The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1938
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PACE TWELVE" THF! DATZ.Y COURIER. CONNELLSVIL/LE. PA:; KJDATj, JANUARY 2S, .2!K!8y LOOKS UPON Economist More Certain Tihon Month Ago Re- · .vivaI Is Near. STRAWS SHOW- - , BUSINESST.URN 3y-BOGER -W..3ABSON BABSON "PARK,"FIa.-, Jan.'- '28.-It is too early'yet "to" say when-"the 'business-;recession-;wUT be-over: -I am more .certain .than I .w.os;a. month ago, however;: that .,a · revival. Js. not. far oft. -There arc-now straws .in .the wind which show that business is slowly turning around. These straws were missing-at .Christmas rtimc. Among ^them are" goo'd ieports,-seasonally higher industrial activity^ : steadier tones In commodity markets," and better building -volume. To gct-p words-eye picture of..current trends, let .me briefly analyze the leading business barometers: .Consumer Industries Sensitive. Consumer industries are usually the flrsfcto be hit and hence arc -usually the" first .to recover. Therefore, conditions .in this group at present arc of snore Jhan primary interest Textile- activity is currently 40 per cent below last year's level'and back /to the." 1932-34- bed-rock figures Tradingiin gray goods, however, S6s recently, been more .brisk and prices Jhave filmed. The past fortnight moreover, has_scen a. sturdy set-up --10 per .cent--In mill operations.- The shoe industry -was among the first to led ,thc -slackening in activity last year. Production last month was 30.per cent under th« yearrago level. Smart shoe-makers, however have cut prices 10 per cent.;. As.a consequence, buying was better than cxpectefl at the recent annual Chicago shoe shaw. Reports._,indicate that some factories will be;running near capacity during the next 60 to 90 days. , . . · . , ' :.i .. ... One iwould think-that food sale; would Jog along at a stable level, bu volume; is prices an; general, conditions. Latest reports show food sales considerably unde the 1937 ngures. Here again the« has been a noticeable pick-up dur ing-the past.week or.two with th easing ,ott in retail prices as th leading: stimulating, factor. Paper consumption has--taken ·; "licking" along with all other busi nesses..Because paper is .used .in sc many dUTcreat lines, It Is'an'excel lent barometer of general business 'It Is interesting, therefore, that; paper company executives report order nudging seasonally ahead; In-the pas ten days with many mills runnin better .than they have for scvero months. · Some Industries Hit Hard. Heavy Industries maintained the! volume-long after the more: sens! tiv consumer industries began ,to cur tail. Hence, some were hit later bu · harder' than the lighter manufaetur ing group. Biggest sufferer amon the durable, goods industries has bee steel. ^Operations catapulted down ward from 85 per cent ot capacit last August to 20 per cent a inont ago. Since Christmas there has bee , some recovery and the. operating ral ' this week is around 30 per cent com pared with 80 per cent a year ngo. Motor assemblies In 1937 were th second largest in the .history o£ th industry. Car sales continued at a excellent level until November wher they folded up like an accordion Factory output has dropped from 120,000 cars per week Jast Spring 65,000. cars at present The currcn level, on the other hand, compare with only 50,000 assemblies in-th first week of this month. Building volume has held up re markably well. Private home con structlbn has fallen sharply since las June and is only 65 per cent bt th 1937 level. But non-residential en public ·operations have stepped In! the breach "BO-that-total"-constructio In December was nbovc a year og Furthermore, the first half of Jam ary was better than the~iriitlal for night .of December. As '-a consequence; allied industries, such lumber; have begun to pull up,fro; their recent depth-of as low,as 5 per cent under their 1037 peak. Machine-tool orders are a goo -· barometer of activity in all the cap ital goods industries. They Stackm'^Ghamp Hitch-Hike Romance Jolted When County Man Faces Check Charges Special to Tbfl Courier. ' DETROIT, Jim.. 28.--The hitch- kc romance of 17-year-old Dorothy offmon, Denver High School girl, yas jolted Thursday when Detroit olice arrested her sweetheart on a large -of passing worthless chocks. Police Lieutenant Frank Yank ar- csted. the girl's escort, who gave his ame as James E. Marshall, 21, of rbwnsvllle; Pa., in a hotel. Mar- lall -told bun, Lieutenant Yank said, »at he .and the girl Jolt Denver ircc weeks ago on their hitch-hike ·ip to-Detroit,-.Police accused him ot passing eight -worthless.checks. The girl'.was.hcld.Tvithout charge 'hile police..endeavored t o . , com- tunicate with her parents: .:. Miss ioffman told Tiim, Lieutenant .TTank id,'^hat she'was supposed to have iarried 'a wealthy-Denver boy after raduatibh' in'Jtuie but she did not oye him. She added, the offlcer said, int she wants to marry-Marshall. ·William TjscWor, of £t.'Xxufc,.Mo, claims a record motnckiDg matches, ·with 11,300 o£ them on a beer bottle. Tischlcr-took to -atackinB-matches after n nervous breakdown, arid spent*.thirty^.hours,on Jiis. masterpiece, shown nbovc. (CentrolFreu) ling 45..per iCent..below ,n year ago The December total ol domestic orders was off 10 per cent from November,, but. latest ;figurcs_ indicate css-tbnn-seasoiiaj -~ decline.-:" .Mean while,-foreign orders for our machine .ools-7-particularty. ^irom Russia--are coming in briskly.;-; General Indicators" Look TJp. Miscellaneous indicators also giv an excellent clue to business .con. ditions. Heading the! ilst-is powe consumption. It is a valuable indi cator because electricity is used unl versally, in factory ajid home. Its trend has been- vertically downward since ^September. Several month ago-output crossed below the "yea ago" level for. the; .first- timu fine April, 1935. Ctirrcnt · figures, how ever; are reflecting the seasonal step up in industry all over the nation. Freight carloadings-reliably mlr rorcd the down-Sill rush of.biisincs shipments this - Fall. .Loadings -fo the last week in December were a the lowest level for-any similar wee in four years. Although traffic i still 20 per cent below the 193 figures, there has been a sharp re bound in loadings in the last fort night. Banking figures arc beginning be' optimistic. Commercial · loai continue to slide off gradually. The are down six per cent since the. peak in October, showing that in ventories are being worked off. Ban debits are down 15 per cent. On th other hand, deposits have holtec their down-trend which set in a most a year ago and are $109,000,00 above their December lows. Retail trade is the most optimist ol all barometers. Merchants hav put on attractive "sales" to kee goods-moving. .As a result, rcta trade had-" held up steadily, Chris' mos volume was off only two pe cent from 1836, while'January clear ances have been within 5 to 10 per cent of a year ago. Good retail tra is helping' to'hold.-.oncT'to boost'vo ume in-all lines. . . . . Sentiment Barometer Weakest." Now, what does the pcrformanc "of-these" barometers' mean? Whi they do not definitely show that w haypTounded the bottom they, do in djcflto that business j's stabilizin aiia-thaf-we'-Kave-probably seen th worst. -Tho-baromctcr-which has- th lowest reading of all right now -"Business Sentiment."""- Underlyln 'factors'-'HaveVmorcTniportant' efTc in--the-lonB-rurr than-surfacc cond lions such as the present name-cal ing contest nt:;Washington. But cnd-to-the currenf-"crn of bad fee ·ing"- -would-do-morc -to heal sentl mcnt and to . help .this mid-winti return; than -any ,o}h"er_slnglc facto .Gifdler Sees ^Good Times Tom Girdlcr, outspoken-chairman -rf tha^Rcpublie^Stccl Company, !»· pictured above (riRht)'Wllh G.-P.-MncDoneld, prcsidcnt-of-the Lehigh Club, at the club's "Gfr3ler Dirmcr"-in Now t-ork City. TKo 'stcd man, liv *n address appealinc for cooperation between industry and the government, s«M "America Is ready for the greatest development nnd expansion that the human race h»j ever known," (Ctn'.rai Press) Pennsville PZNNSVItXE, Jan. 28.--Mrs. Marie Miller and baby son returned home from ConncllsvlUe Stale Hospital Saturday. Mrs. Stella Herbert ot near Van- dcrbilt made a short call at the home o£ Miss Sue Means Sunday evening. Mrs.'Ella Kuhns attended fho funeral ot Mr. Whetscl at Indian Hoad Tuesday afternoon. Oliver Stairs ot Mount' Pleasant, who had, been staying at the home ol his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Clark, here, was removed to Frick Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant Jast\veek.,' . . \ . v . v . - _ . Rev. Elmer A. Schultz,^ pastor 'of Connellsylllc U. B. Chucch, was a caller here Tuesday afternoon. Patronize thoso who advertise. WITH BeLKmrWtHCHXHbltETO*!?! . .. cheer 9oes up at the dinner t~bl PILLSBURY'S BEST rf HOUR--MAKES GOOD BAKING BHTER LOOK! ei.BHDJO.ic P I C K L E S DU1« la tk« VanUr J" 25c ( _ _ .. os.on evory.dqy'in the 56 years sinco it was originated, the Clover Farm Brand means-highest quality. (The Clover Farm Brand is your assurance that each of' the .hundreds of foods ond grocery' products bearing, this b'mo-hooofed name is of. the best. This Week a Gigantic Honor.of .Clover Farm's 56th Birthday Crisco or Spry "« k ^-9c Beans 6 «* 25c MOHICAN JIAVT Milk Wheaties Preserves CIO' Coffee nun Soap Flakes IIIC 4--For Grncn Bulbs 6-90c Grape 4ujce rt«r I-ljcM--Better RIcM Lmfot rrfn im Jell 25c M »r «0 CBAltriOH EXTRA SPEOIA1! 01,0 VKn Mustard 1? 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