The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1918
Page 6
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WHAT NEED FOR HOME GARDENS CALLS j FOR MOREvWORK JN EVERY BACK YARD . ^The obligation of every rdan, woman ·.ftBtl child out of uniform to'help himself will be greater in 1918 than la 1917.~ Therefore the homo, gardening and canning activities of last year most ^repeated;' L -: --------- '- .This-is-the-message of 'the United States Iepartment of Agriculture- to "every family. Those who cannot-pro: can- conserve and save food. There must .be no Jjadisliairig among «iperienced : gardeners ; -they must re- {P*at.J8»eir: contribution o£ food. Ab- fence of novelty, must not .deter those who' tried gardening for the first time jin 1817 'from capitalizing their Increas- . knowledge and:skUL . , Those. vrtth : «3^erience znnst mate every seed .count - -- to' get satisfactory returns from their ;work with hoe, rake and -watering can. JThere must "be no' slackiag off: Gar- fdening Is everybody's business, but in !l9is everyone must attend to that bnsi- And now a word oC-caution. : THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVI12QE. TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1918. '·' Patients Giver y , Personal Attention Private, individual treatment tor each. pa.Uent is a vital fitctor that contributes to the high percentage of successful resalts achieved by my treatmohts. It is well to remember that no two patients are given the s*ame course at ·treatment. " Every patient's treatment ,1s planned and · carried out according ·to the individual needs of his or her particular case: Horn* Food Plots LJkc These Help Table and PocJtetbook--They Help Na:'. '. ' . . ' . ;' tion, Too. which K3 members can dry, can, or 'store for later home consumption. The gardener who. has provided for the immediate need? of his family and its canning and. drying requirements therefore should devote attention to fall crops of root vegetables such as .potatoes, beets,-late turnips, carrots ·and parsnips, which can be stored easily for later usel 'It also would be well to give attention to Hie production of mature lima or other beans wHich can be shelled anb/'fcept in bags, Help on Home Food Plot The garden specialists of the Department and of the State Agricultural colleges stand rciidy to help everyone make the greatest possible success of his home garden and to assist in the canning, of "surplus-food. ; With- the. co-operation of the press, the department-will carry the gardening advice .of .Its. specialists directly to many millions of /readers. To supple- Don't mnnt this' '.'Food: .JProm lour Back [try to raise more than you" can use. | Yard" series;" of: which this article Is iAnd water systematically all 'spring .' the foreword,' the department has is' ' A ' f e w square yarns 'sued two new -war ga'rden bulletins for will yield moru» than a "Half' acre allowed'to, run to_weed_s-._ ; ; ;· The department advises strongly every home "gardener" who wishes to -help feed.'himself. They are:. '"pie'Tahn Garden In the:North," -jjy amateur:gardenera-to- -l^armers' -Bulletin Xo. 937. .- . . . v _ . . 1 ^ .. , .produce truck .crops for .sale. '.-. Such en- -terprises commonly, prov*: unwise, bur- d not iur. " seed - and -f ertill2er?^- t5-say nothlag of £me~hr.d labor-- weria ' ·?S f r.*7*' (·a i| $**." · The government's borne gnrdenl'ng specialists believe that best results will be .Attained if each ftttnUy attempts to liaise only enough vegeti^lea-to sppply ilts. own table and Uraffcrd the"s.irplas Dr. R. -Tf. MacKenzie, I successfully Uicsc conditions: BWrVAUY OUSTRUCTJOX is a very annoying- and injurious disease and it has n. harmfful etlect upon th« whole urinary sysicm. I treat each case ac- to Its requirements. I»15EA.SKJJ--ItchittB, Vcrn- ing. scalding-, painful passages of wu-ter respond promptly to my treatment. It is sclentinc. I*X« AD D E R A» IxJD N EY 11S - EASES--PufCinesa under eyes, pain in back, headache, vertigo, swollen extremities, cloudy flakes and deposits in urine, are all quickly removed by my spt-clal treatment. ·-PII.ES are smaU vascular tumors and they havo a mosrc degrading influence on the health. I treat piles ·without cutting 2dy treatment Is safe unil palnlesu. SERVO I. 1 S I) GDI MTV is a weaic 'find exhausted condition of the nerves and nerev centers. No craa can be stronE and robust i£ his nerve system Ig impaired. My treatment GOOD stops nervousness, mental dt-bS.lty and wcaV-- on,ed vitality and you should not delay if you ure sufferine from thesy symptoms. ^ OO6 OH 014 KOft 1.LOOO »ISKASK-- If you have inClammatlon of the mucous mebniive In mouth and throat, eruptions an any part of the body, ulcers, aching ot bones, spotw or all diacoloratlons of tb« sKiu, you should come to me and receive this now famous remedy. All symptoms vanish rrVDFlOCKUE results from Injury and Is sometimes difficult to dlatlngrttsh from rupture or varlcocef?. The rem- coni;..otcly obliterates the tumor at once. Call and Consnlt 3fe. F Only, .VEW STAG HOTJSL, Conncllsyillo, Ta. '(Eome .Gardening la the Sooth," Farmers' Bulletin No. 934. "The. .City :.and.§uburbnti ·Vegetable . 338. ;.~Ionj:'.'postal;.card;to'.the Division ot .'PuIilicaUons,'.Tr.;S.'.:IcparttBent ot Ag- |rTcaItiire.n\viIL;Dring;'your llree copy.. ""Read these articles as they appear. Study the handbooks arounS the winter lamp. Ton will be ready to deal with soil and seed as soon ss spring -weather permits. , '. . · Tills \crog ;is.-me i of the -.most -endar- tlng and;jaa^nctory. vegetables.";;.It "~^a^be-.^^awn^jpgnittlrnpst any well: b oa a deep . rotted :"' larnyai;ti;iBanure sh'ouTff" be jnade"be: .jlore the plants are.£«?t^. The.seeds of . 'asparagus ra'ay'5e sown during the .^iprlng in rows', where the plants are to ..-'remain, and;the seedlings tkliiucd to ^·tond 14 feet apart kx_rows. ^^It-'- is^BsnaJiy n3ore j satisfactory"'--to - roots,^ as con-- gif)^ a '·"Jfeatu'r"crrtHe garden,.it should'be located accordingly. Before setting the plantsrtbe soil should be'loosened very %£·%. HijepJrreithe'r hy ^oh^t^l;plQt7tng:.oc-b; : ';;^ ifip spading." It is r. good, plan to ro- 1^22 move, tie top soil and spade manart g Into Hie snbsoll to a depth ot 14 or 3.8 j inches. The plants, may .be.'set in rows for horse 1 cultivation or In beds. If in rows they should be set 14 Inches apart, -with the rows 3% feet apart. If In beds, one foot apart each way is the pVoper distance to set the plants. In setting the plants the crowns should be covered 4 or 5 inches deep. .In the North the plants should receive a mulch o£ 4 or 5 Inches of ma; in-winter.;-. In the South .the not necessary,^ but Jhe plants --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure, ASK FOR OTR SPECIAL, CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING BOOM. .of: 'autumn.". · ~~ " . . . . . * . ' . _ - * '·'·"No 'shoots 'shbcrld 1e removed during the first year the plants are set in the permanent bed, and the period of cutting should be short daring the second year,--U. S. Department of. Agriculture." · · -- -"- '··-'·- -' . - - - -. - ' . . - " . . ' .. - ..'.Noncommittal. ' ' . . -asr ·Ilght=headed.*-'a-nc|-r snid, ·Is she? I am afraid', he didn't like IL" .".'.'Why weren't you: more' sympa-. thetic.?' " v ·'Because I couldn't tell whether he meant she was a blonde or. delirious." MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTHPHOMfS OPPMAKS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFHCE CON^ELLSVIU-E.. PA. flany SchMl Children are Sicklf . MoCbete who value their own comfort and tbo wdfare of their children, should never be without a bor.of Mother Uray'a Sweet I'owdera for CbiWren, for use throughout the icagon. Thcj Bruilc ;ip ColdaiRellCTft FercrisrincaB, Conrtipiv- ire. TH3SB , r c. Don't tiaxpi any iubttittttt. Sampl Addreae, ilolher Gray Co BEAD TEE COTJEIEE. "A great net of.mercy drawn (firougli am ocean of unspeakable pain" A CROSS the seas from every war-torn nation in /~Y tne Allied cause there Gome's the call for Red Cross help. ,It comes from soldiers who have grimly faced the gleaming bayonet steel and poison gas and screaming shells, and who now lie with parching throats and throbbing wounds. It-comes from soldiers sick with fever, pneumonia, tuberculosis. It comes from soldiers crippled, mutilated, blinded, who can no longer fight and must be taught and trained for useful occupations. It comes from the underfed, shivering, helpless prisoners in the German prison camps. It comes from little children, orphaned, homeless, slowly starving day by day, by tens and tens of thousands. It comes from mothers in the pillaged zones of war whose hearts and souls have been made numb with horror. From all these millions of suffering human beings there comes across the seas the call for help-rhelp that because of the frightful burdens placed upon our Allies cannot be given unless it be provided by the American Red Cross. Another hundred million is needed to " carry on." What will America's answer be ? Every cent of eovry dollar received for the Red Cross War Fond goes for War Relief. A* Amwlesa Bed Crow IB ttoe largest ana roott tOateat aqmnlutlon far tba rellaf of Buffering Uwt th* Wotld b» vrar Men. It marts up almost eattretr of TOlttntoer TPorfcera, ttt« bfcrkcr executive* betag -without exception men aa- cuatocned to Urge attain*, -wfco are in almost on oasea Ktvtoff OMr Krvtoei -without pay. It to ·ulUfurted entirety- by Its mffmberaltilp feos and fcj voluntary eootrllHiliona. \ U. la today brtagtaff rottof to unffertns tramirattr. both mUBmry nod-civil ta evrfy War torn alUod country. It ptana tomorrow to help In tn« work of reator*- tlan fraugboat tho irorld. It toada and ctotb«o «=Ur» population to ttmo of Rreot calamity. It ia tfiera to b«lp rour aoldfftr bor ta Ue ttam ot seod, With tta thousanda of wuiKeta, ItB trenxmd«» s\»05 and smooth rannlnK transportation facilities. It la aarvtag aa Axasftea.'a advacca stwA--*nd tba* heleinK to wtn u» war. Consrecta wztbotiKee tt. President Wilson ixnda tt The War Department andita na aaeaoatm. Tour Army, J^JUT Navy and TOnr A.IBn onthuat, aaticoUr ondorta il. ^^ r»enty-t»o mflHoc Amorloans n»»i Jclna* Jt Patronize Those Who Advertise It-]H"u^'.HaTe Been Dutef in *hft;Pront I/ine Trenches, Comparatively Speaking By C. A. VOI6HI '~- To T2 E opce IT tMUiT T3E A HO HOST' SEEH'Sc, AMD -CpW^T'To Noo

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