The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 7
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T C I O S D ^ Y , KUTIRUAKY IS. COALPRODUCTIOF IN 27TH DISTRICT 8,837,117 TONS Over 6,000 Persons Giron Employment in 192S), Inspector P h y t h y o u Reports. FRICK COMPANY IN THE LEAD Production of coal d u r i n g 132!) in tho 27 Bituminous districts, amounted to 8,837,117 ton*, in cording to the annual rejKirt cf Minp Inspector Hurry I'hythyon. T h a i e wore 5,297 personu pm ployed in the 19 mines and J32 outside, the itit]cctor hota foith. Fatal accidents rimibered 13. Tho production ot oompajiiea "by tons was,: i r . C. Frick Coke- Co. 4.311.86J PltUburg Cc*l Co _. 1.050,571) W. J. Uainey, Inc. .. ._1,001,GOO Washington Coal Coke Co.__ 892,0!) I Hllhnan Coal · Coko Co. .. G02.1DI Lincoln doa! (Joke Co . ',US,1M( PlttsburR )lrl« Coal Co. _,, 299.41? IJrownfivllle Coal Coko Co ,, 13;i,122 Trcmont Coa 1 Corporation . -. 68,349 Century Coke Co . . 66,577 Br/ibay Coal Co. 38,747 Waltewburpf Coko Co. _ 31,658 Oilleland Coke Co. 24,398 Totals . . . S,S37,tl7 Kayetto coiinty produced 8,278,504 tona, Westmoreland county 558,613 tons. THE DAILY COURIEJl, CONN1 LLSVILLE, PA. SEVEN. CHICAGO EMPLOYES RECEIVE FIRST PAY IN WEEKS There's a nason for these smiles since tho wearers are employes of the financially embarrassed city f Chicago, re :eiving their first pay checks since Uut December. The salary was made available" from t) e tax vehicle fund and tbo corporate fund. County employes are expecting pay chocks since the a - nouncemem that Mayor William H. Thompson ha» consented to co-operate for the sate of 1930 tax a .- ticioation warrants. Photo shows th-s workers lined up at the window ot City Treasurer diaries I. - w «'te nmn. 51 INJURED WHEN TRAJNS COLLIDE IN SCOTLAND! K Unltot! Press. GLASGOW, Scotland, ^Feb IS,-Fifty-one passengers wore injured, three of t h e m eeriouely, in tho collision of two p u-aengor traiiic. six miles from this, cit;-, last night, A majority of the i t i j u r w l , 37 of whom were tukun to Glasgow hospitals for troatmnnl, were school children and young working girls A t h i c k fo;, to which the collision was due, hampered the w o r k of tho rescue PENNSYLVANIA 11TH IN LIVESTOCK VALUE rtARRISBURG, Fob. 18 --Pennsyl- Tiinla hab m ved from thirteenth to eleventh place among the states in total value of livestock, stopping aheid of both California and I n d i a n a ·duririfr the p ist year, arcotdius Lo tho Penn£yKani«i Departuieat of Agiicul- t u r e . Pennsylvai i.x I.s now one of the five preatest ltve-tork htated -cist of tho Mianlssippt lllver, being surpassed only by Him Ma, Ohio, New York and Wisconsin The aggregate value of hordes, mule.., cattle, swine and sheep in tbe Slato-m January 1 represented approtimately one-third of the total ·value ot llveUock on furmt) In all the North Atlant c Status. In total v a l u e of dairy cowh, Penn- .·-\lvaniu a t a u i a l l f t h being outranked only iy Iowa, Minnesota, New York and "Wisconsin, and in iiverage value per head oxieeds all of thcae btatra excepting New York. The average ·value per li i ad ot milk to-w. c in the Htate is now the hichefet on record. l/ivetock on Pennsylvania farms ·W,IH valued liitchcr on J a n u a r y 1 thib year then at any time hinoo 1921, the total now lx ing over 55 million doll a r s more th u t h a t of 1325--the low- e-t poitit re u-hecl binro the World War. Tho value by years .since- 1020 are 1021, f J'O.OOO.OOO; 1022, $160,000,- UOO, 1923, 'Jlfi2,00(,i}00; 1D24, $157,- Ot0,000; 192% n'51,(M)0,(M)0; 1920, S145- 0'M),000; 1027 $138,000,000; 192, $165,- 0»OXX0, 19-i'. *l»l,000,i00, and 1930, $187,000,01)0. The various of livestock wore valued by the KedoitU-Stato Crop Ho-portiut; Scrsico on J a n u a r y 1 t h i s year as f o l l o w s ' Horheii and colts, $41,7311,000, nulos and mulo coltt, 5li,510 000, cows and heitora kept for milk, $D!,5(!S 1)00; other cattle ami calves, $25,7.11000, hheep and lambs, $4,108,000; rf A-vne including i»igt. $8,051,000. FARMERS TO LIMIT POTATO GROWING T.j U ti I toil I'rco.t. HAllRlSBl R(J, Fob. IS.--Peunayl- vuule, farmeni s v l l l mal-.o an effort to restrict their potato tropt. duriui? the l o m i n g fccation, .11 cord, ng to an announcement ot tho bUte crop reporting eerrtoe. This move has been decided upon after the Feceral Farm Bureau ui- ·vlsed a hold! ig down of all crop production. Dnucrhtor of Regent to hONTON, IVb. 18--PdUiMte Horthy, d u u g h t e r of Admiral Niclwlaa Horthy, regent of Hu igary, is engaged to w! Count J u l i u s K a r o l y i , a dispatch hero this tnornlui? advised Tho f o u n t is a c o u s i n of t ! i flrat president of tho Hungarian republic 6 6 6 Tablets Relieves n lifadaohe or Neuralgia In Jit) mlntit*"!, chocks u Cold th« flrvt d», and chi'tJu Malurin in tJirei )( u l « i" ShicUngi-r Cumpuu yederul and State Tuxes Accounjinta and Auditor* lili.20 Tark lluiiding Pa. Scottdale Council Discusses Finances, Anent Fixing Millage Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALJK, Feb. 18. -- Council spent more than t iree hours last night go ng over tho fit) inceii of the borough tuul m a k i n g an cftort to arrive at some conclusion \vh»r« y it would bo ready to l^vy the m l l l i ;c at next meeting, tho flm Monday - n March. Com'mittOB, in i r k i n g close, went over and p.rewnt -d the various items fiat would be nt oded for the coming oar. '['he streot con mittco was one that occasioned much ilwcubaion. The bad t o u d i t l o n of a pa t of Broadway, Mulberry street, ('lit i t n n t Btreot and tho West Pittsburg treet hill wuu presented Another item wai the flrem«n'a equipment. It v as uhown that 500 feet more hose ni'iht be brought. Another lengl iy discussion concerned the libr. ry and Us maintenance. It wa detided to have President W. F. t toner appoint a committee to meet v, tth a connnitteo that tho school board might chooo to confer with the lil)i iry trustees before the tax ia levle !. President Stoner said ho would Ii IVP to have a little time to t h i n k ovt r- thiu committee and that w i t h i n the M.'Xt couplo of days it would be appoint -d. Should the school bOti-rd not rare ti a p p o i n t a committee to go along, con nJil s romm ttee will function w i t h tli bouri of library trustees. It was- uKJj«slod that this committee bo mu le u permanent one. Councjilmau J II. Ware of Fourth Ward ia ill and taa una.ble to attend tho Eie'ting, Men's C'lorni Bines. The Kotti!aie Male Chonu hold a turkey dinner a T r i n i t y Reformed Chnroh last even UK. Tbo men hftd a» their guests thei wiies. Covers were laid for fiS. The t ibles and room were decorated in joi lulls and mireissui;, the coloi Hcheme of yollow, white and orchid Iwlng can od out. .1 L Kooaei was the ttiastmn. ter. Ilov. J U. Lambert, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Churc-h, was the speaker o£ tho o\e- nlng. Musical numbers were presented by members ot the chorub. 3 W Beadlinb wan c h a i r m a n ot the committee Koturj Luncheon. The Rotary C' u b held iU regular weekly dinner ai tho Y. M. 0 A. iast evening, w i t h Mr Brown, a. West Newton man, as tho ,peaKci- Mr Brown gave a mobt mtoi osting talk on Thomaa Jefferbon. Mrs. etUe Yodcr Injured. Mrs. Nettle Ytuler, 9 years old, of Mulberry atr-eet, suffered a f r a c t u r e of tho a i m . Sh was taken to the Memorial Hoeplt. 1 at Mount I'leasant, whore the fractu e WIIK reduced. I'omnience nent Mny 29. May 29 has bei n set ua the date for the high bchool cominenc^meut. No speaker has ibeei chosen uss yet. Several excellent mi ti are in view Miss I'n lei HostChs. Miss Blosom 1'ahel oC North Scottdale entertained the bridge club of which she is ± i lenrbeo- at her home last evening. Bridge Luntiiieon. Mrt Donald K -Itter eutertam-od ai u prettily uppoii ted bridge lunchem at the PleaMiiU v-alley Country C'li-b ou Saturday aftc -noon. Covers wete laid for 28. Spri ig flowers wore used ua u centerpiece on the tub)e Violet corsages' were s 1 'en av. favoris. Seven tabiea of earda »er« brought Into play. The out o 1 town guestH In-eluded Mra. M. Ilarti um aud Mrs. Joseph Byeraon of Latrolje, Mra. Guy Ho! den of Wheeling, W. ^ a., M18 Grace Jones a n d Mra. Fred ft oCUire of t^iroiont, W. Va , and Mi -i Kmily Holmes.' of Connellsville To AW ( luirity 1'nnd. On account of conditions around Scottdale and the great work thut the Associated Char ties IB doing, the schools have derided to give 50 per cent of tho not praueedw from tho grade operetta tb it will e- proaenti-d by seventh and efglith grades cm February 27 to 'Uftrity, The operwta ia k n o w n a . "My Bpan- ibh Sweetheart," iy lioUU« is It will be presented und r tlu supervision of Miss Mai-Kare-t Jane Over'y. Mist, N o n d a s W h i t e \ i l l bo Hie accwrn- panitit Th»» le-aduis? IM r t n mo bcuiR tak(n bv Jean I'ail'-on B i l l y W i l « \ , J u n o Ruth, Hobby Ouitt, Hoburt Smith, K r a u k Oriaate ,R y Kio-fei, H i l l y Bell, Virfflinu. Gibson Kleanor Morrow, Jcau StAufter, .' aucy Frank, R u t h Auid, Jamoa MoF j w e l i , Weslsy Btad- l l u g , Gertrude I- nk, Ralph Stoner, N a o m i Albauehe, J u n i o r Zlmmcrmajj, I r o n c Zlinracrm. n, Mary DtllinsBr, LucoiuU SbcrrU , Vlrjriaia Ila,mbry, and Peggy Gibson. There will be D u t c h children, English, Spanish and Dutch people la tbo cast. The music is very catchy. lie turns From "Visit. Miss Dot Brcese haa returned! to her home at Alictufppa after visiting with her undo and aunt, Mr, and Mrs, Walter Haines. Other News. March 17 Is the -date net for the world's day of prayer for missions. This year the service, which la a union one, will be held at the Trinity Re- forrred Church at 2:30 in Uie after- noer. TI o conslatory of Trinity Reformed Church met at the church last evening and closed up tbe y-ear's bii8tnes. This year has been one of the most successful In a number of years. For the first time all ot the bills o£ the c h u r c h has been paid with a Balance in the treasury. Trinity Biible Class of the Reformed Church, will meet this evening at the honi'5 of Mrs. S. M. Waugaman of Parler avenue. CHRISTOPHER CRIBBS DIES AT GREENSBURG GKEENSBURG, Feb. IS--Christopher Crlbbs, one of Greenslmrg'e oldest -esldeuta, died yesterday at the Wee urn or el and Hospital. lie was 82 years old and hao been in ill health for the past five ysars, A utroke suffered Iftet Friday was tha immediate cuuse of death. Mr. Cribl» was, tue lawt surviYinK eon of Captain George A. Crlbbs of Hernpfielrt township, who wa« killed at U e second battle of Bull Run in the Civil War while in command of Comp u n j I of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Captain Roger A. Crihbs Po«t, G. A. R,, adopted its name in memory of Captain Crlbta. IIi« great-gratidfather, John Crlbbs, aerved in tie Revolutionary Wer and was killed at St. Glair's defeat Novemler 1, 1791. M -. C'ribbe had teen retired for the past 10 years, except for assignments to o Id jobs about the ourthou#e. Ho wa« ii Republican in politic* end served as recorder of deeds for ono term, beginning in 1887. Before that he Iteld variona appointive offices f o r the government of his district. After he had completed his term as recorder of djeds he became an employe of the West Penn Rallwuye Company and later took up landcdape gardening. He ifi survived !y two .ions and one daughter of hit second marriage. Ther are Charles R., Robert B., u.nrt Mra Leroy H. Smeltzer, till of Greeua- b t t r t . Two sieters, Mrs. Alice Kemp of West Newfon avenue, and Mra. Amelia Rumbaugh o( Beatrice, Neb., also survive. M ·. Cribbs watt born December 30, 1847. in Hompftld township on what is now the Roseneteel fArm on the Wesc Newton road. He epent his early days on the farm tuid attended the iloropfield public qchoole. M ·. Crlbbs wa« a memoer of tho Firs: Reformed Ghupca, A short funeral {service will he held at the home ot his d«ughter, Mrs. Lercy H, Smeltzer, 2-J3 .Washington avei ue, Thurfiday afternoon at 2 o'clock, followed by pervlcea irt the Church of the Brethren, corner Mace and Stanton streets at 2:30 o'clock. Inte-ment will oe mad» in Harrold'e Cemetery. Home Buns While MonessenWom m Is At Mount Pleasant Spcrla' to The Courl MOUNT PLEASANT Fob day evenlns Alba Georgia who lives wl'h her nephe McKelvin of \Ionesf*en, w litre, 'by the s e l l o u t illnes brother-in-law, George f Al-ellingertown She I«arn thai during Friday ni?rht 1 had bwn huniod to tho gro only clothes that had b« from tho fire worn tho f«v» had b r o u g h t with h r . Mystery Visitors. Two men walked up to t) the Nelson Poor ban rh f a r m town, and tried to gain, a saying that they h f d to g tbo houae, but oult i;ivo Aftor being made to under 1 dare not the men Jojtcd ab ·dderablf loiipth of time. naugh did not Imow tho learned that they had gaii tance to soino of tbe B places and had gone thr houB-es, thmtfh no person missing anything. All o£ that Mr. Poorbnugh had butrhering was stolon root P^nnsyhanla Iay Oh Misses and Blant of Church Htreote entert. Saturday AfVernooa C l u b o* and Mount PUa^ant af tho! Saturday afternoon. A Fe Day program was presen W. S. Wlk-y of Scot! dale re on "Penusyli ania'b Art," showing tho men a artists thati c-ime f t cm Pw telling of tho first art m Philadelphia and talcing th. ' through art circles -n tlui art exhibit held In PltUbuii for Pennsylvania artist? c M. W. Hornor road a paper 1 sylvauia's Oontnbuikm ti j which was most intc re-sting I or?;an, she sold, was madf jdelphia in 17-11, the flrat pipe organ In Philttdolphlfc ot the TOotit noted cons IK Pannsylvaalana -- I'ostor, Cadipan and Npvln. Mrs. J. L, llpdrpraph "Peuu3ylvanlfi'a Ooiitrlbutt erature," citing Jcui,c A author of "latde Wen" a Women," and Maiy Bob aart of Pittsburg. Tho £ all in tho promotion of gooi m its schools, hhe baW. yerJtigody book to ie pub printed in Pennsylvania, j the first history. Mri, W road a paper 0:1 Colloea B Ing her lite it II ycvirs c gavo her own private dlar? At tho clobe of tli-o prt frcahniantft word aorvpd. Hook and Ladder OfB Tho hook aa) ladder con its regular meeting last ovo Morterolla, is captain for thit president Is John Rortrlf preBWant, Jfloil Dunn; e«cr Stohl; treasurer, l/fl*i« Ser At tho Hospital. Miss Mao Morrie of Qiu underwent i throat opesrat M«morial Hospital yeaterda BORLAND'S BODY FOUND; CONTINUE HUNT FOR EIELSON MOTORSHIP, NANUK, MOUTH CAPE, Siberia, F»b, 18,--Tho body of Earl Borland, ocjmpanion of darl Ben Eiel'ion, noted Arctic flier, was (onnil near tho wreckage of their plajie whit h crashed November 8 last, 00 miles aouthe-ast of North Gape, and today searchers resumed Lho hunt for Kiel ,on's body. Storms interrupted tho search Momentarily expecting word from tho !earc!iei'o that tho body oif Hlelson was found, thp otHceva und crow of tho ice-bound f u r trading vessel today^ preparing to receive Borland's bodj. ' TI e- finding of tho body was the first actuil proof of tho generully accepted belitt tho two airmen died In t h a w r e i k which oecunml wliilu they ^v«r(- attfriniptiJiK to Ily t(j t b a .Nfanuk fron Teller, Alaska. BcrLind'K bqdv was found last Thuisday but trad weather kept Pilot Harold dillum irom bringing the u«wo to tKe N«,nuk Ada. Cost is email noauils blc. r. IS.-- Fri- Johnson, ?, Hobei t s called , of h«r mitley of 1 Sunday er home nid. The ti saved that she e door of south of tmittance, through o reason. land they \\\ a con- Mr Poor- ifame but ed admit- IghborinK 'Ugh UIP reported tho meat 'roitn htfi oily. M*v«d. 10 Oall«y ined the Scottdalo homo on nsylvania «t. Mrs. d a paper bntloa to 'd WOUKII nsylrania, -seam in members ate to tin- laat week ily. Mrs. an "Penn- Music," The first in. Phlla- liano and and four wra w«re BuTl«igh, preaentwt n to Lit- oott, the id "Lfttlo rts lUne- -ate leads literature Tbe- first ishe/1 was s well aq R. Sayro oore, talc: age and jrata ro- «rs. p«ny held Ing. Peter year. Tho dt; -yice- tary, Carl ant. rry street on at the Hurricane Strikes Ifowfo inU*nd, ST. JOHN'S, N. F, If'eh. 1 .--A tmv- i icano swept over Newfonn Hand last night, wrecking two skiffs 1 1 Rameau and aevora) wharvs. Fish ig and gtorefl were waj.lK-d aw iy. Night Excursion NEW YORK ioNEWYOtKand PHILADELPHIA $6.00 to BALTIMJRE and return i 3ATURDA' r February 2* From Conaellsr. lie | Special Train will lento at P, 1L Uttill* Co«»ul» 4 ten BALTIMORE )HIO \ SCREEW Stop into our store--the radio "hub" of this ctty-- and hear the greatest value in radio ever offered. Guaranteed by RCA and hacked by our famous reputation for values and service. Come in and hear RadioLi 46 today. Boma Rtrnishers RCA RADIOLA 46 wdbnrt and Maple veneer with RCA Look! Real Bargains! Kelly-Springfield TRUCK and BUS TIRES Boy Your Truck and Bu* Tires Nowi YoaH save money. We have a limited supply of the follow- * m AMflgBJp ^^·^·^WMIW f These Are Ctish Prices: 30x5 Track, 8 ply 34x5 Track, 8 ply 32x6 Track, 8 ply 32x6 Track, 10 36x6 Track, 10 ply ST7.95 · ...^ I tlLr!*} $20.95 $27.25 $29.25 34x7 Track, 10 ply - - S35J5 Auto Sen/ice Co. We Recharge Bartteries 305 West Crawford Ave. Phor* 319 Ohiopyle i, Feb. IS--Mr. and Mrs. TBdwsrd Sauger aud son of Daweon spent over the week-end with Mis, Swauger'e brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mra, R. "W, Whipkey. Mtefl Audrey Meyers spent SSunday afternoon at Confluence as tho guest of Mies Vora JlaU. Mr. and Mrs. Clement Burtiwortli and bahy of Clearfleld motored here Saturday and epe/nt the week-erd with the 'ormcr'a parenta, Mr. au! Mrs. William Burn worth. Mr. and Mrti. Jjawrence BurPte and children ot South Oc-nnellsvillo arrived in Ohiopyle Monday to visil Mr. and Mre. George Turner. Miss Pauline Fleming who has been ill of grip tor the past two weeks ie abla to be out again. Mrs. Ijenora Hall and children s-pent the ·W«H*1"eiKl with Conn«H8viUe lela,- tives. Andrew J i u r n w o r t h left Sunday lor Clearfleld to spend a tow weolce. Patronize those who advertise. Homes? ' 10very4ay you will ftud bomca and nome altw fl,dvertleed JUJ our classified columns--read them over. :'"' . "* . i^ Washington A Practical Business Man George Washington prepared himself to be a practical business man. When his regular instruction ended, his education was just beginning. He made the most of his opportunities . Tiuerest Paid on Saving* Accounts. THE LJUIONNAJIONAlBANK CCINHEU.SYILLE , PA. W E S T S I D E V I I I PATBONIZE TlinSE WHO Df THE

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