The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 7
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·WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1918." THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIULE, PA. PAGE KEi'V Bn. Italians Crowd Ancient-Coliseum To ? , Celebrate America's First"War Anniversary imericans to Reciprocate on Itafy-America Day, May 24th, Italy's Third War Anniversary, In a spirit of reciprocal appreciation t Italy's great sncriflM In the war and ontributiony to ItR success, millions f Americans on Friday, May 24th, -will, enr.'flmrers displaying tlin Italian coi- rs--red, white and green, a n d - w i l l ih^r'wlse participate in a uitiori-wide jlebratton of'the third onnivewwry of the entrance ot Italy Into the war. The Iteff America Society, of which Clmrles Evans Hughes Is president, Is organizing-this-:demonstration as one means of undermining pro-German propagandx In Italy and among Italian speaking citizens of this country. German 'ajents are sedulously spreading the idea that this coimtry is not interested in Uie -welfare of Italy. The Society believes that with thousands of Italians In thls'country writing letters to th^eir friends a.nd ^relatiTes at home on May ,24th descrtbingt.the whole-hearted participation : bf Americans In this celebration, au entirely new and absolutely truthful picture of the friendship of this country for onr ally will b« presented to the Italian- people. One feature of New Tort city's celebration will In » measure parallel IB magnitude the Italian demonstration In the Coliseum shown In tbe accompanying picture. On the night of May 24th the Metropolitan. Opera .House will be the scene of, mass.meeting and a benefit '.performance at which Cai'uso, Martlnclli, Seoul and other Italian and American singers win tflke part- The proceeds devoted to the,lulian Jlodi Cross. MENTORS GET BUSY *FCTY SUGGESTIONS THAT FOU LO.WRAIUROAD ACCIDENTS. roads-do not always TUB "in a straight! line, and what would b« the use of an outlook man and his glasses diK'n? the night or a day of dense fog? ·eirilngfy Ev«ry form of" Crank Com*» Forward With "ideas, Moirt of Them Laughable and All ' Absolutely Impractical. No sooner do we hare i deplorable j itastrophe on the line than 'score*-; ' InTentora--from' all parts of the ' orld--think out an kinds ot schemes | prevent railroad accidents, said an i igtleh patent agent In .thr course of i recent conversation. ; One man,came to me with a smll-j g face and stated that he bad hit- ion a scheme whereby railway col- j lions, the penalty we have to pay; r toe benefits of steam locomotion . nj f»st travel, would tecfrrie'a thirty} the past. He suggested that huge j agnets of. immense power shqnld be j- taohed to' tb$- fronts of all locom- ?es. He was coriQdent that tho j ilariztcg action of the magtiets o f l /o trains, dashing together?, wouH j pel each other and preT(«t actual j : ntact of the engines. , j Another gentleman of an Inventive j rn of mind wanted to have all loco-'. otircs Atted with several immense j utching devices, built on the lines! the ice-clntch. These wore to bej irked by a lever in the csib of tho;. .gine. All the driver had to do .when j s locomotive became unmanageable | id was careering np the' line at; eak-neck speed was to pull down the ; rer. Thla would put the clutche-aj to action. They would bold firm, and! ·eatually bring the heavy roans ot\ in/and steel to a standstill. It never! emed to occur to him " that, -tbe; arches would probably tear u p - t h e ! s and the wjH. anil be had ren*- no thought of the probable j te Qt the carriage behind the en- ne. '. One-member of the female persua- ?n thought it a happy inspiration to spend large Jndlarubber nir-cham- \ rs between the carriages to deaden i e coccus*ton; while a young: gM\ 10 ,lrad been In a railway accident j oujjit It would be a splendid idea If! rrt$E*», instead of being made* o l j ?taj and wood, were coustmcted of j rdfned rubber or Ieatue7 baf snflti mtly pliable to- "«iv»" st a s?jock. ] At a railway con--^'^ meeting: me time ugo a etie.t*.«« *u th^ush^t it suld be a srood thrsj It crary']6co- 3tlve carried an fetlock tha.Ti. This rvant. he said. _brs;d be supplied th pair of powerful binoculars, by jans of which he con Id detect at a Dslderable distance any obstruction". defect on the Iron road, and, by. pigling to the driver to 8hnt ott taia and apply tb« brlkea, thus ATOM accident or a collision. But rail-' Interrogation Point- A Philadelphia reporter was quw- tlonlnp Treasurer Fnhnestocic orer- · 2ealously about the . mooted - bill ton-! dollar blanket mortgage el th*; Penn-] sylvaaia railroad. 1 'Some of yonr questtona," Mr, Fahne- J stock ea(d f with a »rnile.. "remind me! In their zeal of .the new flagman. i "A ne~w flagman,!the ^first week ot} his Job, was mnch eierctsed on ac-1 count of the delay at the Green Bullet,! the mlle-a-minute fiyer. . . : ; "Flnaily, 40 minutes late, the Green; Bullet came tearing along at 80 miles j an hour. "The flagman rutbed out with a-red flag. The Grene Bullet stopped with a i grinding of bralces and a tearing .up! of ties and roadbed. The conductor; leaped down .excitedly, ami the. new flagrnan said: " 'Yer late. What Xept yeT " AUTOMATIC AIR COUPLING The object nere Ss to provide an *1T* ronpllng- supported by the car tracks, an.1 in position to be aotomatlcally eo- gar^d when the cars are coupled and au'^maUcaUy dlsengagd whbn the cars are uncoupled, and wher«ln meant. Caret***' engineer! In Per« of Jali."' In England, where the abeolute block systetn I* practically universal on railroads, engineers rarely run past A danger signal. SUH, »oroe tmr» been known to do it, As is well known, the engineer endangers hj« own life every i time he passes a stop signal, and he is! well aware of what may be tho oooee-! quencea. . The Engineering Newm re-j marks that wbat' actaally^ cause* the englneer'B wrona; aet Is "»ome alip of the attention or temporary failure of co-operation between the- obuerVlng senses and the brain." and adds that it IB now proposed to "apply a greater stimulant toward Uie prerentiDn of j «uch slip*, or failures of oo-ordlnattoo;' by adding to the threat of death the further threat of JM1." 7n other word*, it Is proposed to make it a penal of- fene for an engineer to run paat a Vtou signal. Automatic Car Air Coupling, are provided-tor Insuring a correct connection, whether the cars be on ·traight, curved or tmevea track, which, when attached to a car, d«» not hinder the alr-coapliag of such car with cars, not to proTlded.--ficlen* ttfle American. Railroad Supplies Toya. Playthings are auppHed free by the London Northwevtera railroad to an children wbo are traTellng first claw and bavfl a long Journey before them. Them playthings consist of miniature locomotives, can and other railroad equipment, which are delivered to the children without the making of any \ record, but with the. umbra tan ding that they are to be left in the car at the end of the }onrn«jr.---Popular Magazine. Postal Tube Railroad. Much Int0r»et I« being taken in en- ghieariug circles in the proposed poet* office" tube railroad. The trains In which tbe letters and parcels would bf conveyed would be electrically operated and controlled from the station* no drivers belog employed on th« trains. Tbn prerention of accident* would be Insured by tbe use of eiec- tro-aM to malic safety eontroninR 4e- vices, the speed at which the tratef would be run befnr about twenty-five miles an hour. The stations woo Id bf folly equipped with lifts, conveyer systems, etc., for the handling of the letters and goods.-- rpBj?fer'» Kn^i.neerinjf Monthly. Ualtod State*,,** Uwtal, Statistics I»aued by the. bureau of ralhray news and statistics BCowe that tbe United SUtee led in tbe matter of total amount of railroad construction during, tbe year 1011, when the total amount of new railroads constructed in the world was 17451 mile*, of which *,m nUea: we** .kwflt in Uw State*. ' . MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. HOME fTURN SHINGS Let Our Advertisements Help Your In Planning Your Home They reflect the greater values, the money-saving advantages* the easier terms, the .better service that we are prepared to render you. If yon are thinking of starting to keep bouse, by all means come to the Rapport-Featherman Company's and learn -why hundreds of people like ycmr- selves, living In and around Connellsville, -who have started house-keeping within the past few years, all so eagerly testify-'YOU'LL DO BETTER AT THE RAPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO.' SUMMER FURNITURE --means Summer Comfort, Smnmer Comfort means Better Health. Enjoy the fresh air by Jiving as muob. as possible on your porch. We have everything to make it comfortable. If you have a sunparlor, wo can furnish that, too, and you'll be surprised 'at the lowness of our prices. Come in and see our Summer Furniture. Porch Cockers. Swings, Settees, etc., from a few dollars up to this .beautiful, fashionable, reed and fibre furniture upholstered in handsome cretonnes. This is tlie Only Store In Where Ion Caa Boy "AEROLUX" VE5TILATUTG FORCH SHADES We have them in alt colors and all sizes priced as follows: 4 ft. Shades $2.75 5 ft. Shades ?3.SO 6 ft. Shades J-i.60 7 ft. Shades $5.50 8 ft. Shades 6.00 10 ft. Shades ?8.00 YOU PAY NOTHING For the Superior Features of Construction of Our Famous "ASTI-DA3DP" REFRIGERATORS --yet each and everyone of these features means ranch to you 'either in saving of See, more -wholesome, more palatable foods, health, or length of service. This Refrigerator will keep your foods cold and dry, not merely damp and clammy. We have a size ana price to suit every need. Don't Bay Until Ton're Seen ITny an "AnU-Dsmp" Is Better. This Large Collapsible Go-Cart An Unmatalmbly Great Talac, Only It has roomy body, large hood to protect baby Irom tbe sun and strong winds, very easy-riding gears, large rubber-tired wheels, adujstable, reclin_ ing back and extension loot-rest. This Is Connellsville's Home of the Columbia Grafonola Here's » Favorite Model-Ottly $30.00 It's portable. You can take it with you anywhere. TEK3TS» Only SI a Week Variety of Selection in Rugs of all Weaves as Well as Lower Prices EAST TEttMS, ii.on CASE, {1,00 A 1TBEK. --are Inducements which we offer and which you can't afford to overlook. Besides, vs carry nigs in all odd as well as regular sizes so thai we can fit any shaped room properly--then, as jou know--your credit here is as good as gold. Oar prices on 9rl2 ft Bugs start with Fibre Rugs 2»n rif as low as «(O.4O We are still selling 3x12 ft. Tao- estry Brussels fl»-| o f T f as low as « p J - O » l « ) ' All other weaves at a proportionately great saving. See our ble display. The handsome Colonial Table as pictured here Cor only JEasy Teids, St DOTTM. SI a TVeek. Special Mid-Week Sale of Extension Dining Tables. COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. NOW Is Time to Help the Red Cross AF"STUBBS IT WAS A SHAME TO BO IT. By EDWDfA AN- SHE SCB WC C0U13 HAVE ~ CHC0H-V **· C»Hg. f»f u. Itii jl^x ^.H^«*S_ i*^.

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