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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 29, 1938
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 193S. THi!) JJA1L.V CUUHlliR, CUNN1CIA J SVU-,L,1J!. PA. 'inn, K THKliB Among the Churches FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue, George R. Krupp, minister-Bible school, 9:45. Morning worship at 11; theme, '.'The Christian Hope." Pioneer Society at 3 P. M. Y. P. C. U., 6:30. At 7:30, Young People's program. Mid-week service of prayer and praise Wednesday evening at 7:45 o'clock. ST. JOHN GERMAN LUTHERAN Paul E. Porath, pastor--Sunday school, 9 A. M.; hour o£ worship, 10:15 A. M., theme of/ the sermons, crman "Eine Uebci- Kreuzung," English "Wheat and Tares." Ladies' Aid will meet on Sun'day afternoon, fanuary 30, at the home of Mrs. Carl Sandusky. Church Council will meet Monday evening at the parsonage. V DUNBAR M. E. O. G. Cook, pastor--Sunday school, 0:45-A. M. Preaching, 11 o'clock; subject, "The Eternal Reward." Epworth League at 6:45; leader, Carrie Fowler. Preaching, 7:30; subject, "Being Useful as Well as Ornamental." Wednesday evening prayer- meeting at 7:30; subject, "A Continued Study in the Book of John." There will be a song service in con-* ncctton with this meeting. CHRISTIAN Merrill L. Cadwell, pastor--Bible school at 9:30 A. M.; worship at 10:40 A. M., "The Way of Advance." Expanded session of the church school will meet during the hour of the morning service. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 P. M. Evening communion service at 7:30. GREENWOOD M. E. O. G. Cook, pastor--Preaching at 9:30 A. M. Sunday school, 10:30. Junior League at 6 o'clock. Epworth League, 6:45; Thcmas DcBolt, president. FAYETTE UNITED BRETHREN %V. J. Ritchey, pastor--East End, Sunday school, 10 A. M. Preaching at 11 by pastor. Preaching, 7:30 P. M., by Rev. W. V. Barnhart. This is anniversary day. Prayer-meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:30. Mount Olive, Sundsy school, 10 A. M. C. E., 6:30 P. M. Preaching at 7:30. Evangelistic meetings which have been held every night for the past three weeks will come to a close Sunday evening. "These meetings have brought rich blessing to "he church membership and salvation to many souls. Come and join us in this final service," Rev. Ritchey said. Service this evening at 7:30 on "How Two Men Died." The subject /or Sunday evening will be "The Course of This Age." CHURCH OF BRETHREN Vine and Ncwmycr, F. A. Myers, Dastor, 407 East Green street--9:45 A. M., worship service and sermon, 'The Heart of Missions." 10:45, church school; 6:45, Junior Church League; 6:45, Y. P. D., led by Kathleen Coldrcn, program, "The Church Needs Us." 7:30, praise and prcach- ng service, "The Empty Handed Man," will be the pastor's subject. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Karl H. J. Schocnborn, pastor -:l A. M. sermon there, "How Do You Walk?"; 7:30 P. M., sermon subject, "Jesus Praying for Himself," No. 12 in the series of sermons on the "Prayers of Jesus." C. E. meets at 6:30 o'clock with Don C. Fosscl- man, Jr., as leader, theme being "The Church Needs Us." Postponed meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society will bo held in the church parlor Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Program leaders will be Mrs. B. J. Hooper and Mrs. J. R. Mcstrezat. The book, "Rural America," will be studied charge. with Miss Ida Wolfe in METHODIST EPISCOPAL Vandcrbilt, Charles J. Bland, pastor--Sabbath school, 9:45 A. M. Morning worship- at 11. Epwoith League, 6:30 P. M. Prayer-meeting, 7:30 P. M. The pastor has set the date for a baptismal service at the church for February 6. at 11 A. M. More than 25 persons are to DC baptized and as, inany to be received into the church. Those wishing to come into the church by letter will be received at Easter service, April 17, at 11 A. M. "The people of Van- dcrbilt are rejoicing over the splendid results of the three \vccks evangelistic campaign just closed last Sunday night at the Methodist Church. About 46 accepted Christ as their own personal Saviour. The whole church and community has No pastor cooperation than was given by all concerned," Rev. Bland said. been greatly helped. should ask for better FIRST BAPTIST J. S. Erownlee, minister--Betty 'We»Wand, the evangelist, will preach tfotdett (Test Mark 1:5--"Son, thy »ln« arc torjhrn." By DR. ALVIN E. BELL (Thc International Uniform LeJuon on the Above topic for Jan. 30 Is Mark 2:1-12, the Golden Text being Mnrk 2:3. "Son. thy ulna art forgiven.") TRINITY REFORMED Corner Pittsburg and Green streets, C. Geo. Shupc. pastor--9:45 A. M., Sunday school hour, "Ministering to the Spiritual." 11 A. M travel talk on, "Palestine Ihe Land} of Jesus," by Miss Elizabeth B. Rupp, 7:30 P. M., sermon, "Thc Value of Little Things." CHURCH OF NAZARENK Vanderbilt, A. V. Mountford, pastor--Bible school at 9:30. At 10:45. morning worship; B, young people's prayer meeting; 6:30, Y. P. S. service, topic, "Making Each Week Count for God." leader Mildred Welling; 7, evening service. Wednesday evening at 7.30, prayer and testimony meeting. brought th pftraltJc to Jcaut were undaunted when they couM not gain admittance lo the house of Simon where Jwua was teaching the crowd that packed the houne to the doom and overflowed into the yajrd. They climbed the "A FRIEND in need is x friend | '"P" to "« ""' "*' snd removed Indeed." Thc paralytic of our tcj- j '"« nailing or other U K hl roonng son bad four friends who were ' material And lowered their hclp ' TRINITY LUTHERAN Fairvicw avenue, W. H. Helrick, D.D., pastor -- Class in catechism. 9 A. M.: Sunday school, 10 A. M., lesson, "Ministering to Spiritual Needs"; morning church worship, 11; Holy Communion, baptism of children, accessions. Luther League, 6:40 P. M., topic, "Luther League Missionary y-" Ic «? cr Evcl '" . Zi7m TM rm " n ; church worship. 7:30; Holy on !:rlcs n , , at 11 o'clock. This will be the last C ° mm _ unlon - f° rt I"TM. Sunday morning service of the re- Thc Songs ol ** D ' blc - vival being Jointly held by the Baptist and Methodist Protestant churches. The Weakland party will close , its campaign Sunday night at which s . crho °'' time Betty will tell the thrilling story "' S. HIGHLAND BAPTIST M. Hayman, pattor--Sunday A. M.; service at 11:30 A. Richard Crawford will iimu ijcu.j' wjn n;u u*« numi'ife j w i j rt ^«^«i, ^ 4 0 0 ^i of ,her life. Dr. J. Roy Weakland, prcach at 3 p - M will preach Sunday morning in the Methodist Protestant Church. A great mass mecling will be "held Sunday allernoon in the Baptist Church. FIRST UNITED BRETHREN Lincoln avenue at Race street, SALVATION ARMY West Peach and North Arch streets, Major and Mrs. A. Vcndc- ville in charge--Open air meeting in West Crawford avenue at 7:30 o'clock Saturday night. Indoor scrv- Elmer A. Schultz, minister-Unified' ice Sunday morning, with holiness worshin mcc tmg at 11 oclock. Sunday school service, 9:30 to 11:25 A. M., worship for church, and church school and Bible study by classes for all ages. Sermon by pastor, "Gather the People." Christian Endeavor societies, 6:30 P. M., worship service, 7:30 P. M.; sermon by pastor, "God's Crowning Creature" or "The Value of Man." Official board and mid-week service Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. CHRISTIAN Vandcrbilt--Lord's Supper and sermon at 9:30 A. M. Theme by Rev. Chester A. Williamson of Scotldalc, "The Crown of Christ." Bible school follows immediately and closes promptly at 11:30 A. M. PRESBYTERIAN Leisenring No. 1--William Hamilton, minister--Church service, D:45 A. M.-, topic, "Thought Reading Extraordinary"; church school, 10:30, topic, "Ministering to Spiritual Need." Men and women's class with the minister as teacher.' PRESBYTERIAN West Leisenring, William Hamilton, minister--Sunday school, 9:45 A. M.'; Y. P. service, 6:45 P. M.; church service, 7:30 P. M. CHURCH OF GOD Corner Woodlawn avenue and Aetna street, South Connellsvllle, L. Frank Haas, pastor--Sunday unified service at 10 A. M., preaching by pastor; 10:45, Sunday school session. At G-.30 P. M. a beautiful and instructive playlet will be presented ly the young people in charge of Helen Pritchard. At 7:30, preaching by pastor. ROCKY MOUNT BAPTIST Morning worship at 11 o'clock, preaching by Rev. G. H. Graves. Sunday school at 12:30 P. M. At 8 P. M. there will be a program sponsored by the Missionary Society. EVANGELICAL W. S. Harr, pastor--Sunday school, 9:30. Preaching service, 10:30; sermon by Rev. Bassctt. E. L. C. E., G:45. Preaching, 7:30; sermon subject, "Calvary." The revival will continue throughout the week. Special music every evening. METHODIST EPISCOPAL Philip G. Cochran Memorial, Daw- icn, Thomas Charlesworth, pastor-10.45 A. M. "Thc Precious Faith"; 7:30 P. M. "Docs the Church Make God Real to Her Young Folks? at 2:30. Young People's Legion at 4 o'clock. Open air service in West- Crawford avenue at 7:30. Indoor service at hall at 8 o'clock. Band of Love Tuesday at 6 o'clock at the hall. Soldiers' meeting same place at 8 o'clock. Ladies' Home League Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Bible study for young people Thursday at 6; band practice at 8 o'clock. Holiness meeting Friday at 8 o'clock. The storm damage at the hall will be repaired by Saturday night. TRINITY EPISCOPAL East Fairvicw avenue -- Evening prayer, 7:30. J. M. Frye of Monongahela in charge. Donora Preacher at Union Baptist Church; Rev. L. H. Coivin Rev. W. J. Williams, pastor of St. Paul's Baptist Church of Uonora will prcach Sunday evening at !hc Union Baptist Church where revival sciv- ices are being conducted by Madame Hurst and will continue throughout the coming week. Rev. L. H. Colvm, pastor, is confined to his bed by illness. He was threatened with pneumonia. Spring Grove Revival Will Be Opened Sunday Two weeks of revival services will begin at the Spring Grove Sunday School in Lower Tyrone township will begin Monday night with Rev. Jefferson King and Roy Anscll preaching. The meetings will be held every night, including Saturdays, and the public is invited to attend. "Come out and hear the old time gospel," an announcement reads. Injuries Cause Death. SOMERSET, Jan. 29. -- Robert James Taylor, 25, of Mundy's Corner, a native ot Windbcr, died Tuesday night in a Johnstown hospital of injuries received in an explosion in the Heisley No. 3 mine at Nanty-Glo on January 21 which mine official* termed a^s a local ignition. Three other men were also burned but not critically. »o; fifcntla indeed. Thc mcAJure of their friendship wan not the tltffl- culUca In the way but the extent of their friend's need and his o\*n helpfulness to meet that need. Jritu* and th« Crowd* Jesus hnd no difficulty In drau. ln£ a crowd. HI* difficulty wtui rnthcr In avoiding the crowds that better teaching might be done. Cut even when he withdrew from the cities *n3 "was without in dc-sert places: they came to him from every quarter. And uhen he entered ngum into Capernaum after nome dnyn It w.i.1 not.vd that he waa at home. AJid mnny were gathered together. BO that there was no longer room for them, no, not evrn About the door: and he spAkc the word unto them." So Ihe ira«-h- ing of the Word of OoO wns the mupnet ihnl dr«*w the crowds to our Savior, Repeatedly "they presned upon him to hear Irte Word of Cod." Of counw there was much of idle curiosity, and Jenua never encouraged this. Hut there was much genuine heart hunger and Jesus never dls- appolnle-d thla He fed the people upon the things of Cod for which 'heir aouln hungered and 'The common people heard htm gladly". If our churchcn and Sunday schools are not drawing Uic people It Is not that human nature has changed but rather that we have changed from the method of Jesus to methods different from his,. "Where there is a will there la a way." even when it la the will to help somronc else rather than ourselves. The four friends who IMS friend, mat and all. Into the pr««nc« of Jeaua where room wiiA quickly made for these whose cArnc.flnr*« nnd drtcrmtnatlon chnilrngrd the attention of All. K^r from disrupting or evrn interrupting the dtrmon. the interruption bccninr Hie »«rmon'* clcnrrat Illustration. "Jcstn set- Ing thrir faith n.iycth unto the nick ot the paUy, Son, b** of c,oot cheer, thy sin* arc foremen." A Strange DtagnOft!* That waa a furpnxlng 3Lag7iiix of thu man's need! Who naia anything about *m« or forgiveness? · In that why these men have gone 10 all their trouble In teanng up the roof and lowering their fneno* Why not nay. "Son. be of good cheer, thy u cured"*" Ilecau.-wr the Good I'hy- ulclnn aimed not at accidental nymplom.i but nt fundamental cuse^. Man a clerpenl-sealed nee*l Is spiritual rather than pnyftieAl. Sin 19 more tleprenainj; than sick* nens i.-vJ more deadly. ChrLit'« authority to minuter in thu realm of divine prerogatives was questioned by thoie who took him for a man only Instead of the GoO* man. and Uiey charged him with blasphemy. Hut he vindicate*! his authority to "restore my soul" by exercising demonstrable power to heal the body, giving as hln reason. 'That ye may know that, the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive atiui." H was art amazing claim, amazingly demonstrated as the man look up his bed and walked forth before them all. Christ Jesus is a Savior who "cleftnselh us Irom all sin". "He restoretb mv soul" From Yesterday^ Last Edition. Three Dunbar Youths Sent To Morganza UNIONTOWN, Jan. 2Q.--Galleo Dario, Robert Sykcs and Raymond confessed robberies at! afternoon was sen-1 Attorney Wade K. Newell to Speak At Meeting of Culture Club Monday Attorney Wade K. Newell of Un- j musical program. . _ .,, ,_ ... . , _ [ W«v;t***.:*« nvi* ionlown will speak on "Juvenile! Hostesses are Mrs. Elva Todd ' Delinquency" at a meeting of the {wurl , an i £' woman's Culture Club to be held, Charles Nemon, Mrs. W. J. B. Mayo and Mrs. W. C. tencedto tencedo at the Carnegie Free Library. Mrs with 1 Uniontown Musicians to Present Program Before Junior Mozart Club Monday Night cedto M o r n . a business session with the cedo Morgans John B. Davis is to be the leader and 1 president, Mrs. II. W. McRobbie. guess? Dario sa"£ | Mts -_^ T-^enford has arranged a | presiding. _ . "I did it to get money," Dykes asserted. LaGrccco merely shook his head and shrugged his shoulders when asked why he committed the robberies. In addition the three must pay the costs, Dario $33.20 and Sykcs and LaGrecco $47,80 each. Dario was arrested for the theft o£ SI02 from the H. C. Smith Son meat market and $5 from Lewis Cupiraggi beer garden. The other two were arraigned for breaking and entering and receiving stolen goods the result of the thefts at the James B. Reed dairy store at Dunbar. ' R. B. Weisgerber RemainsasHead Of Game-Local Personal Mention Thirty members of the Junior Music Club ' Uniontown will present an exchange program for the Junior Mozart MUMC Club Monday evening °' " Roger Soi^on and school friend, 1V ° z " rt T , -Th iT t Charles Wilson, of Concordia. K a n . ' l a a meeUng to be held at arc spending the mid-semester vaca- ! tion at Mr. Soisson's home in East \ Crawford avenue. Mr. Soisson, a 1 son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Soisson, president, . Miss street. Sylvia Accompanying the group bc Uniontown counselors, Mrs. t Herbert Jotui- . .. ,,,,, . , , · . i ion and Mrs. Isaac Jackson, and Mr. Wilson are students .at dcUghtfu , program has fcccn Washington and Jefferson College, J a ^ BInchldc ' d ^ m bc two num- Washington. Mrs. H. E. Honsmger and son, Robert, relumed to East Orange, N. J., today after a visit with Mrs. Hon.smger's parents, Rev. and Mrs. William Hamilton at Leiscnring, for a few weeks. Mrs. John Duggan and daughter, Miss Elinor L., of South Pittsburg j street visited in Pittsburgh today. Mrs. Russell Sagcr and son, Russie. bers by the newly organized choral group, readings, by Doris" Fast, a guest; violin selections by Morgan McDonald, piano sclos by Sue Hess and Lindsey Howard, Jr., a piano duct by Doris Nixon and Dorothy Edwards and vocal solos by Mabel DefTenbaugh and Phyllis Howard. Refreshments and a social hour, will supplement the program. Members of the local club are to assemble at the Schmidlc home a't 7:30 o'clock. %. iscs , W ,f .. rlcel . e:t * , o f Evcrson, arc veiling Mr. and Mrs. ocnmlmc nomc al , :au oclocll of the Conncllsvillc Local , Harry Mitchell of Uniontown Mr. | Thc socia i ,.,,,,,,,, ltce compri _ of the layette Cout.ty iitli and Game | and Mrs. Mitchell just returned home| Bcvcr , str chairman; Betty Lee I 'ouxtive AKocintion at a meeting from a month's tour of western slalcs D - Jonc DunW Jcan Goe Rosc . Wi-dnciday evening. Bcrton M. including California. . ,,,,, ,,',,,,=. -., nm! . v, nern _ Ros(mnr v Swortzwrldcr elected vice-presi- Jack Younkin and Harold Davis, · students at Carnegie institute 01 ^ j^ j oscpll Cs Technology, Pittsburgh, arc spending ] Slr Johri Jacksor , t - the mid-semester vacation at their i sl[ne Jr and MliiSCS lyn Rulli, Norma J'Jpern, Rosemary Hopkins, Marjoric Atkinson, Frank Carlton, Martin Carl T. An- Sylvia and Helen Schmidlc. dent: 11. Myers, secretary students at Carnegie Institute of and trcaiuicr. The local it inaugurating a mem ben-hip campaign, at the conclusion j respective homes. of which three prizes will bc awarded] Mrs. William Alt of Pittsburgh,] lo the one turning in the mo«t rnein- t formerly of Conncllsville, underwent! --. . · . IATJ. Thc lint will be a $12 ll rod i .1 serious operation Monday at the t varandVieW Avenue or a 510 red. The u inner must ; Mercy Hospital. Pittsburgh, and is haw ;t minimum of 30 members. ! getting along satisfactorily. Mrs. Alt Motion picture* from the Fish and i is the former Mary Costcllo. G.imr cornmkMon wen* houn. ) Hollm HrfTlcringcr. division game ! 11 _ prof i.tor, t.flkrti on conM-r-jtif'n ancJ .'"»'5. cooperation of sportsmen *'lth the! Game CommiiAion. ' Resolutions of Krnncth A. Held be- I forv the "^h Commission were en- I rioted. They Merc. Opening of , pubhc venter iupply reservoirs to Project Approved By President Nrni if for i Presidential approval of a project J i u u i l e i , ' to i mprovc Grandview avenue, just DaWSOn Woman, Feted I outside of Uic city limits, by placing 1 a base surfacing, etc., has been received, Congressman J. Buell Snyder The Stoullcr home c " 1 - D " wson - was * mK ""P" P arly ' in Bridge! ° £ a advised Thc Courier by wire. ~ . ... , . , ,. lUhinK und.-r crrUm rule* and rc-«- Wrdne-dty evening in honor of Mrs. uUUom. utili^iion of highway nils ', Mwm ftloudcr, who was eighty " " -- ·*·-' ·'··'- " ru " The project, to be completed by .~. ' the Works Progress Administration, to l)n»v!di' will cost SI 6,999. i years "voung" on that date. Thc I ' . . . . . i n - i - m - ,v., I I . l l i l t l K . \ f, ' j , , « » · Robert S. Coorx-r. county chairman · 1|T:1 " was arranged °y our ot Mrs of N.,tion-! Wildlife Kritorntion,' Slouffer's neighbors, Mrs. | Wrv*. t.ilk«l on that phase of con- ; Lucy Husband, Mrs. Hugh T. Duff,; ·wrv.ition. rf-king for the cooperation Mr '- T - c - Surk and Mr6 - Djls y ! of all jpoit.Mr.en. | C. D. OF A. WILL HOLD j REGIONAL CONFERENCE I SUNDAY IN PITTSBURGH Mary C. Dufty, supreme regent ot Catholic Daughters of America, "Christ of Healing" Firsl M,, E. Cliiurch Sermon on Sunday "The Christ cf Healing" will be the subject ol th« sermon at 11 A. M., Sunday, in the 1'irst Methodist'Epis- copal Church. "In this study for the filth Sunday morning of the Christ Centered Crusade, we shall direct our attention toward the Christ of healing. We shall consider the eventt, of the last half of the second year of His ministry A. D. 29. I.ast Sunday we !eft Jesus at the sea of Galilee helping the multitudes and delivering the greatest of all sermons, "The Sermon On the Mount,'" Rev. L. S. Elliott said. "Since healing occupied such an important place in the life of our Lord it might bc helpful to look at His ministry as a healing ministry, even though healing was primary to the preaching mission of His life. There are five outstanding instances of healing, and two are raised Jiom the dead. Thc other events of great importance in this period are: The stilling ot the; tempest, the visit of John's messengers, Christ's nnnoint- mcnt by the sinful woman, the opposition of the Jews, the visit of His mother, brothers and sisters; s.nd the feast given by Matthew." At the evening service at 7:30 o'clock Rev. Elliott will continue the great teachings of Jesus by using the subject "What Jesus Teaches About the New Birth." Special music will be furnished by the church choir and church orchestra. Evening Communion A! Christian Church ! Ur Z n in«ere.stlng program, In charge \ ^^JK^^^. JOYCK ANN COLDSUOltO | of Mi-*. Dufr. was given as follows: | g ncc to bc ne j d Sunday at the Wil t , "OMRKI ON BIRTHDAY] Song "Happy Birthday," by all. I liam Pcnn Hotel, Pittsburgh. Mar- Mrx J. C Gold-boro entertained Birthday greeting Ralph Duff J garct McHugh of Uniontown, vice" ?J5 J ' , i ' p ' X)in V d *"*···» \ duet. "A.- the Years Roll, n wiu be , he toastmaslci , party Hrdnnday at her home ot i By," Mrs. Virginia Seifcrt and Mrs. A ^^TM.,». u« 1~ ,.. DawKn in Iwmor of the sixth birth-, June Husband. d.iy of her daughter. Joyce Ann. i Reading. "The Stubborn Auto," The hours were from 4 to 6 o'clock D.ivid Husband. and thirt-four of the little honoree's i ··[ Have a Friend," Mrs. Stouffcr's friends wen- guest*. Thc entire f.ivorite hymn. Rev. Dr. Thomas house was nttr.ictively decorated In j Charlesworth, pastor of Philip G. keeping with St. Valentine's Day. Cochran Memorial Methodist Episco- G.imej. under Uic superx-ision of MISA pa l Church of Dawson. ] "'^ h ' McCune. Miss Shipley and Mrs. piano solo, "Playtime," R a l p h ) , , Olx.-r, tr-acln-rs at the Dawson school, \ Duff. ' were played. Pri-u-N were awarded. Addresses will be made by Rev. Paul E. Campbell, superintendent of the parochial schools in the diocese. Rev. Andrew Pauley of .Mount Mercy College, Frances Manor ot Kane, State regent, and Alice Jolly, O ',.iock and will be followed by _, .. . . .. ,.. ,, i the senior program at 3 o'clock. The . . , Glowing tributes to Mrs. Stouffcr, hoi f rv-nrt r-innn^hurt? Later a dainty lunch was served. | Kiven in ,. hort oddr esses by * - ch °" S ° f Court Canonsbur « As the guests marched to the dining room table, which was covered with Brown, Thomas Stark, David Husband, R. K. Smith and Dr. Charles- Lutheran Communion, Baptism of Children At Trinity Church The mid-winter January communion will be solemnized in Trinity Church Sunday morning and evening. Childien will be baptized and adults received into churcli fellowship. The communion offering is made special to defray expenses to the organ fund. In the evening Dr. W. H. Helrick will prvnch the next sermon in the scries on "The Sons? of the Bible." Holy Communion svil! be Kivrn r.t the service. Sundny cvcninK nt 7:30 o'clock, the quarterly eveninu communion which has recently been adopted as a part of the regular program ol the Christian Church, will bc observed, under the leadership of the elders, deacons and minister, Rev. Merrill S. Cadwell. The choir has prcpaiud appropriate numbers which will add to the worshipful atmosphere of the service. "As our minds arc turning toward the prc-Eastcr season, no more fitting service could possibly be observed than the observance of the Lord's Supper. This service is open to the public and all those persons of what ever race or creed, who desire to share in this service, will bc most welcome," the pastor raid. East End Observes Ninth Anniversary The East End United Brethren Church will observe its ninth anniversary Sunday with services morn-" ing and evening. Rev. W. J. Ritchey, pastor, will deliver the morning message at It o'clock, while the evening sermon will be delivered .by Rev. \V. V. Barnhart, pastor of the "Westmoreland Charge. The choir will render special music and a male quartet composed o£ Walter, Harold and Paul Huey and Clair Miner, will sing. The day's offering will be for the building fund. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Jan. 29. -- Mrs. Robert Kurtz who broke an arm in a fall while ice skating is improving. Mrs. G. F. Frazco has recently returned from a visit of several days with friends in Connellsvillc. Mrs. Frank Wass, who underwent an operation at Frantz Hospital, has been taken to her home at Charleston. Betty DcHavcn, who lives with her uncle and mint. Mr. and Mr*. G. K. Krazee, has been confined to her home for .several days. Raymond Shipley of an attractive valentine cloth, they wor t n all sang "H a p p y Birthday to j piano ^ "Mighty Lak a Rosc." ou W,, Jo ' cc ^ nn ',*P°n«lcd by s'ns- Sara Husband, mg "Thank You My Dear Friends." Vor .i . nln ,,, Adorning the table was a box, covered with white crepe paper and red hearts. Concealed in the box were the favors, paper horns and hats. These wcro received by the little guests when they pulled a string to Vocal solo, "The End of a Perfect Day," Mrs..June Husband. Closing number. "Sweeter as the Court Allegheny will furnish the R. \V. B. CLUB MEETS WITH MRS. SARA CRISUP The R. W. B. Club o£ the Daughters of America met Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. Sara Crislip in l-iosmg number, "bweetcr as tnc Dav idson avenue. Considering the Days Go By," another of Mrs. Stout- unfavorab i c wcat hcr, there was a fer's favorite hymns, by the entire I good attendance. Plans were miide ,,,..,,,, ,,.,. t , ,, u , lt ,. ., O.....S lu , Rro . up - ,. . , , J ,, l f o r a covered-dish luncheon, date to which their favors were attached. A delicious lunch was served by be decided on. Bingo was played at Thc dome in the diningroom was dec- J Ilss , Clara Slouffc j-. Mrs - D " IT . Mrs. the close of the meeting, prizes being Mickey Mouse lights Husband, Mrs. Stark and Miss won by Jhe following: High, Mrs. ch the children donned Brown, after which Mrs. Stouffier C. J. Ellis; second, Mrs. Ruth Gcnry; their hats, blew their horns and | °P,TM cd and displayed her lovely staged a parade. Joyce Ann received many beautiful gifts. Mrs. Goldsboro's aides were Miss Flora Lee Scally aud Mrs. George Moore. CHICKEN AND WAFFLE DINNER ATTRACTS 1GO Approximately 100 people were served at a chicken and waffle dinner Thursday evening at the Church of the Brethren by the Young People's Class. Artificial flowers were used in decorating. Miss Alice Ridgcway was general chairman. Mothers of the class members prepared the meal, with Mrs. Paul V. Lepley in charge of the kitchen and Mrs. George Smith, the dining room. AMORE CLUB ENTERTAINED v ' BY MRS. D. E. ISOLA The Amore Club met Thursday night at the home of Mrs. D. E. Isola in West Crawford avenue. Knitting and crocheting were the diversions and later the. hostess served lunch. The next meeting will be held at the home of Miss Rachel Isola in West Crawford avenue. sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hyatt. The Maccabees have announced installation of officers for next Tuesday evening in Odd Fellow's Hall. A lunch will be served at the close of the meeting. E. E. McDonald, who for over 40 years was Baltimore and OhJo Railroad agent here, was recently retired on a pension under the Railroad Retirement act. Mr. McDonald had 53 years of service with the railroad. Hospital Serves City Well. PASADENA, Cai., Jan. 29,--Since the Pasadena Emergency hospital gifts. Mrs, StouiTer is one ot the most highly esteemed and dearly loved women of the Tri-Town Community, and all of her friends hope she will have many more happy birthdays. Those participating in the , party in addition to the honor guest were all of her children, Mrs. Earl Blair, Stcubenville, Ohio; James StoufTcr, Washington, Pa.; Miss Clara and Lloyd Stouffcr at home, and the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Husband, Mr. and Mi's. Hugh T. DulT and son, Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Brown, Miss Daisy Brown, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Stark and son, Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Livingston and children, Glenn and Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. David Husband and son, David, Miss Sara Husband Miss Naomi Blair, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haupt, Mrs. Jack Hoffman, Mrs. J. C. Le'vergood, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Charlcsworth, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Smith, Mrs. J. R. Cottom, Mrs. Alice Sherbondy, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Sutherland, Mrs. Mary Beers, all of Dawson; Mr. and Mrs. John Blair and daughter, Jean, Dunbar; Mrs. Virginia Seilert and daughter, Joan Lee, Mrs. Hershel Husband, Miss Grace Husband, Mrs. Anna Shaffer, Miss Betty Shaw, all of Liberty. third, Mrs. Nelle Shippy. The hostess served a delicious lunch. The February meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Carrie Graft. The committee is Mrs. Carmie Earle, Mrs. Joan Filburn, Mrs. Mae- Weaver and Mrs.-Graft. A--valentine party will also be held at this time and eauh member is to bring a comic valentine. PROTECTIVE HOME CIRCLE GIVES CARD, BINGO PARTY A well attended card and bingo party was given Thursday night at P. H. C. Hall by the Protected Home Circle. Prizes were won by the following: Five hundred--high," Mrs. Jcan Filburn; second, Mrs. Niland; third, Mrs. Sicsky; bingo--high, Mrs." Tober; second, Mrs. Edna Picm; third, Mrs. Joseph Murphy; special bingo--high, Mrs. Jack McWilliams; second, Mrs. O. Thomas; third, Mrs. S. C. Miller; door, Miss Anna Trevitt. Lunch was served by the committee. Son Born to lioyd Loves. A son was born this morning at the Connellsville State Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Love of Franklin avenue. The baby is the- first child in the family and also the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. R. Vincent Rendine of Franklin avenue. Mrs. Love is the Rendine. former Miss Dolores Meeting Postponed. A meeting of the King's Daughters NEW TREASURER ELECTED BY COKE QUEEN LODGE Meeting Thursday "night 'at the B. O. Y. M. C. A., Coke Queen Lodge, Ladies Society ofthe'B. of L. F. and E., cleclcd Mrs." Rebecca, Blacka treasurer lo fill'the vacancy caused ' by the death ot Mrs. Anna Watson. The charter \vas- draped for thirty days in memory of Mrs. Watson. Installation of officers were completed. The meeting was well attended. Marriage Announced. Miss Alta Mae Kegg, daughter of Mrs. Lydia Kegg of Uniontown, and J. D. Barnhart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Barnhart of Leckrone, were married Thursday, January 20, in Baltimore, Md. Rev. Huffman, pastor of the Calvary Lutheran Church, performed Ihe ceremony. Mr. and was opened here in 1U25 a total! Circle of the First Presbyterian Mrs. A. Strublc ot Fredcricktown number of patients, exceeding the , Church. scheduled for Satin day , were the attendants. The couple left ! population of the city, has been i afternoon at the home of Mrs. Will- for a short wedding tup. On their Glcnwood ! taken cure of thcie. The hospital has, hum Wisharl. has been postponed to icturn they will reside for the i» viMling his brother-in-law and i received 102,016 accident alone. I next Tuesday iftcrnoon. . cnt with the bridegroom'* parent*,

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