Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 27, 1976 · Page 50
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 50

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 27, 1976
Page 50
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5E --June 27. 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston West Virginia Ed Keene Sues U.S. Man Fights For Life, Sues U.S. By Strat Douthat HUNTINGTON, W.Va. ( A P ) - Ed Keene is fighting for his life. A cancer victim. Keene sued the U.S. government Friday, seeking access to the drug laetrile. His battle really began about 18 months ago. however, when--as a traveling salesman for an electronics firm--he began experiencing some sharp pains in his abdomen. "I thought they were indigestion at the time." Keene said during an interview Friday afternoon. "But then I was on a trip to Louisville when somebody noticed my eyeballs were very yellow. A couple of days later I began having some problems with my stomach.'' When he got back home to Huntington. Keene went to the doctor and received some nightmarish news. "He wouldn't even examine me." he recalled. "But he said his guess was cancer. I sweated that out for the rest of the weekend and then sought a second opinion." ± * * THE SECOND DOCTOR sent him straight to a hospital where the 60-year-old man was told he had cancer of the pancreas, and not much time left on this earth. "That was in March of last year." he said. "I really began getting sick after that. I was flat on my back for weeks and even began vomiting blood." After almost three months during which his weight dropped from 216 to 145, Keene's wife yanked him out of the hospital, put him on an airplane and headed for Mexico. Two days later, he was in Tiajuana. getting massive doses of vitamin B17. otherwise known as laetrile. "We had heard of laetrile because my sister died of cancer," he said. "When I got to Mexico they immediately began giving me double doses. It wasn't two days before my strength began returning. I had an appetite for the first time in weeks and drove a car for the first time in months. I'm not saying laetrile would do this for everybody but 1 feel it did it for me." He returned to Huntington where he continued getting laetrile--smuggled into the country from Mexico--from a physician who risked his medical license. Then, last September. Keene returned to Mexico for a checkup which, he said, found his cancer had become inactive. He came back home and continued to take black-market laetrile on a daily basis, along with a dozen or so other cancer patients in the area. He also got help from the West Virginia Cancer Control Commission, a private organization devoted to the legalization of laetrile. "We have about 250 members, including about a third who are cancer victims." he said. "The organization will help raise funds to finance the costs of our court suit." Keene says he can't understand why the federal government prevents citizens from having access to a drug that is not toxic and that is used to treat cancer in more than 20 other countries around the world. He blames "politics." NOW RETIRED on a disability pension, he still takes laetrile every day. and with no apologies. "I'm not cured of cancer." he explained. "I never will be cured. But I do feel laetrile is responsible for the remission. And I feel I need it everyday to stay alive just the way somebody with sugar diabetes needs insulin." Keene's attorney. Joseph Martorella of Huntington. says the suit immediately applies to the Southern District of West Virginia but could be extended to a wider area if it goes to a higher court. He said it could become the law of the land if it goes all the way -to the U.S. Supreme Court. "There already have been rulings in two similar suits." he added. "They were in eastern Wisconsin and in western Oklahoma. The judges in both cases granted the plaintiffs freedom of choice to use laetrile. And in Alaska, the legislature just passed a statute permitting the manufacture of laetrile." "Yes," added Keene, "and in California more than a dozen suits have been filed." Keene said vitamin B17 has been used for more than a century' to treat cander. He said the drug originally was derived from the pits of apricots but since has been found in more than 1,200 different plant species. "Look," he said suddenly. "I want it made clear I'm not fighting my doctors. I've got two wonderful doctors. They admit laetrile has done something for me but we don't discuss it. "No," he added, "I'm not fighting my doctors. I'm fighting for my life and for the lives of others. When you have cancer you learn to live day by day. I "Today I'm alivekThank God for that." SURPRISE ME WITHANEW RCA COLORTRAK The Cement FUJ65 6 Color Track · Automatic Fine Tuning t Automatic Contrast/Color Tracking · Automatic Room Light Picture Control · Cable Guard Shielded Tuner PAT'S TV SALES SERVICE 306 B 41ST ST. 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