The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

-IF- TM THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MVT 20, 1918. Teitcrdnr's Results. Cincinnati 5 New York 1 Chicago 3, Philadelphia. 0 Boston, 1, St. Louis 0 Studio? of the Club*. New York _ Chicago Cincinnati Pittstwrg Philadelphia Boston Brooklyn St Louis _J20 -J.7 16 13 L. 7 9 13 12 14 17 16 17 Pet. 741 654 .552 520 440 370 360 346 Schedule. Boston at Cincinnati ·?* r ~ * Brooklyn at ^iucago New York at St. Louis. Bank 50 per cent of subscription) I Value of bank* ine hous,e 1S5 470 39 Furniture and fixtures ReU estate ow ned other than banking house L a u f u l re er\e w i t h Fca ural Rescue Bank Cash in vault and net amounts due from na- ional banks i "· e amounts due from banks, bankers and trust compinlcs other thin Included in Items IS 14 and 15 Checks on other Qatrics In the same city or town is reporting bank (other than Item 17 i Total of Itemq 14 15 16 17 and IS '26 061 70 Checks on banks located outside of city or town oC reporting bank and other cash Ueirib Redemption f u n d -ftith U S Treasurer and due from lj S Treasurer "War Savkiprs Certificates ajul T.hrjft Stamps, seF" UKltv owned "Unearned fire insurance premium Total 185 470 39 24 089"0 31 825 34 137 312 38 Befits. iWasbingtou 1 Cleveland 0 XTmtve innings Boston Stuffing of the Clubs. W L. Pet _ IS 10 MS JJew York _lo 12 556 -13 54S Clef-eland St. Ionia -Philadelphia Detroit - _15- IS 536 _13 14 462 _LL 13 4SS -11 15 423 _ 7 15 318 VICTOR CONCERT TONIGHT ·· -- ·- ~- /- ., Interesting Program is Axnutged for Xmrj Xeagnc Benefit. An Interesting program, has been rr«xtgei lor the concert to-be given JU tbe high school auditorium this , evening by the Victor record artists. The singers "»1U gr» popular numbers and also some, or their xec- ord song hits The program has been put into two parts, \raich are ae follows. PART OME. Opening chorus Are You From DUUB**--Entire company Tenor solo, little Mother of Mine"--Albert Campbell Tenor and baritone duet, "Hunting Sons iroca Kmg_ Arthur 1 -Messers. Burr and 3teyer"s Cfaarac- ter song, "Prohibition Blaes"-^ArtlHir Collins Sterling trio, Indiana -- Messrs Campbell, Burr and M.ev«rs Tenor solo Just a Babys Prayer at Twilight --Henry -.Burr Banjo solo The Smiler"--·Pred Van Epps. Comic song Selected'--BlHie^Murray PART TWO A lew interesting remarks by Theodore Morse Piano medle) Airs -Theodore Morse, Tenor duet, "In the Jaad of Wedding Bells -^Mesers^ Campbell and Burr Basso canlante, 'Keep the Home nres Burning* -John H. "Meyers Ch tracker song, "I m a Twelve O'clock Fellow in a Nine O'clock Town *--Byron Q. Harlan. Peerless Quartetu, 'Medleys* -- Messrs Burr, Campbell, ColUnV and Harlan Comic songs J( Setected'-- Blllie Murray Conoc duet, jaiedaey of Their Record Soog Hits --ilessrs Collins and Harlan Banjo solo "Selected --Fred Van Epps Closing chorus, "Selected --Entire company Tk» to Patronise* ts who aclteruae their good* Daily Courier. REPORT O P , , First National Bank at ConneHsville In the state of Bennaylvanla, . close of business on May 10 J.318 RESOI RC^ Loans and discounts (except those shown In b and _j_ c) $1 500 35" 77 Overdrafts unsecured 2 926 37 TJ S bond-» deposited o ss cure circulation (par val ue) l o O O O O O O ti S bonds and certificates of indebtedness on ned and un pledged IQfi OM 00 L berty Loan Bonds 3*a per cent and 4 per cent un- pledged 8" 447 00 Payments actually made on Liberty 4l£ H e r c e n t bonds H 1 * 00008 Securities otii- er than L S, bonds ,,(not Including stocks) ~C pledged ?15,5?4.5S Stocks other than Fed ---era! Heswrve- Bank Block $1»00 367 7T --2 26 J7 3 050 -i " 500 00 406 OS 1 600 00 J2974 039 39 LIABILITIES. Capital stock pdid in Surplus fund proflte 75 404 50 Less current expenses inter cat. and taxes paid -38 B41 83 Amount reserved for all Interest accrued Circulating notes outstanding Net amounts due to Na tional banks Total of Items 32 and 33 2 500 00 Individual deposits sub Sect to cbeck Ccrtlftcatcs of » deposit due In less than 10 daf*! (other thin for moTiev borrowed) Certified cbecks Cashier s checks "outstanding Dividends unpaid Total of demand -deposits (other thin bank deposits) subect to Reser\ e. Items 34 3a 36 37 33 3S tfl and 41 1 111 Q t O 17 Other time deposits Total of time deposits subject to Reser\ ft Items -12 43 44 and 4a 1 3"3 49583 Total 200 000 00 100 OOO 00 36 762 6- 24122 150 000 00 2 5 0 0 0 0 10" 15" 28 4 556 38 1^.31703 3300 |2 74 039 89 State of Pennsylvania, county of Fas e-tte as I GDO "W STAUFFER Cashier of the- above named bank do aolemnj swear that the aooVe statement is true to the best of my knowledge and. be lief GT3Q "W STAUFFER Cashier Subscribed and sw orn to before me this 17lh day o' "tiy 1918 J B Kl TT7 Notary Public Correct -- A 1 1 es ^ - SOTSSON ·v McGINMS B- T NORTON Dl-ecto-s REPORT -OF COVDJTION OF THF Citizens ^atlcjti"! Bank at Connells\ ili« in the fftatt. I PennayHanin at the close of bus ic on May 10 1918 Loans and du courts (except those shown In b and c) *;37 047 68 U S bonds deposited to secure circula tion (par val ue) 10000000 Liberty Loan Bonds 3V» per Tient and 4 per cent un pledged 25 000 00 Liberty Loan Bonds 3*~ per cent and f per cent- M nlode6tL to secure post Special 35c Large size Fumed Oak Tab- omcttea that ordinarily sell for 75t Not over 2 to a customer FURNITURE RUGS V STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-15S West Crawford Avenue-Successors Leonard Tuinitore Co, Bozart Rugs In MI Si/os. Bozai t Rugs--ah crtiscd in tie Jcading magaz DOS are sold excl-is^ely at Jie New Store al fle- " 50 000 00 other -* U S posits Bcndsl than bonds to secrrre- post' af 3o%In» dft- posits 91 44S Cl Securities other than U S. bonds (not In- eluding "stocks) o w n e d un pledged 163679D4 CCllaleral trust and other notes of cor poratoins- issued for not less than one year nor more than 3 years tlm*. 34 310 25 Stocks other than Federal Resrerv e Bank stock # Stock of Federal Re- sc'^'e Bank (»Q per cent of subscription Value oC bank Inff house '5o 000 00 Furniture and fixture Real estate owned other than banking house Lawful reserve -with Federal Reserve Bank Cash In vau It and net amounts? due from nA- tlonal batiks Checks on other bank»-in the"""Batn« city or town _as reporting bank (other than Item 17) Total of Items 14 15 16 17 55 ODfl 0« 5 000 00 1101323 Bl 720 39 At the Store Upholstered Reed Rockers In tntifiic Irorj and Bajromsl Brovm Beantifu! new sty es in Rockers and Chairs upholstered in tapestry and cretonne and every one pricod it a decided sax ng See Our Special Fibre Rockers at $5.75 Solid Oak 1 Ft. Porch Swing Complete with Chains. Ertra heavy Solia Oak Swing"! of best construction Compare it with o her stores ?4 oO styles AT Lowest Prices Comiellsville's greatest showing ot Cedar Chests here--all sues at all prices and a complete array of newest period effects represented Reed Carriages and Strollers $11.75 to $45 Tie newest ideas in Bab Vehicles at the Big Store near the Bridge See our displaj and note the miny different teamres that are on this year's, styles Stradivara Phonographs Crex Grass Rugs and Runners Ul SI/PS--Ml IVidtlis--All Patterns. Tie famous Cre\ goods for porch Hoots bed rooms and halls, is featured, at the Big Store m a complete laricty of patteins You'll Save Here on Floor Coverings 5 AND We are exclusive agents for Belber luggage you see advertised jn the leading magazines A complete selection liere ah\a\s Fine Big Art Leather Four r.issenger Lawn Swings Size. These Lann Swings are built to gn e 3 oars of t-he most severe service--handsomelj finished in rod and natural 'Ihh, Big Model $100 The Stradivara plays all rec o-dB perfectly uses an needle ard is absolute!} guaranteed both by the maker and ourselves Hear it Exclusively at tho Zimmerman-Wild Store ;cckers $18.50 to $35 Beautiful big Art Leather Rockers of finest Spring construction and lofcg wearing qualities Choice of broiMi o% black covenng and. e'very one worth a t-hird more other ciah i t *'P s ption fund vifii U T.nd IS 113S4911 Checks on banXb located outs tie of cit or tov.n ot and other ciah Redempti S Trtasur^r and due from U S Trcisu-cr Wur Sa^inffj Ccrtiflcates and Th'-ift Stamps ac tuaJly owned Total Cm Ital stock, paid In SurclUH f u n d .« Ln divided profltb C3 167 54 Le-is current expenses Inter cfft and taxes paid 9 95.) "I Ciri ; u1itinjj notes out Individual depo«ita sub jct to check Cc tideates of deposit due in letw t h - n 30 diyff (other t h u r for mone borrowed) Certifcd checks Cashier s checks out- Di'v Idends unpaid. Total of demand deposits (other than bank de posits) subject to Reserve Items 34 35 36 37 58 30 40 and 41 4 6 2 4 4 4 5 2 CoTttftcates oC deposit (otlier than, for money borrowed) Postal -w-vlng-s flepoflits Other timo deposlta Total of time f deposits subject to Reserve Items 42 43 +4 and 45 450 004 S3 Total 100 000 00 1*5 0 0 0 0 0 53 234 33 100 000 00 45581050 1 731 58 8 0 0 la 6 2 S 8 P 113 443 60 3 2 0 D 3 2 3 * «1 290 683 73 awear that the above statement Is true rt tho best of m k n o w l e d g e and lie lief JAMES L Kl/RTZ C^hlcr Subscribed and sworn to before me this i8th day of Ma 1318 J B KLKTZ Notary Public. Correct--\ttest THOMAS J -MITCHDLU F F MARKLLL G ^ O W CAJIPJibLL Directors HJbPORT OP CONDITION Ot THE First N Bai k it IcrratHs in the State of t ennuylNnnla, at the close of busindbs un May 1U 1918 7G3 49 State of FennpyVvanla, County of Fay ette R8 I JAMES L KURTZ Cashier of the ab o ve nam*d bank do Belomnl HESOURCL.S Loans and d a counts (cxc pt thosu shown In b and c) 540" 900 66 Ovt,rdr if La un secured U S bonds de posited to se euro clrcUa t l o n t P a i \alue J J 50000 t0 U S binds ind certificates of Indebted n c B a o w e d u n d unpledged Llbert Loan bonds SV per cent and 4 per cent, uiipledga Pnj menut ict unlly mide on Liberty 4i£ par cent bonds 236 000 00 Securities other than U S bond-? (not In * eluding stocks) owned u n pledged 100 003 54 StoCKS other thin Federal Reserve Bank stock S ocic o* edoral Reserve Bank (60 per cent of 8L.b scriptloi) ITum ture and fixtures Lawful reserve -with Fcdpr al Reserve Bank, Cash In vault and not amounts due from national banks 402 900 G6 763 40 TotT.1 of Items H 35 16 17 i«d 18 40.3 6 5 6 9 3 Checks on banktj located outside o 1 * cii o- town of reporting bank and other cash Items 194 00 ; Redemption fund v) h TJ S Treasurer ind due from U fa. Treasurer 2 SOO 00 "War Sav ing's Certillcattb i.nd Thrift S-amjJa a-ctuai )y owiod 2510 08 255 00000 305 000 00 23300 00 LIABILITIES Cap til stock p u d in $ Sun Jus f u n d Lnd %id«d p ofltS 4J 381 15 Le-ss L-urrunt ex 1 e wea tnii. paid i\ S"S -14 Circulating notes out.8tatid l n d l \ idual deposits sub JLCC lo chCLk 1 C ashler s checks out i lotnl of dc jnund dt pea ta (othpr tl an banfc d e p n a t t b) sub ect to R t, a c r v o Items 34 ^ 3G 3" IS 3« ,, 40 and 41 1 Sf-1 »8" 98 d\ance« received on Third Liberty Bonda CO 000 OJ faO 000 00 3SC55 "2 50 050 00 2:3 4GC 45 1 12- 53 ICO 00954 4 5 0 0 0 3 900 00 1 200 00 To til $1582 2 ~ 7 0 State of Pennsyl\inli Count of Fay cUe SH fc 3 ITOW\RD ADAMS Casnicr of the above named bank do solcrnnlv swear tha the above statement i« rue to tho best of my knowledge and belief HOWARD ADAMS Caehier Subscribed and sworn to before ine this l r t h day of May 1318 EDMUND B'ARTIN Notary Public. Coriect--Atteet M M COCHRAN M E STRAWS J H I RICE Directors Strive To Have Healthy Skin Next ttfflo you are- ta a ga'horinir tf ·women noto the dttterent oondl- ·Uons appnren*- in compleiiotu You ·will see some flllod with blackheads »om e dry and rousb. some Bmooth and greasy some smeared with rou^e some streaked with, heo.v motaJJlc powders and onco Jn a ·nliile jou irlU see ore that is a damon rtration of JntelllBrence from eren potat of view The color IB rosj the akin la clear and smooth, the poroa are small anfl open, the powder does no ahcrw on the firm vigorous sldn (Every "ffoman can have a gtxxl co-u- ploilOTi if she will onty uao a little dlacretlon. If jou would acquire real beauty the beautj of pe-fect bealtb, you must replenish your 4 -worn out nerves vita lectthln Natures own nervs restorer and 1 put yoar blood tho in'v isorating iron, wnlch ISotore intended it to have for health. In moat or the modern foods thesa and other vJtallrinff elements have been largely ellcUnated, Yet to be fewilthy and beautiful the sye- tem mujrt i*r» them. They are found in Eio-farau not only in. prop er pzo^ortlOBS to ractorA Traoiconed vitality but In aoch form ao the aya- tcm can beat aeUnflate then ' A. treo-tment of Jeoltutn and Iron pepionate aa oombined H B o feren increases tha appotlte, aids nutrition nd inviKoiutea the patient And Blo-feron in ita pellet form la «k»y and paJatabio to taJce--rno Jqnli Jroii d!scoIc*atJon of the teeth no unpleasant taste. There te no areeratTor'J'ms'steiT; about Bio fercn. Poctora preacriba U regular^ became they Know *x- actly what ft contain* as well KM ·what It -will do and they know they could not formulate a better JL up- building tonic. Tho nation ot Bio foren on th« system 5a ao ben»flcJaJ, w» are 20 sure of Its giving you positive health ana vfeor providing of ooaroe there Is no eeriaus chronlo ailment nch as cancer tubercuJoals, etc., that wa only sell It on the condition that you a^Teo to return, the empty package; and accept a refund of your money unless you are entirely sattsffedL There to m uae waiting for health and beauty It i* better to do things today than tomorrow Go to yoar phyaloUo today--right now--he will advise Bio feren Then start taJdng It m onc« as he odviaea or OB dirc- non» on tho pxctaffB call for Tlit guarantfto protecta your money ln- toreotlnff booklet may be had iorli* asking- Large package JLOO at oU leadini orogglsts or direct if your Arussiat can not supply you. The Seotanel SemooJoB Co Inc. 5 SXS2J®3SXSX5®S®-X?®?®^^ ^ PATEO3SiI2E HOME MERCHANTS WHO ABVEETISE IN THIS PAPEB. ^ "CAT" STUBBS" THAT'S ENOUGH. Bj EDWDfA WUZ. WALKIW 1.OIW AX * A u?_A»-JPur_ SOMTHIW TO Mose'-/sH f tuorf* i JHONT OTHIW NO ' . 'WHCN I WftKHU OP I WOZ OM A U-BOWT (·ptRUTE SHIP rNTH' fvMtlLC OF TH* OCEAN 1 AN 1 i SEV.-*LET ME OFF'N TH»S SHIP*' AN TH* J CHI UP SCT.J- * GUES voo3io«i HWOVJ WHO "SQ SET- I 1 AN 1 5LOGGED IM ON TH JflW UME THiS^ - GRABBED A BOr\B WOT VJUt UV I M ' NEPvB JUMPED OWEHBOAKa^ THREW TH 6LEW OP TH "

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