The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1918
Page 5
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m UNBAT, MAT 20. 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNET-iSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. EXPERT WILL SHOW HOW BEST 70 USE FLOUR SUBSTITUTES Demonstration Scheduled for Coming Wednesday at the High School. IS FREE TO EVERYBODY Baking IVith the Fluurs That Have Supplanted Wheat is All a Matter of Knowing How, Demonstration IVill Show; Entire Process and the Adrian college saliolfLrShiiT R. C. Greenland sells his Pittsburg street property to his sister. Miss Jennie Greenland- Thomas M. Fee, .]r.. res-iftrrs Ms position in Ute Blthnofe OKJo sJiops and £oos to Plttsbtws, where he te Rrrga.g'ed with the Royal Italian bn.nd as prompter, ' W. O. W-itiman |of ConncllsviMe, is a warded the contract for painting- n i l o^ the t e n a n t houses of the H. C. FYick Coke company. There are several thousands of them a n d WIP con-tract amounts to almost $20,000. Somerset, IK pcor-ehfil n.p^vin to the ext e n t c,f $20,000. CofTrrrt.h Ruppcrf? law fifties, Fisher's b o u k s-torp. .1, B. Snydcr's R-enenil store ar-d Uie la-w office of Co-burn Co i born arc badly damaircd. t Mrs.. A l f r e d Cooper Hr-s suddenly of heart disr-aso at hor h o m e tn Franltlln township. H. C. FHck eomipany opens a Jarj^e stone quarry ut Virgin Run between Oakhi.le ar.a 'Lay* on. Mrp. A n n i o S^iug-.Mrey. wife of J. R. Lauphrey, d-if-s at Dawsor.. N'.iHy Potter and Miss Isabella Glover are-married at Chicpyle. Bread, the "staff of life." :he chief food ot the human race, found on the table ot even' borne, has Its important place in this "great war for democracy. Perhaps nothing concerned the American housewife so much as when the. need for conserving the wheat supply became so necessary, for it meant a new way of bread'making. It found the housewife unprepared. For years she had been baking bread ·with wheat flour only. The old time recipe she had always used, one per- ( haps her mother had given lier, was i a sure a^d safe method. Slie knew, from many years of experience, that I the bread always turned ou: good--. that it woukl be light and wholesome and deliciously tempting and pleasing' to her family. And, until this great war came, she baked, bread in the manner she had always done. It had become a fixed habit, a second nature, can institution that called for no printed recipe to follow. Her bretd baking was pleasure. But the war abruptly ended all this. Over in suffering Europe, starving, sorely tried and in anguish, came tho soul-distressing cry for moro wheat. There was but one country in the world that Europe could loo's, to for .help. The United States, the great : wheat producing nation, suddenly found itself confronted with an. appeal for assistance. Our Allies, firm ia the belief that we would respond, generously and immediately, asked for wheat--millions and millions of bushels. Then came the important ruling from, the U, S. Food Administratioa asking tie American housewife to "do her bit" by purchasing wheat flour on the pound for pound basis or substitutes. It was the only way to solve the problem ot conservng the wheat supply--to USB less wheat in home bread baking. Old time methods were to be discarded and new ones eoi- The response 'WBS wonderful, but -pitiful. Much to her disappointment, the American housewife discovered substitute oread did not turn out so good-^-dt tasted badly--the substitutes were high, priced and there was no economy in bread baking. The natural result was--real conservation of ·wieat did not transpire. But It is easy to use subatitntes; every bit as easy as any method you have ever used. Whether you uee corn flour, corn- meal, barley flour, rolled oats, potato flour, rice Sour, hominy or what not,' good, delicious bread can be baked with them in any home. It is simply a matter of lenowing how--a few simple poin-ts :hat are easily understood. To show Cormells- ville housewives just how to do it, arrangements have been made to conduct a special baking demonstratioa at the high school auditorium on Wednesday, May" 22, where whe;it flour substitutes win be used in bread baking. An expert baker, who has worked out a special 'recipe and method, will show and explain the entire process--from the miirng of the sponge to the. finished loar of bread. Several substitutes wilt be used, and the how and wherefore of a few important points necessary to obtain good results will be shown and explained in detail. The substitute bread will be made up and bahM in i gas stove oven before yoor^ery eyes. This demonstration has been ,con- Jucted elsewhere and has provn wonderfully helpful to thousands of lousewlves^'lt is being conducted tfith the express purpose of assisting :he 0- S. Food Administration in conserving the wheat supply by teaching lousewives that substitutes can be ised successfully. You will be most igreeably surprised to see how easily ;ood bread can be made with substf- .utes, and it is an opportunity-you lo not want to miss. Another important feature brought mt ia tSls demonstration is the little iroe it takes to bakg bread. This ex- icrt's method cuts the time do*vn to a ninimum--it takes out the former "all lay task" in bread making and makes t a pleasure in that it requires less ime and assures perfect results. ' Come to this demonstration. It will how you how you can use the sub- Utates you must buy and at the same tme help you to do your bit in know- ig how to conserve the wheat supply r our Allies. and the "Boys Over here." There is no admission charge Ev- rybody is welcome. Statement* HEPOF.T OF THE CONDITION* OF The First National Bank at Dunbar, in the state _ o £ Pennsylvania, at the close of bualrieye on May 10, 1918. RESOURCES. Loans and tris- ^ counts (except those shown in \i and c) ?!62.9S9.SQ Overdrafts, unae- .- cured 28.19 U. S. bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value) 50,000.00 Liberty L o a n BorwJs, 3% per cent and 4 per cent, unpledged GO.00 JMtjime-nts actually made on Liberty 414 per cent bonds .. 10,250,00 Securities other than U. S. bqnds (not' including- stocks) ow ned unpledg-ed 5,212,32 Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent of subscription) Value of banking: house,. Furniture and fixtures Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve- Bank ...'. Cash in vjLult and net amounts due from na- tlonaj banks Checks on other banks in the same city or town as report ins bank other than Item 17) 1162,989.80 28.19 FIUDAV. M A Y 2O, 1K»S. DoUvilcO report of the Corinellsville coke trade fur the work en'liriE," May H, shows a total of IS.tiOS o%-ens In the region, of which 1-4.4!V» rtre in blnt anU 4,113 jJle. w-ft a toti! estimated production of. J-J.'i.fiT.'f tons. iSh tpmcnla for t!ic week ajrgreffa-ted 7,3'" cans OJ-wrriltutod as follows; Tn Pittsburgh 2,8."C' ra,rs; to po):us wc«t. 3,785 cn^rs; to poin:a ea«?t, l,"iK) cars; a decrease of 3.18 cars as ixwnpareO with the previous ·week. The Tenth P e n n s y l v a n i a Ttptrfment, which includes Company D of Connells- vlllc. is ordered t o leave dump ITa-qt- itHrs for San Francisco, on the way tn aid A!imiral De'.rey !n the Philippines. Attmlrals Sarrvpeaon and Schley are scouring' West Indian waters for the Spanish fleet. ·, In a ·warm speech In to.wn council, Counci'jmnn Joseph F. Echard scores t-he ConntllsvVile Vi'atcr company lor m a n n e r In wii'ioh it dies up th e streets w i t h o u t perm-Its. Robert McGary. IJaltrmore Oftio coirOiKitor. d-ies at he Mercy hospital, Pittsbur#. after falling- fnm a. train near Kraddoch, Old Glory floats over the Ctrtsage State hospital, the solwols ami many private dwellings followhrg 1 the crua- break of tho war. Employes of the tr cfrrrapany mJjip n. handsome onf, 13x22 feet. Emp-lores of the H, C. Fricfc Cake company hoist one feet over the Emerson car shops and another larRe one over the offices at Scottdale., The Baltimore Ho'.*se of Connelteville is sxkl by Andre*? Jackson Case to Thomas O'Hara. Several thousand cMrrmev ErwalloTra have their rendezvous in the tower of ths Immncveolnie Conc^tion oh arch, ami ench eveolnp they come rot ji»t a f t e r sundo^rn and circle arauinl the tower, all po!n^f the sajne cl-lrec.t!on. Mrs. Margaret IfcESlhATiey. 22 r«nrs old. w i f p of W411-iam MeBIhapey. dies at her home in Cormellsvine townahn-p. Mrs. Elizatieth Curry, M years old. mos at her home on Che Marietta fonm ea*=t of town, Mrs. Mary £»he.rrlcX, w-lfe of H. R. SherrtcX. (53es at hor home .Vi. Periria- ville. ^THURSDAY, THA.V 21. 1W«. Detailed report of the Con^otlsville coke trade for the week emJln-g: May 16. shorra a total of .17.405 ovens In the J reJTon. of which 14,GrS are In I4ast anfl 22,835 Hie. wJth a total estimated production OK 173.082 tons. Shipments for the week a.'PTGrreg'Med fi.424 cars, dlsJirrbuted as Soliowa: To PH-t«bii 1-5. 2.S.12 cars; to polnjji west, 2.775 cars: to points eaftt. 317 cars: a decrease of 443 cars, as compared ·wlUi the prpvious week. At a session of the ITn*ted Pr»««by- tertan chnrefh it te deckled to dedicate fhe new jhurch in South r^lfcsbiwg street OB July 1C. * Walter .T. Devlin (5 named receiver of rh'e Tranfl-AllegJieny hote-1. "W, J. proprietor, tors of the defunct Karmern Merchants National Bank at Mount Pleasant hold a meeting to do.termine what can be done to protect their in- tereta. Nora Bayes tells the Kaiser A ·* i t *ff *Y% i /* f TT~f '* You'll enjoy hearing this vigorous, tuneful song just as much as "Our Nora" enjoyed singing it--and that's saying a good deal. A happy time will be had by all except the Kaiser--and we won't worry about him. On the back, "A Little Bit of Sunshine," another sturdy, cheerful song just made for Nora Eaves. ' A6038--$1.25 Just Compajre These o iFFer^airy The lnks Starte A rollicking tune, sung by "Arthur Fields, with this irresistible chorus: "The Russians were rushin' the Prussians, The Prussians were crushin' the Russians, The Balkans were balkin' and Turkey was squawkin', Rasputin dispurin' and Italy scootin 1 , The Bodies all bulled Bolshevikis. The British were skittish at sea, But the good Lord I'm thankin', The Yanks started yankin' and yanked Kaiser Bill up a tree!" A252S-7Sc' Love !" It's Gus Van in a new character songthat's a scream. He's got a bad case of love, and his description of the symptoms will keep you roaring from beginning to end. On the back, "How'd yon like to be my Daddy?" another melodioos gale of laughter by the Winter Garden favorites, the Farber Sisters. A2525--75c Of course these arc only a few spicy bits from the complete June List of Columbia Recoftrs inchiding 49 sparkling rumbers, ranging from popular songs, recitation hits, and dance music to favorite opera airs and instrumental classics. ^ Send some records to yoor soldier. There's a Columbia Gnifonola in his Y.M.C-A, 01 Koigbtfl of Columbus hut. , XQthtutd 20th otootty month Colombia Graphophone Company New York Anniversary Savings at 39c Kuys* "* f ": Sunmirr Tniori Rnils "^ Women's up to ?1.W) Ymie V:tisfs at 30i liuhy's 7«c Soft K»»l«Ml SIu»-s, mM sixes _ M iJ)f? Corset {'ovt-rs i i f t c l !inni(!rs ;!!) Mfii's up f u Tie TndiT'.vejir at !. 39i ^Voracn's -0c (j.r.i/c i'-'jifit .suils Ud Anniversary Savings at 59c l"p to §I.L5 .^cji's Urcss SJiirU Bah.v's Sfif White Dresses Women's .rl.OO hn'ssintc Sitccjiies Boys up f«i O.K- IViish Suits Kcpnilar S5f ?(eir Corsets ...,, Women's 7"»c (iauiw 1'niun Snils _ , Anniversary Savings at !9c 2'w Fine Itlcjielii'd Muslin, yard 10c 2.c \cw Spring Cinirham^, yard lle 2.V and :jrc A'ovellr Skirtni^s, yard 19c C'li!lilri!ii's "j')c Short Wliif^ Dresses 19e Itegnlai- »0c Cwrpi-l SMnjiurs 19c Anniversary Savings at 89c Men's $1.2. I'nion Suits at S9e Woman's, Uuys' and (;irls' Tennis Oxi'ords S9c Women's $1.2. House prcsse« at _.-- . ._ M)c Women's $1.00 Strined Tcrrale IVtOcoats S9« !?].0(» Jrey Chanibrny Work SJirrts _ _ S3« 3^(iys* $1.25 Dress Shiri-s at -J ..._ S9c 2,250.00 25.33-t.ft2 . 3,000.00 24.624.76 66.484.19 454.55 Total of Itema 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 8G,93S.75 Checks on banks located outside of city or tov/n of reporting bank and other cash items "Redemption f u n d w i t h U. S. ;intl d u o f r o m U. K. Trt-usurer ,, Otlier assets Total 2,500.00 -H.7! I n d i v i d u a l deposits subject to check Certificates of deposit due in lews t h a n 30 days ( o t h e r thrui for money b o r r o w e d ) Cor titled uh«cks Cashlr.r's cttucks o u t aianding: DC pos i t n rc( i u i r'. n jr but less Irian SO :-d j Diviilendri unpaid ,. .$379,206.^7 i Total of do- notice d a y s . . LIABIMTIES. Capital stock paid In Surplus f u n d U u d i v i d e d · profiles 10.500.9.{ Less C u r r e n t expenses Intcreirt and taxes paid 2,567.50 Circulating" notes outstanding- ? 50,000.00 25,000.00 mand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to Ue- serve. Ite-ma 34, 35. 30, 37, 33, 3a, 40, and 41 t!M,G05.32 Other Ume fleposits Total of time de- posftK subject to reserve, items 42, 43. 44, rind 1 5 . . . 51.537.74 and t h r i f t statr.p deposit War savings cer- ) tlficato and t h r i f t I h'tn t u p deptsi.t 1,Gin.00 I account 210.77 701.15 I " i Total $379,260.27 426.92 , ;.r7 StiLtc oC rennsylv-ania, county oC Puyo^ 00 : . «i-w. ss: I. U. G. Jfolping-, Cashier of t h e nioYe named bttr.k, do H u l o m n l y swt'ar t h a t :hc ubove sLiHemcnt is true to thtf besi of n~-y knowlO'dtrc :ind bc-lief. R. G. HOUSIN'G, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me ! tb.ia ISth day of May. 1P18. j DAVID WIIiLIAMS, Notary Public. Correct--Att««t: .IOHN\S. CARKOUL, C. K. "VSTLSON, JOHN WJ.SHABT, Directors. B153T 7 ft News or the Pact Condensed from the Fll*j of The Courier. FRIDAY. MAY 33, 1S88, j AiMjrew Loijun. 19 year old son of j .ulre I-offan of Pennsville, is killed I the I*enn»yl \iania railroad near N'in« youn-jr people are graduated am the Conne£}t»vjne hljph s-jh.ool. e averases of the class In 14 brartch- JLTC aa foiiows: AT!as M. Flirremre crffe, 97.7 per cent; Miss Carrie 3, iCtord. 03.5; Miss Ida. J. ^olsson. JM.3; .98 Mary S. Jtcatrezat, tW.0; M4«a k raret L. Woods. 97.6; Miss ]xvuise Be«r«r, 09^2; itiss Rose \U Whi*« t 00; :lUim C. Hood, 00; Rufus M, Strnea. S. Miss Berser havinp attained the narluitle averapa of. yo.2 per cafi-t la «:4«4 eh* certificate of competency Factional! of Autocracy ,. · ·* · , · Against which the whole world now is op in arms, including the Voters of Pennsylvania REPUBLICANS WILL VOTE FOR ROBERT PATTON HABGOOD FOR GOVERNOR . , ON MAY 21, 1918, AND THEREBY REBUKE the assertion, that "Pplitlcs now ia just a plaything lor the rich." DOMINATE the only candidate who is not a factional candidate. XOSISATfi the only candidate who has the endorsement of the County Committee from his home County. the only candidate who voted for the Workmen's Compensation laws. Child Labor bill and Woman's Suffrage referendum; also who. favors now and always did 'favor ON A NATION-WIDE BASIS Prohibition and Woman's Suffrage. · IfOXIN'ATE the only candidate who can bring unity ana harmony after the primaries. MAKE your vote count for Republicanism over and above Factionalism. EEC063TIZE a large section of the State which never had a Governor-the northwest and the northern tier. BECOGXTZE the interior .of the State which has not had a Governor since 1894. BEFUSE to be dragged into the factional fights of Philadelphia. "HABGOOD and HARMONY" will Sweep the State V/ork near j-our home in plcasiini and hc-alihful surroundings, ·with excellent opportunities for rayici aSviiiicfiaeni. Unusual opportunities for earnest, intelligent young women be- tween 18 and 2-1 years of age. New employes are paid whiie learning p.:nl arp ivailMy advanced. Comfortable sitting room for r e a d i n g and -relaxation when off duty. Good opportunity for senior and supervising positions. Apply to the Cnief Operaiotr of the central office. Title Trust Building, Connellsville. The delidhis of your vacation bcj!in the momeni you board a D. C. ContT Una Sieaaier ior bcauiUui Maclupac Iblacd-for half of ibc delights are ia the Lake voyage. Railroad rickets are honored on all D. C. Line 6lcamer without extra ch«rjc. The D. Si C. Inilgnia insures ibebeot in apcointruents, cuisine, and painftskind tervice. Safety cue] health provisions arc all that could be desired. AJ! steamers are eatii?ped with Jaiest wirelcM service. AH ·water is sterilized by ultra vioJei ray proceit, Two splendid vessels--City of Macldoac II and City of Alpenn II--operate four tinsc* a week to Maekinic lilnnd. From Toledo Monday* nod Eatu:day»8:3Q A. M., Tuesdays and Thursday* 6:00 P. M. From Detroit Monday* and Salar- day# S^DO P. M., Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30 A.M. Send 3-ccot«t«n9 for tlluttrated p»msUet and Great Lake* map. Addreot L. G. LKWIS, C. P. A., 9 Third A-renuc, Detroit. Mich. TO MACK1NAC ISLAND From Buffalo $ 9.50 Round trip 16.50 From Clerehed $ 7.00 Rauna irip 12.00 From . Toledo $ 6.25 Round trrpJI.OO From Detroit S5.50 Round (rip 510.00

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