The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
Page 3
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' THE 'epTTKIffiK, . FA. WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Students Forego Pleasure Of Annual Senior-Junior Banquet. IS GIVEN TO RED.CROSS Arrangements (or Departure Satarday oi Drafted Sen Amonacwl by tk« Local Board; Sipper ic-r tic Mm Friday Evening Is Arraiged. Special to Th« Courier. ·SCOTTDALE, May 22.--Just how *· boys and girls ol the bigh schools C today are meeting the challenge to ire and give 100 per cent was mani- Vsted at a meeting Tuesday evening, rhen, after air plan's had been made jr the annual Senior-Junior banquet nd -invitations had been issued for ne evening of May 31, the class met Ad decided that the biggest thing it onld do would be to contribute the onds for the and dance to he Red Cross. Thifwill net the Red- Iross about ?250. The members of the Ulior class are: Clyde Kelly, prcsi- .ent; Bertha Bvans, secretary; Kath- Tn -MacBurney, treasurer; Harold Intchinson, Harold^ Darling,. John 'urst, Prank Morrison, Bertha Bloom, iiry Gallagher,,Olive Keaggy, Anna- el Patton, Helen Bbcler. Katheryn anoy Shotts, Mildred Hurst, Emma . Kenny, Thelma ' Cress, Harriet garden, Josephine Mcllvaine, John :eritt, WUHam T. BeJows. Jr., Meno ,'orsch, Hattie. Brindlinger, John. Mc- rllliams, Maria Welmer, v Gail Slough, atharine Painter. Clarence Edwards ad Hazel Strawn. For Sale. Brick house, paved street, heater, atli, : gas, electricity, hot and cold at»r; also several lots on. paved loi iTL, Scottdale.-Adv.-21- Iraft Plans Cvmyletc. Jfntti iKittsxgexneixts have been made jr tke Icparturc at the draftees on atvrdaj morning- Final orders were sni out yesterday to 84 men m and ear Sottdide. The induction into erkfce win take piace at the Y. M: C. . Prt*y ewriins at 5JO. Frflpwtag ait dbzwr -wHl bo served tbe inen in ·» «dKatiooal rooms of the ;isoocia- i» or the gym. FoUonrine.tbe prc- i«n after dinner those derfrjng to Trill be gfrw* the priv- wfli do so under goy, to report at 7.JS.S»t- Owo^rs of M-totno- responded to tbe cafi tor I X can -will be used tti take triM0»-fc the train at Branon. Tbe jtmmin -mfU tone the T. M. C. A. r* (h»Aon 'prompdr at 7.-B o'clock. - " -- ir« Cwmxt. . parade at Mount tea Monday- ninla* fla O. A. . band of Scottdale ga« a coaeert i *· 'OOCMT -of Pfttibart and Sprtnc r«e*». Jaw* Bates; the local' repres*nla- ro/Jo Ue (rand lodge seanon of the Wat Atlantic City from JWy 8 to , wJJl Ekely be aeeompactini by ·oot J6 Elks. Pfcu» are -being made T e greatest coovention, erer heM · them. Presidisit 'Wilson has ae- oted an Invitation to be present one .T of the convention, and the sreat- ( patriotic parade ever tuxje'r taken ' tie United States will be staged. Stray Hone* Cxptsnd. D. S. Htxon, whd Hvea one mile «t of town, near Jfaxmt Ne-bo, ftmnd ree horses in his alfalfa field ser- ai daj« ago. He has been keeping 3 banes and will wittingly turn sm over to any person who can mtlfy them. . Properties Sold. E. f. DeWltt has sold the Bncker jperty at the corner of .Fourth ave- e and Broadw-ay to ^Rlchsrd C. K«s- ·; also " the Joseph I/eighlij;hter sperty at Owensdale to August and na M. GabeiL Taloe Pin Xcoavmy. \ good meal in one restaurant costs able what an equally good meal itj in another. It's just the same, th garments. High rents, costly ;orauons, eipaasive salespeople 3 oter store expense .don't add to : value of a coat or suit or dreps--- ry merely add to the cost. We are der a small expensa.and in a -good iitioc to deliver all values, and save 1 frotn 52 to 45 per garment. Value i be.accurately determined only-by' klnc comparison -with price? qitot- m- other stores. " Not until you've ited others -axtd compared our ces, styles, materials anil quality' workmanship can you fully appre- te the values offered .in our'won- ·fully new ladies', specialty, store. i sell mlJHneiy. coats, ts, dreses, fnnUshlngs and 'hceicry m mftuicy. to . womanhood,'.'at a ·it MTing to yoii." Broadway la.- s % Store, Scottdale, Pa.: As you pet tie carl--^Adv.' ....'-' / ' ·', . fersonal. lid-summer showing of leghorn, .an. and. white hats... Special dis- f of sport and country club liats". 56 and Castle ILats shown, f. A. rarland. 111 "W«st Apple strent; uiellsville. One-fourth oft on Ml ly season hats,--AdyiJ-St. - _ · .; Ir. and~Mrs. F.B. Pott had as their ets Maurice J. Kent aria-Lee J. it of Latrobe. - ·; · . lax .Miller is spending a few days Sew York City. It Io« Are Hin id the advertising columns of Tha lj- Courier. You will flnd them. . ur PRICE Forheadorlh7oat Catarrh try ti» vapor trektaMnt 1CRS VAPORUB\1 VKKm BATBISG COSTPatE OF GSJkTBH-BEBI ZEBSXT This fetching baching costume iK;oC gr«yish-blue jersey, irkh contrasting inierti of black and white striped jec- sey. The slecyes, neckline and belt are of striped jersey also. The parasol of white with black dots completes tb» rather flashing effect. Perryopolis. PEKRYOPOUS, May 20.--Mr. and rs. Robert Pollock, and family motored to CoaneUsvllle to visit, relatives Sunday, Miss Riufa Johnson of Platvoods, called on town friends Sunday. E. K. Chalfant and sons, Charles and Chad, motored to Hickory to visit relatives Sunday. "W. P. SticSel of Unioatoini, spent j Sunday, at liis home here. John Reagan of Uniontown, called 00, town friends Sunday. ttisses Mary and .Gertrude Gilock of Srtiitliton, were week-end guests of town friends. At tbe services at the different churches of this district Sunday the following persons gave interesting addresses to boost tbe Rod Cross War J^cnd. M". TV. Byers spofce at I-ayton and 'Whittsett; Rev. Forsie of Layton, spoke at Banning; J. A. Byers at the local M. E. church at Jackson, and Prof. Laurence Fife at "Wick Haven at the local Christian church. Preparations are being made for an interesting Memorial Day service. All persons ar raged to help make H a suc- Ohiopyle. OHIOPYLE, \Tav 22.--Memorial service! will be held hi the Baptist church Sunday morning in honor of tbe oid veterans by Rov. Wissinger. All aro eipected to attend., far and near. l^Tl»e Red Cross of Ohiopyle win hold a snpper Saturday evening. . Prepara- Ucos arc being made to make this a big Brent. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Holt spent Tuesday in. PitJsburg, the guests of friends. Mr. . and Mrs.. J. H. Nicholson, arc spentfins a fe-w days near Uniontown. John'Weaver spent Tuesday calling on friends in Connellsviile. Mrs. F.'M. Rush has returned from a snort visit in Connellsville. , Mrs. 'Irwin Bailey and grandson. Sterling Boyd, are visiting relatives in Maryland. How Men Hurdle Their Monej-- Heorj Tordi A roan who is perhaps the best known tnanu/ac'tnrer of automobiles fs Henry Ford. His wealth is estimated to -aggregate almost one bilJion dollars- In the nineties he was working for ?45,a month and saving money. In 1898, he organized the Ford company and accepted a salary of $100 a month. -He always saved money and the- company which he fathered is managed on a prudent basis,, making improvements out of savings instead of using borrowed capital.( Tho service of The Citizens' National Bank is available for all young business men, who are just starting out in ac- ttve life. .138 Plttsburg street, Con- Adr. Keep -the little ones healthy and happy. 1 Their tender, sensitive bod- ies'require a cooling, healing, harmless remedy t j prepare their stomachs for summer's heat. Hollister'a Rooky Mountain Tea is .reliable and safe, thpro, but not injurious. 35c.--Con- neilsville_ Drug Co.--Adv. MICKIE SAYS me Now is the s time to look ahead--to make the preparations that will add much to the pleasures and comforts of your Home and it's surroundings during the corning warm Summer days. · Whether it be a Porch Swing, a comfort-giving Fibre Rocker or Porch Shades--ryou'll find them at Aaron's in larger variety and better quality than elsewhere--at the lowest possible prices. Credit, !f Desired. Connelisville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. Special Values in Porch Swings This Oak s 4 Ft. Soliit J»«V rrr · This 4 ft. Solid fl»O/IC ; Swing tjj«» I J Oak Swing ._ .tpeJarre) This -I I't. Solid fljrr ing 3 t . Oak Swing This 4 Ft, Fibre Swing __________ fl»-J -| «P-L 1. To Make Your Porch Cool and Comfortable! PORCH SHADES Prices upward from as low as _. $3.75 Cool, Comfortable Kaltex Furniture.' . Your Choice of Fibre Rocker ^k. SO or Chair in Beautiful Ivory *^ Tfre seat cushions are removable and are upholstered in a very fine grade ofcrctonne which. B fast color. Either Cbaiv or Rocker is suitable for use in the living room or porch, tbeir delicate tint o£ bcautiCul Ivory in contrast to tke bright cretonne malieB a very pleasing combination. Exceptional values at this price. ONEPKCE-PORCELAIN LINED REFRIGERATORS Ten Walla to Save Your Icel Lined with Real Porcelain made all in one piece I No crack or crevice for dust or germs! No 'wood exposed anywhere! Easy to clean! See the Family size Leonard we're offering _ $8.50 no at Entire Fourth Floor Devoted to Davenports and Davenport 'Suites! $34.50 This Pullman Bied Davenport This is one of the new models--a valne that cannot be drrnlicated any- ivhere. Avoid Long Hours in the Kitchen this Summer! With intelligent use of the Hoosier you can do your kitchen, work in half the time you must take without this laborsaving sabinet. Look ahead--think of the daily recess Hoosier will give you to spend in cool comfort. Se« Hoosier Demonstrated! Prices range upward from as Icvw as ,, $26. s and Floor Coverings-- Entire Second F.loor Right now is the time to purchase Rugs, · Carpets and Floor Coverings.. We are now showing greater varieties of designs and patterns at prices that will save you at least 15% to 25%. Come and See These Values. 9x12 Woolen Fibre Bugs, I 9x12 Genuine Tapestry $10.75 2^* $19.75 9x12 Extra Heary Grade $29.50 i££L_, $47.50 'Special 'at only flxl2 High Srade Tapestry 'Brussels Bugs at..-_: __ tp^Jt/.UV Blips at 10-6x13-6 large Boom Size Body Bras- sets WhittaO Bug--Special at .... All Floor Coverings Laid Free of Charge^--By an Expert $69.50 A Special Value in Beds! This Larg-e, Ufassire, 2-iaeh Confchra- ous Post iron Bed, only __TMTM___TM Finished in "White Enamel, Mahogany-and Vernis Martin. Has heayr 2 inch (M»nmoas posts and large 1 inch fillers. A very big valttft. GLASSES THAT FIT! Thjvt rc^t the eyes--that improve tlie sigrhl--that frive complete comfort. You get espert work at moderate cost here. A. L. Tucker, Oph. D. 105 $fa4h Pitlnbm-K Street, Connrll^vIUc, Pa. Just Over- the Bridge Conndlsville (West Side) VV T- ·* ^'Slcni-jt- * 111 fl I « * " E R . I Wiilard SERVICE CATION Carrol! Battery Co. A Fnctflry Trained Batterr Jliin.- AKnCft^S MNK SHOE POUSN It is wax and ofls ^Preserves and softens the leather instead of causing it to crack.. ; bdniant, lasting shine, th«| does not BU*CK, TA.M. WHITE «EO *«4 BKOWM Grandpa is Sixty-four Today nod hi RIB- *b«st of boftltfi. Hole and hearty, trith good, ret blood, good appetfte and .food digestion. Grandpa's -ncrre* Br» .Et**dr, too. Be tafcM oare of tones the D-rrM-AXid pota vigor ao* Ti^h«re Is no mystery about Bio-- (er«n. Bvory pnokoye shows jos^ oacaotli* tbe content. Ask yoar doctor about Bio-Ccren. or, tf ran -wisB aead us hit nsTOe and vre T»Ol lor* ward him Qi* cotnplota form'ola. Gl*c Blo-faren a fair trial. If It don't make (food your money- irdi b« pleaswitly "r»tnnwd to you." Intar* boold«t wiU b« mailed you o» fit Hft aawi to it tb«vt bis nerves and Mood ·ur te gooA bap«. Wh«n he find* that he te'omtinjr witn*«t reKah, rf»*l- TDC a liitle dopreMed anfl orosB, nicht b« b«eln« bin arwtaicni of rcn, the nerve uu3 blood tonte. y;1 Blo-f eren, a. corarpouofl- at Lecithin. Iron P«ptonat« and other valunbJ* toaic elc£n«itii ia tblet f onn. te. jvurt Uy whaJ. the.ararace tired btlol- man, the a.veE»*e )M»tMriweper at Cbfe flefixon of tb« year. It paoteexe 51.00 M; all or direct If your doa't handle It Tb« Sentan«l «4t«ji Co.,, Ohio. PA.TEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS \ WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. FOR SALE GOOD COAV OEUER. YOUR NEXT ·WIN-' mSH-S CdAL SUPPLY NOW. CAN MAKE'PROJITT DELIVERY. PEICB EIGHT. ' CALL BELL . .PHONE 1016, : TKi- STATE 61-JR- k N. Trump ITE LIMP TRANSFER El llfH W Q, JJTB BOIBTOfO PIAJWOS A KPKCIALTV, LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL DRUGGISTS-LARGE PACKAGE$1S2

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