport, Arnold at Tarentum, Springd.ile at Parnassus. S*cion IT. Monaca at Heaver Falls Rochester at New Brighton, Midland at Beaver, Aliquippa at Freedom. Section V. Monongahela at WpHt Newton, South Brownsville at Mon'SSfln, California at Chnrleroi. Srrlion TI. Ford City at Lecehburg, New Bethlehem at Apollo, Dayton ut Kittan- »ing-. Soctton VIII. T u r t l e Creek at Xorlh Braddock MUCH INTEREST BEING MANIFEST An interesting floor c-nconnter to local followers of the popular winter sport is scheduled for Wednesday evening, February 26, when the lu- quosne Prep basketeere appear at tho State Armory to encounter the fast Immaculate Conception. High School team. The Catholic boys are being groomed for the hard «,Hlo which te expected to draw ono of the largest crowdn of the season. Considerable interest ia manifest in (he game This evening the ParochiaJ. club vull journey to Fairmont to take on I ho Catholic quintet of tho West Virginia community. Jt will be a difficult game for ths local combination as tho Black Diamonds are regarded a-j \ery powerful. The team will leave at 4.30 o'clock this after noon. Champs at Saraiiac Ice Races Hart F Han Ion __.F Livingston C. ------ Graham , -- . .Fleischer ------- Young Goodman ___ G ___ __ . Johnson fluikey ---- -G . . .. Marachinko Substitutions -- G m i t t c r for Livingston, Livingston for Ci litter, Umitter tor Goodman, 'Brleu or Fleischer, Barker for O'Brien, O'l'rkm tor John- Field goate -Uurkej (iraham 3, Flelsdier, Young, John: on Fouls, -- Duubar, 7 out ot 14, Fayetto Cit, 2 out of 5. Keforec -- Tricballs Man, 121, Optimist; Is Seeking Pension For Re it of Life -I.. Bv Un!ter| PI -ss TKC1UCIGALPA, HOIK urue, Feh. 18 Ce-fenno Me-ju, who gu -e lue ago ua 121 e a t a , can.e- up on U Jt to the capi- -- tal from the distant v l l l ge of Lamani I t n b r s t G. B,ubark, P i t t s b u r g , w a s ' t o a a k Congrebs for a j anj-don during f i e t«d f o o t h i l l i , i p a m ;u AlHghen lne ' ^ t o f hit lite. Cc. lege t s t t u i a I M jiu m t i l l ha-j the fu 1 of hie lacultlcij and lememlwrs tho oamp.Uen Iiello Venum u p % tut i UH/ of Jl to 1 t Ki-t Pike- liun tor the iadepeudeiioe- clearly, f Hondurue Pictvr* at top shows the field getting off with a flying start at the amateur ice races at Saranac Lake, N. Y,, in the 440-yard dash which wa* won by Jack Shea. (Lefi,) Wilbur Marks, of bolder of the all-western junior title after he ere .ted n new one-mile record for juniors. (Riff! t) Alex Kurd, the Canadian speed king of Toroi to, winner of the five-mile Whitby Memorial tro, hjr. Hankin at Braddock, Traffurd at Kasl Pittsburg, Pitcairn at Nor vin. Section IX. McKees Rocks at Bridg'-rille, Car- regie at Mt. Lebanon, PC rmont at Cnfton, Coraopolis at Slowe Section X, Uniontown at Jeannette Sjotilale af Latrob, Mount Pleasant nt Connellsville. Scpfion XI. Rdgewood af Etna, Oakinont at S'fissvale, Verona at Will insburg, Section XIII. Georgaj at Brownsville, Redstone nt South Union, N o r t h Uni n at German, Carmichaels at I'ohit Tlarion. FRIDAY. Section I. Preeport at liar-Brack, Tarentutn H New Kensington, ParrtasBUs at Arnold Section II. Scwickley ut Bellavue, I^-etsdalj al 3en Avon, Avalon at Ambi idge. Section III. N-ew Castle at Eilwood }ity, Mars I Butler, Zelienople at Ei ana City. Section 1Y. tteaver Falln at Roehcst r, Beaver at New Brighton, A l i q u i p p i at Monaca, Freedom at Midland. Section V. West Newton at Donora, Moncssen t Monongahela, Charlorol at South Brownsville. Section YI. Leechburg at V«indergrift, Apollo al n ord City, Kittanning at .Mew Beth ehem. Section YH. Homestead at MoKoeepo -t, Eliza eth at Duquosne, Clalrtor at Mun all. Section YIII. North Braddoek at Rani in, Eas Pittsburg at Braddoek, P tcairn a Turtle Creek, Norwin at Tiatfoid. Section IX, Bridgevllle at Carnegie, ('ration al Mt I^ebanou, Coraopolis al McKeee liockn, Stowe at Dormont. Section X. Jeannette at Greensburg Latrobe at Uniontown, Connellsville at Scottdale. Section XL Etna at Aspln.wall, Swisivale at Edg«vwood, Wilfcinuburg at dakmont. Section XII. Sewickloy Township at lit rst, B'»U Vernon at Dunbar, East Huntingdon Township at Perry. ,. , Section xm. BrownavlHe at Redstone, German at Soutlh Union, Carmfciiaels at Georges, Point Marion at ISortb. Union, f Section XIV. Oakdole at Cecil, McDonald at Burgettstown. Suction Jty. Canonsburg at Clayav-iile, Trinity at Waynosburg, East Washington at Washington. / Casey Dribblers Lose to Senders; Play Wednesday The Jpannette Semlors defeated the Ca-soy baBkctoers by a score of 23 (o 2f! at tho Armory last evening in a t h r i l l i n g floor encounter. Displaying a dashing offensive, the Somlers romped through the J i i b h quintet in the final stages of th« contest to chalk tip a margin of three points. Wednesday night the Caseye op-pose PoLut Marion at the Armory. "Coco" and Kemp f'onn of "Washington Jefferson fame will lead tho invading crew. The line-tip Jeannette McCarthy _ Brookt, ,, Alwine . ^aseys -- 26. GO Brown Phillips McCleary Palovchalic f o r Q u i n n .._ Substitutions -- B'erenchula Drown, Twig'gs for Alwine Field goalii--Ahvino 4, Berkowitz ·!, Brooks 2, M-Cartney, Quinn, Drown 3. McCleary 2, Palovchalk 2, Schilling, Phillips, Feronchnla. Fouls -- ^fc" l a^tney, 2 out ot .'!; Btookc, 1 out of 2; Berkowitz, 1 out of 4 ; Quinn, 1 out of 1; Brown, 3 out of ·!; Schilling, 1 out of 5; Palov- ohalk, 1 out Jt 1; Ferenchula, 1 out of 2. Referee--Phillips. GOLDEN PANTHERS DEFEAT TIGERS IN GOOD FLOOR GAME KEAGY JUNIORS WIN FIRST GAME BYLARGE MARGIN The Keagy Juniors won he first game of the season by defet Uug the Washington Avenue quintet b / a score f 31 to 6. The victors took the lead and never relinquished H. Next Saturday the Panthers w i l l lay the Keagy team. The line-up: uiilors---3). Washington Are.--(f. Duggan F. iumbert '·Jesbitt .- F. ), Miller '. Miller -- C. Fox .ddls ,-- G. Kramer B. MUle-r G Woihe The Golden Panthers defeated t h e Tigers by a score of: 40 to 27 in an intor-esting floor encounter to tally the n i n t h t r i u m p h . , G Pew us and Hominsky led foi (ho risilors with seven llisld goals e a c h whilo L. Couti led for the losers w i t h four double-deckers. Tho line-u,?: Panthers--40o Tig-crs -2". G. Perrus .-- _ F L. (kmti P. Perrus . . F _.. R. C'onli W. Miskinis C J. Belladonna Hominslry ._ _ G. _.. E. Dolladnrin.i T. Conti G V. De-Madonna Fie-ld goals--G. Parrus 7, Hominsky 7, T. Conti 4, W. Miskinis 2, L. Conti ·!,, J. Belladonna 3, R. Coatl 3, E. Dolla- donna 2. Fouls--Tigers, 3 out of 7; Panthers, none. Referee--Moso Braxton. Timer--Moon. Scorers--Falvo and Vanorsdale. THOMAS TAYLOR IS PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR VANDERBILT BAND Thomas Taylor was elected president o£ the junior band, uponaored by .he American Lglotl Community Band of. Vanderbllt, Saturday niglit at the organisation meeting. Cliltou tfosser wap named vice president, lames SovernB, secretary, and Mrs. Grover Taylor, treasurer. Curte C. Collins, director of: the enior organization, wall qhoson bancl- nater. The- band will meet uexl Friday night. 51 Injured As Trains Crush. GLASGOW, Feb. 18.--Flfty-ono lassengers were injured iu a collision btween two trainu in a deueo fog e last night, and this morning iJiore than 20 were h«l,l in hospitals. ~Vix are seriously hurt. Several oachee were telescoped. Primo Camera defeated Man M o u n am Krlckson of Chicago last' night w i t h a "knockout" in (he 8«coud round Patronize those -who

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