The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELL.SVILLE. J-A. SATURDAY, MAY 18, ISIS. o lip SORE, TIRE!) FEET 1 " J i L'se ''Ttz*' t'ur Acltintr, Burning* PmTed- ,' up Feet HIM! Corns of Calionscs. DEVOTED TO THK IXTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS, J C. E. KEAGY EDITORS'* ---- i m N. S. F.LOTO £ ; *++4*^+*r*^rr. . SEXIOR. XOTES. JlOKK riHUPT STAJU'S. (By Myra Conway.) This week's report on Thrift Stamp Oil Tuesday the Seniors we.-c as- j salc-s in C. H. S. is muchjiaare favor- signed their pans in the pageant; able than that of last, week. But. a: ^vhich is to be given on. class day,' the same tiaie this does not say a commencement week. j whole- lot for us. There are 8uQ pu- -- ! pils in UMJ Connellsville high school A lViatT*s S«n£. | anct the purchases this week aDioun;- The "Martin" no longer soared o'er j ed to only $:io3.74. For a high school head, \ o£ nearly a thousand pupils thia Tfce "Hair" had songht its lair, amount falls away below what it The ""Weaver's" chirping not; had should be. "\Ve should have no irouble ceased; 'at all to raise fSOu every week, bu: The *TBaer" with his shags? hair j so Ear we have not even auamud this Now went with a "Rush" along the ; goal. We attribute die greatest cause ""Weihe" i ol this delicieDcy LO students forgtt- To "Hunt" for a cave nearby, - ting 10 bring Uieir mo.ney. If you The fS51)"Cox" and hens were in the | ask your parents for 25 cents LO buy barn | a Thrift Stamp we Eeel thai they will Where the "Hay" was piled ar» high. be only too glad to give it u you and i see you save your money. \Ve would The **MHl«r's f * -wheels -rare frozen susgost each assembly set a. ffoai and still. Tire black "Smith's* 1 door was barred. The TTtMer breezes were let in, For the "Ward" -was off his ""Guard." The earth's white *^Hood" was fclown each ·week try to reach ihai goal or | go "over the lap." This would haip ; greatly toward C. H. S. attaining that' $500 mark and give us an opportunity . to say that C. H. 5. is doing more 1 up high. | lie "Khodes" i-ere bare, nnfrocked.; war. Stark nude were the limbs of tbe trees iiftne "West.;" Wist iPO'nder the com was shocked. than its "bit" in the winning of the A hint for "Tiger" readers: Afier you have read "The Tiger' through once, go back and read it all JOItK SOTKS. (By Esu;lla Wilson.) Soiuir a jtferu. jfhiring the hiku with Mr. Woodhead lust Wednesday afternoon, Eugene Wagner, Abe Stieetz and "Crusie" Robin=oii succeeded in losing three Junior girls, Anna Marion Soisson, Louise Rar.kin and .Mary Laws. John. Sunder played the part of the hero ac;l savyd the girl?, when he found ihoni in mud up to tiK'ir shoe lops, Prof. G. J. Dikcman is the- lirsi one of the faculty 10 sport a straw hat. The- members of the Junior girls' baskeibal! team ot 1Q17-191S bad t h e i r pictures taken Wednesday alUrnoon. The six regular players, with the two extra players and .Mr. Aldc.-for. the coach, were in the picture. The Senior girts of next term expect r.o have a splendid basket-hall team, and therp are strong hopes for :i girl?' High school ream as well as Um class teams for the coming year. "Sure! I .MB every time for foot trouble. j Good-bye, sore feet, luirrung feet, ' j ywoiUm feet, tender feet, ; r irod feet. ; 1 Go;j(!-!yc, corns. callouses, bunions | j and ru-,v spots. No more shoe tight- \ iniiia, no more nniping vnth pain or ] 1 d r a w i n g up your i'ace ir. a.gony. "Tiz" , ; \~ magical, acts ri^ht off. "Ti'/" draws : · out all tho poiflOuous t-xudauons , which puff up tho fecL Use "Tiz" and wear smaller shots. (Jsy "Tit"' and 1 forget your Coot misery. Ah' h o w ' , comfortable yaiir f o f i feei. i ; Cot .T 25-cem bo\- of "Ti;'," now at any rlmggiPt ov dopar:;nert. store. · Don't sin'iVr. H:;ve goo/! . r ort. glad i foot, f c r t that never svel 1 . y.ovr.r hurt, '- never pftt tirr-'L A year's font com- · '· fort guaranteed or monev refunded.-- j Adv. over again. You will get twice as much enjoyment out of it. Try it. ! ?gss Mayo, assigning the parts for the Senior pasesni--"And you most come in. to .practice for class day erory time, even if you only Have to i The Thrift Stamp sales in C. H. S. stand in the background and look [ by classes are as follows: First Year $ 73.70 B/B. Smith~"Sometimes thaTs the hardest part" This is Mr. Alderfer's-- definition of j love: "I^ove is a. misund'-rpta.nding be- . tween two fool?." We wonder how some rr the Senior;* ; will take this definition. I The May Sale of White is proving an event of unusual intei-est because most women know the better quality of Wright-Metzler mer-_ chandise. Couple with this the scarcity of dependable goods and the low prices which this event brings and it's easy to understand why shoppevs are buying so liberally. Make i:he most of this thrift event by buying for future as well as present needs while you may do so so advantageously. Here is some of the merchandise offered:-White Goods Wash Goods Curtains Corsets Muslin Underwear Silk Underwear Knit Underwear Waists Wash Dresses Domestics Linens Silks Millinery Wash Skirts iim nsi ;ia 5 csl? SATIO.YU. LEAGUE. we hear onr ochestra play, "We wonder how they dare: But then, of course, they have tie right. Because they "rent" ihe air, The Seniors are slaving twt sore- Second Year Preshman -Sophomore _ Juniors Seniors 23.79 11.S9 Ifi.SO 10.28 37.1'J Total _?203.7-i · I S^S^^-H^i^^^Jjjj^jp i-^^-^-f^ffii^E ·4 \ ; £·· ·'·- ' . .^,.tngr \Porcfi A At a roeertiirg of the basketball team last Friday. John Moore was re-elect- .ly coTtrins :o the front on Thrift | ed cai'tain for neit year. The names Stamp day. Good will out, · of the letter men were also given oui_ -- I Those who received letters are: "BUI" Jones--Mr. Dikeman. I thick j James McConneil, George Struble, this lesson on iron is hard. I William Lyons and John Moore. 3tfr. Jacemaii--Well, don't yjn know ·____ 7^^-"M -- · : "---·" ·-. ·----^--- that iron is always hard? j ^ p upU 3 about SO of the party were Mr. Alderfer--"Betty, what are we doing with wheat?" Betty--"Preserving it." Dca't worry; Miss .irolat "get" something on you yet. ·we'll SOPHOHOIiE XOTEJ',. CBy Dorothy M!cC!are:i.) Last Wednesday at 3..'iO Mr, Woodhead toot; about 75 of his Biology students to Tate's Hoiiow -o secure flowers. Up to the fifth i-eriod on Thursday the largst number collected »-as 26. By mistake of one of 'led from tho trail but succeeded in reaching Tate's farm by following a small stream. The p4ipils reached horns between 9 ad 10.30. Hike "otes. Mr. "Woodhead said in the fourth period on Thursday that tie knew j there would be some satire in "The ' Tiger" about his hike. We congroxu- · l a t e our editors. At least tbe faculty Xnov/s how iufluenual our paper Is. It will :ake GenevJove a Tveek or .so j to gU enough to «it to satisfy her ! hunger after that iiike. Isadore Molnick has a severe cold Miss Arcisrrong was afraid tr ask ' any quest ion ^ in hor first £c;l*f!i: class on Thursrhiy for fear ot disturbing some of [he- shiio'ntrers. After the close, of srbool ,Mr. "SVood- hflari and Mr. Diketnan Intend to fi* 1 vote themselves to fled Cr-'is? vrorl: as doctors, Eruost Yaw w i l l bo t.hpir ass3stan.L Tco-y pro vex] thntnit-Ivt-s fit for so w o r t h y an occupa.t:o!i at I)e- ianey's cavt- (.1:1 Sauirday. The domestic science sirls nr- surely learning '.o buy economically: Geoerievc, cutoring a meat market --"A pound of liver with no bones in it please." Paul--"I h:iv c a job at the rams/ 1 Mr. Wood head--"\V"hat?" Paul--"Blowing peanut shells oil the track with a F.oda straw." Can you guess this riddJc? She :.s n'.)i very tall. And guards iho second hall; But a;tn')ugh Kt:a i.- traaiJ, Her hi-:trt is lar^cM of :tlL She teaches of tij;n^?i That lor.^ t;or.e by. But when f-ht a»^ip::ii a '.t-ssou Vc- can't reiisi a sish. Fred Danr^er .-:ay£ h»s fswri(e game is hockey (ILau^e). Brooklyn 7; nusburg 4. Cir.cinr.n;i 5: Ne^v York 1. Boston S: St. !/niis I. Chicago 2; Piiilacu-lphia 0. SUurfJii? ti tho nabs. \v. !.. Pet. Now Turk IS 6' .7*0 CUtoago 15 ' 'J .6^ Pbiiadelpbia 11 12 .St. J.miis Brookly:i Boston r J 35 Today's Srltedulc. Pliiladt:lp!iia at rhk-a^o. Braol;iyr. ai F*itisbuij;. Eysion a; St. i/ui?. N e w York. o.t Cincinnati.: Wear a Veil -Says Fashion mc-shp? in daimy. irac^ry de- Fi.^ns or v'r.'n rhenille OOIP. Many ar^ Loj-derpd. Choice nf hlack, t (.·njp* 1 , navy 2nd broT,*n. Vari- 3 '.TvSgiF^i|2tH^ ; our.iy priced al *i-5c ot ?5e a yai AJLKHIC.i-V Now Yorh -1; .^l. l;i!i.; ~. Boston. J l ; Deirnii S. Cleveland 5: rhiladi-tpliia. 4. Wash ing ton 1; Chicago 0. AS XH£ PAIi.tM.OUST. -OOK LITTl^B WIFE"--A faxcfr-coraedy oX young ma:xied life, iriBi a pleasing impersonation, of the irresponsible ant i childish wife by Madge Kennedy, the captivating screen star, is being shown today, Ms Keonedy is supported by a cast ol umrsnal esceHence and is given an ercetteitt opportunity 10 display her afcdlity as an actress. The story · is delightful, and Miss Kennedy's sn- i perior luterpr etatioa of the ro-1 c .'xtMdces- the jactiice one ol the best iwaeeB^attractions produced for some mme, A.eetected comedy ir, included. faonday f Harold Lodcwcod, the itebro jstar, Trill be featured in "The Land. f*TM*TM, ol socioSogical ad~ ; adapted from Itolmaa P. | the same title, by Fral J. Baishoror. 34r. Locfcwood is seen la tb nrfe o* "Walker Fair, and Jtetino Carlejr as Kat«- Kil^roor. Evetjas Greeley :.-·! ·'""ar- see;. ! 7* % Fwoe," a -Wtedd ate !DatnL JSajunm, the poialar · v. . 'win fee-sefti-oa. iPriday and ^^.^.uay tn,*.ajiierMCd prodnctkoi. bride's mother, oar principal characters and a fw siuall parts make up the unusually small cast for a picture that contains one a£ the most vividly strong plots ever. screened. "The Hungry Heart" wiM bo shown today at the Orpboum theatre. Monday and Tuesday, Tv'illiam S. Hart appears in "The Bandit and tho Preacher," a Thomas H. Ince productiono. i Xotico. All Odd I'ollows are ri^uostcd meoi in Uio Odd Fellow?' Terjiilc, 1 Soutii Piitsi«rg street, .Monday, May; 20. at 1 o'clock to attend the funonil S ot Daniol Linteman at tJjc ho-uc ot \ '.Mr. fhaste at Morroll.--Adv.-- IS-tt, i Stainlinx' of the Clnlts. V,'. L. Pet. N/v Y - York 35 1 31 .577 Chicago i- ^J .5-- PhilarlflTjbin .11 l-i' .-140 ^;. LouLt JO 3 3 .4?,$' Detroit ,, 7 14 .3:1." :^_i^;jagg^g^s ,.,. H j-fcilg^ ^/fs rvt' ^fInvention and Patents: Viulor- I'orch Sluid'.'S ·.viUi v e n t i l a i i n g top and no-whip attachment liuve i.inK' and again doinoiiit.raied their superiority. It' you bav« a porch, these arc tup shades you will finally buy, as they most, nearly fulfill every requirement. V u d o r phoiles are a most adequate protection against sun and wind, and give to your porch that privacy so very desirable. We have the'following sixes in stock ready to h a n g : -- Gay Ginghams 50s a Yard 5 ft. wide ·with 7ft. 6 ft. wide with 7 ft. 7 ft. wide with 7 fL 8 ft. wide with 7 ft. 10 ft. wide with 7 ft. 12 ft. wide with 7 ft. 6 inch drop at $ 3.75 6 inch drop at $ 4.50 6 inch drop at $ 5.50 6 inch drop at $ 6.00 Q inch drop at $ 8.00 S inch drop at $10.00 i New Printed ; Foulard Silks I New shijiini'nis. now sty] 02 : thai have found favor : with fem. i n i n e fancy arrive almost daily. . Vi'p arc confide" t there :.^ no i such variety of those lovely j Silks elsewhere in Uiis city as | there is here. I They have been accrptnd as ! the- fashionable Dre^s Silks of j il-.f- season, ihoir boanty and serviceability comnieiuljns them to \vomen as much as tieir raod- f-ra'.e prices. ?2.50 the yard. I HTtntJnt? iJrtTKrJnR 7 You will find thorn In our a.*I. columns. Today's Sch''l»I*'. Chicago al ^'p.^r ; inc,':o::. C.'i?v.!;in.f al ?i:;!r»iii'Iphia. St. I.oi;is :;! Nov,- York. Dc'toit at Boston. THE SOIS09. · JfericaLcomolx, when properft- pre; acxiied, is gener^liy zetislild by all idnses of theatregoers, and from aK ' reports Osboma's Dainty Cinderella Comedy company has bit the cbord cf popular approval. This aggrega- itkm of ten peopte open a veefc's cn- ; at the Soissou fluatre ifoc- r matinee. May 20. Ocmins from, i big southern drcmts tiie show '. iis prender debct to Connelis- . ; vBle jatrons, and the maivasement is I preparing to a new l»i olice recurd- :: ;Tbe snow has set a standard for new iijeas, songs, daiwes and oomedy sita- aticms that at once establishes ilself as a favorite among its enthusiastic audiences, our erceptioitally clever . principals of ao mean ability backed by a chorus of six winsome misses round out a cast that is seldom eir celled by companies twice its size in numbers. The music scores are of the catchy whistling variety and encores arc frequent durin;: the course · of the performance. The Costuming is - of the "Winter Garden variety, and . numerous changes are in-reduced for eac!i special aainber. THK "THE HUNGRY HE. A ilT" -- The' isks !«:" w-tli a n^w. hyp;uh- 'onus the basis for Pauiinp ck's v.ew Farsnif'UQt picture. ·' .; which v^3 taken, fro^a ' T h e Ilungry jf"). Heart," oae of David Graham PJul- .'[lips* best knowu novels. Besides tiio the wife. hu.-b;nd and t i c ; Will Present the following VICTOR RECORD MAKERS Henry BtTEB, Tenor AETHT7B COIMHS, Baritone AtBEET CAJffPBELt, Tenor TJBOEO»OEE JEOBSE, PJanist i Sterling Trio, and Correcting a Mis-statement of Fact A ?hort time aeo a reputable iit^ine.^:- (inn of liais city advertised Yuclor l-Vtrch s.---and ii: thoir advt-rtistrnH'iu ^'at^d that theirs was the only {'S'.iiblisiiuiout in ConiK'!ls\'i'ie .-.ell:n^ '.bt'rn. «9 TJ::i( Miiu-iTienf V.-JIH infCirrec) as fh ; ' above advertisement sril] slio'.v. C'lssnniH'r^ w i l l ii:.c] MS ready ai al', linu's to uieot iheir needs. The Red Cross Needs Your Help \Vbicb is only another way of eaj'ing thm Humanity is calling. The' Hod Cross carries food and riot bins to widowed mothers and orphans in Strieker. France. The lU-d Cross stands beside our hoys in Training here or "over there-." The R*'1 Cross watches beside r h e piSJows of baale-broken nitTi, and offers rest and syin- raihy i.o war-torn fishiers on brief n.-spiie from :hp front. How inuoh IP it worth to you? BILLY 3HJRBAT, Tenor BYBON G. HUUILAH, Tenor H. jHYEBS, Basso YAH EJfPS, Banjolst Tie Peerless Quartette IN ONE Concert IN THE Connnellsville, Pa., on PRICES gi.oo Am si^o. . ' - · · · · · All proceeds will be donated to the Edwin S. Porter Branch of the Navy -League. Tickets now on sale at McDonold's Music Store. jjealoos old kO4iBekeep r, anil Uic Delightful Little Summer Dresses for Women An u n u s u a l s h o w i n g from (he jioint of both material and style. O r i g i n a l i t y in exiiuisile good taste makes these frocks different from those of any other Suiiimer. Many Distinctive, Subtle Little Details,-Original, Unusual Colo? Effects That Make These Dresses Uncommon. Ginghams. Voiles. Organdies, Batistes. Xets. Erabroid- ered Flouncings, Linens and Georgettes--with the prettiest of lace, embroidery and self trimmings. Certain Dresses are modeled ir sleeveless coat effects; certain others have smart overdrape skirts: and still a third class have the popular surplice waist. There are many others just as desirable and attractive which lack of space prohibits us describing. Al! Sizes for Women and Misses at: S2.EO, 53.75, S5 S $10, $15 to $35 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Extraordinary Head-Dreos. i An orniiholojjisi in Sia^ico. whole Icollectiag b i r d s ' f o r the N.itionuJ ir.u-' j Heum, caught sight of a blackbird-- ' I oue 01' the Mexican cowbirds--which seemed to have a sjicw-v/hitc crnst. This would be an extraordinary bpecl- , men for his cabinet, and alter cons.d- i erable trouble ho succeeded in shoot- - j]^g it. To hie furrber astonishment, ; tha supposed crest proved to be a ' piece of white cloth stitched into the scalp and. trimmed to represent tho ! comb oE a cock. The only explanation = ' he couid imagine was thrit ihe opera; · ticn U^d. been done by some of tho In- ' titan natives -when the bird was very ; young. Tlio wounds of tho operation ; ·sv-ere 1 entirely bnalec! and the bird j seemed \vell and cheerful under its i noral adornment.--Harper's Weekly, i 9 Tri-Slate SJ3. n S42. LOC.iL Ayi LOXG DISTAKCF, KOTCfGS. W W ClAffPlfv Utsid( ' DCe 2t * 1?* mULiaiy COSXEtLSVILtE. PA. Try our classified ada.

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