The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1930
Page 2
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P A ' J E TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELI/5VTLL ffi, PA. -TCTESDAY. FEBTlUATiy 18, 'ChildrenQy 1 for * Seventy-Five Club Women Visit Capstan Glass Company's Plant s'o\ cut,'- five members 't I,UP Woman's C u l t u r e Club \\oro sji\oii a rarp i rea Monday after- noo:i «vlit'H they wore provided with an o p p o i t u n i t y to visit tlu jlatit of tho Capstan Glass Company at South Oon- nellaviUe and were honored with the presence of 0. Fred Riaman, president of th'1 plant, at- the puo«t speaker at the hemi-monthly meeting in the club rooms it tho Carnegie Free Libmry. "Tx'cal Industry," v/as the general topic and a more appropriate program coul not have boon arranged by Mrs, Banks U. Brown, lead jr. Pr-»vious to Mr. Rieniau's talk a brief business mooting, pnxided over by the pros, dent. Mre. CharUxs Detwtler, was held it which tim* Mrs. W. K. Allen, reco-dmK secretary, r-xid a. letter from \V. 51. Uohanna a-skinj the ciub to en- (iorso tho canalisation of the Yougft K i v c r movement. The club women woro u n a n i m o u s in endorsing the project and the oomniltUe will be notified of tae action taken. 010 now member, Mrs. Carl W. Oeoien vvafl unanimously elected to membership. Tbo remainder of the meeting was givi^n over to Mr. Rietnan, who in a highly; Interesting m urner told ot the proiucts ma-do at the glass plant, aftf r "which he spoke principally of tho vai .('Us departmentfe ot tho large industrial plant. The tpeaker Infor-ned tho club women that the tumble ^ and other glaes too 1 containers mad^ at the pkuif are for commercial purposes only. He refer "ed to the caps and elofrnros on the cot tainore and demonstrated how they may bo removed wt iiout difficulty by UB ng- an anchor opt nor. f peak ins of the mitomnUc rrachin- · er; need ut the platt, Mr. Kieinan de( I s rtxi that tuch machinery hEts been r« possible tor the luxuries, leisure aw 1 high standard of living which we have bocomo accustomed to. In time, h« said automatic machinery, will sh rton the hour*, of the working peoDle. Vlr, FJieman further stated that one of t'io main objects of tho Capstan (lUi'-ti Company Is 10 make the confii- liciM and b u r r o u n r i i n g H of its employe." tit- p5eaint arid ct eerful as poeelble, ut U, aiany pereoriF their place of em- plcj me nt !M their secondary home. It \vj* tho flr^t appearance o£ Mr. R Ionian before UK* club women and h s v i s i t wu=i greatly appreciated, HS \ \ a , his tilk w h i c t was repiote with n ti'rcttinjv t d f t s t o n s W o r i n g tho i;lasa p u i n t . OIK- of tho cowiDiinitica' lejullng ii d u s t n p h I m m e d i c i t p l y s i l t ^ r t h e meeting tiio w o t n c u inotartNl t t h o plant, where t u-y woro nutel c ourtooualy received O I K ) escorted thrtn p!i tho entire plant b\' Uankfi D. Brown, nenoral stiperin- t 'iidcut, tlrovr-r C'. Sleru6, secretary, Jtalph Younkin, assistant to Mr. IJrov/a, and Hudolph Ralston, a mem- bor of the office force. Thte being the Hrst visit of the majority of the worn n to the plant they hadn't any conception of Ite working (apticity and did lot realize what the plant means to the community as an snihietrial concern. At tho present t ime five hundre persons are em- ioyed on the flvti shifts. On entering the building the women v(»re first attracted by its cleantineH« uid one hundred per cent eanJtary 'jOTitiition. The giirroundings are such that any pertton. in lortunate in having jjnployment with the Capstan Glaus CJompany. The packing aid selecting depart- ifl.E*nt, where many young women, neat in appearance and skilled In their work, are -employed was exceptionally interesting, H«ro every glass container, ranging i rom the smallest to tbe l»rg«et utvwl for food products, Is carefully «elect«x and inspected before biking packed. The employes wori: ·With wonderful i apidity. The glass te laade of the finest of silica. ejmi and each of the three large furnaces drop a stty tons of glues a day. The procw-a of making the gtase eontainera ia voi-y fascinating and the women were lo-ith to leave this department. The large moulding room, the electric power plan , and in fact every other room of fi* large Tnillding was niont intoreetJUf to the women, !iome of whom had thoii* lirst privllcgo of vteiting .1 glass plant. On leuvlns each woman was pro- hunted wHh a g! ias measuring cup and ui anchor opotcr for removing cape aad rlosure« f-ora Klaes containers. Th« nom(Kifiy also donated several c,ir for trani^iorting the wome-ii to t h e plant. National Day will be observed Monlay afternoon, March 3, by the club. Y I - H ReixH-ca Sauter le leader. Mrs. !?o-o Carpenter will arrange the mutsi- LrTUEttA M K N MKKT W I T H ,). 11 1JOWMAN \ well i t t t P t i d e l moetin t of tho Men's Hiblo Clasa ami liro herhood of T r i n i t y Lutheran Church was hold last evoaing at the homo 01 J. H Bowman in Davidson avenue. President W. B. Keller pieslded over the bu-sinoss session and tuimmuced standing committ-eoa for tho year. They are: iJevotionaJ. D. K. An nan, John Snyder and Paul Dushaw Music, R. 0. CIaiaugh. S. G. Zim- morman and John 13. Gaaio-r. Program, Robert L.. We ner, Dr. II C Hoffman and J. L. Shir* y. Visiting Kick, John Bowman, Ferdinand. t)e Chamboau, E (ward Baer and FYank Davis. Mcaniborship, Paul S Bnckman, David U. Flick, W. W. Hoover and Freeman C!. Pyle. Boyh' wor-k, W. H. McJ;ihiney, Robert M. Lieiberger anr Char lea JL Work. Pastor's committee, DT H. C. HoH- man, Robert 1^. Werner, John Stiyder aud Carl Keck Social, Walter Clalaugh, Paul Brickman and Kenneth 'Miller. Following tho busim «J meeting, Robert L. Werner, cha! -man of the program committee, pre i ented an Interest Ing program, "The Real Mtaion of tho Cliurch-PeMonal Evangelism." The following took par! R. M. bpl- bergc-r. Walter Ciabaugh A. W, Weimer, Frank Welker, J. L. ..hirey and 1). K. Artnvan. At tho conclusion of the meeting l u n c h was served by .Ir. and Mra, Bowman CON'KI,LSVILI,E W. C T. II. HONORS FRANC1 S W1LLAKD The Conno!ls,.'ille W man'b Christian Temperaac-o Union not last night in tho First Baptist Cflu rch, at which time a Frances Will rd Memorial service was iielcl. Fortj -one rnombonr aud friends were prom nt. Mrs. Al- verua Kennedy, pr»id nt, conducted 'tovotlonols. The open ns song, wai "This IH My FuU»er 8 World." T.UK wa« followed by the Sc-ipture lesson, "The Criurado Psalm." A song, "The W. C. T. U. Song of Pr. le," fol)ow«d. A business eeasion '-"as held, tbo troiisurer reported $29.''0 in tho treaii- ury. A motion was nade by Mri^. Ivanoro Friend and w ontled by Mr.s. Amanda Morrison to 'iuve a contest for now inemibors. 5ii tains are Mr^. ( Ilattlo Minniok and Mrs. Ivanore i Friond. Short reading . on "Woman," 1 were given by mom'bei ot tho union. Miss Alice. Rldgeway a v o a reading on "Prohibition," after which a sketch on Francos Willard w. t rcsid by Mrn. Ivanoro Friend. B»th r Kenner gave a rod-ding. The neU ienod was cie- votocl to H playlet, ' Tho American Flag and the Chnsti in Flag." by Young People of the Church of the Brethren. ,,« WOBKKBS CLASS ELECTS OFF1C1 RS FOR YEAR The Willing Workt- -s Cla^s of the First tinitod Presbyte tail Church met evening' in tho c lurch at 7:45 o'clock. The meeting wa4 called to order by the president, Dorothy Marietta. Ruth O'Hara 1 -d the devotionals. Tiho secretary's -eport was ivad and approved, after w ilch the election of officers took place. The result was as lollows: Prosider t, Dorothy Marietta; vice-president Ruth (XHara; secretary, Olive May; treasurer, Marion Conner. The following committees, wore appointed: Membership Laiara Ogleveo aud Marjorio CXDon \ell; social and place, June Twigg ai d Olive May. A valentine party f llowod the meeting, at the close of ·v -hich a delicious lunch was served. Vwelv-e menilers wero in atte-ndaw;e Mrs J. French Kerr ia th-e class tea her. CAS TORI A AIM BY REMEDY APVHOT ED BY DOCTORS (CD OOUC.COr»TUATIOIi.OtMUWtA OTTEllBEITV iTJILD JtTKETS WITH THE an5xSK,S The OUeTbem Guild of the First United Brethren Church mot last night In the homo of Mlssee Jw.n aiul Marie Hawki la, East Applo KfcreeL About thirty membera present. ThodovotioTjala wore in charRo of M'IHH Thelma Hamman. Mtes Dorothy Horn had charge of the Miesion e(,udy lee-son and arranged for fifteen girls to take part in the lus.fon, Mrs. 'Verda Collins had cltargro of the w«nd«r lox. The prosld«nt, Miss Nelle Whlpkey, presided over the bneinefie session. A nominating OMiimlttjoe composed of Miss Margaret Hci-wick, Mies Jean Hawkins and Miss Dorothy Hoover wejs appointcl. Tho election will take place at the March mpting. Th« noctety decidixl to haro roprosenta- tive*. and^ to cooperate witli tho missionary societies of the city in the TVorld Day o' Prayer, March 1. The girls were urged to finish their missionary reading contest tor tba year. Each girl ie reqaestod to road a Home MteMonary, Foreign Mlerdon- ary and Inspirational book daring the year, which closes In March. M1«n Kathleon I-kover, ato-wardrtitp secretary, had charge of tho oJoelug ciftea. RefreshmentB wera served. MTIS. ANGL S KXTERTACTS IiHO»A IIWN W. C. T. C. The Uhodi rhinn Wotnan'B (Tlirlst- lan Tempen-nce Union mot last night In the homo Of Mrs. J. B. Anglo Cummins avenif, HlUcrest. Mrs. S. T. Irwln, second vtee-presidont, had charge ot tho meeting owiag to the inn«6 of the president, Mrs. Ittarsaret Butterrnore. Mrs. George Zimmerman had charge of the devotionals. JVllowtng the devottonala the tne-m- ?ers planiwd for a «in«rkrant The comtnlttees aro: Kitchon, Mrs. B. K. Jones, Mrs. K. H. Feneterm.icher, Mre C M. ]^y«!ngor, Mrs. Julia Mm. Holland I'lersol, AIr«. Nicholson anrf Mrs-. I! S. Swartzzwolder; f i i n i n j ; room, Mi fi. S. U Miller and Mre. S. T. Irwin, chaTinen. They will thoir own .iiJe«. The cltlz»n8hip clatm was (Jiusht hy Mifcs Jcnnt'3 fiolt. Mrs. PcnstormtM her gave a ncullag, "Frnncp.i Vv'illard Orir«nl»e« a Club." Mi*-* Phoabt Dunn reported t iat the Frances Willard Fnnd for t 50 year had been paW. Mre. Angle eorved a dainty Juncc. those who advertise. Married 50 Mr. and Mrs. Kud-dph Kuffer celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday at th ;lr home at Somerset. They were rn irried at Meyors- ttale on February 16 1880, by Rev. I*. U. Speckle, pastor if the Reformed Church. George Si ilth of Meyersdale, one of the uttendauts at tbe wedding, was amon/ the guests present at the golden an ttv rsary celebration. MJTS. J. Y. Woi ds Honored. Mrs. John Y. \V\od Wits houored with a Valentine pa ty given last Friday night by her i iece, Mrs. D. W. Bailey at the Bailey home at Vander- bllt. About thirty ;uests wero pres- oat and spent the c irening at various j;ames. Valentino Lppointments pro- dominatcd in tho dacorutlons and dainty luncheon. Vavors were little heart-shaped conU iners filled with red aud green cauci- DeHsJger-I uterllne. Ilermac G, JButc -line oj Conuells- ville- aud Ethel M. 1 'es^lfe-er of Carpen- tertowu were lic nsed to wed in Greonsburtr. Mr, Stamey Forbes Tells How Cuticura Healed Pimples. "I was troabled with large pores, pimples and blackhe-. ds Hie pimples wer ; very hard and red and festered over They w ere scattered nil over ny face For fifteen years I tried other remedit * but with no 3UCCl'35 "I reail an advertisement for CuUcunt Soap and Ointi ient and sent for a ire- · siirnple. My face started to clear up after usi ig it so I pur- i haaod i i«re. und after using one . ake of Cuticura S«.)af. and one box (if Cuticura Ointment 1 was completely healed" ( S i g i c d ) Stanley 1-ortx-a. iwj- Crest San., Astoria, L. 1., N Y, Sept 1C, I 1 29 Soap "Si Ointment 25 and '·Oc Talcum Kc. Sold cvcrTiwhe A'.Mrrtj, ·Cuticura Utbomt«re*. Dettc. N, M«Wnr,, Mw.'V S impte each JBAX GA OX FIFTH BIRTHDAY Dainty V'aJentino appomtwentft predominated nt a prettily arranged children's party priven Monday a-ftf-rnoon by ^frs. }'. A. C3aa! at lt*r home in North Cotr^iRe avonue in honor of tho fifth anniversary o tho birth of her h t t l f danfhter, Jean, Tho hotrt-g were f r o m 4 t(; 7 o'clock. Al 15:30 o'clock ho littlf Tuots were invitotl Intn th*- illnlnprooin to partaki- of a d"H io«c 'unch. Tho renter ot tho table wc.^ nado attractive with a birthdfiy rako ornaTnentinl with flvo pln.k candlce. Kavors W"ro small baskets Ull^d with candy prains of corns; anr) Jollypops. J'can was the recipient of a narnhflJ* of pretty gtfUi. Ouesta were Bernico arid Merl» Cox, Marjorlo Craic, Rose- aiary Wldteiford, Anna Mae Logan, Dorothy Jean WoodroW, Phyllis Oaal, Junior CtaaZ and Jean. Goal. Mrs. Gaai's aides were Mrs. Chuu-l«s Hllea and Mrs. Joiiti Uaal. FJfilENDSHIP TEMPLK'S VALENTEVK PAKTT !Mond.5hlp Temple No. 26, Pythian Slaters, met last, night la Pythian Hall. T'jore wan a good attendance. One new Member was received. Mra, Pearl MoClintock was report-ed to be confined at her home with injuries suffered ia a tall. Follow tc£ the business session it. Valentin s party was held. A vocs.l solo wars rendered by Joseph Tttllc-y of Kverson, accompanied by MrK, Gertrude Mills Tulley. Mrs. Anna Brown won the prize Valentino. Lunch was served. All members who are taking part in (he play are requested to meet Thursday night of this Wjiek at the home of Mrs. J. W. Miils, North Cottage av ime. FAMILY BLWJBR AT COOWTBV CLDB Invitations have been iesueti for a family Jinaer Thureday night at the Pleasant Valley Country Club. Dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock, after which Uie remainder of the evening will be given over to cards and dancing. OFFICERS OF SH1LO LODGE EWEKTACVED Mrs. Mary White entertained tho officers o£ Shilo Lodge, Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. of R, T. Sunday evening a. hor home Jn South Connellsville. A chicken and biscnit dinner waa served. The- appointments were in. keeping with Valentine Day. Favors were heart shaped baskets filled with mints. Martha Norton Bible Class. The Martha Norton Biblo Class of the Ubrlfitlan Church will meet Thurb- day a f t e r n o o n at 2:30 o'clock in the social room of the church. The president, Mrs. John J. Enos, has asked for a 'argo attendance as at iliis ttme eleeth a erf officers for the ensuing year M'ill take pluce. There w i l l bo no expanse, but a special rash collection will be- taken. Irs. Kumlmun Hostess. Tile Februaiy ineotini; of the West yid« Neeclteworkej s w i l l bo held Thui-tday ulsht iu t h p home of Mrs. J \S . Hautlman, M m r t - l l avsjnuo, Wednesday's Feature Items For Our Annual WHIT White Swan Uniforms and Hoover Aprons For Professional and Home Wear F( brnary Pric? Poaivrn Jn [JnJ forms 7 Each Tiro Very ^S Sffidels Are Ofierod in Doiforms White Swan Uniforms are the choice of the Professional We roan i 3r in them she finds exceptional value, great durability ;*nd rea! chic. The Housewife likes them because they are white, ciisp and easily laundered. ISvery Uniform is authentically correct and cxet uted White Swan's exacting standard of perfection They are neat and meet the requirements of good taste for the doctor's or dentist's assistant, the Beautician ami other at- tem atrts. They arc very reasonably priced for our February White Sal, White Broadcloth Un form with short sleeve *. The reversible style s much favored, especial y by the house-wife, waltre* s, etc. Size?, 34 to 46 - 2t? $1:7') White Hosiery Silk Hosiery -- Spec al Other Broadcloth Hoover Aprons and Smocks In plain white and colored broadcloth, ti?1 l\f\ aJso black smocks. Special values at tpJL«lr\J » Our Standing ftunrntitee--StH;rfactkm or f onr Money BncJ. $1.00 White Broadcloth Uniform with long sleeves, A trim model which will appeal especially to the professional woman. In sizes 14 to 44. Priced at With detachable buttons for laundering. White Hosiery In lisle for those requir- BY-- Wertheimer Mr tor Co., W. Crawford Avenue. WERTHEIMER MOTOR (XX 192S Coach 1928 Essex Coup*- ~~ S450 $450 We believe for a bf-isiness deal to be satisfactory, it must be profitable to both buyer and seller. That's why we've been accused of optimism in making allowances on old cars. 1027 Hudson Coach 3928 Hudson Brougham $275 $550 OF SKVEX C A R D T»AKTI* AT LKISBXHHO Tb !sov(%nth a.nd Hnal of : e*rt » of card partk'H for th« tenc-St o St. Vincent. Dw Panl rjurtdi v t )xii»« ring svitb gi^«on last «v.niiie i't FYie* Auditorium. Winners of pHz^s ' ore: Brta«c, Miss Otarnentit- It ttl«r of Onno)larilVo, first. Mr i. .!. K oy!e of fVm,n«lUnri!Io, »ocon-l; Dr. 5. P. FitaGorald of Cotinellav-Llle, first 3C».*s aud U«nry Opptnan, soconit At five hundred tbo wunikorn /ore: First, Jtonry 3crftor; xxxwid, Mrs. Joku PHeIiar4; third, C3»arl«8 reU; roorth, Fraak rur«k; flrth, lalpb Grtom; «ixth Mrs. W. I- Sn yUi*; seventl), Mrs. Kronier ')f Stxt dale; eighth. Mrs. Jamof T^lppc of Sco tdate. Bing«, first Mitts C»the-lno Il« man; Krnoet Sxepoel", thlrU, I^w- McQuaM®. fovtrtti, Mr«. Clara Hanker; ttnJv, Miss raittbth lj ngor; sixth, Thomas W«-lmor. 0oo r prteo, Miss L.UUan K titvody of Scottdtil*. Th« ·wlijnePB of ttw «eri«« yrlxs ·were: Bridge, Dr. B. 1'. FiteC w^ld; fty« hnndred, Josw^ph Kupfner; btogo, Tbomaa V. OF F. TV. A U X I L I A R Y JARl rAlOT' TTBrOl Tho tenth of a Meriea '»t beuel partieB planned by Waiter B. Post, Veterans 01 Foreign Wa be hold Thursday ulgnt in tb looms, North mtsburg street, will be prizes for flve hundred, ior -prise. Lurioh will bo acr the Ladle*' Auxiliary. SDAY t card s -will » cluh Thoro also a /ed by Announcement Is made at U 6 mur- rtag« o£ Miss Dorothy Anne ": uirtley, daughter of Mrt.. Hoa Bartl y, anl Jamea li CMlley, son of Mr. a id Mra. 'Patrick Crilloy, both of M( oeso-eti, which took placo Thui sday al ernoon St. Leonard's Church oi Mi nesscri. Tlu bridegroom 1» eniployoit by the Pitlaburs Sto«l Company. Party at Donbar. A parly WIB glvei Friday ov«nlng, February 14., at tiw wme of Mr. stud Mrs, George II. Pro anre of Dunbar. There were - about thirty guests in attendance. Music 'as fur- A t ln-ns Teuuile No. So, P y i h i a u Sih- ttM-s, s v i l l iiioel totugiit i n Pythian Hall The committee w i l l berve lunch A jough rnlief in frequent with o e appli cation. Mutterole ii most uiut ly cftcc tive when applied o^ce an fcou for five penetrKtec* nd Mimul te. . Embarrassed By Itching Scalp "I bad an irritation on th« bacfc of my BCttlp," -writes one woman. "It itehed terribly and my hair was Btiu-tinK to fall. Reeinol healed U completely." Try Retdnol Soap ·wid Ointment yourself. See bow- quickly tho ointment relieves tho Borenew and itching of skin or ·wlp irritations, R^sinol Boap gives brilliancy to tho hair and inakca the skxn clear and cniooth. « iM«fakM cm Resinol nijib«d by Lillian Rossotae, pianist and Itay Alford, baajolst, A color sch«roo o£ r«d aad white was carried out In keeping with tho Valentine season An appropriate lunch ·wus served. Among the out of town gneets were: RaUi S1dow, I/eioenfing No. ^; BonJton Boyd, Trott-er; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Harper, Ghartee Harper and Wtllj-ani Harper, Smock; UlUan Fields and Guy Bwari, tTntontown, and Roy Goukor, Maxwell. DANDRUFF -ITCHINC ENDS when Zemo touches the scalp Douso cooling, hoa-llng-, clt-ani!ng Zcmo on the BcuJp ind rub vigorously. H you'ro like thousands of others the: way dandruH vanishes ami it/cl inK stops will 1)0 a BurprifcB and delight Use this remarkable, clean, larnlly antiseptic liquid freely. It's the »en~ slble w a y to got rid oC Dandruff and Itching- Scalp. Keep Zumo h a n d y Safe and dependable for all farrrs of itching I r r t U l i o n a of tho hk!n a.nd sealp, 3C«, 80c and $1.00.--AtlvorUaement. Card Parcy S. JOHN'S .SOCIAL 3 l West Side, Conuolh dllo Thurs. Night, Fe. 20 Bl.\i, A N D a .»(li«' Pri/i-s. Kuiich VVttJ » Mer»«l Conccr), Postponed. PTTTSBURG, Feb. 18--Duo to the death ot Kt. Hov. Aurelius Stehle, O. 8. B , Archabbot aud president c4 St. Viuceut College, the concert xf the college- orchestra at Carnegie Jlall, scheduled for tomorrow, has been indefinitely postponed. A new Mcraqoii !'· · [ · · · · · ',Jf, ^i j · : rremi|ir|i ' \.. oiih$5coupont ·^ \ ' ·'··· ··'M'-.v.; ···:;· - · . i , , ^-^ ^ 6 Imported China Ct£ps until Saucers Read how to make this certificate zvorth ^£^^ COUPONS ^ ^*tfv8sS. HPHIS whiu ctdiw hat JL a lovely patHern of tones and forset-nie-noo ia natural colon with l«rve* of delicate gnctv. Bdge« wra lined with gol L To get tJlil UmlraMo* taijitt MM vom (nMMf wr O«ta»w t " rrorr tUmf ywlkwr UundtT K IP. ·ottp pcwd«t, tfaartaa clwn **, toUet tom for tly b«ifa. flo«t n« ·mp tot th* bom. uta chipj fat four w**h«. Th«n ««v» th* i cm- pan* VOH get. Soon you 11 »v to g« thl premium. UCT A-oo^goA? CH^^JW* f^° ·"IS chi *p«cial pcnifio eoapoo*vrhcn prc»-tilo J In «cco tlvi rain printed in tlwcmtfltaie- "--' ·*"-- Strwl ll/Miu' Sold, Mrt;. Kruina Stllhvagoti of Diek«-- sou Rua has sold her nix-room JI.HISO III Kdna strict, CounelUvUlc, to Ws")B Brook 1 * who w i l l occupy it in i h c vi ry tn?ar f u t u r e rrcsont coupon, f o a^onl ht-Io« un or lici'orc April ,'10, 1880. r i f l N V S H A H I H V A K E STORK :JO:{ orih IMtJ.-bm-g ,Str*«(, Conn ells villn .1 Habit Kuril t o K's. Mr. and Mvn. Clyde Cloe of U.tlph are a n n o u n c i U f f Ihe b i r t h ot i sun S u n d a y n i f i h t , February 1(5 Intaiitlnal potoone an »»p| ( jour enwij-y. uteallny yuor p p. tnaklnir you t i l . Tiiko | -- NATltaK'8 HKMEDT-th safo. dap«ndnhl«. vetotable U«tivo. K e «pa.vo U f«H OK the All Vexatabi't Laxatiita Patronise Merchants Who Advertise

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