The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
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THIS DAILY COOrirER, CONNBLLSVILEBr'PA; WEDNESDAY, MAT-23, 191?. · Surrounded by his ai.j children and | lege term, Miss Cunningham and her Kracdtrjildrec,. 'three boys' and .one .Sr!, J. D. Percy, one ol the oldest and widely.lnown residents of Con- ncllsviUe,. celebrated'-' his ' SSrd -"birth'-," day last :evening~at-his -horde in -'West "Peach -street. -Tlie- -celebration^ "was; cJeverly^planied by^irj Percy's chil- ·dren aud-was one-of-th'biggest^aad most delightful surprises'in his life. : None'present enjoyed Die evening - mo-re ""than -he.-; · Later in' the evening · daintily appointed luncheon was .served. The tabie was centered with ·a huge birthday cake, bearing 63 Hght- .ed candles ol many colors, significant. . of the age of the honor guest. Mr. "Percy is on'e' of "tie 'oldest and most .'efficient men in the service of the '.West Eenn Railways company, bavins -been' employed at the ear barns in · Greenvood for the past-sixteen and "one-half years. Mr. and- ?Trs? Harry ·Porter and son, Harry, Jr., of Scottdale, were the only out of town'guests. ·ilrs. Porter is'a daughter of Mr. and sister. Miss Eloise. "also : 'a. student at the same cpllese;"'Xto.-Catiada to spend their" vacation wiln~fnends. Hev.."and-"irrs;'Cunninghamr-who are on their-returti. to-jTokio, Japan," where th'b formei is-'engagid in missionary work;- will 'not-return^-to Cormellsville on.-another-furlough-lor seven years. The. regular rn'eetvas of the King's Daughters of the Trinity Lutheran ] church V,-as hold, last evening at the home of Mrs. E. H. Floto in. Race street. There was a'large attendance and the meeting was one o£ interest. Refreshments were .served. Miss'Hilda Smith entertained last evening at her "home N in Sycamore street in honor of her brother, Raymond Smith,-who is spending a five- day furlough at "his home. Ten guests were present-, among them being Mrs. Leon Adams--oE Steubenville, 0. The young soldier will leave tonight for EDWARD TAYLOR. Edward Taylor, t«o years old, son of Mr. and -Mrs; Garfiuld Taylor, died I Monday at tho family residence a l t Yukon following an illness of pneu- I mpnia. The .body was brought to! Connellsville and removed by Funeral | Director J. 'L. Stader to the home o£ | an. aunt of tlie deceased. 129 South : Eleventh street, funeral services Tv'cst Side, where 'were- held this a;- . . _ A T TIKES* To kelp strengthen. E put color i] There . ' bo no beau* drul. -h rosy- c woman i out fron. trouble In "t Camp Humphries, Md., where he has Jtrom Camp Lee, Mrs. -Percy.- ' been. transferred '·'· The 'Women's Benefit association ot j Petersburg.'Va.:. . . . - . the Maccabees will meet tomorrow i -'. . x .:- - ' -night at : 'the"iorae if-Mrs.-John Sny- 'The' Daughters of America fler, lia West Fayette street to either meet tomorrow-meat at 7.30 o clock .knit or sew for the Red Cross. Members are .asked to brini; needles and i£ hot supplied with material arran; will ... . a t 7.30 o' in Old Fellows' hail.' The Woman's guild of the Trinity mcnts will be made to procure it from Episcopal church will- meet 'the Eed Cross. Mrs. Alary Jlosley is to sew at the home of Jin in charge.'of the knitting. The Red Wood in East-Apple street.- ··Cross needs more workers' and- every Lady Jfaccabee is urged to attend the ;ilar- meeting of Edna Rebekab lodge to be held tonight in Odd Fellows' hall. A large attendance of members is desired. PERSONAL. Miss Maralloyd Stillwagon has returned home from a visit with relatives in Somerset. The best place to shop liter all. Brdwnell Shoe Co.--Adv. The-Knit and Win .Unit to the Char- Mrs.. Catherine Sh'errick. who has .;leston Comforts' Branch of tte Navy been th * suest of her s!ster ' Mrs ' R · League mel^ast nishl at the.home of i c - Rose ° f Nortn P" tsbu! :E street, h; gone to Confluence to visit relatives before returning 'to her home at Bom's et. I. H. N. class apron social, M, E. church, Thursday evening. See the · .meeting. . At the regular meeting of '.·the association held last night in. the Maccabee hall it was decided to hereafter serve no refreshment at the knitting and sewing meetings. - A community prayer meeting will : be held Friday evening at the home of Mrs. P. C. Crislir. 1005 Aetna ·street. tonight G. N. ' Officers will be' elected at the reg- MEYERSDALE OPENS RED CROSS DRIVE WITH GREAT RALLY; .· . | Aim of Committees is to Have Canvnss j Completed and Quota Raised by ; Thursday Xight. j Special to The Courier. j MeyersdaJe, May 22. | Meyersdale's record Red Cross drive ; opened up Monday evening with a pa-' rade, .followed by a patriotic ine-cting ; at the band stand. The parade, while ! uot the largest Mcycrsdale has had, j was a credit to the committee in j chargo, as it was very fine. Threatening weather prevented many from participating. After a selection by tho band, "Attorney C. L. Shaver of Somerset, county j chairman of the Red Cross drive; Clarence Moore, chairman of the Mey- ersdalc district; Kcv. Alexander Stecle and. R. Harry Plulson each interesting- talk on Ked Cross work. After this the local chairman and his committees met in tlie Boost-' ers* cliih room, wk*he final arrangements were made to start out with the canvassing today. Dr. W. H. RyJand, cfcainnan of the team committee, divided the town into , , , ,,...,, tour districts, and his .loam captains ! Khodcs P° lled a vole °. £ : 2 ?.. 1 are: Kev. Father Brady, R. F. Ma- SOQ, B. S. Rush and II. D. Martin. t h a t w h e , ·women needed Iron they generally too M o r d i n " tolllc , ·which o f t n n * corro(3aJ tha -_»^. jrtomach ontt did more st»od. .1 always insist that my n»- :Jcnt» tiLke 'Only* oruunlc iron -- JSujc- nted Iron. Tula- particular form of Iron- is easily assimilated, docs not tilacken nor Injure, thw 'teeth nor upset tho Btonuicb*'«Jt will increase the stirenKtti · tuKTVenduratico of nervous. 1 - irritable, cjirewom, 'O-lookinjf' "women In two-weeks time In many i Instances. I have t/j»cd It In my own practice with iost curpi'W«y TesuJl*.-- -FtwBnaod. King, it D. ' ~ " 'OTE: KUXATCD IKON r«Som* ' tiy Dr. Ferdinand KlnO't ' any good dru»#M 1'0% of the Total Business Goes-to tlie Ked Cross .; Thursday, : Kay'23rd. Help the Red. ;·*.: . Cross. ·TKe'HpMEbf QuALlTV:»an.dlSEi3VJCEi "te9fol33*;N PiTTSSURG St., ·}' CONNELLSVILLj£ ' Erery Employee -of Tin's Store Gave One. Day's Salary to the . . lied Gross. attem SPRQUL EASILY BESTS J. DENNY O'NEIL IN CITY i Continued from P:ic:e One. j stein and J. W. Losuc had. a close I race, ihe former iv-innir-s by 13 votes. Holstein polled 120 and Logue 10". Asher 1L Johnson, the "only man on ihe Domocraiic ticket, polled a vote oC 213. For state senator' ' William Mrs. Holland.Pi'ersoi in Crawford-ave- ·Siue, West Side." The- "eveniirg was. 'spent at knitting swesters'arja socks' erset. -for the sailors. The next meeting will ;oe held Monday nighl at the "Siome of Their aides are: Mrs. J. Luther Franti:, Miss Margaret Weber, Mrs. H. H. Williams, Miss Mae Diehl, Misses Emma Hosu-uer, Alice Priedllne, Mrs. R. H. Phllson, Miss Stella Weakland, Mrs. T. W. Guricy, Mrs.'W. A. McCune, Mrs. Clarence Rowe, Mrs. Pearl Smith, Miss Lcora Gefger and Mrs. J. Milton Black. Mrs. W. S. Liven- gooil, Misrs Clara \Vllmoth, Mrs. D. J. Fiske. Mi^k J. MiHoa Gnagey and r 'i.Miss Jessie McKinley. Thj} ladies px- ;*j| poet 10 have the town thoroughly canvassed by Thursday evening and hope to have their quota raised. Sirs. Jtattie Richter ii Crawford avenue, West Side. ' Announcement has been made of the -marriage . of Miss Enuna Baker of Trauger and. Domer J. Brooks of Kecksburg, solemnlzert Saturday .at tae 'jarsonage of ,the .Seformed church, Pleasant Unity, Rev. K. H. Deitzel officiating. The- ^ridefrroom will leave ·with the next contingent of draftees from ilount Pleasant. The; regnlar m£etir.g of the Eadies' ..Circie No. 100 to the William P. Kurtz Post, No. 104, Grand Army of the Re. public ;rill be held tomorrow after- iioon in Odd Fellows' hall. A class of over 50 candidates will be initiated at a meeting of the Connells- ^Yille Chapter No. 247, Order ot the 'Eastern Star, to be held Monday even-. .jug. May.. 27th; in, the lodge room; Odd Diinsta Fello-K-s', .Temple. South Pittsburg! ter av Boy Scouts drill.--Adv.-21-2t. Mrs. Fred Felty of Uniontown, and aunt',' Mrs. E. R. Dean of Pitcairn, were in town yesterday on their return from Asheville, N. C., where they spent the past three months for the benefit of Mrs. Felly's health. During her trip in the south Mrs. Felly's condition greally improved. You will never get here cheap, shoddy fabrics or the slip-shod, slap-together workmanship of other so-called tailors. Dave Coiio^. Tailor.--Adv. . Go to the Tough Uouse Restaurant for your Thursday .supper. Chicken, and waffles. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong.-- Adv.--wed-thurs-tf. Mrs. Herbert Walton and niece, Miss-Gwendolyn Springer have, returned from a trip to Camp L«, I'c- lersburg, "Va. A.May social, will be held by the H. O. class. United Brethren church, Tuesday, May 28, at home of A. G. stan, Dushane property, 126 Wit- v enue. Anyone wishing tickets, .street.; .The chapter has been invited j ca n En a Herifick, Courier office. -to attend the 24th . annual session o£ Adv.-22-lt. ,the Grand Chapter o' Pennsylvania of; ~$ITS. Julia Ward and son Roger and the Eastern Star which convenes in | Miss Clara Patterson returned home Luiu Temple, Philadelphia, Tuesday | )ast night from an automobile trip to morning,- June 11. | Washington, D. C. Mrs. Ward and son ,; : -- Visited the former's daughter, Miss Rev. Cloyil Goodnight, pastor of thej Helen Ward, who Is a student n-jrse Central Christian church in Union- jn .the Children's hospital. Miss Pat- On thp E. Crow polled 568 for state senate. James t\ Woodward, the McKeesport candidate for Secretary of Internal Affairs, i arried the city with a vote of 453 against 171 for Paul W. Houcr. Tho third candidate, Fred E. Lewis, received a toul of 39 votes. In the contest for representatives in congress at large. Thomas S, Crago. M. M. Garland. Joseph Mc- Laughlic and A. H. Walters led a field of 14 candWates on the Republican ticket. Crago's was first with 588, with Garland second with -II". j Walters polled 411 votes and Mc- Laughlio 37'J. .' Samnel A. Kendall defeated J. C. Lowrj' for the nomination as representative in Congress for the 23rd district. Kendall received a vote of 541 asainst 90 tor Lowry On th* Prices on Pattern Hats liave been cut in two. The Parisian as well as Our Own Exquisite Conceptions in tlie Millinery Department have played their part so far as we are concerned. We must speed their parting then for all Pattern Hats of beauty must go and tomorrow (Thursday) the prices will be cut in two: S35.00 Pattern Hats .: $17.50 . $30.00 Pattern Hats S15.00 ?25.00 Pattern:Hats _....,,.._ - 512.50 $20.00 Patteri Hats .'. $10.00 518.00 Pattern "Hats J '. 50.00 S15.00 Pattern Hats - $7.50 : $12.00 Pattern Hats $6.00 $10.00 Pattern Hats _ ·. _ $5.00 . . Thursday morning at S o'cloclc we place on Special Sale a number of handsome "Lace and Scrim Curtains. The variety is broad and there is naturally a choice for those whc come'promptly will have the choicest selection. Prompt coming wi!l be worth while. This Sale offers, the greatest values ever at ?1-19 to $7.50. Aa -important Sale of Kimonos. The designs are of Oriental and Floral Crepe Colors, pink, blue, lavender and black with white. For this Special Sale prices are redueec one-third of their-real value. Sale price $1.00.. . . AJUuunts ot AVomon. There is no\ denying the fact that thousands of American women dr.ig along day in and day out suffering | DcroO cratic ticket Bruco F. Sterling with, these ailments peculiar to their hafl no oppositinn [or th e nomination, sei which make life a burden. If women who suffer from . dragging- down. pains, inflammatory, ulcerated or catarrhal conditions would only votes ' in Connells- He received 21 ville . , . Ernest R. Kooser, Duncan Sinclair and Russel B. Mclutyre. got the vote give that greatest of all remedies. here (or represt . n tatives in the gener- Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-1 a) as3embl} . on ^3 Republican ticket, pouml. a trial, they would readily find relief from such .suffering, as the many letters of commendation constantly being published prove.--Adv. Kooser polled the highest, Sin-. Kerenskr Cominc! chiir was 'second with 530 and Mcln- tyrc got 514. Victor B. Francis, the other candidate, polled 272 votes. On the Democratic ticket, Thomas D. Schuyler polled the highest. J. WASHING-fOX. May 22-- Invcstisa- '· Buoll garter and Lloyd J. Stillwagon tion by the state department bas failed to verify reports that Alexander Kcrensky, illo former premier of Russia, had arrived here or is on his way to the United Slates. No record, it was said today, could be found of Kere-nsky's leaving Russia, and officials are inclined u doubt the reports. At tUe Russian embassy it was said today nothing was known of Kerensky's movements, anf! that he was r-ot expected cials. he-re by embassy offi- ;town, will deliver a patriotic Red .Cross address at the monthly meeting ·and dinner of the Men's Bible class of .tie Christian church to' be neld to- ·inorrow evening at 7.30 o'clock in the -basement of the church. No charges ·will be made for the dinner; but a; collection will be taken. It is desired that every memb r of the class attend. '. · Toe following program will be rendered at an apron social to be held tomorrow, night in \ae First Methodist Episcopal church by the'I.'H. N class of the Sunday school: "Battle Hymn of the Republic," chorus, drill, Boy Scoute; piano solo,. Miss Honsberger; reading, Miss Severia Jenk--McFarland, 111 West Apple Ins; solo,. W.arren .Murrie; selection by Quartet; 'reading. Miss Ambray; piano 'soloA'MIss Ho'nsberger; reading. Miss Ambray; guessing contest; selection by quartet." The social' will commence at -8 o'clock aad persons ·who did not receive cards -aimouncing it may attend by giving a small silver offering 'at the, door. ; All are invited. ' Friendship temple, Pythian Sisters, N6. 25, will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock' in JIarkell hall.' Person was the guest of Mrs. Jennie Turner and family. The party was accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ward. Hear the Men's Quartette at the apron social of the I. H. N. class, M. B. church, Thursday evening.--Adv.- 21-2t. Misses Marie and Julia Coyne, the latter o! Uttiontown, went to Fitts- burg "this" morning to visit "relatives. Don't forget the apron social of the I. H. N. "class, Thursday evening, at the M. E. church.--Adv.-21-2t. .: Midsummer showing milan and white" hats. play of sport and country club hais; F. A. street, season hats.--Adv.-21-5t. Miss Helen Carroll .left this morning for San Antonio, TMt, to visit her .brother and sister-in-law, Uentenant and Mrs. James E. Carroll. From San Antonio she^will go to Pine -Bluff, Art, to visit her brother, Joseph Carroll:' 'Women--'Have * you seen Downs Shoe Store's $4 pumps and tan lace oxlprds. at..?5_yet? They are worth while your ·consideration.--Adr.~22^ft. Downs' .SUoe..-Store is showing the Miss Kichtcr Improved. The condition of Miss Gwendolyn Hicbter, who has been seriously ill at her home in East Crawford avenue, is slightly improved. stocld u o x t liunry Rhodes of the Wrest S;'/lo, riip.nii]^ on the same ticket, was defeated in tho city by two votes. Schuyler received The Iron Meri Of History. Cromwell was said to rule with an iron hand. His "roundheads" were no more heroes, nor .braver men than are pur boys today fighting in France for country and freedom. Men with dauntless spirits--men of red blood, courage, energy, vim and vigor are needed every day behind the lines as weJl as beliind the guns. Yon need iron in the blood! Every healthy man or woman should have about as much iron in his or her body as there is in an ordinary" tenpenny" nail. To gain this iron, the best way is to tate aa iron tonic called "Iron-tic," a corn- totaling ISO, Stiliwagon and Snyder ; bination of iron in its most soluble I getting 136 and 135 Rhodes had 134 votes. For representative, in congress at respectively. : form, discovered by Dr. Pierce and I experimented with by his physicians on the Democratic ticket, Jos- F. Gorman. Fred Ikelor, Elisha K. Kane and Samuel R. Tamer were larj eph polled Tamer the Wanted. At once, experienced women for alteration and fitting department. Good salary. Apply with reference. X--12,, care Courier.--Adv.-22-3t. ITutiting Bargains 2 You will find them in our ad. columns. Gage and Castle hats shown. One-fourth, off on-... all early Miss Doris Cunningham, daughla'r I finest _.and most attractive patent and " ' ' ol Rev., and ilrs. W. ' _. ; "C'nmiiiigham, I toll pumps in 'nigh and/low heels, ·will graduate 'next '·Wednesday from i with silver plates at ?4, that are be- yie William Wood college li" Fulton, ' ing shown' in .town. See them before Mo. JWlowing tie close of the col- i you buy.-- Adv.-22-4t. · ' i g. W. Metz'.er was here from Union- i town today.on business. ·-- - .Send the Daily Courier, to, your boy ..·j 'in the army. .Call at the Courier of'~ I ace'iand. leave nis address. Hate 50c per niontli.r^Adv."; Pepper, cabbage and. tomato plants, 15c per-'dozen. P. R. Demuth ' Sons. -- Adv.-22-St' . . Cucumbers. The soil for cucumbers should be a rich sandy loam, rather moist bnt not wet. The seeds may be planted in berry baskets or on sods in the hotbed and these transferred to the open gr'onn.d,"or the seed may be placed directly in ihe ground. Considerabln time will be saved by starting the plants in the hotbed. In either case they should not be placed in the open until the ground has warmed up, which, will be about four weeks after tie lost killing frost in the spring-. They may- be planted in bills 4 .£eet apart each way or drilled in rows 7 feet apart in tte rows. It is a good plan to use an' abundance of well-rotted manure in-the holes or In tlie rows. at the Surgical.Institute in Buffalo. "Iron-tic" is a form of iron readily taken np by the blood, the blood-cells get round, rich-red. in color, the 'cheeks are pink, "tlie appetite improves,, 'arid one feels full of "snap" -- " pep '·' -- "vigor "--instead of tired before the day is half done. The.eyes take on a luster, and toe body feels that tingle which one gets from a cold bath. If you want to try this new "Iron-tic" tablet send 10 cents to the Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. 1*., and obtain a trial ^ ___^ 'package. This 20th century Iron nd Thomas V. Donegan received the i tonic is sure to do you good. Drug-- :__..·__ _ _ ,i._ n - - j --, ^ ;ii_-_ I mc-fc, eaii " Iron-tic" for sixty cents. the leaders. Gormar- heaviest, receiving 1T7. ceivcd 142 and Ikeler got 133. Kane polled 122. In the fight for Judge of Superior Court, William D. Porter of Pittsburg defeated Stephen H. Huseltou, also of. Pittsburg, polling a vote of 606 in the city against" 285. Porter carried every ward, rolling '.ip big majorities in the First' and Seventh. In the First ward Harry- Hopkins nomination on the Central Committee! gists sell ' on the Republican ticket. On the Democratic ticket Matt Monahan and TV. C. Bishop received one vole each. T. J. Brennan and ' Thomas . McGuire were nominated committeemen in the Second ward. The former received 42, McGuire, 31. Frank Widm e r - p r i l l e d - 2 8 . .On the.Democratic | ticket S. Desmone got five/votes and j B.'Rottler sis ' . · i .Third ward.. . Hepubliean's . gave !. .Homer .Moset,50.'and Andy George four. . . . . ' ' · ' . ' . ' · - . - · J. C. Berwick'-' and ' A. I.- Daniels .were nominated committeemen on the 'Republican 'ticket in the Fourth ward, the former receiving 59 votes and Daniels getting 63. ' George R. Strawr. got-22 votes on the Democratic ticket in lie ssme ward;-and. 33. L. Stillwagon 12. J. D. Madigan received three votes on the Democratic ticket. In the Fifth ward T.. S. Earner and J. C. "Whiteley were nominated »n the Republican central committee',, votes being .sat also for F. T. Kobinsqn, W.! -L. Beuschcr, B. C. Miner and George j W. CJun-pbelL John F! Reynolds and LEGHORN, MTLAN AND ·wtHiTB HATS.::-: SPECIAL DISPLAY'OF'SPORT AND\GpDNTHY ; .CtUB HATS ..GAGE AND..CASTJ33 ' '"HATS SHOWN.":'. '-Ill W. APPLE.STREET, 'One-fourth off on all early season Hats. Cucumbers should . receive ,rrec.t!ent |shallow cultivation until tbe! gin to run' freely; alter this yery Brtle.j.':. cultivation is'reqnlred. They are ready.{."' lor use as soon as lurge cnmiifh, tin'd ' no fruit should be allowed to ripen on ...I/...Befs."iwefe: nominated for the rge- Myers: ^and-V George -. Martin received -12. votes'^for 'he central ctaTi)ittei3'in--the'Sixth ward. In the same v/arcl on tbe Democratic Hc-oting at -~All;-JuterC5ted in making 'surgical the vines. It is advisable to spray j ticket V. JI/Gqcftraa and 'Jesse Cypher | cucumbers v/ith Bordeaux miitrarc, :·» I polled nine votes each. · I they are quite liabls to be ioj-.irsd b y ) Edward Duggan aud George Blair i dlseasoB. ; v/ere named central committeemen For a full dicasston o.C !.cr.octf; ord|on the Republican ticket in. the diseases uSacilas cucumbei'a nna rc-m- Seventh ward, the former polling 81 edies for them, oee Farmers' Bnlicfic |Totes and Blair 66. Mart ···HiMJi^DSKdnB To detthe best of all | 7 Com Foods, order '" ! dressings are reoueb-ted to be present i at the Jr. 0. U. A. M. hall at Vanfior- j ·-"'-'-" ! bilt on Thursday eveninp. May 23, at I r^r---r- ·_:7..o'clock... .Mrs. Frank Crow of Uniontown will be there to give ' in- jstruclton. 5!rs. J. II. Hazlctt is chairman. 856. entitled "Control of Disesss nn'i- Tnsect Enemies of the Hoirie Vegotal?!?! Gar'der.."--U. S. Doyartiuent ol r Agri- i ceived three votes in this ward. S.weetCrisp,ReadyTo-Eat eemaianity Prayer Scrrice. The comLiunlty. prayer- services, of the churches of Dnwson will be held tonight at 7.45 o'clock in the Presbyterian church. For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears Sgnamic of A Stusieal Opportunity. . Prof. Carroll C. McKee, at present and tor flve years past, director of the Conservatory o f ' Music of '· '·'. Acadia, University,. Woltville, -Nova Scotia, will be. in Connellsville about j June 1st. He will be pleased w re- j ceive a limited number of pupils in pianoforte (luring the summer months. His studio will be at ihe. Christian Parsonage, 509 Race street, where anyone interested may inquire.-^Adv.-^l-lt, ouse Tinder New Management A Clean Quiet Place for Your Family to Eat.' Let Us Know What Ton Want and How You Want It GOOD SERVICE. MJTS. -C. - J Spring is in tbs air--the fields and woods and wafers call-- fitter every meal" find to add fo the zest of outdoor .pressures nothing affords the long- lasting refreshment of WR5GLEVS So carry It always with you. ^Patronize Those I Who Advertise. § 8 The entire Fountain receipts Wednesday night, M 22nd, will be donated to the Red-Gross Fund. Patrons ·will lie served' by the Pi Eta Phi Patriotic Giris. I · " " · · » 'ins' 117 South Pittsburg Street.

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