The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. TEE DAILY COUHIER CONNELLSVTLLE PA. MOXDYY AIAY lailg HENUY P SNTDi-R, Founder and Editor 1S7.-1 TIIE CO3IFAJtV» K. M. Prebidcr t. J \ J XXR1SCOLL Sec y and Treasurer Business Manager JOHN I* CANS Managing Sditov VTVLTSR S S1IM31EL. City EdI or . Soc oty Editor MEMEER OF Y«"oclated Pross Aut.ii Bu-eau ot Circulation. Penns y l\ an a Associated Dailies- J^o centa pe- copv fiOc pe- month S» per year by mail if paid In ad^nce Entered as second class matter at the pootofilce Connellb\ ille Pa. 20, 191S. Tie Conner's Service 3 1»S WILLIAM P SHKKM \.N Hospital U"it L Ai-entan Ex p«ditionarv Forces France RALPH F SL.IGER Comparn H. 819th Infaatry L S. V A Carop Lee P^tersBnrg va, VICH XSL GPDNAU O, HJU10LD KICHD1 Datterj B Fltld \rtiller\ 2S h Di\ision U S. N G Li,O\ D B GO'S. Company * 37tb Engineers L S. \ Fort Mer \ u JLLIL-S GROUSE Companj, i. la h Engineers ( K a i l w a j ) \mencan I ^pc dltionarj Forces I-rarcfc read willingness on part of civilians o ivj increasing honor to the dead and more sincere respect to Elie hv mg These men \^lio offered to gi\e thoir all ia the tryinfc das of 61 have become the fathers and gran lEathers of men ubo l^re be n glad and proud to na*o such examples o f de^uon to couatrv to move tbem to help meet the crises winch have since arisen in our country s history The headlines the new pi.pors l e t t e r g^uide t h a n b u l let in 1 ; from Berlin in explanation of the dolij ii it-trims the n^tt Bit? Dr \ e in the TVOS **rn f m n t \ankees Hurl Teutons Bat-k Se\eraV \ir E-vt llei IV on Germans* 1 ei% e Dead in \mencin Lane* Australians Tike Ground Prom German* ^u^e^lca^R in 1 French AS in in Mr British AT til I or v f Tampers Hun Concentration Pershmp Tells of Ron inp Ccrmans ire j i i f t i ftiv of the reas nb vch\ T-Iind Jin K it I r c o n v e n i c n t to re ^urne the wet'ce d n \ l r _ c b u n l n ^ s i The Red Cross and Its Holy Work B A D \.llt.rinn in Manufacturers Hc^ord The p:osent work of the Red Rross represents the supieme test ot man s love foi man To me, the Red Clots work is the epitome of personal service In the response to this appeal the soiiii of America will be laid bare Thib is the great instrumen- ti'itj for the relief of pain .and death It is the Goddess, of Mercj Open vour Heart ami o u r Purse oul le he popular =lo*-an thh ille A -tear afro when the Co nell 1 " distr ( t a l v e r v 'evv ni " in Trance w e raided alr-io^t the amount nC ou- prei en Feu Cros 1 * ntlota, exceeding' tha of T j n i o n t o w n Xow that v. Q hav e hill Ur? cK of bos ·* OT-pr Thfre or On the Wa^ doubling our pro«ent quoti ou^ht to bi a- eji -u. It " H I he the cri.d Itable t h i n t to do MO t a j e t t c counts boy in France n preparation f go there is T. rea for us to sicri Ct- for the Fed tie decree comja able to the boja are making for unselfishlj to a torn and bleeding woild The antithesis ot tins is the military clique; of Genuanv headed by Wilhelm the Mm dei er | Were I able to dra\v a picture of tne Kaisel concisely por traying his individuality it ^ ould be a Demon ni|archin,; through Europe tlie brand of Cain on his forehead the breadi of Hell in his nostrils in one hand a bloouv sword held on high and in the other the heart of a child This bloodhound is ninning rampant over Europe the smiich of damnation or his soul and -Rith j i n u i d e r his fell purpose He is committed to his n id orgy and ' t h e protest of all civilization has not stayed or altered his pin poso \ve therefore, have the choice of active!} supporting the Red Cross in its humane efforts or b} our indiffei ence contribut ing to the success of the Kaiser's work The one is gloriously constiuctne the other infamousiv destructive Your response will show vvhich vou prefer On August 2 1776 Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues signed tht Declaration of Independence guirantei ing to the people of tills gieat count'-v freedom of thought and action On April 6 3917 Woodrow \Vilson signed a similar decUiation ol independence for the whole civilized world A m p i i c i sigi ed solidly with him Carl} le said and this has been accepted bv all Member «f The AMOdatetl Tre**. The Associated FrM3 Is ei -(HUSliely entitled to tho use for repudiation oj all news dh patcbea c-edited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and alio the locai news inlbliaued herein. THE »CT\ OF Uus is a verj bus- time end of the w a r N o t a bit of doubt about that bu not exactU tha tnd the Hun chancellor has In mind With tht Us waso earning cokori and miners of the ConnellsMlie region uorkins one da for the n^d Cross. Squire BiTler int other team stirs will lla^e to do tome tall hustling to fceop tttjir names at tire top ol tho lists Speak of, of qu c^ recoveo from knockout talo\v3 w h a t s wronff with the American Manganese company of Dunbar bepinnin^, w o r k on re b nldi-ik t-. 'oundrj within 1- hou s liter Its t-e 1 - ruction b j fire' itu! ererybodv except the chronic loaders and idlers those of the voting age who prize their citizenship and arc inter sstsd in safeguarding puMic affairs ty committing them, to competent hands vrill no o-verloolc 1 eir duty m atieading the primary elecJon tomor It will be all right to iro red--the r e l of -h* Ked C'o^i--all w e e k bnt don t pet red hea-ded when asked to come Across The ohtenuie'i of the Yon Britise companj ttit\ e been dclnjed ery mucl Teaclier" 1 lectfd. This is particularlv true with re spect to Republicans. Ca ididates tor the highest office m the tate arc ID be nominated and it was never before quite so important that . man be chosen as nominee fo- governor who has e'verv qualification a large experi ence id public affairs and j. breadth of \ieir that will give him a ?rasp of the problems our state raust meet Tvhile doing its large share In he vast un dertakmg of wincing tne vvar Senator William C Snroal with almost a quarte 1 - oC a cent jry s erperi ence m the Senate of Pennsjlvama a man who has been n intimate touch "uith varied lines of act /Hv throughout his lifetime looms so large above his competitor all that pertains to fitness for the office and has pledged h mself to stand for and to stand bv all that is for the best interests of tfce whole At a rceenl meeting of the schoo] board of Connells lUe township the foUowing teachers were elected Miss Edith Kooaer Miss Vnna Fette Vliss Freshley Mrs Ja Davis and Miss Clara Herwick The remainder will be elected in June Salaries at an increase were filed some time ago B Walt Mason. -- 1 F N D Ot Tilt N VR. si-rply cin t be beat commonwealth that his select on as the partr standard bearer will be as SJrance that the conduct ot tia state s*eid Search me polHicj I can p business during the eisuing four rears will be in competent and safe hands That Fayette county laav have its full part in the choice o r a candidate so qualified and one whc can and will administer his office wlO out resort to factionalism or sectiona ism it bo hooves every Republican voter to turn out tomorrow that he riav discharge h s duty as a good citlztn The same obligation rests upon them to sigcifj their approval ot the c mdldates who are unopposed for several of the offices and. to make choice of others on the basis of charac cr qualifications and fitness "iou tu*k me when the v a r w i l l end and Bid I* I repl I f«or It will nu ,top -01 Crienu till plea licgin to fl5 A. Ulppant u n ^ e r v o u w i l l aa to come from ml 'at ton(,u but eierv hour uf t.veo day I tear tiat question s p r u n g 1 a n no ster in spansleii roue no vijzard lull of Ball w h o look-5 into a crystal = IotK! and te Is vi-hat will betall No prophet a m int e cam in m way the n 3 sclc s p o w e r to lend ·vnft TO ' reallv ca-not sa j u n wben the w i r w i l l en 1 Oh I c in ie at far p h t a u as an commor (rw,am and whe the morniD? skj 13 red 1 know there v. 11 be rain and I ca.n t r l l b suntirv si, na w h e n the-e 11 ht «n w and sleet alonfi i-uUi ch-ap forecasting lines I democracies that the rule of the majoriU is the fundamental principle of civic hbertj Practically the -whole world has joined this bold warfare to prevent the prostitution of liberti and the institution of the rule of the sword The Kaiser maintains that might is ri£;ht ' and proposes to enforce his peiverted ideas bv a rule of ruin and a reign of terror Christ said 'Not by might, nor t\ power but bv nu Spirit shall the World be ruled ' Historv repeats itself Attilla the Han ran -mid on a murderous assault on Europe and went the way of the sons of Hell The Kaiser will go the same ·naj Might is not right and thp rule of rum shall not pre\ail Every ruan is his brother s keeper If there is a Deity, if there is a God in Heaven, the Gerrrans cannot w i n Shall we who cannot flight and who remain safely removed from the field of carnage fail to do our small parf ahall be sell our manhood our honor ea our very souls for a few paltn dollars' A. R d Cross slacker is a moral as well as civic slacker and we ma; be well assured that upon the he id of even i n d i v i d u a l ·ftho fails in his dutv m this war--fails to support our gallart fighting forces and fails, to contribute to the smcor comfort and treaiment of oar bleeding and dMiig sons--upon the head of even siuh one the judgment of A.lmight\ God v,ill be visited This was is a Holv war and in all the history of the ages is the supreme test of our moral stimina"aiul of human integrity ^\ ith the love of humanity w ith the love of countrv with the love of home let us therefore be inspired to Ia\ aside ali selfish considerations and sacrifice to anv extent to give to this cause ~~ Let us wash our souls of alt self-^proach before it is too late If honor is, to survrve dishonor if moraliw \~ to pr»va 1 over immorality if civilization and the pursuit of happiness are not to be supplanted bj baibarism and rapine if mtfgritv. and not murder ind outrage is to bt the standard ot manhood--then yte must individualH do our dutj in carr.uig on the \\,i! To this task we have been appointed arc! to t h i s issue v.e should address everv ounce of our strength and d e t t r i n n a t i o n ^ Tiu necessarv ruooe\ for other w a r -work c m be provided b\ taxation and bonds but the support of the Red Cross work depends not upon our industrial or constuictrv-e poteuuVities but upon that higher and better part of our nature--the heart and soul 01 man We cannot WE WILL \OT as Americans stand id!} b\ as our gallant men are led to the slaughter, and bear the reproach of their cries for aid and comfort The call of pain and suffering fioni the darkness of \o Man s Land shall be answered Wt MUST do our dtu% to the Red Cross and BO IT NOW But whe to my lair ificimi along- roj stall iteep ind ask me when the w a r - I say and vv-ecp .diet the -voti J ou more or lein Georfce Harvej s, f l a u n t ins, plumes arc picked when I begin tn saess Ana once I w n a lull size cheese as gooil al cneeiei are b pue-r*int? ju-=t how man; p*aa were a ffrocer-* jar MJ R-tie-winff con csti I attend m th s an 1 o t h r landi 1 it ask me w h e n the war w i l l on'1 A Guest. TKL SICK («IKL. shut llttli, Marjoric - that s mal D vi There will be an unu^-ualb sad noi,c IT the observance oC Memona Da at Smithfield Jiis yeai The membership of J e r r j Jones post of the Grand Army of the Republic having been so reduced bj death, aad tbe surviving member hanng become so eautbled b .he increasing weight of -vea s reques was made by the post that the churches of the bor ouga take charge of ib-t arrangement:, for the da Thus for the first time since the in slitu ion of i ; ie post Die Smithfield \cteranb \\ill be de^rivd 01 the com fr* of p'annng the ai nual bestowal of tributes to the m^raoo of $ comrade^ who ha\e g ne an before They will stiP be able to take a part In th* kmrth ofices of die daj but thei'- acmitj mil be n ore restrained and less -vigorous- thaa last o Tn an\ pregedmg vear \ounger generations ha^e not failed uO note with the annui return of the b A uUtl p ul custom of Memorial Day ho^ much, more sioopci the shoulder a of the old soldiers have become how much lcb» steadj Lh, r steps now much w^lter mei" locks NeJther ha\e Jiej £a led to not that the same spirit thrills ^eir bicaBti that stirrej them to take thei" pi ces among the nations defender when the\ were tn the vigor ot \oiin., m tnhood These things, have brought home to none w i t h greater force h* n 10 the aging \euraiis theuiaehes Ji-» fact that thej too must soon inswtr the last roil cal\ 1 he Ur.c ortj in c oz- sorpething s th i-£ he thin Vnd t h e y sij falie must iatlentl stay ther in bed Vnd be i good y r! -xnd ]ust eat v-hcr slat 3 fed VnC '-he can t ^o out In the sunshine Or ract, w i t h the c h i l i r en Cor m i n j a tlaj Now hor bed ^ by the w i n d o w an · w h i t d o o u think 1 " ·she ^ te^.chI^^ the robins t h a t come there to -wink Vi cried whci the doctors said Keep her in ted- How w i l l w ^ imuao her? she fre q j e n t l j sa d She s alwif boer ca^er to romp an to pla V regular torn bo the neighbors w o u l d «ta^ \n mu 9h5 T^ust lie all tho time on her cot Vn nc\ t.r b ^ t out coz her fever is hot \n pi kiisecl her checks an he pat ted her head Vn prom "ed to pet her some to for her bed Mi she she i tho best 1 ttle p a t t n t kno'w s oC her troubles She rvever complins an woes rf \.n she s .figured out E^-nes she can pla all alone An forsei tlat s,he s sick All t*-e b l r It. are ht-r o w n She says an whe breakfast an dm nor t!me comet? \.n w e take in her traj she just to'^Eeij out crumbs To th robins that U \ e in the elm tr+-e c u t there \n the} '·t learnin to i v i n k an o talk jack to her fah s k ^n them all names There is Bobbie j.n Jack Vn si e tilks to th*m all an the C h t r r m r £bt bacJ \n lait n t,ht s.he to d me that one of them said Thc'v lir\e little Sir s who rtiist tta up In bed Other conmumties than Sraithfield So the come J u5t as much «« thc ^ may tbu T*r ^perieuce the uau oQil An "%»,?*«£ Sone3 co= t h c y occur-ence o? the old soldiers being j know she is in ·witnesses ratfcer than participants m l ^*i there i«nt a doubt so the doctors the exercises ot Mec orial Dar but TM h . M \, te J\ ^ ,,, », A, t . , , That the birds will he p Marjorie soon »veo*ero there oujjtit to be a more { to get well ** \\ \ N T I D--L.VDY SJ C O N D COOK it M V N H V T V N ( VPI 15n LM£ n i i or c.i \ r r \i ill fa.mi!y j houit, u l h sticct lSrm · \ r W A I T E D -- G l I T TO "WORK (Jeuiest 1 la.ce n U l y Tf pa, "i f j r o CONM-ibLbV T f V JalLIv ( )\l \ N V | ISf -L If - S A N ^ J D---O Bl 1 \ 10 OR I" 1 in Crame d w e l l i n g in i KQ d 1 ca r C x l l V I WACOM I T i butt, X B 1 US 3 niLv-3t "\\ X^ T F "--t \ P G R J J VCI D L / \ b \ lr *-R w asl i n u 1 I r o n i n 104 t as ton vt eet t ill o \ c n i n p ^ °0m 13 H vNTi I -- C \ R R] 1 MR-^ I X r \ f in p«,rtyrs U r Ijr ikp repi r TIP i r ck ien t L orors \ p p r - \ f l J O I f M 4 N ^ O ^al rot, 1 -"Orr \ It ·WI\N rci --01 !· rcr "WORK i s U H K )n.d\ hi\ In*, kno v |c l^,e of tpnof-.raphv and bool 1 f?] hie; \ 1 rtsb Bo\ 3GG Connel ^.\ lit l a 20nmy l t* "VV \VT1 D --. T A13OUDRS. TOO1 , \ n e* ^ti^ac-j woik \ j i l v \ M ! I 1 \ N M VNO-\M SI M \M1- \C1 1 NCr COMPANY D u n b a r 1 en a \\ VNTI D--OO Vb F1L.L.O ^\ 1 I I !rc J smil! 11 )d r f co-\] /or oj tr t 01 M u t be n r il oad C ive ) c LI i r cter fit v n r^i j rice n 1 r m a to L.OAL cart Pouri r 8 m a y r l W \ \ T r r -- ^ O U N C M \ N ^Tl H i£[ ir 10 I Lcturiuon prf f t - d r l arr « Ie^man«ih w th i 1 cil i,ro \ nt, concern c^ c PCS mo !er I I rj to sL irt exct 11 nt opport n i t \ p p l i o w n ^ md w r l t l j, \\i\\ li rt U l i r -i tr x p ^ r t t c h i ! etc \d«lresi ^ care Courier un ij Gl What Senator Sproul Stands For and What He Will V candidate f nomination and duly t ouno to T the Republ can tions for the public schools better focis m honor Tnd pJ-v r or teachers and support tor the support earncsirj and rotircn put fund chceifu} j the aooiinees of t h e pri \\ill not bo the candu ate Urges a broad jolicv of coTsem tion ot the health of the people and of any' the raluril rosources aad properties faction 1C L ca"aot be a Go^cinor of the Slat t h i t t e ppopn- of Peun in vhos office favorilisin artl fact on ay vanm mi-v tt jo "o the "L HeM nx alism shall not ha\c desk "oom I c e ? ent tho bkssmt," \vhicb ha%e boon not caio to be Governor at all oi'ven tbora Cooperation ar-d not coercion shall Pledges t h n t ho w i l l gne to the du bo m tttUude lov, i r l tl osc w d o are t J P g o f h, ofliLO of Governor the care wo"k ng vfi h me in the service of he tn d at ention w h k l that treat oflltc people I detrands th it the Ma(t, jruy haie th it J h e power anil patronage oC the efhcicnc-s m Us idn in stration which office shall never be used for n j politi . bofts i feieaf pr t?re^slve and en cal ad\antage oi hat of am nidi I u^iuencd C onunon\vciltt viduil faction or interest __ _ If w e do not win this uar no hjng else m utters much Urges the f u l l ' cooper-lion of the State w i t L heJ g-oat national undertaking in an m tensive pafiotic business like vriv Ur^e^ Jegjslation that ·v.lll proper Iv care ior all dependents of our sol dleis nnd sailo-s in the couzur} = service Urges effect \ e organization of Vg- riciilttnl Deparfnent tl at t rra help farmers of the Stite to get full results in crops and capital Believes farmcrb are not treated [airlj j n pr cc Dxlng Pledges unequivocal suppoit to na tlona prohibitory amendtnent and the necessarv regulator} laws Endorses enual suffrage S andb for humane laws and full ·protect'on of our workers from tho perils of toda and stands w i t h them in guarding" against an\ backward steps now or after the war in our so cfal piograra Ta\ors broader powers and oppor W A N T E D -- YOUR buamohi H D K D J M b. \V VNTl D--bl C MJ 1! 1TK LOOK J t O K l S r V L U V N T 18 i i j t i t O--DIMNCi ROOM G1HL wht it JOTLI I 1 V \ S t G i n i y t f \\ \TH1-- M S T J R!s \ C CON N L U S M 1 I L . C O N b l U L C r i O N C O 1 n iiMW FOR GL.M R 1 t Ccd ir a i ^ i a e 18 to t ·\\ \ \ r c o -- \ N k i t c h fcirl Vpp UOOM 1- S t P P N N TbA. 13 nt.y«d tuniu for develop-ncnt ^or Philadelphia u i t h legislation to cori-«ct ad mimstratne defects Stands fot economv and efficiency in the administrative departments ot the State Government The Federal ta^c gatherer js miking it hard for us to find revenues for the State but wo can s-ue millions if we set ourselves about It Stands as a l w a s foi good roads and more of them Promises to or ganize the State Highway Department into an honest eflicien Don factional non political road bulling orgaimt tion Favors Increased State \ V V N T 1 5---WOMAN COOK A! -O chimbtrm ml CL P b R! t,TAl.rt\\T AA titer street ISru iy6t W \ N T F D -- MESSFNGDR o%tsr 1^ yca-s B S. O -\IAST1 R M C H V N I C b office Omay3t · W A N T F D -- M \ 1 E CL.FRK A ^ U e=^m£ l ' r bo o\ er 10 Call B O M F C F V N I C I C m a y t t T\ ANT D--JOB h j experienced m tn M \ f s care Courier \S W VTL.HMAN Address V. ITCil 10 i ay H* H VNT1 D--THKr CIILS \.1 i \R GO CIG^R 1 ACTUU1 il)-! McCor "nlc! a v e n u e _0ma; It" -- GIRE FOR LIGHT No w ashing or baking- Bell r15 30mi I WANTED--CURLS FOB K1TCHEV 1 v cr! MRS f J v p - v f a r P O N G appropna- louch House Pestaurant. U m a i t C For I f R NT--TtTRT 1 F L R M S H U h uit-hcop nt. -ooms ^36 J a^t ( riw ! cl Bell Sn " O m i s t f FOR K b N T -- T l t P P F ^ ^ n TW room i-pa-rtmt-nf 1 LOKFNr'L SMI T/ Hm-u tf F I R RFVT--TWO J A t C F L N J 1 H lihed roomn f o r lit,ht h u(-ek e j h ,, Nu c h i l d r e n 509 fc-ust C reen -jtre t 2raav tf Pnd TOR I1FNT--TTIRLF I 1CHT I1OI S* k t e p l u g roomh w i t h hath ''Of S j u t l Race No clilloren fri Stile 81S 11 navtrd I OK FttNT--TWT) on; T ! I F I n l c 1 r u^nixhe I roomt Tor ISprht hnu*: ptnpr »f ot h ih ND c ildren 1 1" Sjcamore slreol f n a\ t For B«lrw t o n « M F v JIORSJ ^VAGO^ n l lirne-w V, 1! « 1 heap £ · c i 1 n S I N L U K £ HUCI R1 C puM' t O R b M - L -- T l ) M \ T O Pi U-TS 15c per do?en \ j pH H T W 1LS IN 3ir Pi t Fa rvlcw i v t n u e 8m i tf POlt SA1 L--S N. F O O M O-TSijl .K u i l o r i s K . n . -.1 n 1 .-Heine I n r a t r J !1 H f N D H t S C N W i l l land Both phones I S m a ^ t f ror S \ L I -- n \ r i ns \LI IN one b u n h on T f n c n street ( ui c Ad t i t i o n ^-100 The 1 M cost M COO \ « \ = ) N V--on! N i t i o n l l!oi 1 t u Idlnt- 18n i" The summer season is fist appi caching and '* is in IP to be )oo)\i isj un t b i sm imcr f oot\\c-ar If \ou liave ncvei -visited one of our shoe dep irt- m"iits this coi i ng Stii imu would 1 e d c;ood time f o r - v o n to uo so I ) e \ n one of oui M\Ut h i e e o )e'aling stores IM_ 1 uc a lu^li class shoe department and *] LV aic nll"tl -\vitli In^h clabs goods for men WOP,on n isses and chikbpn There ib something lealh iiiteiestint, about our shoe dcpartme Ufa If oi 1'car the atoi' of how \ve have them maoe specially how tho stores ire supplied and ho-w thev aie sold and then pfter all (hat if \ou should =ee JIP shoes it -\\ould be no nnsteiv or no conuiulrinn ^^h^ ^ » h i « such superior stocko a i d win w e h a \ e so math lower prices than the geneial n u .f shoe stores 'iheie are just at tne i r^-ent nme some novel thme;s for won e i and m bbtb i i f a n r \ co'ored his;h top shoes also low tops gooJ colois rememher soire w th colored vamp and various coloied tops Then v o n will find the w h i t e h'gh tops and all the difcicjit fancv =hades in oxfoids tor women, misses and children There is \\mte auck also ·s\hite leather and black leather It v\ ould be an endless job to describe them--a better vav woxild be for vou to see them 'Ve respectfullv solicit v our business 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. I-OR s \ L l --I- RMT III ~\ I s^ Bl ·old todax f r u r p l t ^ h d roo \ ft con Pit t t * o ch irn 11 r f par! r c-hiilr t n ! le i-. o r n onth c ah n s 1 " J- frt 1 a £ t c r « i n a^v niio 0 1111,1 H I K ·* M 1 I J! I T O il^* 111 I ir i, 1 r u n nj, dm n ^ ( O i lr ^ r"" \I / ur j. n r J 1 m I f l l o c l r i r 1 t.h!*i in 1 --firl n*» tir s flrsi li^ 01 f t i n '19 Thre t n P t r k n r 1 t r u e k 1 r*tt cl i»-a con 1 Ij n J T »\ r j p i r l i c i j i r J] 0 St. ^cnvn/ \VI.SL si^c cint, ISn i t f d Lo-l. LO^T--Pt K L T l OOIC CONT \ I M N G f ur kt s an/) v iJi sum ' jT)oiie in % l c l n i jf fr r t N-uin il U nU j u i l d nf. Hew LF 1 If - t u r t-t. o C u r l e t "Ico 15ma f ST--S \ T L P f \ \ \T St. MM T T u n e 1 i t I i r smith f n i\ r i M t t f J l u ^ ^ J tke ri n t - l n e I ur-i nnin g 112 lit \ i d If e t r d to tl i. OA ner o t o Pourier ollict "Om \ d L'lST-- I ! FT ON C \ R SPVT IN i c o n l r ich B t o H R, t a i n n hot le LI nt, tr i n it G bh n I- r la\ p V L n l n r nnen f e FT H w a ct -v\ i l l n l l l i l s 1 s t n I ick I u It. is RT it Cour r t r KI i=r( N t o i j P v N i N G Dr nj, ou P^nomn un ! s i · n vr i s roc os i o wt t r a v t - n C i IN UK I In White Orev Pielc "Mouse Brown and Black The woman -who denn ids a paifect fit who insists or the newest and best stv les who dcbiies lt. 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