The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1939 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 17
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10,1939. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE PA. PAGE SEVENTEEN. SECOND HALF OF CITY CAGE GROUP OPENS Six .Games in J u n i o r and Young Men's Groups At Armory. MORE CONTESTS NEXT SATURDAY The second half of the junior and young men's divisions of the City WPA Recreation C"- ter Basketball League opened at State Armory Saturday with six exciting tilts. St Hlta Juniors opened with their first win of the season, whipping "Y" Streamliners, 26-20. Swallop and Ash were leading scoreis The second fray found the fast stepping Comets topple tho Willow Inn Juniors, 28-12 Brady, leading scorer of the Cornets, again came through with 12 points The f.rst half champions, Oglevees, appearing stronger than ever, easily won o :r the North End Tigers, 3717 Al Bleshada hit the hoop regularly for tho florists, getting 16 tallies The young men's slate opened with Paramount Theahc, marked by the brilliant play of Jackie Kline, swamping St. Rita, 54-28, Kline lang up 24 points for the cinemas. Carbonara was on for the vanquished cagors. Pleasant Level Dairy was hard pressed to win over Leisenring, 3530 Pat Hasson led the dairymen scorers, while Joe Sepesi corrtubuted 14 points to his team's total. Dawson knocked oft Greenwood in a thriller with Abble Noschese getting scoring honors Both divisions of the loop will resume play again next Saturday The summaries Junior Lcamic Streamliners G F. Its. Ash, f . 5 0 10 Daberko, f ,, ._ 1 0 Mosl^y, c _ -~ _ TM, O i l Trump, g 1 0 2 Dunstan, g 0 0 0 Perrus, g ,,__ 2 0 4 Bailor, g ,, , . 0 1 1 Totals Non-scoring Light St. Kita Swallop, f Vernova, 1 Dclhgatti, o ._ 9 2 20 substitutes--Fi azier, C P. Pis. . 6 2 12 ,, 3 1 _. . 2 1 Scacchi, g . . . 0 Cornish, g 0 Totals - 11 4 26 Scoic by quarters. Streamliners 6 1 8 7--20 S t . Rita . 9 7 5 5--26 Referee--Bill Hyatt. Willow Inn Staves, I "etrone, f Suck, c . .. Cicentti, g Skrobacz, g . ,, G. 0 , _ 0 o 2 3 F. Pis. 0 0 o o 0 0 Totals . 5 2 12 Non-scoring substitutes--Mongell, r«T-r. Marr Cornels ConnelJ, f Alt, f Hartman, c Brady, g Galiardi, g G _ . _ . _ _ . 3 .. i _. 2 ,, . _ 6 . 1 a i a r i , g . _ u ». ~...~. ___ Dominae, f . , _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 F. Pis. 0 6 0 2 0 4 0 12 0 2 0 Totals - 14 0 28 Non-scoring substitutes--H a r t , Eyan Score by quarters Willow I n n 2 2 4 4--12 Comets . 2 4 16 6--28 Referee--Harry Lopes G. Oslevces Bieshada, f . ..'-8 C. Rowe, i 2 Cunoo, c - - -_,-.._ _ 1 S Rowe, g . -~ 2 McCarthy, g. .._'.. 0 Schrum, f .... 1 Cartwright, f __ . . 3 Tacconi, c . - - .1 F. Pis 0 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 18 1 37 Non-scoring substitutes--Gallagher, B Rov. e. North End G. F. Pis. Kraynock, f . _ 1 1 3 F. Rowe, i. 1 0 2 Snyder, c _ . 0 2 2 Reed, g 3 0 6 J. Bannon, g _ _ -- . . 1 0 2 Clawson, g 1 0 2 Non-scoring substitutes--Keno Score by quarters. Oglevees 14 6 5 12--37 North E n d 0 6 9 2--17 Refeiee--Paul Echard Young Men's League. Paramounts Wagner, f Muphy, f Brown, c .. Conway, g Kline, g Marcondi, g Totals St. Rita Carbonara, 1 . Mongelluzzo, f _ . ^ wallop, c _ . Fao, s -Echard, g G. . . . 3 ... . 2 _ - - 5 3 .,_ -.12 . 1 26 G. . . 6 -. 0 ,_., 3 _- . 1 - 3 13 r. pis. 0 8 0 2 54 F. Pts 2 14 AT THIRD FOR SOX By Jack Sords -- His Wrttt BOSTot, ff^efi. THieo MJURBP tAST VBAR £AF3WgD HIM THE Joe WITH -We RBD so* BOYS HEALTH NOT IMPAIRED BY CAGE GAME "Outstanding"--"Courageous" Coaches, Others Agree Play Not Speeded Up To Danger Point. QUESTIONNAIRE , IGNORED BY/850 Son SrT TABOR, 1o AAWAlEAFbUS LAST VgAR. 8uf \asKs foKcep IB RecAu, 4«A i ' COPYRIGHT 1735 KING f£ATUB£5 SYNDICATE !«. CITY R E C R E A T I O N CENTER NOTES By WALTER MISKINIS In the City-WPA Recreation Center Horeshoe League, West Side toolc three out of four contests from the South, by scores of 50-35, 50-45, 10-50 and 50-36 Competing for West Side were Ed Gallagher, Bob Pence, James Hackney and Bob Boyd, while for South Side ware Wayne Conway, Bill Stoner, Babe Corvin and Don Lytle South Side captured three of their fou games with East Park, 50-20, 50-28, 50-39 and 45-50 In the South Side line-up were Babe Corvin, Ed Ubach, Wayne Conway and J Omatick while East Paikers included Al Minor, S. Nelson, N Howard, J. Fritzky and Geoige Nelson. The next league match will be h«ld this evening when the North End and. West Side tangle. West Side is at the top of the list with South Side second. North End m thud place and East Park in the cellar. Due to numerous cancellations it was necessary to extend the City Recreation Center Volleyball League for an additional two weeks The '.egular schedule of play was supposed to terminate today Schedule for remainder of ^he second half follows' Monday, State Store \s Caseys, Christian Church, 9 15 P M , and State Store vs First Protestants, 9 45 P M ; Tuesday, State Store vs. Medicals at State Armory, 9 15 P. M , Friday, February 17, Phalanx \s Howitzeis, 9 P. M , and Phalanx vs State Store, 9 30 P. M , both at State Armoiy. The final game is on Tuesday, February 21, when Medicals meet First Methodist Protestant Church at State Aimoiy at 9 o clock / Hazel Atlas Girls Topple Shamrocks in Benefit Clash Hazel-Atlas girls of Washington, P,i, defeated Connellsville Recieation Center Shamrocks, 34 to 21, at Lafayette Junior High School, Uniontown, Thursday night. Tho game was part of a benefit piogram with Umontown High. School and Georges Township High playing the main attraction The Shamrocks, playing in their best fotm of the season, were out front, 16 to 14 at half time The locals' offense struck a snag in the third penod however when they were unable to moke the ball stay m the basket. Late in this period Edo Tulley went to the showers on peisonals and fiom this point on the Shamrocks were licked Captain ' Jzzy" Metzgar and "Ede" Tullcy starred for the local tomboys while Lauience and Guadagni feat- uicd for Hazel-Atlas. The line-ups Hazel-Atlas G F, Pis. With tho Center Girls Pmg-Pong League "commg down the home stretch " Team 3, composed ot Jean Howsei, Dorothy Rowe, Viola Miller, Marion Bairett and Ruby S luHz, is in first place with 160 wins as against 90 losses and Team 2 is second vith 135 -victories and 115 reversals Hopwood Horseshoe Team Meets Cenler Club Here Tonioh! Recreation Centei Horseshoe Club will pry off the lid this evening "when it engages Hopwood at the Recreation Center courts The matches are scheduled to get urder way promptly at 7 o'clock The Clmgan brothers, who performed brilliantly m Oie State tournament at Clearfield last year, will be on the visiting club G Devenny, I _ 1 Lawrence, i ... ., 5 Gi a, c _ ,, .... ... 3 Claik, s 1 Guadagnj, g ,, . .. ,, _ 4 McKahn, c .. ,, -- 0 Totals 14 Non-scoi ing substitute--Parassa Shamrocks G. F. rts Rowe, i 2 0 BogusKy, I 0 1 Tullcy, e 3 0 Metzgar, g _ M . .,,. 3 2 Seese, g . 0 0 Primus, f . . 1 0 6 34 By United Prcsi I IIARRISBURG, Teb 10 --Coaches j and athletic oflicuOs weie satisfied j today that scholastic basketball as j currently played in Penn^ylvan.a has not been speeded to the point of in- i Curing high school players' health Elimination o£ the center tip off after field goals last year piompted widespread protest that the court game had becorrc a 'race-horse" event The "streamlined" fea'mc, it was feared, would place two hea/y a Lax on contestants' heaits Howevci, the Pennsylvania Intcr- scholastic Athletic Assoc ation ic- cewed no replies to 1,000 questionnaires mailed to its 850 member schools on the subject in line with a resolut'on adopted by the State School Directors' Association School directors petitioned the P1AA to "change the lules so that the game may be made slower and health of students protected." Eager to cooperate with the duectors' rs- sociation, PIAA Executive Secretary Edmund Wiehte made every effort to determine if the game had been made too last and to provide coriec- tive measu-es, if necessary Wicht informed Preston O Van Ness, Harrisburg, school directors' association secietaiy, that in accordance with the organization's request, the PIAA board of control submitted a resolution to the National Basketball Rules Committee o£ the United States and Canada which iias authority to charge rules under which State schools play. The commttee agreed to permit basketball leagues and confeiences m the Commonwealth to experiment, although the "practice is inconsistent with some phases of the rules," to find out if the game, minus the center ]Ump, was too fast for health o£ participants. "We were pleased with the National Basketball Rules Committee's action," Wicht told the school directors, "because it permits school leagues to experiment not only with the center tip off rule after field goals, but with any other particular feature or innovation as it affects the present rules " Member schools weie asked for opm'ons, suggestions and ideas fo experimental games Cageis everywhere appeared able to play through four fast periods without appi enable strain Apparently assuming no remedy was necessary, coaches and faculty athletic directors dropped proposed experimentation plans When the center leap was eliminated, the rules required the referee to handle the ball after a field goal was scored That gesture gives contestants a brief "breathing spell," it was pointed oat Introduced this season as an added precaution against burning out bas- keteers were two compulsory timeouts, bringing to 12 tne lotal r umber of possible minute rest periods 1C neither team calls a time-out in the first period, the referee must stop the game four minutes after ttys second period and chaige the time-out to himself A similar time-out is called in the last quarter of the contest. Quintets may call for five timeouts during a single skirmish Dr. Frank P. Maguire, physical education chief in the Public Instruction Department and PIAA corn- Totals . 9 3 Non T scormg substitute--Fronek. Score by quarters Hazel-Atlas . 8 5 8 12--34 Shamrocks Referee--Hyatt. 7 9 0 5--21 POLES, LINES W I N WEST P E N N GAMES Bowling on West Perm alleys Thursday nignt, the Poles won the odd game fiom the Ohms and tho Lines took two out of three from the Watts, Basketball Results Commsky, I N Badovlck, c Hess, g J Sepesi, g . 3 0 . . 4 0 - . 0 0 . 6 2 14 2 6 S 0 14 30 Totals Score by quarters Pleasant Level 10 12 2 11--35 Leisenring 4 4 12 10--30 Refeiee--To-n Logan. Totals _. Score by quaiters- Paramounts 14 16 8 16--54 S t Rita _ 6 7 3 12--28 Releree--Bill Millei. Pleasant Level Hasson, i -_ -- Smidtkc, f __ . Tikey, c Bcnko, s Deficit, g Sansone, I Mongell, g .. G 5 3 4 0 0 -- 3 .. 1 F. Pts Totals - - 16 3 35 Non-scoring substitutes--Morrison, Oswald. Lclsenrins; G. F Pts. McGarrity, f 1 0 2 Greerm ood Murray, t Hooper, f ... Shafsky, c Ellenberger, g Becman, g Corrado, g Totals G. 1 . 2 0 . 0 2 0 Pts. 4 4 4 2 5 1 44 Duquesne 39, Baltimore 34 Waynesbuig 61, W Va. Wes'eyan G George Washington 59, Wash-Jeff 4 Grove City 36, Geneva 34 John Canoll 43, Toledo 40. F M 55, BuckneU 45 ChaJeroi 34 Brownsville 33 Ramsay 28, Derr Boiougli 27 North Belle Vernon 29, German 22. 10 20 Non-scoi ing substitutes--Ferens Dawson G F. Pts. Durhin, £ . 0 0 0 Noschese, f _ _ . 5 z 1 2 Laughi cy, c . 4 1 9 Craig, g 0 0 0 Bittner, g . . 2 1 5 Totals .. _ 11 4 'i6 Score by quarteis. Greenwood 6 3 4 7--20 Dawson 5 9 7 5--26 Keleree--Jackie Kline Pay Off ALL Your Bills With a Persona! Loan Than have LESS to pay each nontii. bocausa you have only* ONE place to pay. There'll be more LEFT OVER for your Hr- mg expensed. Main roquira- mant jusf your ability to repay tho loan in small sums rcgtUaily No co-maker*. No indiscreet inquiries, "Personal Credit loans up to £300 oa your signature only, or thoso of husband and wife. Coroo in. ox phontj FINANCE COMPANY TWO GAMES AT AkMORY TONIGHT Owing to cancellations, the bas'cet- ba I attraction at State Aimoiy tonight nas been changed In tue firsf tilt starting at 7 30 o clock the Hovvitzeis will lake on the Oveiliolt Reserveb who boast a clean record The soldieis ha\c been eppmg out in high gear and don't expect to have their slate mussed up. » In the mam attraction, listed for 8 30 o'clock, the Paramounts and Scottdale Merchants will swing into a'tion Both quintets will present loimer scholastic court stars of their respective communitier Jimmy Fojot Dizry Dean Jimmy Foxr, star first baseman for the Boston Red Sox and Pitcher Dizzy Dean of the Chicago Cuba shake hands after receiving placques of the Philadelphia sports writers association. Foxx, champion batsman of tho American League for 1938, -was rewarded as the year's "outstanding athlete." Dean, because of performance against the New York Yankees in the World Senea, was honored as the "most courageoas athlete of 1938." Howitzers Defeat Phalanx Dribblers Hovatzcis tinned back the Phalanx passers, 49 to 40, in an interesting basketball scrap at Stata Armory Thursday night The summaiy Howitzers G. r. Pis. Rosensteel, 1 3 1 Luckey, f *,, _ ,, 0 2 F. Flynn, c « 1 0 Kolick, g 1 0 Cohgan, g 11 0 McGmnis, g . 1 0 Varoisdale, g .. 4. 2 Barrett, g - 1 0 Paramounts Beat Miff in Basketeers Tiavehng to Pittsburgh Thuisday night, tt-e Paramount basn.eteors toolc a 55 to 35 decision, over the Mirtm E quintet A big lead was taken in the fiist period and increased by subsequent drives. The summary. Paramounts Conway, f _ . Stipa, f . . . . McMullen, c . . . . Kline, g Blasey, g Testa, 1 Brown, c Marcondi, g Totals Miffln M E. Neaden, 1 Havens, t _ Dean, c Marling, g Pickering, g _ McDonald, £ Satterf.eld, g F 1 Pts 7 ID 9 7 6 12 9 55 F. Pts 0 16 1 35 Totals - 17 Score by quarters Paramounts . 13 16 3 17--W Miffln M E . 9 12 6 8--35 ReEeree--Hanford. Umpire--Kerns Spelffal "Wins Acain. Tommy Speigal, 131 J «, Umontown, outpointed Armanda Sicilia, 131, Chicago, in the eight lound feature bout at Piospect Hall, New York, Thursday night. miss'oner on o^cials, said there are sufficient time-outs in a gamff to prevent ovcr-e-xhaustion Only four one-mmute stops are permitted under collegiate rules SALAD AND DESSERT MOLDS New, beautiful petal shape. Dividing lines mark equal REGULAR 75e servings. Sixes arc O t h e r sico generous Stam re- }-f£?£ c mutant finish. 4 forto 4-CUP EGG POACHER Makes tasty steam - poached eggs Water line IB marked. Smooth, bottom. Round comers. Use for 2 qt. stew pan and sauce pan, too YOU GET 3 UTENSILS IN 1, D O U B L E B O I L E R S Cup-marked to *ave time Easy- hold handles jwevent tip- p i n g . Easy- c l e a n r o u n d corners, and dome covers. 1-QT. BEG $1.75 Other Btzei if-qt^ SI 29; 1 J/Tqt , $1 79, 2-ct. $1 98, .. . ·ucs aba Btipect*! price*. TWIN F R Y E R S U»ed together for frying, roasting;, Dutch oven meals. Used separately as AI«o Covered two fry pan, 10}f- '" inch diameter. _ C O V E R E D S A U C E P A N S E T Three sizes tn popu- fc ji lor style Capacity "T marked m cups. A SET Smooth bottoms. REG $3 oo Round corners, include* i Qt, Dome covers. iV* Qt., 3 Qt D R I P C O F F E E M A K E R S Moke delicioua true flavor coffee. C u p m a r k i n g s s h o w c o r r e c t amounts of coffee and water Bakelite handles. B U Y N O W A N D S A V E M O N E Y I QCTALITY 135. SEEVICE Foils Lynch Mob Mrs. W. A. Austin When a lynch mob of 200 demanded three Negro murder suspects from the jail at Wetumpfca,-Mrs. W. A. Austin, only woman sheriff in Alabama, kept the trio hidden until, ·mth aid of state highway police, she could spint them out of town and lodge them in Kilby State Prison. (Central Press) 7 2 i 2 22 2 10 2 Totals 22 5 49 Non-scoring substitute--Cruigalo Phalanx G. F. Pis. R. Filburn, i . __ 6 2 14 Ch.ulesv»orth, f .. 4 2 10 Martrano, c 1 0 2 D. Filburn, g 2 1 5 Smith, i; - «.TM 1 0 2 Royer, i 3 1 7 Totals ._. - - --.17 6 40 Non-scoring substitute--Arnold. Score by quarters: Howitzers _ 12 8 15 14--49 Phalarx . . . . 8 12 10 10--40 Referee--Cooper. Urrrpire--Speshock. Carriers Increase Bowling Loop Lead Bowling on the West Penn. alleys Tuesday night the Carriers strengthened their hold on first place in the City Industrial Duckpin League by sweeping its series with the Me*er Headers whale the Service Men drubbed the Clerks three straight. The PiDssmen and Primers were unable to roll Tuesday night and the match was necessarily postponed It will be rolled off at a later date. Eipple, Gumbert Sign Up. Jimmy Ripple, outfielder, and Harry Gumbext, pitcher, Western Pennsylvania boys, haye signed New York Giants contracts for 193(1. 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