The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

CTAGE EIGHT. ' . THE DAILY -COURIER, CONNElxLSVILLE. PA. TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1918. SATIOHAL 1EA6UE. Twterday's Kttstmrg S; PhfladtdpMa 1. Ittv York 5; St: Loois 3: Brooklyn 5; Chicago 2. CtnctaiaU 5; Boston 2. Stuihg of (he CMM. · w: L. Tort" . : - --21 a? 17 ·JO 10- 18' 9 " 18' .775 .630 567 .538 .423 .3S5 .357 .3H3 ·"· Tetoj's SekeMe. · ad(lthU at Forbes Field. ' Bo«Con »t Cincinnati. Brooklyn at Chicago. : -- New York at SL Louis. AKEHCAX lEAGO:. Bcnlts. ?-Bo»tom 11; ClwreJand 1. ' «: New Yqrk-S..- - ·St. Lovii 4;-Washington 2. jf.'.*?UId«fefei». 5; Detroit 4. . New Supplement Just Received These new selections are being played today for the flrst time in our Edison department--second floor annex. Come to our free concert tomorrow and hear these new numbers. . - - . ' . No. 50168--Price $1-00. Darktown Strutters' Ball 'Premier Quartet--Male Voices They Go "Wild,. Simply Wild, Over Me. · · ' Billy Murray and Chorus of Girls ' StariU**! UwCtato. w. L. ret 19 .10 -1655 , ' _14 11-".'. 560 IK 13- .536 is 14 : .517 ! 12 13 :480 : 13 *l5 .464 12 15 .444 7 16 .304 IpMa. To*y*i Sefcrtel*. Iftaiio at N»w York. St lo«l» at W.Mfcjgton. -Ctantand at Boston. - Ifctrott at PMteoelphia. VandeHbik. VAXnERBTLT, May 20.-- Mr. and Cfcarle* Michaels ot Greenslmrg th* letter's sister, Mrs. Scott orm of EMt Liberty on Sunday. ,.Mr». Cooper ot New Kensington I Mr*. L. L. Colthn snd friends · Mr. and -Jtos. G. M. Strickler and Pearl* Jennings viiited Mr. and ln. Harry Strickler of TJniontown ._and ... Marie spent tie week-end' with i Tracei NnH of Ruffsdale. ·M So»«r» sport Sunday at his ko*M la Tttntaaxe. i TBCM»d-~Mrs.Carr.H6rn«r and sons spent "Saniay"wMi tfra, Borner's parents, Mr. lend Mrs. , S. Harold Arisen of Heela visited his r»n*p«ront», Mr. and Mrs. C. B. !"Ari»on yesterday. Mr§. George H. Kuhn and son visit- id Mrm. Knhn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ~ ' Jiuat oi near Monarch Sun- Vrm. "W. F. Girard and son of Way- egbnrc are ristttnc the former's par- f nt». Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Oglejso, ' G. H. Strickler J» a delegate at the |p p. O.-F. contention at Reading this ' Jflwec Phoebe and Bra Ree Thorpe gof Perry05pH» "-visited their »«nt. Miss Freed y«et»rday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Whipkey and children of ConMHsrffie 'visited Mrs. Hair of Diutmr township yes- Once Moore visited her r, R. -£ Moor* of Hew Geneva ·Mrm. · lataboth ItoeeHe hag retnrn- ?e4"boiB« from TJntontoVn where she r, May ».-- !Mss Cfctb- lltrai* Brown of DaDbar township, left morning wtlfc her aunt for county, where she wil: i with her aunt and ' and Mrs. R. C. Brown. f . : ;'lfr.:;ana Vn. BXTTT Seten and son |ltr.~aBd Mrs. Mraee Lftten and chil- ot Dnoon and WTUiam" Litteir · ii/t-'-lHit»atmzf. vtelted their father Bailey spent Snnday K irtti relatives at So«rhlg Rim. So. 50469--Price $1.00. Darktown Strutters' Ball--Fox Trot Jaudas Society Orchestra Lil Liza Jane--One Step--For Dancing-' " · Jaudas Society Orchestra Jfo. 50470--Price $1.00. Johnson "Jazz" Blues--Fox Trot Frisco Jazz Band Umbrellas to Mend--One Step-- Frisco Jazz Band' 'o. 50471--Price $1.00. just as your Mother Was Harmony Four--Mixed Voices "When You Hear That Raggy Refrain Billy Murray and Male Chorus FOR SALE IN COHNELLSVELE ONLY BY WRIGHT-METZLER CO. HE RED CKOSS serves TOUR Army, TOUJ5 Jfavy, YOUK. Allies and YOD- Mdct the solicitor with a smile and an open parse. REPUBLICANS (Political Advertisement.) Uniontown, Pa., May 21, 1918. entlemen:-- Every Republican should be concerned about the result of this primary. Every one should vote. Mr. O'Neil is a candidate for nomination as governor on the Republican ticket and is supported by Governor Brumbaugh and his friends. Mr. Sproul is a* candidate is a candidate for nomination {or tie same office and is being supported by Mr. Penrose and his friends. Tfce Issue Is therefore dear cat-it Is oae cudUaU agaiint the other; ooe set of BepuiUcan leaders agalist aMther it*. Governor Brumbaugh, as governor for the last- three years, and the Republican leaders associated with him, forced through Penrose controlled legislatures more legislation in the interest bt the masses and for the good of common humanity, than all the other governors of our state in 50 years. -Mr. Penrose and his associates would have impeai?'ied Governor Brumbaugh 'for doing · so had they dated attempt it . Governor Brumbaugh and tie leaders with him framed tire Workmen's Compensation La*r. A widow for herself and nine children. mad« claim under that law the other day for ?7,- 16T.53. This is but one case in thousands in our state. The employer pars for tnte insurance.. This law means much to every workingmaji in the state, his wife and children. Pen- roee and big associates would not have "given you that law. They attempted to amend it so as to make it less helpful. Goremor Brumbaugh forced the- passage of the Child Labor Lavr. Mr. O'Neil te tor that lawv Mr. Sproul ia against it. Vote your choice. , Gowraor Bnmbausi acred the Full Crew I*w for the railroad Men. He Is asking the railroad n»*» to Tote lor Mr. OTfeil. Jmst mi soon as fte laboring m«o bdlcate that the; will stand !y those who help then BO soon will they get ·ere help. Fennwe s»d MB csnaHnto h*Te Mver done anything fox the laboring IM*. Our coonty has suffered more from Penfoee ktad ot politics than any. oth«r county in the state. It has cost our people hundreds of thousands of dollars and nothing but humiliation In return. Republicans:-Would you black the eye of Pen- roseism in our county? Then vote for O'Neil, Scott and Houck. "Would you help rid our state and nation of Penroseism in Republican politics? Then vole for O'Neil, Scott and Houck. Would you make Mr. Penrose and his type of leaders serve the people instead of the liquor interests and certain soulless corporations "which would grind' out the lives of our children? Then- vote for O'NeJl, Scott and Houck; Aaron, Cragc, Burke and. Mitchell; Benson or Francis. Men:-It anyone offers you .a dollar · for your vote or to stay away from the polls, please say to him, "So long as my boy is in the trenches giving Ms life for his country, I will not sell my country for the dollar." It is your Christian and patriotic duty to vote your own better judgment O'NEIL REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE. .A. E. Jones, Chairman. George Patterson, Secretary. F.rao.i7 Pratt Safe in France. John Pratt received a card from his brother Emery telling of his safe arrival overseas. Emery is with the lllth Infantry. He is the son of Mrs. Kate Pratt ot East Liberty. If Ton Are Hunting Bargain Read the advertlseing columns of The Daily Courier. You will find them. Classified JuHertl»e»e*U Bring results. Co*i only Ic a word. Ringworm-Scalp Sores w»nt vcatr *«* to- ix n. n. 3'. C, Moore. "Water St. Conn«l]svill6. Pa. of Suiis Featuring One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Tailored SUITS--Priced Regularly up to $39.75 Save as much as $11.25 on your choice of the smart styles comprising this special lot. Included are military, semi-tailored and dressier effects in fashionable and serviceable materials, and in proper new colors. Models for both women and misses in a complete range of sizes. It is well to remember that there is not a "sample" suit in the lot,--every garment being taken from our own regular stocks. One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Tailored SUITS--Priced Regularly up to $55 Pay S3S.50 now for Suits that sold regularly for as much as $55.00--a clear saving of $10.50 on every purchase. Late styled, distinctive models with the better Wright - Metzler quality and workmanship plainly evident. New materials, new trimmings, new colors--everything the particular woman demands. Yours the saving if you make a prompt selection. Every Suit in the Store Reduced All Suits not included in t h e above lots--and comprising- models for ladies, misses and .stout women--are materially reduced in price. Nothing exccpted. e of Dresses BREWED FSOM THE COHHELLSV3LLE 6 3 Featuring One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Spring DRESSES--Priced Regularly up to $22.50 Just the additional little Dress you need to complete your Summer wardrobe--and it comes at a saving that will be only too welcome these flays of high costs. Charming new styles in silk of various popular kinds, serge, and smart combinations of'the two. Colors and trimmings, you will like. All sizes to choose from. One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Spring DRESSES-Priced Regulary up to $32,50 Becoming new tabdels appro priately designed for sports, street and afternoon wear. Including many of the finest, most distinctive Dresses of our entire stock. Tif feta, Charmeuse, Serge--these and many other stylish materials used in new arid altogether fascinating ways. There is a satisfactory dress in this lot for the woman who demands quality and values--a saving of as much as $14 00 on. her purchases. m Red Cross Aprons at $1.98 Reil Cross workers will be interested in these new, plain White Aprons. Made with long sleeves, belts and two-pockct«. Oren in UacU. / S_? The May Sale of White enters its second week with renewed interest to women as thev realize more fully how economically this standard merchandise is priced when compared wifii today's actual value and the further increases sure to come in the near future. Our sincere advice to you is buy now, both for present and future needs Follows here a few suggestions: DOMESTICS 500 -WASH CLOTHS, good size, white and colored, loc and ISv -mines lOc each. --200 BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, S3.t90 size, seconds of S2.00 grade, special at $1.58. 5 for Si-ofl. --250 BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, size SlxflO, special at $1-88 each. --100 FULL BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, size 72x90, good quality and extra weight, sisccial at $1.S8. --35 PAIRS WOOL MIXED BLANKETS, size 7Gx8-l, white with pink and blue borders, weight 5 pounds,-- rcpuiar ?10.00 -values sjc:ml at $7.75. Low Prices in ihe May Sale of Wash Goods --800 YARDS FANCY PRINTED VOILES, 36 inches wide, floral and stripe designs in various colors, 35c to 50c taluca, 22c yard. --150 YARDS WOVEN COTTON PLAIDS. 36 inches wide, black and white. Ee(ralarly S5c yard; sole price 50c yard. 1 NDERMUSLINS Corset Covers, Drawers, Gowns, Petticoats and Chemise ma'de from good quality fabrics in sheerest white n-ith dainties of ribbons, lace and embroidery trimming' Reduced in the White Sale as follows.-Kc valncs -- 29c i S5« values _ Jofl 42J50 Talnes $2.J9 5Jo values _ 89c| . ._. da8 _ s:ic Siso values JS.19 G5c values _ o'Jci :.25 valnes 81.101 .$5.00 values $4.18 75c values _ COc ; .,1.50 values $1.39; $5.50 Talnes ?4^8 FINE LINENS --1000 YARDS 17-INCH UNION LINEN CRASH, heavy quality, part linen--part cotton. Special at 20c · yard. i-leached 17-inch Union Linen* Crash, special at 20c yard. -500 YARDS^ LINEN CRASH, 15^2 inches wide, full · bleached and closely woven. Cannot be matched else- vhere at our price. Special at 24c yard. -000 YARDS MERCERIZED COTTON DAMASK, assort. i ·! floral and stripe designs, 64 to 70 inches wide, at 75c ·"-'. These prices from 20% to 30% under today's value.

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