The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, MAT 22, 1918 THE DAILY COURIER, COKKELLSVTLLE. PA. PAGE ELEVEN. The Gold SseKers Who Journeyed Into the Silencs and Peace of th.e Arctic and Who Never Cam© Bach. - By JACK. LONDON bighwn-v of the north countermarches on the Arctic Circle. Buttbey had lost In the race with winter and one day they tied their rafts to the thick eddy Ice #nd Curded their goods ashore. That night the ~ive- jammed and broLt sfnorj times The follow ing morning; It hed fallen aaJecp for good TVe can t be moro'n 400 mflcs from. the Yn cou " concl idf .xl Sloptr, Bm'tl- pljing his thumb Dills by the scale of the map The ronuaJ In which the two Incdpables had whined to excellent disa Ivantage "was drawing to a close "Hudson buy post long time ago TJo use urn novt ' Ticqraes Baptlste's father had mdde iho trip for tae Fur company in the old days, incidentally raarldng- tbe' trait with a couple of frozen toes "Suffedn crack v" cried another of the party '"^o T\h.tes? "Nary white ' fatcpcr scntentiouly affirmed. ' Bnt Ifs only 500 more up the Yukon to Dmvhon. Call It a rough thousand, from hero VTeitherbce and Cnthfert groaned la cliorns How lon-eHl that take, BaptSstcT" The half breed fig-ured for a moment. "Worktnu like h - , no man play crat, ten twetits forty fift liis TJm babies 00010* (desigTntliJK' the lncarpa- Wcs) F "no can tell Hebbe when h - fcec^e over; mcbU. not then The manufacture of snoTrahcea and moccasins ceased Somebody called the name of an abaeat nicmbor. who came out of an indent cabin at the edge of the camplre and Joined thorn. 1 be cabin T.ISS out. of the canny mye ttries which lurk In the raft recesses of the rorth Bmlt Ttben aal fay ·whom uo man could tpll TTYO graves lii the open pHod bicli wjth stones perhaps confined Jio suTet of those early wanderers Bu 1 " \vUose iwnd had piled the stones 0 Tb o momea t had t ome Jncqnes B iptisie paused in the fitting of a harness ard pinned the struggling dog In the enow The cook made mute protest for deiay threw a handful of bacon Into a noiny pot of beans, then eaiae to attention Sloptr rose to his fett. Hte bodj Tva 1 - a ludlcrtrua coa- trnst to the beaJQj-r physiques of toe iacapaDles. Icllow and wea*. fleetog from a Sooth Ajmericnn fever bole he had not broken his flight ncrcSB the zones and WO.K still oiwe to totl frith meiu vreigrht vvas probabl ninety ponads with the heavy hunting: knife Uirt-Tvn in and bis prtokd hair told of n. prins \rhich bad «* c aaed to be 1 lfof» fresh youns? ransdce l either ^Vc. ftberbee oc C ithft.rt -wora p\}«al to ten times tfao endearor of his yet fae could walU them into the enrth in a doy*b journey And nil thb day ho Sprang to Thtlr Feet, Shrieking Wi"h Terro" j had vrhippcd his stronger comrades HEN i man Jonnvyb Percy Cutafc-t a e\U star moat bare Into vcnmrinp a fhotnwnd mflcs of the Into ti Jar conn try h i been in the d*r«nd uu for he too, , sHffp«-t hardship man cinst bo prepared to forget many of the jomed country ot argonauts He ra. He i "waa thf* incarnation oT tbe unrest of *as an ordinary nuia w l t h a bank ao-' ^ TM f aad Olc old Teutonic stub- he hn« learned count as dotp as hK culture whiLh is bonm«w a-u-Lcd wiib the qnick and t acquire such j saying a good dent Ho h-d no reason. attd acti ° n of the yan ^« «» custon s as are inner- to embark on such a \cntare--no rea held the fiesh in the* bondage of the rpirit ent w-th existence ID son in the vorJd save ttm he suffered [ AH tb ° 30 ta rirvor of croms OT Trith the ne r land He roust' from an abnormal development ot sen the f OKS a ^ soon M tbe lcc scte ***" abandon tlie old Ideals timentaUty He mJst-iok tills for the , B T C TM o»d gods ind ' true spirt o^ romance aid odrestarc. Are*" raofi out dpJ»t Tolc^s--volcea aaotJtsr man baa done tiio like I ^t^tJ^cd to BLr^n^ a trstE or oa miles of piio. 'Co-itcarj minded r parry foBowuig UJL ice run of EUc 11 "R as an invo tig 1 fl°oL fo" oufcilt ^ -is JHC^C, a u thej were ac uuipanicd by a d'^-^purab'e conJn and th oftentiiaes he ver^ tiie very codt bj aT ^ ffiad*- at. fatal a ULstaic. ·which his conduct ha.^ hitherto been The firac breakup c£ epring ioand J Blaaped. To choc*e who have the chocje protean faculty of adaptability the jcovelty of stvch cbajipc may oven bo a Boorce of plei^arft, tut to itho'Je who happen t j be hardened sesu of half t/rccd voTa^enrs with tlieir to the ruts in -which tin-y were created TrwBen and children, Dnj m and Oar the nressure of the altered ermron out tiiey labored with Uie ba.teaui and roent i tmbearttblfi, an t they chafe in canoes fought m**sQu-toea and other "No 1 *" For the Cret time the toeapa* bios were u^Iti-d v, iLhout kon-o ctrtrH promlj,e of persotul tate"csts * Am v^Ust a-c cm s*'in? to lo ab «f l it 1 * "^cathcrbee added "Majoritv rnle' iiajr body and In spirit under the new re- iscricttons which they do not under rtand This chaffing if bound -o act and react, producing 1 djvera evils and i to various pest* o~ s and s^ore at ored tLe ' of the **I larow tba is Uabl« to portages 6cve~e coil like this lays replied oak-d to the vtrj roots of his fall through If yoti doa't come ' Slopor » and ere Lake was lo*tt . in tht south each member of the parry were better for the man who cannot fit! nad hoisted rn- true colors himself to the new groove ro retJrn to The rwo shirr.« and chronic gnrm his oun country 1 . If he delay too long olerb were Cirt«»r "VYiatherbee and POT cn»t ymi * but I g-nesa it trc try mnKQ to do you eay The senttmcnt TV as d-cered to the j echo ' Enc J sav yon know " Cuthfert TC he Trill yttrely die Cutiifert j?ao p irtj com the Tvorid rant; -vnth the tale plained I = of its acbe^ aid p t i n n than oi arctic gold aad the lore of the north d ^ ' lt] - l - r ^ t'icm Not ouce did tley gripped tne hcartstxiags of men Car ^olantfor for the tbon^apd and one ta ed liiwC me to d i* 1 " ·i-in t you oom ac v itti tu 'J.O-O 'Then do na Ton please. a chap woat _^ ^ __ threw" op tola" rang pcttj du ies Df Lbecarap They thought hare nothing to cTerksfefp turned half o 4 * his savings nobody uotl^ed but their comrades over to his wife and vrii-i t T e remain- sworo nudcr t) eir breaths and grew to der bougnt an outfit There -was u o i ^ a E e them white jacques Baptiatc T 0 "" 1 roman'-o In bla nature The boadage, stiwrtd opcn'T and damL^d them from erner KnKl ° cnttjlate ruh might settle t±a£ cauoodUn ps~diu,r o? igKCBtwl a U*aT gomr west- m tfa « la^ota« at the Home of commerce had crushed all that. He! iaormii s till n«,faL But Jacques Bap- ivas siECDij tired of the ctaaeless grind | ti^tc TVJS nu gtntlcuutn and wished to risk grea nazards i n , it the Great Sla^e Had,-on bar doija of correspondmg rttums Like J"" Du f -ch;i*.ecl an ' the LieU s ink to many another fcol, ig the old tbe yu-irds viu added burden of time pointing oat TVeatherbre be aho"e to to do %hca juh what yur comes to coolu used bv tj^c nonhL r id p*onee* - s' dried iisU and DLiutokan Then canoe £or a score of vein», be hi mod to Ed j aijd Bateau answered to die £T*ift cur laonton in the srjnilg: of Lie 3 ear, and or tlie Mac. uuje Kiid tiie\ plung the^ cm luckily lor hJ*? so ils wclfsre, r ed into the Grear Ba-ica (j-rouad Uv ba ailed hirasetf with A p» *Vv of men. i eri Ijkely looiiji^, feeder nis prog There wae notnuji? uni Mial about I t p Cl ^ ut ^ 1L elu-. vc j a diu | this party except it-* plin Ereti its daii*i.d t er to tbe noith \t tlie Grout j goal, lli^e that ot all oiuer oart e^ TV as the Klordue But Jie r u t e t had maopccl ouc to attain tha goal tooL away the b-t*uh of Uie hnrokst n a t H e bo-n and bred to the vlu-^itudefi ot. th? northwost Even Ucqm-s Ba^tiste, boiT o? a _mi pewa wouua and a rea- cgjde ~cf r 3'eur ihaiinir raised hie tirst T7/wnpc 3 in a docrsUi lotl e c north of the **\* t ut pETali^I inc. had the gatherla tbe wood " ' Then we 11 consider it all arranged eondnded Stoper "Well pail out to- mo"row f f %ve camp ·n'lthlii five miles just to get e~v en thing in running order and remtinbcr If t\eve forgotten any- The sict'b g oaiifd b\ on their steel cir tiprcav-Q tbt common dread bod rmuers and tUe dogs strainDd t the u u l - - » w u lands tli*!i ^o\ jgturs ] 1°^ iu ^ harnesses ir w bicti tbcy e^"n o dc^-^rt i ud I oit of Good "wxn; born to die Jnciues BopJsle tupe sa\ U c list and bi-i ^t bending t P used bj the side of Slopur to get viJC to\ lues as thirv bncked the ' lu^t ^lln p-^e of the aibm The smoke t^riei t d o w n - v orator i^jicl^d itu.i.ucd H «* HL not svtorn to travel they b- 1 so treaeh Tacque*- P a j itete alone to iuc i Lver opening Ice' ^" o a 2 tbe'r r n t r c r a f t at the hushed b blissful wncUs of r a w ' Ueat w a r of tuu Lutle f ( e i T bei tsJ ov j n r surprised T^nuk eoM his ser\iccs £? iheai a i d u to irn t 1 OK to tbo neve Oi Uc he aaoo! h a head omirouslj* e\or 1» aavic w \\as aiUctL ^oj" uiv 1 vhc rtt oi t 1 e IIDFLO'* ^h° ^"fat por 120 o^ \ r t o ^Ia' 1 LLa.zlc ^ v a r f - b l i L a to t t e V\est l it ihia lit-, tie HI rea n f td tlie I 01 c u j nc \i inch In i ti, n juj id Hit, "i ul on. U!ICLC t h i t ' curled up pntheticallj from the " storepjpp Tlie two lucErpablt^ vrere watching t-iem from the doorway Slopor laid his u u u d on tbe other/a shoulder Jacques Baptjste did \ou eer bear of tbe Kilkfuu,j ats" 1 The half uret-d sliool Uia bttid. TO DL CO^TI^JL-ED P^troniro 0 ose vrbo adei"bse **A great net of me icy drawn through "an ocean of unspeakable pain' 9 is only one way to give to the Red Cross-give till your heart says stop. A little contribution is only a salve to pride. This is not to say that contributions of only one dollar, or even of only one nickle, are not desired--and needed. For you to give $5 when you can give $25--for you to give $25 \vhen you can give #100, or to give $100 ^hen you can give S500--is to dodge the heaviest obligation that this war has laid upon ou For remember, this is not a charity: -- this is a duty. This is not a time to give because others give. This is a time to give because otliers need. No man can tell you hovv much you ought to give. Except this: that "Over There*' the need is so great that only by cutting to the quick, only by giving all that you think you can give and then more--only by giving not a little of vour excess but much of it-only by taking from your o^ n childien and from your wife and from yourself, can the needs of the men who are fighting for you and the needs of the children of the men who have died for yuu be met. Ask your OM n soul how much it should be 1 Every cent of every dollar received for the Red Cross War fund goes for War Relief, ind clothes endre poputftUon* hi tiin«s ot boj- la hie time ot ·3. We Th-9 Ar-erie*a Red Cross 1* the iarget a~d most «rtlcl*nt ormr'sjitlon for lh«s relief of mitforfnc that tla» World ha* «v^r *Bcn It .5 node up almost entirely of -voluntrir -wci-^ers, the hicb«r wtocu ivea being: with" ' ixc* pUon men ac cuacomvd to kirce AffU-x. who tro Ui ftlmcu-t. .ul cases living thatr s«rvic««i without p-\y El hi oa.ppo*t«d entirAiy by Ita zrismbvrnhlp f*«u njid by TolujLtmry eontrtutlotMt. It IB todtvy br'ngiiTE- roliaf a» 8ttflC«rtTv humanity both miJlUiry and civil. In flr-ory W«- torn alliet* fvvnrf It piAiia tommTow tfl hoiff Jn tb« wort. c( restorn Han throng-bout tJu worW. ~f a ea R It la ui«re to help yu_r so It ib ti its t^ot SUM! snooi ^injf Of A o "win iho a-"** of ·wo'V^r ru"-ninjf f^nsp 'acilit ea, ^u»rd -- acd th.ue audits Ita accoucta. )^ endorse it «n r two "iillioa Amerlc-tng bn. Br C. A, TOIGHI i ^ .n\ B'ood itfer Tour T us of FjjrMi A HA- ruswr GHT CotSPCA StrATS AND MINI A S,OOD TIMS.-- ORE l^AT OF VQA BAIL'S l DP A urae ^ V^\M n , Pi?rae FIGHT MOST Bs. I I ' M A PRETTY TAMETH1W5, He'll. Cttes IT-

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