Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 20, 1972 · Page 75
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 75

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1972
Page 75
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When I asked Willii why the feud ended, he Jokingly ·aid, "'Cause the Hatfieldi ran out of lead." The Charleston Gazette of Jan. 9,1921, ran the headline "Hillmen Flock to Funeral of Clan Chieftain." The article continues: "What promises to be the greatest crowd in the history of the mountains which form the watershed of the Guyandotte and Big Sandy rivers, will gather tomorrow at * log homestead on Main Island Creek to pay their last tribute to Captain Anderson Hatfield, a soldier in the Confederacy; "Devil Anse" Hatfield, leader of the Hatfield clan in the famed Hatfield and McCoy feud, and to "Uncle Anse" Hatfield, neighbor and friend, of whom it is said he had fed and sheltered more people than any other man in Logan County. The body will be laid to rest in the family graveyard beside those of Troy and Elias, the two sons whose tragic deaths in Fayette County a few years ago occasioned the only break in the family circle before the passing of the patriarch. It was later reported that "Devil Anse's" funeral constituted one of the most dramatic scenes in the history of the mountains. There was no sermon. "I'll preach no man's funeral but my own," said "Uncle Dike" Garrett, who was the pastor and friend of Anderson Hatfield in charge of the services. Present at the funeral were all 11 s u r v i v i n g children, almost all of his 40 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. From all directions came men, women and children until thousands had assembled and sang old hymns on the porch of the Hatfield home. The day was raw and ugly with rain and snow falling alternately. At the grave, "Cap" Hatfield told "Uncle Dike" that he had made his peace with God and was ready to be baptized whenever the minister said. "I will baptize you, boy," said the old preacher, "in the very hole whar I baptized yore pappy." "Cap" Hatfield raised his hands above his head and declared that he was done with malice and with fighting and that if any man wanted his life or his blood he would not resist. After a visit to the cemetery you might stop at The Pioneer Club nearby which on the walls has many photographs of the Hatfields including one taken showing the thousands of people who came to pay their respects to the clan leader upon his death. If you have seen the drama, or have read about the Hatfield-McCoy feud, a trip to this area where so much of the action took place fills you with a sense of stepping back into history. West Virginia's own unique brand of history. STATE MAGAZINE, August 20,1972 What everyone should know about Corns and Calluses By IN A LEE Yesterday, at the office of a foremost New York foot specialist, I experienced what may prove tb be the answer to the foot problems of millions. I was shown a quick, easy way to relieve tired, aching feet --7 even feet tortured with corns and calluses! As a reporter, I'm on my own feet about 12 hours a day. For years I've suffered -- not only from recurring athlete's foot, and that tired, aching feeling so familiar to salesmen, postmen, teachers and others who must stand on their feet for their livelihood . . . I tried everything from specially made $45 shoes to all kinds of foot powders, creams and salves -- all too skeptical, when I was assured in a doctor's office that in a few minutes I would be relieved of all the foot miseries that had been plaguing me for years. I just couldn't believe it -- but here is what actually happened I In just 20 minutes, the itching misery of my athlete's foot had vanished. My corns were softened and dead skin washed away. So were my calluses! In fact, .my feet felt simply wonderful --and that is why-'I am writing this article -- so that others will be helped as I have been! For this doctor's simple method is now being made available to the public for home use! Anyone Can Use It For the first part of this 3-way method the doctor had me place my sore, tired feet in a basin of hot water. To this water he added a green powder containing Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Lithium, Iodides and other medicinal minerals (similar to those found in the waters of famous natural spas). Almost immediately I began to feel a new and wonderful sensation. All die pressure and the heavy feeling in my legs seemed to float away. My feet felt as though they had no weight at all. My foot and leg muscles seemed to relax. I could actually feel soreness and pain disappearing. "The perspiration, the dirt and the odors so common to your feet are now being cleansed from your pores," the doctor informed me. "The hot mineral solution is easing surface tensions, stimulating circulation and sending a fresh supply of new blood to your feet. This helps cleanse the pores that soap and water cannot reach." I could see dry, dead scaly tissue i»eing flaked away. I touched the hardened surfaces of my feet and found that they were now soft and smooth. I could feel corns and calluses softened and loosened. After about 15 minutes the doctor had me remove my feet from the bath. Then, while they were still moist, he began to massage them with a special volcanic lava stone which he had already soaked in the Footherapy bath. It felt as if my feet were being gently caressed with wool. In just 3 or 4 minutes the volcanic stone began to buff away the dead skin of corns and calluses that had bothered me for years. Best of all, one particularly painful corn on my little toe, which I had to have cut off at least once a year, was i gradually being buffed away. It was as | if I had grown a new pair of feet. Athlete's Foot, Unpleasant Odors j The third and final step of this doctor's treatment is a medicated cream designed to correct athlete's foot, prevent sweating and remove unpleasant foot odors.. It contains a tested drug which is now being used in hospitals to help combat fungi, dangerous bacteria and relieve skin rashes. As the doctor rubbed this cream into my skin, I fell a cooling sensation. Itching between the toes disappeared. A special combination of natural oils helped lubricate the entire skin surface, leaving a smoothing, protective, invisible film to help guard against reinfection of the area. "Even though we have gotten such wonderful results from just one application." said the doctor, "you must remember that the secret of pain-free, odor-free feet is constant care and attention. Your shoes must be fitted correctly and your feet must receive the proper hygiene. That's why you'll find that if you use this simple medicated method twice a week after work, your feet will not only continue their remarkable improvement' but will feel healthy, rested and cool, even after your toughest working day." Nothing Else Like It If you suffer from tired, aching feet due to foot fatigue, you can now rinse away those aches and pains with nature's own medicated minerals. You can even aid painful, stubborn corns and calluses without "razor blade surgery," and if your feet are cracked, itching, sore from fungus infections... perspire excessively . . . give off unpleasant odors... you can relieve these conditions practically overnight! mtSCHUlON · DRUG srommm cohen FOOTHERAPY a new therma-mineral bath to BATHE AWAY. CORNS* and CALLUSES foot aches, odors, tiredness and athlete's foot in minutes If you arc one of the millions who suffer the misery of these chronic foot conditions, FOOTHERAPY, a doctor's simple 3-way treatment, is the quick, easy method to relieve tired, aching, itching feet--even feet tortured with corns arid calluses! Even more important, you can give your feet daily hygienic care--right in your own home--that will keep them strong, impart a feeling of well-being, inhibit the growth of bacteria. Bow it Works... Flrtl, you bathe your feet in the Footherapy Mineral Bath. This acts to reduce skin tension, open up the pom and soften the tough, hardened skin of corns end callu*ei. Second, with the Footherapy Lava Slone, you gently BUMftge your corns and calluses. They buff away in 3 to 5 minutes ... and you feel as though you had a brand new pair of feet! Third, you apply Footherapy Medicated Balm between your toes, or wherever you are bothered by excessive perspiration, foot odors, ringworm, etc. This medicated balm contains a tested drug which effectively relieves discomforts from painful itching ud other distressing symptoms of athlete'* foot. all three items 3.98 large economy size 5.98 Enjoy Happy fttt from New On. RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED Examine your feet before and after treatment. You should see a startling difference. Much of the dead dry skin* of corn and callus has been buffed away. Your tired achinz feet feel better and smell sweeter. These results are guaranteed or your money will be refunded. COHEN DRUG CO*. P.O. BOX 2549 CHARLESTON, W. VA. 25329 Please rush my complete FOOTHERAPY Mineral Foot Bath {Treatment Kit, including: 1, Doctor's developed foot bath, \2. Imported volcanic lava stone, 3. Footherapy Medicated Balm Regular Size (all 3 Items) 3.98 D Large Family Size (all 3 Items) 5.98 NAME Pleass Print )ADDRESS 5 CITY 5 STATE ZIP SCharge Q Chock Encloied 0 C.O.I). D 'CHARLESTON, W.VA, 5m

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