The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSV L.LB, FA. PAGE Frm'* fJ . Looking Backward N»T»» of the Putt Cou- d e n n e d fr m tb« I'll** of Th» CoiriM. I ' K B R F A K V B, 1890. \n thf-v t r o i g h t OIIJMMP i* added t o tho xilliriK HloLk of t h i s division , the isaltiinoro k Ohio Til- B.iltun-oro A. Ohio lUilro.i'I »slftlll.shti a fii v w f Uitiou «it t h o V o U ) R » U » \ v n Coke ('( iu|ian s w o i K n npar l.emont uuil ( i nsteiii It Sut- forl a l t e r Gcnonil Ma WKOI- N. K Sunford Krct.1 i also ihiiuged and U-. now knoivn tus 1'piry. Mn-i Nuii'ic* Key 11 old · oi thit, placo- in ( r o w , i n g tho Haltunoro At Ohio t i u c k i in f i o n t of ii n approac lisiK t r a i n , bht t a i l s it n (I had it not IH-PII foi ( h e tinieij at-histamo of J *.·() h f'i«ss!nml wointl h a v e Ixn-n s t r u i k by the pngme. and Llod J'iihanoy t a k e oi t h e Ualtimcro British Heiress to Wed Noted Sportsman* Peer KEIIKUAKY 7, 1800. Dotailtd i-epir. of tho C o n n e l l b v i l l e «kr Dado foi t h t \soek ending Keb- riunv 1 t,hov\«s a total ot 11, 551 ovens in t'lf region, of wh ch 13,95:1 are in blast ami 51)8 tdlo, \ v i t h an estimated production or 1(5 7GT torn* F i a n k (Mark, br.ikeman on the 0 · B i r h o i t Kino, is InM u i t l y kllldt · X i . f i i l\o- n.tesrs hi* food ig near M o r r e l l w h i i e imvkmg his i n i t i a l trip on t h e road. Marriage licenfip^ ure Issued in Un- loutovui to t h e lol o w i n g : v'harle^ Beatty of Ixnvor T y r w e ( n w n e h i p and Maiy K ThoniMiu «t U u l l f e k i n towns h i p : D i n i o l .Johns and Olive- E. Mooro, both of I'm intou n ; John J. I'ol'flwj and Elniira Madden, lxth of I e i e n r l n g ; .John M. Z i m m e r m a n and i)r!» M. Lawson. hot! of ('oiiuollB%Ulo: J o h n La n key of Bull; kin township and Alii e Fo ivy the of Pe-ry t o w n s h i p , and Ohyrlee H B Davis of I'niotitown and Maltha Br-eakiroti of Smlthfteid. Miss Wade Whltcl y of frow Haven f!i*«i at her home of heart disease. O.arlos M. Poo take* a position as nigiU yatxl f - l e r k for the Baltimore · Ohio, fciuceedtiii; Cu 1 IJarnos | A l i t t l o d . i u r h t e r of Baltimore \ Oh-o Railroad Dele-tivc Hohert P. j Shr ppaid hreaVfi an arm in t \ \ o places w h ^ i i she f a l l s over a .stone Mrti. Kato S t i m n u l ! , the oldest ^o- m«n in ( ' o n n e H s v i l I f , K seriously ill ami probably w i l l not recmer She ife U5 vciir- of aRe. Cieorge C n n n i n p h i m , v- ho«o parent i hvi in New H a v e n , ^ K t l l w ! \\hen ho loiu-hes a live f l e c l r i c w i r e in Cinc i n n a t i , Ohio. Miss Loelia Ponsonbr, heiress to one of the great Englisn fortunes, whose betrothal to th · Duke of Westminater, noted sportsman, was recently announce i report o (he coUo trade for the week e n d i n g Feb- r u iry 11 hiiou,-, a to'.U of 19,1)9^ ovens in tho region of w nch 19,,'SGO arc in lil.i«t and 5.J2 idle w i l h u total esti- ini tetl p r o d u c t i o n ol ^11.755 tons. '1'lip 1,'Hb u n n j v e r ' a r y of Fe" W A K.lie't pastorship ol the Fust I'rthby- K ' l i u n C h u i c h is ce ebrated. The Mount I'lcoadnt. Connellovillo, I ' l . i o n t o w n Street "Utilway Company has obtained a Irani hifcc to lay its l i n e ih 'OUR i the streets of Mount Pleasant. p a y i n g V-.OOO cash or tho privilege. \ki.rr, age llcerbes ar* issued in Un- uj'UovMi a.s follow, John A. Buttcr- inore o" Conneiltivi io and Katherino Kosen of I'liiontow n , Taska Wheeler ol Dunbar aiul Olive. A r r i n R t o n of ( ' ( i n n p f l l f i v f l l e ; V a f o Kalnion and A n n a HteKin both t Vanderbilt; John M igr(-L and Mary JCthel Wliutsel, foth of Springfield t o v \ i a h i p , William M. 1C arn arid Emma J. MO»H, both of LHiu- luir; John f 5 u r r t s and Arnan!a ('. Ore-en, both of Bel e Vernori Attorneys B V, I'l^bee of thie pkire, I S. Dimibaulr! and IJruco F. Stor- lint; of Uniontown lorrn a law partnership, k n o w n a« £ teriinp, Higbee Dumbauld and occupy two places of s, one h^ro and on« at Union- FEBKUAJIY 8, 1910, Detailed report of tho Gomiel!.sville coke trade for the week ending Jaii- uiry 2'J showe a total of 39,419 ovens In tho region of ivhich 30,859 ovenH a'o in blast and ,'ViGO Wlo with a total estimated proiluction of 174, (96 tone. (Contract i-s closed by the West I'enn w i t h the WedtuiRhouhe C'otnpany for now engines and e q u i p m e n t to be i, 'stalled ut tho pnvvor hoiwso at Fay- ettc. Tho improve meats which w J l ! coat tho company about $400,000 were made net*t*ary t y tho closing of a ii umber ot large totUracts to varioiiH i idustrles throughout tho coko region, Kmmett, 12-yeai-old fcou of Mr. and Mrs. t.«--o Weiss, will lost the sight of at le.u;t one eyo from i horrible BcaMI :g when a clothes hoilor Wows u p in his face, tho stea u enveloping him. Hov. Hl hard Kemp ol Onld O k l a , 3s appointed paator of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Connelh vHUe and -will also ha%e charge o£ St. .lohvi'.-- Church at Dunbiir. .Mif.s Alice Matardo o DuriMr has a narro'v escape from ' eing another v i c t i m of tho deadly oil 'an when she uses it to hasten a fi e She wan dcverely burned about the inouth, nceic, hamlci and arms Ir.i (\ Cook and Miss ,'isllit' Shaffer, Itoth of f'onnellsville, a c married in (ho .Methodist Episcopal pareonage. As tho result of a s t r o k e of upop-lcxy, W i l l i a m C. I/yon, 79 yi arts old, of Ve-nnsvllle, dies. MTU. Mary It. Vance, 7 1 yo-ans old, a Hfe-lotiK resident of Co ineilairille , le found dead in bed. Fred Floyd, a DaKim ro Ohio brakemnn, hag hte HS it foot badly niashe-d while coupling rars at Rockwood. Patrick Costello, Srt \ earn old, dies following a stroke ot p iralynte Freeman Haker of i reiikneck, 19 yeaffe old, has his righ eye removed f o l l o w i n i ? an i n j u r y froi i a piece of a ^iin cap which pierce* it sometime UKO. Antonio Bufano ciosi ; nefjotiatioiiH for tho purchase of the Ounbar House from Harry VanOordei paying ap- pro.\lmatoly $50,000. FEBRUARY li IftJO. Detailed re-port of i h Coimollsvillo coko trade for the wecic enling Foh- ruary I shows a total f 33,684 ovcnw in the region of w h i c h 2^,17!) are In hlaHt and J3,j''5 dlo with u total climated prod tic ion of 239,!H tonf.. About 128 persons , ather tor the banquet of Camp Wall IT K. Brown, Veterans of Foreign W r«, which commemorates tho 21st am Iversary of tho outbreak of the 1'hilli pine Insurrection. C'lv!o A HeW, 30 ytarw old, Baltimore Ohio brakemai , diej from influenza. Htiffh Crowlcy, foreni \.n at the Broad Ford Ooal Company pi mt, IH fioverely iiijurctl when (rampie* by a iiorec. A. P. Ikirthen is ele -ted a member of South Connellsville Borough COUB- ci) tucceediiig N. B. Ta inch ill who did not qualify. Forty-eight applieat ona for Ik'enBcs, just GO per c. it of tho n u n i b e r , wore liled in Kayetto county for 1020. A Went I'enn street car crew probably fcaved the lives, cu Pdtrolman D. II Turner a/id his fa nlly when they .saw hit. home lu Eaet Crawford ave- nuo burninu; and pouncing on the door, aw akened the sleepiiif inmatee. Captain John J. Ke inedy of Scott- dcilo is glveu tho Ui; tlnguished Service Cross for valor under fire. Ks was in Company B, 110(h Infantry. Charles E. Shmn;ik r, 36 yoare old, dirb at a private hot pital in town. Perryopolis turns away from Jack in the old "horse and buggy" days, it. was the custom to give large doses of internal medicines fq^- almost every human ailment. Then a North Carolina pharmacist originated VicksVapoRu D.the better method of treating colds externally. Mothers ap jreciate Vicks, because it checks children's colds without the risk of upsetting delicate little itornachg. A d u l t s , too, have found Vicks just as good for their own colds. Today, the wh ole trend of med cal practice is av/ay from needless "dosing." V g C K S ^/f 4k M£ f*% 0"2. §_J J3^ J'BUHYOPOLIS, Fel 18.-- Mre. M. A. Thoinp.son ot" New Kensington is ^pending tho week \\ th her parents, Mr and Mra, J f. Hut 'ormore. Mr. ind Alrts. Percy Hale o£ Fayette- City ^,pent Sunday v.i h Mr. and Mrs. K. I'. Luce of Perrjop Ii. Mr. and Mrti. Jtusi ell Hutchinaon spent Sunday w i t h \lr. and Mrs. Cliarlc-s JatiKK of [Jantiing. At the Methodibt E ilscopal Sunday Stliool Sunday K. I. Hajtnhier gave a \ f t y interesting talk on Francew E. W i l l i i t r l . Hov. ,f. A I'orgie also gavo a short talk Grace D e n n U of 'I irentum, a Jor- mer teacher of Perr High School, visited with friends iero over tho MOTHERS ARE LEARNING USES OF MAGNESIA From tho ncglnninB o£ e x p p e t n n c v u n t i l baby is weaned. That's the l i m e P h i l l i p s M i l k of Mnpnesla perlorms the gi oHest t t i v i c e 1or many women. It relieves the expectant mother's nausea, hea' tburn, "morning sickness," iiiclna ion Io v o m i t ; help 1 ! her digestion Us m i l f l but oflectlve laxative ac-tion assures regular bowel movement. Phillips M i l k s of Magnesia is better than lime water for neutralising c o w ' s milk for i n f a n t feeding A teas p o o n f u l of i does the work ot a half p i n t of lime water. It is a mild laxative; harmless, almoKt tasteless. All drug stores have i'hilhps Milk of Magnesia in generous 25c and 50c bottles. Always insist on the genuine, emlorhed by physicians for 50 yi-arh. " M i l k of Magnesia" has boon UIP U. S. Registered Trade Mark of the Chas II. Phillips Chemical Co., and us predecessor, Uhas H. P l i i l l i p ^ . .sluc'e 1S75. FRFJK: to young mothprs and pros- po-ctlvo moihurs, "Useful Information.' tin i n v a l u a b l e little book 011 the health of me ther and child. Write the Phillips Co 117 H u d s o n S t , New York, N. y. It \ \ i l l be sent absolute!} f i e e of c'har-CP.--Advertisement. the Theatres German Railways to Drop Word "Verboten" BRRLIN, Fob 18.--Tho word "Ver- )oten," ono the favorite? and most coiteplcuous term on any official OT- inan ordlua'iuo, w i l l som be obsolete --at least it the, realm of tho C.eimau railway a/durinlstratian which recently deckled to "eplaco the oinlnutia "for- bidduu" by Jess nroemptory adinonl- tiOUhf. Sniithton SMITHTClN, Keb. 18--Mr. and Mrs, George Coopor of Prrryopohn woro guests at tae homo of -Mrs. Coopor's paront.H, Mr. and Mrs. H a m m o n d Pokorney Friday evening.' Wilfred Crilley wan a guest at the home of friends at Charlerol Friday, Laird D'Omiati wa« a I'ittshiirK visitor r rhurslay. Mrs. Don tld K e n n e d y and daughter, I'atricia of Pittsburg are spending u few clavs v siting at tho homo ot Mrs. Kennedy's brother-ia-law and mister, Mr. and M^s. Amerlcns Zancleroll.i. Hobert Carpenter of Connellsville was a Joca biiHines.s caller Friday Mrs. Ani'jrirus Vidalo and son, Ril- He were P u s h i n g visitor's Thursday. Frank Vilsou of M o n c . - M - i wan a local callei Friday. Mrs. liichard Black jnd daughter lane of I I j n t f n g d o n . P a , are - p e n d - ing a few .veeks visitint; at tho home of Mrs. mack's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.iul S m i t h . Mrs. Ko - Shipley and daughter, .loau of MrKeesport are spending a fe\\ days M S i t l u r at the home of Mrs. Shipley',, parents, Mr arcl Mrs .Itrj- eph Sethraju), Jr. Piiink lletunis Dog 1 . COLUMI.IA, M o , Feb. 18.---Chester TJ. Brewer athletic director (rf the University of Missouri, is rejoicing that co!le;iG students enjoy pranks. Brewer's pet L/ewtjllen Setter wan lobt and he demoanett tho fac; for .several das. It was l o t u r n c d after a g i o u p of student pranksters had catij.'ht tho dog, wet and dirty, and put it in tho bed of Ile-bert Shue wlvo was asleep on tho sh-epinpr porch of hts fraternity lioufe. Shue recognized the bedragglei' dog ani returned it to Brewer. of the Hudson j pa cuntr I r o m Willarvl Mi^fi's lhc\v Yoi I The Paramount The traveling lrv»a were i u n i f j i } part of the sots for "Tigc r Boee," 11 3 AVamcr liros ami Vltaphom- scree i melodrama which ii HOW playing . t the- Paramount Theatre Purf of the ^conc!:, tVi - this viv story taken staj?o b u c c e ' h , wei c taken in Yosemi e Valley The lir-PH were- a portion of (! e exterior l a c k g r o n m J . Wli-e-n Direct r Georgo Fltzmaurice mo\oj tlio tronj , including- Monte Blue ami I/upe Vol '., who are eo-fiLarrr-d, ba'k to Itoliywo- d tic obtained permission from t o Forestry Service to cut down n dnz n largo and u m a l l p i n e trees, ho th it t h-ey could be iihcd a*, panoramic bac ,.- grouwls oulnid* 1 - of the tra-ling pc it w i n d o w s and porch A f t e r terving t h i s ptirpono for a week at the h t u d m , t h e ttee-i we o t h e n t r a n s p o r t e d w i t h other propn o f.aKe A r r o n h f i w i , where f u r t h e r fit-en % s s h o w i n g t h p r i \ e r ,UK! iapidt-, w c · taken the* trees mdin being nec 4- Kt\ry lor certain shots. Then it wa« !'6coyKied tha; a fi w ^hots w-t're tieeiei al tho -itudio, ,o again the trecn wont t r a v e l i n g AHR 5- tant I h r e c t o i Gotxion Jlotlingehc id Witliiwilfd that t h e tree.') travrt d n-eixrly 1,300 miles bctore 'hey we re taken away as firewood. Tho program aleo i n c l u d e s the ] at Rooney Family in "The Royai Pal ," a V l U i p h o n o act arid an a l l t a l k ) ig comity. The f e a t u r e picture- for Thursd y, Friday and Saturd.iy ir, "Bverylw ly Happy," with Teri Iowih in the stel ar role. The Strand Side Up " slngiiiK . ud musical comedy on ho ecreen at tho Strain! Thwitie, Dunl ir, ia atlractiiiK large erowds,. ( "Sunny Side ITp" Is ni" origl lal miiriioal comedy writ!en by B u d d y )e- SylvM, LK^W Brown in) }by Hew tr- eon, Hroadway'fi p n p u l n r song vrit re. They providetl six of the beat 111 m- bera they ever havo writton tor hifl cntortalmnK production -wHrh. per/es to lntrx.luco J a n e t Gajnor as t t m ei- cal comedy «tar. Salets of tho 8on«fi tot.ilHng well nto the millions i« in-dica'ed by Un'lr p ,iu- larity with aurlienccB all over the country. Tho sons h i t K itre "Su my Side." "If I Had a. Talking PIctur of Yon," "You've Got Me Plukin' P ale Off of Daisies," "Turc on the Hr it," "You Finl the Timo, I'll T^IK! the Place," "It'e Gr^at tn hy N-H;K(yl," ind "I'm a Dreamer, A r e n ' t We all?" Davkl liutler direutmi ",iunny ido lip," and Seymour Felix, celebr ted dance director, singed the enseiu Jee and song numbety. There is «, ch' rua cf 100 dancing and s i n g l r g beau ij«. Tho supportinB c.ust » headed h; El lirendel, Sharon I j n n , F r a n k W ch- ardeon and JMarjorie ^Sljlt". The dainty, w i s t f u l i tt'.e J n«t provpfl her vorsatiiity by p l a y i n ; a comedy rolo, broad m hpot«., and a -ain on tho border land of pithos. She sings, the danccfe, Hue tal«f, and she docB it all with t h a t touch ot g dufl that hat; laised her from the ear ranks of extra girls to the front aiifc of tho greatest ston, in thf »nter *i7i* ment world. Bring results w4ion placori in tli« oo-l- of Tho Daily The Orpheum "Half Way to Heaven," provides in- toreatinR entertainment at the Orpheum. Charlc« (Buddy) Hogere, fresh from th-o overwhelming succeeses oi! "Clo«o Harmony" and "Illusion," 1« tho fotar. Rogers, alone, one of the moist popular male stars in pictures today, assured tho picti're of a following ol millions. Ilia fan mail and teeted box- office returns pporo that. Tho Story is an adaptation Irom the sensational Iwet-eeller novel by Henry \. Gates, "Here Comes the Bandwagon"--a etory made-to-ordor for tho scren awl Rogsrs. Already know to readers, tho screen story te sold well obove tho ten-million m a r k . Everyone who read the book w i l i want to see tho picture and he'll want his friends to sec It. Jean Arthur, tho heroine, te a ewect, screen sweetheart with a following of her own. Her recent featured work in "The Greene Murder Caee" a?id "Tho Mysterious Br. Fn Manchu" won her many, m a n y friends. Paul Lultas, in a featured role, is ;x drawing-card for any picture. "Three Sinners" ana "Tho Wolf of Wall Street" were greater and more succeefiful picture*. partly because/ he woe in thorn. George Abbott, who guided the Two Black Crows, Mo ran and Mack In their first all-Utlking screen venture, "Why Bring That Up?" directed this picture. Ho knows enteHainme-nt from the artistic and box-office angles. H-e ha/s proved Mmae-lf. All these assets were assured "Half Way to Heaven" before a camera turned on tho picture. It ju*t couldn't mteri. And, now, completed, it eur- paa«oa all pro-filming forecasts in a big way. It's a real, eure-flre sma«h- hit! A movietone act, eound newe reel and talking comedy are added attractions. Thursday, Friday and Saturday "In Old Arizona." will be shown. Edmnnd fxiwo and Dorothy Burgess are featured. TODAY Vitaphone WARNER BROS. Present- TOMORROW AH Talking Beware of Bladder Weakness Getting-Up-Nights Distorted Re«t TJnd«»8 H«Uth, Saps Vitality, States Physician Who Recommends Treats. M e n .ind "womfn who arp ronstanily a n n o y e d ,uul distressed by Bladder W i - a l t n c u s oi U r i n a r y Irritation* should t a k e I m m e d i a t e 8tep« to combat t h e i r iroiiMe b e f o r e It reaches a aei-iou.s or perhaps d a n e ^ r o u s tfiapc! Back-aolics, Hotulachcs, p*lna In f e e t and let?'', ru rvousness. restlessness, f r e - c j u e n t b u t s i - u n t y u r i n a t i u r i wiUi b u r t i I n R - Jinrl p.i'n, j r c t l i n j f - u p - n l i f l i t s -- t h e s o are s u m o of tho rtKiro t r u u b l r s o m c s i f f n n of Uladder Wcaknsg or I r r i t a t i o n t h a t h h o u l d have prompt a t e t n t l o n No matter hov s t u b b o r n your rasft m u y se?m Io be or how m a n y d i f f e r e n t miMHclnes you h a v o t r l c j w i t h o u t success--don't (five up, arid t h i n k y o u r ca.s tiO]cless or the 1 n a t u r a l consptmeuce of advanclnfi jcjir", u n t i l you have trlfrcl Ihci special p r i v a t e p r e s c r i p t i o n of Dr. S o u t l i w o r t h , a physician of, o v e r 40 yean' a u c o e a a f u l e x p e r i e n c e I n o r d e r t o reach t h e m t n \ H ' u » - i n d s w h o cannot cornt" to h i s otIU i Dr. S o u t h w o r t h lias placed his lIIWTA-Ba in U n i o n IJrug- Co , and o t h o r good, local drug slorcn--iinrl i n v i t e d you to try lYic-m w i t h o u t risk of coat, unlcs-i pleased. 3f UHA.TABH b r i n R - you s w i f t nnd c e r t a i n c o m f o r t yoti w t l i be happv Jf tlioy do not satisfy, t h e y w i l l cost you n o t h i n g -- s o . It you need this errand medicine, I r y i t todav! A l l Brood d r u g .---Advertisement. · · · · · · N E W P E A R A D O PERFORMANCE Imagine it ... this 1930 Apex. Super-Screen-Grid Ra- djo with die new Apex Multi- F'base Circiiit,and[ Apex Full Tone-Color Electro-dynamic Speaker, is priced at only $115 (less tulxjs). Come in tcwiary and hear it in action! Other Apex models from \S. (xnveniesnt monthly terras. $115 I ' UttTubw Only in APEX Radio will you find these outstanding featares--1930 features-- APEX SUPER-SCREEN-GniD APEX NEW MULTI-PHASE Cmcurr APEX FULL TONE-COLOR ELECTRO-DYWAMIC SPEAKER \, Wertheimer Motor Co Phone 196. West Crawford Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Hoi-so In I KAXSAS CITY, Mo th wooden 1 stood o u t s t r i p tht Ii KostiM - iU'lruroiLh - V C o m p a n y t'oi the p t UN AII ailvc-rlidoment i w i l l IH-I omc .i part ol .Museum at Doutbo 1 1 [rt\-iiiUiuvt.'s, hcai K a n ^ a - i City Hrm w a s tho horse tor the mut isenm. Keb 18.--"IMs- )i-s» w h i c h lias nifSd shop ot agncr Harness f the !r bushu »H, tiu H e n r y Ford 11, M i c h Kord n; the veteran retiring-, secured Pat Rooney Family in "The Royal Pair" VUaphono Act and Talking: News Red Admission--Matiner 10c anii 25c--Night I5c and 85c Thursday Friday and Saturday Ted Lewis in "Is Everybody Happy" Today--Tomorrow CHARLES (Buddy) Talking ROGERS 'Half Way to Heaven' With JEAN ARTHUR Also All Talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News in O + STRAND--DUNBAR, PA LAST T I M E TONIGHT Admission -- Adult) iwc Linitircu ^s on Wiiffle Irom! Heavy, orn amented nickel platu finish. New "heat ii tdicator" tells you ivhen to pour bdttftr so that waffles woo't stick. Heavy duty heating element, as in restaurant waJle irons, assure! iifo'ime use. .HE new "Windsor" mode!, regularly priced at $12.50, ia now offered for a limited time at only $9.951 Conic in today and see this marvelous waffle iron --have its many features explained to you. Then remember that you can save $2,55 by buying now --while the offer lasts. (Only $1.00 Down) IEST PEN C L I i C T R I C S H O P S When You Have Something You Want to Sell Adveriiftes It in Our Cla«8ified Cok

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