Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 10, 1975 · Page 9
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 9

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1975
Page 9
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»A -August 10,1975 Otherwise... Tom Fesperman Reincarnated Chuck Ponders the Future Chuck flew in from San Francisco to spend vacation with us. All he wanted to do was lie by the pool, absorb sun, wind down from the old eight-hour routine. And maybe stir once to go and look at the desert hills, to say he'd seen them. I wrote about Chuck once before, last year. * * * HE'S ONE of millions of kids, who sneaked off in the night in the 60s, leaving no note, escaping the old-fashioned ideas and values of middle class suburbia. In his silent rebellion, he wentf ar off, to lose himself on Fillmore Street, to let the hair go hang, the beard hang loose, the toes curl, and listen to the protest rock. And let the folks at home sit, wonder and ache. Then, later, he'd moved up to the country, to an old shack out of Forbestown, to lie hazily listening to the Stones and to Janis and all, and chew on roots and twigs. Then, when a pitiful garden begged hoeing, he and buddies moved back to the city, into a gray ghetto. That's the way it went, proving there was more to life than the repressions of suburbia. Mothers crawled up walls like houseflies. MONTHS OF nightmares later, he'd called home, to spot himself, to say he was fine, that he'd found it. Then, with more passage, there were occasional brief visits, at times of family crises. By then it was stuck in all minds: He was content in his own style. When I wrote last year, he'd become so good at the rock, so knowing, it was a happy day when he'd got a job in a San Francisco record shop, side street, inner city. He and buddies got around to relieving store tensions with corner-lot basektball, and going over to watch the Oakland A's. The popping vitamin pills, and shopping at natural foods stores and sipping carrot juice. So this summer, here he came on a no-frills DC10, to unwind! to absorb sun, to watch golf on the telly. He'd been playing a lot of golf lately. * * * A BUSINESSMAN. Yeh. A neat retailer, with a trimmed mustache. Expert on package deals, month-long specials, promotion techniques, the secrets of inventory. The store had done well. His young boss had opened others. Now there was a chain in the Bay area, so Chuck could speak of expansions, and ideas of mergers. The big thing this year was, he'd got weary of the customers you get on a side street, inner city. Eight balls. Dingalings. Characters who sway when they stand still. So he'd asked for an onward-and-upward transfer, and now he was in a new store in a new shopping center in a big-mortgage suburb south of San Francisco, and the place is a knockout, hanging baskets and all, and the nicest cloud-free customers, some even asking for Bach. Stretched out on a yellow plastic float in the pool, he admired nearby bikinis and pondered the future of management. This time next year, I'm betting, he'll be off carrot juice. Books at the Library · These books were among the titles received last week at the Kanawha County Public Library: '. Fiction - Alcott, Behind A Mask; Aldridge, Mockery In Arms; Dunnett, Checkmate; Ingram, The Night Rider; Johnson, A Summer To Decide; Kerr, Is That You, Miss Blue; Maclean, Circus; Murray, The Heroine's Sister; Myers, The Cross Of Frankenstein; Price, The Surface Of Earth; Schneider, The Daybreak Man. · Nonfiction -- Asimov, Our Federal Union; Asimov, Science Past-Science Future; Bass, Archaeology Beneath The Sea; Battersby, Art Deco Fashion; Beaton, The Magic Image; Berger, PyramidsOf Sacrifice; Best, The Case Against Direct Election Of The President; Blanchard, The Window Watchers Miniature Garden · Guide; BloomfieTd, TM. Discovering Inner Energy And Overcoming Stress; Bradley, Practical And Pretty Fashions From Simple Shapes Sewing; Bradshaw, Fast Company; Brunsden, The Unquiet Landscape; Burghard, America's First Family, The Savages Of Virginia; Carr, The Lonely Hunter: A Biography Of Carson McCullers; Cooper, Fantasy And The Human Spirit; Cousteau, Man Re-enters The Sea; Davis, The Battle Of Ne,w Market; De Breff ny, The House Of Ireland; Detre, A Most Extraordinary Pair; Essays On John Maynard Keynes; Evans, Famous Horses And Their People, Faulk, The Australian Alternative; Faust, The New York Times Book Of Vegetable Gardening; Fitzpatrick, How To Survive In Your Liberal School; Forman, Anarchism: Political Innocence Or Social Violence; Gadd, The Loving Friends; Gibran, A Third Treasury Of Kahlil Gibran; Hemard, .Creative Jewelry Making; The History Of Music Machines; Hollander, Tales Told Of The Father: Poems: Hoyt, Asians In The West; Kendall, The Complete Book Of Boat Maintenance And Repair; Lamparski, Whatever Became Of ...; Liston, Defense Against Tyranny; Logsdon, Successful Berry Growing; Lorayne, Remebering People; Fundamentals Of Radiaton Therapy And Cancer Chemotherapy; Lytle, A Wake For The Living; McGuigan, Metternich And The Duchess; MacKendrick, The Dacian Stones Speak; Macksey, The Par- tisans Of Europe I n The Second World War; Mankiewicz, With Fidel: A Portrait Of Castro And Cuba; Manvell, The Hundred Days To Hitler; Mao, Chairman Mao Talks To The People; Millum, Images Of Woman; Missildine, Your Inner Conflicts-- How To Solve Them; Pembrajk, How To Beat Fatigue; Pepitone, Joe, You Coulda Made Us Proud; Regush, Exploring The Human Aura; Russell, Adaptable Stage Costume For Women; Satz, American Indian Policy InTheJacksonianEra; Sessions, How To Train A Watchdog; Shepard, Fritz; Skelsey, Farming In A Flowerpot; Spender, W. H. Auden; Spradley, The Nacirema, Thomsen, Bill W.; Trefousse, Impeachment Of A President; Valentine, ESP At Work; Washington Research Project. Childen's Defense Fund, Children Out Of School In America; Wood, America In The Movies; Woolfold, The Great American Birth Rite. Reference -- American Crafts Council, Contemporary Crafts Market Place; American Men And Women Of Science: Economics; Berderman, Africa; A Bibliography Of Geography And Related Disciplines; Fodor, Fp- dor's Mid-west; Gale Research Company, Encyclopedia Of Associations, Nueckel, Selected Guide To Travel Books; Rand McNally And Company, California Campgrounds 8, Trai ler Parks; R inaldi, The Complete Book Of Mushrooms; Withers, Standards For Library Service. Juvenile fiction - Carle,. All About Arthur (an absolutely absurd ape.); Cowles, Nicholas; Falio, The Happy · Lion's Rabbits; Greenfield, She Come Briging Me That Little Baby Girl; York, I Will Make You Disappear. Jvenile non-fiction - Boardman, Around The..World In 1776; Buchenholz, Doctor In The Zoo; Cohen, Monsters, Giants And Little Men From Mars; Colby, Lexington And Concord, 1775; OeRoin, Jataka Tales; Halter, Bill Bradley: One To Remeber; Haskins, Fighting Shirley Chisholm; Hill, Dirt Bikes; Libby, 8yd Harrelson; Navarra, Supercars; Sobol, Jeff's Hospital Book; Taylor, Formula One; Wels, Newer And Better Dog Obedience Training; Wheelus, Baton Twirling; Winn, The Fireside Book Of Fun And Game Songs. Brown Pelicans' Mating Triggers Death, Not Life By Bill Crider NEW ORLEANS - UPI - The brown pel- - icans along the beaches of Barataria Bay's Queen Bess Island were mating last spring, but instead of creating new life the mating triggered death. : About 450 brown pelicans awkwardly struggled to recoup after three nestings 'were destroyed, one after the other, by early spring storms. "It was a tremendous biological strain," said Allen Ensminger, chief of the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission's refuge division. "There was no fun to it, it was a desperate time -- mating, Most victims of this latest bird kill were imported from Florida, 465 of them in 1968, in an effort to restock the Louisiana marshes: "We don't know how many are left," Ensminger said. * * * THIS TIME THE villain was pinpointed by laboratory tests. It was endrin, a potent insecticide derived from petroleum, favored by cotton farmers in Arkansas and Mussissippi. It seeps into creeks, into rivers, and finally into the Mississippi. Every high water brings it downstream to the Gulf of Mexi- producing new eggs, building new nests, co. Coastal currents bring it into the bays. m i _ «·· _ii_. u~_..~u* ; n 10 Dnrinltnrrc* " Tho F.nvimTimoTif al T^ofpnco T7nnH anH They finally brought in 13 fledglings. Then something else went wrong in the pelican world. * * * BY MIDSUMMER, dead or dying birds that were sighted on islands and swamps around Barataria Bay indicated that once The Environmental Defense Fund and the National Audubun Society have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to ban endrin, citing it as a threat to the ecology and to humans. Ensminger said the Wild Life and Fisheries Commission backs the plea for a again Louisiana's brown pelicans were ban. dying off - possibly to the point of extinc- "We absolutely have to devise methods ti on of producing food without polluting our en- They picked up a poison from the food vironment," he said. "We are contaminat- and water and it accumulated in their fatty tissues. ing the oceans from the seashore. This is so incomprehensible the average man ' All that mating and nest building, plus thinks of it as a joke. But the pelicans are a poor fishing season, consumed the fat. a prime example of what can happen in a The poison from it settled in the brain, very subtle and remote area." damaging muscular control. Then the head, heavy with its pot-like beak, lolled helplessly. It first happened in the late 1950s and Dutchmen Get Bonus early '60s, when more than 50,000 birds died - at about the same time the coastal area west of the mouth of the Mississippi ·was hit by massive fish kills. That great bird kill eliminated the brown pelican from Louisiana's coastal marshes, where it used to be so common it . was named the state bird. Pesticides were suspected. Y Wl HMtVf T« IICMJ TO LIMH QU*NllIlli OPEN DAILY lOtol SUNDAY 1T07 BOWL WITH HECK'S AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (AP) -- Dutchmen who enlist in the army for four years will receive an extra year's pay when discharged under a new recruiting plan. It means a man with the rank of sergeant would receive a $6,000 bonus on return to civilian life. FREECAMEOF BOWLING AT THESE PARTICIPATING AREA BOWLING CENTERS: 1. ROBIN LANES-Rnnowho City 2. STRIKES SPARES LAHES-Chorleston 3. DUNBAR BOWLING CENTER-DuiAor 4. TOWN 'N COUNTRY LANES-NHro 5. BOULEVARD LANES-Charleston BOWLING ... It's a healthy sport for all ... the perfect all 'round family game! COME IN TO HECK'S STORE LISTED BELOW AND PICK UP YOUR COUPON NORELCO LADIES' SHAVER Here's the shaver for girls on the go! Inexpensive and compact--but shaves like it s expensive! Travels world-wide with its 110/220 voltage selector. And gives marvelous shaves... gentle, close, comfortable, with the two-sided shaving head. A beoutiful little buy. Champagne colors and matching package. ONE FREE GAME PER DAY PER PERSON ANY TMELANES ARE AVAILABLE NOT GOOD FOR LEAGUEPLAY OR SPECIAL EVENTS OFFER EXPRES AUGUST 23,1975 GSUltt RIGHT GUARD RIGHT GUARD DOUBLE PROTECTION ANTI-PERSPIRANT 50Z. 69 80Z. JfWlMDtPT. FOOT GUARD ANTIFUNGAL 3 OZ. POWDER 68 HECK'S REG. $1.28 (I 8 OZ. AEROSOL HECK'S REG. To $1.37 COSMfTICDePT. HICK'S REG. $1.48 TASCO 7x50 BINOCULARS At high noon or eventide cm eyeful of pleasure is yours. Whether you are boating, hunting, racing or just scanning the beach the SEA DOG gives you added clarity of vision with a full 50mm lens and the versatility of excellent viewing night or day. l_ 1.5OZ. SOFT DRI ROLL-ON ANTI-PERSPIRANT KGULAR-UNSCENTfP 50Z. SOFT DRI SPRAY ANTI-PERSPIRANT $ 26 HECK'S REG. $39.95 SPORTS DEPT. WIPE SHINE TURTLE HOT WAX AND WESTLEYS CONCENTRATE POLISH 58* 68 HECK'S REG. 99* cosmncDiPT. HECK'S REG. $1.08 COSMTICDfPT. ALUMINUM DISH PANS 10QT. ALUMINUM UTILITY PAIL CHOICE 2 HECK'S REG. $3.99 HOUSfWARt DBT. mmm PRESTONE 160Z. SILICONE SPRAY LUBRICANT 14 QUART 19 EACH HECK'S REG. $3.66 2 turtle ytf3 17 QUART HECK'S REG. To $1.99 AUTODPT. CLIP THIS COUPON HECK'S REG. $4.66 2*9 FOAMY SHAVE CREAM · REGULAR · MENTHOL · LEMON-LIME t LIMIT 1-WITH EACH COUPON* WITH COUPON 1 22 Without Coupon $1.05 COSMETIC DIPT. PRICES IN EFFECT5UNDAY AND MONDAY AUGUST 10 11 ONLY WHI1LE QUANTITIES LAST. 58* HOUSEWARE DEPT. STAINLESS STEEL FISH GAME KNIFE Has a hollow ground stainless steel blade. Contoured safe grip handle. Nickel silver rivets. Genuine leather sheath. HECK'S REG. $2.49 AUTO DffJ. Package of 4 Johnsons J-WIPES One package of handy J-Wipes waxes two medium size cars. The wax is contained in four disposable cloths. Leaves a beautiful shine that's hard and dura- $199 1 ble. HECK'S REG. $2.48 AUTO DEPT. $166 HECK'S REG. $3.99 SPORTS DEPJ. 'Wedicaisd. to Sewinq- % ^^. I I CHARLESTON* , m * CHARLESTON * I *^nM «I * KAliAWHACITY *!«···-«··«»«-«.« Rmt60!MRST.IMIIN$| 51 » 0 " acComuAVL ' yt -| HITH0.9 | AT PATRICK ST.BWOffi. g| ST.ALBANS

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