Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 20, 1972 · Page 82
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 82

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1972
Page 82
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Page 82 article text (OCR)

August 24 MORNING 6:30 0 Bible Answers (0 On Farm O Town Crier fB Religion 6:45 0 Corn Cob 7 : 00 0 0 (0 (B (E) Today 0 Q News IB Bullwinkle O Religion 7:30 0 Sleepy Jeffers (B Underdog 0 Farm 8:00 0 0 G Kangaroo (0 Zoo Revue 8:30 (0 Jack LaLanne 9:00 0 Bess Myerson 0 0 Q Romper Rm. (0 Daniel Boone 'CD Jack LaLanne C0 Phil Donahue Peyton Place Films 8:30 0 Consequences 0 Coffee Break S Flintstones Artie Levin 0 My Sons CB One Life This leg is based on information provided by the stations, u;hb uarn programs are subject to change without notice. 10:00 Q Q CD © ID Dinah IB Dick Van Dyke Q America Sings 10:30 G 0(0(0(0 Concentra " Concentration Q Q Hillbillies S Split Second Ladies 11:00 ©©(0CD(0 Sale Q O Family Affair IB Love Q Friends, Neighbors Hollywood Squares Q Q Love of Life IB Q Bewitched AFTERNOON 12: CO Q Q |D IB Jeopardy News blinger Where Heart Is Q Password 12:30 Q Q © IB Who, Where O G Search Q Split Second ID News 1:00 0 News Q ID Somerset © Jeopardy § Me Too Show Divorce Court O Panorama © O All My Children 1:30 0 O ID © IB Three on Match O 8 As World Turns Let's Deal 2:00 00(0 (BIB Days of Lives O G Splendored Thing IB Q Newlyweds 2:30 Q Q ID © IB Doctors Guiding Light I Dating Game 8:00 00|D©|B Another World . O O Secret Storm IB O General Hospital 3:30 QQ (Q © fQ Return Peyton Place 18 Edge of Night . Lassie One Life 4:00 Q Perry Mason ©IB Somerset § Cartoons Merv Griffin 0 Batman Q My Sons Flintstones Love, American Style Sesame Street 4:30 © Jeff's Collie IB Andy Griffith i Green Acres Death Valley Virginian Password Movie 5:00 0 Wagon Tram Q Big Valley. © High Chaparral © Dick Van Dyke © Maverick Q © Misterogers 0 Griffin 5:30 © Marshall Dillon Q© Electric Co. ID What's My Line Banquets · Sales Meetings I Picnics · Private Parties · Wedding receptions TV Movies Use Want Ads. Dial 348-4848 Thursday "Apache Uprising," (1966) *%, 9 p.m., 0 O with Rory Oalhoun and Corinne Calvet. * * * "Millionaire for Christy," (1951) **, 11:30 p.m., |B with Fred MacMurray and Eleanor Parker. ········································m I INQUIRE ABOUT OUR MOBILE HOME LOANS MERCHANTS, /h ^ ( Ji/laucna MONTGOMERY, W. VA. EVENING 6:00 IB News IB Jeannie © Yoga Q Lipreading 6:30 Q Psychology g News O Cronklte © Guitar 7:00 0 Let's Deal Q Arthur Smith Q3 IB Consequences IB Jubilee Q My Line O Geographies IB Wild West Judy Lynn Our Times Yoga 7:30 Q Hollywood Squares Q Let's Deal IB Tell the Truth (B Untamed World Q Dragnet © Chapter 33 Q Insight Q Death Valley 8:00 f) 0(0 (D IE) Theater O O My World IB O Kid Power © Q America 8:30 0 O My Sons § Jazz Set Handsful of Ashes Q Three Dog Night 9:00 £10(0(BCE) Ironside © Q "Apache Uprising" IBQ Julie Andrews "The Standwells" END OF SUMMER HOMES ·^m-mmi W V H M V * ^ ^ l ^ f e l MOHDAY-AUC. 21it THRU SATURDAY-Aun. 26 SAVE $ 75 ( On2'/23Ton UNITS! INSTALLED C *I/C 2 i Ton Unit-Reg. S731.00-NOW $656. OH I L 3 Ton Unit-Reg. $78l.OO-NOW $706. Limited Number of Units Available! HURRY IN! Offer Good Only While Stock Lasts-- 1 st Come, 1 st Served Basis! Mt specificallyforcoolingmoti/6 horn IfMNf.Mjrmot-m' (unit sets outside. Slip-l Ion flexible duct con-1 Ineets unit to yourU (·xiilinj heit duct. V ·s/ 0:00 OQ ID |B IB Bobby Darin (00 Owen Marshall g Paul Nuchims World Press 0:30 Q Jazz Set 1:00 Q 0 |B O Q Q |D (0 News 0 State Fair 1:30 O 0 C0 CD © Tonight O "Extraordinary Seaman" IB "Millionaire for Christy" § Dick Cavett Movie Add to the fry o/ mobile home living with this complete a// 1 conditioning package 6s · Outdoor weatherproof cabinet houses · Return airbox, filter and Interior grille · Thermostat · Built-in electric hrat (optional) · Supply «ir duct connector ··········^ ITM A Homelrrtprovementor Bank Financing Available AERODYNE CORP. 1323 DUNBAR AVf., DUNBAR, W. VA. PHONE 768-0066 (Out-of-Town Gall Collect) CHARLESTON, W, VA. TV Movies Friday "Helen of Troy," (1956) ·**, 11:30 p.m., (B with Rosanna Podesta and Jack Sernas. "Edge of Eternity," (1959) *%, 12:30 p.m., O with Cornel Wilde and V i c t o r i a Shaw. "The Uon," 0962) **, 12:30 a.m., Q with William Holden and Capucine. Portable THE BEST PORTABLE KENNEL AVAILABLE Protects Controls Your Pet or Hunting Dogs! Sturdily Constructed of 2" mesh, 11 gouge Galvanized Chain link fence, 6.D. Galvanized Fence Pip* uprights, and framing of H" round tension rods collapsible for eosy portability. Call us for further details. Now! John Chancellor and Dtivid Brinkley will be conncliormen for JVBC Netv, at the Republican Convention Aug. 21 to 23. BANK FINANCING AVAILABLE McNIEL FENCE CO., INC. 3002 7th Ave. North Charleston-Phone 744-8051 CALL us FOR «U VOUR FENCING NEEDS. Use Want Ads. Dial 348-4848 Tunny Face' overhauled for fall By Charles Witbtck HpLLYWOOD-While awaiting to begin production on her remodeled fall Sunday night series, Sandy Duncan carries within her the nagging fear that perhaps too much tinkering with last year's format could spoil the works. Insiders believe that any alteration in the '71 model would be a step up, but the star worries about overdoing it, saying in a kidding manner: "We'll probably improve ourselves off the air." A likely story. The new production staff led by Arne Sultan, formerly with Don Adams, "Governor and J.J." "He and She," is in charge of the overhaul. B u l l e t i n s , prefaced by "You're going to like this," come to Sandy in a steady stream, containing the latest additions. So far the game plan has Sandy working on her teaching degree at UCLA, but she will not be seen trying to hold a class of kids together. As Miss Stockton, she will live in an apartment without a roommate this time, relying on a telephone f o r conversation bits. Al, a traffic cop,, resides in the building and fulfills the brother image. Sandy also has a part-time job as a receptionist in an agency, working 'alongside a young lady who is a total dingbat, relieving the star of this oneroiw chore. "They're allowing me a little intelligence this time," Sandy said. Asked what displeased her in last fall's short series-which critics panned on one hand while being personally kind to the newcomer--Sandy replied, "I didn't like th* age they were writing me. It was for a younger person. "The show also got very Junior Prom-ish in the school scenes, and that didn't work. This year, supposedly, I'll have more of a chance to be a clown, which I like. And the story f o r m , hopefully will be more varied, instead of a girl in t r o u b l e , girl makes a speech, followed by a quick resolve. This year when situations start out badly they may end up the same way." In questioning Sandy on the new format, interviewers usually get around to the character^ sexual background, something totally ignored before, and the subject brings out a certain coolness in Sandy. "I suppose we will be more open about sex, but I would rather leave that up to your imagination," she said. "Sex is too involved for a 24-minute comedy, and it's not frivolous a subject." Clearly it will not be a come-on for the show. Since the youngster radiates a vintage wholesomeness, people can't resist sticking pins into the image, searching for contrast, particularly reporters hunting for an angle. While she was in London for promotion of her Disney movie, "$1,000,000 Duck," Interviewers went on the offensive asking silly questions such as: "K you were offered a marvelous part which required nude scenes, would you turn it down?" When Sandy admitted that she would 1 , a female reporter snapped 1 , "You really are modest aren't you'" "I really am," actress shot back. SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL Recalling the incident, Sandy admits that she took the bait and got mad and hostile. "I only resent being attacked for my views," she said. "I happen to think the current sex cycle of showing all on the screen isn't necessary. Today in film, everything is being done for you. The movie goer, doesn't have to work. I resent that, and so I read instead of going to movies." Sandy just isn't interested in being a spectator. After being on stage since the age of 12, the performer might be expected to be steeped in drama, but admits she's not much of a theater goer either. She isn't a great sports enthusiast, but she is willing. Coming t o athletic-oriented California, the actress tried to fit in, taking up tennis, skiing, sailing and swimming without much proficiency but with plenty of effort. Another western mania, sun bathing, only bored her to death. Reading biographies or autobiographies at home was much more fun. Recovering from last October's operation which resulted in the loss of sight in her left eye, Sandy has since had time for reflection, and says she - acquired great peace of mind rince her near brush with death. "I'm a lot calmer, these days, and no longer fret about what people think;" she said. "Now I have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Last year, a man at the deli could say, "I don't like your hair." and I would be upset. Or an old acquaintance might say sweetly, 'I guess that funny little voice of yours really helped.' 7th Ave. D. St. South Charleston Phone 744-3456 20% OFF SALE ON AERO DRAPERIES MADE TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS · Your lovely new draperies will be tailored to any width and any length. · Hundreds of stunning fabrics to choose from. · No long wait--you'll have your new draperies in about two weeks · Bring in 2 (two) simple measurements--Width of rod, and from top of rod to desired length. DON'T MISS THIS LIMITED SPECIAL SALE ON CUSTOM DRAPERIES FROM McCLUNG MORGAN mur WOAY-TV A1C-CI5 WSIS-TY NIC CHMItSTON WCHS-TV · IIUEFIEIO WHIS-TY WIOY-tV CIS-NIC NUNTINGTON WSAZ-IY O HOANOKE WDJMV CIS MKHSIUIO WTAP-TV CIS August 25 MORNING 6:30 I Bible Answers (0 Today on Farm Q Town Crier (B Religion t:45 0 Corn Cob 7:00 G 0 (0 (D CB Today 0 G News (B Bullwinkle Q Religion 7:30 0 Sleepy Jeffers (B Underdog 0 Bonnie Lou 8:00 000 Kangaroo CB Zoo Revue 8:30 (B Jack LaLanne »:00 0 Bess Myerson O 0 Q Romper Room '(0 Daniel Boone (D Jack LaLanne C0 Phil Donahue CEI Peyton Place 0 Films 9:30 0 Truth, Consequences 0 Coffee Break (B Flintstones O Artie Levin 0 My Sons CB One Life 10:00 0 0(0 fB (B Dinah 0 G Lucy (B Dick Van Dyke Q America Sings 10:30 0 0 (Q (B fB Concentration 0 G Hillbillies fB Split Second 0 Religion 11:00 0 0 (0 IB (B Sale 0 O Family Affair IB Love American Style Q Friends Neighbors Q 0(0 IB (B Return to Peytoi Peyton Place 4:00 Q Cartoons O Perry Mason ID Merv Griffin IB IB Somerset Q Batman My Sons Flintstones Love American Style ffl Sesame Street 4:30 f) Green Acres CD Jeff's Collie § Andy Griffith Virginian Deatti Valley IB Password Q Movie 5:00 Q Wagon Train Q Big Valley CD High Chaparral IB Dick Van Dyke § Maverick © Misterogers ·Q Griffin 5:30 Marshal Dillon © Electric Co What's My Line EVENING 6:00 11:30 0 0 _ Squares i IB IB H'wood oo (BO Love of Life Bewitched AFTERNOON _ (0 ID Jeopardy (£} News SHOW TIME, AUGUST 20, 1972 12:00 Contact O Where Heart Is O Password 12:30 G 0 ( D f B Who, Where CD News Q Q Search Q Split Second 1:00 0 News 0(0 Somerset (D Jeopardy |Q Me Too Show Divorce Court Panorama All My Children 1:30 2:00 a Match As World Turns Let's Deal (0 CD (0 ays^of Lives Splendored Thing Newlyweds 2:30 Guiding Light © O ID ID IB Doctors IB Q Dating Game 3:00 O Q Secret Storm ID O General_Hospital GOOD Another WWorld 8:30 0 Q Edge of Night Lassie One Life Vews Jeannie Yoga O Smile-In 6:30 0 0 Cronkite IB News © French Chef 0 Crowds 7:00 0 0 Porter Wagoner C0 (B Consequences § Saint What's My G Circus § Wild West Hymn Time Masterpiece Theater 0 Greenbank 7:30 0 0 Green Acres 0 CD Dragnet O Lyrics g To Tell Truth Rex Eleanor G Voyage 8:00 00(0 Partners O'Hara Olympics Book Beat O Washington Week 8:30 © Tiger 0 Saga Vietnam 9:00 0 O Redskins vs. Lions 9:30 © Goofing Off Q Evening at Pops 10:00 ©Insight fBQ Love 10:30 CD Simon Locke | Your Life I Peyton Place I Rollin on River I Special I Washington Week 11:00 ews State Fair 1:30 00 (D IB C0 Tonight Q Dick Caveti IB "Helen of Troy" 12:00 0Q News 12:30 0 "Edge of of Eternity" G "The Lion" CHARLESTON, W.VA. 7s

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