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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1918
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' Conneilsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,696 i \ ^ ffii^rxn "ii\c?i I SkiT®. VOL. 16, NO. 162. CONNBLLSVKLLE, PA.. MONDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. WDENBORG AWAITS RETURN OF OFFENSIVE SPIRIT BEFORE LAUNCHING PRIMARY ELECTION SCOT-THREE BODIES NEXT DRAFT! INTEREST CENTERS mm '- om m anv of Kaiser's any or ivaiser s ons ,So Badly Mauled They Won't Fight. 1ST MANY EFFECTIVES PEHSIU.VG'8 XEPnKIV IS TO ;ET IHE WAR cr 'Senator Spronl Conceded to i Far in Lend on Repub- ! lican Ticket. pressions. of the Carnage Kcmain Strong, Unfitting For Service. HEMI.VXS AKE RESTIVE wfls Parade the Strwts "f hooting for H Uson, Clemencean | ad Lloyd (.Jeorurc and Denouncing j ennony oatl the Anstrian Alliance. I By Associated Presa r ITH THE PREJNCH Alt.MY IX OJCE, May 20.--The Germans ap- jntly are awaiting the "etura of offensive spirit among some of best divisions, severely tried dur- the first stages of the offensive, re reopening operations. irge numbers of their units lost a .iderable portion of their effectives he heavy fighting in Picardy and id-ers, and despite the fact that the :s have been filled immediately ! \ depots m the rear strong im- cent - Richard Bolles CUT OUT FACTIONALISM Is the Determination of Voters, in Face of tlie Viar Problems Conl'rontJnf- Stale and .\ation; Vote liy Both Pin-lies Likely to lie Light Tucsdiiy. MISSINGJT OAKDALEi That Vaj» the Scorn at Soon Todaj Folloirinp Vefna Plant Explosion Saturday. By A s i u c atcd Pi ens. PTTTSBURG May 20.--Stxt-three c liar red and blackened bodies laid today m tbe temporary morgue at Oak- clalc, near hci e, where on Saturda the high explosnr jnant of the Aetna Chemical company wtib destroyed by a series of explosions. Ninety-four injured workmen \vero cared tor m PiUsbur b - hosn'tais, and officials of the company paid that 212 of the total w o r k i n g force of the factory had not yet been accounted for. Many of these, it was expected, would register d u r i n g the day at the ofEicf*. which the company open en in Departure From Custom Since Men Began ^fining 1 to Front Announced. REACH CAMP SAME DAY Special (her lialtinior? Ohio Srlie ulel to Irrhe at Petersburg »i Il. I*. .M.; Are to U-epurt Here for Se vice'on the Afternoon ot Ttic.sun MOIM10.N I! U » L U \ IX ,vri T n;s AKMY. The chief interest for Republican voters at ;oruorro\\'s primary else- L be stricken town on Satuiciay night, tion will center in the choice of can- Investigation of the disaster b; fed- 15 A. didates for governor and lieutenant governor, but of tho results there is comparativclj little lioubt. Senator William C. Sproul of Ches- d e r direction ter, candidate Tor governor, and his ' Jamison, r u n n i n g mate, Senator E. R. Bcicile- ' Tr,p-n, of Da-.iphin county, are generally conceded to be favored by so large a majority of Republicans, in preference of J. Denny O'Neil, state highway commissioner for governor, and John R. K. Scott, of Philadelphia, for lieutenant governor, that the nomina- I tion of the f o r m e r is abjured. Out- j side of their respective communities it j is not be'ieved that Robert P. Ha?- j good, of McKean county, and Asa A. j Weimer. of I^ebanon county, will fig- i Paddock,i u r e m t j le con tei,t to any considerable Wednesday, May »j, at has been ~et aa the of d c p a n u i e «!' tne draftees f i o ' T Districts .No-,. 2 oral, state, county and village author!- , aind 5 accords? to orduis, lorcived ties was m progresb, while the search of the ruins went on methodically un- of Coroner Samuel C. CAMPAIGN FOR Good Start Made Sunday in the Nearby Rural Communities ALL SHOW UP FINEY Cunipaitrn in Cijy Proper Opens F ollo-n ing 'oon Luncheon. QUOTA FIXED AT $-10,000 j nephew ot General Pershing, has been] cxtenl ^ candidates for tho gubcrna- ! recommended for the war cross. Re-, torla , n o m l n a t i u n . terrifflc fire he made an For representatives in congross-at- of the terrific ordeal through ! inspection of the wire communications, , argo Uw nommali on of Colonel they passed are still retained j^ hl «!' ^.""''S?TMTM?!^^"!!."TM; Thomas S. Crago and M. M. Garland t-tn ,i,c,«r,..«^ t-h n ,,.,TMt ^^ ^ second term is one of the cer- Movement Launched in Every Nook and Corner For 8100,000,000 Fund. tills morning Tl.o men u i i l board special tra'n at the Baltimore k Ohio station and pick up 2'I2 more mec in Someibet county. The special mil a-nvo at Cainp Lee at 11.15 o'clock Wcdr.ebday nignt. Tbe increment of men to go from the local boards of tint count}---tho large« t eicr summoned at one since the beginning of the d r a f t -- w i l l be m (tared to report at '.-, o clock at the state annorj on Tuesday arter- noou. The men who !i\e only a Tew , miles of the uty will be pel nutted to I H'ish.un H. Roberts., a ch:i]i',iin of cards, tontamiLg the names of proi- spend Tui-sclay nlglit at hon-.e w h i l e i t n c Clmrch o f Jesus Cbn=i if Launr l"H,o to be visited v.cic dis'.rilmt.ed. olliers from ouilymg points \ s i l l he ' '^ a . v ^-' 1 i'- t ^- phoiograplud at '-ho i Supplie-; Fur W o r k oi 1lie fanipnign ' ire IMilriiiuU'il iu ill J'arts ui the | .lorlii Knci ui (.'tiuiil) and I'uinniit- I U'e Loolus to .'5iicce'itiul »indup» j The d r n c for a big War Fund sub- 'striiiiioi. to ihe Itcd Cro^s in C(m- 1 tielli-villc began at noon today when. |.i.l the (amassing learns leported at the -Masonic lemple foi dinner and of his rank. He discovered the w i r e j German command kiows this I cut b ' aie enemv and repaired it, be-, t a i n t l c s wh ,| e Josep |, Mclaughlin of ing wounded ia the leg while doing! Philadelphia, will be chosen to sue- so. He is a native of Wyoming. ceed Jolln R _ JC _ scolt, who has aspired to sh.-u-e with J. Denny O'Noil the excitement of a vihirlwind campaign in opposition to Senators Sproul ectly well and therefore is holding as long as possible before at- ing so as to have more recuper- units available to add to those ·h have not participated in the Lng up to this time. CONFLUENCE HAS JLUf ARTELLBRT FIBV. GJSOWS )NIXK, May 20.--The Gi rman ar- I rr developed increased activnty Several mght along the front beiween Aland Buco/uoy, the war nff.ce an- ices. The statement continued: captured a few prisoners yester- as a result of a succesoful raid ·ed out in the Albert sector. A NEED FOR MONEY IS Sinco Kntrr of Unltixl .States Into cared fur Ijy the cauU-en coiminttee of the Red Cross. The spe' w i l l leave the Ba.tnpoie Olvo .station promplly at S.15 o'clock The draftees w i l l ippo.t early on Wednesday m o r n i n g ni ric j ! ^ e o n b Mcirmon at i. the armorj- and the contingc-it will i leave al 7.45 for tbe station ~^\e majoritj of the men r a i l e d ram- i r g scho 1 " 1 ! f n i armv cba))lair.- ai P a j i p Xaiharj- Tnvlor. bouisulie, Ky Chap- l.iins cif al! denoiiiination. 1 - are bcng I r a i i u d there for i-ei-Mee w i t h our ov-erst-as forces, f. '.aplain K o V t t s is chool. from D.itrict No. 2 are from this city N n r the OrainlailJon Has Greatly or nearbr points and can sx-n.l t h e Friended Its Work of Mi'rey; Drive I night at their homes Draftees from Begins Todaj and Last* VII Week. | D i s t n c l ' No 5 w no can rnnch t h p i r 1 homes by a short car ride w i l l also TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS BY AOTOISTS FEWER SAYS SAFETY HEAD «' , ^ **"» . f c the primaries to- 1 and other prominent Ameri- i cans, tbe Red (.rose has set in motion | its vaM machinery of 20,000.000 members m an intensive Campaign of one ' May 20.--One of the j I e °P ! e greatest demonstration ol patriotism and desire to see the defeat i an ^'' rs attempted by the enemy north | of the Hun took place here Saturday j "The venhct at liases was repulsed with heavy ! night when the Red Cross parade I morrow will be an utter repudiation , wce|£ ^ obt;un run(Ji . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , or ' was staged. It was one of the most i ° r :he factionalism Reports from .he , ^ malntonalu .,, an( , ,,,,,.,!,,,,- of a successful affairs the town has ever I slatc at lar «° makc ceruln sllc " c " great sv=tc:n of rvhcf work overseas G LIVE V1LSO:X" i seen. Members ot the Red Cross ] (Continued on r.i B « T w o ) aad at home SHOUT BOH EJ1LVXS- 1 afoot led the procession. In the hne 25. to the hostile raiding party." ·NDON, May 20.-A state of siege j were hundreds of persons, including | C ApPTV COUNCIL CALLED been proclaimed at Prague, the j 70 automobiles filled witli members, "*""»* vwuiium w u^u.. TOMATO PLANTS HERE (Hvoiitj-Fitjj Thon'-Miid Mill Be Plawil on Sale Tomorrow. Twentj-flve thousand tomato plants mian capital and the military j of tho Red Cross, mothers and wivos son has been reinforced. These j of soldier boys, and others. The pa- ures. according to an Ilxchange j rade formed at the Baptist church on ,-raph dispatch from Zu-ich, foi- j Ite West Side, and with hundreds of 1 demonstrations of :.n anti-1 flags and banners and amid cheers ran character in wbich Czechs I the line proceeded across the Caasel- Jugc-Slavs paraded through the i man bridge and paraded the principal ts snouting "Long Live Wilson, j streeu of the town. ThObe afoot. enceau and Lloyd George." At ·formance In the Bonerunia na- 1 theatre speeches vioUaily at- ag Germany were delivered and ·enewal of the alliance between any and Austria-Hungary was de:ed. Several deputies addressed rowds urging resistance to the ind the sacrifice of wealth and for Bohemia. , numbering 300, were made up of tbe Red Cross, children and Ladies of the Maccabees. Stands erected in the park for the Red Cross did a thriving business. The proceeds from the sale of ice cream, pop, 'candies, etc., and from cake walks amounted to ?120. One cake walk netted $10. Donations increased the total to $170. Spcclnl Session to Bt» Held in I'aion- town Municipal Hull Tomorrow. Foremen, superintendents and industrial exc-rutives of District No. IS, National Safety council, have received invitations for the sprin-g session of Kniptiaslzing that the war council , has "faithfully and economically aii- i j ministered the people's misL," Presi- j Til , be "p laced OQ sal(S b ^ c ' d e n t Wilson, in his recent proclama- n l l e War G .u-den s commutee Lomoi- tion announcing the drive, pointed out [ row raoraJng at y o clock at t L c that ttie war fund raised m 1D17 need- | s tore of P*'ter R ed replenishment In order to care "£or the welfare of the men m our military the council to be Tuesday, evening sharp in Municipal The d n \ o m the ouilymg --otuons IQ i ! c Loorte-lsMlle district began this mor.nns, 'ind in some wiSiauces yeb- U i day afternoon. Immediate!} after the dinuer today t h e tra :\ workers .started to work. ("ijiinollinlle'b quota has been set at JiO.'io'J but evcr c^foin w i l l he niado 10 .11 ieas\ double this airount. Scv- t-ral Ins subscnpUonb ha\e already I^en turned in bui no total amounts h,n e yet been given oi 1 "In the mountain A,-,' nets yester- ·lay meetings ^ eie neid !y cominu- ;ces of men from this c i t y , a~id every ^ecnor was organized for the canvass HntLusiastic mpetiriqs wero held in the Ing centers and white .uidicnees at pome places v \ e i e not so 'arge the rnountamcers give ihe mi- pre,ss:on of boing QUIPI but confident. H.ery section is cpitam o£ going over the quota fixed for n. At Mill Run t h e people there had already been 01- **ani7.Gd and jumped inio the Th-.- m o i n m ^ all preiared to scrape «ip a big pile of shekels. Suiphr= and Ketl Cross iiteraiura were carried into ihe rural sections by tl e team? winch he'd ihe various meetings ywuerday Buttons of the ^econd war fund drive were gjvcn to all ilip cacvasbin? teams The buttons are on ihe order nf a small ser- vic-e Hag, being^ilar 1:1 shape, h a v i n g a blue border wuh a. Red Cross ir tbe white field In connection wrh the Red Cross held tomorrow, at 7.3Q o'clock i hall, Uniontown. and naval forces, and for those dependent upon them, and for the yet more urgent neechMtie-5 of our allies, \Vciraoi in EJM Crawford avenue at two do'/ea lor a quarter. The sale will commue all week or until the supply ]fj cxhaasted. Some old standby varieties, including pori- W. R. Rasmussen, district bccretary tor Western Pennsylvania, will deliver m.htary and civilian, who hare long i derosaj h c u e bt . CQ ^^ fQr ^-^ j borne the brunt of the v\ar. ] gar deners. Contributions to tho war fund are described by the President as "the discovery of new opportunities oC helpfulness under conditions which translate opportunity into duty. Last year's f u n d easily was raised and the campaign, to ueble the mem- A SPECIAL COURSE TL LtTBEKT, AJtERTCA3r FLTElt. IS KILLED. TH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN ;CE f May 20.--Majoi Raoul Lul- t Qf Tnstrnction Ueing Taken by local of the American Flying corps, | jed CrobS Workers. een killed in an aerial butle. He j Mrs J o h n L Gana supervisor, 'and Misses Rebecca Sauter and Ida DeMuth, instructors in ihe department of surgical dVessings of the Conncllsville blanch of tlie Red Cross, left Saturday night for Philadelphia. They will today enter upon week's normal course of instruction at the Pennsylvania division headquarters in the making of new so national officials of Ihe organization now maintain a justifiable confi- , oo buried tomorrow with full .ry honors in which both Ameri- ind French troops will partici- Lufbery's home was in 'VValling- Con.n. y KILLED, TODAY'S CASITAITT LLST SH01VS. SimTGTON. May 20.--The cas- list today contained 45 names. d as follows: Killed in action, : died of wounds, one; died of -nt, one; died of disease, seven; led se\erely, 27, ivounded ly, two. M1ANS TO SUBSCRIBE 100 crs of Liederkranz Pledge Per Cent to Kod Cross. a meeting of the German Lie- inz yesterday afterao'n the ;ross drive was taken up te=: in a promise of 100 fer cent -iptions. same question was d,scussed · U O. O. SI. at a speci;.! meet- sld at the lodge yesterlay at . M. A 100 per cent subscrip- ·as also promibcd by tha mem- (EXICANHRE FATAL mn .sprecant Killed l.j Shot r Bonier: t'onr flrcaser- Iio. By .x^'.oci.aed I'rcs-' I.UCX. Tex.. Ma 20 --Sergeant ·i "Inch of Kawkawlin Mich.. standard and special dressings, such instruction now being required under a recent order from national headquarters. At the conclusion of the course they will be subjected .to an examination. After their work has been completed Misses Sauter and DeMuth will spend a tew days at Atlantic City and New York. Returning Mrs. Cans will stop at Washington to visit Connellsville; July 31 Brownsville and her nephew. John D. Fnsbeo. now Predericktowu; August 27, Uniontown in the officers' training camp at Camp Meade. Best Get Cooperation Fioai Workmen in Safety anti Kff.ctency." Mr. Rasmussen's address is one of Lhr most practical and interesting of the numb e r scheduled hv the national council. . . ,, 1 . 1 . Tuesdays meeting w-.ll Italy bo [hc i bersh.p went ojer the top «.th a rush, closing inrijor sesbion of the district for tho year. "With the aid of the region's coal and coke operators, the local council is growing rapidly, and Chairman Clyde G. Brehm expresses confidence in the outlook for Its strength and activity in the future. TLe council is supported entir.-ly by the Stale Bureau of Labor and Industry, and all agencies which c eek to minimize danger to life and limb in mining and manufacture. Thi close of live foremen's meetings will see the inauguration of the summer outdoor campaign, consisting ot a tones of short lectures to the rank and fi.c, vrith illustrated slides and moving picture films, commencing in. June. Well known speakers will address workingmen's open air meeting at the following points: June 5, Uniontown and Conellsville; June 6, Frederick town and Brownsville; July 2, Uniontown and Cqnnells- ville; July 3, Brownsville and Fred- encktown; July 30, Uniontown and SONS QF ITALY To Place -Hetiil Plalc at Foot of the Colonel Trim ford Statue. Concoi clia lodge of die Son-- of Italy, at a mtumg yesterday, voted to partzupatc in the celebration of .Italy , . ... , Day neM Frn.ay. It wab al?o voted dence m the willingness of tlie Amen-, to pUlce a mcuu ^.^.^ a . [ h e fom Dep,irtn,eiu of P'ibl'c Safely. It is proposed to place pcdesidK in the s'reti in front o r t.'c Yv't-st Pciiu wa.i- ing 100:11 '·o thai t i u f u c w i l l be proper y d s r ^ f t r d at all limes, ihat p l a c e ''Ojnp ( v onsidered the dangerous in i h f t i t U r i v i rs are r a i n e d 10 kro;) their licence plates clean at all Ui''t ·) -nd n:ake sure- tliat ^ a i l 'i^h's arc h^ied wlien d'- v i e ? at ni^lit Aucni.on of ihivt'r.s u ali-o directed to headlights. Drh c ^ are iuppo-n! 10 u^e d:mincr«; or no"-ulan* lensrs w h i l e d r n m g wo-k at Hoad, Mill Ruo"ajid t u i o u g l n affic sections a, night. Ohiopyle, hoaor flags were presented MObi uo'ut.onr are Vmg made- by ir all of these places- as a reward for t h e d m e r i of the cii Ve:y few going ove- The lop m the recent Lii"out of town" cais h a \ u been slopped ertv Loan ca-Mijaign. Tho Ohlopylo by tlie pohco ( f l a g was present, d by i; C. Jiigboe, and J. Frwl K u r t z madi the presea'a: oil a: Indian Head. Rev. G. \V, I Bucknvr presented Jie M i l l Run em- | Men- At all ihreC placus eailiusia*- ( o . t ' p gathering w r r e held Q u i t e a. ium of inont) was collected at Ohiopyle, t h e commitiee thero beginning UK- canvass for Red Ciota toninlmuons light in the mee'jng, 0:u- m-u: , iijt- fir^i 10 mane a contn- n. put up a ?20 goH piece. be, and Coanclibvil'.e; August 23, Brownsville and Fredericktown. LONG DESIRED MESSAGES TELL OF SAFE ARRIVAL OVERSEAS OF COMPANY D . , . can people to respond again to the plea for subscriptions. Since the lirst band of American \vorker* sailed last June, the Red Cross has built up a system o[ rcuef _ _ that exiends rrom tbe home stations of the destroyer fleets on Lhe Irish coast Hurt ^ h( ' down to the battle linos In northern Whea t h e i r car faekcd while as- Italy. Vast sums of money have been cer - di ng; a hi.l near Penyopohs yes- entrusted to ihe Americaa commas- . terda '» D( ' wey K o r r - d r i v c ' r - ^'" sjons, but the expendtmres have f e c t e d a f u l l measure of rellei. i ot Ci.iwford monument j Boj Scouts will carry a latge canvas bearing the eagle and the .ion, the of America and Italy. Car BROTHER ViCTIM? Dr. H. J. Hell :o^ t« Oakdale Search for Rehi*ho. Fear-ng that ins brother nn^ht jamoiu; the \ cums of the e\nlosior, of r h e Aetna Chemical compa.ii 's j)lani at Oakdalo, Saturday aftcrnoor, D:, H. J. I3ol! of Daw^nn. ;u ccmpamul h Mrs Hell w e n ; LO Pit.--.bure j r ^ t o i o a y nflernuon a - id had i:oi rourned home todav a; noon. Dr 1^ I.-. b"o,hcr v. nrked a t the plan' and a 4 - be I: i,l ru: i c t u r n c d hoi^e \esierday, h o aiothcr w h o rot-ides in PjUsUirg, wat. si caUj aim med over ihe safct of hei .^on. The Putsbi i ^ tlie nanir of .Noinian liell papers of McDonald aniunj; ihe in' 5 sjng. I riffiUiB and Miss Ada Stuck injured, none seriou 1 -^. Al. escaped. Moreover, the generosity of '.he ] Vi'.lliams, fourth member of the P Krt American, people as expressed in ihe readiness o-f the Red Cross representa- ConLinupd on Papc Three Confluence Pastor Arrhcs. Confluence, .May 2 0 -- R e v Baker o f j Gettysburg college who was called to j the pastorate of the local Lutheran church has completed bis studies and will now bo permanently located here. Car Parked Too Long. Patrolman Geiger reported a car bearing the license number 186856 for parking an hour in Crawford avcnu« yesterday. The car remained, on the street between 6 and 7 o'clock. A cablegram received Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marietta from their son, Monroe Marietta, a private in Company D, 110th Regiment, and a number of cards from other members establish the fact that the company has arrived safely overseas. Cards were also received in various towns announcing the arrival of other lied by a shot from across the i units of the regiments were also dis- *an line near Hidalgo today. tributed. · Mexicans TV ere killed in the re- j The news re. of the safe arrival of the corps; Walter T. Smith of the Supply Company; William Bowytz and Ray Johns, privates in Company D; Thomas C. O'Donnrll of the Machine *Gun company, who wrote to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. O'Donnell of Everson; Cornel! Sauimyer, Company D, to his mother, Mrs. L. Santmyer; vruon of Nebraska Saturday I McKee, French Durst and Ralph Rude, Headquarters company, to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Rude. Mrs, R. S. McKee this morning re- company was welcomed by the entire j ceived a cable message announcing community, as relatives and friends i the arrival of her husband Major Mc- cf the soldier boys were anrious over Kee. regimental surgeon, the arrival of the soldiers. , The messages seem to leave no Among those from whom cards (doubt that the boys of Connellsville word irele Killf^d liy Torrmdo. OMFIELD. Xe'b., Ma 20.-- · persons killed and -5 injured ^oH of a tornado tha 1 swept were n'ceieved here \vcro: Major R. S. j have arrived safely, although Clarence, has not yet been received from some Anto Club Meets. The Confluence Automobile club on. Friday evening held a meeting to discuss tte good roads movement. Plans for bettering conditions for motorists were discussed. Perry Boj Kun Down. Harold Iltiines, IS years old, of Perryopolis, was run down Sat ui clay e\e- mng by an automobile dm en by Tied Secfelt of Da\hon, and sustained a fracture of tie akuh. lie will l e c c v - er, it is believed. BLOSSOM RESEMBLES ROSE, While How* r IMrkt r I'rom \ppit 1 ' Tree is Perfectly asnouilairt 1 :!. j C. A. \\aj;ner yosUulpv (l,sco\ored that appU jiosboms I'ns, n i p do- t. :.,unna - ,, A' A: N o r m a h i i . e a-^d M i l l Kun jo:nt rm-emiqt W I M C held in the e\ piling'. At thost- place.'- the largest audicjces u . i e .iddi p^scd. SI-VIM al v a:ns o£ . mi ]HJ::I tJ 1 -- c:ty coiieer.iraied at At ;he Moore .Memoria. church near Voyor. a io:nnuueo U i t o d Ihe Red 7 5 an,! f l O O ^ as colhaed at Uut n count,'. W a l i c i Dtawsler was ;nade eh.unnan \ s i t h Ralph Huey bec- r c u i j M c m b t f i s of t\e executive coimnuioi 1 ai e Jlai ry Llowollj a, \Valier lue Samuel lluey and Cal* vi:. \\ilson. The committee appointed at tlnj, m e e t i n g held at Breakneck follows! - i t Dreaknon; secre- To Become A viator. Cards have beeu received at Porr\- opolis from James Suyder, son of Mrs. Mary Snyder, of thai place, saving Le is now at Cornell university studying aviation. i'lK a l i t i l e ramo'iilai,'ng vVlnlt jJunhar in t h e .tfti"-:!ocm In 1 no iced an applt t r ^ ^ on wbn 1 ! v as o n l \ one blohbow, t h e others uavin.; been h l n u n oif riK flower urts i,: Fu'l hloori a n d ' i was as large as a n h o r dollar. ! ( - Piuckrr from tiie tree n resembled ^ i a white m full bloom Mr. W a g - ' B o i l e r ,; j;ihel Wood, tecre- ner took lilt I J I I P P home with him and t a n , Sue Means, L :la I^or.^neckcr, everyone to v.hom he showed tho- David I l i r l u j and I. p. Crossla-.d, the flower mis.ook f h e DICSSOI.' for a L x e c u t » e coinmuu-c white ro«L-. j The f o l l o w i n g tcan^ w u l work m tfco t.u }, ( Infoi rl Breakiroi,, c\ecuu\o onniHt'cie, Mrs. J. S. R o d . Mrs. Wil-* ua n L leri- In the e\ piling a meeting \\as hold; T tbt. Mount United )^rethren h. Tlie to-nmiLtec appo.ated, roinpOFen of Jacob C. Det- JobnMon Fchooi district: 1'. B. Mar- uii. H H. Burden, \Valtcr lluey, Cal. n Grimm a-nu Grace Pierce. MOTORCYCLE SKIDS AND ; _ RIDER IS FATALLY HURT | F^ISS HILKERT PROMOTED UNDER AUTO FOLLOWING! ! Peter Bodwick, 21 years old, of Stador and prepared foi ounal | Lciseantig No. 3, \vas fatally injured ueral tomoirovr mon.m?; from "^ i Saturday afternoon in a motorcycle ( Greek chin L!J. accident which occurr Thunder showers this afternoon or tonight; cooler; Tuesday fair, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. Maximum -Minimum .Mean 1917 1918 65 76 55 70 The Yough river fell during the Cooper of the 110th Regiment Hospital 1 of the detached hospital corps squads, night from 2.50 feet to 2.45 feet. red on the Leis- , ecnng road between .Leisenrms No. 1 j Bodvvick and a.noi!iei inoloroycli-^L ] ad and Fuehrer's store. UocJwiek at- J planned a tup t \ and 1 "" 1)Kjl "";-i;.K;r";!^.' 1 ' ri " 1M ' crrea l*^u- -Mis, l^.^ibcih H'lkcrt. in charge ot ihe 'he 'ocai »wie di'-iiensary for tho past 10 moiuhs hab been t.ansferred to Accordi.i^ 10 ilie i-tory told. i o u n ? M c J \ 2 c ^ p u i t t, take cbai^c of the templed to go around an automobile traveling in the same direction His afte Bod'.vi tlu a r r n e d io(!di?d ta f'onnt IbV r e f u n t iionie machine skidded and upset, throwing ; somrthiiig In 1 ha i forgotten He was him in front of the machine, w i n c h J o n his retmr. to ConncU.sviile to join ran over him A local physiciaa, who . his Inend v, hen iht accitleiit occurred. was driving in another automobile, Bodwick \\'AS born Jii I'a\CLte roontv, a son of John and Har.nah Bodwick of Nc. 1. T w o brothers, N'icho as and M a x Bodwick, am' one ordered tne injured, young man taken to the Cottage State nospiial, where he died Saturdaj night about 7.20 o'clock. He suffered a broken neck, a fractured skull, lacerations and a taken J. J- crushed side. The body \vas charge of by Funeral Director M ne d '·pen.iaiy there S',e entered "; r 'n lui r.ew today. Smce comuig to ConnellsMll. 1 . Miss HiMvert has mci vi nh w o n d e r f u l ^uc- itss «p jier w o r k , ihe d.^penbary hero n«-,or being :n a i n o i r pi-rRct condi- tnni. Slae diTiplayod iht aroaifcsi o£ interest in t:ie welfare of all the ui- it rcnlai patients. Mis.s Margarn Parson-, of Harr's- nurg. ai,sisiant head n«-so of ihe bistor, Mrs \Mlliam Dr.t\ of Lcisrn- | Stale DepartnnMU of HivlMi, w i l l ^r- rmg 3, survive T ^ e a u t o m o b i l e fig-|iive h ^ r e iLis week to tak^- charge of urlng m the accident was from Ohio. ! ihe dispensary until a vacccssor lo 1 "iss HlUtert is appointed-

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