The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1939
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

- SATURDAY, FEBRUAKY 11,-. 1939. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE. PA, PAGE NINE. Fatigue Mostly Due ToEmotionai Causes By LOGAN CLENDENING, M. !D. I WONDER if anybody can tell anybody else how to have energy to . buna, and especially I wonder if anybody .can teach anybody else -to direct their superabundant energy into useful channels. A book called "Two Lifetimes in One," by Marie Bcnyon Ray (Published by .Bobbs-Mcrrill Co.), has for a .sub-title, "How Never to be Tired:- Eow to Have Energy to . Burn." It takes up this problem of fatigue -which is truly tragic for some of your friends. There are two ways of looking at chronic fatigue. Another name for it, by the way, is "born tired." There is mother's attitude--rthe sympathetic approach--which is that the poor thing has something the matter that causes this tired feeling. And there is father's attitude, which puts it down as pure laziness, and regards it as mostly spiritual in origin. Strangely, modern medical science is more likely to incline to father's hard-boiled attitude than to mother's apparently common-sense remarks. Fatigue does spring from obscure organic changes sometimes, but mostly the causes are in the emotional life. - Never Saw Cure "I never saw a chronic case of fatigue cured by physical means," says Dr, Brill, a well-known New York consultant. "I have seen, some temporary good come of electric shocks and treatments, of rest · and baths, of massage and medicine, but never a permanent cure." " It should be remembered, though, that such a man is likely to seo the severe cases. The milder cases, or just temporary, unexplained fatigue, are liable to respond to something less drastic than a psychological course of treatment. · In the field of diet, for instance, fatigue maycome from stuffing too much food into yourself. "Never eat as much na you want," one doctor iput- it.. **1 believe that a man can (eat practically anything he wants, Jin practically any combination, if only he will eat only half what ho wants." Fisher's Experiment Irving Fisher's experience with a group a? Yala students, whom he put on a diet which cut down by one- fifth the total number of calorics they were accustomed to lingcst, gave -good results in increased physical endurance. One man who could raise a pair of dumbells only J.85 times at the beginning of the [experiment could raise them 500 {times at the end of six months. Dr. Clendening will answer questions of general interest -""only,'and' then'only through ' his column. ( Another who, at the start, could irise on his toes 300 times, could' (finally do it 3000 times. He had in- 'creased his endurance ten -times. At first convinced.that they..werc isjowly. .dying o^.;s1siTvation^"J;here 'was a; sudden change in their men? Ital"attitude as "soon as they found 'the. diet was really doing them good. - jListhiSsn'ess disappeared and aV. Isurge of cnergxrwent through thcnv.' JEO that it is said-they had to be re--; straiiied from studying. ·I "Buffatigue-quite as often comes' 'from undernourishment, and these" 'advices' about...restraint "in .eating.,, (must be applied* as common sense ; (dictates. iSouis -XI, the emaciated Sang of France, .'i-faced a mob "and- said,to the buxomlady,who led thenv ·""Which of us," madame, looks aa' rthough he needed 1 bread most?" EDITOR'S NOTE-TSwen painphleU by. ,' Dr. Clendenlng can now- b« obtained -by Bending l(j cents in cola; for each; ami a ·wlf-addrcflied envelope, stamped with a...' three-cent ttamp, to Dr. Lo«mn Ctanden- ·· Ins, In cars at this piper. The pamphlet*we: "Three Weeks' Reducing Diet". *'In- diffestion and .Constipation", "RedneJne and GaininE**, "Infant -Feeding", · · "In. atructio-ns-for the Trentment of Dinbetcs". "Feminine Hrsriene" and "The Carti o£ the TUir and Sltfo,'! ' Has 60,000 Relatives. HUMBOLDT, 'Iowa, --Feb. ,.11.-Harry E. Breed, . who" _makes genealogy a hobby, -claims to. have traced down 60,000 members o£ "the Breed .'family in every state or 'the Union. He says the family was founded in 1575. [You're Telling Mel I By BILL BKAUCHEH 1 Leopold Desfourneaux is the new high executioner of France, taking full charge of the jrnillotino after the death of his chief. The advancement probably is recognition for his hcadwork. THOMAS CORCORAN, ONE OF THE PRESIDENT'S-ADVISERS, TAKES TIME OUT TO UNDERGO AN OPERATION. IT MUST BE A NOVELTY FOR. A NEW DEALER TO FEElrTHE KNIFE SOMEWHERE BESIDES IN HIS BACK. Senators Byrd and Glass blocked a Roosevelt judicial appointment in Virginia recently. Guess they think' that one good purge deserves another. . . ..." DEAR- NCWH»IN R_YINS ' CAN COUSH SOOC HOW A SMITH NDAH-WOOUO CAL.U BONDS* SEAfa. NOAH~WHEW A AVKN WITH A MOSTACHE KISSES A LADY; is THAT E-L.IP- TICVM-7 n -°-T TBO^N.-r. ' · * · · JOE PALOOKA IVliy Not '.fry- By Ham Fisher GEE I'M 6UAO YOUSE FEE!) THAT WAY THERE'S SOME GRAND PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD IF YA KIN FIND V EM»AN YA USUALLY DO CTIST WHEN YA NEED 'EM MOST. BLESS YOUSE.YOU'RE v -THE tvlOST UNDERSTANDW PERS1N IN THE WORLD AN' THE BRAV1ST TOO, ANN DEARIST. ' SO LON6 SPOONER.l'M LEAVIN' IT IN YO.UR HANDS. WRITE TO ME AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN--AND--AND AS WE FIGHTER SAY--KEEP PUNCHING-- A. ' ( 6-G'BYE NOW YOU MAY REL.Y ^ ON ME,MR.WALSH, AND ALU THE HELP WISH YOU THE BEST OF LlllCK. BARNEY GOOGLE aud SNUFFY SMITH A Question of Bunk. By Billy DeBeck HRS BEEN QuttS . GOOGLE Pi UTTLH LftTE PiT UWAIVER'S -BEEN OOWT UNOERSTRtAD WR.ROXJLEWS PiTTATUOe « OPlOOM LEFT N\E MUAAONS V. \HE CPiM'.I GO OM UKE WITHOUT CPiSH FOR CURRENT EY.PENSES--VT'S PREPOSTEROUS W. BETTER GO DOWN 'ft^' SEE WW.GOODV- TELL HIM WE'LL H\RE R NEW MOUTHPIECE IF HE KICK (M WVTH ft COUPLR SOUR ox: V^ftS RUVE, WE'D F\1t H(M 2-ff I HE \ SEEN PRINTED \ aj T.HP RADIO PATROL . Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt' LISTEN .PftT. \ KNOW YOU'RE A COP. TORT'S WHY \ FLASHED MY GOVERNMENT, BADGE. I'M RUNNING DOVM UNO£ JOE'S LOTTEra-. YOU KNOW CHWJUE IS UNCLE --Ot, DON T .YOU."? I GOT WISE'TO CHARLIE WHEN 4 TRAILED HIM TO HIS .HOUSE AND WATCHED HIM GO THROUGH .ft SECRET PANEL TO THE GAMBLING THftT'S WHftT I WANT.--THE SECRET PANEL. TELL ME WHERE IT 15 THE' TWO OFFICERS , BftfcRIERS OF DISTRUST SHftTTERED 'ftT LK5T , EXCHftNGE VALUABLE EVIDENCE, JUST KIDS Six-Foot Throws in the Towel! . :;By Ad Carter WELL -I SUPPOSE IT'S YOU» SISTER-) THE DUCHESS? IT'S SATURDAY NISHT AN' I WAITS DOWN' STAIRS UNTIL THE DUCHESS EDGES ME UP FOR MY BATH-AN 1 WHEN SHE EDSES ME UP-UP I SOBS- LIKE THE LITTLE SEMTLEMAN I AM AN* I SETS UNDRESSED AN' GOES INTO THE BATHROOM LIKE THE LITTLE GENTLEMAN-1 AM-AST I LEANS '] OVER ANT SWISHES THE WATER WITH MY HANDS-HONEST-IT, SOUNDED LIKE ONE OF FINEST BATHS YOU EVER HEARD I TAKES ONE EXTRA! SWISH FOR SOOD LUCK AN' I FALLS IN--I'M TERRIFIC! . Inc. WsdJ ttcha t MUGGS McGINNIS By Wally Bishop TIM TYLER'S LUCK You Can't: 1'lay Hooky''and · Ito TencJicr's Tot! By Lym Young - AND .THEY'RE GOIHQTDTAKE ME ON THEIR HEXT RAID X SPUD-/' SET BUSY SADDLING MY HOFJSE-OR- HAVE AN EXCUSE AHDTHEN SCRAM BACKORTWEVLL BE MISS1MS SOU -- I-X BROUGHT SOME FRUIT FDR YOU, O-OWM- PAST HOUR, TYLER? £HTD THE MESS OH.BOT rr'-=, GOIMGTO BE A BL.'e.s'Si-i TO GET BSTA.TS By Les Forgmve ID GWEM UP AV-L. HOPE OF HS AV-IVE. 1 OOOQT VERV MOCH VF I Cojir i'Ji9, Kinj hutuies Syndicate, inc.. World righu reserved.

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