The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 4
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HENRT P. SNTDCR. rounder and Editor. 1I7S-HH. THf COCKIER COMFAJnr. ' ' ' PnMUktn. K. SL SNTDEIl, Prealdeat. ; JAS. J. .DRISCCHJ. Bec'jr and Treasurer. BU»ines« M» -V JOHNI*. (SANS, - .ManirtiK Edltrr. .'·-. WALTEH . City Editor. MISS LSSNE-B. "··'· Society Editor.'... . MEMBER OF: ?eoc* . Audit Bureaii of circulation. Poa»3ylTania..;A330cl»t*d 'Dmlllea. · ^ ·;V fwo c*nt»"p«r-ibi, £»o per month: t»per;7«ur .jr, tandr,i(-p«lil In-advance. E»t«ed : a» ·.eonPclMi mai«r at tin po»toflice, Conn«U«vUl«. Fa. -WEBXESDAI.JKTE'G.'XAT, 22,: IMS. TIM Omrter"! Ser-rkw FU«. ·WTLLJAM P. SHERMAN. Eospltal Unit L. American Expeditionary- yffiws, Francs. RALPH F. SLIGER. CM«any H, Sl»«h Infantry, ^^ o: a u; A, ' ' Camp L«. 7*C«nburg. *?·- JOCHAEt GRENALDO. HAROLD RICHET, Battery B, Field ArtlUcry. 2»th Dtrtaion. U. a N. Q. . U X v : . i Company F. Jltll Ewdn«er5, TJ- a A , Fort Myer, Va. JOTJDS CROTWE, Company E. 15th Eivslneers (Bawar). American Eipe- dittoorr Forces, France. -JAMES J. StcFAR.TI^AXD, 3*d Engineers, Fort Benjamin Tb* AHoelaUd PrrM Is *- »ntlttod to the use tor rcpobUtatloa ot all n«w» "»- pUefcta credit** to It or not othenrlM credited IB this paper and al«o the local B«W9 published ast case resort was had to the lasr« which is the method to be preferred at all times. The disposition of the people of Connellsville to appeal to :he lav, or to ; pursue a sane and orderly course Trhen dealtag with those \v-hose conduct Vr speech, does not ring nrtie as palriotfc citizens, must, not be assumed to intHcate their THLwUliag- ness to act promptly -whenever "a situation of .this character may arise. In stead it shwi Id bo understood to mean, as proven by the two cases already acted upon, that there is an unalterable, determination, to . stamp out evidences of disloyalty wherever; whenave-r, or by "Whomsoever manifested. . : pien- the Pnol Administxation experts, can isolate and find some means of." deatroylrte the ley-ofi "bus,. ' Coke Director Blattvekt's 100 per cent concentration plan will not be needed. It's back to eton« pile, tho log: "drag, scraper and other iEnnlements of'r-aad Cor X Denny. The casualty lists of raitroad preer- dents art becinnins 1 to come in. "Hun Shock Troops Cnnnble When they Plinp Selves on Concrete Lines of Eng-tish." is a head line stating* "vnry clearly another reason -why "Hlndy':s**"BiE Push Is not poshing. It is now the dnty of every Republican-to make tbe !Nkvember majorities . Next -week three hundred odd men wni lay down their duties as citizens in this hrtmedhttte sect on and take- upon thcnxsetvfcs the obligations of soldiers. "Who have we to take their place**? That is one of tbe qwe*rtions that brlags the war closer home to us. EED CBOSS CASH B£G1ST££S. '·"'.: We/believe that the objections to the ;'.itte of cash registers on the streets as .an aid in raising funds for the Red .Cross ar« -well grounded. While it tree that some persons may take ad * vantage of baring contributed by this means as an excuse for declining to {ire a pledge to a member of one oi te teams, it is no less true that man; persons who hare subscribed through a MiicttOT, or pian to do so, have been more or- less annoyed by being urged to make an additional "cash subscription every time they; chance to pass one of these registers. The disposition and inclination the people" of this community is to help in the drive now in progress, no: .,- only""that our district may make a '·^creditable showing, but because of tbe 1patriotic / 'interest they bave in the great -work the Red Cross is doing for ' 'the' relief of suffering and distress ·In recognition of this there should b e j istucfied purpose upon the part .of the campaign managers to avoid having anything done in connection with the raising .of our quota that will not keep the spirit of the people attuned to the spirit of "The Greatest Mother in the "World." · ' If it "is not thought tn be advisable to dispense with the cash registers altogether,-or withdraw them until the last day of the campaign, the principal objection to them would no doubt be removed if the plan, were adopted of giving each person who makes a cash donation a tag-differing in design from that X^Ten those who sign the pledge .cards. This"'would .relieve the donors of .frequent -impVrtuninss for contributions; a practice ..that will sooner or later*nutle' the' most equable temper. Inasmuch as the cash contributions are i compmratiTcly recall amounts few of thVwearera of the special tags Trill seek to make this cash offering an excuse for evading a solicitor, ·while the absence of thils mark will be eridesce ..cox.cribution has been made. - · "While every penny ivill count the total amount secured by the registers will be so small, compared with the total secured during tUe campaign, that the,risk of disturbing the.kindly feelings and sympathies of the people through employing an objectionable form of securing funds ought'not to be taken. As at present conducted the cait, registers seem'to come under that class. SHIP LINE SERVICE Established on £okes to Assist in KelieTing tlw Car Situation. 'iDrrector General 2tfcAioo has estat- Hshed a lake-line service between Chicago, itflwaukee and Buffalo in order to relieve the cax situation as much as possible. Cars tirat have fceen heid up ,on western"* railroads by the congestion on central railroads will be immediately released with the opening of lake navigation and the loads moved east by the way of lake and railroad lines 'Jast o£, Buffalo, thereby releasing equipment to the -western railroads for the use hi their territory, and relieving the railroads in the central freight territory. Principal Returns. S. L. Hannawalt, principal of the Dimbar schools, has returned from Lewis-town, where he attended the funeral of a brother-in-law. By "Walt Mason, WILL BE STAMPED OUT. - The iQic£. arrist o£ a rattier widely known resident followlog toe use by Mm o£ remarks alleged to be,in dis- - poragemeot of the Red Cross, and the recent' disposition by tfie Loyalty ,L/dgw of-a ease iavplvinf an admit- · teByJaislojrt-ntterancc, ougi.t to be ample notice to those n'ho speak first and think aJterwards ttat the present is not the time to givo voice to expressions Thicn can so interpreted as "being unpatriotic. With the gain fa the intensity of the interest the people of oar community hare in the winning of the war, and .tile neceasity for doing everythins to reduc*-- the .hazards oiir own .yc-iing men. Over .Tfiere must face/any person of disloyal or unpatriotic tendencies or symipathies if assuming a very grave risk to make public declarations of their attitude. In many communities there is laclcing that restraint which our people have shown in dealing with persons who have offended or have been charged with offending in these things. There has, in many instances, been quick and vigorous action taken in rebuking disloyalty, but in Connellsville the com- .meniJable course has been pursued of dealing with reputed disloyalists in ·och manner that the reflection, can j»t be made upon our citizens that they have been lawless or shown un- da« haste in adminisiering punishment. In tbe first case of th,- kind the wise 'and prudent .course was taken of imposing a penalty that resulted in no bodily h*ina to Vhe offender. In the HE ALSO SERTES. ' Before the Avar across the sea our thoughts were all of boodle; we showed enough ' of loyaity by ·whistling' "Yankee Doodle." "We groaned when- e'er we paid a tax, and raised old Nick and Harry, and said the burden on our backs was much -too fierce to carry. If we were asketl to rise a.nd aid some project, for a minute, our winning smile would be mislaid; we'd ask, "What is there_ in it?" We'd talk rtruch of the fmblic weal, of thingn that needed dcinc: but all we'd do was rant and sp-iel, and chew all rags worth chewing. . In selfishness we all were soaked, long- years of peace had spoiled ua; then Stoker "VVilhelm deftly stoked, and raised the flre that roiled us- W^'ve vowed to put him in .the broth who made this nation nervous, and we have shaken oft our sloth, and our one aim Is service. I t*ee the bankers leave their banks, the pastors leave their churches, to round up cheap disloyal cranks und pull them from their perches. I .see the merchants leave their stores, to help in bond campaign in IT: each man forsakes 1 his private chores, no arguing, - explaining". "We're shaken from the musty ways in which w« used to travel; we want to 's«rve r to help, and raise a cloud of d'.ist and gravel. Oh. it's a great thing 1 for our soujs. it puts new zest in ; living, this .thing of finding that our rails are only tit for §©sse)ees@©s)©£(^«s^ Wuted. WAITED .-- TOUR business. RENDTNE'S. BABBERING tf ·WANTEJD^-SECOXD TRICK COOK. B. O. "RESTAUBAifT." - !Smay6t D--LADY SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAF3S. ISmaytf WANTED--LIGHT SPRING DELFV- ery wapon. Must be reasonable. 307 Noirh'F.IttsburE' street. Tri-SLatc 812. 21 may 21 WAXTBD--DINING nOOM GIRL and dishwasher a-t HOTEL; HAAS. ISroaylf ·WANTED--CAR'nEPAIRJEEN. CAIl inspectors, a/r broke repairmen, -wreck- men. Xb'orera." Apply CAR FOREMAN, 13. O. Railroad. · 20may3t "WANTED--PAINfTEKS , AT s CON- NELL.S\'ILLE CONSTRUCTION CO. -ITmaytfd W A N T E D -- C H . salary; come at once. YOUGH HOUSE. 22maytl · 26 TjGABS OLD. $7.50 'per'week. P- R- · DeMXTDH . SON1 ' · 22maylt" WANTED-^-COOK AND DISHWASH- er at BALTIMORE HOOSE. 21may3fc FOR GENERAL housework. 209 Lincoln .avenue. ZlmoySt kitchen grirl. KOOM. -- AN EXPERIENCED Apply "WEST PENN TEA ISmay3td ' · W A N T E D -- A MECHANICAL drauetortsraan. BOYTS, PORTER COMPANT. 21maySt COOK. ALSO cbamberinald. CUFF'S RESTAURANT. Water street. IB may fit WANTED -- MESSENGER BOYS over 16 years. B. O. MASTER ME- CHAXIC'S office. 20may3t Edgar A, Guest. THOUGHTS OF 3IOYISG. The children moved, the other day, an' Ma an' I at night Walked over there, to'sec if they were getcin' on aHTifftit. ·An' Jim, he met us ' at the ' door, a 'sorry sight to' see: "Gee, whit! this moving stunt is fierce," he aad'ly said to me, 'I've wrestled with the chairs an 1 rugs ilnti! my back is sore. An' put beds an' carted books'an' polished every floor. Toil bet I've had enough of this; right here we shall remain, An' coM in death my form ·will be before I'll move ayain," ·' I chuckled to tnyeclf because I saw that he'd forgot The time we moved from house to house when he was just a tot; They didn't send four men,.around to pile things' in the vrtn, " ·· An' do the whole shebang for us--I was the extra man! An' rolls and' rolls of c;irpet, then, hid every wooden space. Which I must beat, thtn. sew and rip an' stretch to fit the place. "You two might -well complain,", said I. "abou-t your achin' backs, If the sfcin was off your fingers an' your mouths were full of tacks. ' It all came back to me right then: I saw once more-the scene ' ; Wihen Ma an' I were puttin* down thai ; body Brussels green. ' " " " . " . ' ', Then gashed an' slashed an' tore an' ripped to set. it round a bend, An 1 on our hands an 1 knees we crawled an 1 stretched an' yanked at it To lay that carpet on a floor it wasn't made to fit. '. Ma used o u r " only hammer an' I poundod with an ax. An' the only we rested was io fill our mouths with tacks. There were nine rooms, ti*en t to 'settle, an' a winding flight of stairs. An' they all re-quired carpet, so for weeks we had our cares. There were" stove' pips, too, to juggle, an' a^j I recall it now, By the time wo got adjusted I was skinned from toe to brow. Tn this modren way of movin' there is nothin' hard to do; Y/ou can put a home in order an' not sweat a collar through. An' you never know the suCCerln* of those old-time body wrecks That were born of stretchin' carpet when --« filled your mouth with CLERK AND mejwrsnirer boys over 16. Call B. O. MASTEH MECHANIC. ismaytf GO CIGAR · i -mick avenue. · GtRLS AT PARTO?-' McCqi- 20may3t" " WANTED--GIRLS FOH KITCHEN" wcfk. · MKSJ O. J. ARMSTRONG. Younrh House Restaurant. ITmaytl · "WANTED--TOUR' " TXRE REPAIR work. FULLER SALES COrPANT. ·'- ' ' WANTED--3XN'T ' FORGET ___, baby contest. .'.311 South · Pittsburg street* We retire baby cabs while you wait, ' ' '.'." . ' . · · · · 21may4t* ' WANTED--GIRLS TO "WORK AT cleanest place in city. We pay carfare. CONNELLSVILLE SILK COMPANY ISmaytf "WANTED -- LABORERS. GOOD wag-es. Steady work. lApply AlfERI- CAN MANGANESK MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Dunbar, Penna. ISmaytf "WANTED--MOULDERS AND CORE makers; 1 9 hour- day. Open shop. No labor trouble, PIEDMONT FOUNDRY MACHINE CO., I'iedmont, W. Va- 21may6t "WANTED--G-IRI- TO WORK IN fltore, one wHh experience preferred. Apply PENN TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT, FURNITURE HARDWARE STORE. 21may2t WANTED--GIRL .FOR GENERAL houae'wro'rk; small family; no houae- elftanlnff. MRS. ARTHUR FREED, 32 South Ninth street. "West Side. . . . . . 21 may If FOR RENT--ONE THIRD 'FLOOR flat, $11 Souih Pittsburg:. FOR RENT--FIRST FLOOR FIVE room flat, all modern conveniences. S. S. SNADER. 31may3t FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM in (lat. tOl South Pittabursr street, third floor. - 22rnay-t r FOR RENT-- FURNISHED FLAT. Api4y corner WJeut Cranrford and North EUrhlh street, "West -Sid*. ; 22may4t FOR RENT--SIX ROOM MODERN home, 525 per month. A. E, WAGONER CO. 21 may U FOR RKNT--ONE ^POUR ROOM hooae. $11.00 a. A. WAGONER CO. 22raaylt FOR KENT--THRE-E AND TWO rpom apartments, FLORENCE SMUTZ Umaytf .,:- ; Tlie summer season is fast approaching and it:is time to be looking up the summer footwear. If. you have .never visited one of our shoe departments, .this coming summer would be a good time '.for you to do so. In every one of our sixty- ·" three operating stores we have a high class shoe department, and they are filled -with high class goods for men, women, misses and children. There is something really interesting about our shoe departments. If you hear the story of-how we have them made specially, how the stores are. supplied, and how they are sold, and then after all that if you should see the shoes it -would he no mystery or no conundrum wh'y we - have such, · superior stocks and why we have so much lower prices'-than the general run of shoe stores. There are just at the present time some novel things .for women and misses in fancy colored high top shoes; also low tops, good colors remember; some with colored vamp and various colored tops. Then you will find the white high tops, and all the different fancy shades in oxfords for women, misses and children. There is white duck, also white leather, and black leather. It would be an endless, job to describe them--a better way would be for you to see them. We respectfully solicit your business. * ·3 Larjre Department Storei, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheay Counties. FOR KENT--ONE, FOUR ROOM flr,t, furnished; $25.00 per month. West Crawford. A. E. WAGONER CO. . SSmaylt WANTED--COAL FIELD. WE DE- slro a small field of. coal Cor operation. Must be on railroad. Give location, character oC vein, area, price aiui terms to "COAL." care Courier. ISmayflt FOR RKWT--TWO LARGE UNFOR- nlshed rooms for tfgrht housekeeping. No children. G03 1 £Bast Green sLroet. - - Fw ·WANTED--iPOSITI ON AS HOUSB- keeper; prefer' elderly people or family without children. Can Curnlshod the best of references. "HODSE- KEEPEH," care Courier. 22mn.y2t" "WANTED--LABORERS, ASH HAND- lenf, helpers. mechanics. flrcm^n. Steady work. Laborftrs, 3SJ^, cents; firemen. 47 cents per hour, other work paid In pronortJon. Apply in person, at the WJRST PENN POWER PLANT, CoaneUsvllle, Pa. 21maylOt "WANTED--YOUNG MAN WITH h_fph school education preferred, to learn salesmanship ·vrith a local crow- InR- concern; expenses, moderate salary to ..start; excellent opportunity Apply inyown hand writing: with f u l l particular's- as to experience had, etc. 'Address "M," care Courier. 20may6t WANTED--SEVERAL MEN RE- pairiBg 1 and overhauling' cars. Steady work-and good opportunity f,or advancement. - Apply MASTER MECHANIC,' West Penn Rail-ways Company. · * 2lnmy4t Merchants who advertise in tMs paper win give yon best values for FOJt SALE--BLACK. LEGHORN egus for $L25 for 15. Call Tri-State 7^8-W. I lamaytf-wed FOR SALE--A HORSE, WAGON iLnd hiirness. "Urill sail cheap for cash. V. SINCLAIR GBOCERY. - 16 maytf FOP- SALE--SIX ROOM COTTAGE, hot water system, gas and electric. Inquire J. H. HENDERSON, Wills Road.' Both Th6nes. . 15maytf FOR SALE-^-ONE 1312 COLE AUTO- mobilp, just overhauled, in Al .condition.; will sell "cheap on account of dratt. Can."l93 Tri-^tate or 117 West Fayette atawet,.-clty._ ·· 21may5t» POR;SAXiE-f^PUBNlTURE- MUST BE sold at'"onjbo. Four piece bed room set convpletO; .«nd two chairs, three parlor chairs. · tiiible. · Used · one month. Cash only. 112'ISas't Patterson avenue. " . . . . · ElmaySt FOR SALE-rSI--'ACRES OF EXTRA good oatti, '7 acres wheat, 5 acres .potatoes, 2 acres · corn, all in ground; aLao -15 acres "of good meadow; last year;eut 87.tons; 55 acres eood pasture land. Two apple orchards and other fruit, uo with above free. Located near Star : - Junction. Agent will explain my reason for selling. A. IS. WAGONER CO., agents. Both 21may2t COKE. . BY C. TV3IITXEV. ' .' . ' .° MiBinjr i» a job of work and c*klng- IK a triii*, ' And men lave yut their mini]M to It fur there ilie luoncy'M nutde; S« let the. corporation that ha* HCCR' ItN bHtilneHH gnrtw Jlarc *· «ye upon · tb« future lent It w*e tlte biulue*.* f»- For pet the dollar o£ toduy -natil the yrttr la Vvou, ticmt y»Mr ordero eome from .Fnuuiiia mad yoar IOM* turn out a Hum; For If ire tlu not iwiu til* ivar yon Hiireij- will sro broke* ·· ·. · So loricet 7*ur little pr»At aHd JtnivUe oat tie ewfcc. Tbo'nLIer on fcbi l«rry iv«iKb« the trou ore anil Mtonc, ' - The ttklpwan hotots- theTloaded'.-tkli) which dWw'ps limit alone; The keeper »tupM the tap liole, and the monkey man the natch. TJic kclpcr rujiH the Iron nnd the engineer l» Scotch. " ' . The runner, man lttfn up the.jjmtcji to let. tbe ntetul llow, The blower watches everything for It'* hi* job to know ' Tknt *Terythins -work* properly from tnppinfic hole to nmolce, But be'U never blow the furnace natcMK you jrive'bim coke. " There are vteel rnilv and ivlre fence, solid wfiot and ahr^p,' Ship plates und boiler plate*, Uttlc nrum* and bis, Roa^hlnr rollM and unL*binc to bloom' and JHulv* up; Soaklny.pltfl.fpr heating and a mtxcr for the pig. DolonUie and silica 1 for open'bearth and BeMHcmer, 'Xn^a't. monldfi- and*. uplepleisen, checker work ;md ftmoke, Urinate- \tiryer*i» aj\d Sre brick. lr*n ore and fluxing: xtonc, But.youHl nerer eet the' ntctal lurlea* y»u have the coke. · · · · - · . - i ; : · · · · · · \ The dlTbrl»» Hnpertm ten dent ha« "a trench. Ilae to defend; Tbe track jffanj^ are the nappers from terminal to end. Thr President'* the 'general and jphould let hi* colonels kiior That what'* Ro»d for Pcnnxylvnnla la MM aid to D. O. , Tbe dl»p*temer 1« the Mljcnal man -- he rarely earn* ht* pay; ·' The train m«a are the v«]dlerj* aa«t it'»* their* to iv»n the Ony. Tic can irlll ne^**r leave the «hep, nor engine tarn a stroke If miner and tlie burner don't get onr the coal «nrt coke. The hattlcnhrb'a n bull do K ; the cmUer i» a hound. T h e destroyer In a beadle p u p that cfc**eM all aroand. . . . The a«bm*rine*n n -water don: and ·he j a a "dirty pop,' "· · . ^ An* 'tbe little trwwler traitM 'nround to beat .the bepjrar up. And tber all protect th* irovp .Nhlp.'rrlth 'the lad* -who "do the'TWitrk:. ' So, Jvhnnle In the coal mine; yon jhawe no time to KhlrkV " WiUe yovr br»ther'n in the tremcheis 'TOU «hould Mtrikc a lu»ly actroke ' Kor a whip -will never leare the ^rayn unless we' huve the cofee. In WMte, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and hest styles, who .desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. £OST--LAST EVENING BETWEEN ·Second National Bank building: and post oflice, s?man black coin purse con- j taininff'door key and money. Reward) if returned to 204- Second National I Bank buIWlng. 22maylt KJ5YSTONE CLEANING PARLOR. Bring your Pananwi and , i itraw hats to CJHAKLES COCOS, 170 West Crawford avenue, Connellaville, Pa. .3may33t* REIO\T3D--MRS has m'oved her hair yoo-Jls parJortj 'to 123 Meadow Lane, · between Crawford avenue and Apple streeL, 18may6L are nteel Tails and wire fence, »olld shot and shrnp, Ship plnten antt boiler prate*, little sun* and big; R*MKhlngr roll* and nnlshinc; to bloom 'and. finl«h up. Sat yon'lj never JllJ the mixer up *mJe#ft yoa ]ta re tkefpij?. Tnere arc dolomite and «Uica. for open hearth and Beaiicimx-, Imirot mould* anil mriepleL'ieu. checker work and *m*ke. ' Bronxe tnyere* .and flre brick, Iron ore and ftnxtn^ rrtone, ' But w«Hl. never win the vr»r we're in without a lot of coke. Notice of Application for Charter. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT application win be made to the Governor of Pennsylvania on the 19th day of June, 1918, at 10 o'clock A, M., by H. L. Miarquette, A. C. Bailey and W. J. McFarland; nu-der the . Act ot Assembly eu.tlLled, "An act to provide for the IncorjJoration' and regrulatlon of certain corporation;^" approved the 2th day of April, 1S74. . .and the supplements thereto, for a charter of an* intended corporation to be called The Back Greek Lumber Company, .the character and object .of which is the manufacturing- and dealing In buying- and selling- of all kind« of rough arid 'finished timber and lumber, and - of buying, owning: and dealing in standing timber and "timber ]ands, and in dealing in all kinds of brick, stone," cement aud plaster, building material; and for these purposes, to" have, possess- and enjoy a.11 the rights, benefits and privileges of the said Act of Assembly and tbe supplements thereto. H. D. LEONARD,. Solicitor; Read by Wlarren S. Blauvelt, Chief of Coke Division. United Sto/tes Fuel- Aa- ministration at meeting- VrittrCoke Operators, Uniontown, .Mtoy 20. ONE AT ONCE LINOTYPE OFERATOK AT THE DAILY COURIER OFICICE YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOU TRIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS line A P Homer's WEAK Clotiiiag ooqoooooooocioooooooooodoc J. B. KURTZ, - s MOTARY PUBLiC - \ AND REAL E«TATt ·

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