The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1930
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSTILD ,E, PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, TDSO. ' Basketball B By JAMES M. DUISCOLX.. asketball Mount Pleasant Club Wi Play at High School Floor Tuesday in League Contest ©-- CoU^rs Prepare i'or i'oncrl'ul Westmoreland County Basketball SCOTTDALE ON SLATE FRIDAY M o u n t PleiiHant I l i e h plays tomorrow evening at tho High School, meet- in;- for the second time t h i n season fh/; (.Jokers in n "\\ . 1', I, A. I Sperts Comment By JOHN II. W l i O ' F U C . K i l l noltlo'e harikoteerd nro a n x i o u s ;o get hack into the win ranks and w i l l bo out to win dcclvely over the pi oteges of Cliff K i n g l e y who have hern p u t t i n g u p a neat brand of ball. This it; a big basketball week for i the ConnollsvUlo c l u b iimsruuch as two] Westmoreland county continsonts will I bo encountered. The two foes--Mount 1'leasaiit and ScoUlalo are situated riearby and there ,H much rivalry. Following the local battle with Mount Pleasant h -re tomorrow n i g h t , live Orange and Black w i l l get down to cliff workouts in preparation for J h e Seottdale High i liatet at t h a t place n Friday evenin;. There i« u n u s u a l l y groat interest in · h e play wit'h tho I'lue end W h i t e anil i large d e l e g a t i o n Is expected to » c - j company the Cok-rs to thy M i l l Town. Coach Bruce Shar - ui'' , u n a s s u m i n g f e l l usually, a 'whcee only stiit-!-ineut,; p r i o r to a r y ganu is t h a t "Dio boys w i U giv t h e i r bust" has ventured f u r t h e r . "I t h i n k w i i l w h i p Sewiekley. !o heat but perior," tho skipper . no i w a n f o any wortM hi:- advice .seriously. 1 am « u r v our c l n l ) Is eu- I vs. Rruec docs · id y«u can t a k e ! CARMCHAELS WINS BY SINGLE POINT OVER GERMAN TEAM G e r m a n T o w n s h i p High School batikeU;er« k*U ii single point decision 1 WiW to ('anniclmt-J.s High S a t u r d a y n i g h t in l ho W. P. I. A. tieuKue. The decision was 25 to 21. T;ili3 fray was In Section 13. 'Die l i n e - u p : Carmiclwels--S,".. H u r n o U e Dunbar made a in at M t t l o record tti'it Friday night « !icu Hurst w a y ; w h i p p e d ."! to 7. W ten tho b u t t l e ; started. Hurst clicked up three points \ b e f o r e D, T. w;w a l - i e (o reglsler. i However, the lied an ! Black soon di-! reeled Its a r t i l l e r y 01 t h e net and t h e ; visitors were baffled. Seldom did the c l u b even get its luviicls Titotifc three p o i n t s any h o l p u n t i l the fi! ol period. t t u ih'Ht m i n u t e of counters) wero «ieeon u n a b l e to tally ( o t hto opening t t a n ; i the second and t h i n ; Uio f o u r t h m i n u t e oi Incidentally, I.oipori points in ... F ...C. ..(', German--21. Donnelly .._._ Hout Doniko CrackovJtch Umbel H o u t . Porter M K ' o m h s ..... . A l l i s o n S u b s t i t u t i o n - -Pifuiia tor Kit-Ill goaU Burnt'tle, Porter -. ."UeOoinhhi I!, A l l i s o n , Donnelly .'!, Io;n!;o 2, (.'rtiokovitch -, Umbel K. Foul g o a l s - - Carnik'haete, 7 out of Ui; C e r r n a u , ·! out of S. Score by period.-;: / i i r m i e h a e l . s . the da- 10 7 6--25 G--21 ·where they t h i n Kt;fi!ree~-Ki ntilc. Jack Elder Kctlros. .fuel; Killer of N'otrc Oatn-e b u n s up liin n p i k e d KlKtes and prcparetl for t h e sorlous of m a k i n g a livinp. The Irieh grid and track star has now q u i t all athletic competition. J o h n n y JKarrcIl VIns. Johnny I'Virrell of St. Angustluc, f-'la., former national open champion, describes it ig u n d e r tho die Atlantic ie oni: 1 '. umpire" circuital of nothing b u t j assaulting; tho b; ll-arul-ctrike cb!ot'- : tains. Funny ho^ tlie metropolitan writers get thoir noodles filled with moving picture id -aa. Here is the way the Inquirer speaks of Alan), who, f r m the article below is lucky to he alt', o: "The junior of 'he u m p i r i n g Harry AduuiB TV as ypst.i rday sworn in VB arbiter for tho At iletics in their. Dixie fracases next MaiMh and April. "Thi« is the ec :ond fitraight spring oungor, gets* an end won tho $3,500 second annual Ponsa- j t h t l t JI»rry, t cola open yiritorday w i t h a score of swlt in t!le Kiwauis Club's bis motor 287 for 72 holes. IIUH down in Flo ida. "Adams handled non-plussJng diamond situations last year "with, tw:- curacy and nonchalance and gave uni- Trnr-k Moet Bids Onf. Invitation? for Cirnogie Tech's 14i.h annual intcrscholaetic field and track jTMrsat eatisfactlo i although the world's moot were issued to hundrels of! champs had I D - n y bitter tilts with schools. The competition will be held '-major league loo. on Saturday. May 3, at the Tech Field. Meteorite Sweeps Over "Wheeling. WJT;UKL/I;fG, W. Va., Feb. 17.--A nioteorito of u n u s u a l brillanco sw^pt across tho skies hero night. It vanished in tho north, leaving a trail of llutae. "This year Hi' rry roust call 'em for the- Phillies, ( inclnimtl, Cardinals, llraree and Io;s'ftrH before tho A'a wind up their p"eiiminary Beaeon. "In 102!) after coining North, Adam«, J u n i o r , dodged .'op bottles in the Mid- Atlantic League and so well he ciucked the missies tha he woe picked to of- SPORT SIDELIGHTS. ,,,, -By-ACK SORDS V.W! E PlTCMlMG FOR rAe ST. LOUIS CAR 3IMAUS. M.1SSEO TW(C g 8Y FAIL- IMG TO JT 6A5B FtAT- FOOTED OH 't \ CAUUEO o** { ACCOOMT O' To A GAME TO '13, BECAUSE THE. SOP PLY OF SASe'BAt,LS EXHAUSTED Victor in Championship Bout .It now appearn that .1'. T. will repeat in Section 'XII. Perry's defeat at Hern i n i e last wool: a p p a r e n t l y t h r e w t h e Cf.-inmodores out of t h e race. While Ui »rc is a poe- ttibllity that Sowickley i lay defeat tho Red and Black next, .ve Is, there is no j llkltaooti of that t a k i n g place. However should Seivi kley win (and j that i« possible a l t h o u g h not nrob- nbl(-) there w i l l be a inplo tic for t h e j letui. Then what dip osition? I our boys ; rhf-v'll be hard Dunbar Township Passers At Fayette City Tonight; Meet Belle Vernon Friday --® Bethany College Passers to Meet Geneva Tonight BETHANY, W. Va., Feb. 1" -- JT'ho Bethany baekctball team JcCt ettrly this morning for Beaver Falls, Pa., wlioro it w i l l m«el the G«ncv« Col- le-ge five t o n i g h t at 8:15. All of the BisonH are in fine shape for the game tonight find a h;.rd tu«slo i« kx)kel for. A l t h o u g h , the Covenan- tors haven't boon going so wonderfully thi.s seaeon they always reach t l i o j r Coming of Belles for W. P. I. A, L. Contest Arousing Much Interest, Kwatest lieiRhts when plrying Dut.hany reprcHentativea. the After wnning most of tha previous rounds Jimmy Slattery i» ahown in a jrrojfgy condition when Scoiza showered him with leather in the round at Buffalo, N. Y. In tho »«*t round ma le * comeback and led all the way to th* finis i. Hia victory brought with it tha lijfht-heavy? eight championship of the world. Battli ng Nelson to Stage Ring Comeback on tho hall, i w e r e not given j A Ctor i play w h e n three I \, l h i Hurst club ; (or t h e remander i .1 and throughout ; frames and u n t i l : the dual (iuartcr. j inp piled up i!i; a before Hurst.'; again broke into tin scoring column--; ·;hie when the Heron I team wae in t h e ! battle, j Time out is take i by tho Philadelphia Inquirer to y del tho praise** of Harry A d a m s , Jr., Middle Atlantic .League umpire, wl o will go down Souih w i t h the wo Id champion P h i l - adelphia Athletics but the way the PhiJatk-lphia paper Quaker* are labor, lufiioii that the Ml. ot those "kill Ih Scottdale High Plays Tomorrow At Latrobe (iym Scotidnlo High, (ieteririinei! o stay in the llrst division in Sect u 10. \V. I 1 . I. A. Ixague, w i l l put up t great liiittlc tomorrow sv»'-nin at .atrobe H i ^ i i where t h a t fonnida.bie sc olaatte (Hiiuti-t will iwv cncountcrud. Ked Kirk man Is con fid out 1 iat tbe HI no and Whito w i l l be ablo o tlati n .irreut attack thm should lo -er the cfjiors of tlm I^iitrob* e o n t l n j »nt. A bx;tic cojitoBl is antlc))ialcd. SPOUTS GLE\KIN( S 1'nivrrslty defeat* ! Amer' i c a n Cnivr-reity of Wi aliingtc: i., D. C.. ' .Saturday n i R h ' , it i b c Duke* i ym by «i of 31 to 17. iattirday fr loslnpr tale, -3 American Youth in Golf Match for Oxford year tho Bieon caper i defeated tho golden clad cagor« bot) at borne and abroad, but only a f t e r a terrific battle were t h e y alile to t ke out a 1" -- 13 victory. Having prat tlc.illy the same five this campaign lh game be- j tweon thfin two ucjintets «i lould bo a j real Jireworks affair. j Tho outcome of the gamt- w i l l have j a groat deal of we-ight in tl e s t a n d i n g of the Tri-Stute Conferenc-3. If Ifio Bisons ehouki win they would be back in tho race for final honnrt , However, if they lose they will bo ounted out of the- race. With this in flew. Coach GROUP TITLE IS IN SIGHT Tho p o w e r f u l baskef.eere of tho H u n b a r To writ hip High School will journey 1« Fayetf.e City tonight to participate in a r e t u r n exhibition contest. Whilo D. T. JK favorud to win. h a n d i l y , t h e Fayette City ciub mnst be considered a dangerous foe ae it has been playing a great. game of lato and several surprise wins have marked its schedule. Tho coming School to the of Belle Vernon HigU Lctecnring No. 1 gym- Friday eveniflg has stirred local followen? of the Uert and Black and indications arc that the Dunbar court will be crowded w i t h inte^wted spectators as I ho Shearer machine makes another bid to retain the leadership in Section' XII, W. P. I. A. Will) tho liampionship of the divie-ion in sight, Coach rihearer is carefully g u a r d i n g his boye as ho is awaro that ·A single elip may result in the school Tho famous Battling Mel»cm, aa ;he appeared during the jrreat days ;o£ hw ring career, which he BOW (hope* to revive with a comeback ifcfter years of Inactivity. The '"Doughty Dane" saya the news tout Coarlifl White i* »t»tfnir a comoback campaign is reffpoooible to:: his getting tho fovor. Ha wunta to meet Whitn at Jack .Dinnpsey's show at Ciicafo, 111., ,ia February-_ j ' * " i Carnegie Tech's floor team I n i g h t tor naii int. -Hi i t s tl-gan j Mtrcak by d e f e a t i n g : rv-nn ; ' to 11. W a s h l n R l o n IS count to .lofff rson lo t a 28 to h ficiate in the poat-fieasoii sories be- twoon t h e CJuirleroi championw of hi« own loop, and Hagarstown, winner in o u t p l a y e d in all stag e of the i game, S a t u r d a y n i g h 1 . * * * William T. Tilder., II. e nl Helen Wills again were ranked N 1 in the men's and wonicn't-. singrh -i respectively by the United States J awn Tcn- iU« Aseoclation nt I!B a n n u I meeting in St. Ixiuis. Heiar Wills xa.t Meted as Mrs. Frederick S. Moo- ,y, Jr., of Of-rkfley, (^a)'.f. Fr.incis H inter held 'i No. i! rank in the men's g oup while losing the title. After the Belles encounter, thero ·will he one moro Nuss hae made every effort to have j battle on tho elate and that will bo the the Bethany team In fine fbape- and to [ outstanding one. Sewickley TowmsWp confident of landing a victory. The appearance of FYei dom In tho Geneva lineup, and Flading in the Bison machine will add eome more ; color to the affair, of th-eee men have Inasn uch as both b«cn outstanding 1 1 d u r i n g tho ecaeon, and their mooting i Khould be well worth while and it j w i l l be a great 'tmttlo lx tween these i I wo etars for the evening s laureta. i WEST NEWTON IS DEFEATED BY 34 I PINS BY PERRY will be encountered next week at tha Me-rminie floor. ' Anyone who thinks that Sewickley is a eet-up can look hack to the defeat of tha Perry quintet last Friday night. Herminie will be determined to oomo through with a win and throw tho gonfalon status into a jiunble. Should Sowickley upeet D. T. there -will lx a triple tie for the top rung. On thxi other hand, a -win for Leisenring wiH mean the flag. Enthusiasm is at Its pitch in Section XII. West Newton, etrong club in the Mononguhelu - Yonghiogaeny Bowling league, wae defeated D a margin o t j S-l pins by tho powerfi. 1 Porryopolisj d u c k p i n artists. The scores: PERRYOPOMS Flanagan IGli 112 Blasco 158 Turkoeh 201 Wintcrhalter 142 Snvder 113 118 12G 127 157 138-- 472 146-- 422 154-- 481 167-- 43« 116-- 386 Totals C. Sweeny, an American boy, who. will play for Oxford In the varsity golf match against Cambridge next) imonth. Splwral-Crarotta Matched. | Joi 1 Spiegal anl Charles Cravotta ' have been matched to b a t t l e at the 1 GiUlotin Gardens I n U n i o n t o w n o n ! 145 WEST Williams Sero-neky 123 S. Malton 130 Foltz 152 Marden 153 776 700 721--2107 IBS-- 452 148-- 404 121-- 3SS 145-- 435 393-- 474 .149 133 145 13 S 128 Totals 703 693 765--21«1 Three In Fnmi ( U t A N D RAPIDS, 7 " P«3 17- the Blue Ridge League. Ho returned ; M1|W Ho!etl j iic ,, ta ;;)l !ho ;ame poa , Wednesday n i g h t . Kehruavy 26. Thls m« i 8 iTn Ul PI . llladftlphlu W H h ° U t a ! t««n In tho women's slnglo.s la bolnp regarded as a real "natural" T h r o o nwm1wn , ot a am !)y were hiU- ' * " ! b o u t n n d U! ° 10ytl h a v o boon i t c h i ! 1 S;el and two i n j u r e d i i a collision be- P:r " ie » J l 3 t ' a 3~l!lo get JntoacUon with each oilier for a I t w c e n an auto and a t r a i n near here Tll( is one of the best of the younger set of ump« and one of ).ho : c ., uilt , 0 Ulo M,, n ,. r;a ) M a r few who ever took private J m p l r i n g ; ll(K . k!y k ., lgl;c Sat . ]n | ay , , g h l . lofiuons from Tom Connolly, dean of j » * the yer-outere." in the: long t i m e . They K u r e l y "lovo" each late night. John Baker, 42, ! other. One promoter Maid t h a t wouldn't ride on the eame t r a i a n tbey MRRY H. MILLEN, HEAD OF LUMBER COMPANY, DIES OHJ31i?N!»BUnr, Feb. 17-- Ilarrry Hayes Mlllen, Jniad of the- Grocimburg Liainber MiH Company and nrotnl- n'mt in busiuos.", civic ami religious life. Mr. Milieu was the son of Hev. Hugh Wilson an-i! Carrie Evans Milieu. Rev, MMlen formerly was; pastor of t/ie United Presbyterian Church of Art Shires, tho epotl^tfc-a first bafi«- man of thft Chicago 'Whit' MIX, donies tbot bo Is a holdout. Ho, · aid that he han not receivd a contrai t as yet. Max Schinolinff is sni firlmes Still TTnKlg-ned. Grimes, Pirate «.ce, insists xipou h a v i n g a two-year contract while tho Pittshiirg club is have 1 equally firm in holding to i t s policy a daughter a«! a .-ou were killed. Mrs. Ba.ker and anot'ier son were the injurc-cl. agreed to lernw to meet tf e w i n n e r o f ' a d o p t e d KOTUR yearn ago of signing no He is survived by his w i d o w ami f o u r children, Virginia., Harry Hayes, James Wilson ami Martha Anna. Two brothers, John 35, M i H e n ot Greensburg and Walt or W. Milieu or I r v v i n , 1 1 ml five siiiter«, ivfrw. W. 11. Carpenter of Greenaburg, Mrs. A. ,i. Strlckler of ocottclale, Mrs. " M a r s h a l l M a r i e t t a anil Vliss M a r t h a W i J l e t i »! I'ltt.sburg- and Mrs. · lillnvor (!!. . Barribsrl of Monong-a- hela survive. the Jack Slmrkey--Phil Sc itt match at Mkiml on Febj'uar:/ "7, To Coach L* yola AMERICA Summit SUMMIT, F-Bb. 17-r-Jacob Harfoi-d William McDowell oC this place visited Ttobcrt MeT_mugh!in a'-t Uniontown HoHpital Friday. Mr«. William Mc'Rowell paid a visit to her eiHter, Mrs. William Morris near Elm Grove. Mre. John H i i r n h a r t spout Friday with her d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Lester Friend · at South Counellsville. | Mrs: William McDowell' spent o n e : day last week at tin; h o m e ol' J)r. and j Mrs. J. Y. Wood* at. Counellsville. j II. D. Barnlmrt, txxid w u p e r v i f i o r of Dunbar township, ban returned homo I'rom Scran ton, w h e r e ho w a n attending a uonvention. Dse Classified Ads. Results aulckly follow. Tom Lieb, former issistant foot ball coach at Not -e Dame, ha* signed a throc-ye; r contract as head coach ot' Loj jla university. Lieb is shown as he arrived in LOE; Ang ;les. pjayer lor more t h a n one Benson at a time. IVarlHirlon Wife In Aiilo Crush. PAI./'M BKAiCH, F'la., Feb. 17.--Major and Mrs. Bare! iy IT, Warburton and John C. Boll, vere injiire«l last n i g h t w h e n the aut-unobile in which they were r i d i n g c o l l i d e d w i t h another machine. Boxing, Wrestling Program Tomorrow At Scotidale Gym yCOTTDALE, Fob 17---A wrestling ami boxing program will be presented tomorrow evening at the State Armory tor the benefit of charity. Joe Cttflierty, iSeottdale's active fisti- cuffier promoter, i! h a n d l i n g tho ar- r a u g c n j e n l s for the entertainment which pro-.nises action and thrills galore. The first event on the calendar is scheduled for 8:30 o'clock. A wrestling match w i l l open the ftlalo and then there will ho six boxing bouts, featuring Sccltclale boyn, Oonn«l)«villc, West Newton and Uniontown youths. The complete prog ram follows: ,. Mike Bibel and Chuck Titterltigtou, wrestling match. Butch Parker, Scottdalo, vw. J i m m y Giaehelti, Counellsville, main bout. Ham Faith, Scottdale, v«. Y o u n g Gorcheck, Uniontown. Ted G r a f t , Scottdale, vs. Young Crowley, West N c w t o u . Switch Yelenoaky, Seottdalc, vs. Pete Manzinr), Wur.t Xewto/i. Bill MclXiwell, Scotldale, VB. Young Barker, Uniontown. Young Ttnuiey, Scottdale, v.s. Johnny Nagey, Unioutown. ClnHsiiicd Advertisements Bring results when pla*:oii in tho columns of The Daily Courkr, Scott Prepares for Sharkey Bout , j *· ~%XJT £t^^^^4w^riC'-'A'fi^ *·· '" x ** 'f**'','' -,'' ^ JM ^ nsm ' !i ^ m ^ ! ^ "' ^^^*V - / ^ ^v ' Philip Scott (back to camera) workin* out wi ;b f in* trim, lor Ms bout frith Jack ^- of hii Bparrtng i».rtnera aa h« g«te lnt« fight- I '* e * . SI

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