The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1938 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1938
Page 4
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THE DATL.Y COURIER, CONNBL.t,SVrLl,E. PA. MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 193S. (Eimror THE COURIER 1 COMPANY . James J. Driscoll R. A. Donegan Walter S Stirnmcl James M. Dnscoll -----J. Wylle Driscoll Publisher _ President and General Manager Secretary and Treasurer Editor Associate Editor . Advertising and Business Manager In the Day's News Brief Comment on Current tvcnta Hero and There MEMBER OF Audit Bureau of Circulations Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Association Bureau of. Advertising, A. N. P. A. Served by United Press and International News Service SUBSCRIPTION RATES Two cents per copy; 50 cents per month; $5 per year, or f2 50 for six months by mall 11 paid in advance. Entered as second class mailer at the Poslofflce, Concellsvillc, Pa. SIONDAT EVENING, JANUARY 31, J938 It used to be said of Thomas A Edison Hint he could get along very well with five to six hours sleep m 24 and that his mind remained keen During the early days o£ radio it was not unusual for fans to sUiy by sets until 2 and 3 o'clock mornings Once accustomed to lack of sleep one felt about as peppy as with seven to nine hours. But here comes a story of -i Confluence man thil backs Edison and all others off the sligc. Jacob Blucbaugh is said to be ' spry and active" with but one hour in 24. This is a problem for sciencr. The condition Is believed to have resulted from a spinal injury nine years ago TEACalJEKS CHALLENGED TO PREVENT - ,, EDUCATIONAL CHIME HERE --" The public -will await with interest the reaction ol the teachers of Connellsville to the challenge hurled at them, by a speaker at the educational conference. Dr. A. P. Myers of New York University did not mince words when he told them that "In your city a major educational crime Is being committed." To whom he referred needed no ex-_ planation. It only remains now to see whether-the. mem-" bars of the school faculty will stand by Superintendents. B. · Smith In the effort of the Board of Education to oust him at the expiration of his term next July_or support the board. ~~~~ '"Dozens of leadings men and women are appalled by that crime," Dr. Myers said. "If It had happened a year ago you would not have dared to raise your voices. It's happened today, when you have as much freedom as any citizen. Whether the State of Pensylvanla had any business giving you tenure or not depends on the action you take during the next few weeks and months. If this group lacks the courage to act when it knows the interests of education are being jeopardized this group has no right to any protection whatever." It Is not for us to tell the teachers what they should do. Their sense of fairness should guide them. The Courier feels that Mr. Smith has been made the victim of a ·.group of men determined to get rid of him, regardless of what others may think or say. It has- supported Mr.' Smith and will continue to do so. It leels he has built up a wonderful organization and that his removal would be a severe blow to the school system.* Unfortunately for him the law which protects the ,teachers 3 jmakes them secure In their positions, does not protect the superintendent. Two months remain before a superintendent 5s to be elected, under the reported plan ol the board. Much can happen In that time. - · - - PROGRAM TOB BELTTCTA3.T REBELS Dr. Glenn Prank enriched the anti-New Deal vocabulary Saturday night -with a new phrase. Speaking at the Kansas Day banquet at Topeka and to the Natloa over a radio hookup, the chairman, of the Republican Policy Committee said: "I belong to a growing army of Americans, In both the Republican and Democratic parties, who can best be described as reluctant rebels against the New Deal. "We are reluctant because we believe no New Dealer can either match or make better the'major social objectives outlined by Mr. Roosevelt at the outset x of his Administration. We want to see the lower third of the American population better fed, better clothed and better housed. We want the ghost of Involuntary unemployment laid once and for all. We want to see hours short enough, wages high enough and working conditions good enough to make life a satisfying adventure for the working millions " "We are rebels against the New Deal," Dr. Frank went on, "for the simple reason that our knowledge of the facts and our best judgment tell us that many of the major measures advanced, by the present Administration are leading us away, rather than toward these objectives." In the place of the industry and business wrecking program the man in the White House insists upon, Dr. Prank offered this: 1--The Republican party must take advantage of Its positior as a minority party to carry to the people a philosophy of government that provides genuine social reform but avoids the trend toward a Fascist state. 2--It must awaken the people to government self- destruction Involved In much legislation forced through Congress during the last five years. , 3--It must expose the practice In American politics of auctioning the country to any highly organized pressure group. 4--It must ground Its program for business, labor, Industry and agriculture on a theory of economy of plenty, not scarcity. 5--It must strike down the growing heresy that when a party Is elected by a clear majority every representative must check both his conscience; and intelligence with his hat at the portals of Congress. The program commends itself to the "growing army" of insurgents against one which haa failed in most of Its phases. " , JAMES FORMALLY ENTERS RACE Uncertainty _as to. the political situation as affects the Republicans "of the'State-was partially clarified Saturday by announcement of Superior-Court Judge Arthur H. James of. Ins candidacy for the" gubernatorial nomination. That definitely pits him against the old war horbe, Gifford Pinchot It will be a'biUUo ofjyputh against age. It should provide Interest aplenty for the~Grand Old Party of the Keystone State. . - Meanwhile the Democratic situation remains indefinite. Neither Joe Guffey nor Charley MargiottI has made public his decision as to his plans about the race for the State's highest office. The determined stand of John L Lewis that Lieutenant Governor Tom Kennedy be made the labor candidate complicates matters. Lewis has been told a purely labor candidate cannot uin. He Is not convinced. A conference of Governor Earle, Guffey and Lewis Is to be held this week, reports say. STEEL PLAA KKJL'l'S ALL OX JOB White collar employes of the United States Steel Corporation are being notified, h.ijs a new s item, that effective February 1 a "share the work" plan will be put into effect. Itb purpose will be to prevent laying off employes which would otherwise be necessary. In effect It will reduce salaries. It would seem,the plan is fair for- all. To do otherwise would be to 'discriminate against many who would be thrown out of employment According to information, unofficial, given out in Pittsburgh all from Myron. C. Taj lor, the board's chairman, down will be put on the same basis--a five day week--Instead of the present five and half days, with corresponding reduction in pay It was estimated 25,000 to 35,000 would be affected Better a part of a loaf than none Besides, the hope is it will not last long Other interests TV ill follow Big Steel One needs to travel to learn much that is to be learned about tickling the" palate Dr. Samuel Howard William* of the University of Pittsburgh, a former Connellsville boy, has traveled some--made five biological excursions into the wilds ol South America. He has found out a lot about things good to cat o£ which we know little or nothing The greatest delicacy of which he knows on Mother Earth, he told the teachers, is the flesh of the Iguana (renounced igwana, with the accent on the second s llible ) The iguana belongs to the luurd Jamil}, only it is a giant, five to six feet long 1 make-; his mouth wale- to think of the steaks, the doctor said Also he found the flesh of monkes and bi- boons delicious Fried .mts. wikes and other reptiles were often on his blll-of-farc This did not come from Dr. Williams, but bjkcd rattlesmkc is said to be something for the epicure to be proud of. State Game Commission permits show that 216 raccoon* .ire Ix ing hi Id captive--as pets--in the State They may come in handy for political pa radcs next fall It m i v be they wil play a conspicuous pirt in Uie at tempted come-back of the Kepubll cans. Time was w hen a G O P pa radc was. not complete without "tha amc old coon." By the V.UY having a raccoon as » pet without a porml rcndcn the owner liable to a One o Indicating their Interest in socin disease*, 150 to 200 women and girl gathered in the auditorium of th Y. M. C. A, Friday evening to c the motion picture dealing with syphllig, lit cause and cure. Not a many of the fair sex turned out a. when the plcturr« were shown men several weeks ago but thi might be accounted for by th hisitancy of come to venture Into men's bu'ldlng Members of th Gradale Soronty who arranged th showing felt gatiflcd and were con fldent a good work had been aecom plished. Today marked the deadline for us o£ old auto Inspection stickers. Driv cr» appearing on the roads after to day face arrest Inasmuch as th Highway Motor Police arc bus} checking specters, arrests rrny b expected for failure to have ears in spccted. The penalty Is $10. Inspcc tion is evidence your car and others you pass on the highways arc In f condition mechanically to be there. It !s to be regretted the rcsponsibl authorities in that division of th WPA and the county commissioners have fulled to come to .igrcemcn relative to sewing projects and th as a result more than 500 need women and girls will be thrown ou of jobs tomorrow H is posslbl there will be an agreement et Th commiMiontrs have demanded t know just where they stand with ri gard to having a voice in cxpendin county money Until that is forth coming, says their spokesman, the will decline to sponsor sewing pro JecU, one of which is located in th North Pltlsburgli slreet McCror Building here. What's What At a Glance B CHARLES P. STEWART Ccntuil Press Columnist WASHINGTON. Jan 31.--Big unifies-; in the United Suites un- oubtedly is a vast deal decenter to- 15 th m it used lo be Time was, tip to u couple of gcn- rntions ago, when financial and in- ustrial buccaneering was pretty encral in om country. We were oun£ then--and did not realize how nious a nation,il situation our cco- omic manipulators were running ui ito If some few folk reached the onclusion tluit conditions were booming intolerable right where they ved, they did not btop to fifiht it ut in tint loc ility, they went wcst- rc-cmptcd homesteads and founded civ communities, more to their own king Gradual!} civilized eastern reed followed them up and hrgely obbled thrro, but 5t was a roccss, fie pioneers were unaware hat it was proceeding--until it al- eady wns fairly well effected. Theodore Roosevelt wns the first stntcsman to cill attention to the ict that our frontier was gone, thai there no longer was any place for ndlvidual enterprise to find refuge DIRTY \VOHK" DONE By that time big business had done ts basic "dirty w o r k " It had it* nioek* fund-imcnUllj vatcrrd, its v.iluitlonx infilled to the rsting point Railroads orpociilly were oxer- Etna Furnace Is Recalled in Verse To the Ldltoi. The mention in The Courier of the ruins of old Etna Furnace being discovered during excavation for the sevvei on the Soutli Side Is ot vital interest m the history of the city. The following poem wns found fay the wrltei in the corner stone of an old house It was written by a member o( one o£ our pioneer families. Wall Hood "Yonder graveyard on the hill' refers to the old cemetery which occupied the site of Cirrjcgic Library Those of us who were pupils at the old Fourth W ird School spent many 1 recess watching the removal of rc- m nns from this- old burial ground This WTS qMte a hill before the "cut" | xv is rrndc for South Pittsburg street beyond FDirvicvv avenue or Grave trect, as it wns then called. Old photographs of the Fee homestead show the present location ot Pitta- burg street Hoping the poem may be of Interest, since It was written 50 years igo, I take pleasure in submitting it to The Courier readers. Kcspectfully, TWEtD If STAFFORD in Washington By DAVID LAWRENCE Tho perm Old Ftna when we Raze upon Thy hoirj licvrt and moMy ttonf . . . , . . i H call* u* back, to another day apitallzcd, but 10 was big business wh , n ,,,,,,, Ul(1 , l , n humble part generally Corpontions were trying to make In the bu« icenei of long arn noiev at two o, three tirm* the rate ! ThTM U4« thy mile mlt« b«tov. Ml they ever h,d Ind cash mvcsted ^f^S^TpIrT ^^' Th* mrn v.ho rurnl«h«l brawn «nd brain And labotrn on in (tin arid *hadr Were contented with but liulp Rain So thry an r.onr»t llvlnx made n them WOUSK NOW! I can remembtr the crash of 1893 --though I vsjij too young to understand it at jll fuilv It vvis Urrible, but it hid. one redeeming fciture 1 know a M!dwci'i»m bartKcr (now ,...,, ,,,, ,,, very old), who recilb thit dcprcs-| ^' lont «^ 1 TM ' c ° r ThOMr men who did an honest part tit mine Or coal pit or »t th« tUck }ltv* long nine'- l^ft to nt rr com*- back mound 1 In memory ot Wirlr labor ttt How " I .til cd him *-oon Jitter the 1020 coll .PNC. tlooi this co-ninrcf 1 " ondtt «r*\cyanl on the hill uilh the 173 bu'*«[»" * WcU," hi siid ' I IhinK that the average man %at flitter broke in 03 than he U at present "Bui he u-n )ust broke Ho v. isn't The did th« debt of nature fill Thrlr txnet now Tr»t In honored ermvea O erlooklnit Old v.ouich* limpid «avei In dtbl When we begin to fell recovery he began to recover Now, when we btgln trying to recover, 1 · has our enormous loid of nat oml obligitlons (of tjxitlon) to reckon with" OVEKCAPrrALIZATIOS' Y«, and of private ovcrcapiulln- tion' The big corporation* resent this suggestion They i} they nre not overcapitalized The railroad* insert thit all the water wni squeezed out of their ob- Vo eompany wtpt did Oiey have then. Or pluck one n*-ne to bleed the men Contented they *!l} imaJJest xaln No mother t wn could c er complain. StrlVet and lockout* then were rare, Tor Uie men we-c t *ed to the coanest tare Kat meat, coffee and com ponr Were what they lived upon alone Walt Hood 1M porntions, of more recent date* denv thit they ever were overcapitalized I doubt it. A DIFFICULT TASK As to President Roosevelt's cisc"" He Is trying to correct conditions ligatioiu m '93, when the.v went into 1 whose origin antedate his birth. bankruptcy wholesale Other cor- I Natunlly it is difficult. ·WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 --When a | man u nominated to be Solicitor Generjl ol the United States, it may be ptesumcd that he is familiar with the laws of the land Robert H Jackson, who lias, just received that nomination from Picsidcnt Roosevelt, but has yet to be confirmed by the Scnale, has the reputation of being a good lawyer. But, for some rejson or other, he made a bad slip when he appeared before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Hep: csenUtivcs last week, and now some members ol the Senate arc vvonderirg whether he is qualified for the job Mi Jackbon told the House committee theic was no way the Department of Justice could get ad- equntc evidence about jnti-trUbt law violations unless it began criminal proceedings before a Federal grand jury But it turns out that there is a law on the statute books which supplies to the Department of Justice all the power it needs, and it is a mystery why Mr. Jackson overlooked that statute. To begin with, here is a stenographic record of what was said before the House committee, where a hearing was being held to consider Mr. Jackson's informal impeachment of Judge Gclgcr of Milwaukee because the litter would not let the Department of Justice tamper with the grand Jury while separately seeking to coerce the defendants to sign a civil decree. Representative Masslngalc, Democrat, of Oklahoma was doing the questioning as follows "As I understand your position about U ' j grand jury evidence, the only effective way, from the Government's standpoint, of getting evidence upon which it can proceed cither criminally or by a suit In equitv, is through the grand jury?" "Mr Jackson- That is right 'Mr Masiingale' And that was the object in making the inquiry' "Mr Jackson The Department of Justice has no power ot subpoena We cannot compel the production of any evidence, except before the grand Jury, and until you have go' the evidence, you cannot knou whether you have i case that ough to be prosecuted civilly or criminally." Nobodj In the committee hapncncc to ask Mr Jackson about it, bu lawyers all over the country are won dcrlng vvhv Mr Jackson is unfamilia with the terms of Section 46 of th Federal Trade Com-nission Act, which reads ns follows: "The Federal Trade Commission shall also have power . . . . upoi the appllcition of tho Attorney Gen cral to investigate and make rccom mondations for the readjustment o the business of any corporation al leged to be violitmg the anti-trust acts In order that the corporatloi ay thereafter m/imtain its organ- zation, management, and conduct ot usmcss in conflancc vv ilh law " The power of supoena which the 'ederal Trade Commission has and rtUch is available, therefore, to the 3epartment of Justice, is far-reach- ng and has been upheld by the Su- reme Court of the United States, tcrc is Section "19 of the same law, v' ich reads as follows"The commission, or its duly au- horfrcd agent, or agents, shall at all casonablc times have access to, lot ie purpose of examination, and the ight to copy any documentary evi- ence of any corporation being in- cstigatcd or proceeded against, and ie commission shall have power to cquire by subpoena the attendance nd testimony ot witnesses and the reduction of all such documentary vidcnce rcla'mg to any matter un- ler investigation " Mr .Tackson made another statement v/hich is being widely chal- cngcd He told the House committee his "I am quite confident that no con- cnt decrees would ever be obtained, f you did not hive the power of proceeding before the grand jury, ind during the pendency of these cases, these conferences always occur" Writing in the Harvard Law Rc- ·icvv for April, 1933, William J. Donvan, who held from 1925 to 1929 the same position in the Department of Justice that Mr. Jackson docs, declared "The Sherman Act has been on the statute books for 42 years. In its enforcement, consent decrees have al- Continucd on Page Seven. During Jcnuoiy Sales ... Buy for Cash AND SAVE TJso ftTersonal" Loan · Toko odrontago o! lha bargains you can now got Borrow tho cash hero. · Olr ONE tiling needed to got a loan hoio -- th» cbfllty to repay small, regular tonountj on any loan plan you tclocU ALL PLANS.' % · Speed cmd privacy a*- ·mod. FREE Booklet Como In or phono NOW! Personal loans up fo $300 PERSONAL F I N A N C E C O . Over McCrorys w Crawford Avc s / Phone 3» Conncllsvulo Your Unseen Friend. WJAS Saturday, 8 P M 1 Like the Izaak Waltons, the Con ncllsville Local of the Fayettc Count Fish and Game Protective Association has started a membership campaign, with three prizes for the three turning in the greatest number of member!, A real prize is offered for first place--cither a $12 fly rod or a 510 reel. Membership in the local is a contribution toward conservation of the things in which sportsmen arc particularly Interested Your Income Tax DUPLICATE RETURNS Every person (except nonresident alien individuals, nonresident alien fiduciaries, nonresident foreign partnerships, md nonresident foreign toiporations) required lo file an income return for a taxable year (cjl- cndar year 1937 01 a fiscal year ending the last day of any month in 1937 other than December) or for any taxable period in 1937, must file with the return a copy thereof on the duplicate form (green paper), which will be prvided foi that purpose, or a photostatic or photographic copy o£ the original return of no larger dimensions than the original return Such copy mus,t be a complete duplicate of the return except that the affidavits on the duplicate form need not be filled in. The copy on the duplicate fonrumust also include any schedules, and statements attached to the original return except (1) schedule C-l (infot motion to be furnished by corporations ns to compensation of office] s ,md employes in excess of $15,000,) (2) in the case of a fiduciary return tho copy ot the will or trust instrument, (3) m the case ot a return made by an agent the power of attorney on Foim 935 or Foim D36, and (4) in the cases o£ an insurance company the copy of. the statement m ido to tho State insurance department Any person who fails to file such copy at the time required tlnll bo assessed $5 in the case of an individual or $10 m the t.ibe of a fiduci iry, partnership, or coiporntmn iclurn, and the collector with whom the return is filed sln'l piepirc such copy ^ --fl /^, -4- ur -Zfoe JLL Hurry down tomorrow, for this is one of the outstanding features of our February Sale Each piece has been skillfully chosen to blend with the whole, and deserves the title "Home of Charm." 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