The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1938 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1938
Page 14
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FOURTEEN. THIS DAILY COURIER. CONNKLLSVILLK.PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY , 1038. A.' ELIMINATION DF MENTALLY WEAK AS AID tCi NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Death Watch Dr. Williams Says Itf Time to Cease Being -Sentimental. INplVIPiUALITY \ / X / T H I N G OF PAST "If rbduiiatlon' is to achieve "Anything itcniust .first twin its. adult population for -ttie-protection of society.'V was.the gist.of the message O;;. Samuel --Howard ..-Williams ' of t'jc University, of -Pittsburgh".gave :'cslcrday^nt;tt{e teachers' eonfer'enco in the;.Hfgh .School- m aiHltorium;;_-"-^- He dcplcn^d;^thc«cducationai~ system that pcrniits;.the;icUsulatloiV.;of "·For Dual Card ,PITTSBURGH,"Jatu .28.-- Alter a week taklng_30mcster examinations, "the .Pitt" Panthers.' swing J^c. into action^. Saturday night, meeting West ..Virginia Mountaineers "itf both, basketball and .boxing on .the JUtt "Stadium floor. character as.a; consummate^ grcco[ grows 3Y\thin hinv. ; ;'-· r-~'^~^-.::7r~ "Individuality's; a- laugh," he smiled.- Mountaineers ·:lrt Pitts . . double: feature that Is "on-top for distHct^fans- after a' week's drou'tri'^'for aCS ,P..'M. "'xlng Teams .meet -in the .most '.important ~ " ^ at :.'-8:l5""tJi"o" vaiSty "· -'bask'etball '" is lcd"to be- folfowcd by the between'- · tliV-^two"f rcshmch- "~ " '' "trash'JLr:liter.atur.e. _nnd' ^.bolds;--a fascinatloirrforrJazEirazyr orchestra. Radio "announcers~werc~condenmcd in thatUfacyonagnify Individuals Into 7^-pantheVs-jiayc -droDpea "two ..-, . - a nr.'cs v iiv a 'ro'wrarid"West'.V5rglhT» singers^or movio. stars"-.thrpUEh-;'a- .win" be£flghting.desperately,-to maUe simple*proccss. -'Tho-rosult--is»-lri- jt- three*in' a-'iow"for*Carlson's out- cvitabfi.--.'-tte"p"erson;"noi-onlyn5res. -flf-.andTit- the sn'me" time' break r thclr his individualism -- jiut "-loses- -his own 7 losing streak.- · j^.Slcepy.. .Glenn. hasj.a_;fast passing ·team:;"hat-Jacks height. -Depitc this disadvantage the Mountalnccrs_hnve lost all their games by very narrow margins,, and arc'going to be hard for the Panthers to.take. · To :add. to'the general interest Is thc, from thc;PUt practices of a: new" system'ol offense which will be employed by Dr..Carlson's cacers for.!,the:first time:; Admitting that the new system may Bop, Carlson thinks'.he has. something that mry help, came, and Jt is going to. be put Going, farther; lie said tliaf people nowadays had to "keep up with, the Jones,"-.go .to .the 'same dances,, sec the sarmwriovies, smoke '..'this'".: same cigarcts.:and"in general'everything done is similar .though the individuals ^jmselyes rifusc to'-recbgnize it. He Jsaid 'that, · non-contributlve members,' such- as '. criminals -"nnc others; Avc're^n;menace to society rind should;-bc; eliminated,.;.-.;,;. :i,._ " ~ V ' "\Vhy~ailo\v-the--Lindbergh - and Mattson killers to go · --around jeopardizing the lives .of others?" he asked." ; ' " ' """ ' ' ."' ';' He said that the time 'has ccmc"' "when we" must cease to be; senti- mcmal about the mentally \vcnk for they are..the ones who are "sapping j .the life blood ' of society." He slated that .the .only cure; the',only sure way.'to. guarantee the continued growth'of society and 'culture, was the complete elimination of scavengers. ·' '.. '·'. '...'; "We must think with our heads in-"d of our hearts," he 'declared.' - - !!·-· fT.ded his remarks by saying: "An : , individual should be educated ·v;t for.himself but as a servant con- :-"'.nt{ng to "mankind, thus assuring '··· j-nincss; security and protection." Virginia--game: r.:~-~- r."~ National Anthem, ,- "After; 100 Years, ; 1$ Stream-Lined ?:i»er Office Moved To Bank Building; " Needs Space The;:ofncc force of Henry W. Mc- Bobbie, : o'uperintcndcnt of sub-stations ill-Territory A, West Pcnn Power Company, has been moved to tho fourth floor of 'the Second National Bank JBuilding; ; . The, -pfflcc', had. bccn : located in the West Penn. Laboratory Building on the West Side but had to be moved because of an increased demand on facilities; in the building. ' It is reported additional members of the laboratory stall transferred to this place, but the information .could not be confirmed. ' " '." - .Soup Scalds Fatal. .··'-: Scalded rcverely' wheh"a\bowl .of hot soup was upset in his crib, William Grogcr, 10 months .old, son ot Mr. and Mrs.'/Michael 'Greger of Vestaburg, died Thursday in'Brownsr ville General Hospital.- The tot'was burned about the'entire body'by. the steaming liquid Monday. .'..;'.";.'.'.. .'.'· City- CrackS"-Do\yn on ALAMEI3A7 Cal.rJan. 2§.-- toxicatcdjjcrsons'JtercaftQr.;j3.c photographed j,andU3Jngcrptintc,dt.the same as in bookins criminal "cases: Police believe that .the photo will aid. in'Jasv. enforcement- . Continued from Page One. asked'to try it.'-Thc'D. A. R. will decide after hearing Lopez whether to ask Congress to legislate the changes Into Jaw^ The revised version, L o p e z claimed, would be a boon to those deep-throated Americans who can't reach high F, oven if they stood on a chair.. High F'has been knocked out of "The Star Spangled Banner." 'Although few .people realize it," Lopez said,'-."thc'high F In the 17th, 18th and 20th bars/are, not the only difficult spots in the." anthem. ' The average singer's trouble really starts In the 16th bar." (Ours started in the first bar we tried to sing.) "In the 16Ui bar," Lopez said, "the lost syllabic of ·streaming' finishes on a low B flat. The next note, which is.a high D, necessitates a skip of a tenth, which is two notes more than an octave. ' · "These additional two notes nrc much too difficult for the average voice to handle. You add insult to injury when you ask the average vocalist to continue this upwarc climb another two tones to high F.' 'Lopez said he had "taken pains' to alter the anthem' as little "aY possible. ' : ' . '"' LAWMAKER DEATH CALLED ACCIDENT WASHINGTON, ; Jan. 28^F fall of Representative Edward : : A Keency, New Jersey Democrat, from a six-story'window was'^accidental Coroner A. ..Mafgruder^. MacDonalt declared. The. coroner decided -an Jn- quest will not be, necessary. ·· ; Masontaivn Seeks Stadium TractCt' Moviacrflcflhitely toward reai lion of^CIootball stadium, MasCh- town sSHOHlCboard .suHmlt an ofrcr:toTa'.bank.receiver for n.12- acre ploUlcnoxvn as the W, JL. Graham propcrtyCa"f.".Masohtown.. .',. GUPID:WINGS BACHELORS'rJPREXYr:- I ' . Special to The Courier. "SCOTTDALiE, Jan. 28 -- The funeral service for Clnrk Gadd ot Iron Bridge will be held Sunday nttcr- nobn at 2:30 o'clock in the Church of 3od In Mount Pleasant, in charge of tlic pastor, Rev. V. O. Bnrnhart, In- ill bo in Scottdolc Cemetery.; ··.'·. , '..Glark Gadd died hi Frick Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant, Wednesday night after he suffered a fractured skull in n fall from the back of a truck. The body is at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Olivia Seder, of Iron Bridge. Legion Auxiliary to Meet. The auxiliary of Thomas A. Lcw- ellyn. Post, American Legion, will bold jts regular meeting on Thursday evening. at 7:30 oclock .in -the ; Arcade Theatre. ..". ··· .. ..; _____ ' ___ There; will :bc; reports, a patriotic program and., bingo :and refreshments.. ." . " * ' " . ' . . . - Mrs. John "Bixlcr is chairman o£ 1h"6rii6stcss committee." "Members are asked to note the change in the place bf-mcetins^ProfljMwtiye members and the junior auxiliary jins also -'invited ,to:ottend.- ; ··; Mrs. -James Convvay, "chairman of the auxiliary, is representing tho county at the National Defense Council meeting In Washington, D. C. ., . Club Meets Wednesday. · The next regular meeting' of the "Hnppy-Go-Lucky ' Club" will be held Wednesday evening at the homo of Mrs. John CafTerty. ", : : Admitted to Hospital. · . Mr?. Hottic Grlgsby has; been taken to. Frick Memorial Hospital in .Mount Pleasant. Vacations in Florida. ·; Dr. Earl Gilbert has KOne to Florida lor a couple of weeks. ..': ·-7".; ;.Cribbaire Interest. Groin. " ' Interest -is ctlll grooving In the erlbbage tournament being held at the borough building. Tonight the winners in the first games will play, starting at 8 o'clock. Winners in the 'second round will play again next Friday. At the close of the tournament one playcr'wil be declared champion. To Sneak »t Church. Miss Mnry Anderson, of Algiers, Africa, will speak in the Methodist Episcopal Church at 7:30 o'clock Monday evening. . She will have a special message on the "Moslem World." While in Scottdalc, Miss Anderron will be the guest of Mrs. W. H. Cllngcrman of Arthur avenue, New Center Hours. . New hours In cftcct at the Evcr- son Kccro!tion:l Center arc from 9 o'clock in the morning until 11 o'clock at night, with children under 18 being £oit home at 8 o'clock in the evening. A new game, shuflleboard, introduced at the center has pvovcn very populnr, being pluycd ,.11 day long. The Evcrson Ccrler has entered o ping-pong team In the Foyettc WPA League. ' Covered-Dish Supper. The Beta Chapter of the Gradalc Sorority has planned a covered-dish supper for Tuesday evening, February 8. It will be held in the Y. M. C. A. Plan Valentine Party. The Junior Phllathea Class of the .First -Baptist Church will hold its next regular meeting on February 3, at the church. There will be a covered-dish supper and valentine party. Guard . outside. 8eadltm!'» cell Pollc« never tako : their eyei off John Henry Seadlund, alias Peter Anders, abductor-slayer o{ Charles ROM,'weal thy Chlca'goah: A' guard alt* ouUIda Seadlund'j 'cell in Cook county jail, Chicago, d»y and night. --Centra! rrcii WIDOW/MOTHER OF FOUR GIRLS, DIES IN CHAIR Unionfown Board Try to Get Delinquent Taxes Continued from Page One. surancc-murder of her brother, William Kappen, July 3, on the'eve of his marriage to Miss Irene Tnmb John, a minor participant In the plot Is serving 90 years in prison. .The Giancola brothers were to have received $800 of the $3,300 Mrs Porter hoped to obtain from insurance on Kappen's life. The policies named her as beneficiary. She feared he would change the policies after marriage and so had him sho to death. All the principals were residents ot St. Louis. Kappen had quarreled with his I sister and Intended to make his 1 fiancee the beneficiary of his policies. Mrs. Porter, in the last months had showed no inclination to sec her children, but decided late yesterday 1 lo sec her oldest daughter, Mrs Roberta Kuchl, St. Louis, for a few 'minutes. She pushed £.\vay all food (put before her and concentrated on "her pinochle game. "I won't cat," she said. "What's the bid?" She wore a black silk dress for the electric chair. It was similar to a jumper and designed to that her legs could be bored for the electrodes She sent no message to Giancola He' had paced his cell for hours before he died, nnd paused only during a visit from his mother and father. Mrs. Porter and Giancola were to have been executed last Friday bu an 11th hour reprieve of Llcutcnan Governor John Stellc, acting In th absence of Governor Henry Horner granted them another week. Thi reprieve was to permit the Giancola family to present new evidence: Tha evidence was a claim that Angelo': moral resistance had:been-wcaTtenec by' a social disease contracted fron Mrs. Porter. " · UNlOiNTOWN, Jan". 28.--Uniontown School Board Wednesday night .moved to collect 5682,000 outstanding in delinquent taxes. :_ Solicitor. J: B; -Adams-was. author- .Izcd to proceed: tit .once; to collect ·approximatcIy._-.S259 ) 000. .outstanding :in liens as .-preliminary: plans, went ior ward for. collect loir of · the' entire amount.:::.-."..,--.. ; · · : . . - . . ··· · ;.". Auto rails Mule'Out of Mud. : ;;. NAPA;::Ca]., ;:Jan:.'-.28.--When a .mule belonging-to 'Harry Lute! .fell '6K a bridge and lahdcd'ih the mud, ""south end- flrst,"th"e old "roulirio'- ot a mule pulling^.-an'-'auto out of-the mire was ^reversed.. The mule was unable to-get;,'.iti~~ hlndl;fcet'out 'of the mud, and.a'car \yas summoned to extricate it.";~'.,r^'. r " ",,.'..: ;,...:. In California Play.' ; William Wolfe of Star Junction and Peter Massimlani of Unlontowvhaye been selected ns members of the cas of .California State Teachers College Theatre ,which,.will present "The Importance of Being Ernest" at Call fornia. Pa.,, late in February....-Dick .Spcllman.of Uniontown will have a heavy role. He Is a junior. The oth cr players are sophomores. - '·' ..' Love" Flunks Students. SAN JOSE, Cal., Jan. 28.- -An official bulletin of the San Jose State College-ranks love as one ot the 1C commonest · causes for. students flunking out in" their,. examinations .Time · is'given. as the only -cure "Pelting" is. classed as another com- ,mon,:cause. ....,: .'.'.:,,'.... ' . " ' : . . ;.: aun"ia"ChICBg6raiid let fly his-»rrows,-tii«y-«truok-LewflPl«£ers,-prc!ldent"ttjid'founder ot... the Mclroso Pork Bachelors' club, «nd Margaret Mlsch, nurse and president of the Spinsters'. club.ln.Wutlake hospital. She said sh« was tired of nunlng, anyway. He blamed It on tho moon. But both had to pay flues, he $200 and-she S25,-to-thclr-;resp«tIve clubs. · · · · - · ' v - ; · · -·· · - --Cmfrot PTC** - VOLUNTEER FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION BEGINS DRIVE TO BOOST MEMBERSHIP A membership campaign, designed o enroll every volunteer fireman re- siding'in the area served by ihc Western Pennsylvania Firemen's As- ocintion, has been initiated. under the direction of President Frank E. 'aintcr of Mount Pleasant, who lopes to have the enrollment reach the highest figure in history. While there are many flro dc-part- nents throughout the region have not become affiliated with the jssoclation it wus pointed out thiit others which have long been connected with the West' Tcnn organize tion liave only a few of the volun- teers on the membership rolls. ; ; . ;. It is planned, first of all, 'to'get every member of every fire depart- rrent affiliated with the association to, become an active West Pcnu mom- ber and then to concentrate efforts on/approximately 100 compunies that haye not been associated with the organization that has served the west- err, section of Pcnnsylvinia frr. mere than 45 years. There has been no .recent rcduc- 1 tion in the membership, but Prcsi- i dent Painter Is. of the belief that there is no reason why all volunteers of every affiliated department should I . William Kooscr Burled. ·I." The : funeral .service for · William Kooscr of New Brighton was held Tuesday afternoon ot the United Brethren Church at Mill Run. The Mill Run choir, accompanied,by Mrs. Sarah Prinkcy at the piano, sang "Abide, With Me", and "Sometimes We'll Understand." Pallbearers were Frank .Bigam, I. W. Morrison, Doyle Bigam, Errianucl. Hcnscl, L. D. Hawkins and George S. Rowan.. not become members of the: Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Association. · · ; ' " Exclusive Agents for : "··· COMSTOCK CASTLE . HEATERS I $129:50 value (22-in;) S89.50 ^$89.50 value (20-in.) $69.50 $79,50 value (18-in.) $59.50 $89.50 value (16-ln.) $49.50 ConnelSsviile Korge APPLIANCE COMPANY 4(11 IV. Cniivt'iinl Avenue.- 'I'hrtnc l.'.ni. -END SALE OF Sweet Juicy Florida Heavy, Juicy, Seedless full 15-lb. peck 23 Grapeirttit 5 25c Large, Mealy-White, Quick-Cooking ' . Potatoes Fancy Golden Ripe Bananas Crisp Fresh Pascal Celery2 %S,17c Fancy New Green Cabbage "«,. 5c Bright Beets and Carrots KKh 5c Fresh Green Beans 2ib«.25c Turn to Tea . . . Enjoy Life More! Pride o'Killaraey'"15c:s- ! *§5o Black or Mixed i-»*12c Apricot or Peach NECTAR FRUIT JUICE 12-01. cans OSCO Pure Cider Vinegar crntor bottle Hom-do-Lifc Pure Grape or Currant « ^«f » 8err* Jelllrs ' .--. Jellies SM-. . 2 ,-12-oz. Santa Clara Prunes Evaporated Apricots Choice Dill Pickles Hi-Ho Prune Juice 40/00 vfxo ' Blenheim Ih. -"rise 2§C An «rtr» nne. llpht fl»Jty, nourishing loaf 3 Jumbo' loaves 2 Ibs. 23c Wincrest COFFEE 3 Morton's Free-Running Salt Herb-Ox Bouillon Cubes 4SCO Crushed Pineapple Princess Breakfast Cocoa i*r. oc PMIIips 1 Pork Beans an 9c Golden Bantam Corn ! 17c Farmdale Sweet Peas Marco Dog Food « n lOc 5c 2 Sir 25c 2 *££ 27c Princess Prepared Mustard JS ot 12c Macaroni or Spaghetti 3, bt 29c Sweet Cream Richland Farm Style Roll Spry The Triple Cream pd Shortenlnc Ib. can J5z*t Quality White Michigan or Blue Rose Oofagon Laundry Soap Octagon Chips or Granulated Soap Octagon Toilet Soap Octagon Cleanser or Soap Powder 2 3 c Vr,14C for 14c Item Quality Branded Beef Swift's Larse 14 to 18 I.M. Ib. Whole or Hair Fountain Fountain Brand Bacon ss?*j« i n,.18c No-Jax Skinless Wfeners n. 2 5c Quality Sea Whitings n . 5c Fancy Quality Fish Fillets 2 , b ,. 19c Fa-esh Stewing Oysters S, 1 igc sugar Cured, ib. 15c--Leaf Lard, 10 ib. 93c A Great- Housekeeper You Should Know! Paces Effective in Connettsville,. Dunbar and Dawson S to « Ibs.. I Whole or U*S1 II). 271*

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