The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 8
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iV I AMID SOMBER COLORS SEVENTIETH CENTURY WIDOWS PERIOD OF MOURNINQ. Even the Sheet* and Hangings of th« ." . °* a S* Orange the Tougheat Wood. , ' Queer Ciiatom* of Tudor ,: !i.,'At a time -when beds^ arid -bedsteads ·' -'Jwere regarded ae sacred jjossepaiqn^ /.Worthy to be bequeathed there was * 'one 'dreadful bed which "was no doubt ; the pride as well as the burden V the .^seventeenth century housewife. , : y . -This was the "mourning bed," hung- : !entirely la black, probably black vel- ~!^et, not eren the sheets In the case ^T|? f a "widow being permitted to be _ . white, and the -walls of tbe room and "- all the famlture we're^'draped In^au- .-·:. equally gloomy fashion. ^:. .:: It ^ a8 ^ot instil the- close of the. V J ; c ? Iltur y that * yoapSl v.-idow In;, the! jr,5P" ntr y was permitted to bare a white *' sheet she was 111 and could "T-not bear the black cloth! f .. '.Mourning was and continued to be / -a ..very «ocpensiv« matter, since it was , · .the custom, to B«od it to; all intimate. ,.,; friends as wen as, to .-near relation*; ;-;^dy Sussex, with the great good ' ' sense she displayed in practical raat- «r», twice refused "Wakes" ; (blades) I'trom the .Vemeys dnring the Civil v-vTKfcr because she kaew^bey could not j.:'i|ford it, and alleging' as her reason '-^.tliat .she "was lirhag giiletly at GOT: -hambury -and seeing nobody, writes -..-: Roie M. Bradley in The Englih ". Housewife of the Serenteenth Cen-; tury.' · ' ' ·· "- ~i:l:."*t. "^as aJso the babit to lead the .-^ .rnoarning bed round the family and ^»Baong neishbora, forit-wiut not to be v' supposed -that every hoaaehold could · 'boast -BO proud a possession." ^.;. "Another household custom which · · t i m e and advancing civilization bap- .jpily abolished is described as " fol- ;,.. .lows:. ··-^ '7n the Tudor kitchens a . \.:VinsenioQS?y trained to- turn' the" ^ !";.ter/ by running roond th« .inside: of * a ^' Awheel, upon the aaane principle that . ;XcaptlTe squirrel revolves in Its cage. : ;"" i ':.'"To incite him to this form of ex-. 'V.trcise the ixror dog had a hqt coal-a^; .C;;1tlied to his heels -- a pensflty; which _'.:' ;;was repeated if he showed any" dsfre , .C*o slacken -- and when we consider the ^^'size of the joints in- "those ' days, mo ."JnuBt have been often both hurt and "wtonished at the length, of this un- coon try ?s quire his sister, whl nis stomach, ,s mfatnra and one piera.** ho has a Quarrel with. has seriously upset he takes "Tippin's or two doses of Hiera Machine yeans" Music. Instantly. A mtieic roll perforating machine that stamps out any kind of music from ragtime .to the nipst difficult classics, and · upon- which a. : person may play ,a piece of .mnslc offhand and · take tie record^ Immediately to^ the ^automatic flayer for J^eproduc^' ' In' Sari'" Fran-; . . . . The machine, which, cost ' nearly |3,OGO to build, is attached to an ordinary piano by eighty rubber tnbe«, corresponding' to the number of notes on the InstrBment, ;' . As the musician plays a 'pieco6t music the keys of the inatnurient cause slots to be cut in a roll of paper kncrwn as the "master- record," which. lac tomatically unwinds^ trbm -the machine* **T the playing continnes. . The slots are made , instantly and the^ma*ter 'record,, which is ready for feproductJo'n' as 'soon, as the" 'player strikes the last key, miry be passed through, duplicating* machinery which prodncea 100 'forty-Joot records au hour, . The'op«rarJoa oC^the machlnd to BO «linple that a greot nraslctan coald sit down to the piano and compose a sonata, and when be bad finished it., a child cxrold reproduce. It 1 eaactly on tat automatic player. iff. Eherifr'S Office, April"25. 1318. R. TV, and G, Li. Tiawnon, Attorneys. IJAURA E. SUMK\* vs. CHARL.ES H. Sumey. In tho Court of Common Pleas of Fay-cite county,' Pa., No. 31 S, December Term, 1017. To .Charles H. Sumey. P.ospondent: Tou arc hereby .notlile^ that.,the ' rubpoena .and alir\s subpoerwi in tbls' caae .iVavc-becn- ' returned '"Mori cat inventiis," you are therefore rcquii-Rtl to appear in Lhff Court pC Common PJesp' .n£. Fiiycttts 'conhty, T;v., on the lourlh Monday ot May: of pMd-CoMrt. .A. JX 1918, to itns- ver the Jibcl and-complaint,filed therein, and show '--qavsei· it-'-'n-nv Vyou ; .hare, why :a tlivorc'c'. from lh«i bonds . of rhairtmony shquiri nof he., frmnieri ' t h r libcllant a b n v p ntuncd, "THOMAS r* ^riOWARD, ShcrifT. 'Sheriff's . Office. April 25. 1318. may-i-S-Jfi-22 66.03U.OO ( 6,500.00 j 17,119.72 ! I 10,691.17! 10,000.00 ! · PJa^orr] Phillirs, Attorneys. .CORA; BAUGM % ys. vr. j. BAUOH, Jr. In the Court-of Common Pleas ot FnV«tte county, PkJ, No.--. 251 Marcil Term. 13iS. -To W. J. BiMMth, Jr., respondent; You arc hereby notified thai tho subpoena and alias subpoena in rhis caw have been returned "N-on est Inventua". you' fir** tht-rcforn ccqutrct: tti appear In; tbe Court -of- . Gom-mon Picas of Fayette c o u n t y , "Pa... on the first Monday of J u n e of said Court. A. P. -IBIS. to'.answer the ilbel nnd complaint, filed- therein,, cause. 1C any you havo, why a divorce f r ^ m the bonds of matrimony should nnt be granted the jtbellant abovis named. THOMAS 'I* HOWAItD^ Sb'erift. SUer- iy-s omce. April 25, 1918. nmy-1-8-15-22 rusorvc bank stock , ,tock ot federal reserve bank (50. per cent of subscription) "alue of banking- house 66,000.00 furniture and fixture?; Real 'estate owned other than banking house lawful 1 resnsrve :with federal reserve bank : .....;.,..,. tpms \Oth- federal' reserve ^ b a n k y i n process of collection- fnot-'availahle-',arr reserve) lash In vault nnd net ajnounts - duo ' frfcm no.-, tlonal bank.^ : ..,;.. ..;;·..... Exchanges- for* ·· ele-aj-lrvtr .. ' 7 'i house ,. |. w... /. ll,9fM.Q» *ot;i! of items! It,: 15, 16/17 anti 13 -JS.805.t8 Ilifcks on banks located outside oC city or town of-reporting bank and · other cash Hears Redemption f u n d w i t h U. S. Treasurer ;ind due from U. S. Treasnmr f-iir .^R.v'injr 1 '' cert i fir-flics find Tl.rlft Strt.m;ps actually ForelgTi .-money · Sure Pr»of. "Tbftt rich oW fellow, hasn't the ligbfest scsfelctoB^his young .irife 1 de- wisi.Jrfffli^V : --- : -f · i ; - "". ·'· "How do" ywi kaow he doesn't?" "Becawse I*vc seen him eat her mince " Browafield Goodsteinv Attorneys. MAJIVANN-HERWICK VS. GKORGE Vf. Herwick. In- the Court ot Common Pleas ot iFayette county. Pa,, No. 375, September Term, 1317. To George\"W. JHerwick, .Ke9fonderit: Yon--are hereby notified "that the subpoena- and alias SMDpocna, in this caao have been returned /'Non eat inyentus.". you are the refers re.quired to appear In tho Court of Common ;Plcas;'-oC ^ayette couaty. Pa., on the tburth. itonday of May of said Court. A. D. 13 IS, to answer the "libel and ' complaint ' filed, therein, -and show--cause.-· U any you have, why a divorce from the bands of matrimony should not be granted the JlheHant above named. THOMAS' 1* HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April 25; -1918. ' m'ay-1-8-15-22 poor turnspit, with his long y ,apd crooked, but powerful, legs, ". ; ^continued at thfs sad and arduous flinty in many houses until far into the Y-'fcfshteenta century, when he was re- "; 21eved by the Invention of the atnoie- ·""."". One, obtains an impression ner and!.TM -.'-there that no mean jortion of domes- -*^Stic life fn those days was consumed '"-c'rifi the preparation and administration '· . ;ot homeioada medicines and possets. "We nave heard of a nurse who poul- ·v^ ticed a lady for temper." There is 'a -·**. -V? ' ' " ' ·f -y*-' _ : _ Srownfield Goo'dstein, Attorneys. THO-MAS HUNTKR VS. EMJIA HUN- ter. In. the Court cf Common Pleas of Fayette -county. Fa-, Xo. 361; September Term, 1017.. To Kmma. Hunter, Respondent: You are hereby notified that the subpoena :and alias'subpoena In this case, bava .been returned "Non est invontus/' you are^ therefore, required to appear in the Court of. Common Plearf of- layette county, 3*a,, on the fonrth Monday of May of said Court, A. D. 1918. to answer the Ubol and comolairit 'filed -therein; and show cause, if any you have, "why a' divorce from tho bonds of, matrimony should not be granted the libeflant above named. THOMAS L, HOWARD, Sher- " Georp* Pjitter££n. · Attorney. ·W.ILLLVM TATTX.R vs. MTTRTUS Taylor. In the Court o£ Common. Plea? .oC Faypttc. county, pa.,. No. OS. Dc- cwmJbpr Term, 1918. To Myrtle Taylor, Rof?pondent: You are hereby notified that tH« subpoena .and ai'ias stibpoona in--' Ehis caae havo, been .retuxriftfl "Non est inventua," you are therefore re- ulred to apixrar in the Court'of Common Pte^ia oC Fayette county. r Pa., on tho. fourth. Monday of May of nald 2f)utt, A. D. 1918. to answer tlie libeV and7coornplalnt filed therein, and show cause. If any you haire. w h y a dlvorr.o from the bonds of matrimony Khon!d not be«rd the . Hb*i!ant ahovn Barnes: THOMAS L. HOWARTt, Ph«rirf. ShccifTs omce, April '25: 1918. may l-S-15-22 Ttanlc RKTPORT OF CONDITION OF THE COtiO.N'IAL NATIONAL Coii- nellAvlile, in the State of Pennsylvania, at the cloise of business on liay 10, 101S. RKSOVRCES. Loans antl din- cunta (except those shown In b and , c) $437,101.27 497,101.27 Overdrafts, -unsecured 396.72 ' 396.7U C. S. bontla de- · f posited' to si-, .cur*- circulation fprvr value) .;.. 100,000,00 100,000.00 Liberty Loan : Bonds, 3*i p«r ·cent .and 4 p^r cent, unpledged 7,600.0(1 Liberty Loaji bonds, 3^£ and 4 per cent* pledc- ed to secure state or other deposits or bills - . payable 3fi,000.00 Payments actually mode on "Liberty 4i£ per c«»t bontte . . . 17,450.00 61,050.00 Securities other thns* U. S. b'orids ( n n t . Including stocks) owned Stocks, other than federal 80.79 5,000.00 ToCaJ J825.6S6.34. 5,1.TM.35 : 18.2-1 S ·4'12.00 t-TATOT.TTIES. ;'. Ca.pltat stock · p n i d In .. 51 On.000.00 Siirplup f u n d 20.000.00 Undivided profits. 9.595.01 .. L,«rs current ex- - - jicnscs. interest, and ta^e-S paid 5,1197.73 4,300.22 A m o u n t reserved for all interest accrued · 4; Circulating note'* outalnndlnr- 165,009,00 I n d i v i d u a l deposit s subject o check 253,31 2.2-5 Certiorates of deposit, du* in 1 tf-sw t h a n 30 days ( o t h ^ r thiin for money borrowed) Certified shocks Dividends u n j i K t r i ; Total of demand than bank de- pOKitnl,. subject to reserve, itehif* 34. 35. 3fi, 27, . . . 38, 39, 40, n'nri 41 2fiR,50S.4S Certlflcatefi o f . rtepo;«J: other than .for money borrowed). .17.388.42' Other time deports ·-.'. Sfi9,53T.2"' T3t?tl of time deposits subject ti reserve, items ·i2, 4Z t 44, and 45 2SS.3S2.S3 I Bill?' payahln, pth«r than w i t h fDtieral reKen't* bnnk, rowed, -other than rediscounts 10,000.00 Bill* par»rjle, with Federal loserrc Bank: · /'lL WRAP I? Ut* At-RJCrfT. 8UT I'LL LAV IT ON THC SMELf W TWO OU CAN HAVE IT. YOU BOUGHT T AW UNDER MAIL- ottse COHQIT * JS25.GSii.34 Stat« o£ Pennsylvania, County ot Fay- etlr, s»: I. H, S. Schenrk. Ca^hf^r of th« abov-nam*H bank, do solemnly swear that thn above statement 1« tr«c to the bent of my knowiwiijo and belief. H. E. SCHENCK. Cashier. , Suhtfrribed and sworn to before me this 20th clay of May, 1318. ATiFON'SO BASn-ON~E, Notary Public. Correct--Attest: I,. F. WITH. EOW. K- DECK. HA RUT DUNN*. REPORT OF eOTMTION" -OF THE Union National Bank at ConnellsviUe, in the srtate of Pennsylvania, at the close of business on May 10, 1518, Price* $32.50 to $1,500 Sittiply Amazing! , - TTte New Brunswick Upsets 7 All Old Standards' i 1 : f I ^HE ultimate phonograph is here! Itiis the;nev7;Brmjswicfc--r; I the most irnportant achievement in the phonograph · art r ; in. . ;TM. recent years, 1 - ·./'· · -. ; · · · · · . - ' ' · . - · · ' .. \\ ' -·;;;,,·,,-.·."'·--. ··'.'·' Now ojd ideas must be discarded. No one will be; content with a one-record' 'instrument ! with : aH its limitations. No, one.' mill b^! content with attachrqenti and makeshifts for playing aB. records^ bat which hinder tone. ·'. ...!,':.".,';-,.'.,.,..;' The new Brunswick Method of Reproduction brings new tonal valoes, due to TJierTJIton« and The Brunswick Amplifier. No one wBH be : «atisfied;'now \ ith the old tonal standards--once they hear The Brutwwkk. . '··; f / '" ·''';/" We want to say emphatically .that until the :coming of this · remarkable-new iriatrarnenti real reproduction was never attained s You cannot" afford now to even think of buying a phonograph, without 6rst ; hearing this remarkable instrument. It is .made by The Branswick-Balke-Cpnender Co. ' Whether you are ready .to. buy now. or not, come m and hear the latest and best instrument of them all. ~ - ^ . ^EETER R. ^EIMER 127-J129 JEL.Craiwford Aye., Connei^viile; Pa. RESOUHCKS. Loams and discounts (e-xctpt tb 090 show n in b a-nd c ) . . .$232,701.28 Overdrafts, unsecured . .1 Sli.S3 U. S, bonds lie- posited to secure' cirtsulaUon (par, value) . .. f0,00«.00 U. S. bonds ami certificates . ot owned and un- pledpftd · ....!,". 5,000.00 Liberty I* f an Ronds, ·- S 1 ^ per cent, and 4 per cent, unpiedfr- cd 27,400.00 Payments actually made on Ltb- "ttrty. . -VI par, cent bonde.;. ,. . v .: 54,0,50.00 Serurlties -othnr thanL r . S, boiwls " (not including · · stocks) owned unpledged .... H.100.00 Stocks, other than federal reserve bank ptock . . j Stock at federal reserve bank (59 per O'-nt ot sub- scrip lion) .. - Value of banking house 2S,0"1S.S5 F u r n i t u r e :inil flxt-ores ... Real estate owned other than banking house . , : . T-ia-wftii -reserve with federal' reserve bank , , ' . . . . Itoms w i t h federal rc- .serve bank Jn process of collection '(not available as reserve · ,, . . ; . . Cash in vault and net" .amounte due from national banks Exchanges Cor clearinghouse Total of '.lema 14, . 3 5 . 13, 17. and 18 5fi,«22.tS Cheeks on banks located outaide of ci\y' or txnyn of reporting 1 bar,k' --and other "cash items ...'.'.., Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due .from. U. S. Treasurer "War Savings Certificates ami T h r i f t Stamps actually owned Total LIABILITIES. Capital stock p-iid in Surplus fur.a Undivided profits ....... 8/662.08 Less current expenses, interest, and taxes paid ' 2,834.61' Circuiting notes outstanding Individual deposits sub- joct ts check' ...-'.,·.-....,-, 'CerUficalcs ^of;'deposit, .tlu.e . In less than 30 days (other than for money .borrowed ...' Certified chucks .Deposits .requiring "nUce '. but Icsrs than ,10 days..,. Tola) of ' demand deposits (other than b a n k depos- t its) subject to ' reserve, items-34, · 35. 3G'. 37, S8.--39^.. -. 4Q.: : £n 41 360,!60.S3 Gerttflcates of - deposit (other,, than for money borrowed) Other 'time*-deposits Total, .o£iJUrheVda'-i' -. ., . posits -subject. to!j.-, · ' ';4'5;..4'4,-aiiid"lGl ; ';39|868.'00 · 'Total «· ·'. ;.-·;. ;;'·.·;·.'..·.;. f . . : 5232,701.28 614.53 81,460.00 H,100.00 18.3RO 2,700.00 F:!l3S.OO 10,000.00 23.377.S4 2,41*.« 53,^08.53 Making the Conditions Equal The farmer rushes into the general store to buy a money order to send kis money to the 'far-away catalogue bouse for a saw for which he has immediate need. The home merchant advises him that he can provide the same article for the same and probably less money and produces his. ware as evidence. The prospective patron of the mail order house ; is prompt to see his folly and decides to buy at home, but when the home dealer takes- his mon.ey and tells him to come back in two weeks, the time he would have to wait for his article from the mail order house, the customer sees wherein he has been foolish. By buying at home you get expedient delivery, and have bought what pleases you. - Buying- away. there is no telling what you will get or when you will get it. . " " MORAL:--It's a poor saw that won't cut botti ways. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. Fnniitore, COMPANY s, Stoics- - 154-158 V. Cra-trford Ate. W. T . LECHE Dry Goods IK! W. Crauiord Arc. XltE HOKNEK COKPAST Mon's WCBC . 1 0 6 IV. Crairforfl Are. COLOKIAi NATIONAL BAJTK Corner I'ittsburB Street and Crawford ATCIIUC. McDONAEB MUSIC ASD ELECTRIC CO. l{6y»l iloiel Block S. JPittsbnrg St. : n. KOBACKEJR SONS , "The Big Store" K. Kttsburg St. C. W. DOW5S Footncar for Kterybor . 1-1 $· Tittsbsrg St. COTSNELLSVULIiE 3IAEKET A r » SORTH END UTABKET J,cndi«5 Grocery Stores 13G and 313 JT. rittsbnrR St. ASD£RSON-LOUCKS HAKDWABE CO. Uardirarc 110 YT. Crawford Are. CILVRLES T. GILES Jeweler HI West Crawford Ave, BBOWXEI/L SHOE COMPAJfTC Sbwfi ' 'H'est Crawford Are. COJfiV'ELLSVIXLE DRUG COMPAS'i Urrigs - - - 130 Wcsl; Crawford AT*. · " '· '·'·· ' PETER'S. WEDtFJR 1'lsnos iiud I'liuiiOh-rnplis lSJ-129East Crairford Ale. A. W« BISHOJP ' W' Vest Crawford ATC. THE AAKOX CO. "Home Builder" m S. Plftsbnrg St CROAVLET-JIESTEEZAT CO. Shoes for thy Whole Family 113 V. Crawford ATO, AKTMAX TTOKK . Cliina and Wall Fnper 147-151 W. Crairford Ate. THE CESTRA1 STORE Dry Goods' 211 IV. Crawford ATC. ELPERS'S Ladies' Suits and Coals 130 X. Tittsburg St. FITE ASI) TE5 CEKT WAtl PAPER CO. Wall Paper 103 IV. Apple St WEILS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents for Willys-Knight, OTeriand Cars, Accessories YTERTHELTIER BROS. Men's Store 124 S. Pittsbnrg St. COX'ELLSVILLE LAU5DET "Snow V!ii( e Work" 129 Baldwin Are. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dnffgan West Side ERISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware Vf. Crawford Are. WRIGHT-aiETZLER CO. Xhipartinent Store V. Crawford A.T6. LAU6HREY DHUG COMPANY Brags- 112 S. Pittsbnig St BuiPPORT-FEATHERaTAS CO. Ion Can I)o Better Here. 5.S2T.-17 50,000,00 2,630.00 j. 40000 °°Uot Too Late Buy Bonds Our Liberty Loan Bond club still lias . a good supply oE tlie Third . · ' issue. . . . . ' Cohjo in today and enlist in tie 100.00 j- Grand Army ot Bondholders... '' ' You don't need much money. '. A dollar makes die first payment on a ?50 Bond. You pay fee -'l-atanco "In easy iveekiy installments.'·" Buy a bond or fight--many brave boys are doing both. Call Cor lull '·'· ~ ; fcCo-rma.Uo.u, 38.118.00 O 1 1 T*- 1 1 Bell- telephone lerating Work near your home in pleasant.and healthful surroundings, with, excellent opportunities for rapid advancement,- · - . U n u s u a i opportunities-for earnest, intelligent young ivomcn be- iwcec IS and 24 years bt age. '. New employes are pauI wiiile learning and are .readily advanced. ; Comfortable sitting room for reading and relaxation when of! duty. . · Good opportunity for senior and supervising positions. Apply to tic Chief Opcraiotr ot the central office. Title Trust Building, Connellsville. [.State of Pennsylvania,' County- o£ Fayette. ss: · " ' ; " ' . ' . . - , " . : · I. .IAS. C. LONG, cashier of !the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is ( true to'-the l.TSt of my knowledge and belioC. JAS... C. 'L.ONG, Cashier, Subscribed and sworn to before rr thia 18th day of'Stay, 1918. , . . . WX S.. TAKD. Notary Public. Correct--All es f.; G. "tt r . GAI.LAGHER. A. c. "urrwAUDs, I P. J. TOBM33T. Directors 120 W. Crawford 'Are,; Gmn«llsville. ·(TIie'Bnnk thut Uoes Things for 1'ou" -Checking; Acconnts . Invited; ON WHLSttESS Bffltt LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B.KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234.

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