The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 20,1918 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELlSVnjJE. PA. PAGE 'SEVEN. TRADE MANY PLAYERS Twenty-Five in American League Play for New Bosses. LM of Pliytra Exchanged Dot. Not Include Those Who Have Been Called to Colon Since End of Latt Season. A number of players In both of the major league organizations will wear different uniforms this season than the ones they performed in during the 1917 campaign Twenty flve plnyeis In the American Idigue will dnm their salaries from new owners this fieasoa and twenty one IQ the National league. Following 19 the list of athletes -who have* been traded or sold among thf. major league clubs «*ince last season It does not include tliose players win have been traded and called to the colors American League New York--Joe Gecleon to St Louis Fritz Malsel to ou Louis Met Cullop to St Louis biban Shocker to St Louis, Tim nendrtt 'o St Louis, Let, lie J»unemaker to St Louis Boston--Forrest Culi to rhiladel phia Chester Thomas to Philadelphli Venn Gross to Philadelphia Lurry Gardner to Pln!"deInMn Joe Kopp to I'hUadelphH, Peunocl to Philadelphia George Foster to Cincinnati Washington -- Ee-t Gallla to St. Louis Phil iclelpbla--SiafTy Mclnnis to Bos ton, Joe Bush to Boston, Wnllj Scliars to Boston Ping Bodie to JNew Yor) St Louis--Del Pr tt to Iew Xor« Doctor L-nnn to Washington Bert Sliotton to A\ ashing! in Lee Magee to Cincinnati, Bob Orotm or Cleveland. Detroit--George Bu na to rhiladel pun Ma ^e\ l o r k d u b National League. New Tor».--Charles Henog to Boston Jimmy Smith ti Boston. Brooklvn--Cu'-ey Stengel to Pitts burgh George Ci tshiw to I Ittsbui gh Bobion--George Tvler to Chicago, Jos e Birnes to ~se\v Yo'k Philadelphia--Gro er / Mexnnder to Chicago Bill Killifer to Chicago Doi'e Pablert to Chicago Bert Neihoff to St Lou'-St. Louis--Dan G-iner to Brooklyn 1 Itlbburgh -- Alb. rt Mamaux to 'BroolKn, Burleigh Grimes to Brook lyn C nclnnatl -- \ViIltim McXechnie to Pittsbu-gh, Dare .Shcan to Boston Americans Chicago--Larry D yle to New York. Tla Boston, Olal Wilson to Boston Cy Will-tins to Philadelphia Mike Pren- dersast to Phllndp'T ila Pickles Dil- lifer to Philadelphia Patients Given Personal Attention Pri\ate individual treatment for each patient is a -v tal factor that con tributes O] th« high percentage of successful results achie\ed by my treatment i It is well to remember that no two patients arc given the same course of treatment Everv patient 3 treatment Ib planned and carried out according 1 to the Individual needs of his or her particular A STATEMENT JACK COOMBS SAYS THIS WILL BE HIS LAST YEAR Dr. E. TT I treat sncccssiullj these conditions: nnnoj ingr jRiid injurious disease and it has a harmfful effect upon thi whole urinarj sjstem ! treat each case ac cording- to its requirements «ipfc,CI\L D I S G V S F * -- Itching burn ^ scalding- painful pibsag-es of wator respond prompt^ to m treat mcnt It Is scientific IIT ADDL,Jl VXD KIVMTk T»If- F VSES -- Puff nes" under ej es 1 pain in bick heiilicne vertigo s^ ollen ex iremities cloud\ -flakes ind deposits in urine are all quickly remo\ ed by ms special treatment. PI I FS ire small \tscu!ar tumors ind the} ha^e a mo-rt deriding in fluence on the heirlth I treat pile-? ·without cutting Mj treatment is safe and painless NEU'VOLS DFBIlilTl Is a weak and exhausted comlitlon of the ner\ea and nere\ centers "No one can be strong- and rohui If his iw;r\ e «ystem is im paired M treatment soon stops ncr vousnesrs mental dtbillti. and w eak ened vitalitv aid ^ on should not de- lav if ou arc suffei ing from these symptoms BOO OR 014 POIl BLOOD DH1 V.5E -Jf ou have inflammation of the muc ou^ mebraoe In mou h and throat eruptions on ai part o* the bod ulcer's -iching of bones spots or all dl^colo-ations of the skin o« «?hojld come to me and recel\ e this no'w famoub rcraedj All symptoms vanish as b maple. m DROCEIT* results from injur and is sorrctlmc'? difflcu t to d1«tin{rui*h from rupture or \srlcoces The rem- completely obliterate the tumor at once Call and Consult Xc. "Wednesday Only, SEW STAG HOTFL, ConnellsTiUe, Pa. \Vt, want every person that is suffer Inff fro n any condition to come and ha-ve a social chat -v, 1th us We will i n to \ou our sj btem of treat ment -which we hae originated and de\ eloped after our M hole hfcs experience in treating- dlseaire "V\ e IIT\ ite thoso in par'iculai -\%ho have been treated elsewhere without results GUI standing professiona ly will b-tnd in vestljration ~\\ e attribute our success to promising: nothing: on what wt can do and always doinff what we promise We ha\ e a treatment to offei you \shlch It based uion bcien tine knowleapc If 3 ou w i l l call and see us we will give you 1*RLE Or f H \RGJ3 a thorough 1 crsonal examl naLion to^,etl-er with an honest and scientific opinion of o u r cose 1C if er e-camminp O J w o And sou aro incurable (tha ou cin t bo hot pec!) w e w i l l candidly and hcnpitlj toll you 10 Lnd advise j ou in regard to the further care On the ot cr h ind it we find your ca^e Is curable we w 11 tell -vo.1 We w i l l m t make any Cal^e proTiiscs In regard to curinp: vour ctis-e in a short tin-e k n o w i n g t will tako onper nor will w e after ott iny falbC inducemen s Cor the sake of f,eLtlnk \ ou as a pat cnf ns we promise noth ng- but what w e can do and always do n«» we promise Tint! Cam. of "Nenou* Troublr I or a lonfr time 1 had been troub led w i t h a si.\ere ca-te oE n^ous ail tient and for wh ch J had receded a threat deal of treatment I commenced treatment with the United Specialists nnd am now feolinR- In line conditlo" THOM \S HENDFPSON 3 9 0 I- ullow Held a-venue Charleroi Pa NOW RT VD HIJ I« HL,TTrR. J or nine month·* I had sufCercd al most constantly w i t h a w f u l ^cverc bacl ache At times I wnuld be so I d I c uld hardlj move Wis also trou bled w i t h smotherinp spoils w h i l e at rest fl 77tness ner\ousne e ;s' Could Tiot sleep pood I tonk up treatment with the "United Spec aljsts ind mj back focli entirely wnll Also the rest of the conditions I complained of AfRS VNMT 1 FRTTG Third and Market Streets Bf le "Vernon Pa FFEH f IlIFfr mi- ^T OW 1 had been sick for f l \ c enrs with a had case of «tomach klrlnt and bladder trouble I w e n t to the United Speciall*7ts for reatmont and am now feeling- in frs cl-iss sh ipe DA\ IF* SPPUILL ' R F D 1 Grcensburp Pa The UnitedSpecialists Tuesday e\er week, 3 V V to 8 P M Baltimore H use near B t O station room *recond floor Connellsvllle' 1 Ever \V fednesdaj and Saturday at Exchange Hotel "Lniontown, Title and JrustLCompam of Jack Coombs veteran pitcher of the Ttodgerg nnd a former star of the old .Athletic? hns told friends that this Tear will be his Uiit MftMn In base- 'ball HP did not say what his future 3lan^ ore but he is known to have Interests ID Palestine. Tox^ -which probably demand his attention. POP» Fiction *We enjoyed yonr visit «o ranch ·* "Say Central I TO been malting 20 minute^.' 'My wife and I never had a word irlth each other" I never wore a hat that coat lesa than $85 " ' I ve had only ono drink today " "I never put mytelf out for com- panv " We did not have a fty in the hone* all » ta nnoe»*' * J vo got to meet a customer tonight ^Ve never have trouble keeping ·ervants " "\ was reared In luxury and refinement * When tire baby camo their liappl ness "was complete * --Smart Set IOD ABE HrLPEJfG YOCK HOJtE TOl^A ^vhen you nave an account with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania, jour home Bank If you have no account v ith us, why not start one now' Even a little deposit each week wiE soon gro\v to a good size fund This is the only Bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts J. N. Trump ITE LINT W H ww i TRANSFER moron rmnCK urf W ·DTIKO AH P1A3ICW A (PMCUfcTV. OAn 103 B. Onwo ·Ite P B. H. D«»ol. rr TO THE HAST You get hair when you use our BALD HEAD IIA]II GROWER* Telfphone and a'-k questions Blllr Forvt, Scotldwlc** DnKjrlnt Not Too Late To Buy Bonds Our Liberty Loan Bond club still has a good supply of the Third issue Come in today and enlist in the Grand Army o£ Bondholders Yoi don t need much money A Hollar makes the nrs f payment 01 a ?50 Bond You paj the balance in. easy ·weeklj Installments Buy a bond or fight -- Tiany bra\e boys are doing both Call for full information. BANK 120 TT. Crnwlord Aye, "Tlie Baik that Does Things for Ion" Checking Accounts Yough House RESTAURANT Under Ifeir Management. A Clean Quiet Place for Tour Family to Eat. Let Us Enow What You Want and How You Want I_ GOOD SERVICE. Hn. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. "A great net of mercy drawn through an ocean of unspeakable pain" "I'm afraid that's all I can spare 99 You're a regular, red-blooded, true-blue American. You love your country. You love that flapping, snapping old flag. Your heart thumps hard when the troops tramp by. You're loyal--100%! You intend to--you want to--help win the war in a hurry. "Sacrifice? Sure," you've been thinking. "Just you wait till they really need it." And you've honestly thought you meant that too. But--look yourself in the eye, now, and search, up and down in- Bide of your heart--did you mean it? Did you really mean "sacrifice''?! Listen : You feel poor. This third Liberty Loan, the high prices, the Income Tax--you've done your bit. You feel that you've given all you can spare. What ? Then what did yoa mean ' What's that yotusaid about loving your country? What did you think the word "sacrifice" means? Surely you didn't mean, did you, to give only what you can spare ? What about our boys who are giving their lives m the trenches? Are they giving only what they can "spare" ? How about those mothers and little "kiddies" in the shell-wrecked towns of that war-swept hell hungry--ragged -- sobbing--alone? Giving up their homes, their husbands, their fathers. While we--over here with our fun and our comforts--we hold up our heads and feel patriotic because we have given--what ? Some loose bills off the top of our roll. "We've given all we can spare!" Come, come! Let's quit fooling ourselves. Let us learn what " sacrifice " means. Let us give more than we can spare--let us "give till the heart says stop." Evary cent of every dollar received for the Red Cross War fund goes for War Relief. Tb» Aroortciui Red Crocs IB the Is^ntBat and most ·Indent organisation for tb« relief of Buffering that the World baa ever seen. It la made Dp jUrooet entirely of volunteer worker*, th* hl£h«r executives being- without exception men ac- cufltom*d to larffe afflUrs vho are In almost all caneB ~«lTin» their s«rTlc«a without p»7 It la «npport«d enttrelr by lt» merobtrshtp f««* and by voluntary contribution*, It 1* today bringing- relief to muttering humanity both military and rfvtl In every War torn allied country It plan* tomorrow to help tn the work *f reatora tlon tnroogtioat the irorld. / It feotLa and clothei entire population* In time* of great calamity It IB there to help your aoldler boy In hio Unit of need. "With Ita thooBandji of irttilcerB, It* tremendonfl vtor** and nmooth running transportation faciHtlea. It !· serving- a* America 5 adranca cruard--and tbum be !p ing: to win the war Consr«es authorlce* It. Prewldent Wlbson heads 1L The "War Departnaent audlta 1U acccunta. Yotrr Army your Navy and your Allies enthturi- aattcally endonia 1L Twenty two mlHton Americana haw Joined tt. Patronize Those Who Advertise PHTEY BIK -- Tes, Peter TTII1 Hare a He Lenrns French Br C. A. VOIGHT --HH TOLD To OW OS - LET t AT UIM-- FRIEWD OF WA'S ) EH *-- 605K wow ILL HEAP- J STUFF ABouTT *\ Otr V/A12.-- vff _i.iJ*. v«bil!ld.»a«£:fci

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