Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 27, 1976 · Page 65
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 65

Charleston, West Virginia
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Sunday, June 27, 1976
Page 65
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·F-June 27, 1976" Sunday Gatelte~Mc!il --Charleston, West Virginl* Payne Threat to Campbell's Amateur Reign Marshall University golf star Har! old Payne has recovered from a siege of the shanks and he looks like the ; most serious threat to Bill Campbell's .; reign as West Virginia A m a t e u r ;· champion. Campbell will be shooting for his 16th \ championship when the West Virginia Amateur opens Thursday at the Greenbrier I Hotel's Old White course in White Sulphur Springs. The field of 132 amateurs will begin teeing off at 8 a.m. Thursday. ; Every year in the Amateur, the question ; is the same: "Can anybody beat Bill?" The answer has been "no"the last four years and for many years before that. But put down a tentative "maybe" this year. If anybody can beat the 53-year-old Campbell, it might be the 21-year-old Payne who is among the top college golfers in the nation. Payne finished 19th out of 188 players in the NCAA Golf Tournament. * * * THAT BANE of all golfers-the shank-kept Payne from defending his title in the Spring Valley Invitational in Huntington last weekend. When a golfer shanks, he hits the ball on the hosel (shaft) of the club instead of the clubface. The ball shoots unpredictably off to the right. "It was a hairy experience," Payne said. "1 went down to practice on Thursday before the tournament and I shanked two-thirds of the balls. I know what causes a shank-you are swinging outside your normal plane-but it is sometimes hard to c'drrect. I started to pracjce on Friday again and I shanked 15 straight. · "I knew I couldn't play in a tournament doing that so I called Spring Valley and told them I would have to withdraw. I just laid off playing golf for a couple of days. I played a round at Sleepy Hollow Sunday and didn't play very good but at least there weren't any shanks. I think I'm all right now."he said. .'-Payne has finished sixth, second and third in the State Amateur the past three years. But he feels he is a better golfer this year. "I've got so much more confidence in myself now," he said. "I think I can make birdie on top of birdie. I'm able to sustain it if I get'it going. I haven't had any super rounds in the State Amateur, although I have bad some good scores like 69. If I get going good, I know I can shoot a 66," Payne added. -.'. . * + * rl'T MAY TAKE a couple of super rounds to beat Campbell, who has been a model of consistency the last four years. He has shot as low as 65 and no higher than 73. Here are Campbell's rounds in winning the last four Amateurs: 68, 69,72, 71,71, 67, 71, 69,; 65, 67, 72, 70, 73, 68, 72, 69. That kind of Shooting is hard to match. ''Campbell has played in the Amateur for 46 years, starting when he was a lad of 13. "To me it Is great fun and always has been," the Huntington insurance executive said. 'I will enjoy the tournament regardless of the outcome. I've had some unusually good luck to win so many tournaments, and I can hardly expect it to continue. But at the same time, I'm not going to .concede anything and I will do the best I can." ''· Asked who he expected to give him competition in the Amateur, Campbell replied, '.'You don't have to go beyond the Marshall team. Harold Payne did real well in the NCAA and Scott Davis won the NCAA driving contest. He moves it. Jay Guthrie won the Spring Valley tournament and the Marshall coach, Joe Feaganes, came in third. There are other good players in the state but I know about Marshall because I'm close to them.'" Golf Pairings Tlronday'i Pairing; On Old Whlti Count fla.m., Roger Ray, Huntington; Tcrrence Beam, Richwood; Evans Harbour, Hurricane; Edward Lotnes, Charleston. B:07, James LRosa, Bridgeport; Burl Rose, Plnevllle; Samuel McDanlol, Beaver; Harold Harris, St. Albans. 8:14, Paul Hess, Jr., Oak HIM; Larry Christian, Morgantown; Robert Mattlson, Hurricane; Brian Kncaf- sey, Jr., Huntington. 8:21, Douglas Weaver, Madison; Bobby Lcrrtley, Poca; George Bryant, Jr., Charleston; C. . E. Stone, Hunllngton. 8:35, Pat Weaver, Morgantown; Michael Kohn, Bar- boursvllle; Mark Tolllver, Lesage; Ray Underwood, South Charleston. 8:42, Marion Reynolds, Huntington; David Henderson, Summcrsvllle; James Salengo, Beckley; Donald Miller, Charleston. 8:49, Kenneth Dolson, Lewisburg; Brian Hartcr, South Charleston; Scott Gilmore, Vienna; Ait Llcchillo, Sistersville. 8:54, Richard Walnwrlght, Morgantown; Danny Warren, Beckley; Harold Cutllp, Bluefleld; Stephen Fox, Huntington. 9:10, Don Mulllns, SI.AIbans; Homer Paulcy, St. Albans: Fred Lugar. Plneville; James E. Justice, Beckley. 9:17, Paul Given, Richwood; Terry Johnson. Peterstown; Reid Carroll, Huntington: Kenneth Webb, Weirton. 9:24. Bob Johnsoa Charleston; H. Burke Hawkins, Huntington; J. Marshall Hawkins, Huntington; Albert Schwabe, Charleston. 9:31, Brian Kneafsey, Huntington; E. M. Payne, III, Seckley; Kenneth Bowen, Charleston; Sob Thaxton, Charleston. · 9:45, James Rogers, Clarksburg; Ira Lee, Bradley; David Lester, Enterprise; Ross Scaggs, Logan. 9:5Z MlkeGocke, Morganlown; Jim Passero, Nitro; Lee Martina, Beckley; J, M. Blake, Richwood. 9:59, Harold Payne, South Charleston; Dr. Jack Shamblin, South Charleston; Russell "Jay" Guthrie, Wheeling; Ed Hensley, Danville. 10:13, Jim Ward Hunlington; John El-wood, Morganlown; Benny Bowles, Kopperston; William Ward, GlenMorgan. 10:2a Joe Feaganes, Huntington; John Norton, Huntington; Bryan Beymer, Hurftlngton; James Fankhauser, Vienna, 10:27, Bill Campbell, Huntington: Jack Forbes, Morgantown; Scott Davis, Wheeling; Everett Wray, Morgantown. 10:34, JohnSheils, Huntington; James E. Justice, II, Beckley; Terry Wilson, South Charleston; Darrell Allord, St. Albans. 10:41, Dale Sparks. MacArthur; Robert Rombola, Fairmont; Max Egnor, Winlleld; MackMcClaln, Fairmont. 10:55, Samuel Ri!!o, Ida May; Julian Ncal, Huntington; Charles Price, Hurricane; Donald Smith, Nitro. 11:02, F. L. Bowen. South Charleston; J. E. Cottle, Oak Hill; Gene Broyles, Bradley; Brett McClain, Fairmont. ll:0v, William C. Field, Charleston; Joseph Mallamo, Fairmont; Ron Satterfleld, Bluefleld; Raymond Payne, South Charleston.ll:16, Jerry Pennlngton, Hlnton; Otis Ranson, III, St. Albans; Leslie Simmons, Clarksburg; Chilton "Babe" Roberts, South Charleston. 11:23, A. H. "Gus" Belcher, South Charleston; Reginald Billups, Tornado; Russell Sink, Princeton; Robert Mitchell, While Sulphur Springs. 11:37, Corky Layman, Huntington; James Hensley, Danville; Jack Dolen, Hurricane; Robert Cunningham, South Charleston. 11:44, - John Bailey, Parkersburg; Jim Adkins, St. Albans; Dennis O'Connor, Jr., Huntington; Andrew D'Antonl, Huntington. 11:51, Robert Kessler, Athens; Larry Simp- son, South Charleston; Dennis Vass, Beckley; Bill Zban, Huntington. 11:58, Stephen O'Nell, White Sulphur Springs; Stephen ' Yarian, Huntington; Phillip Beddow, Lundale; Emory - Webb, Weirton. 12:12, Dwlght Messlnger, Huntington;- Matthew Martin. St. Albans; Larry Jones, St. Albans; Wayne Christian, Morgantown. 12:19, BlllStensky, Hun- ·' tington; James Rliio, Ida May; Carroll Howard, Rupert; Byron Phillips, Morgantown. 12:26, William Polan, Huntington; Sylvester Mazella, South Charleston; J. ' Scott Clarke, Mgrgantown; Craig Martin, White Sulphur ·''Springs 12:31 Robin Kirk, Perona; Terry Hammond, 'Beckley; Tommy Jones, Huntlnglon; George Curry, '" Morgantown. '·' Stnl»rAmit»urPilrln«i ··' Llkeildt Count · ' - -3l a m., Henry £. McCoy, Sistersville; Thomas '' Bloch. Wheeling; Dean Gramllch, Parkersburg; William - Dyer, Morgantown. 9:M, Kenneth Karl, Sistersville; E. *" B Wray, Beckley; George Butcher, Martlnsburg; Rob- ,"ert Hunt, South Charleston. 9:45, William Beddow, Lun- ···' dale; Warner Sheets. Eleanor; Andrew Hofmaa Wheel- J 'lng; Mike Deldrldge, Oak Hill. 9:5», William Lawrence, - Huntinston; Antnony Masslnopl*, Fairmont; Richard - Huber, South Charleston; R. E. Short, Beckley. '' i-10-06 George Gay, Dunbar; George Curry, Morgan- » town; Howard Cody, St. Albans; George Glazier, Hun' tlnglon 10:13, Donald McClwe, Dunbar; Joe Andrlck, f ''Richwood; R. Max Montague, Charleston; Ted Willis, ''Huntington. 10:21 James Thomas, Jr., Hunllnglon; Rob- "ert "Red" Brown, Moroantown; David Rains, White ·'Sulphur Springs; Frederick Garnet, Huntlnglon. 10:27, ''EdRanel, Jr., St. Albans; Lon Carter, Richwood; For- "rnt-Buck, SlslefJvllle; C. McD. England.,Huntington. IfliM, Jules McCracken. Milton; Charles Caidwell, Charleston; L M. IJFollette, Charltston. Campbell Payne GUTHRIE, a Wheeling native, rolled in a 35-foot birdie putt to beat Russ Coleman of Portsmouth; Ohio, in a playoff at Spring Valley after both tied with 211 totals for 54 holes. Coach Feaganes was a stroke back at 212. Another person to keep an eye on in the tournament is Benny Bowles, 19, of Kopperston. Bowles captured the Heck's Open last weekend at Madison with rounds of 70 Feaganes McCoy and 71 for a 141 total for an eight-stroke margin over runner-up Doug Weaver of Madison. Also competing in the State Amateur will be all the usual challengers: lefty Bob Johnson, Kenny Bowen and Bob Thaxton of Charleston, Dr. Jack Shamblin of South Charleston, Jim Passero of Nitro, David Lester of Enterprise and Jim Ward, Brian Kneafsey, H. Burke Hawkins, J. Marshall Hawkins and Brian Beymer of Huntington. Maybe this will be the year that one of them will catch lightning in a bottle. The Senior Amateur has 35 entries. Because the Greenbrier is beginning construction work on the Greenbrier course to prepare it for the 1979 Ryder Cup matches, the Senior Amateur qualifying will be conducted on the Lakeside course. Henry McCoy of Sistersville has won the Senior title the last two years. * *,* CHIP SHOTS : Jackie Tondreau of Charleston served as West Virginia captain for the Virginias-Carolinas women's team golf matches last week at Spartanburg, S. C. Other state women competing were Caroline Horner of Clarksburg, Maxine Gilmore of Parkersburg, Judy Garvey of Weirton and Karen Murphy, Sally Carroll, Sue Vail and Sarah Beneke of Wheeling. U.S. Women's Amateur Beth Daniel led the Carolinas to a 47Vz to 32Vt victory over the Virginias. Mrs. Gilmore shot a 35 for nine holes in one match and was still one down to Miss Daniel.. Miss Horner did help take two points from Miss Daniel in another match. Mrs. Tondreau played in the alternate matches and won twice and split once. "The Virginias-Carolinas women's team matches will be played next year at the Glade Springs club near Beckley," Mrs. Tondreau said. The Virginias-Carolinas men's team matches will be held at Glade Springs this September. Six local golf clubs will take part in an American Cancer Society benefit tournament July 9-10-11, Kirby Martin said. The clubs are Meadowbrook, Kanawha, Sleepy Hollow, Berry Hills, Big Bend and Kanawha. "It is a handicap tournament open to both men and women," Martin said. "Golfers wishing to enter may donate $2 to the cancer fund before starting their rounds.The person having the best handicap score at each club will receive a trophy and a dozen golf balls." Arnold Palmer and Beckley's Carlton "Slugger"White are only the fourth and fifth golfers in the history of the U.S. Open to shoot the same score every round. Palmer and White had four straight 75s in the Open. They were paired together last Sunday. ********1Hr*****-******** J VETERANS... 4 We've Got Something For You! J Attend Classes at night - a few nights per week. Previous * credits from other schools accepted. * RECEIVE FULL Gl EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS - 1 * Single $270 uchavtk Married S 321 tidi act* With 1 Child S 366 (ItJBWti With 2 Children 5 388 txtath j'lSL 5 410 Mint*) EachAdd'l Child ££ iitri Exklidt _ Term Begins Week of July 6 · Coupon^- | Jf " WEST VIRGINIA CAREER COLLEGE No " I 3f Phone 344-9100 Aoo ' e " ji. 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