The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 12
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i ' A U L TWELVE. Basketball THE 1HUJ DALLiY COUIUEK, (JOrWELiL SVlLiLtt, PA SATLTRDAY, FEBRUARY 15. 1930. s By JAMES 31. DRISCOLi* Basketball S LEAD IN SECTION 12 ®-- Leiseiring Quintet Wins Over Hurst High Passers; Perry Loses to Sewickley UniontowB High Beats Greensburg In Easy Fashion ®- roach Shea»vr's Boys Thalk Tp 53 Points in nashinsr Toward Victory. 9 GROUP TITLE IS IN SIGHT Spcrts Comment B y J D I I X H . - \ V i m i U C The D u n b a r Township High School r i u i n t p t went back i n t o u n d i s p u t e d po.'ise.ssion of first place in Section 52, VV. P. I. A. League hy decisively ' r o u n d u p H u r s t of M o u n t Pleasant t o w n s h i p while P e r r y , heretofore tied w i t h the beisenring chili, was swept d o w n to at the hands of Sow i o k l e y . The Kt-d ai'd Black chalked up a marcrin of 53 td 7 in r e g a i n i n g the ' ( · p b e r t h "n t h e Kroup. H u r s t w a s u n a b l o to c l u c k Coach Shearer's ina- hirie. H u r i t s t a r i e d off in a w h i r l w i n d tashion and h e f o u - the Ued ami Black coul'l realise w h a t had h u p p e u e c i . l o n c t t had si'nk a toul try and Lo'n- man dropped on- from niidfioor The v i s i t o r s tu'd ;» I! to 0 advantage lic- lorc D u n l i a r ' - , c r u s h i n g a t t a c k "as l a u n c h e d . \\ 't n n it came it was i;i a -,(e;im roller f a s h i o n . the Shearer c o m b i n a t i o n d l c k i n K up I S 1n rapid order. The Thirst c l u b was unable r o prno- t r a t e t h " l-r-i-seurins defense u n t i l t h e f o u r t h q l a r l c r when t h o reserves- were again I uected into the battle. It was he'd 'uorelebs. t h r o u g h o u t the. second and t h i r d periods. Tim reserves, h o w e v e r , o u t t a l l l e d the- H u r t t quintet, getting .six p o i n t s lo the i;i^ a d e r s ' four. Monda," n i g h t w i l l find tho Vletl und Black playii.g an exhibition t n o u n ' - f-r nt Karctt.- t ' i t y . The next vV. P I. A. T,cus,'nc i-ctto w i l l he on K r i l a y e v e n i n g a t I j e i s e n r i n p w i t h H o i l u Vernon p r o v i d i n g the opposition. The l i n e - u p : Dunbar« o'A. Hurst 7 T u l l e y I'" L e h m a n M i l l e r - V ... ... . Streli': Hehren-i (' - - K u i t / . K e l l l y G H m : t h Scoring' by q u a r t e r s : D u n h a r IS I t n r s t .. ., ." S u b s t i t u t i o n s - - B u r k c for Tnlley, Tulley Cor Hurkey, Hnrkey for Tulle,--, Nftre- for M i l l e r . \Vorliiiii'-;tcu f u r liehrons. Skouc/.ny for Hailey, Kc'^ii- t nherg for i t e f l l y . Campbell tor Strcl- ic. Strclic f r C a j n p b f l l , ('ainpb' 1 !! )'/r Strelic-, . \ ) f r o o K a n for Smith, S m i t h f o r MfCiooi a n . F u l l e r t o n f o r S m i t h , Mi-Gon;.-iui fur Jones. .loneH f c r Mc- i'Meld so.ils Tulle-\ '), .Miller 5, N'ere, H i s b r ' - n s . W o r t l i i n g t o u . Halley 'i, Hkoiu'Tiny. H r i l l y -I, Lehman. ('tuii|i- hell. K u r t / I n d u i d u ; ! i'.mls M i l l e r , uiisseij 1; ^ \ ' o r t l i i i m t i n, nil.-fowl l! U a i f o y . 'J out i . f ;.'. K c i l l v , .' mil of ·!'. ]{fihcnbcrK, inis»(fj I . Le'iman. mlh.-if-d 1 : Hlrclic, misseil I, K u r t z , nii.s.seil .; ,(ons, L out ol 1 1 ' u l l e i ' t o i i , missed I. Team f u n l s - D u n h a r T o w n s h i p . ~ l l l l t o f 10', l l u i ' i i t , 1 O U t of Ij. Sonio time or otli J i m m y Bailey, p l u i T. H. biiekelbail heaixi this adage: "If at first you il\ try again." Mifi.Hlng Tjut iiu yeaw is q u i t e an w h i c h the nee d r i l It takes a lot of *i the pressure day i did. We only r«rer m a n y , m a n y more r in his young life, ky g u a r d of t h e O. team, m u s t hav«' tt't fiiti'fci'd, t r y and j i r a f t ice in four e n v i a b l e record of bier can be p r o u n d . u n k to stand u n d e r i and day out is he l that th-ere sire not lm\ s like h i m . Branch Rickey dale. i v i i s t ^eaf-c w r i t e r t h a t thi* c o m m u n i t y a n d t o ( t l n a l f i hopo lo f tim^ to coiTn». Nf him t h a t Scott-la! W i l l C O I K i l l C t t - p l M i l l Town, besn c n n ' t buf bpliev" bin "finger in t i n H." make up his surely likos Suott- ii lie informeI t h e , a j;reat txieeball it ( i n - St. Noiiis Car- iv iicre for a Uiriif w comes word f r o m · ii!l Wayne.sboro ris? at t h o n i n p ; A|)ri! 13. \S e h a t FU!ie liyer had pic" in h e l p i n g "B. ninii ricfeaf»d CircvnslHirg; by a scoio of 29 to If) n i g h t at the 1'ornw'H floor in another W. P. I. A. league fray. The unde-fealed leadpr.s li;ul things t h e i r own way throughout th« entire battle. The line-up: Vnlontonn--20. (irecnslmrg'--10. Ford _..!" ,,... StrusBor Kverh art F 11 Ibb? J. John _.C - Anderson Hankui (i Wright l i a r r i s O Fag-o S t r t ' S t i t i i t i o n s -- H e i n b a i i B h for Rank i n ; PuRlia for Heiribaussh 1 , Kelly for H t r a s u - r ; l^ruv for Wright; W r i g h t for 1-arue; Kbronfield for W r i g h t ; ShafT-M 1 for Page. field goals---Ford, 2; K v e r h n r t , 5; John. Harris, S3; Stra-s^r. f i i b b a , .'i; Andorson, Liarue, KhrendHd. K-elly. V\:n] goals--Uniontown, 7 out of I B ; (Ford, 3 out of 6; Kvcrhiirt, 1 out of 5; J o h n , 1 out of 2; H a n k i n . 1 out of 1; PugHa, 0 out of 1; H a r m , 1 out of l i : Greensburg. I! out of H ; (Strasser, l out of :'·; HibbB. i ont of .'!; A n - ilerHoii, 1 out of 2; W r i g h l , 0 out of 1 ; I/ariie, 1 out of 2; Hhrenlield, 0 out of 2; Pifco, 0 out of 11. Score by periods: I ' n l o n t o w r i 7 1 1 f ", -2!» Groensburg - 2 fl 0 S - - 1 H H f^rec--llerklot/.. !(YESTEMHY l BY *U W I M F I U D W HEN I was working: as secretary for the So ithern league--it was purely for p) ;asur« because in those old days t ie minors couldn't afford to pay ft r such services, I saw a play whicJ made a big leaguer. ambf- given chmela i.prnon al'Mi black di'in ] join th-f- B a l t i t n o r Thfi former Fai t o r r i f t c hitUT- -w n h i l i i y to cover a back se;u for i "inn vios reganli in tl o M i d - A t i Hi' him to got ins ntont. If he ri-fo on bpt^er;i l/pfs B t a l J i n " Corner-Ca^ey so C r i n d s t o n r d i a m o n d urn!) p r o d u c t . IK to Oriolpii this s p r i n g , wont o u t t i l d e r im a ':in ho l i i t s , For o r r i l o r y . l.o-m t;ik's 0 oii(. Itlii t h r o w i n g I us onp of t h f beet if. Find h a b i t s causod t i n l c F l i p from Fair- nif Sailer:' can count 1 (In vs. low I h u t Koagy T h a t item on day ,"»hou( O l i v e r d a l o und l ^ i w o youth, read moi N'pvprihflr^fi it K p o r t s m n t i t l i i p p man's parents c t h i s -; I lip o t h e r Tyrone t o w n s h i p · l i k e a llcticin story. \ v a * « t r u e cahc of n foe! proud ol t h o i r ' «on who is s!! UK a perfect example 1 j for the boys u n d ·!· h i , c;,re. It's a title r e f l e c t i o n of 'x - l l c n f i r a l n i i i K . TROTTER DEFEATS MONARCH QUINTET INPRELIM CLASH in the p r e l i m i n a r y to tho DunTiar- l l u r n t grime, Trottor tiflfMtod Monarch by ; score of 2.'5 to ID at the r i n g Xo. 1 gymiKiHHim l;ul Tho l i n o - u p : Monurfli--l(). Kpe-osi . ____ F Siaiih _________ F Fni'icifi _______ ,, .,,(' . for Anscll ..... 0 S ihstitiitioiiH-- Pufitay for Koil, K « i l for K .'U1 ijoals -- S m i t h . Francis Trotter -33. .-... M on well McCllntot-K Thomp«on .. .. Janiea _ Koil Anwell, At t h a t timi!, Tt was In t years of the niJioteenth c -ntury, John B. Nlcklln, ChattanooKi bault- «r. was president of 1hfi leaij e. He had a younjt am with hnscbal tiodK and naturally ths It Id wt a tryout by Manager ot the Chattanooga One spr'nK tho C'fnoinna i Reda came through thn T^nne.we city on an exhibition tour n n i l playi-il ft. game w i t h the homi» outlH N'othi -K happened of great until late In the game Buck Kv-lng, tb Reds' Krroat backntop arid manager. :me to the plate w i t h tho saulu, crov led and two out. Ho couhl smack a b.-dl I I I s a demon when lit f'-lt la trlra nd this wn« one ot tho:e timon. 1 owover, young Nifklin, playing In ho oxit- fleld, turned I ' U e a flash at t ie crack of th» bat and fieri to def| center. He seemed to glide over th ground a.i h« raced the hpi-cding pel! t. which v.nn on I t s way to 'nak« ot s ot the lone eat rides I CVPI saw a baaebali take. JiiBt iw the ball flushed by him youiiff Klcklin t h r o w his I »dy Into a leaping half nirn nud ca i R h t tho sphere. The stands roared *-lth applause and Buck KV/IDR sot the f.ur- prlne of his l . f o The Deas certainly must nave re- nn-mbered tliat brilllrunt c tch and tnlked of It in the Nitlom I league. for neon McCSraw icnt foi tho kit) nmf he plaxcil n. h a n g u p par. e for th« C l a n t u In the Inflel'l. You have sruns«"l (hat t 10 younjf «-hap was the note'] ijlran Nlcklin --or have youT East iuntingdon Loses Loop Game Scottdale Loses To Jeannette Hi In League Clash SCOTTDAhE, Feb. I n . -- Jcaunette High School scoVcc, H 1!) Lo 15 triumph hero last, night, when the ScolUIalft passra failed to register a BiDBlu p o - n t in the f i n a l q u a r t e r . Tho Blue and White luid maintained a load t h r o u g h o u t t h e first t h r e e periods, reR.irdless of the fact that Iho m a r g i n was very scant at n i l stagefi. However the local a t t a c k completely collapsed and t h e Jays forged ahead lo v i c t o r y . Thfe liiie-nj): Jrunciette -- li. tScofldalft -- 15. Caslni ..... . ....... -- .......... F ........... - ......... Caniliu C'rlbbs ..... ______ ................ Jf. ______________ Kioher Kryzack ------- ............. _ fj. ------ ..... .......... Cox Ivejtiius _...__ ............... G. __________ ....... Waldo CioRuHn. _______ ........ _. G. _______ ....... . ..... UiiBh Substitution-- Wurzell for Ijejcius. Field g o a l s -- Casini 3, Cribbs 3, W u r z o l l , Camliu, JSicher :!, KtiBh. Foul goals -- Jeannette, 'A o u t of o; Scottdale, 5 out of 9. Score by periods: J e a n n e t t e .......................... !i r I! W.PJ.A. League Summary SECTION TE.V 1 Yesterday's Kemlts. T f u i o n t o w n , 2 D ; OreenFburg, 19. Jeannette, J9; Svottda e, 10. Standing- of the 'lubs. U n i o n t o w n . , ,1 eannctte , GreonRburg . _.. . ....!) Scottdalo ·! Latro'be - 3 ConnellF-yille -. -..2 Mount Pleasant - ~ I ·tomes Monday. ['niontmvn at Joanne'to. W. L. Pot. ...0 0 1.000 ....s .SCO .300 .-145 .S75 .221 .111 0 I! (i -- 19 i U -- 15 Referee -- Burke. To Belle } ernon Ansel! . 2. K H I 2, McClint'K-k 2, Thotnixson fi, Foul« -- Mt;n«r-h. 2 out of 1 i t of -1. ! · f · f r rw -- Wa 1 k e»r . i Heporto ^i j v a n u t State i Fairt;, in co (··liowwl t J i a l HttO.Ml("i t i l l ! ywir Tliis li ; each f a i r . Col cut down the ai biv t t e / i l o J J j t L P e n n » v l A ' , i c i a t i o u of ('t)iinly 10 lion at P h i l a d e l p h i a , n irly L'.OdO.OuO jierBons 71 fair. 1 - in the -tntp last , ; i ' i a v e r a g e of 2H.16!» to we,11 her la«t Huanon ndinice m a t e r i a l l y at T r n t ' e r , .Ill Wc^ MOKOANTOWN. W. Va.. l'b. 15.-- \Ve-u Virffliiia U n i v p r n i l y ' s top flight h i u k c t h a l l (iC|ual is p u r e l y West V i r U i u i a i i . Tin' 11 players who mak? t h e t r i p s for out-of-town fames ^''^ alt iialive sous of tho M o u n t a i n e e r lUtite. Th.H is the, first time in the h i s t o r y o-f t h e sport at U'est V i r R s n l n t h a i the "VV. V. I ' . KCjtia;! has n o f hceii woll vs it) out-of-stiiti» players. A n o t h e r elalv rale tjolf program i n ; hoinp plantH-d ' r t h e H u m n i o r m o n t h s ' I'se Remilts (ji Ads. foMow. ! at the I M o a s a i ] Valloy C o u n t r y ( ' l u l l ! ?j_-'_^'-':i course. The ii v i l i i l i o i i f o u r n a m p - n t ie p x p M ' t n d to ho rcsiuiuMl. It provfri i | hig h i t last you ' i Tho "hariiyai 1 go3ors" may get i n l o action again t h K year. Thf horiic-ihoe to'-sor.'! I i a v f 1; '« i d l e For a l i t t l e »\ hilt*. ALVKR'iXO., FVh i n -- - l a s t Miint- ii\t--(ion dropi'pd !r m e 1't Ic V e r n o n by ;i 'irnr- of "."i t 1." l,i l n i g h t in w n o l h e r iran\c In S'' t i n i i 1- W. )». 1 A. Leap iK 1 . 'I hf l i n o - u i i : Bi'llf V e r n n n - - U5. li. U n n l nfrilon to. Waslrek . -- ---. K .. -.. . - Dezort M a r t i n ....... ______ ....... F. ______ Sohacffcr Wallnntine ..... _____ ... C. _______ -. . Klchor Coates ........... -- .. C«. -- - Ponieschko Bauer ..... _ .......... ..... (! .-- ......... I^einmon S u b f l t i t u t l o n s -- I g o e f( ·- Coates, ICa.itman for I'.aitfr, W i H in for le- zort, H y s k c l l for Sdiaeff r. Andrish for K i f i i c r , Crosb ' for romcsc-hko. King- far Ijoromoi!. FiL-ld iw.'ils -Wi.sicek 3, Martin, W a l l e n t i t i e V, IUJOP, J)f/.or . Schaoffor, J-Ilrlier, A n d r i s h 3. J'Vnil Koals - Belle Vern n, 7 o u ( of 33; Kast I l n n l i n g t i o i i , " t it o[ 10 llc-ferec-- -.Shook ey. BOWLINC STARS OF BELLE VERNON LOSE TO PERRY ROSTER The Belle Vernon bowling stars met the PerryopohH contingent at he Ij. A. B r o w n alleys at Perryopolis where they were conquered by a margin of 35 pinw in a close contested match. There wero three "200" marku. The scores: BEf-MS VKRNOK Babert __________ Koeco _______ Johnaon __ Franklin _____ Totals 123 124 173 155 161 177 201 147 139 118 104-- -104 16f(-- 403 196-- 510 ]00~ 3M 174-- 1S3 SKC'l'ION TJIIBTKKN Yesierday's Results. N-orth trnion, 24; Brownsville, IS, Cigorges 24; South Union 12. Redstone, 20; Point 7'Tarion, 11. Standing of the Clubs. N'orth Union 10 Redstone 1 Brownsville _....? German _ _ 6 Point Marion --(i Garmichaels ~ George? , --2 South Union 1 Gumcs Tonight. G e r m a n at Oarmlcbals. Pet. 1.000 .700 .631! .000 .54.". .221 .182 .000 SKCTIO.V T V E L V E Yesterday's Besults. Dnnbar, 53; Hurst, '. Sewickley, 2-9; Perry, 20. Belie Vernon, 25; K-»fit Huntingdon, IB. Standing: of the Clubs. 736 782 742--2260 PERHYOPOLIS 'Flanagan Winterha-ltrr Yorkison Turkosh Snydcr _ _ 113 14.3 US-- 1IM _. 119 US 117--- ,TM ISl' 142 222-- 545 US _ --..-- 118 160 121 1GS-- 450 131 201-- ,'!!M Dntvb.r _____________ ___ 7 Perry _________ Sewickley _- ------ fi Belle Vernon ------ 4 Kast Huntingdon. -- 1 i I ur s t __________________ 0 L. 1 Pet. .875 ,750 .750 .500 .125 .000 Barnes Friday. SewicJiley at Hurst. Belle Vernon afDunbar. Wast Huntingdon a' Perry. Totate .. 751 715 829--2295 Spanish Kinsr to Dfsfioi-ro Assembly. M A D R I D , Fe-b. 15.--King Alfonso will f?jgn a decree today !i.sso!vin£f tfio national assembly, the purely advisory body fornwd by Primo de Rivers, lonnor dictator, after a constitutional lr-i;islattiro was abolished. Worth Tryinjf TVonld it not make for variety in the program if some of the radio entertainers who repeat the same selections over ucd over were to play one backward occasionally3 DICKERSON RUN I PIONEERS TAKE TWO AT DUNBAR The- Pionoer Boys cf Diekorson Run Y. M. C. A. defeated he Duutoar High last evening at Dunbar, 19-9. The jline-ap: Punbar--». Boprusky DeBlasio ... A N E W P E A K IN f ADIO P E R F O R M A N C E DICKERSON RUN BASKETEERS WANT TO SLATE GAMES | The Oic'ici'ftDii K u n b u « k o t b a l l I earn it- » n d e a v i ) r i n i { to sc'cniv some floor, en( o m i t e o . « l f h t'ormid-tibl'! ;iggregu- i i o n s in tli/.s v i i M i i i t y . Th*- clui; l.s en- i tcred ni l he Pitt.sbilJ's iS; J^illio lirie' AMERICAN LEGION TAKES ODD CLASH ROM B. 0. CLUB C l u l w 1 't«irimj to incot thc^ roailois t^liould ;et i n l u n c h H e n r y I.. CiiH.'-ol, n n i i i H f j i M , at JJi on H u n rail- w i t h The A m e r i r m Lngion bowlers won thi* odd clash from tho J3«ltlmore Ohio PassPiiRi rs nisht in tlie City How l i n g LeaR 10. The s u m ma ios . A m e r i c a n i . e g i o t i , 712. 790, 690, ^1!)2; I'iiSMPiH'prs, 047, 680, 72«, 'JOS8. J o h n 1) Itockefeller. r n u i t i - i n i l l i o n a i r r , c l a i u m he gets a big kick out of coif. Ho ^fts out on tho courtiC w t i e n - \ i a n o p p o r t u n i t y prosontM \ V i l h r Davlpp, tlharloroi rnitts took a t o - r o u n d Jocition over Vito Alaxxco of ('lcvi|i.itJ at Xov I j r f g h t o n . * * Jack S larkey is u l:-5 j n v o r i t c !o defeat Phi! Swtt in iheir Florida bout. i Lime Ridge Good Place for New Pen BKRWICK, Pa., Feb. 15.--More than I 1,000 acres 01 land have hf x en offered to tho G o v e r n m e n t by I I farm owners near f.ime R . d R O , between Berwick and BloornBbnrt;. to be used for (ho now Federal p e n i f c i i H j i r y belns considered in Ci ngre.-?s. Use our " /aut" Jeannette Semlers Meet Casey Passers on Monday Evening at State Armory L U E it ... this 1930 Apex Snper-Screen-Grid Radio with the new Apex Multi- Phase Circuit, zmd Apex· Foil Tone-Oior Electro-dynamic Speaker, is priced at only $115 (less tubes). Gome in today and hear it in action! Other Apex models from f 45. Convenient monthly terms. Only in APEX Radio will yon find these outstanding features--1930 features--- APEX SUPER^SCREEN-GBID APEX NEW Muim-PHASK CiBCtrrr APEX FULL TONE-COLOR ELECTRO-DYNAMIC SPEAKER Wertheimer Motor Co West Crawford Ave., Phone 1:)6. Connellsville, Pa. Thf Cine,' Ixuiketwi's w i l l swim? into TntMilay n action ; , n u i n on Monday (·venini;, at K n i r m o t i f p l u y i i i K !i.'it to the formidable Shinier ' toiilud ( i r » f t t q u i n t e t ol J t - a n u e t t ^ in a l'ra at tho yt« A r a i o r y , The S'inlers, ruu- 01 the n(.riiK'-it · iojin in Wcvtmort'l.ind - - i i i i t y , m a jollccliois of the cUHsioH* ca;;e M'ial in i d a t l e r r i i o t y a n d I ' m I r l n l i p:' w i l l h a v e to ho n( i l « lies! to comj'p'''' w i l h ' h w m a t l i i n e w b i i h h;f- ; fxii rmiph*-h«M over »-omc .'f m''»' p-'r-rful f l u f F in ill (Slid the- Casnys ' on the h i g h l y , r r'Klrmorjt H « k e r y pas- ' i n a i m her n t Ttic f t i c - h to!i^'.~itt'iit b ni|.r I In- c l i i l i t h o '.i-ama w i l l ', f u r t h e r a ' - i t \VcFt mor^land. i woll as on and of ball t h a t i« i « u s - 1 to reap a H# harvest nt of some of Mid classiest i ( h i i r p s i o u . Moro h t r o n g 1 billed ond t'noro w i l l be n on ths? A r m o r y Hoor «» grounds, Pioneers--19. Sherbondy Pratt Kx?rwin McOnsker Cross Dunlap Rimmel Whipkey Substitutions ham for Dunlap, Livingstone for Pratl, Sproat for L'ttle, Welling tnr ( ' y n u i n g h a m ; D u n h i r , BurhariR for Cross. Tho Pioneers ·«· 11 play Newell Srouts tit Ne-well Tuesday evening. The Pioneer Girls defeated the Dunbar High girls by thi scoro oj 14 to 11. The line-up: Dnnbar--It. Pioneers--14. Dinellio I-, A. Soverns Burhans r. B. Soverns Jonea t . GoldenBhuo Vlska 3. J. R. Soverns Resh-enberg ,, (J. M. Austin Gil more (' r . A. Evans Substitutions--Du ibar, Cross lor Gihnore; Pioneers, Bosley for Aufitin, Austin for A. Evans, Helen Evans for Bosle v . The next game ol tho Pioneers will be played with the I lumbar Rinkydinks on Monday evening at Dlckerfloii Ruu. Weatniiuater strengthened its hold on, iho Tri-State Conference by ewamping Wayiiesbirg, 50 to 13. PERRY TOWNSHIP IS DEFEATED BY SEWICKLEY fflH Commodores Lose First Position Tic in Section 12, W. r. I. A. FINAL SCORE IS 29 TO 20 Perry Township Hlg-h wont down to d^ea-t, 29 to 20, lant, night at il-erminie boforo the strous attack of Iho Sewieklcy Township A great rally In tho final half brought the unexpected downfall of the Commodores who chalked up Inn eight points while the homo club wnt, recording 20. Wbile Perry was favored to come through with a win, it was conceded that Sftwiokiey was exceptionally strong on the homo grounds. By virture of tho setback, Perry fell back into second position in Section 12, W. P. I. A. League, a f u l l game behind Dunbar TowTiship w i t h onyl two more games to play. The lino-up: lVrry-20. Galley Sxvetta .. Jenkins Baughmaa Thrasher Sevrickley- -21). Campfteld ~ -- Goodlin C --------- Ijatimoro .G -- ....... -- I^aughner G -------------- Petrl Substitutions -- Daughorty f o r Swetts, Kimak for Thrasher. Field goals -- Galley 3, Swetts 2, Jen kins, Batig-hman, Tbrasb-or, Campfield, Goodlin 2, Latimore, Laugner '1. Petri 2. Foul goals -- Perry, G ont of 8; Se- ·wicklcy, 7 out of 11. Score by periods: Perry ____ --, _ 8 4 6 2--20 Sewickley ___ 8 ·'! 11 9--23 Reforoe -- Jessup. North Union Nears Section 13 Honors; Wins Another Game North Union Township Hlgfe School came -within ono game of the championship of Section. 13, W. P. I. A league, last night by trimming Brownsville High, at North Union, 24 to IS. Ray "Welsh's outfit tot* the sttuu- :ion in liafld in the opening stanza and never relinquished the margin which was gradually increased. The line-up: ?forth Union--^24. Brownsrllle--18, Lewis F. Gladdei Kaiiraiersky F. F. Patrlcl^ Shiffbauer C. Edward: Ulmrie G. Yoahous* Solving «_..«_«., -- G. i n, . , , . Konjolk; Substitutions--Fisher for Kasmiorp ky, J. Patrick for KonjoJka. Field goals--Lowis, Shiftbancr '. Ttbazle, Belong 2, Gladden 2, Patrick. Kd wards. Foul goals--North Union, 2 out o ' 13; Brownsville, 10 out of 14. North Union 6 6 6 7--21 Brownsville 2 3 5 S--i i NATIONS LEAGUE SWEEPS MOTORS IN BOWLING CONTEST The Leaprue of Nations scored a eweep over the Yough Mot. r bowlers last night in th» City Bowling League. The summaries: League of Nations, 6(19, 742, 725, 2137; Yough Motor, 661, R92, 643, 189 j. State Scholastic Athletic Committee Completes Plans For Basketball Tournament Te board ot control oE th« Pennsylvania luterecholaetic Athletic Association, which liae 6 neral control over all gfttnetj participated in by member high schools throughout the State, held a meeting at Harrisburg on Friday, February 7, at w iich important de- cieions wore zuad to the P. I. A. A. baskitlxill uhampionfihip games for 1530. The members o! this board arc arj IVjlloWts: R. 15. '1 ay lor , Norristown, District No. 1; Jo) n Davis, Nautlcok';, Dietrict No. 2; C. S. Davis, Steclton, DiKtrict No. 3; VV. G. Clark, WestlteM District No. ·}; Ii. T. Banser, Hoclt wood, District ;N' , o ; .T. F 1'uder biint;h, i.ock Haven, Difitrict No. (i; M j-i. IJtorner, Wanhii gton, Di«ti'ict Nj. 7 P. A. J u n e n , Kha -on, DUstrict No. S W. f!. Moorehead, alriser, Depardneut oE 1'uhiii' lustruci Ion, ilarrishurR. Tho in(P6 of ( ! e P. I. A. A. c-ham- pionsbip play-off ^aiii^s 'vill IKS as follows: I n t p r d t e t r i e t c« lie*! w i t h I he cxc«p- Mon of Difitrlrlfi ? o, 7 a n d No. S, Turn- f l a y . March IS 'I hfi r h f l i r n i r n nE JJis- iricfs .No. 7 and No, S w i l l fix thoir own date. Regional championship games Satx r- d«iy, March 22. State- championship game Saturday, March 29. locations of inierdistrict c h a m p i f n - Bhiiw will bo determined by tho district committee ot the contending tlle- trictB. The western regional champions tip will be played at intteburg. 'March 22. M. B. Homer, chairman of District ^o, 7, will have charge of making all ir- rattRein-ontu tor tho- wntrn rcgio lal ohampionHhip. Tho m.ikhiK of arranM;rno!il« for ;DP of tlio c-anU-rn regional oh: m- wuri placed ia tho huuitr of Kdinnntl \ V i c b l , secretary of the 1 . r. A. A, Thtt game w i l l IK- played nt j -Mtirch iiL'. The probable' location v i l l ' ho c i t h f j - I ' t t i l a d o i p h i a or W i l . e s - Thu ««crflary ol' 111' 1 I'. I. A. A. ivill Jiavc t'harse of m a k i n g t h e arra ige- m ^ u t h I'ov Hie s t u t f i - b a m p i o n - h i p hflhkelhal) ^am« to Iw* played on M trcli -9, pitljcr iu I'hilariolptiia or i'UUsl arp.

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