The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THIS DAILY COOTUJCK, CONNlELiiSVIXiIjE. PA. SATURDAY PEBRTj\RY 11, 1039 PERSONAL MENTION Fights War Budget Mis Henry Davis md t«o children h j \ e leturncd to Cumbei ind M d , artei a \isit with Mrs Davit parents Mi ind Mis Hany V MoLaughlm of Fast Fnm icw avonuc We ha\e a complete line of Vaien- tines for every member of the fam- ilj at Kestrers Book Stoic, 125 W Apple St Also heait shape ioxas of Buntcs ind D a g g e t s chocolates for sweethearts jnd mothers --Ad- vci tiscment --8£eb-4t Mrs Frank Lee and young d mgh- tei, Pcggj Ann of Chavleioi, are \is- ating the formei s mother Mrs, Lll i Qumn at Bi ook\ ale Va'cntme gifts aEtci her own heait 1 Whitmans Chocolates Heait Shaped Boxes 25c to S3 00 box C Roy HeUel, Piesciption Diuggist --Advei tisement --lof eb-3t Miss Martha G Driscoll o£ Syca- moie street is spending the weekend with Miss Rosemary Schuler at Seton Hill College Grcensburg C Roy Hel/el, Prescuption Druggist foi Whitrian s Valentine He n I Shaped Boxes of Chocolates, 25c 50i., $] 00 SI 50 $2 00 and $3 00 -Adi ertisernent --10feb-3t Miss M irth i Duggnn a student at "West Virginia Univcrsitv Moigan- town if, spending Ihe week-end wi h her paienti Mi and Ml* Edward L Duggnn in Soulh Eighth street Greenw ood Top off youi me 1 with a Chai- lotte Spumoni 1 Lctyt-r of delicious cake coveied with i thick shell of vanilla ILC ucam which is filled with an appetizing Tutti-Fi with Spumoni Selves ten Price 80 cents Duggan-'s Bakeiy West Sid 11 Stoic--Adver- tisement--10feb-2l Mrs Ralph Davidson of South Conncllsvi'le visited friends in Mount Pleasant Thursday Hundreds bough* their Valentines this week from the big display at Keagys Ihe assortment is large but better get yours today--Advei- tisement-11-fcb -It Mis Kose Bible of Scottdale is Visiting her sistei Mis Lenore Yos- wick, of Wilkinsburg The sweetest gift foi youi Valentine--a lovely box of candy fiom Keagy's vVhileman s or Reymer s, 25c to $5 00 We deliver --Advertise- ment-11-feb-lt Miss Lucy Spioat and Miss Gather^ ine Swdrtz student nurses at FricX Memonal Hospital Mount Pleasant,. are spending the week-end at the former s home on the Dawson-Scottdale load Special Title Valentines--you will find just what you want at Keagy's --Advertisernent-11-feb -It. Mi and Mis Frank S McCairns of South Ninth street Greenwood visited in Pittsbuigh Thursday Exclusive models in spnng dresses at the Princess Shop--Advertise- ment-11-feb-lt Miss Hermm a Ladick is ill 01 grip at hei home in South Connellsville Mrs E A Jackson of Ohtopylc a patient at the Uniontowi Hospital lor obser\ ation and treatment, is getting along nicely Miss Elizabeth Harper, Red Cro=s nurse in the Connellsville district, attended a meeting o tthe nuising committee held Wednesday in. the office rooms of the Fajette County Chapter of the American Red Cioss, Uniontown Aunt Het By ROBERT QUILLCN John w o n t evei have anything He \\oilcs hclrd and makes plenty, but no mnn could make money fdstoi than Amy can think up wnys to spend it NEWS _ ByULMALLON THE GRIM REAPER Jcannctte Rankin Jcannctto Rankin, who Tras the first woman member of Congress and · ono of the few solona who voted against United States entrance into World War, appears before the House naval affairs committee to protest proposed increases in America's armed forces She is legrila tivo secretary of National Council for Prevention of \Var (Central Prt-sl) MRS CLINTO. I'EPl'LK IUii Helen Coicien Peppei 3i jeais, old wife of Chiton Peppu of Cento x i je, Washing on county died Tndiy morning in Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Fla aKei a lingering illness She is survived by lici husband hei piienti M ind Mis John Coldi en of near Faycttc City four biolhcis and si\ sisLets Willaid, Stanley Lei ind and J W Coldren all at home M i s Fian^ Albnght and Cfathei Colciren Ncu Yoik City Mrs Forbes B l o w n SUu Ji nction Gladys June t ntu Hazel Coldien ai home Mis Pcppei a foimor mcmbei of the Peri 3 towiuhip teaching corps was a gi iduate of Pcny Township High School The Peppei s spent their wintcis on then faim in Florida and the summeis at Cenleiville The bodv will a r n v e in Cormells- ville at 7 25 o clock Sunday evening and \\ 11 be removed by the undei- taking fiiTi of Ii B l u r . Sons to "Kii piilois The f u n e i a l seuice will be held at 2 o Uock Tuesday afteinoon at the ."ayloi Melhodist Episcopal Church t Centcmlle Intel mcnt will be in Baylor Cemetery IIAURY H TENNLWINC Hairy H Jernewmc fo^rnci resident o Scottdale died Fi ida at his home 727 Hill avenue Wil msbuig He had been in ill health foi the jjst several years He was a son of the late Chailea and Emma Jennewine Besides his uifc, Jo Joi es Jennewine he is suivived by the following childien Mrs John Spies of Wil- Mnsburg Ms Tied Tglehart of Berlin Geinany Miss Harriet Jcnne- wmc and Robeit both it home Iwo sistcis Misses Elln dnd Mary Jennewine, both of Uniontown a so su v i v o ' Ti e funeral seivice will be held at 8 o clock Sunday evening at the Eaton Tuncial Home 733 Ross avenue Wilkinsburg Buiial will be Monday morning in the Scottdalc Cemetery The funeial paity wtL ainve about 11 30 o cloc^ Anti-Amiie Continued from Page Four fiom hei brief case asked if bne had a chionological account of the Stieck- ei Communist exportation case in Aikansas which she won She smiled j and produced an extensive one The Republican then asked if Miss Peikms had a similar chi onological account of the Bridges Communist 1 case 11 California which she has not won She did not smile did not have one but promised to get it up The entire inquiry piobably will end with two conclusions 1) The Democrats \\ill say austei^ly there is 10 ground foi impeachment, and (2) he Republicans will say pel haps so but it the is=ue was whether Miss ?ei kins should be a SecicUuy of l*abor the conclusion might be different Merchants Told to Be Careful When Cashing Checks for WPA Force POLICE SEARCH FOR OCCUPANTS OF WRECKED CAR UNIONTOWN Fob 11 --State Motor Police today were seaichmg for the occupants of a stolen sedan found smashed beyond repairs after it had crashed into a conciete headwall along Route 51 near Philbps this morning Occupants, believed to ha\e been injured, were seen fleeing from the scene It is repoited that one of tne occupants, believed to have bixn the driver, was injuied internally and it was necessaiy for his cornnanion to cany him from the wreckage The automobile according to ·wreckers, was damaged beyond repairs and it would have been impossible for the occupants to escape unhurt A chec is being made by offlceis of all doctors offices It is believed the men were injured so seriously that they would require medical attention Temple Has ZZ Gimes PHILADELPHIA, Feb 11 -Twenty-two gamus have been scheduled for the Temple University baseball team beginning March 31 Only Drexel and Pittsburgh are newcomers to the schedule Eleven games will be played at home and an equal number away "A DOOR TH4.T LEADS TO L I G H T " When the door opens foi a loved one depend upon Us for caicful attention to the imal an angemonts P i cc consultation il\\ ijs Chas A. FU.NEKAL SERVICE 306 So Pittsburc St SS-3 --Phone-- 85- LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE OF LOCATION OJ- PEXN- :YLVANIA LIQUOR STORES TOR THE IALE OF LIQUOR In accordance -with he provisions of the Act of November 29 1933 P L IS as re-enacted and amended notice is ht-reby given that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board lias determined upon, the location ol liquor ore at 62 Eabt Payettft Street Union town Facttc County Fenn-^ 1\ nia PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD Iv OTIC t NOTICE OF LOCATION OF PENN- ;YLVANIA LIQUOR STORES FOR THE SALE OF LIQUOR In ccordance -vvjth :he provisions of the Act of November 29 1033 P L 15 ai. re enacted and amended notice is hereby given that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has determined upon the location o£ liquor store at 02 East Fayette Strt-Ct Union town Fayettc County Pennsylvania PENNSYLVANIA LIQLOR CONTROL BOAKD NOTICE OF LOCATION OF PENNSYLVANIA LIQbOR STORES FOR THE SALE OF LIQUOR In accordance with the p-ovisions of the Act of November 29 1933 P L 15 as re-enacted ind amended notice is hereby gi/en that the Pennsj ivania Liquor Contro Board his determined upon the locition of liquor store at 62 East Fayette Street, Uniontown Fayette County Pennsylvania PENNSYLVANIA LIQLOH CONTROL BOARD NOTICE NOTICE OF LOCATION- OF PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR STORES FOR THE SAUE OF LIQUOR In accordance with the piovisions of the Act of November 3933 P L 15 as re enacted and amended notice is hereby given that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has dejjrmined upoi the location of jiquor store at 62 East Fayette Strce Uniontown Fayette County Pennslvanla PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD "Warning was given merchants of Western PennsyKania to be absolutely cei tain of the identity of persons pi esenting WP A checks for payment of bills William H Houjhlon agent in chaige of the secret sc vice in Pitts- buigh, =jid "If the identity of the pei on is not known be sun that all WPA employes show their identifies ion cird The number on the card corresponds with the number on the check As a further protection, merchants maj compare the signature on the identification card 1o that written on the check ' Checks to WPA workers are being sent through the mails and a num- bei have been stolon, Hough ton said CARLOAD! NGS SHOW DECLINE WASHINGTON, Feb 11 -- The Association of American Railroads icpoited 576700 cars of revenue f i eight were loaded during the week ending Saturday, February 4 This was a decrease of 17 589 cars 01 thiee per cent, compared with the pieceding week an increase of 12- OW or 2 i per cent, compared with a ycii ago a deciease of 94 437 or 141 per cent, compared with 1937 Father McDonald Dies PITTSBURGH, Feb 11--Rev Father Thomas McDonald, 79, pastor of St Thomas Church at Braddock died Friday in Braddock General Hospital A native o£ Pittsbutgn, he was ordained into the priesthood by Caidmal Gibbons and is creditec with having started the first parochial high school in the Pittsburgh district in connection with S. Thomas Church which is now in charge the Dominican Sisters He had seived as assistant pastor at St Peters Chuich a^ Browns s i lie and St Jeromes Chuich at CJ arleroi Tne funeial mass will be held Tuesday morn ng Loses Driver's License James B Hurst of Scottdale had his automobile opeiatmg privileges revoked on charges of being an incompetent operator and fa lure to appeal for a hearing, the Bureau of Safety o£ the Department of Rev ent e announced in Hamsburg Discovers Aid to Defense PITTSBURGH Feb 11--Pure manganese made from inferior American o es has been perfected, putt ng the United States a step forwaid in self- sufficiency in waitime materials tie U S Buieau of Mines advisory board was told Injured In Fall Maiy McMullen o£ 515 North Gibson avenue suffered an injury to her left wrist Friday when she fell down a flight of staus She was taken to the Hospital foi treatment -- Today Only ROY MARY RCGERS-HART Come Oit, Plus "is. 0. S. COASJ GUAED" "I1M TYLEE'S 1UOK" I/atest Neiv s Color Cartoon TOSEPH icurcii Joseph Kutcl 64 jcais o'd, died at 5 JO o clock I ndi dflnnoon at Connel sMlle State Hospit'il w h e i e he had been n p-itienl since Eebiuary 2 Mi Kulch came to this country when 14 jears old and had lived icre foi the past 50 yc-us Recentlj ic had been employed on the WPA and prexiously had worked for the H C Fnck Coke Company He resided at Woodlawn avenue, West Side He is survived by his wife Mary, and these childien Dorothj Mrs Imetz Anthonj, John Henry, Mrs Catherine Gracan Veronica Mi's Agnes Lippny, Mary Helen and Margaret, all residing at Homestead- He ·Uso leaves four btotheis, John of Jmontown Michael of Io\va and George and Stephen of Connellsville There are thiee grandchildren The body v. ill lie in state at the Tunejal home of Milton V Munk until Monday the time of the funeral 'iftei a short pnyer at 8 30 o c^ock the cortege will pi oceed to St John s R C Church where requiem high mass will be celebrated at 9 o clocK Burial will be made in the church cemetery at Brookvale JOHNJ STEVENSON John J Stevenson 57, died Friday at his home at Monessen after a six- month Illness He had been a b'lck- tayer foreman at a Monessen mill and also was Monessen street com- rrissioner and senior mason foreman Pie leaves his wife, three children one grandchild his mother and x sisters, including Mrs Rose Wilpy of Rockwood and Mrs Jean Leffler of Scottdale The funeral mass will be held at 8 o clock Monday morning at St Leonards Church at Monessen Interment will be at Belle Vernon 1OSEPH ECKENROD MOUNT PLEASANT Feb 11- Joseph Eckcmod, 64 yeais old died Thursday night He is ·nuuved by six children Mrs Stephen Rcmicis Mrs Tohn Remias, Mis Henry Kmaus and Joseph and Hichaid E-k- eniod, all of Cdlumet and William o' Hunker Theic are ilso 10 giantf- childten The funeial service will be held at 2 o clock Sund ly afteinoon at the home of M s Steven Remiis, a Calumet with Rex Stewait Ftopei o£ St Piul s Lutheian Chuich ot Trauge officiating Interment v, ill be made in Middle Chuiches Cemetery near Mount Pleasant KILLLVGER FLNERAL The houi of the funeral for Miss Anna Grace Killmger, 21 daugnler of Fied and Alice Hake Killmger of Eveison has been ad\anced half .in hour There will be a prayer at t] e home at 1 30 o'clock Sunday ifter- noon with the full service at 2 o clock at the Everson United Brethipn Church with Paul A Moiris officiating Intei ment will be made in Pennsville Independent Cemetery Luther Walter a hand in piotcst Lulher Walter, trustee of the Chicago Great Western Railroad, tells a Senate Interstate Commerce sub committee that his appearance is to fight President Roosevelt's appoint. ment of Thomas R Amlie to I C C not to discuss labor fcroableE THOMAS H. HUGHES SOMERSET, Feb 11 -- Thorms Howard Hughes 54 of Wmdber died m Wirdber Hospital He is suiMved by seven children one brother and one sister MARY GOLETZ Miss Mary Goleta S3 years old daughtei of Mr and Mrs George Goletz, died Friday at the familj home near McClellandtown, after an illness of complications Besides her parents she is survived by two brothers, John and Joseph both of Gates and a sister, Mrs Vera Koval, Scottdale Keystone Siaie Second Largest Payer of Taxes By United Press WASHINGTON Peb 11 --Penn- syhama passed Illinois as the second biggest Federal taxpayer in 1938, the ( T-easury said today New York re| tamed first place, piying $1 187,358,390 of the $5,507,613 350 collected by the internal revenue buieaus in all states Pennsylvania dropped from $473 630,189 to 5471,892 54(J to gam second place as Illinois' collections fell to 5464,872 497 from $511,032,173 AIRS NELLIE J CRISE SOMERSET, Feb 11--Mrs Nellie Jane Crise, 57, died Thursday aftei- noon at her home near Bakersville Her husband, William, and five children survive There ate two brothers three sistei's including Mrs E M Bowsei of Meyersdale, and 12 grandchildren. Sundaj DrinXtng Bill HARR1SBURG, Fcb 11--Sunday drmkng at present restricted to home and club imbibeis, would be legalized in licensed places under terrrs of a bill in the Legislature It would permit drink ng in licensed places after 2 P M Sunday Stork at Hospital Two girls were oorn at Connells- vilel State Hospital The daughtei for Mr and Mis Oscar Kellei of J20 Jennings avenue, Scottdale urnved at 11 14 A M Friday and the girl foi Mr and Mis Taylor Bairicklow of Gi mdstone was born at 3 25 A M today THE PROVEN i)iialit (ii uui cleaning' assurer pciioct -nork. Plain ORESSES Clcaued fot tlic Price 01 i Both (No call and delivery service at tins price) Om "Gnce-ii-lcai" JL'iomotion Special Phone 1965 S I M O N S Cash Carry CLEANERS 105 South Pittsburg: Street. 921 West Crawford Avenue. Dies in Illinois. SOMERSET, Feb 11 --Mis Emma Woy Burkett a native of Somerset and a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Reuben Woy, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs O H Rahn in Chadwick 111 She was the wife of Mahlon Burkett who died in 1919 TIME TODAY -- MONDAY -- TUESDAY NEXT WEEK--MO*., TOES., TCED. . - A I Some Desperate Convict Will Gamble His Life On a Mad Dash .For Freedom!, - ' ' f t b) Sing Sing's (earless \ LEWIS E.LAWES Patrol te/ifi a dm! ing squadron ofeccf, including Basil Rathbon David Nive DONALD CRISP Melville Cooper FiUgerald Carl Camood Dlrettrf b, EDMUND GOUIDING \ WARNER BUDS t It un From to OrfslMl Swij bj John Monkj S»ttnltr» Sertw Plmy bi Seton 1 UUlfr tod D«n lotbcrob Miu b] Uu Suincr -- Also -PETE SMITH NOVELTY LATESIT NEWS EVENIS OUB M;XT ATTRACTION 'GIRLS ON PROBATION" and "UP THE RSVER" J S09SSON THEATRE TODAY * SUNDAY MfDNlGHT · MONDAY · TUESDAY* Feature o, 1 Comedy · Current News 0 Shorts

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