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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,636 VOL.. IS.. NO. 164. CONNELLSV1UJS, PA.. Vv'EDNKSDAY EVENING, MAY 22, 1918. TWELVE PAGES. SPROUL OVERWHELMINGLY DEFEATS DENNY O' BONNIWELL LEADS GUFF UNITED STATES MARINES IN HEIR TRENCHES IN FRANCE 6 Chester County Candidate for the Repub-jgQ lican Nomination for Governor has Plu-i - rality Hearing 200,000 Mark in About Half the Districts of the State; Beidleman Ahead of Scott for Lieutenant Governor. AND WINNERS IN SECON RETORNS SHOW BONNIWELL 20,000 IN LEAD 1 ! Victor Francis, Perry . Eliminated From Assembly Kaoe. DEMOCRATS RUN CLOSE TOUCK LEADS WOODWARDiSPROUL EASILY BESTS! DENNY O'NEIL IN CITY Jeott Carries Philadelphia By; Margin oi Ot er 15,000 j Votes. Incomplete Figures Show Howard, Schnylor, Snyder and Rhodes in the Lead; Sproul and Guffey Kiisily ', Carry the County for Governor. $15,846.54, H7 Scores of Persons Participating in Outbreaks Imprisoned. ! Plan of Canvass is Changed to i House to House Ar- American Patrols Defeat Ger- j man liai.-iin^ Parties "ear I I/uneriile. COME 'i'H ROUGH INTACT Here are some of the American m in a trench in the American sector in France, rw_djy to meet a rush of Hie Huns. Many of uhc Marine corps are now on the fighting lines. ,AuvIkill (Jurat? Candidate {or Secretary oi Imttraal Affairs 3Iay Be Victor; Winers in Kace for Congress at Large Tery Iloirhtisl. Vote Cast For About Half That Tor Opponent. In Faytttte county yesterday Senator -- ' i William C. Sproul casi'.y carried the 3IcKeesporteri' coanly ovcr ·'· Denn ' o'.\eii for gov- By Associated *Af s"- PHILAHESJHIA, May 22.--State enitor William C. SprouL'pf Chester, ELECTION WAS VERY QUIET 5c*ived an overwhelming plurality I Guffey Leads Booniiv«U, Polling Total «· the Republican. nomination lor I svernor at yesterday's primary elec- | on or'er' J. Denny O'-Neil o£ Metises-; brt. . . . . | Returns early today from S.351 dis- | ·icts - out of 7,039 in. the state give | ernor. Returns from 84 districts o u t , o f l 0 6 show L'JIG votes fpr Sproul to'Ward .1,787 for O'Neil. [Hahgood -For governor on the Democratic'' O'Ntil ticket Joseph F. Guffey polled U57 in: Sproul __-74 precincts to 269 for Eugene C. '"Weimer Bonuiwell for -governor. The same number 01; precincts givelAarons Holstein for lieutenant Detailed Vote in City. HEPUBLU'A.V (iurernor. 18 ·I ·1 ·14 SO 46 32 1 65 12S Total 2:! 241 4C3 Adjourns Court, to be Present at Dinner oi the 31.1'nilK'rs »i t!l« Cmn-iiss- inif Teams ut the Masonic Temple: I'.. S. Amy Oftiuer % -'s« Present.' Lieutenant Governor. . ,..., , . - , , , . . ... ,, . t the Democratic ticket 662 oi 1'JO to Ji Cast lor His Opponent; j Lo Kooser liigrli 31au in Republican Kace for Assembly io iiul District. prouj a plurality of 178,355. In a very quiet election here yes- i ysrday State Senator William C. Sproua-and O'Neil both favored the | sprbui carried this city by a two to itiflcation of'the federal.-prohibition oi Returns from 3;069--districts;.,give mitor E. E., BeidSemat^.'; supported ' 'Senator Penrose, ' r a?;irid, of 8.242 *er Congressman John* R-7Ki Scott ·r" lieutenant governor. Scott .cared PfcitmdelDhia. Jy-.15,355. Betnrns trooi'JMM^'OIctrlcts, with ' ·- - - · · coiroiJeJe' u , give^ Paul W. ' "''*"-·'··' ' : 7i.-,ior .the '".secretary.; Jatwnail affi»irs, a. lead v( 431S over IBM f. Woodward. : T. GhBey, supported by Ni- Cnairmaa Vane* C. MeCormick .xtzaof, is' more than 10,000 votes 'hind Epgene C. Bqnnlwell in 2,796 itacis but of 7.089. rhere are 14 candidates ia the race : th« Republican nomination, for ogreeemaa-at-large. and it will take rre complete figures to determine i wtaaers. one vote over J. Denny O'Neil for nomination on the Repulican ticket fc.r governor. Sprou! ran. up a total vote of 4«3 in the seven wards against cast for the Allegheny county governor on ' Batoson ,-58-1 for j Beidleman I Powell Ernest R. Kooset of Connellsvillc, ! Scott 95 Duncan Sinclair of Brownsville and; Russell B. .Mclntyre of Uniontown are :Houck nominated for assembly in the Second \ Lewis district, Victor Francis of Perry town- i "Woodward ship, being eliminated. j 111 the Democratic race for asscm- · Crow bly, Reuben Howard, T. D. Scbuyler, i J. Buell Snyder and Henry Rhodes | Aaron arc the leaders. Forty-live precincla :,\thnrton L out of 96 give Howard 5,vl, Schuyleri B u r k e 5 5 SO X 1 U 8 Secretary 10 Internal S 11 25 3 3! Affairs. 10 0 candidate. Hapgood receivod a very 4JI1 bl small vote, 23'being polled for him, j ? tlllwl Snydor -186 and Rhodes 470. L. J.; Clement ragoa of Coanellsville township,' Crapo and Weimer did not'figure ai all, getting three. is the low man, with 370. : Fly to ... Twenty-three precincts in the coun- \ Garland )R. CRAWFORD TONIGHT IfcKk From Tflll Speak. Tiig evening at S o'clock Dr. W. H. iirford, president ot Allegheny col- e, Meadvflle, and IJeutenant Heinz- n, a Caaadian army officer, will ok at the high school auditorium the interest of the Red Cross. :he meeting is open to the public I attendance is urged by the Red ·s leaders. There will be no ad- ision charged, no collection will taken nor will there be any solici- on. ot funds whatever. ward in the city, some by only small i margins. Edward E. Beidlemaa. running on the Republican, ticket (or nomination as lieutenant governor, easily defeated his strongest opponent, John R. K- Scott, in this city. In the seven wards Boidleman polled a. vote of 437 against 127 for Scott. The Fourth ward gave a majority of seven votes to Scott and be led by two votes in the'Siith. Every other ward went strong for BeJdJeman. - On the Democratic ticket, Joseph F. Goffey for governor lad Eugene C. BonBiwell. Guffey received 190 to 47 ; IS PROVING POPULAR AS A The First and Seventh wards polled i t j ' show S ' ·*- Kendall of Moyersdale ! Harner tho heaviest vote for Sproul. In the I Wlth 3 702 to 244 fo '" "'· C - Lowrey, b i s . McGarrity · First ward he -received. 102 against IS ; OPI*TM 6 " for the Republican nomina- .McLaughUn --: for O'Neil. while the West Side ward I '" iaii for''eongress in the 23rd district- Mitchell gave him 12S and his opponent So. In ! '· Rich : rhe .Fourth and Fifth warfi O'Neil i «nj7T n rr 1 Vf 'fTtV y 1 ICTD" BoDinB -lad. Sproul only by a few votes. The {, .fljLr.£lAflu illEi lUtiofiK Walters ,, eastern candidate carried every other ; 10 ·1 101 9 - 0 17 TJ US *4 1)4 3 4 93 0 3 5 15 72 -15 State Senate, S 3 , 2 1 S 3 6 6G 16 16 31 50 36 15 13 36 15 6 S 10 12 24 6 n 21 Kendall 110 COOCTPSS--Xtnl District. 65 RED CROSS MONEY RAISER!" 0 " 5 _ i Francis ... Canvassing Teams Ont in Force; I Kooser Frick Plants to be Organized; In. dependents to Give .Day's Mclmyre Sinclair ,-All sorts of money making schemes to swell the fund for the Red Cross j ^ ro ' w ' have been devisd and are being put | K £ pbart into operation in this city. The lat- j est is to "Help Hang the Kaiser." The | kaiser in effigy has been buns from a pole oh Brimstone Corner and the figure is so balanced on a rope, to which are tied many little banks, that a sil- . 12 121 106 107 I2n 120 for his opponent. Jolrn B. McDevitt, ver cottttibuUon ae)p£ t o ' rai£e him the 'other candidate on the Democratic ticket, received a total of six votes in the city. | higher drop their coin in one of the Although the vote for lieutenant banks and up ne goes The kaiser higher. Those wishing to hang the kaiser E3SXIST Df XEDICA1 BESEETE. Bowman and · Daniel R. cer.'botb. of Drmba'r, have enlisted ie Medical Reserve Corps and will rt for Newport News Monday. CTATE XtEUEUXET :. ' ABBITES OVERSEAS. :r, and ; Mrs/ James. McElhaner e received cmrds annoonoing the ..yal overseas 'of. their son, .Private ;. McElhaney of Company C, 321st :hiae Gnu Company., JXUf PUOSS HTUTES HE'S SAFE. card received by Mrs. William ss of Poplar Grove, trlls of the arrival overseas: of. her husband, the Democratic was light, Howard 0. (Continued on Paee T-n-o. tick- Hol- THREE KILLED IN HUN AIR RAID THIS MORNING ON PARIS Casualties Confined to Outskirts; Xone of the Invaders Reach the City. By Associated Press. PARIS, May 22.--Three, persons were killed and several wounded' in. has been "strung up" by canvassing team No. S. of wbich John P. Trader is captain. The effigy is dressed in a military coat and wears the showy i helmet of the Germans. j The H. C. Frick Coke company I plants, instead of using the "work a 70 5 9 IS Assembly. 3S 50 50 30 75 60 72 S3 53 77 59 45 State Committee. f5 55 62 63 60 63 DEMOCRATIC. Governor. Bonniwell -- . ..- _.. . -Cuffey .10 ' .3,1 Hoistein __ Logue Johnson Rhodes 9 16 13 7 IS 40 1 2 2 Lieutenant Governor. IS 25 23 9 21 IS 63 13 16 42 16 61 0 27 7 a 13 20 10 .6 24 53 60 47 47 64 63 5 3 36 14 23 Secretary of Internal .Affairs. 24 26 -11 -12 3 State Senate. 2-1 26 .44 31 CongresSman-at-IjOrge. Gorman Ikeler _ Kane The casualties .were in the outskirts, none of the raiders reaching the city itself. A German aeroplane was hit by an anti-aircraft gun and fell in flames north of the city. The enemy dropped bombs in various suburban localities. Some material damage is reported. The signal that all was clear "was" rounded at 1 is a member of the 110th Regi- j o'clock this morning, t. I - The raid demonstrated the high . . ' I state o f efficiency t o which, t h e aerial day for the Red Cross" plan will be ! McGarrity thoroughly organized and canvassed, j Strayor The'county coal and coke committee,-Tarner · composed cr L. W, Fogg, chairman: | C; }i Lenhart and George Whyel. are : Sterling in the coke sections today organizing ; the plants, and when they finish 30 \ Howard different organizations for the canvass j Rhodes Schuyler Snyder Still-wagon -- 11 37 H 11 17 23 17 10 11 14 17 36 31 21 11 2S 34 24 17 19 will have been effected. The "Work a Day for. the Red air raid on Paris this morning.! Cross" plan, UD be used by the independent coal and coke plants throughout the region will be observed tomorrow instead of today. It is expected that many thousands of dollars will be secured in this way. The stores department of the West Penn Railway company went through today with a 100 per cent subscription, every employe donating. The'cash register system ot collecting money continues to be under fire. Two reasons, are urged why they Biiler Bovd Congress--23rd District. . 2 7 2 2 4 0 3 8 Assembly. _ 13 IS 20 25 . 17 16 S 28 13 14 37 17 7 14 31 20 . 1 7 17 22 2Z State Committee. . 27 27 45 37 23 22 41 30 JiOPf-rAETISAJf. Superior Court; .24 27 53 55 120 SI 78 63 35 29 20 22 16 23. 26 35 25 17 38 28 6 10 H 4 16 10 3 36 6 16 11 25 9 11 15 13 3 S IS 36 '11 32 41 19 23 26 33 6 3 21 18 3 22 20 12 10 10 11 · 14 10 IS ' 18. ia 17 21 21 30 31 11 1.1 153 16 6 161 134 ' 15 S 22 11 174 5 143 .11 144 18 4 1 ISO ' 37 176 .167 172 117 104 At U;e dinner for the Red Cros-s canvassers held at lliii ivlas.onic teiii- . pk; at noon totliiy, t'ui/ learn reported a total of 515.846.n4 results of the first tv.-o days' drive in Connellsville. The quota of J10.000 set. for ConnuKsville is still some dis- '.ance off, but the canvassers are confident oi'.reporting a bis spun by to- 3; morrow. ' The plan of canvassing the city by 51. card has been done awuy willi. By nsisrii Potlcr Meets Death in 'ortli S«i IVbiie Altackine Single-Handed SOVRII uurmaa Danes, Ofiicisl S-uiKiucnt Issued Today Disclosi-s. By 61 171 30 568; 102! 70 184' S3 5SS' ·18. 417' 64 ; 48 '. 379! 106 : Lins LONDON. .May 22.-.Mariial law has the bec-n proclaimed in Uohc-.'jiia, and in con.i6(|UtiicB 01 -popular excesses" many jn-isons Jiavi- l,?en imprisoned, says a diniKHdi-10 tht; Daily Mail from !5r-rn«i Outbreaks liave occurred ia Pilsen and otuo:- towns. Thu vast estaics of Princu Furstenburj, a close fnc-ud of the German emperor, Jiave been plundered and -Jbe buildings oh Jliein burned. K.K1) (,'UO.SS FUM» UIVF.X SU!STA.\TUI, JJOOST Sl-X'O.M) 1UV. Reports from the team captains totaling ?15.S4o.5t, col- it;clCf] in the Red Cross War Fund drive today were as follows: Captain A m o u n t Ashe ? 2.552.SO Downs Proudiit Campbel! Trader Lecbe Keagy ,, Kenney. · Pryce --. Long , Bixler Graham . 2.359.50 2,025.32 1,520.00 1,400.33 2,311.00 1,062.50 1,010.70 1,001 J9 6S5.50 650.00 264.00 Aju-:iur.v.\s ix I'ATKOJ, ACTIOSS. WITH Tilf A.MKKHJAX AHMV IX PRAXCE. .May :'i'.--j n lively patrol actions .Monday nigh: and tbis morning east of'Luncvilic, German parties were twice defeated by tlie Americans who captured two prisoners. An officer and 20 men, while exploring tho area northwest of Anorevillers, sighted four t-nfrmy patrols and esiab- lishcd contact witb. one of them. The enemy party, numbering 16. took up a position in an unused trench, from which they were driven hy the rifle and grenade fighting of the Americans. The Germans \rere then rushed by the Americans, who took two prisoners. one so badly .woundftd that he died later. There were no casualties on the American side. 541 ! consent of the canvassers districts PAJU3, _1fay 227--Artillery "flghtins ' of the most violent character occurred last night on the front southeast of Amieni, tie war office announces. 13 17 18 17 20 16 9 15 IS 19 16 19 18 16o I were given out to the different teams _ 0 1 at the diumjr today. The districts ! ·;; i will be canvt-ssed in a house lo bouse '; ENSIGN POTTFK KUJiEl "''"" campaign. FJGHTDiG SE'TEX MACHETES. At the dinner Judge E. H. Reppert WASHINGTON. .May 22.--News of of Umontowc. spoke. He v/as aecorn- i the death of Ensign Stephen Potter, panied by W. A. Stone. ! naval reserve, showins be -was killed "I feel ver;r much at home in Con- ' while fighting seven e.nemy single- nellsville." be said. "Just to indicate seated planes in the North Sea on. i h o w much I desired to be with you : April 25, was received here today ! I adjourned court at 11.30 o'clock and i from the London representative of the j l e f t s. courtroom full of witnesses iu ; committee on public information. Uniontown telling them I would get [ 623i 514 530 509 506 Total 47 190 6 120 177 133 122 102 113 1-12 125 334 150 135 them together again when I return: DUTCH STDtL PEOTESTKR ed. Colonel Stone and I wanted to j ,, SHU' SEIZURE. get some 'pep' for this campaign ar.rt i 'WASHINGTON, May 22.--A sapple- we koew where to come to .for it, I j meatary not* of protest against the 'think we'll take lots back with us." i British and American seizure of Colonel Thomas of the United · Dutch shipping has been hand-ed to Suites Army WES also present at the . Secretary Lansing by the Dutch lega- dinner. He srreke on the soldier's i tiori here. It contends that the United view of the Red Cross and urged ihat'. States in its explanation of the seiz- it be supported to the last dollar. OX ROAST AND PICNIC FOR RED CROSS TO BE j ure did not answer the original ob} jection made by the Dutch govern*I nient. THREE KULEI) DT ACTION: T1VO DD; OF WOTZNTIS. OEI H DV TITV t n^rra ' .WASH-^CTON. May 22.--The army HELD BY CITY LODGES ; casualtv ]ist today contained 4S · ; names, divided as follows: Killed in .HXmstrnus Outing Planned for Dec- I action, three; died of wounds, two; oration Day; Affair at Gra- ! died of disease, two; wounded severe- liam's Grove. 1 ''· 3S : wounded slightly, three. A monstrous joint ox roast and pic- I ~ six, the entire proceeds of which will CURTAlJf OF FUiE go to the Red Cross, will be held on 136 I Decoration Day in Graham'.s Grove by 285 606 SANNER DISCHARGED AT EJLBAXKATIO-V CAXP. rs. J. TV. Greaves ar.d brother ry, ot Donbar. and .Miss Mary 5 oft 54orreil. have retu.rne4 home v an embarkation camp, where visited Mrs. Greaves' and Mr. Key's brothers, Ben acd tley, who will leave soo. seas. The brothers ai'e in the 3 military organization. defenses of the city have beea ' should be abolished. One is that they j Owners of Stolen Autfl Ask Jiothing brought The raiders, who were (li-' afford some persons a means of mak- --,,-,, n. n ., Tm»., n TM». vided into two squadrons 'sought j 'hg a small contribution and claiming vainly for two hours to find a gap in tae honor of having aided in the drive. The other is that niiny persons are the wall of fire with which the city was encompassed. The -- place, at which the bombs feil show that the either'irubjected to hardship or embarrassment. Regardless' of how often d Ilbert · Gemians Circled far around the. city, | one_ha s - paid at the register he or she , Ll, | dropping their cargoes as they were' risks being called a slacker by refus- '". . ,K Oeeing. ! mg repealed solicitations. SCARET OFF FOR CA3O 1 DJCX. Hundred to TJC Pardoned. · W^VSHTNGTON", May 22.--More .than 100 persons* now at liberty "im£er suspended criminal sentnces from five courts will be pardond soon by Eresi- able under lke !aw - State banks al!io ed Scarry enlisted in the me- ioal department of the- railroad ; dent W n son under recommendation of i s and left last night for Camp \ Attorney General Gregory. A blanket ! reprieve was granted them by President last J u n e g repcaien A telegram to J. 5Ved Kurt/, yesterday said tho house at "Washington had passed a bill making- it lawful for national banks to donate to the Rod Cross out of profits'Otherwise avail- More than laniages. At a bearing before Alderman Fred Mcnk this moriiing, Clarence' Banner, who was arrested last Jlonday night MEN OF CO. G 1VM i r f 111 , -, . ...«^A^ij ti.iu u.i.tut:i.;i; spurLH mil BC taren I'hj-slcal Lxammafaou being on the program. It is probable PROTECTS PARIS. PARIS, May 22.--German aircraft the Elks, Eagles, .Moose, Columbus j w c r e see!1 early this morning making; Italian Club. Slavish Club, Leider- | tor Paris, and an alarm was sounded, kranz and the Polish Independent So- TtlC! following official announcement c;ety. was given out this morning: Tickets for the roast will be placed "Enemy aircraft, having been re- on sale tomorrow and it is expected '· Ported by our lookout posts making thai 5,000 will be sold. The affair will or Paris, an alarm was given. Tha be the largest of the kind ever held i different methods of defense were put by the lodges of the city. j i n to operation. A violent curtain o£ 3n addition to the ox roast, there i : ' re was thrown up and our squadrons will be other attractions, boxing matches and different athletic sports at tie Armory Fi-iday Evening-. i L hat some thousands of dollars will The enlistment of the first platoon I be securd for the Red Crops. took the air." .UlEKItASS I)ELC«E of Company G. Third Regiment, Reserve Militia of Pennsylvania, nav by Constable B. Rottk-r and Detective j been completed, the physical exam: John Detemple on a charge of having j tioa of tlie men will be held at the I stolen au automobile belonging to j armory .Friday evening. . I Ca-ptain Frank Coi points out that it | is important that all members report I for examination so that the formal I Hari-j- i,udy and Don Hairo was discharged at'ler paying done to the car. for all damages It vas requested by the owners of ; muster-in o? the company may follow the car that the boy should not be i as soon thereafter as possible, proswuted. N. J. JIT S GETS ORDERS TO REPORT after -the Supreme Court decided that fedral courts had on right to suspend sentences. McCormict Will Appeal. Moat McCormick, Unfontown con- ffip McMahon, employed by the j more fc Ohio railroad in Pitts- j has been ordered to report at j rnor's Island. McMahou enlisted j stable, who was sentenced yesterday al months ago In the neld ser- j to two and a halt to (our years in the Mid has just been, called. He has j penitentiary for shootin-g George Ad- Pittsburg after visiting j ams ot-Uniontown, will appeal to the unt, Mrs. Ellen Kelley of West! supreme court. He will be released .·.street. · Ion bail. - contribute. Undergoes Serions Operation. Miss Nello Coyne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Coyne of Pittsburg, is in the. Pittsburg hospital recovering from, a serious operation. Miss Coyne is a granddaughter of Mrs. Anna Coyne of this city and has a -number of friends here. 'i L'oliee Court. There were no police court hearings this morn in s, no arresls beintr marie overnight On Play at Dunbar. Thursday and Friday the SI. Thunder storms tins afternoon or tonight, cooler; Thursday, fair and cooler, is the noon weather forecast lor Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 19.17 1918. Maximum S3 . 83 Minimum 53 56 Mean 73 70 The Yough river rose during the ni:±t tarn 2.SO fcei to' 3.00 feet. STADER MAKES CHANGES Improvement to Underijitflnij Kslafo- lisJimcnt Under IVay. Funeral Director J. I,.' place of business in South lane is undergoing a n u m b e r of improvements w h i c h , when- completed, will provide a larger floor space. The partition between the office and the show room \vill be removed and the I entire space w i l l be devoted to dis- j playing caskets. A reception room I tne room now oc- TOUL AJttJJA 1VITH GAS. \VITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES i IN FRANCE, ^;ay 22.--Tile Americail ! artillery northwest of Toul launched ' a suddeji and terrific local gas attack ] upon *ine Germau jjositions early to| day. Severe punishment was infiict- . ed upoii the enemy. The deluge of Stacler's : Aniericati shells Tell in three waves Meadow . and w i l h i n a half hour the woods ia which it is known many Germans were sleeping had boen drenched with a large Quantity of poisonous gas. " Wc J ' ' K n r l z '»·" -" 1 will present a four-act military play j wiu bc fuUHl ^ entitled "Our Jim." It is f u l l of w a r | c u p i e d bl , ^ rv incidents and patriotic singing. The ( w i l l be ,; scd bv '·, parts are well rehearsed and the j r j cc large sale of ticlceu insures its sue- ! , lr . Klirtz wi!] movc his o£ric( , . cess. Mrs. Barrett, who is directing; t h p room adjoining the one he now the play, has secured only the best OCC upies.' talent. Addis IVith 1'ricl; t'unip.iny. Kaymond Addis, who resigned as agent ior the Indian Civet Railway iny, has accepted a clerical po- wiih ti'-e H. C. Frick Coke Hoys Enlist. Clytie H. Livingston, Lloyd P. New- Grnduat^'s Xamc In publication of the list of seniors ' ; Veil in ('uinbcrland. i Eiiward Stutzman and Ncili.; Dean; er. both of Berlin, were married in · (Cumberland yesterday. of the Scottdale high school who will ' ell and Charles Stacel, all of Dawson, graduate next week toe name of Miss enlisted in the United States Army yesterday in. Kttsburs Ellen McGoogan was oniitled. TbDre are 46 ia the class. 1Va!fvr Adams 111. . IValter J. Adams is seriously ill ot jineumunia .at his home in. Sy EU-ett.

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