The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1918
Page 4
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TfiB »l^t"COUIUEB.*, C01 TUESDAY, MAY 21, 191S. Sfes HENItT F."SNYMSB, Founder -and Editor. 18ja-l»l«. THE COEIUEH COatPAJfY, ' .. 'K. 2L President. JAS. j. DRISCOUU and Treasurer, Business Manager. . . , . . . Uanaglnf Editor. ' WALTER a STIMMEL. City Editor. MISS LTSNE B. KntCEU* Society EditSr. - :- ·" MEMBER -.OF; -' i . : · " ' " *" AMocla-tedTrasK '- -Andit Bureau ot Circulation. . Pennsylvania Associated Dailws. f rirQ cunt*. p«r copv. 60c per month; per j«r by mall It paid In adranc*. : Eraeroa as second class matter at the e. Connellsrllle. I'a.' ^ ? *1KES»AT KTKflSG, MAX 21, IMS. ,. Hate 1 *" American Ex- V*dltoii»rr ·S'orces. France, » . ,, . Company H;-»Utli Infantry. rr. ;;.^ n.".s^N. A,--; .CpunflM-ier^Petorsburg. Va. MICHABi GRENALDO. vHAKOLD HICIIET; Battery- B/-Fleia Artillery. 2Sth Division. O. a N. Q. IJ^OYP B.. COX. . Company F. 37th Engineers, TJ. a; A.. Fort Mjrer. Va. ' Company E. 15th' Engineers ; .CKaiVway). American.. Expe- 'dltionary forces, France. / ^^ I Tb* AacocUttd Press fe ·*· claalv*ly._ntltl«d to the ox lo' ~re;mblle»tlori at all new* dta- ·pStehes cr*K«*d to It or not · otherwlie endued In thl» papar ; and alafftliiCianal n. W0KTHY. ; 1 ~Wliil£iho. parchise 'of Liberty ^ bonds iris an-rrtd*DC« of a-jatri.oSc interest in our wontrj; »nd ot a desire to Tender substtuitjal'aid III -iiimdnp the ,w*r, the fact cannot be lost to sight . that the transaction bad more « 'Jisrin " aS'Oie "subscribers "inaif-'have le*n, when Oiey ajranjed for She pur-J «h«»e''of bondi it was -wiili a?arm faith" lnjui»iteijri$r and afem^ of 'oar. gor- :_" tttft. tbmed'tb employ'for'other'than piir- lo»es:o( InvestmenV-tbay will' suBer Bo inconvenience or hardship. Thus . sacrifice--that of gome valuable or cherished thing for which no material recompense is or can be .expected--cannot be said to have-been practiced by the bond buy- · ers. To loan the government money 1 through-.the purchase-of bonds was in a large sense z. privilege, while it was also" a~ patriotic diity, Just'as it Is the" patriotic dutyjf every citizen to render support- in.'every form and to the limits ot their ability to every meas- »ra' of object designed to'-insure ·p*edy. and.victorioui. ending ot. the war. ^ __. 1»JMT«Tfay no means 'been dischargVd, «reirif we are of the number of those wSpJhave assisted to make all three Ot^he Liberty bond Issues successful. W»t;campaign now on lor the Second ' Bed : Cross War Fund is merely an- otJr opportunity lor ns to more near- lyiSneasure up to the stature of self- aacirificing, patriotic'citizens. Tlhe claims--the Red Cross haa, ; on oracf "ijeneroslty' were never so Im- jelBES; its needs were -never"'so SrAt; the mission it is performing wipnever so boundless in opportunt- tteC for the exemplification of all that we'ii a Christian peoiila and nation xtanii for. The request for a second land- to continue the work of mercy tbfcj agency is performing HOX therefore, be considered by every citi- xooftts more than an appeal; it should, lenflnd us that we are under a'sacred : obligation, confronted liy : .the.jmpera- tive';duty to respond in the' spirit of flaElt?£acrifiCd and glad service. . TEat is'the spirit of onf men who ' lurtStdonned the khaki; it is the spirit o! 4fie Red Cross workers who follow fhfrHtbldiers wherever duty calls them, abjuring all the . dangers, privations an^ hardships in the unselfish desire to :b« near at hand "When a Feller Meeds a Friend." la', comparison with th'. 5 .*! . yielding up. this complete ·'forgetfuV- B«*sXof self, on part or our boys and tbe^Ked Cross workers, ought not we · to -lorever hang our hearts in.'Shame it wS do .less than give to this holy taut*; and give, and give'untll 'we feel . ancPinow that 'we have in truth de. prived ourselves of luxuries and com' ft»irter yes, evea of those -things-,we - -wenr^accustomed to count" as necessf- tiecisfore the greater necessity came- upoicour sons and our neighbors' jons_ to J9Se tneir all? · t tQKn we ^an thus realize that their oeftds ouir opportunity for real sac- · TiflcS^ then, and then only, will the 'JitliSre make be accounted ae.worthy... la^ihe case of the Red Cross cam- '·vea*ft better ending. Cut Out Useless Work We all know! in a general way, that some men are! engaged in' nonessential work in every town in the country. In. Atheis. Ga., a census was taken to find out the exact wastage .of muscle that could be turned to war- work.. 'It was found, according to conservative reports, that the nonesaen- tjal. house servants alone, in. that town of '20,000 .people,' could furnish the labor" for''cultivating enough .land to produce at a moderate yield, 7{?,000 bushels of corn.'.' ... . , ' - . . .There is. only : one. test to ; apply to any human effort today for th'e determination of its value--and !that is, Does it help win thejwdr?-- ·'. Usually within a few hours' ride of towns where men are engaged in work that Is utterly useless from a war- j winning-standpoint .there, are farmers j seeking labor to produce crops-- ] crops- that will help win the war-^ ' crops without widen ire cannot win the .war. . in every town 'local .public sent!1 ment can cause these nonessential workers to go to'farins and help win the war. - - - -. :-. Do you suppose Hindenburg is losing sleep, over the surplus sen-ants in Athens, Ga.? Do you suppose the Kaiser worries of 20,000 keeps enoughyjs'eless.h'elp to produce 75,000 bushels of corn^Hf they were on "farmsr.".But, when. Athens, Ga.,. actually, has! 75,000 additional bushels of corn, to' show for 'the work of the useless servants---when every town in-this country has taken husky men from such jobs 'as-running ele- i, standing in liveried glory in front ot hotel doors, checking grips, driving taxicabs and doing a score, of things women can do or the public can ;do_-.witbout. or individuals do for themselves--rthen the blasphemous braggart of Berlin and'his companion "butchers" will 'find"" in Athens, Ga, something fearful ..and foreboding-something to- give them the dread that comes to ail beasts when-they, sense th'e real arousing" o f ' a superior foe. Onr iown" is Athens, Ga. -Every town is Athens, Ga. That particular place i is named here merely for the sake of i ,iUustration;*-becanse.',it. happens that X^ttrgia-.-eitension\',-.Trprkers ."took a careSil survey there and the figures are available as substantiation of general statements applicable to prac- ttcally all towns in the country. Yon 1 the war without , iw"foo without our^town; eonthmes to in nonessential ;work Trhife Janaers in* the county need help, you" haven't gone to war! Tou may :bny.-liberty Bonds and give'to' the Hed Cross, bat you are not at war n-hen farmers seek help and you continue husky men in needless, work. Tour windows may fly proud service flags, bnt you are contributing to the Hun's effort to, crown with sombre crepe those brave banners. After the survey Athens, Ga., was asked these Questions: .- ."Have you a boy in camp or fighting in France? He is washing his own ·elotlies, dolng.nis own dressing, cleaning up his own place of abode and working many hours per day in the midst of danger. He is "doing these things without useless servants. Are JbjCbsttej'SJlian, your-,;hoy;? -Do · you wahfr'him'to'do'yonr- fighting, and be his own servant, and at the same time go hungry, because your surplus' servants were not sent to farms, to grow food for him?" You must answer that Our town must.answer it. Apply the acid test: Is this work of war value; c'an the man now..doing this nonesseatial work do valuable work on 'On that basis Atb/- ens, : Ga^ found between 300 and 500 men uselessly employed In a town of 20,000. For example,.; the-; .survey shows forty licensed chauffeurs, with the conclusion that tilrty-flve are nonessential. Women could .take their places or owners could drive their own cars. These men handling farm tractors.would be 'really helping to win the war. Eight men were running elevators, all of-farm qualifications -and all listed as nonessential, because in another office building in Athens girls are already running; the elevators most satisfactorily. Eighteen males who make .their living shining shoes were listed as noriessential workers upon 'the theory that neatly polished shoes In Athens, Ga.,.do not help the American Army break through to Berlin, whereas these eighteen strong men at work in the fields to produce food will help us to win-^4he Athenians shining their own shoes the while if necessary! And so the survey continued thKragh various classulcationsJ--use- less deliverymen, soft-drink dispensers,'.surplus' "servants'. And farmers not far away desirous of labor to pro- dace war crops! -'Will our-'town; do' as Athens, Ga., declared., it. would--turn' nonessential town" workers "to' an activity- that will -really-amount to -something' in this war? (3ft»Xs)®®@eX3®*^ $ j^^in o /fo -n A T I . o "WANTED -- TOUK business. BAE.BERING tf WANTED--SECONB TRICK COO K. B, O. RESTAURANT. ISmayfit SISTERLY. primary today some of the es will receive only secondary · oonvfte ration. · ' : - "Germans - are Dealt Crushing: Blow - by French In "West." is another of the /na«ii tor "Hindy's" eelay in start', ins : tb next Big Push. · ' " *"TJW Greatest Mother In the "World" "ba«-iti3pacious pocket- Help to QJ1 it ThW"shipyard worker who holds the tlngr record at the end of the groingr to be v«:ry much more a.^ii«ro and vastly more valuable as 'i.j»,cttj**n than the man ·who holds the t-bitting average, tennis champion- other similar title. Giving your dollars early In the Red SECON*I COOK at StANHATTAN CAFE. ISroaytf' "WANTED--DIKING ROOM GIRl ttd dtsbwastjer at HOTEL HAAS. ICmaytf "WANTED--PAINTERS AT CON- Nfel.L.SVTLL.E CONSTRUCTION CO. ITmaytCd WANTED--COOK AND D1SHWASH- or at BALTIMORE HOUS£. 21may3t . "WANTED--Oral* FOR GKNERAL. housework. 209 Lincoln avenue. WANTED -- GIKL FOR GKXER-VL ahlnet Imaylt Ill West Wmahlneton SI WANTED -- AN EXPERIBNCKD kitchen ffirL Apply WKST PKNN TEA ROOM. IBmuyStd W A N T E D -- A MECHANIC AIi draughtsman. BOYTS. POUTER COMPANY. . 21ma.y5t_ WANTED--WOMAN COOK. ALSO chambermaid. CUFF'S RESTAURANT. Water street. 18raoy6t WANTED -- MESSENGER BOYS, over 16 years. B. O. MASTKR MECHANIC'S office. 20in,av3t ^ CLERK ' -AND messenger boys 'OT«F 18. Call B. O. ItASTER MECIL'LNIC, IBmaytf WANTED--THREE GIRLS AT FARGO CIC'rAR FACTORY. 703 McCormick avenue. 20maySt« WANTED--GIRLS FOR KITCHEN work. MRS. C. J. ARMSTRONG, Youeh House Restaurant. 17mayt* WANTED--YOUR TIRE .REPAIR ork. FULLER SALES COMPANY. . ' . 2imayU* WANTED--DON'T FORGET THE baby contest. 311 South Pittoburs street. We retire baby cabs while you wait., - : 21may4t* WANTED-r-GIRLS TO WORK AT cloflnect place in city. We pay carfare. CONNELLSTILLE SILK COM- PANT. ISraaytl WANTED--EXPERIENCED Lu\UN- dresa, vrashina? and ironlnjr. 404 East Green street. Call evenings. 20may2t WANTED--POSITION* AS HOUSE- keepur; prefer no children or elderly people. Cun furnish the best o£ references!. "HOUSEKKEPKR," care Courier. 2ima.y2t* FOR RENT--ONE THIRD FLOOR Clat. 511 South Plttsburg-. 21 may31 FOR RENT--FIRST FLOOR FIVE room tint, all modern conveniences. S. S. SNADER. 21may3t FOR RISNT--SIX BOOM MODERN home, J25 per nonth. A. E. WAG- CO. 2ImaytC FOR RENT--THREE FGRN1SHTCD housekeepine rooms. 236 East Crawford. Bell BJ3. SOmaytf FOR RENT--THREE A N D TWO room apartments. FLORENCE SMUTZ. 14tnaytC FOR RKNT--FURNISHED ROOMS for Ug'hC house keeping". 113 South Sixth street. West Side. FOR RENT--THREE LIGHT HOUSK- heeping rooms Tfi'.h r.ath. 1200 South liiice. No children. Tri-State 815. Umaytfd FOR SALE--A HOUSE. WAGON 1 and harness. Will sell cheap Cor cash. D. SINCLAIR GHOCEUY. 16 maytf FOR SALB--SIX KOOH COTTAGE, hot wsuter aysttiin. pas and electric. Iqtvuir.e J. H. HENDKRSOK, Wills Road. ' Both --phonea. lEmcytf FOR SALE--ONE FORD TRUCK. o»« Cadillac four touring- car, one Mfttz touring car. CONNKLLSV1LLB GAKAGE IJORIPAKY. ismayst-ood X)R SALE--B KOOM, HOUSE. NlCf* location; paved Btroot and »idewalk Pantry, bath and two porchoa. Hot air heat. Address "D. J." caro Courier. FOR SALJ3--ONE 1912 COLE AUTO- moblle, just overhauled, in Al condition; will sell cheap on account of dratt. Cull 133 Tri-Statc or 117 West Fayette street, city. IJlmaySt* FOR SALE--VURNITHRE MUST BE soli! at once. Four pluce bed room Ktt corn-piete and two chairs, three parlor chairs, table. U*=ed one month. Cash only. 112 East Patterson avunue. 21may5t WAITED--L.ICHT SPRIN'G DEIjlV- ery waijon. Must be reajronafole. 307 North Plttaburs street Tri-State 812. SlraayZt WANTED--CAR REPAIRMEN, CAR tns»ectors, alff brake repairmen, -wreck- men, laborers. Apply CAR FORKMAN, B. O. Railroad. 20naay3L FOR SALE--FORD TOURING 1SI4 car, good r u n n i n g condition, good Urea. fTSB. Aletz touring car 1317 I model, electric Hfrhts and starter, new ] tires, first-clans condition. ?390. Three i ton Packard truck first-class condi- j tlon in every particular, $1,250. Sec SCHMITZ. Wett Side Garage. ISmaytfd WiANTED--OFFICE WORK BY young- lady having knowledge of stenography and bookkeeping. Address Box 366, Connellsrllle, Pa. . · 20may£t« WANTED -- LABORERS. GOOD ·w-ases. Steady work'. Apply AMERICAN MANGANESE - JtATUTACTUH- IKG OOMPANTT, Dunbar. Fenna. ' ISmaytf ' WANTED--MOULDERS AND CORE makers; 9 hour day. Open shop. No labor trouble. PIEDMONT FOUNDRY . MACHINE CO., Piedmont, W. Va. 21m ay 61 WANST-ED--GIRL TO WORK.^ IN store one with experience preferred. Apply FBNN TRAFETLC DEPARTMENT, FURNITURE HARDWARE STORE. 21may2-t WANTED--GIRL FOR C KNE R AL housework; small family; no housecleaning-. MRS. ARTHUR FREED, 324 South Ninth street, Wsst Side. 21 maytf WANTED--COAL FIELD. -WE DB- slre a small fleld of coal for operation. Mast 'be on railroad. Give location, character of. vein, area, .price and terms to "COAI*." care Courier, ISmaySt WANTED--SEVERAL MEN RE- palrlne and overhauling cars. Steady work and. good- opportunity, for -advancement. Apply MASTER MECHANIC West Penn Railways Company. ' 21may4t ' ' Evelyn--I wonder why Helen looks In the glass so often? iv.Loralne-^Maybe she has »,grudge ' Bsilnst -herself. : "" '*·' WANTED--^LABORERS. ASH HAND- lers,' helpers. mechanics, firemen. Steady -work. -Laborers, 38^ cents;firemen. 47 cents per hour, other work paid In proportion. Apply in person at the WJEST PENN POWER PLANT, Connellsvllle, Pa, ' 21maylOt WANTED--·YOUNG MAN WITH high school education preferred, - to learn salesmanship with a local growing concern; expenses, moderate salary to start;, excellent opportunity Apply ; in .own' hand writing with full .particulars .as ;to experience' had. etc. Address "M," care Courier. 20mayGt FOR SALE--2-1 ACRES OF EXTRA good oai.3, ~ acre« wheat, 5 acros potatoes, 2 a creH corn, all in ground; itlso -t"5 acres oE good meadow, last your cut 87 tons; 55 acrcw good pasture land. Two apple orchards and other fruit go w i t h a b o v e free. Located near Star Junction. Af;ent will explain my reason for seJIinfr. A. E. TVACONBR CO.. agents. Uoth phones. 21raay2t IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS of Fayetto county. Mo. 228. June Term, 1918. In the matter ot the petition of the Youghiogheny Bridge Company, for decree of dluuolaLiun of said corporation: Notice is hereby given that the Youghiogheny Bridge Company has fllcd in thu above court it* petition praying for a decree of dissolution, und that the Court has fixed Tuesday, Uic l l t h day of June, 131S. at 10 o'clock. A. M- as the t i m e and the said Court as the place for hearing said petition and application for dissolution when and wliere all persons interested can attend and show cause if any they have, why the prayer of the said pe-tHlon should, not be granted. LINN V. PHILLIPS, Solicitor for Pe- tltton-ar. mny-21-"6-june-3-10 Dlvorre Notice*. Brownfleld Goodatein, Attorneys. MARY ANN HERWICK VS. GEORGE W. Herwick. In the Court of Common P!oa3 of t'ayetlo county. Pa., No. 375, September Term, 1317. To George/ W. Herwick, Respondent: You are hereby noUfLod tbat Lho subpoena and alias subpoena in thia case have been returned "Non est Inventus," you are therefore required to appear in the C o u r t of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa,, 0:1 the "fourth Monday of May of said Court, A. D. 131 S, to answer the libel and complaint filed there! n. :uid show cause, If uny you have, why a divorce from the bands of matrimony should not be granted the libeliant above named, THOMAS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April 25, 131$. may-1-8-15-22 Brownfleld Goodstetn, Attorney^. THOMAS HUNTER VS. EMilA HCN- ter. In the Court of Common Ploas of Fayette county. Pa., No. 361. Sop- tombcr Term, 1917. To. Krimva Hunter, Respondent: You aru" hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena In thin case have been returned *VXon cut Inventus," you are therefore required to appear in the Court ot Common Pleas of Fayottu county. Pa., on thti fourth Monday of May of said Court. A. D. 191S, to answer the libel and compSaint filed therein, and show cause, if any yon have, why a divorce f:-:orn the bonds of matrimony should not bo granted the Itbellnnt above named. THOWTAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April /25. I01S. ,--' may-l-S-15-22 H. W. and G. L. DawKon. Attorneys. LAURA E. SUMTEY VS. CHARLES H. Sumcy. In the Court of Common Pleas of! Fayetto county. Pa,, No. 313, December Term, 1S17. To Charles H. Siimey, Responslent: You are hereby notiflod that the subpoena and alias silhpr^ena In this caoe havo been returned "Non est tnventus." ' you are therefore required to appear in the Court .of Common Pl«a.s of FayeLtc county. Pa., on the four'Ji -Monday of May of :'aid Court, A. D. 1D1S. to answer the libel and complaint filod therein, and show caune, if any ynu havo, why a divorce Cram tho bonds of m a t r i m o n y srhou-ld not be granted the libcll^nt above named. THOMAS L. HOWARp, Sherlir. Sheriff's Office, April 25,' 19IS. may-I-8-15-22 LOST--SATURDAY AT SUMMIT Junction by James Smith of Dawfion, a PIttsburg Lake Erie engineer, a purse coatainlng 542. Reward it ret u r n e d to tho owner or the* Courier o(0ce. 20may2td Motive. KEYSTOOTi: CLEANING PARLOR. Bring your P.inaina and straw hats to CHARLES COCOS. 170 West Crawford avenue, Conncllsville, Pa. 3muy33t" Notlco. REMOVED -- MRs has moved her hair goods parlors to 123 Meadow Lane, between Crawford avenue and Apple street. ISmayCt Notice. THIS IS TO NOTIFY THAT THE undersigned. Patsy Cpuco has retired from the partnership between Ceasar Mattza Patsy Cuoco, located at 707 North Pittsburg- street, - and wdll not be responsible for any of the said Mattza's bills. PATSY cuo,co. 2'lmaylt- Plr.yfortl Phillips, At-torncyp. COKA BAUGH VS. W. J. BAUGH, Jr. In t!ie Court oC Common Pleas of Fayetto county. Pa,, No. 256 March Term, 151S. To V7. J. Bangh, Jr., respondent: Tou arc hereby noticed that the subpoena and alias subpoena, in this case have been r e t u r n e d "Kon est Inventus'' you ore therefore required to · appear in the Court of Common Pleas ot Fayetto county, Pa., on the first Momlay of June of said Court, A D. I.91S, to answer Lhe libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause. If any you have, why a divorco from the bonds of 'matrimony should not · be granted the libellant above named. THOMAS L. nO"WA"RD, Sheriff. · Shor- ly's Offlce. April 25, 1918. rrmy-1-8-15-22 Administratrix's X ESTATE OF MRS. MARY A. WHIT- ney .deceased, late of the City of Connellsville. Pa. Letters p£ administration on the estate of above named decedent having been granted to the undersigned, notice is hereby given to the persons indebted to the said estate to make Immediate payment, and those having- claims ag-alnst the same to present them properly authenticated for settlement. MRS. EMMA SOISSON. Administratrtr, 610 Johnston, avenue, Conhellsville, Pa. , 17apr6t-ived, George Patterson, Attorney. WJ LLI AM T A Y Loft VS. MYRTLE Taylor. In tho Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, Pa., No,. 418, De- comber Term, 1918. To Myrtle Tayjor. Respondent: You are hereby not Hied that the subpoenu and alias subpoena In this case have beon returned "Non eat Inven tus," you are th erefore re- uired to appear In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, Pa,, on the fourth Monday of May of said Court, A. D. 1918, to answer the lftel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, If any you have, why a divorce from tho bonds of matrimony should not be granted the libellant above names. THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April 25, 1918. may 1-8-15-22 AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THB DAILY COURIER OFFICE The summer season is fast approaching and it is time to be looking up the summer footwear. If you have never visited one of our shoe departments, this coming summer would be a good time for you to do so. In every one of our sixty- three operating stores we have a high class snoe department, and they are filled -with high class goods for men, women, misses and children. There is something really interesting about our shoe departments. If you hear the story of how we have* them made specially, how the stores are supplied, and how they are sold, and then after all that if you should see the shoes it would be no mystery or no conundrum why we have such superior stocks and why we have so much lower prices than the general run of shoe stores. There are just at the present time some novel things for women and misses in .fancy colored high top shoes; also low tops, good colors remember; some with colored vamp and various colored topa. Then you will find the white high tops, and all the different fancy shades in oxfords for -\v6nien, misses and children. There is white duck, also white leather, and black leather. It would be an endless job to describe them--a better way would be for you to see them. We respectfully solicit your business. 63 Large Department Stores* Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJIegheny i Counties, In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOU TEIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS ? ocxjcaoooocooocoooocxioaocoo O t: 3 Horner's | CMliing I § \ . I DOOOOCXXXXXJOOOOOOOCXXXX3OO3 OOOOOOOOOOCCK3OOOOOOOOGOOOO J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBLIC AND REAL ESTATE. N*. * South Meadow Cenn*llwl!l fu. 00030COOOOOOOOCOOCXXXOOOOOC

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