The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAYy MAY 21,1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. SAHUrY'S JVOT A BIT OBLIGING. By EDWESJ / AW I 5E.1V- *yi)H WILL .SOON KNOW TO YET?) ISOTWOvf. '--AN I g«y\gi5 nE. SWORg W-zz--r AN 1 YOU SAY'.-VMO AHE YOU J^ A^ITpijPl 1 *i* » fcjw CT3M%J '« V. ^ER VOU BE TH" KAISER, /MT I'M A " CAPTURE M.L MY fiRMY!" WILLIE WAN THEM! ALLW · YER OVJN '.BOUT LEC-GO! I AIN'T _ _ TPIAY IP i CftNT BE TH 1 GEN'RAL', Uncle Sam's Food Lessons ISpectal Information Service U. S. Department of AKriculture.) MAKE A LITTLE MEAT GO A LONG WAY. Don't think that you must cat a tot of meat to he strong. Meat Is good to help build up the body, but so are many other foods. In these dishes "part of yonr build- Ing material comes from the more es- penslve meat nnd part from the cheaper peas, beans, hominy, and barley. The .littie meat with, the vegetables and cerals ·will give your body what it needs. Savory Stsws and Meat Pica. Do you know how good they are? They may be so -varied that you sn bare a different one every day in the week, and all of them delicious. It needs only .a small piece ^ mea? to fire flavor to a hearty dish. Try them. They can be a whole meal and a nutritions one. These recipes serre five people. Here Is «n English stew that la especially rood: Hot Pot' of Mutton and Barley. One pound mntton. One and a half cnptnts pearled barley.' One tablespoonfol salt · Four potatora. Four onions. Celery tops or other seasoning herbs. Cut the mutton in small pieces, and HIT H1H AGADi. Swat the Kaiser by Itnjring Another liberty Bond. Did you .buy a Liberty Bond, and it you did, .don't you feel that you would like to help Uncle Sato, by buy-, ing another one? Go io the First National Bank of ConnellsvilK and join the LIBERTY BOND CL.UB. A dollar is all you need to begin paying for a' bond. Don't miss this opportunity to strike a blow for liberty and at ttie same time make a splendid investment in easy weekly installments. Full information at the'bank.---Adv. One-half teaspoonfal salt. Melt tbe fat, add the sliced onion, and if raw meat is used, add It and stir until the red color,/disappears. Add the tomato, and seasoning. 1C cooked meat is used, add It with the tomato and seasoning, after the onion is browned, and hent through. Grease a baking dish, put in a layer of the cereal, add the meat and grary; and tover with the cereal dotted with fat. Bake for half an hoar. Shepherd'* Pie. i This Is the name of a meat pie with a mashed-potato crast browned in the oven. i Try these recipes and cot down yonr uT5? low Ohiopyle. OHIOPYI..E, May 21.--Miss Daisy McClain, who has been visiting with Mr/and Mrs. Fred Daberko at Indian Crock, returned to h or Kb me last evening. Hiss Jean Holt is the guest of her grandmother. .Mrs. Robinson, at Ursina. · Hiss .Marie McParland of Scottdnle, is spending a few days here. The old soldiers will hold a meeting in the Baptist church Sunday, May as, and a large crowd is expected, as everybody is giver a hearty Invitation to attend. Mrs. Pearlo Howcll of Morgantown, W. Va., and llrs. John Adamson of Pitts-burg, spent Saturday and Sunday here attending the funeral of their brother, Woodrow McParland. Bank Statement*. Second National Bank "at C o n n e l l s v l l l u , In the state of Pennsylvania, au tho close of business on May 10, 1018. counts (except i.hosy s l i n w n in b and c). . .$11:32,701.28 O v e r d r a f t s , u n s e cured ........ CU.GIi U. S. b u n d s de- po.-*Hei\ to secure c i r f - u h i l i n n (par v a l i n . ) . . 50.000.00 U. S. bonds arid Try Onr ClnassiGod Ads. They cost only 1 cent a word and always bring results. , Hnnttni; Bargains 1 Ton will find them, in our ad. columns. The turnip requires a rich son and may be grown either as an early or ! brown with the onion In fat cut from ] late crop. For an curly crop, sow tho meat This will help make the meat j seeds In drills 12 to .18 inches apart tender nnd Improves the flavor. Pour I as early in the spring as the condition this into a covered saucepan. Add. two of the soil will permit A half -ounce Quarts water'aud the barley. Simmer ' of seed is sufficient for a 100-foot row. le-nau. nour, men aon ine pllmtl betwe en rows of late com at' If canned peas are used,. late beaM ._ TJ . s . Department o£ Agrt-i sn minutes before serving. I j^jnjg . j for one and a half hours. Then add the potatoes cnt in quarters, seasoning herbs, rind seusoning and cook one- hall hour longer. Beef Stew. One pound beef. Four potatoes cut In quarters. Quarter peck peas or one can. One cupful carrots cat up small. One teaspoonful salt. Cut the meat in small pieces and brown in the tut from the meat. Simmer in two quarts of water for one hour. Add tho peas and carrots and cook for one-half hour, then ackl the potatoes, add" them ten Serve when potatoes are done. Different Stews. Here is the way you can change thei stews to make them different and to suit the season: 1. The meat This may be any kind { and more or less than h pound may be i used. Use the cheap cats, the flank.! rump, neck, or brisket The long, slow j cooking makes them tender. Game and poultry are good. 2. Potatoes and barley may be used | or barley alone," or rice hominy, or macaroni. 3. Vegetables. -- Carrots, turnips, onions, peus, beans, cabbage, tomatoes j arc good, canced or fresh. Use one or more of these, as you wish. 4. Parsley, colery tops, onion tops, seasoning herbs, or chopped sweet peppers add to the flavor. 5. Many left-overs may be used--not j only Bieat and vegetables, but rice or hominy. . ' How to Cook the Stewa, · All kinds of stews are cboted in just a^out the same way. Here are directions which will serve for making almost any kind. ·.' Cut the meat In small pieces and .brown .with the onion In the fat cnt from the meat Add the salt and pepper, seasoning vegetables (onion,: celery tops, etc.), two quarts of water, and the rice, or other cereal, If It Is to be used. Cook for an hour, then add the vegetables except potatoes. . Cook the stew for half an hour, add the potatoes cut in quarters, cook for another half an boor, and serve. . The nreless cooker may well be used, the meat and the vegetables being put In at the same time. · Left-overs or canned vegetables need only to be heated through. /'Add them - -15 initiates before serving.'"* --Dried peas or beans;should be soaked overnight nnd cooked for three hours before adding, to the stew; or, better, cook -them overnight in a flrfr less cooker. Meat Plea.. ,, -Another good way to use a little meat Have yon ever used rice, corn- ineal mush, or hominy for a crust? This is less work than a pastry crnst and saves wheat. Tear cnpfnls cooked cornmeal, rice, or hominy. One onion, two capfols eighth teaapooaful pepper. . pne..table«pomiful fat^ One pound raw meat or left-orer neat cnt up anudL After the plants appear thin to about 3 inches apart The roots will be ready for use before ihot weather. For late turnips, the seeds are usn- ally sown broadcast on land from which some early crop has been removed, and for this reason the turnip Is a · good crop to grow for storage for winter. They, are quite hardy, and the. roots need not be gathered j until after the first frosts.' They may i be stored in "banks or pits or in the) out-door cave or cellar, and keep best j when kept rather cool. j The turnip is a .good crop for inter- SUIT. NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases 'AH "dressed up -with n, hole" In" ht» ·'"-'^jTfftfl a bit of sarcasm a. girl j _ at a young man friend wtioofc en- tlraJoutnt,Tras not? except hi* pttao-' tur*d~ 'shoe*. IUsrh.t enough, too,* Elthorjto man or -woman a shabby pair *Hho«sj["iroull upoll tho appearance tho -jznoBt 'eleffanl cormenta ovor i n d e b t e d n e s s RESOURCES. Jjoana and discounts (except those shown on b :ind c) $540,805.18 OIO.SOU.IS Overdrafts, unsecured fi.07 U, S. bonda deposited to secure . ,_ , Ion (par A - cent and 1 per va-Uic) .' SO,000.00 GO.OOrtlOO cent. unplcdtc- Liberty -Loan Bonds, 3',fe per cent and 4 per cent, unpledg- ed 35,701.00 Payments actually mode on Liberty 4.3^ per cent bonds .. 82,550.00 178-251.00 Securities other than L\ S. bonds (not I n c l u d i n g stocks) owned u n p l e d g e d 237,ITS.57 237.17S.67 Stocks, nther Lh;vn federal re- i "- 1 i'n"*i/ reserve b n n k stock 37,865.3-1 Vniut- of b a n k Stock oC federal reserve bank (50 per cent ot subscription) Value of ' b a n k i n g Jy m-atle on Liberty -}!£ per cur.t bones ---- 54,000.00 Securities other t h a n U . S. b o n d s ( n o t i n c l u d i n g stock?) uwinjil u n p l i t d ^ d ---- 14.100.00 S t n c h f , o t h e r I l i a n f e d - eral res:erv-' b u n k s t o c k . , . Stock of f e d e r s t l reserve (50 ;ii;y i-ent oC sub- S.OUil.OO 55.000.00 81, 450.00 profits · S,662.OS Less current expenses, interest,, and taxes paid 2,83-!.Cl C i r c u l a t i n g - notes outstanding r I n d i v i d u a l deposits subject to check Certificates of deposit due In less than 30 dayH (other'lhan for money borrmvcd Certified checks Deposits r e q u i r i n g notice but IOE-K than 30 days-.-. Total of demand d e p o s i t s (other · than b -.nk deposits) subject to . reserve, items 34, 35, 3C. 37. 3S, 31t. 40, and U 360,963.S3 ' C.S27.47 50.000.00 278,440.04 2,690.00 200.00 Certificates of deposit money (other lhan for borrowed) i O l h c r time deposits i Total of! t i m e Oe- l-i.lQO.OO poRils. subject to reserve, items 42, IS,350 4 3 ( 4 4 ana 43. . 30.SGS.OO 1,750.00 35,118.00 8. i uc DL a u n i t i i i ^ House 170,1^0.00 170,120.00 3,100 00 7.910.73 F u r n i t u r e and f.xturcs Real estate owned other than banking- house L a w f u l reserve w i t h fed era: reserve bank "fi.S'iC.SS Cash in v a u l t and net amounts due from n a t i o n a l banks ." 123.980.53 Checks on o t h e r banks In t h o same city or t o w n as reporting- bank (other t h a n item 17) Total of items 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 128.5SI.46 Checks on banks located o u t side of city o ^ t o w n of reporting bank and o t h e r cash Item?? TlEMlrmption 'IITH! with U. S. and due f r o m U. .Tal reserve b a n k Items with f e d e r a l reserve bank in JU-UCCSF of c"il«ctioTi ( n o t available a.i3 reserve . . . . . . Cash in v a u l t and net amount.. 1 * d u « f r o m na- t i u t j u l b a n k s , ... . J-ixchan^es for clearing 16.7! S. Treasurer Total 2.500.0ft jr:h- house . . . . 2S.010.SG K u r n i l u r e a n d f i x t u r e s O Real estate t h a n b a n k i n g h u u s 28.013.86 5.K1S.OO 10.000.00 Total $540,005.30 Total of Eteina 14, 15. 1C, 17. and I S;".75 Chocks on banks locuicd o u t s i d e of city or U 1 wa of r e p o r t i n g b a n k and other cayh i t e m s R e d e m p t i o n f u n d w i t h U . K. Treasurer and duo from U. S. T r o n w u r c r . . . . W a r Savings Ccriitlcatcii a n d T h r i f t Stamps a c - t u a l l y oKm^d S t a t e of Pennsylvania, County of Pay- I, JAS. C. LOXG, cashier of the above n a m r d bank, do solemnly swear t h a t the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. · JAS. C. LONG, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me. t h i s 18th day of May, 1918. WM. S. YAP..D. Xolary Public- Correct--Attest: G. W. GAIXAOHER. A. C. EDWARDS. P. J. TORMTCY, Directors. YOTT ABE HELPEVG YOU-K H03IE XOWA ·wlieu you · rmve * aiv ^account with the Title : Trust Company of Western. Pennsylvania; "your - home Bank. If you- have no account with us, why not start one now? Even, a little deposit each week will soon grow to a good size fund. This is the only- Bank in this-community paying 4% interest on Savings Acr counts. atronize Those Who Advertise. 7.593.71 2.500.00 | 1.8ST.23 | IN YOUR HOME GARDEN ( Dly deep, QQEmure well, -work often." Thus Pliny the Elder, nearly 2,000 years ago, summed up gardening. Els advice is good today. Enthusiasm mnst be backed by solid jrarpose--enough ot It to surmount obstacle! and survive disappointments. The best insurance against accidents In gardening Is knowing now to garden. The edible portion of the kohl-rabl Is the thickened stem. It Is closely related to cabbage and cauliflower. It should be started In the kotbed or window boi anfl set In toe open ground about the time of the last frost The method of planting and the cultivation is similar to-that practiced fof'cab- tinge. It can be planted In tbe open at the MOM time. Early sowings are made, and If thinned to 4 to 8 Inches apart the plants will won grow to edible size under, favorable weather conditions.'" This plant shonld receive ranch more consideration than usually la given It. It la really a poor man's cauliflower.--U. S. Department of Agriculture. '; Plant tbe weds of peppers In tha hotbed aboat six weeks to. two months before time to set tiem In the open f.xmai. ' They should be transplanted 1 at least once and shotild not be set In the open nntn the ground Is thoroughly 'warm.'- "When yrowii in the garden th* large tnn-noMd tjpei should be placed In rows 3 feet apart with the plant* from IS to y !7 Inches apart in rows. Frequent shallow cultivation should be given, and the plants will eoatlmM to bear until treat'kills them, --tr. S. Department of Agriculture. .yVhufabout the teeth? Drcns In ail ·ou pleaae. If you open your a decayed s»t of teeth -our~'attrac:lveness ends rigrht thoro. That's" a. hola in ths ahoo lor you. both to~mon and. women.' Girls,*'and Voung: men, you loM.half the admimtlon frhlch would be directed toward you if you hnv* bad teeth. "ou ) can't ·· be plea*inc with, a mouthful v of decay. You can't be -.healtb.?' either. Tho - condition ot Jtho teeth have a telling' in- fluence'on other organs of tho body. Bad teeth affect tha InteotineB, stom- aca,J heart, and even the eyiis. Medical science shows that bad teeth .pro- 'duce-*uiihealthy condltiona all. ovor the t o o d y . . . ' · ( - JVlth Senreco Tooth Panto at your feervlce--a ·cfentlrtcally prepared preventive ol Pj - orrhea--thore'e no need ·of · falling: a prey to these Ilia, fo Tiecd of having a mouthful of decayed [teeth. "Used regularly on a set of good teeth the deadly germa IULVO little, ;chance to enter. If they should enter fihey can't exist long under Ita thor- eugh deaJiBinET properties. AA a cleanser and preventive o£ diaeaae 'cf the teeth It la positively reliable. '.Advanced caeca ahould be treated lay your toattet Cse B«nr*co Tooth Pacte as a pre- frentative. Aak your dentist If you nhould not pay a!I attention to your tteeth. Of course we won't say our Tooth Paste Tvlil cure Pj-orrhea. If £ i already have It, your dentist ~ the doctor. Even if you are Icted irlth his terrible disease Sen- ireco Tooth Paste will halp you to got bid of It, -with your dentlBt'a aeslst- anco. But we don't want you to con- jtract any ailment of the month and Itecth, nor does your dental doctor. A preventive Is far tetter thaa to liavo to go through the trials of a cure. Savo .your teeth by Senrecc Tooth Paste and thB probability is that you won't have to deai with foul and paln-| fulidlseaso}. By taking excellent cara of^your te«Ui you may save atomachJ IntevtlooJ. * heart and eyo ixouble*. 1 TaJcft.all precaution to keep the teeth clean_And do.-It with Senreco Tootht Paste, the latesf discovery ot Jenta| iclenca. Sample of Senreco free tf you ' ' " Senreco Tooth Paste,.Ctacln- i - a i i i i v i stock paid In S r.O.nftO.oo . S u r p l u s f u n d 100,000.00 LTr.dMdesd profits.. 87,-131.36 L"?RH current ex- pcnBes. interest and taxes 13,939.25 73.402.U Olrculatlnp notes o u t s t a n d i n f f 50.000.00 Tndlvldtial deposits subject to check nSn,S64.3S Certificates of deposit u u e in less '.ban 2(J days Cothcr than for money b o r r o w e d ) 9.52S.S3 Certified checks Cnshier's checks o u t s t a n d i n g Dividends unpaid Total of demand deposit? (other t h a n bank deposits) subject to Reserve items 34, 35, '36, 37. 38 30, 40 and 41.. COS,034.48 Other time deposits 505.374.89 Total I-1AR1MTIJSS. Ofipitn.1 stock p.-iid in s u r p l u s f u n d U n d i v i d e d 50,000.00 40.1)00.00 THE EFFECT OF COXCEXTBATE3) EFFORTS In these strenuous times of "war, we know the effect of concentrated efforts-they make for efficiency. Prudent is he ·who concentrates his efforts on saving-who makes regular deposits to his credit with the Union National Bank. Your -account is invited. %% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. UNION NATIONAL BANK J1.476.S51. 48 State of Pennsylvania, C o u n t y of Pay- dttc, sa: r. John A. Armstronsr. Cashier of tha :ihove-namert Iiank. ilo s o l e m n l y swear tha^ tho ahovr statement if! t r u e to the j best of my Knowl(?dpe an;! b e l i e f . i J. A. ARMSTRONG. Cashier. I Subscribed and sworn t o before me ' t h i s -18th day of May, 1918. JOST5FIT A. 'MASOiS', Notary Pub.Ic. Correct -- Attest: L. P. McCOUMTCK, GRANT DKI.L. v CHAS. DAVIDSON, Directors. REPORT OF CONDITION OF TnE ! ; r.ion National Batik at C o n n e U s v i n ? , in the state of Pennsylvania, at the close of business on M a y 10. 1318. RESOURCES. nd clls- They are all boosters and deserve your business. The COASTl/NE^to The delilhts of your vacation begin (be moment you bo: D. A C CoMt Lice Steamer for beautiful Muckiaac Uland half of ibe Delights arc in the Lake voyage. " Railroad ticfceti arc honored on *!1 D. C, Line (teamen i out extra charge. ' * ;The D. C. Insignia insure* the best ia- appointments, cuii ·ad poinnaiinj* service. Safety and health provisions an that could be desired. AH steamer* are equipped ·with lale»t -wireiesJ 'service. .water is sterilized by ultra violet ray process. ' Two tpleudid vesseli--City of Madunac II and Gty of'Alpenn 11--operate-four timet n-week to Maekinac Island. From Toledo Mondays and Saturdays 8:30 A. M., Tuesdays and Thursdara t .6:001*. M. From Detroit Mondays and Satur^ ird a \-~foT day. 5:00 P. M., Wcdoeidlyl .nd Friday.'SaO I A . M . , / . I Scad ceattuusp lot tUmtnted pamchlet mad I G»« Lika map. Addrcu L. G. LEWIS, G. P. A.. 1 Third Avenue, Detroit. Mich; I TO HACK1NAG ISLAND From Cuff.lo } 9.50 Round trip 16.50 From Ckrcliind $7.00 Round trip 12.00 From Toledo $ 6,25 Round trip II. 00 From Detroit $5,50 Round trip $10.00 Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are,alike!. There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately in , ; Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For GonneHsville Special Beer at Hotels, Gates, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME

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