The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1939 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 20
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THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1933. :; Region Beehive Coke Production Last Year 209,000 Tons TM*^ I · . ; it · · · ' Survey Shows Bottom Drops Out of Market As Industry Regains Output Only 12 Per Cent Of Decade's Record During 1937. LOWEST POINT HIT ON AUG. 6 Held: in Skying The bottom fell out of the beehive coke trade in the Connellsville region during 1938 Avhert the tonnage was less than 12 per cent of .the total production in 1937 which experienced one of the greatest revivals in the industry in a decade. A survey of the field, conducted by The Courier, showed that the beehive coke output during 1S38 aggregated 209,847 tons as compared with 1,800,2.;; 4 the preceding year. Last year's production had an estimated value of $839,S88, a drop from the $7,200,936. The first week in January, 1938, found 993 ovens in blast but this total gradually dwindled until on August 6 it had reached an all-time low of only 138 ovens operating in the entire field. A slight rise was recorded for the week of August 20 and there was a continued improvement in the activity until Christmas week when the period closed with 502 ovens in blast. The subsequent week saw production cut .with.the omission of 92 of these, leaving 410 in blast as the year 1939 rolled around. January .was: a five-week month and had a tonnage ot 42,831 tons ·which was nearly cut in half in February when, the output aggregated 27,108 tons. The lowest point was in August with only 5,328 tons of coke manufactured. . la December,. 1938, however, production., had. . been stepped up to 21,195 tons. There are available, however, more than 8,000 .ovens which could be put into operation if needed but it has been many years since all of the ovens have been fired in manufacturing coke. While some of the independent operators .believe there win be an appreciable gain in activity during 1939 over the 1938 figures, there is no specific reason for this feeling and some of the operators insist that the outlook can't be regarded in any sense a bright one unless things begin to hum in the steel industry when the demand will grow lor beehive coke. Production of coke by months in the Connellsville field last year follows: January, 42,83} tons. February, 27,108. March, 25,539. April, 25,065. May, 11,304. June, 7,308. July, 7,7S8. August, 5,328. September, 9,000. October, 12,876. November, 14,535. December, 21,195. Total, 209,847. The production of coke in 1938, according to preliminary reports received by the Bureau ol Mines in Washington, was 32,661,392 net tons in the United States, .a decrease of 37.6 per cent when compared with 1937. The bulk of the decrease occurred at plants affiliated with, iron interests where production was curtailed 42.8 per cent as compared with' a loss of 15 per cent at merchant plants. ·While by-product coke dropped 3514 per cent from 49,216,800 tons in 1937 to 31,135,892.-tans in. 1938, beehive coke production went into a literal nosedive with a decrease of 72.7 .per cent, according to figures of the Federal bureau. Tonnage in 1937 was 3,164,700 while in 1938 it was 865,500 of which amount 479,000 was produced in Pennsylvania, 152,900- in' West Virginia,' 149,600 in Tennessee-Virginia and 84,000 in Colorado-Utah.. Pennsylvania had a decline of 81.3 per cent in beehive coke output as its figure for 1937 'was 2,559,000 tons. Its yield lor 1938 by months follows: January, 77,900 tons. February, 68,200. March, 62,600. April, 45,700. May, 29,500. June, 21,800. 'July, 17,900. August, 17,900. September, 25,000. October, 31,900. November, 36,600. December, 44,000, Total, 479,000; . . · · ·Beeliiye coke output for the Ka-. lion during the year was: · January, .117,100, , February,' 104,600. March,. 97,300. April, 74,700. . . May, 58,400. . . . June, 51,800. . . July, 43,600.': . . August, 50,100.. September, 55,700. October, 63,300. November, 70,200. December, 78,700.' Total, 865,500. There was a slight variation In the beehive coke prices at the ovens. Conellsville furnace commanded $4.25 until June when it went to $3.90 and July as it fell to $3.75, a mark it maintained until the end of the year for an average of $3.97 or a drop of 9.6 per cent from the $4.39 average price in 1937. Connellsville foundry went for $5.25 until June hen it went off 20 "cents and then dropped another five cents in July, remaining at the $5 level until December when it regained flve points. The year average was $5.11 or 1.3 Angeline'Mararol* Angeline Maraovla, 23, a maid in the Michael Rich home, New Castle, Pa., has been hold on homicide charges.' According to officials, sho is said to .have confessed to the shooting- and killing of Michael Eich, Jr., 23, because ho spurned her love. Young- Rich was shot shortly after it waa announced -that -he would'wed another girl. (Central Press) Foresters Plan New System Of Fighting Fires HARRISBURG, Feb. 10.--Use of spry tanks t knock down the headers of forest Qres instead of controlling back-fires is planned by the Division of Protection in the State Department of Forests and Waters as a new method of lighting fires in forests. Although spray tanks have been used by the Department over a long period of time, their primary use is to prevent the backfires from escaping over the fire line and to e:tin- guis'- burning stumps and snags. The Department recently purchased 950 five-gallon spray tanks for the Forest Protection forces. This new equipment will he distributed in six of fte Department's 24. forest districts. From the organized (ire fighting crews in these districts several ot the best crews will bo given a spray tank and the whole crew will be thoroughly trained in the handling and use of this equipment. These specially trained and equipped crews will knock down the headers of forest fires with water instead ot resorting to the present system of using back-fires. Foresters say that once the header of a forest fire is stopped it is comparatively easy to extinguish the remainder of the fire. Experts say that forest fire fighting has developed to such a high state of efficiency and the crews have been so well trained that the proposed plan is now a safe and effective way to combat these conftagra^ tiorjs. Attested in Subway Disotdets Moose Asks for Charier. ; " GREENSBUHG, Feb. 10--Members of the Loyal · Order - of - Moose of Yukon applied -'far-the'court'for "a charter. Incorporatprs- are Peter Ritzo, Floyd S. Morrow, Alfred'Cieci, Joseph JBushnc-11-and George R. Anderson. ·"---'--" --"'-".-" '.---'. - :.'... per cent above the 1937 average of Incidentally .coke imports amounted to 135,239 tons or a loss of 52.8 per cent from the 1937 total of 286,364 tons. By-products obtained from coking operations in 1938 amounted to: Ammonium sulphate,. 873,405,000 pounds. Ammonia liquor (NH3 content), 44,025,000 pounds. Benzol (crude and refined plus motor benzol), 71,362,000 pounds. Tar, 389,500,000 gallons. Gas, 489,600,000 (M) cubic feet Crude light oil, 120,800,000 gallons. Napthalene, 39,400,000 pounds. Buy Car With Stolen Check; Arrested When First Mile Is Driven SOMERSET, Feb. 10--James Stcy- anus, 18, and Michael Samole, 17, o£ .Jerome, who intercepted and cashed a Federal check and bought a car with the proceeds, were arrested by State Motor Police before they had driven . the machine a mile. They 'took'a check for $.61.23 'mailed to Mrs. Annie Samole, a Federal bonus for participation in the 1938 soil conservation program. They stopped at a garage and paid ?40 for a car. State Motor Police went after them when they noticed the machine didn't have any license plates. Robert Brokate (right) who took part in subway layoff demonstration in New York, is arraismed and held in ?2,500 bail. It was charged he jerked emergency cord on train, delaying service. The troable grew out of plan to replace 382 new workers on the I. R. T. with veterans from the discontinued Sixth Avenue "L." Maverick (o Run. ANTONIO, Tex., Feb. 10.-Former Congressman Maury Maver- [ fusion ticket. ick announced that he will run for mayor of San Antonio in May on a UNCERTAINTY--OF COUNTY LINE CAUSES TRANSFER OF / SCOTTDALE MURDER CASE Special to The Courier. GRJ5VSBUHG, Feb. 10.--An old law and the possibility that floods might have changed the course of a creek has resulted in three Con- neUsville residents being transferred to Westmoreland county for possible prosecution in a murder case. The three were transferred here from Fayette county. They are Luther (King Kong) Eoyston, 25; Clyde (Bluetop) White, 19, both Negroes, and John Turza, 25, all charged with the hold-up-murder of Naum Acheff, Bulgarian storekeeper of Scottdale, who was fatally wounded the night of December 13. The three were brought here to await action of the Westmoreland county grand jury as a Jesuit of a peculiar angle in the case. Under an old law, if a crime is committed within 500 feet of the county line of two counties, either county may try the case. ' " The Acheff store is located on the bridge over a creek at the south end- of Scottdale, near the village of Everson. Fearing that floods and tune might have changed the course of the creek so as to raise a Question of jurisdiction at the trial, Payette county authorities asked that the case be transferred to Westmoreland county. Dr. Charlcsworth on Air. Dr. Thomas Charlesworth, pastor o£ the Dawson and Bryan Methodist Episcopal churches, spoke at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon over the amateur broadcasting station of the Dawson Radio Club. He gave a talk on "Character Building," a sermon he recently delivered before his congregation. 1 Actress Under Knife. HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 10.--Betty Grable, blonde actress wife of Jackie Coogan, was reported in "very good condition" today after an emergency appendicitis operation. She collapsed on a movie set where she appeared before the cameras with' Comedian Jack Benny. Get Comforting Relief from RUNNY HEAD COLDS DO THIS* Put same Vlcks VapoBub UD each nostril and snlE well back. NEXT, melt a spooaliil of VapoRub in a bowl ot boiling water; breath i in tb.9 medicated vapors for several minutes. This loosens phlegm and timber clears the air-passages. *r BEDTIME, rub VapoRub on throat, cheat, and back so Its long-continued cfottbteacttoa can relieve the misery of the cold while you. sleep. TRY IT--then you'll know -why Vapottub IB a standby in 3 out ot 5 homes. New Budget Official. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 10.--Pittsburgh Coal Company announced the election ot Ernest S. RumpiT of Albany, N. Y., as vice-president in charge ot organization and application of budgetary control in administration. The $140,000,000 company, largest commercial producer of bituminous coal, has been operating at a deficit for almost a decade. February Clearance Of QLOTMES Buy clothes for the working man at a working man's store--buy and save now at February Clearance prices. 89c WORK SHIRTS 44c Blue" and gray; double back coat style; lull cut. . Regular; $1.98 FLANNEL SHIRTS .29 Heavy -weight. 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